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REVIEWS OF Lovato Eyecare IN New Mexico

Jenoveva Figueroa

Lovato Eyewear was an excellent experience. Starting with the front desk through the thorough eye exam and then the wide selection of frames to choose from including designer frames. I highly recommend them.

Chantelle Martinez

This place is Horrible. From Dr. Lovato, to his "Manager/Wife" Kathy, to their receptionist Ginger. I can't believe that I was treated so badly just because I called for an appointment... I had a few questions and the receptionist Ginger was very unhelpful, rude and she hung up on me because I didn't have my insurance info handy. After Ginger hung up on me, I tried calling back and asked to speak to a manager. I got Kathy Lovato's voicemail and asked her to call me back. She didn't call back so I tried calling Kathy back a week later and left her another voicemail. She never returned my call and my eye sight is getting worse, so I decided to call and attempt to make another appointment. When I called, they scheduled me for an appointment on 4-26-17 at 12:00 (noon). I had to take time off of work, went to my appointment and when I got there nobody helped me until I asked for help. They had the music in the lobby area, full blast, playing a song with bad-words in it. When someone finally came to help me, Kathy came out, introduced herself and walked me to her office. She said that Dr. Lovato was refusing to see me because I was rude to his employee. I asked her why they couldn't tell me this over the phone and why she never returned my calls to hear my side of the story. She basically said that they believe their employee's and she didn't have any reason to call me back to hear my side of the issue. And about them scheduling my appointment at 12, she said it was already schedule so they couldn't call me to change it. I believe that is a COMPLETE lie because NORMALLY, they do not schedule appointments at noon, according to the lady that went out to see why I had been waiting so long in the lobby. I was so humiliated and I can not believe that they treat their patient's this way... If I were you, I would save your money, time and dignity, and go to a different provider that actually cares about their patients. Afterall, We are the one's that are paying their bills...


Lovato EyeCare Provided me great service. Everyone was very pleasant and patient to work with, from the doctor to the botique side. I would recommend their services and not to mention their amazing luxury lines that they carry, as it is hard to find such brands in other optical shops in Albuquerque.

Michael Garcia

The staff here from the receptionists to the various experts- contact lenses and glasses-are friendly, polite and helpful with any questions you might have. They can answer questions about insurance and find a way for your insurance to help pay for glasses or contact lenses. Dr. Rodriguez is very friendly, courteous, and will answer questions you might have. I have been very happy coming here for my eye exams, glasses and contact lenses, for about 7-8 years now.

Sabrina and DJ Sanderson

Abdul Zawahri

Annie Swift

Pleasant, efficient and affordable. The staff is great, as always. I have been using their services for years! Thank you Dr. Lovato and friends.

Arnold Secatero

Geri Phillips

Levi Michael

Karina Veleta

The staff members at Lovato are the most wonderful people there is. Their service was the best. Doctors were amazing as well. I honestly felt at home because their service was the absolute best! Hablan español tambien! Son los mejores.

Ceciilia Martinez

My experience with lovato eyewear is always amazing I can definitely say they know what they are doing..Staff and doctor are amazing and very respectful and friendly. I told them about a bad experience I had at another place and they made sure I had amazing service and left happy with my eye check up and new glasses... Most definitely will be going back

Maribel Alcala

Courtney Chavez

Roseanne Varela

Great doctors and always know how to treat patients and get them the results they need in their contacts and eye glasses!!! Staff is great!!!

Klassie Pino

Best place for your eyes and your soul! They treat you like royalty and make sure you are 100% taken care of and satisfied. Marissa and Gabe at the front desk are the sweetest and most professional receptionist. Amazing selection on frames and a well rounded knowledgeable staff to help pick out new glasses, get them fitted, and maintain your frames. Contact selection and fitting also gets 5 stars! Dr. Lovato truly cares about you!

Cristian Gabriel Cruz

Nayeli Gutierrez

It felt very welcoming and the staff there was very generious! They have an awesome variety of glasses I loved it

Meridee Barker

I love everything about this practice! Efficiency in setting up an appointment, great care during a appointment, friendly staff, and Dr. Lovato really knows his stuff. I now take my kids to see them. And the selection of eyewear is the best in town! I could go crazy buying stylish glasses there! I highly recommend this place for all your needs!

Diane Madrid

Absolutely the best experience from the moment I walked in the door! Everyone is so incredibly nice and very professional! I was made to feel comfortable and the Dr throughly explained every detail regarding prescriptions and what is going on with my eyes. I cannot say enough good things about Lovato Eyecare. You will literally have to "see" for yourself! I will definately be a lifelong patient. Thank you for all you do and keep up the great work!!

Sharon Sanchez

Positive experience. I read some of the posts and was hesitant to keep my appointment. I am glad I did. Staff was professional, courteous and helpful. I highly recommend Lovato Eyecare.

Robert Slezak

In fairness I try to ignore negative reviews and experience things for myself. Wow, this place deserves the negative. My quick exam with Dr. Lovato resulted in a prescription for an eye medication. Pharmacy needed his authorization for filling. 2 days, 5 days, go by and nothing happens. Pharmacy sent him another request, no action on his part. 2 weeks go by and I try reaching his nurse Amber, leaving 3 messages to see what I could do.(Finally contacted insurance myself.) Not even the courtesy of a return call from her or office. Once they have your money they obviously are through with you. Don't waste your time or insurance benefits here, they don't deserve it!!!!

Pedro Gutierrez

Val Hamby

Sandra Anzures

Lovato Eyecare has always made me feel like they actually care about the health of my eyesight. Always professional with a personal touch. That's why I've gone to them for years.

Megan Howser

Justine M Vigil

Shar H

I just had the eyeglass prescription that Dr. Lovato wrote filled and I am thrilled with the results. My vision is better than it has been for years. Dr. Lovato and his employees are caring, effective professionals.

Rebecca Vargas

Nick Romero

I decided to give Lovato Eyecare a try because they were listed as a premium provider on the VSP portal. However, after several mishaps and a rude employee, I will absolutely NEVER return. 1. When I called to schedule, I specifically asked for both a contact and eyeglass exam. After my exam, I only received an eyeglass prescription. Apparently they made a scheduling error and said I had to come back again to see their contact lens doctor. 2. I returned two days later and took time off from work, again, for the contact lens exam. It lasted all of a couple minutes, in which they gave me a "trial pair" of the SAME prescription I walked in wearing and sent me on my way, charging me $75 dollars. The doctor didn't even look at my eyes, no measurement or anything. 3. After my second appointment, I went to checkout and spoke with a lady named Mary. I was trying to decide whether to use my eyeglass or contact lens insurance benefit, so I had her review all the options. She wasn't making complete sense but kept pressuring me to buy contacts through them, strongly stating how I'll "waste/lose some of my insurance benefit" if I dont use it all today. After a while, she actually started arguing with me and got very condescending and rude, speaking slowly to me and repeatedly circling items on her paper. I explained how I would probably buy through 1-800-Contacts like I've always done and have my insurance reimburse me. She was insistent that the exam and contacts are "bundled" and how I "just can't do that" (yet, I've done it before). I finally stopped and told her politely that I felt she was being rude, that I was just trying to understand the options but she shrugged it off - didn't bother to apologize or anything. Then, suddenly, she said something like "just forget it, I'll just bill the insurance... that's all." I told her "after all this, I won't be back" and she just stared at me, not saying a single word as I got up to leave. Unacceptable.

EREK Jaramillo

By far treat you with the upmost respect and customer service to the tee! From the front desk to the whole process very well experience. Highly recommend if you need eye wear or a doctor. I come from the west side and will continue to drive to this location. EJJ

Dorothy Leija

I didn't have any problem with the Dr. The problem I had is with the optical side of the office. The fitters just couldn't get my glasses right and after getting reimbursed for the out of pocket portion of the payment, Courtney just wouldn't get my insurance benefits reinstated. I ended up with no glasses and no insurance benefits for the next two years. If you don't have time to get jerked around and end up with nothing... do not go here! The response you made is also incorrect, thanks to a very competent person at Davis Vision... I don't have to deal with this location any longer!

Ross Casey

They have a good selection of frames (only reason they get the 2nd star). I’d suggest going there to try frames and then order them from someone else. They will sell you additional stuff that sounds good but does not work. I wear glasses only for night driving and computer work. So I was going to get the normal anti-glare on the lenses. Dino said it would not do much and I needed the Crizal anti-glare to really have an anti-glare that worked. $60 extra. So I get it. I does not do anything!! I went back in and told him there is no difference in glare with the glasses and without them. He said “Have you ever worn anti-glare glasses before?” Somehow it is my fault that they don’t work. I told him I see the glare without the glasses and then I put them on and I still see the glare. Again he hints that I’m probably not used to wearing anti-glare glasses. Ha! There is either glare or there is not. Not too many ways to wear glasses so they either work or they don’t. Go for the frame selection but go somewhere else once you have the frame model numbers. Update...See their reply below. Again they don’t take any responsibility in pushing me to buy the higher priced anti-glare. Davis is NOT the business/people who talked me into this product that doesn’t work. I went to you and you’re the ones that sold me the product and then told me I’m not used to wearing anti-glare glasses when I came back in and said the product does absolutely nothing. If you care about your business or clients at all you should take some responsibility for your actions or you are just another snake oil salesman.

Marissa Christine

Professional and modern. The Doctor and his staff are all exceptional! Best selection of designer frames in town by FAR.

Greg Quintana

Estefany Gonzalez

If you are looking for a place where you will spend less than 15 minutes, see the doctor for about 30 seconds and not be asked if you have any questions or concerns then this is the place for you! Horrible treatment and service. No introduction from the doctor or staff, but hey everything was quickly done. If you can I recommend you find another place where they will take the time to make sure you feel comfortable with the prescription they're giving you and that you see correctly; plus, if you find a place where they actually care that you preferred them that would be amazing because you will not find that here. My husband and I will not be returning.

Nelly Batista

Me gustó porque atendieron muy bien a mi mamá y fueron muy amables. Muchas gracias por su atención al cliente quedamos muy satisfechos yo los recomiendo.

Tammy Duggan

Margaret Dominguez

Very efficient and friendly service. Dr. Rodriguez is knowledgeable and


5 stars they're customer service is beyond great they went out of there way to get my eyes checked & new priscription glasses before September 1st of this year. Thank Dr lovato & your team are excellent

Virginia Benitez-Jones

Pilar Salazar

Incredible staff and doctors with a deep knowledge of their products. Love the wide array of brands they carry. Felt welcomed the moment I walked through the door.

J. C. Giles

Great, on-schedule experience. Friendly personnel.

Sherri Hall

The doctors at this facility are amazing... simply amazing. Where the office falls short is in the customer service from the office staff. For several years now, every single time I have to leave a message I never get a return phone call. It takes me two to three times of leaving a message before I can get through to someone. And today, after ordering contact lenses 3 weeks ago, and following up because I never received a call that they had come in, it turns out they never ordered the lenses. Please train the staff in customer service.

Anna Herrera

Good service.

Laurie Pugsley

Mary Denton

I always have had a great experience at Dr Lovato. 20 + year customer

Nevin Jimenez

Awesome staff, very helpful

Amanda Johnson

I’ve been wearing glasses for almost my whole life so my eye care and health is extremely important to me. Dr. Lovato and his staff have always treated me like family with kindness and respect. They have a great selection of glasses both high end and more affordable frames and helped me pick out the right contacts for my very sensitive eyes. I always recommend them to friends and family and they are always super accommodating to my mother who is in a wheelchair and my friends who have family that only speak Spanish. Lovato Eyecare is the total package. I’ve been to other local doctors and they don’t hold a candle to the Lovatos.

Savannah Chavez

Cristina Cuadros

I can’t say enough good things about this place. The front office staff is warm, welcoming and friendly. I hardly ever have to wait when I come for my appointments as they are very prompt and efficient. The technicians are equally friendly, efficient and knowledgeable. I always feel well taken care of. The optometrist that I see is equally incredible and completely fixed my prescription to best suit my needs. Turns out I had been wearing the wrong prescription for a year or so (I had previously gone to another optometrist) and he was able to clearly explain why this particular prescription would best accommodate my eyes. Overall, I would recommend this place to anyone! They also have a stellar selection of frames at the optical shop

Alyssa Atias

As an Albuquerque native I’ve been to various opticians and optical shops and Lovato Eyecare surpasses them all! The knowledge of the doctors and staff is unparalleled and everyone is warm and friendly. I also really enjoy the fashionable and wide selection of frames and sunglasses they have. Would recommend 100%! Local and fabulous. Thanks Lovato Eyecare!! ❤️

Aaron D

The best all around amazing staff an doctor's always doing there best to help no complaints

richard diab

Elias chavez

it is great all around great service and great emloyees

Loretta Tavelli

Got an appointment very quickly due to a cancellation. Felt like I was at a used car lot. They tried to convince me that the change they made in my soft contact lens was correct even though I could not see out of it. Wanted to charge me a $200 plus contact lens fitting fee even though I brought in previous prescription and fitting info. They did nothing to “fit” me with lenses. I worked for an ophthalmologist for 5 years and helped “fit” new lens wearers. I know the difference. They refused to give me my contact lens RX and tried to tell me Davis Vision Insurance does not cover my type of lenses, which is bs since I have been getting them through the insurance for years. They finally said they would order them. It has been almost 4 weeks and still no contacts. Walmart got them here in 1 week the last time I ordered through them. They seemed more interested in making a fast buck rather than treating patients. Not a medical atmosphere at all. Saw only the optometrist not the ophthalmologist.

Eloy Sandoval

I had cataract surgery and I felt rushed through it all. Right eye was done first and it seemed to go fine but my vision was kind of blurry after the surgery. He said it would get better. My left eye was done a couple of weeks later and it was for close vision. Everything is fine still. but my right eye seems worse. when I drive I see better with my left eye. What bothers me the most is that there have been no follow up letters calls or emails. I'm going to a OD tomorrow for an exam and I'll ask for a referral. I'd like to go back but I'm not sure he'll have time. He does a lot of surgeries. Its a nice place and the people are nice but I think he needs a back-up to make sure all goes well.

CJ Lovato

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff and physicians. Finally found an eye clinic I can depend on. Will return

naomi payne

After years of going to Albuquerque vision they stop taking my insurance so i had to find somewhere new that would give all 5 members of my family name brand glasses and sun glasses that would cover everyone's taste. Thought Lavato would be a good fit they appeared to have a descent selection boy was I wrong. The first clue should have been when we were charged $100s more than normal i just chalked it up to being a different place. Than the lady said certain lenses were not covered when i know they were. After three 4th trip to pluck up my glasses i made her call while i was there and low and behold i was right she just didn't know how to bill insurance correctly both my insurance lady and me tried to explain the process with no results finally she reordered though their company over a month later they still were unable to match the correct tint. Come to find out they never billed insurance for me second pair and charged to me so they could get More money .almost 2 months later staff was very unapologetic and lack the knowledge to properly bill insurance and act like they do not want to learn the proper way to do their job of billing correctly. Would definitely recommend if you go to them contact your insurance company directly to make sure they are not over charging you . if you want somewhere reputable with great selection and they know what they are doing go to Albuquerque vision in all the years i went there never any issues wish i could go there

Av Jay

Rene Arango

Dr. Lovato and his staff are truly the best in town! My experience as a patient was very welcoming from the moment I walked in to my appointment to the time I checked out. This family owned business maintains such amazing customer service and everyone there is incredibly caring and knowledgeable. I definitely recommend this place if you’re looking for eye care... oh and also I REALLY love my new glasses!!! Thank you Lovato Eyecare!

Donna Salas

We love Dr Lovato he's awesome and love Gabriel at the front desk!

Ana Maria Casey

Best place in town to find nicer frames. I went to 5 other different places and I couldn't find anything I like. I came here and found multiple! The variety of models is the best I've seen in town (of course you can get to the higher price too) but honestly it is an investment for the next few years, so totally worth for me to have nice looking glasses that I wear every day. DO NOT BUY THE CRIZAL ANTIGLARE, IT DOESNT MAKE A DIFFERENCE (My prior lenses had better antiglare than this). Front desk staff was super courteous and the Optician (Una) was super helpful and friendly. Again, highly recommended place if you are looking for nice end looks. (They also had more affordable options, so I can tell there are models for all budgets in this place). I'm taking my husband here next. UPDATE 9.27. 2019 : My husband went there after my recommendation and he didn't have a pleasant experience. He was helped by Dino who try to push all kind of unnecessary add-on and too pushy for pricey stuff. Please make sure you get helped by someone different than Dino if you want to have a good visit.

Don Figueroa

Jessica Dayton

WOW ! What a fantastic change ! The staff hasn't changed...all the same people but WHAT A REFRESHING DIFFERENCE ! I have to say I'm impressed with the change of atmosphere.... Everybody has been very helpful and attentive with a smile on their face and I'm truly thrilled because I've never had a better eye prescription than the one I have now ... I can see SO WELL with these contacts and they feel great ! A great big THANKS to all of you at Lovato Eye Care !

Jacqueline Herrera

I have never met someone in my life as incredible as Marissa. Her customer service skills are so rare! I would reccomend everyone here for her alone.

Carlos Figueroa

I was referred to Lovato Eyewear by a friend because of their selection of designer frames. I was not disappointed. Dr Lovato also gave me a very complete eye exam and the friendly, knowledgeable staff was very helpful in selecting frames. Definetly recommend them.

Christine Figueroa

I don't know where to begin! I called in a frantic frenzy because my eyes started having trouble recently out of nowhere and the people at this office took me in as their own. They showed care and concern for me despite having just met me - it seemed like much more than customer service- pretty sure all of the people here are just ACTUALLY THAT NICE, but MAN what service! Thank you all sooo much! BEST IN NEW MEXICO & probably beyond!

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