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Willy's Performance Cycle Center, Since 1969

Excellent services and knowledgeable staff. Dr McCabe provides a thorough exam and an excellent explanation of the results! The appointments are normally very prompt. No long waits past your appointment time. Very satisfied with the medical care here.

Krishna Sanders

Best Target Media

Went there 6 years ago based on positive reviews, checking to see what people say now. I had a stigmatism and an eye that just started crossing on its own. This was a scary incident for me, only to be accelerated by the Dr's total lack of professionalism. What Doctor calls the others to say "hey look at this"? Like I was a mockery? He acted like this is funny,....what the??? Did not tell me ways I could make my eyes better, and never will go back. Also price was high, even for cash pay. Do not recommend!

Chris Ciulla

Kenneth Thurston

The lady at the front desk was super nice so things started off well, then we were called back and seen the tech Michelle who KEPT rolling her eyes at my 4 year old SO RUDE. Then when it came time for drops to dilate the eyes my 4 year old acted like a scared 4 year old. So Michelle decides to get another staff member where she says "the mom can't help me because she brung a baby (my 6 month old) and rolled her eyes at me.. so they restrained my daughter and put the drops in her eyes, she came out of the room scared and with a busted lip from them. Then we seen Dr. Koch for an okay experience. PLEASE if you decide to go here, which I'm not sure I would advise ask for anyone other than Michelle.. you will really regret it.

Chelsey Tucker

Dr. McCabe and Dr. Koch immediately got me in the office after hearing of my eye emergency. I was a new patient and very scared as I was experiencing pain and blindness in both eyes. After an in-depth eye exam, a game plan was established and I felt very well cared for. Unfortunately the initial treatment wasn't exactly what I needed, but Dr. McCabe and Dr. Koch didn't stop there. They sent me to the emergency room and I was admitted for 5 days. Although this was unexpected, I am so glad Dr. McCabe's office took every precaution and made sure I received the emergency treatment I needed. I highly suggest this office and will be going back for all of my eye care needs!

Lloyd Johnston

My experience with McCabe Vision Center was less than favorable. I went for 4 separate visits. 2/21/18 New eye exam, 2/21/18 Refraction, 3/30/18 HVF (Lid fields/Bilat, 3/30/18 External Bilate. I was originally seen for blurred vision. Beyond the blurred vision, i had an issue with sagging eye lid's, which obstructed my view. I went through a barrage of test which determined I needed a procedure called, Dermoplasty. This was submitted and approved by my insurance. I was ready to have the procedure done, just needed to be informed on how the process would go along with meeting the Dr. McCabe who would be preforming the procedure. I never once met Dr. McCabe! I was informed by the scheduling nurse at my last visit, I would receive a phone call within a few days by the Dr. nurse, Elana to schedule the appointment for the Dermoplasty. A week or so went by and I never heard a word. I called in and spoke with the scheduling nurse again and explained I had not heard back. She stated she would communicate with Elena and have her call me. Another week had gone by and still no word. I finally called back, left a message and later that day Elana called. Elena stated the Dr. had been out and she would call back in a couple days. I did not receive a follow up call. I called once again and was connected with Elena. She started to schedule the appointment, but I expressed, I first wanted to know the details of the procedure. I also expressed I had never met the Dr. She gave me a brief description. Elena explained this procedure was performed while awake. After the lack of follow through and communication, along with the procedure being performed while awake, I felt it in my best interest to research and find another reputable Dr./facility as I had no confidence with McCabe Vision Center I found a great facility out of Nashville, had the procedure done and everything turned out great. If my experience wasn't bad enough, The facility in Nashville called Mccabe's to request copies of my previous test. McCabes stated I had not had any test done. I was so beside myself at that moment. It's one thing if you drop the ball, do not follow up or communicate effectively, but to blatantly state I had not had any test taken was just wrong. The crazy thing is, I have a copy of the billing that my insurance covered. I would strongly suggest, a company wide meeting on the important issue such as, customer service, communication and follow through

r k Monroe

Amazing! Dr. McCabe is the Very Best. His Staff is A+. He is professional and .very kind and thorough. When my surgery was complete I was amazed at how I felt I could see so quickly. I will refer everyone I know to him for fantastic service. I love his staff. they are proficient , kind, friendly and very sweet. He will always be my Eye Doctor! They are 5.0. Plus Stars. Thanks. I have completed my 2nd surgery for cataracts to both my eyes now. Dr. McCabe and his staff are great and such a kind professional great bunch of employees . he will always be my Doctor. being able to have real vision in both my eyes is fantastic. never doubt Lasik. no pain or distress and quick healing time. Thank you to all of you.!!!! R K Monroe

Erika Sells

Jessica Taylor

Great place, thorough staff. So far they have done a good job.

Louis Palmer

Not the place to go for price or customer service.

Sherry Gattis

Upon our 1st and only visit to Dr. McCabes office, his staff was sick, coughing, sneezing and consistently not covering their mouth at the receptionist desk. There was lots of blowing noses, using kleenex, non washing of hands, non use of hand sanitizer that was readily available on their desk directly in front of them all while the exchange of patient insurance cards, general paperwork, pens, etc was being conducted. We were sitting directly across from Receptionist because there was nowhere else to sit and no attempts on staffs part to halt spreading germs. When we were taken into the exam room, the female tech attempted to use an instrument as part of the exam for my husbands eyes. She tried 3 different times unsuccessfully to use it and stated out loud to us to just "Forget It" and slammed it down on the table. When Dr. McCabe entered the room, my husband and I both noticed how her entire demeanor changed from unprofessional to all smiles, sweetness and very flirtatious. However, she NEVER introduced herself to us and what test she would be running on my husband. Dr. McCabe came in after she was done and he ran some tests but came out with completely different numbers regarding my husband's eyes and questioned the flirtatious tech (very flirtatious with the Doctor only) why her numbers were so different and how she got them. She blatantly lied and said she ran them with the piece of equipment that she said in front of us "Forget It"!. It was obvious that she had made up numbers to write down so she could have something to fill in the blanks when questioned by the Doctor. Afterwards, they both left the room and another male tech, no introduction made, walked in with a consent form for us to sign. We questioned what kind of form because no one had even talked to us about a diagnosis let alone a consent form and he a tech, informed us that my husband had dry eyes and we needed to sign a consent form for artificial tear ducts to be put into my husbands eyes. He also told us us there was nothing wrong with my husbands vision, it was almost perfect. He only needed a script for reading glasses and artificial test ducts for each eye. His problem was not a vision problem but a dry eye problem and the artificial tear ducts would solve this. Can you imagine getting your diagnosis from a guy with no name carrying a consent form and isnt even the Doctor? We ask to see Dr. McCabe and discuss this with him instead of a tech since we wasnt signing nor agreeing to artificial tear duct implants. The male tech left with the unsigned consent form an Dr. McCabe entered promptly. Once he learned of our decision, we were quickly dismissed. He didnt even offer to fill our reading glasses percriptions in his office. We researched thourghly artificial tear duct implants for solution of dry eyes. They are as Dr. McCabe stated, half the size of a grain of rice but after that....You need to research extensively and it was and will always be last resort for my husband. Always get a 2nd opinion!!!! My husband has vision problems not a dry eye problem. Huge misdiagnosis! These Implants are costly; up to $2400 and most likely you will or can suffer complications! There are other options that work as well at a more affordable cost and less problems. I truly believe that for this organization MONEY will always be 1st and foremost and PATIENTS will be last!! From our experience, I would not recommend this Doctor or his staff for anyone to use. Our experience with them was less than pleasant but very memorable for all the wrong reasons.

Kim Garrett

The staff at McCabe Vision Center is very professional and friendly! Awesome Dr office!

William M. Abrams

Van Javor

Excellent service

Centra Tesil

Great, I was taken in ahead of schedule and out in not time. Dr. Mc Cabe answered my question completely.

Roseanna Lee

My experience with Dr. Koch was okay at 1st but after the 3rd appt I got tired of beening sent to the Retina center after each visit at McCabe. My 1st visit to McCabe Dr. Koch said I am not legally able to drive but sent me to the Retina center because I needed injections??? I was left confused but took it seriously so I went to the Retina center to be asked what I was doing there only to be told if my eye sight got worse then they will proceeds with treatments plans. Confusion again?..anyways because they are specialize I have to pay more than the regular copay. Went back to McCabe to her asked me what happen after I told her she schedule me for another appt at the Retina to be seen by another doctorfor the same results as the 1st. I got tired of paying for the same results and nothing truly being done. I am switching eye doctors because although the staff was nice she seems to rush through the exam and because she kept sending me to a specialist to spend more money for the same results. I feel like a dollar sign rather then a patient at McCabe.

Mary Burke

After my first visit to McCabe Vision Center I was diagnosed with chronic dry eyes. Dr. John Hayley prescribed drops, I use them on a regular basis, and as the the seasons change, my eyes are clear. Thanks again!

Terri Gammon

Brandie Edmonds

Very unprofessional! I have called the billing department on and off for a year concerning a bill that I should have never received. Not once did I get a call back. Now after 2 years I'm receiving a collection letter. Beware!!!!

Emily Clark

Glad everyone else seems to have had great service, i DID NOT. I will not go back to this office, and if you have any major health problems or if you are deathly afraid of the eye doctor, like i am, i would recommend never going to this office.

Lee Anne Carmack

You’re Fired! Do not go here. Three-hour wait with my 84 year old mother-in-law. Attempted to reschedule offered an appointment in September (4 months later). No apology, patronizing and rude. No attention to details. We will never return.

David Pitts

Dr. McCabe has restored my vision to 20/20 in both eyes through cataract removal and lens implants. All of my family go to McCabe Vision Center and are all pleased with the service we receive. Thank you Dr. McCabe.

Apryl Sanford

Amanda Holloway

I had a most excellent experience here. Dr Haley and the staff were amazing and made me feel very at ease during a very difficult and uncomfortable illness. I can't than you all enough.

A Google User .

HUGE THANKS to Dr. John Hailey, for his perseverence in Brandi's case! Found out she has 2 bloodclots around her brain! If not for you, who knows what would have happened. You said get to Vanderbilt, no actually " GO GO GO NOW! We did and THANK THE GOOD LORD FOR SENDING US TO YOU!!! You saved her life and for that, we are grateful to you! Your staff and Dr. McCabe, as well, acted like we were the most important and only patient in-house! Your kind staff did not go unnoticed. We thank you all!

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