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REVIEWS OF Casey Optical Co and Dr. Christine Kniffen IN New Mexico

funkydoodlebug .

Very professional and accommodating staff. Had an routine eye exam and was fitted for some frames. They treated me with so much respect. I even came back the next day, when they were quite busy, and was a bit of a pain. They went out of their way to help me and send me happily on my way. Glad I found Casey Optical!

Christina Cofield

So happy with our visit here. Everyone was nice, professional, and helpful. The Dr. was confidant and payed attention to detail.

Cilla Yja

Best place to get your eyes checked! I love this place, the eye exams are easy, simple, and fast. Everyone who works here is so nice. They only dilate your eyes if they absolutely need to which i like a lot. Also i always find glasses here and even if you do not like any of the glasses or want to find yours somewhere else, they always give you a printed version of your prescription.

Elena Maietta

Consistently great eye care! I've never had a problem seeing well, and I always leave with great glasses. Wonderful packages available in the optical shop, and always friendly!

Bernadette Padilla

So far so good. The staff was so nice and very helpful. I can't wait till my glasses come in!!!

Tommy Kidd

Quinn van Handel

Dr. Kniffen and her staff were professional and helpful when I came to get a new prescription for glasses and contacts. They adjusted my new glasses, despite the fact that I chose to order them from an online site.

Corey Broshious

Best optometrist in town. I started going here two years ago and will not go anywhere else. Awesome staff and they are pretty good with seeing you on time. The only downside is how long it takes to get your lenses. Up to 2 weeks. Still worth the wait because of the quality.

Drew Harrell

Great local business and wonderful customer service! Have used Casey Optical ever since moving to ABQ almost 10 years ago and always get great care and eyewear assistance. Recommend them highly to anyone looking for eye care needs.

Robert Roybal

Had an eye issue on saturday and was taken care of by Dr. Hands. Paid my copay, no problem! Had a follow-up with Dr. Hands on Monday to see how I did over the weekend. No copay, was told it was a follow up! Wow! Had another follow up for Wednesday at Dr. Kniffens office to remove the contact lens band-aid. Was charged another copay and was told by her staff that any visit with Dr. Kniffen has a copay. Dr. kniffen, if you so desperately need every cent for follow up visits, then the $40. is yours to keep with the understanding that the Wednesday visit will be the last time I set foot in your office. Had I know that compassion ends at Dr. Hands office, I would have made the trip across town to see her instead! Continue this saga! About a month after my first review, I received a check for my co-pays. I called the office and told them that it was only fair that I pay one of the two co-pays. The office person said they were told to refund the full amount. Yesterday, August 20th, I received a bill for $54.00 for work done on March 25th! I guess Kniffen had a change of heart and wants her money after all! Your check will soon be in the mail as I am to old and tired of your games to continue with your somewhat shady collection practices. Please remove me from your call and mail list as your precious service is no longer needed.

Anna Burns

I really really like Dr. Kniffen, as an eye doctor and as a human being, but...some of the office staff, not so much. There was a problem with the most recent pair of glasses that I bought from them...that was not resolvable. Manny, the guy who sells eyeglasses, was really irritated with me, and rude, and snotty about it all. He was so difficult with me that another customer heard it all and came over to my defense! I had to see Dr. Kniffen again to get her approval for a refund, which they don't like to do for eyeglasses. When I went upfront after seeing her to get my refund, the assistant manager (Cynthia) was not happy that she had to refund me. When she finished that, I told that I still needed to get a pair of glasses and that I would probably be back to try again...she said "DON'T", as in...go somewhere else, so, I guess I will. I feel sad about this, because Dr. Kniffen is a gem, and because she has these people who represent her in her office. She used to have great front office people, and the environment was nice there, but there has been a turnover because her 2 main people retired and she replaced them. That's when it got bad.

Deya M

I went in after seeing so many good reviews here on google. I went to get contacts for the first time. First of all the place is nice and clean. The ladies in the front are very nice. It took some time for me to get called but after my visit I understood why and that is because Dr. Christine takes the time with you to help you and listen to your concerns and I believe she is the only doctor in there. She explains to you with patience and very professional. I was scheduled for a follow up appointment and was very concerned that they might charge me but they didn't. I will definitely recommend this place to friends.

Bonnie Beukelman

Great experience!

Katie Gomez

This is the first time I've had a pleasant experience with an optometrist. Dr. Kniffen was very attentive, friendly, informative, and helpful. I know who I will be going to from now on! The staff was also very helpful, and attentive. I couldn't find a pair of frames I liked there, so I was going to use my current ones and wear a back up at home. However once getting home we found out my back up pair was broken and they promptly helped us in the process of getting back the glasses and prescription to shop for frames elsewhere.

Emily Craig

Very professional and understanding. The staff is extremely friendly and know how to help you get what you need. If you're on a budget, they work with you on keeping your costs within that price. Have taken myself and 2 of my kids to her and have referred some of my coworkers as well.


Took FOREVER for my glasses to come in. I couldve just gone to Stanton and got them the same day for half the price. They are so expensive and the Dr. seemed annoyed that I couldn't see when he moved slides during my eye exam. A couple of the lady's that work here are not very nice. I felt like I was bothering them and all I did was tell them I was there for an appointment. Go to Walmart, its the same service for a third of what youd pay for one pair at Casey, eyes rolling.

Rachel Brunson

She was great!! I mean..she was very thorough in finding any problem or condition and making sure my prescription was comfortable and not too strong. She was very knowledgeable and very good at her job!!

Siera Marquez

Victory Gin

Top notch service. I'd recommend them to anyone!

Kazuto Kirigaya

I came here based on Google reviews as it had by far the highest rating of any optometrist listed on Google maps and after leaving the place I can say with all certainty that I have no intentions of going anywhere else for my eye care. My first experience as I walked in the door to make an appointment was of excellent, friendly, and courteous service at the desk. When I came back for the eye exam appointment Dr. Kniffen sat down and thoroughly and clearly explained everything to me. She is a doctor with the highest level of professionalism. Aside from being friendly she genuinely cares about any questions you may have.

Erin Levick

I had a great experience at Casey Optical. The staff was great made me feel comfortable during my eye exam. Dr Kniffen answerd all my questions she definitely knows what she is doing. They helped me pick out a pair of glasses and I get a lot of comments on how good they look

Andrew Nielson

I hadn't had a check-up in probably a decade. I have a slight lazy eye and I thought I'd have a check up and see if I was imagining a slight vision deterioration or if it was real. It turns out it was imagined, but she answered and explained all my questions and concerns. Dr. Kniffen and her staff was as good as I could've imagined. I think I appreciated her "bedside manner" the most. I had brought my 5 year old daughter with me to see if she had lazy eye (it's passed genetically sometimes, I believe) and even though she probably doesn't see young children that often she did as well as I hoped (and I have high expectations) and did a very thorough exam and was patient with my daughter.

Joe Artery

I had the frames on a pair of glasses replaced earlier in the year under warranty for a defect. It took weeks for them to come in. I brought the glasses in again because I could see a crack developing in the same spot that had broken on the first pair. The tech asked to see my glasses, I told him to be careful not to break them the rest of the way because I’d already experienced what a pain they were to wear when they were broken. He was not listening to me, took them in the back, when he came back, he told me he had adjusted them and nothing was wrong. I pointed out to him where he had just broken the plastic piece I was trying to point out to him. He took them in the back, glued the piece back on, so that the arm wouldn’t close and I couldn’t put them in my protective case. He said it would take four business days for new frames to come in. After 7 business days I called and was notified that they had not been ordered. I left a message for the manager to call me, but only got a call back from a person who told me that they were on order but could not give me a date when they would be delivered. They called the next day and notified me that they were in. After two bad experiences, I won’t be coming back to Casey Optical next time I need new glasses.

Elizabeth Sang

I feel so blessed to have found Casey Optical and meeting Dr. Kniffen, she is so wonderful. Her and her staff are friendly and great. From the first call to schedule an appointment her staff was kind and attentive. After seeing two different eye doctors over the past two years and telling them about my eye issues I had been having and being told that its nothing but allergies, Dr. Kniffen took the time to listen to my concerns and problems and actually found that what I had was more than just allergies and now I am being treated for an actual problem I had been trying to tell my previous doctors. I feel now that I have answers and I am on my way to feel better instead of just "dealing with it". I had an excellent experience here and wish this upon everyone who is need of a doctor who listens, explains and is just as concerned for your well being. I give this place five stars!

Jae Dennis

Yes, everyone is nice at Casey. The problem for me was that the Dr could not get my prescription right and overall it took 9 months for me to get my contacts. It went like this: I have worn glasses or contacts for 47 years. This doc claimed I have astigmatism and wanted me to try out expensive torque lenses. Funny, no doctor in 47 years ever diagnosed me with astigmatism & now all of a sudden... Anyway, after months and months of these people forgetting to order the torque lenses and giving me several excuses, I finally get them and I cant see a thing. I eventually go back to some old lenses I had laying around, and when I ran out of those I had to wear glasses again. Final point is that I still cannot see and I have had to wait a year for my insurance to pay for an exam somewhere else. The doc invented my astigmatism (incompetent) and then held my prescription hostage so I could not order elsewhere, yet her clerks and assistants incompetence held me up for nearly a year, and then I could not see anyway and had to wear my ugly thick glasses again. I just want to see! I would much rather be able to see than waste my time complaining about this place online.

Glenn Ford

Knowledgeable, efficient and a very caring staff. Dr Kniffen performed an excellent exam, taking time to both listen and explain.

Tiziana DeHorney

Casey Optical isn’t my normal optician, but they are ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL. I tore my last pair of contacts on a Saturday, one day before going out of town. My optician is closed on Saturday’s so I called frantically and they helped me get a pair to get me through my trip. So kind and wonderful!

Leah B.

I went to Casey Optical on the recommendation of my mom, a retired optician, herself. Being that my mom was in the optical industry for a long time, she is very, very picky about her glasses and optician-provided care. She's never recommended anywhere -- but she recommended Casey to me after my previous ophthalmologist misdiagnosed a serious medical condition which could have led to blindness! Beyond that, the glasses were very overpriced there, as I learned after going to Casey. For example, the previous optical shop wanted $750 for some La Font frames that were only $350 at Casey (and if you know what size you need, you can get them online for $179...)!! The ophthalmologist, Dr. Kniffen, was very knowledgeable, thorough and attentive to my special optical needs. She recommended certain lens technologies that would compensate for my lost vision and hopefully improve it going forward. So far, it has helped a TON. My vision now vs. what is was with the previous glasses is so much better. There really are no words to describe it when vision you thought was lost is given back to you with a simple lens technology. The optician staff was also very helpful in recommending styles that worked (and steering me away from styles that did not work) with my face. The staff at the previous shop never did anything other than take my prescription and upsell, upsell, upsell. Last time they even sold me a pair of glasses that did not fit my face and fell off constantly (the 750 frame). Granted, I wanted these glasses because I thought they were pretty, but I wish they would have been honest about the fact that they would never be able to make them fit me! Or offered to order them in my size. All they wanted to do was sell me what they had on-hand for a quick buck. In the end I spent the same amount of money for my glasses, however now I actually have quality of VISION back vs. overpriced frames. If you want a professional doctor who cares about patients and competent opticians, visit Casey. You won't regret it!

Tudor I. Oprea

The entire visit was absolutely professional, and they have the latest technologies for diagnostics and eye examination. Dr Christine Kniffen OD is very professional and courteous, so is the Staff. They have an excellent choice of frames for prescription glasses, and their "Field of Vision" test, $20, is definitely something you should consider taking. Furthermore, the iScription technology means they custom-make the lenses that suit the person. Worth it!!!

Denise Marie

I have been going to this office since 2014, and I absolutely love this place. They are kind and patient,and helpful. Also if your a diabetic they do do testing for that to.

Brett Safford

This is by far one of the if not the best eye doctor/ glasses store. Everyone is very professional and very polite. I ordered my rayban frames special order since they didn't have them in stock and the process was super easy. Its Been about a month and I haven't recieved them yet but the staff has been very helpful and called the manufacturer about the delay. Everytime I call and ask them to check they're really nice and never annoyed which is sad to say but almost normal now. It's great to find a place that treats their customer so great. Not to mention the fact that the doctors are super cool and very knowledgeable. This is why I come back every year to the same place

Felicia Chavez

For whatever reason my insurance did not notify my vision insurance Davis that I was active and so it looked like wasn't covered. But I was and they talked to me like I was a hobo off the street, and that I wasn't a good standing citizen with my life together. It was rude and unfriendly experience.

Cici Chavez

Usually have a great experience here. The doctors are truly amazing, but the front desk staff are lacking. I came in for my appointment (canceling another appointment for it) and then was told that my insurance wouldnt cover me until next year. I told them i wished i wouldve known ahead of time in which they told me they tried calling me. I had one call that was to remind me of my upcoming appointment nothing else. I wish i would have known before coming all the way from los lunas and canceling other plans. I witnessed her make a call to someone about their insurance right after talking to me so i guess she knows how to make that call. She never apologized or anything just asked of i wanted to pay. Very disappointed with the front desk.

Elishia Montoya

Really all around great experience!

Adrian Estrada

Lynne Kocur

Dr. Kniffen and her staff are the best. I've been going there for many years now and refer everyone to her. She really goes above and beyond what my past eye docs had done. I have some health problems and she makes sure to ask where everything is at, meds I am on, etc.... and lets me know if anything will affect my eyesight. Rita is the greatest when it comes time to picking out a new pair of glasses. They really treat us like old longtime friends and I love it.

Jared Saia

Great place with good customer service. I had a problem with some sport glasses that I ordered and then went above and beyond to fix the problem for me.

Psycho Kitty Litter Box Talk

Highly professional staff; courteous and accommodating.

Larissa Ramirez

Out of all these reviews I am the only negative. I feel like I am missing something... My husband and I both tried out Dr. Kniffen and had horrible experiences. My husband had an appointment at 3 and we didn't get seen until 3:45. To make up for the lateness, Dr. Kniffen gave us a discount which I was pleased about. She really did attend to him well so I thought I would give her a try. I was called back 15 minutes late and it took her another 10 minutes to see me. She didn't ask about any problems that I was having or how my current prescription was doing. After giving me my "prescription" (and waiting an additional 15 minutes) I told her I couldn't see anything out of my left eye. Come to find out, I needed something stronger. Now, I am still seeing blurry. Called back for another appointment to correct the problem only to find out someone should have scheduled me a follow-up and never did and now I cannot be seen until next week; even though I cannot see and will have to resort to wearing my glasses until my old optometrist can see me. (She is fitting me in as soon as possible, might I add.) Super frustrated and will not be going back. My other optometrist does not accept my insurance but she is well worth it compared to this place.

Arturo Aguilar

Ravi Patel

Colleen Kelley

I went to Casey Optical for the first time last week. I am very happy with the service, price and quality of the eye exam and recommendation for my eye care.

Joe Hurd

One of the worst places to go in the city. The cost is crazy the service is horrible. I'm still waiting on my glasses. They said 2 weeks I call everyday and they tell me tomorrow. Then tomorrow comes and goes with no glasses or phone call. They tell me the delay is because of the manufacturer having a problem. My son waited 2 hours to be seen by the female Dr. She kept blaming the wait on a staffing shortage. When in reality it was jus her being extremely slow! Worst place ever!!! Update: just tried to get my glasses and it's complete nonsense

Roger Candelaria

Edward Caicedo

I went to Casey Optical to get new glasses based on Google reviews. My usual doctor only sells contacts and I needed glasses. I was taken care of by Rita. She did a great job helping me to pick a new frame for my glasses. She seemed very knowledgeable about the kind of frame that would look good on me, and the kind of lenses I should get. Once the glasses arrived, they made sure everything fit properly before letting me go. I am very happy with my new glasses and would recommend this place.

Seve Valdivia

Very friendly staff, doctor was a little terse but still nice.

Betty Constand

I have been going to Casey Optical for several years and I feel like I am amongst friends and family when I go in for an appointment or I just pop in for an adjustment on my frames. Dr. Kniffen and the staff are very knowledgeable and always treat me in a professional manner. They have top of the line equipment. Their selection of frames is huge and they are extremely helpful in making that difficult choice of "Do these look good on me"? Thank you for treating me and my family!

Charles Maez

The best, went to another eye doctor he couldn't find the Cataract I had she did and she spend extra time with me.

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