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REVIEWS OF Eye Associates of New Mexico IN New Mexico

Melanie Houston

I had a great experience here. I love 5 min away so it was worth the long wait for my appt. the receptionist was soo nice and helpful. My vsp insurance wasn’t accepted but I had secondary that I didn’t think would cover, without her help I wouldn’t have known n my eye exam was covered at 100%. Not only that Dr. Achilles was so sweet and very helpful and extremely open and attentive to my needs and explained everything to me and encouraged me to see her for my future visits, I love this place! And the optical place accidentally broke my old frame that I asked them to tighten and that same moment ordered me a very brand new pair with expidited shipping, so I’m very very happy with this place!!


Oh my this place is busy. When I first walked in, the receptionist asked me which Dr. I was seeing. I told her Dr. Himmel and she very nicely directed me to his reception area. While I was walking there I must have walked by at least 5 to 7 or so other reception areas specializing in other eye issues. Once I arrived at Dr. Himmel's reception area the receptionist had me sign in and then fill out forms because I was a new patient. Then I waited for about 10 minutes and a tech walked me to an examination room where the tech did a bunch of prelim examinations. His name was Shannon and he was very polite, professional, courteous and kind. Once finished I waited 10 more minutes in the lobby and then met with Dr. Himmel in another examination room. He gave my eye a very good looking over and listened to what I had to say and then recommended an eye scraping. I had opaque cells sitting over my cornea or something like that. So I agreed and thankfully I was able to have it done 2 days later and didn't have to wait a few weeks. It is an out patient procedure done at Lovelace. The folks there were very professional and the actual procedure itself was quick, painless and in a way pretty mind blowing if you know what they do and how its done. The results have been great! I can now see clearly 20.20 with glasses out of that eye. It is no longer opaque and blurry. I thank you Dr. Himmel for doing a great job in cleaning up and repairing my cornea on my eye. You are a blessing and so is this procedure for those who have similar issues with their eye. THANK YOU! I highly recommend EYE ASSOCIATES and DR. HIMMEL! I will come back again if need be.

Wayne Davis

All of the doctors I have interacted with are very good and professional. I have had several eye surgeries and the results are outstanding. I can see much better than a few years ago.

Janet A

Charles Ortiz

Always an inordinate amount of time spent waiting. Left today at 4:20 after a sign in time of 1:45. The facility waiting area is dark and out-dated. well even in that bleak situation.

Karen Jeantete

Very rude over the phone

Christopher Calderon

VA set up an annual eye exam through eye associates for 2/15/19 @ 2pm. I arrive at the office to check in but when I do the receptionist in area G where Dr. Morris is located tells me they can’t see me unless they have an authorization number. They said the VA did not give it to them, but eye associations still made the appointment anyway and confirmed it through the VA. I received paperwork says all is confirmed for me to be seen at eye associates at this time and place. Eye associates was in contact with the VA, they confirmed an appointment for me but would not let me be seen when my appointment was because they didn’t have the number. They were very rude, and refused to see me at my appointment time. I let them know my daughter had a basketball game at Cleveland high I need to be at and that’s why I accepted the appointment time was because I could take the time off work for this and my daughter s game. After talking with VA it turns out they did fax the authorization number to eye associates, so they did have it after all!!!. I will never see them again or will have anything kind to say about their service.

Linda Lippold

I contacted Eye Associates because you have a large presence in Albuquerque I thought you must be really good and I was having a problem with double vision. The first doctor’s appointment was with Dr. Allen who cancelled as I was standing at her reception desk at &:45 in the morning. The next appointment was cancelled on the same morning of my appointment. I said I really needed to see a doctor and was given an appointment with Dr. Melendez that same morning. After an examination he was so excited to be able to diagnose a very rare disease and said my eyes would not get better. In fact he even took pictures of my eyes to show a class he taught. Dr. Melendez said I needed an MRI to determine if I had an aneurism, tumor or a stroke. He never bothered to call me with the results of the test and at my follow-up appointment he said we had discussed the results of the MRI. I told him I had not heard from him and he said well the results were negative so I would have to go to a Neurology Ophthalmologist but he never called me back. I finally called Eye Associated and you had him call me and he said your Neurology doctor was not accepting patients so he would send me to Denver. I have sense gone to another Ophthalmologist who said my eyes were healthy but I had a muscle problem. He made glasses for me with prisms and my double vision is gone. I am more than disappointed with Eye Associates and have not dismissed the possibility of sending a notice to Medicare regarding this experience.

Philip Flowers

Marilyn Ledbetter

I had a flashing lights and floaters went to see Dr Monson liked him a lot saw him twice and had to take drops for dry eyes also. Insurance took care of 90% very low cost tome. Later my eyes were bothering me a lot so I called to see him. They said he had moved to Roswell so they gave me another dr. I liked him also but then I got a bill where my insurance only paid about 10% so I don't know if they billed it wrong or he isn't in the insurance program. But they have my records and I told them what insurance I had they should have made sure the new Dr they sent me to was covered by my insurance. I have to now do the work of finding out the problem. Really like dealing with insurance co.


Dr. Binkley is a great Doctor! The rest of the facility and employees however not so much.

Beth Redstone

All my doctors and their assistants have been wonderful. Some of the check out staff not so much. A few of them are down right rude, but the real professionals are great.

Karen Johnston

Receptionist Gloria, ignored us- looked right at us and said nothing. We signed in, still nothing from her- asked if she needed Ins card- then she says I will check you in a few- and continued stuffing envelopes- very poor service- rude by indifference- , makingvpatient wait , lacks greeting or courteous welcoming- she needs a different job- also in for surgery at 8- told Ebay done by 845- almost eleven still no call from them- poor service all around

marisa wickham

I have brought my gramma to 10+ appointments here over the years, and every single time we wait for 2+ hours.

Christian Calloway

The staff here are courteous. The facility is nice and the eye care here is high quality.

Raymond Burgess

So far so good, for my 1st contact with this company. VA sent me paperwork to be seen here with eye associates. I called & was impressed they have a Veterans appointment line. Waited only 9 min. on hold, as the were taking calls in the order they came in. A very nice lady named “Amanda” came on the line & processed my request quickly. She worked around my request for an early appointment, bringing me in at 8AM. Perfect!. Only 2 weeks away. Based on the great customer service so far I am looking forward to my appointment. Then I expect it to go to 5⭐️s. Thanks again Ms Amanda from an old Vet!

kathy Garcia

Chuck Peper

Unbelievabley poor services. Emailed twice, called 5 times no results. They answer the phone transfer you to someones voice mail. You never get a call back. The operator once said "I had no idea we do that". Transferred to another mail box. Never got a call back. When you have a company like this, do you really want to risk your eyes to a company that doesn't even respond to customers. Very bad feeling about this place.

Sharon Wagoner

Dr. Melendez was caring and extremely competent eye surgeon. My cataracts are gone and my sight greatly improved.

William Trujillo

I have been coming here for about 3 yrs now and I have no complaints at all nice staff and Dr Hemmel is a excellent Dr. Thank you eye associates.

Melissa Sanchez Torres

Paige Armstrong

Beautiful facility! Friendly, efficient, thorough staff. Easy to schedule an appointment. Glasses store on-site. Dr. Bobick is Awesome!!! She diagnosed my issue quickly, and set a course of treatment that did the trick.

Evelyn Grise

Dr.Molly Ritsema is THE BEST. I had cataract surgery on both eyes with absolutely no problems. She and her staff have always been friendly and timely. She is definitely a doctor you can trust.


Update - We have waited an additional 15 days (6 weeks total), and still have not received the promised refund from Eye Associates. Save yourself - do not deal with this company for your health care and DO NOT give them your money, as you may heartily regret it, as we do. My husband's glasses have been made incorrectly at Eye Associates twice. We were promised a refund (almost $700!) and then they stopped communicating with us. The glasses have been returned, and we have received no refund, nor will they respond to our phone messages. They are the height of lack of professionalism and incompetence. We will never do business with them again. Details follow from a message sent to them: As you know, my glasses have been made incorrectly by your Rio Rancho office twice in the last month. As you also know, we contacted your Clinic Director Ms. Duran by phone on 7/8/19, explained the situation, and asked her whether a full refund would be reasonable in this situation. She said "yes". She asked us to drop off the glasses in a package labeled with her name at your Northside office on 7/8/19, which we did. Since that time, we have tried to call her several times, but she does not answer her phone or respond to our messages. Nor have we received any information about the promised refund. As you also know, we took the incorrectly made glasses (2nd time they were made incorrectly) to Eyes of New Mexico, where the doctor made the original prescription in June 2019, to have them check whether the glasses were made correctly, and they confirmed that they were not. They gave us a print-out of the differences from how the glasses should have been made. It is hard to understand why you are not getting back to us to resolve this matter. It only increases the experience of lack of competence and professionalism that we have experienced throughout this unfortunate incident. Please escalate this matter to someone who can bring this matter to a competent and professional close, as this has been going on for almost a month. We need our almost $700 that we paid you back, as we have had to order the glasses elsewhere. We also explained that to Ms. Duran on 7/8/19, and she acted sympathetic and helpful, but apparently the key word there is "acted", as we never heard from her again. For all of our sakes, please promptly bring this to a close with a full refund. It is the right thing to do. You need to stop ignoring our communications, which is the height of lack of professionalism.

Colt Groff

Dr. robert-f-melendez-Md performed two surgeries on my grandfather. The first eye went perfectly, my grandfather didn’t remember anything about the procedure and had no pain nor discomfort afterwards. The second procedure he remembers everything about. The dr. had a room full of what sounds like students explaining everything to them as the procedure took place. My grandfather was in immediate and immense pain after the procedure which was at 10:00 am on Tuesday. He is still in severe pain at 2:20 in Wednesday. He was up all night and has not slept a single moment. He went back in for his follow up and was told that everything is fine and he just needs to take Tylenol. I would highly recommend a different place, a different doctor, or to at least be certain that you won’t be the patient which is set aside to teach a room full of students. When Eye associates of NM decides to respond to this message with “I’m sorry feel free to contact us,” don’t bother I was personally in the office and the doctor doesn’t have a care in the world about explaining if there is a problem. This man is 80 years old and has been in tears(which I’ve seen less than a handful of times) and wanting to die for the past 24+ hours. I totally disagree with the way this procedure was done with a room full of students and with the fact that a problem is being dismissed with such ease.

Judy B

Very caring doctors that really want the best for their patients. They are specialists at the very top of their fields.

amanda garcia

The only thing you can count on is long wait times, 20-30 minutes would be a plus, 2 hours for an appointment made 4 months ago.

Christopher Morgan

Upon entering the area to see an ophthalmologist (Father had to have caderac surgery) the TV was set to "The View". I kindly asked the staff to change the programming to something a little less politically sensitive and was ignored. Horrible customer service!!!

Natalie Strickland

I was out of state and needed to be seen. They would see me and Dr. "B" was great and so was her staff. Thank you so much and War Eagle!!

Maria Gonzalez

Very aweful unprofessional people here! Starting from the receptionists secretaries. They think they own the place and everyone's superior to them. Both my parents are patients of Dr Monson and we have had so many issues with the staff just to set up a follow up. My father has had issues with his eyes and when finally squeezed in on a Saturday morning Dr Johnson did his exam and was so rushed he didn't even care about asking if we had questions, matter fact he didn't even solve the problem for my dad. The assistant Eileen or Elaine was so rude and asked my dad to try harder when doing the exam because he couldn't see the ltters! This is the most Racist and Unprofessional place ever! I'm spreading the word! And my Parent's WILL find a nice place to go fix their vision problems. Thanks for Nothing! I hope the person running the Eye Associates on Haper Drive sees this and fixes these issues with employees before they loose all patients! Sad there's no good eye doctor at this place except Dr Monson!!!

Bernell Albano

I had cataract surgery by Dr. Melendez. Starting with my first check up through all of the follow up visits after surgery I have never once been disappointed in my care. They are clean, prompt, caring and I would not consider going elsewhere for care.

Vivid Muse

Dj M

8/29/2019 MY REVIEW STANDS, AVOID AT ALL COST! Update to Response: I called the office and I was ignored by your office. I tried through patient portal and I was ignored then also. I filed with MFCD NM, Senator Tom Udall and HHS Civil Rights. So you lie to me here to CYA! Diagnosis of Cataracts was never covered with me at exam/in office. Witness is J Ramirez with me all the time during exam/office visit. I found my diagnosis online instead. Falsification of my patient medical records AS they state that diagnosis cataracts was covered with me when it was not. Doc came in and did one exam and left, I had to ask about the other and rep had to chas down doctor to do the other. Then he ran out the door after that. I was treated like a part on assembly line NOT as human being. Avoid at all costs! Find other Providers!

Jessica Lopez

Workers at this office need to be retrained or fired. My grandfather's first time at this office and since day one now were 3 months later its been a headache and problem after problem. Who ever reads these reviews dont you try and fix these repeated problems? I know I'm not the only one by reading the reviews. This office makes me sick thinking of what my 86yr old grandfather would have to go through if he didnt have someone to talk and call repeatedly and get transfered from dept to dept with no solution. I feel for the people who have no one. You guys should be ashamed.

John R.E.

Eye examinations, surgery, eyeglass frames - all with insurance accepted. Crowded but efficient means you don't wait long with an appointment. My eye exam was thorough with results explained to me clearly, no pun intended. Office also in Santa Fe.

angela archibeque

I have been coming here for several years and l love coming here. The staff are friendly.

Catherine Six

Rochelle Maiorana

My appointment was at 10am. It's now 12:30pm and still haven't been seen. And to top it off, they took a patient that was here after me, first...Needless to say, I'm never coming back here.

Todd Wingert

Prepair your self for a long wait. In the eye glass shop the Staff was slow and I caught one reading emails while customers had to sit in front of her and wait. 2nd bad experience at this location.The 1ST time I ordered glasses and after two weeks with no word i had to call them. They said they could not get them. Not sure why they did not call me to let me know but none the less I had to ask for my money back.

David Heshley

Myrnamae Schwartz

Dr Weinstein has questionable bedside manner but he's a great surgeon. My cataract surgery on eye #1 turned out great! Now I can read without glasses. I'm thrilled! Going back for eye # 2 in August. Wish me luck.

Katherin Ak mami churro

Janet Furnee

Dr Rebekah Allen did my cataract surgery. Fantastic job. All other staff were great but never ever get anesthesiologist Kathy. She screwed up the dosage even after my telling her the left eye dosage was perfect. My right eye dosage was decreased by 1mg and I unfortunately remembered the last half of the surgery...and it's creepy! Also had pain on my lids afterwards. ASK who your anesthesiologist is and refuse Kathy.


it would be great if they would answer the phone and take an appointment instead of endless wait times.

Art Kellner

Great treatment, pleasant experiences with the Physician, the PA's and at the shot clinic.

Iragene Canter

Eye Associates lived up to all expectations and more...Couldn't be happier. Dr. Weinstein was outstanding...Many Thanks.. Highly recommend..

Diane Houston

Sky Lane



Fabulous service! I had to go in to the urgent clinic at the Harper location for an eye issue, they got me in very quickly, the staff was super friendly, and got me out quickly too. I love my people in Albuquerque, they are so nice and friendly, everyone treats each other like family! Love my hometown, this location was just an example of how awesome my peeps here are! Good job Eye Associates!

Terry Siminski

Rude staff, wrong paperwork sent to my insurance. Wrong Dr. looked at the wrong eye. He said Hmmm - he had the wrong patient - even after asking BOB. Wrong...wrong... wrong...

Manzano Motors

Dr Brinkley is the only neuroopthamologist in ABQ to my knowledge. He and his staff are very knowledgeable and efficient. They are happy to answer questions and address concerns. Highly recommend!! Peggy Cole

alper zeren

I was on the phone with one of their girl tryi g to explain what I need and my question, she direct me to and other department I was still talking , more than she deserved but I have to give her a star , what a customer service .

Simeon Chavez

Pretty Cool People

Stephanie Lucero

They r really nice there.

Bernadette Cordova

Nicole at the front desk in Dr. Himmel office is so rude and stuck up and snotty. That not the person they should Have at the fount desk it so unprofessional. No body wants to come and get ear chewed off by a snotty lady in the fount. Then she doesn't even look up the dates right. She is so unprofessional. But beside her rudeness it okay. People should get have to get additude to get there medical records. If she doesn't like her job find another profession

Teresa McKennon

My husband was scheduled on the 10th. He received a call to reschedule the appointment for today. When he arrived, he was told he was not scheduled and would need to make another appointment. Which is now scheduled to the 20th of June. He had waited 3 weeks for the first appointment that was cancelled. Then waited another 20 days for today's appointment. Now has to wait another month. They have 15 doctors listed so it is ridiculous to have to wait 3 months to be seen when you can't see out of one of your eyes. If our insurance would cover another doctor, I would not step foot in this place again.

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