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REVIEWS OF Deidra M. Casaus, OD IN New Mexico

patricia chavez

The entire staff at The Vision Store were very friendly and courteous during my entire visit! Answered all questions asked and explained my visit every step of the way! I would highly recommend them to anyone. This being my first eye exam in a long time I was very nervous but because of the knowledgeable staff, I felt at ease during my entire appointment.Thank you again to the entire staff and Dr. Causus at The Vision Store.

Nicki Reyes

I very rarely decide to write a review on products or services, and typically when I do, they are never a 5 Star rating. Well, I guess there is a first time for everything. Dr. Diedra Casaus and most of have been wonderful to work with. I always dread going to the eye doctor for a check up for myself and my two daughters, because I've experienced my share of headaches with various doctors. Dr. Casaus and her staff scheduled us in right away, and I cannot believe all the information I received and didn't know about eye health. And then I couldn't believe no one had ever told me some of this stuff that she made sure we know to protect our eye health. The staff was very friendly too...I've been in there a couple times so far in the last 2 months and each time I get the same great service. I am so glad she came highly recommended!

Debbie McLarty

Last year I went to a chain store for my glasses and contacts. This week, I went to Vision Store. It was a completely different experience. The Staff was very friendly. The appointment took a lot longer, because the doctor did so many different tests that ensure eye health rather than just vision correction. I wanted contacts but of course need backup glasses. I explained that I did not have the budget for both on the day I was there. They had no issue with me just getting the contacts now and coming back later for the glasses. The chain store was very aggressive when I tried to do this. Budget is very important since I do not have vision insurance. Because of all the eye health tests, the Dr. discovered an issue that meant a portion of my exam would be covered by my health insurance. I will be going back to Dr. Casaus next year.

Christie Blinzler

Caesar Sinner

Let me start with, I have OCD: Why is that important? Let me explain. I am a previous patient. Thought they had shut down. Went to other places with horrid experiences. Once I realized Vision Store was open. I made appointment. As before. They are GREAT!. They explain everything to me. Let me know what is required, what is not, and options. They understood me, without having to explain that I am very particular about my eyes and glasses. I cannot thank them enough for everything they did to make me feel like a valued patient, not just another number or insurance payment. I highly recommend them. Staff is awesome. Very helpful. Friendly, and a good sense of humor. Large eyeglass frame selection. (Not sure about contacts, as I don't use them, fear of poking my eye out). Wait time was ok. Unlike other places that will have you wait an hour, with appointment. (Sorry for the long review, just wanted to state how awesome the staff is.)

linmeach .

Dr Casaus is very professional and knowledgeable. She explains the procedures and outcomes well and keeps the patient informed. Her office is filled with all the latest equipment and technology. In addition, she is a very compassionate person and a delight to be around. Linda M. Placitas,NM

Cassandra Durkin

I had never had my vision checked. It bacame necessary to do so and I was fortunate to find Dr. Casaus and her staff at The Vision Store. From the Front Desk, to Exam, to Optical everyone was so freindly and knowledgable. I purchased my first pair of glasses from them and I will purchase all of my future glasses from them!! Thank you Vision Store!!!

Emily DeBee

What a great office! Friendly, professional, and extremely knowledgeable. I never would have tried a different contact brand, which is self-hydrating and amazing, if it weren't for Deidra and her team. I never felt like my time was being wasted, highly recommend!

Bradley Jess

This place is awful! The wait is insane no matter when your appointment is. I've been going since I was 14-20 and always waited at least an hour to be helped. On top of all that I have saved the best for last, the customer service is TERRIBLE. They are rude, unhelpful, and don't seem to have the required IQ to retain a job. They charged me for services that I did not even request, probably to gain more of a profit. When I refused to pay, they threatened to send my bill to collections. Ridiculous.

Ron Picco

Very professional and highly technical. Very satisfied. My experience in the office was very good. ( some employees should smile more). But, prior to my visit, I was told three different times for my appointment by mail, by phone and by text message.

Daniel Deter

I returned for a follow up appointment from my first eye exam to monitor my eye pressure. Dr Casaus was still concerned about elevated levels and recommended we establish a baseline of complete workup of factors that would be associated with elevated pressures. This was the first of two sessions to complete all the tests. They were certainly extensive and seemed to produce a great deal of information which Dr Casaus explained to me and the implications. While I'm not pleased to find potential problems with my eyes, I am certainly glad to know we have a baseline from which to measure future changes, or hopefully remaining unchanged. I was impressed with the thoroughness and technical information provided by the exams. Have never had such exams before. Back for a six month follow-up. Repeated the tests and compared results to the baseline. The exam took over an hour and a half. Not for ANY inefficiency, but because it was so thorough and extensive. Dr. Casaus spent a great deal of time with me going over the results, explaining what numbers were statistically significant and those which really didn't reflect any changes. She plotted out a continued follow-up series. She understands the impact of health insurance on frequency of exams and schedules them so there is no issue of being allowed. You can get eyeglasses essentially anywhere, but I have never seen an optometry office with the extensive test equipment dedicated to the health of the eyes, not just the newest prescription. Nor an optometrist of Dr Casaus' caliber.

Joe Davenport

I have used Deidra for 10 years and always had the best service try her services you will agree the best

Richard Blinzler II

The vision store charged my medical insurance not my vision insurance twice and for insane amount of money for services not rendered. I have filed formal fraud complaints with my insurance company. Do not advise anyone to waste tine or energy going to this place.

Ray Huffman

Excellent service. Everyone there was cheerful and helpful. I felt the exam was extensive and covered everything. Thanks you so much

Keiko Ohnuma

This practice seems to be focused on extracting maximum profit from patients by recommending (or basically forcing) unnecessary and unrequested services on people. There was nothing wrong with my prescription, but I was charged for strange, manufactured diseases and conditions (like "dry-eye syndrome"--which apparently required buying an expensive three-part snake-oil remedy). You will be told you MUST have your pupils dilated if you don't buy their high-tech $40 add-on. As another reviewer noted, Dr. Casaus makes flippant, unprofessional personal comments and seems to enjoy making people wait. This practice suffers from a serious lack of integrity.

Sarah Iha

Holy cabooses! The Vision Store in Bernalillo blows chunks! I highly recommend that nobody gets their eyes checked here. Received the wrong prescription here, you’ll even wait an entire hour after your appointment time before getting seen. I also felt like I was under attack when she constantly questioned where I was buying my glasses when I informed her somewhere cheaper. She also likes to ask personal questions and make unprofessional comments such as: “Do you have a job? Where do you work? Oh you don’t have a job? Well I’m sure there are jobs at the casino. Does your mom come here for checkups? If not, she should! Where are you buying your glasses? What’s the name of the online eyeglass store? How much did you pay? Also, thanks for cleaning your eyes and making sure there isn’t any crust there because my last 2 patients didn’t.” I could go on and on and on about what is wrong with this place, mainly this Dr. Deidra. I enjoyed her staff, but her. . . oh dear! So after unknowingly receiving the wrong prescription I ordered my glasses online like I’ve been doing for the last few years. Had to send the glasses back twice assuming the online store made them incorrectly. I wore them for one day and my eyes felt like they were melting. So I made an appointment to get my eyes rechecked. She rechecked them alright! She was still rude and tried to rush my appointment yet again. Why not take your sweet time and make sure you don’t screw up my prescription again, aye?!?! She blatantly lied to my face and said my prescription was off by a SMUDGE. No lady, I went home and looked at the prescription you gave me from a month ago and no it wasn’t off by a smudge. You got my damn eyes mixed up! No wonder I couldn’t see. You cost me extra money I didn’t need to spend and you lied to me. Thanks for your amazing customer service. You are the worst. So long Vision Store!

Vanessa Salazar

This company is the worst company I have ever dealt with, if you are reading this review..TRUST a consumer and a client for many service THIS IS THE WORST I HAVE HAD, bar none..

Jared Jantzi

Very friendly staff and a great selection of frames

Alan Rackstraw

Dr. Casaus is, in addition to being a really nice person, very knowledgeable in her field and runs her business efficiently. Highly recommended!

Erik Eskew

Safe yourself the hassle and stress and avoid this place like the plague! Waiting waiting and more waiting to get into each appointment. Not just 10-15 mins... Budget at least an hour and a half more than you were planning on. The doctor will use the $40 eye photos as an excuse and ransom for everything! I had to get contacts and they were not flexible at all about my follow up appointment that was "required" to give me my prescription. I've been wearing the same contact brand for 10 years with zero issues. They only way they said that they would waive the required follow up is if I paid $40 for the eye photos (because taking a photo of my eyes today will totally show them how I'm reacting to the contacts two weeks from today. /sarcasm) then, at my follow up - surprise! I need to have my eyes dialated. It wouldn't have been terrible, but given their wait time, it would've added another hour to my visit. Not happening - I have my kiddo to pick up from school. Oh, wait! We don't have to dialate if we can do the....$40 eye photos! Terrible customer service. I felt like a hostage about the second hour in each visit. Im sorry I ever set foot in this place! I will NEVER return.

Jim Jones

The customer service was cold and unprofessional. I waited a long time, and when they finally got to me, it seemed like they we're more preoccupied with other things. They didn't give me any details on the condition of my eyes and when I asked they just gave me a quick answer with no back round information . It was basically sit down and wait for 40min, take some snapshots of your eyes (with no description of what they we're doing or why), wait some more, here's your prescription and pay. I felt more like a walking paycheck to them, than a person, I've been in courts with more warmth than that place. Don't go there.

Sharon Seymour

My husband & I both had Dr. Casaus examine our eyes. She i s such a special person & very helpful in explaining what she is doing for us. I definitely recommend her to anyone needing to have their eye examined.. The office staff is also very special.

Richard Prather

Dr. Casaus was able to address an issue I've had for over 15 years. I'm one of the few people that can see the chromatic aberration caused light bending in the eyeglass lens. It causes a rainbow effect on things outdoors. Dr. Casaus listened to my concerns and issues and prescribed exactly the type of lens I needed. Problem solved! Yes!

Ted Berthelote

This office is clean, modern, cheerful and employs the latest technology in a most professional fashion. The results of Dr. Casaus's careful diagnosis and treatment plan for my dry, watery eyes has been gratifying.


Doctor tried to make me buy a pair of READING GLASSES for $150! Found a pair at Wal-Mart for $10. Also very rude to her workers in front of me which was very awkward for me

Christopher Rowe

The whole operation reeks of a money making scam. Made my appointment two weeks out, gave my information, medical insurance, etc. I wasn't informed that they didn't accept my insurance until I checked in! Then they had the nerve to ask if I still wanted to have the exam and pay out of pocket. The biggest scam that they pull is that they tried to charge me $25 for the privelage of sending me a text message confirming my appointment ONE HOUR before my appointment time. I had already confirmed my appointment time online days before that. Very unprofessional operation that they have going on. Tried to use them before years ago, and they cancelled my appointment for no reason. Fool my once, shame on them. Fool me twice...

Star Gazing Gaming

Dr. Casaus has a priest on site for your confession!!! So the first time I went there, I waited for about 40+ minutes before being seen. Once seen, I was pressured to pay $40 for pictures or get dilated and wait longer. Once seen by Dr. Casaus, she was seemingly friendly but would ask personal questions. The conversation basically lead to me feeling like she was trying to convert me to Catholicism. By the end of the exam and nearly 2 hours later. They had convinced me that I needed all kinds of add-on's and was out about $500 for glasses and lenses that never really fit right. One year later, I'm back in the waiting room for a long long time. Felt the pressure to take the $40 photos again but I didn't. Had to wait again with the dilation. This time, the technician was nervous and on edge. I asked if something was wrong. She went on to say that Dr. Casaus was pressuring her to confess to a priest that was in one of the rooms. Shortly after that she said OMG! Dr. Casaus had sent a message on the computer screen stating that the Father is ready for her confession now! It was rather hilarious to both of us but I felt bad for the poor girl who no longer works there. In the end they still got me for more than $450 for a pair of frames and lenses. (I actually saw the priest come out of the room with another staff member too!!) My last and final check up I got the bare minimum. They insisted I needed to spend another $500+ but I said no thanks. My glasses are still good and I like them. They tried to make me feel like I was a fool for not accepting their recommendations. I believe the long waits are a marketing technique to just accept whatever they sell you so you can just get out of there. Three family members have all had similar experiences. I wish I had shopped around. Especially since it took me a few visits to figure out what she's all about. Some of her staff are good, but it's just not worth it.

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