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REVIEWS OF Botwin Eye Group / Oculus Optical Midtown IN New Mexico

Claire K

I would not recommend them. Went for exam for eyeglasses. They were a bit pushy about selecting frames right away even though my eyes were dilated and gave me incorrect info about my insurance. I checked with my insurance co when I got home & got the correct info and then got some less expensive frames elsewhere with the prescription I was given. I could not see properly with the new rx and went back several times to try to get it corrected, but the Dr. insisted it was right according to the machine. Ended up having to go to another eye doctor who worked to tweak the prescription to get it right so I could see properly.

Alex Schulman

Helpful staff and plenty of free microfiber cloth! It's a great place to get your eyes checked/dressed.

David Rodrigues

Can not say enough positive things about Dr. Jonathan Botwin. While several doctors have refused to treat my sister dur to her complicated eye condition, Dr. Botwin has. His intelligence, guidance, personal attention, and dedication has given my sister her eyesight back. Our family is very grateful for Dr. Botwin.

Shana Roybal

Dr. Botwin is one of the most hateful people I've ever known. I had been a patient since he was located inside Villa Linda mall. Once he moved into his new office I feel his attitude completely changed. In the waiting room in front of other people and his staff he completely embarrassed and belittled us. Needless to say, I'm no longer a patient. I've not ever been so humiliated in my life. If at all possible, I highly suggest you go elsewhere. I'd like to think his sons might be able to provide a good experience. As far as Dr. Botwin himself, beware. DR. BOTWIN IS HATEFUL!!!

Julia Garcia

I love coming here. Most professional MD I have ever encountered. The machinery, beautiful waiting room, and all of the nice staff make it an overall lovely experience. I drive down from Albuquerque just to come here.

Stephanie Rittner

Dr. Jonathan realized the change in my eyes was related to a blood sugar issue. After a visit to my doc, he was proven correct. With proper treatment, two weeks later my vision cleared up, and Dr. Jonathan re-checked my eyes. It was his discovery that put me on a path to better health and better vision!

Sharon Rivera

The opticians are amateurs, and the manager is straight out of the God Father! Will never go back..

Dana Simmons

Christine Dubois

Beautiful downtown office. Super friendly staff. Competent and kind doctor. Excellent selection of modern and fashionable glasses. This place is absolutely worth it.

tommy lucero

Jonathan is awesome. Locally owned and amazing people. Great customer service

Sarah M

They are always so friendly here not to mention great at what they do. They are thorough and patient. The glasses a bit pricey but very nice. They will guide you through the buying process and are always spot on when it comes to what frames fit my face. Dr. Botwin is always so friendly and thorough. He is very professional. Would definitely recommend this shop and eye doctors.

Kenny Gonzales

yGreat experience here, great staff, with very positive attitudes, you can tell they enjoy where they work, and are happy to be there, it really shows by their professionalism. My wife suggested I go there after she had a very positive experience there Not sure what a lot of these other folks are talking about, just can't see it. Jeremy Botwin was very good, was very thorough in his explanations about what was going on with my eyes, and he had to give me a lecture about not waiting so long until my next exam, but he was very nice about it! On a side note, they have one of the best Navajo Rug collections in Santa Fe!!

David Burns

Silvia and crew are outstanding had two pair of glasses, fitted and repaired

Linda Allen

I have been seeing Jonathan Botwin for over a decade. He is by far the best optometrist I have ever seen in Santa Fe. I absolutely love Martha and Ray in the eyeglass Department. However their prices are outrageous and I cannot afford to get glasses there.

Joanne Teasdale

Terrible experience. Dr Botwin senior was arrogant and condescending.

David Rentfrow

Awesome experience. Beautiful and comfortable facilities with caring professional staff. Dr. Jeremy Botwin was especially great as he took his time to ensure both the vision and the health of my eyes.

J Johnston

Beware the Botwin Eye Group! They have what appears to be an insurance scam going. On your first visit, they tell you that they are doing a medical exam, not a refraction, and if there is "any diagnosis" (even "no problems" is a diagnosis), they won't do a refraction that day, and they will charge that appointment to your medical insurance provider. You then have to make a second appointment for your refraction, which they charge to your vision insurance. If you don't want to come back for a second appointment, you can opt to pay $75+ for the refraction out of your own pocket on the first visit (so they're either going to get it from your insurance or from you). Naturally, they neglect to tell you any of this until you're actually there for your appointment. I've been wearing glasses and going to optometrists for almost 40 years, and in all that time, nobody else has ever tried that. I walked.

Leanne Shannon

Friendly, professional staff. Incredibly helpful and attentive. Knowledgable doctors, and Holly was amazing helping me as a first time contact user.

Jeff Poe

The Best Optical In Santa Fe! Spectacular store with amazing staff (Lucia & Sierra). Would highly recommend this team to anyone looking for an exam or a few pairs of glasses.

Roey Valim

Excellent Eye Doctors! I have always had a great experience at Botwin Eye Group. Everyone there is very friendly and helpful, including the receptionists and nurses. I have seen Dr. Jonathan and he has always been top- notch. He listens to your concerns, and help guide you to what works for You. I actually love my glasses and the "fitter" was very helpful in narrowing the field (there were lots of good options). I highly recommend this group!

Michael Mendez

Whether it's buying a new pair of glasses, lens or frames these folks are great. They are professional and thorough but just as importantly offer friendly welcoming service. I've done business of both locations and the service at each one is top notch. Whether you need a minor adjustment for glasses for full service they do an excellent job.

Shiloh Langwell

Everyone was so welcoming, informative, and truly made the experience lovely!

M Gerard

After a lifetime of going to eye doctors, it wasn't until I started going to Botwin that I finally was able to perfectly dial in my eye issues. I am a graphic designer, so my sight is very important. Botwin is great starting from the minute you step foot into the fantastic office. It feels warm and classy rather than clinical and cheesy usually encountered in most optometrists. From there, the office staff is always friendly and helpful. Since Botwin is a family operation, all of the doctors are related and passionate about what they do. I have been seeing John Botwin for years. In this time he had nailed my prescription every time. And Holly in the contact lens department was able to convince me to try contacts and was patient enough to help me figure out the perfect match and to help me master putting them in and taking them out daily. I cannot recommend the Botwin Eye Group enough.

krista innamorato

Great Experience! Dr. Botwin is knowledgeable and thorough, the staff is very friendly and the office is beautiful! What an amazing selection of frames, thankfully the staff was very patient with helping me choose a frame that suited me best. I wouldnt go anywhere else for an eye exam or glasses!

Sharon Radcliffe

We used the online booking feature to request appointments. When I called a couple of days later, I am told that the earliest appointment is over a month away. When I asked why the online system allowed us to request a day that clearly wasn't open, she had no clue. What a waste of my time and my husbands time. We will find another opticians office which has a more reliable and real time system.

Kelly Rinaldi

Great doctors and staff.

Hari Pal Singh Khalsa

A++. Excellent service in all ways. Professional adept staff. Beautiful environment. Perfect product. I will be back !

Epifaño Valencia

Jamie Roque

Been going to mark botwin since i was 12 years old and still will not see any other eye dr. they are an amazing group.

Halley Sanders

Both my boyfriend and I have been seen at the Botwin Eye Group. The decor of the office is so nice, and stylish. The staff and doctors were very polite and knowledgeable. In addition to a timely and thorough exam, we were amazed by their wide range of frame styles. We are both very happy with our prescriptions and glasses. We will definitely be repeat customers.

Bunny Terry

The absolute best. I've been having my eyes checked since I was in the 3rd grade, and this exam was not only pleasant and inexpensive (which surprised me, given their nice facilities), my new contacts are the most comfortable I've ever worn. I wear mono vision, which means that I have one close eye for reading and one far vision. At 55, I'm pretty thrilled not to have to wear bifocals yet!

Sandra Gonzalez

I loved this office! I enjoyed the atmosphere, and the staff here are very friendly too. The doctor was very thorough and made me feel comfortable. He even made me laugh! I really loved the frames that they carried, it was so hard to choose, so.... I bought a few. ;) My family and I will definitely be back.

I Gypsy

I went to see Dr. Mark when I was pregnant and needed to get both contacts and glasses before I went on FMLA. The facilities were beautiful and the staff was very friendly and helpful. Dr. Mark was great and didn't give me grief when I fessed up to my less-than-ideal contact habits. I was given the best brand for my "lifestyle" and then had a very nice woman help me to determine the best and most economical "childproof" glasses. I was given a written prescription for both my glasses and contacts, should I choose to go elsewhere. My contacts came in quickly. I had moved out-of-state and was visiting briefly last month when I had a make-up mishap on the set of a photo shoot which rendered one of my contacts ruined and my eye painful. I had neglected to bring spares with me, and also didn't pack my glasses. I called up and explained the situation, and even though I wouldn't be using them in the future, they checked to see if they had a sample of my prescription and brand on hand. They did, and it was only $15. I was able to swing by and pick it up in no time, and it saved the photo shoot and my poor eye! 10 stars!

ava M

My whole family has been going to The Botwin Eye group for about 5+ years. I've had nothing but the best service from the Receptionists, to the Techs, to the Doctors. Each one of us sees a different Doctor. My youngest daughter recently saw Dr. Jonathan. We were very pleased on how comfortable he made her feel, and how thorough he is with his exams. I myself see Dr. Jeremy and he is always so professional, and pleasant. It's an all around great experience. I highly recommend this establishment.

D. H.

I had problems with the glasses they ordered for me. I couldn't see well with them. They re-examined me and lenses were reordered. They are working to make things right. The staff is friendly and the atmosphere is very warm. I feel that the only downside is that there is a lack of communication at times. But otherwise, we have been happy with the service here.

Carole Baker

The best selection of luxury eyewear in town! The staff, doctors and management are all super helpful and friendly! I would NOT go anywhere else. Best in Santa Fe.

Ed S

My experience with the downtown location; my eye exam was very thorough, staff was friendly and the office was like an art museum. But, it’s been way over a month and I still haven’t received my eyeglasses and the communication been very poor. It’s a sham the only way I hear anything is if I call them…


They are good eye group and as other comments have stated the doctors there except for one of the sons are so monotone. They speak like if they were robots and hardly have an actual human conversation. I wonder what goes through their minds as they do their work. Obviously their passion for their job has faded.

Michael Maldonado

I recently went for my annual eye exam and saw Dr. Jon. The office is very impressive in both instrumentation and appearance. The exam registration was done online so it streamlined me faster than other places. The office staff was pretty friendly and the assistant advised me on what was going to be done. My eyes were dilated and told that everything was healthy. I enjoyed the experience with the staff and doctor. It seems like a pretty well oil machine in the process. I was advised that I didn't need glasses so didn't need to go through optical although they have some really cool and funky frames. I will be back in the future and send my family if needed.


I would not give any stars, if it were possible, to the eyeglass folks at this practice. I waited 8 weeks for my glasses. The response has been sarcasm and contempt- like the mistakes were mine.They have remade my glasses twice after the first pair was wrong. Ordered July 7, and finally received them September 5. They will not return phone calls. Take your written prescription to another vendor.

Jerry Gorham

The facility and customer service are very good. But, you will pay a very high price for glasses or even lenses. For a regular eye exam and two new lenses (and I provided the frames), I paid $730.00, which is ridiculous, honestly. Very, very expensive and really not worth the money. I will go elsewhere next time. April 25, 2018. I went to Botwin again because they are very good with prescriptions but after almost one month, I still have no eyeglasses. I had to call the incompetent Oculus optical group today to ask where my glasses were, since they should have arrived within 2 weeks. The lab apparently has polarized lenses on backorder and did not notify the optical group. And the optical group had no idea that I have been waiting for almost one month for my glasses. These people charge outrageously high prices for lenses. I expect far more from a company and will never use these people again. If I have one more problem, I will simply call my attorneys and file a suit against this group.

David Gratson

I’ve been here 5 minutes and no one even acknowledge my presence. I’ll revise rating if need be. .... Ok Sierra was excellent so I gave her a 5!!

Carol Arellano

Best eye place in town !

clint daymon

Greg Fuess

This outfit treated me so well with the process of replacing some tired lens. They replaced the lens twice with courtesy and professonalism. The first time was due to their placing the lens to high in the frame - their mistake, but they could have tried to talk their way out of it. They accepted that the lens were set wrong and corrected the situation by promptly replacing the lens. Then I scratched the replaced lens, not knowing that there was a warranty and just asked if there was anything that could be done to remove or reduce the effect of the scratch. They said they would be happy to replace the lens, and they did - promptly. They earned a loyal customer - I'm not buying glasses anywhere else.

Tammy Root

The worst experience I have ever had with an eye group. I was working with Martha O’Neil on my prescription sunglasses beginning February 13, 2014 and ending when I finally received my glasses on May 21, 2014. It took 3+months to receive my glasses, and part of the reason is because Martha forgot to order my new frames. On 3/19/14 Martha ordered my frames and said they should arrive in 7-10 days. That 7-10 days turned into months. I called Martha sometime in April to inquire where my glasses were, and Martha informed me that it was likely taking so long because they were on back order. I later found out that the frames were not on back order but rather Martha forgot to place the order. Thus, I was lied to about the situation which as a paying customer I did not appreciate. I found out from another staff member that any and all notes on this mishap were not documented in the computer system or in my file. Martha apologized about the delay and said she would place the order immediately and it would be another 7-10 days. The order that was supposed to be placed on 3/19/14 was now placed on 4/29/14. My frames came in but Martha did not have the lenses in the frames. She forgot that I had already approved the frames and that I requested not to see the frames first. Again, I experienced another delay. My sunglasses were finally ready for pick-up on 5/21/14. I am extremely dissatisfied with the customer service I received from Martha. I wrote a letter to Dr. Botwin and he phoned me on 7/30/14 in response to that letter and did not apologize for the experience and said he could do nothing to compensate me for the mishap becasue he would lose money and he cannot lose money. I find it incredibly inappropriate to have waited as long as I did for my sunglasses because of negligence on Martha's part and especially to be lied to because Martha wanted to protect herself and the mistake she made. This is the worst customer service I have experience since moving to Santa Fe three years ago. I strongly suggest finding another eye company and be treated fairly, timely, and appropriately.

Chris Martinez

I come all the way from Albuquerque just because I trust this family of eye doctors more than anyone else. Thank you for the great service. I will always come here. Best equipment, most knowledgeable and super friendly.

Theresa Gallegos

Once you walk through the door the staff is friendly and very helpful. Dr. Botwin was informative and professional. Overall my first time experience was awesome. That alone will keep my family coming back. Thank you for a great experience. The selection of frames is awesome by the way.

Leland Titus

Great Job! Friendly Knowledgeable service. They cant be beat in Santa Fe!

Chris Ramoz

Eye exam was good. The prices here are ridiculous. I paid for a specific lens that came incorrectly. When they finally came in they wanted to charge me again for the correct ones. They wanted me to pay for two pair one of which i didn't even want. Didn't even offer a credit for the wrong ones. The man who helps with the glasses told me i should have checked my receipt. I guess now I have to become an eyeglass expert as well. Time for a new eye Dr. NEVER AGAIN!

Holly Dodge

I have had unusual and major vision issues since I was a small child. My prescription is extremely difficult to both refract and make lenses for. Mark Botwin has always done an excellent job in getting me the best refraction to help me see as well as possible. Because I can’t see without glasses, one of their opticians, Ray Ortiz, picks out my frames for me. They are always perfectly fit my face and personality. A wonderful surprise when I first put them on and see what I look like. I love each of his choices! My most recent pairs of glasses just arrived a week ago. Already I’ve had many compliments on them from both friends and total strangers. This place has an excellent selection of frames and the highest quality assurance of any place in the Santa Fe area (I’ve been to 3 other optical places in this area). Ray is the best optician I have yet to come into contact with. He has improved the quality of my life by helping me get glasses that maximize the vision I have – he even figured out a way to help me have some depth perception with only one eye functioning! I am thrilled with the care I get here and wouldn’t go anyplace else.

Erika Carrasco

Super efficient and friendly! Gave me alternative contact options that saved me about $300! $600 if you count for the year! Was super excited to learn I had other option of contact wear. Loved it highly recommended!

joe frontiere

Greatest eye group in Santa Fe. I was scene by John Botwin and he and his whole staff was very respectful and nice. I had never scene such state of the art equipment and I now have the best prescription I’ve ever had. I used to go to eye associates of New Mexico where every visit I had to wait at least an hour every appointment, service was awful and I thought that was all we had in Santa Fe. I wish I had found them years ago. I have referred all my friends to Botwin and I will never go anywhere else.

Chrys Hoffman

A shout out of THANKS to JAY, who was incredibly gracious and patient with my 82-year-old mother. We stopped by to “try on glasses” and Jay gave us all of the time and attention that she needed. The selection was amazing!

Elisa Vigil

Dr Jonathan takes the time to listen to my concerns and answer my questions. He's cool, hip, down to earth and makes me feel comfortable and at home. I want to give my business to a family owned & operated practice. His staff is friendly, caring and efficient; they actually enjoy what they do and SMILE! What a concept!! I highly recommend Botwin Eye Group! They are The BEST!!! Thanks for taking good care of me Botwin Eye

Bhanu M Viswanadha

I am in Santa Fe for a conference. Had a issue with my glasses. Went into the shop and got fi fixed. The associate demonstrated what is customer service. Three Cheers!!! Keep it up!!!

Steven-Eric Lovato

In any business I expect honesty, this place couldn't provide that. It's a shame. When I ordered my Glasses I was informed it would take 7-10 business day, 13 days later and nothing. When I called them they advised me to call my insurance. Which I did, however I was informed by my insurance it takes 7-10 business days AFTER it's been shipped. 13 days later and now I have to wait another 7-10 Business days. After dishing out $300 out of pocket and suffering sever headaches because I'm without my glasses, this is the last time I will ever set foot in this place.

Ike Chavvo

Great experience, friendly staff and great service! Good selection on glasses and contacts! Would recommend 10/10 to friends and family!

J Mtz

Do not recommend coming here. I never write reviews but the experience here was A disgrace of a business. From when I first made my appt to leaving, it was a terrible experience. When I called to make my appt the lady on the phone was very rude. Day of my appt, I walk in to the front area to fill out my paperwork and arrive early as I was told. I am not greeted by anybody.. I have to greet the receptionist and mind you there were about 5 people in the front area, doing nothing. As I finish my paperwork she asks about insurance which I had been told they had already found and she doesn't sound like she knows what she's doing or talking about when explaining my benefits which I myself have checked with my insurance. She then calls who the office manager i assume to have been, to try to help who is even more ignorant than her. She is extremely rude, and is talking to me as if I'm a child. Using big words that I don't think she even knows what they mean because she is making no sense. The opticians were super pushy on getting me to buy frames I didn't have time to take a good look at what I may have been interested in. This place is a joke and the service is an even bigger joke for this being a medical facility. As soon as I got my prescription I left and of course got my glasses elsewhere. Do not recommend in the least! I will not be coming back.

Cynthia Maynard

Great experience. Glasses came in quick and staff was courteous and professional. I love the new lenses and frames!

Anna Rodriguez

The front end staff were great. They made my visit easy and enjoyable. Not only will I be going back but I tell people about Botwin Eye Group.

Hannah Rikoon

The Botwin Eye Group is by far the best place to feel supported with the highest quality care from check ups to the most fashionable optical choices and professional advice. Ray in the optic shop was superb with helping me choose the right frames and was such a joy to work with. He is highly educated in his knowledge about designs. The entire Botwin doctor team are efficient and on time! You can’t go wrong with the Botwin Eye Group!

Kerry Young

We will never go there again. Our granddaughter went in only given cheap glasses to look at. I had to bring them back when the lenses fell out a couple of days after we purchased them. The girl that sold them was beyond rude.....threw a bunch of frames in front of us, said choose from these and walked away.

Geoffrey Van

perfect. i had a perfect experience at botwin eye group. everyone i worked with was kind and patient. they have a fantastic selection of frames and—bonus points—the staff have a sharp sense of style and practical knowledge of their products. i hope that i develop further eye needs so that i have a good excuse to return!

Walter Luba

Awesome experience for a first time eye examination. A clean facility and engaged faculty.

Sarah R

I recently moved to Santa Fe and needed glasses right away since I lost my glasses during the move :(.... I had asked several people around town to see who not only had the best most fashionable glasses but also had a great doctor. Several people who I had talked to mentioned Dr. Botwin's office. I scheduled an appointment and the receptionist was very helpful and kind as she was able to set up an appointment that week.... To my amazement the office and staff exceeded my expectations to what others had told me around town!!! And the optical was amazing! Not only did I have the best service I was guided to find glasses that not only suit my style but fit my need and want in a pair of glasses! I will continue the circle of word of mouth and as I meet and make friends in this beautiful city I will recommend this office. Great DR.'s GREAT GLASSES and GREAT SERVICE

Kari Andrikopoulos

I love the comfort and feel of St Micheals location. The space is well lit. The staff are all very knowledgable about the products and choices we can make in designing the perfect pair of glasses. Color choices and shapes can be interchangeable and I loved that too. The staff are kind and supportive, and helped me with choosing a style that was right for me. Infinite patience, and continuous one on one support. I probably tried on over 30 pairs and they helped me narrow my choices to one perfect pair. My friend, the staff and I had a whole lot of fun with the entire experience. I feel like they all care about customer satisfaction, and that is so pleasing to me! Can't wait to save up enough for my next pair. Sunglasses it will be!

Susan J Kadlec

I walked into Botwin Eye Group/ Eyes & Optics last March (2014), after visiting several opticians in Taos and Santa Fe, with a very specific type of eyeglass frame in mind, heavy, round and black. I was excited to find that E&O had just what I was looking for. I knew what I wanted, but needed an expert eye to help me decide if they were the right proportion for my face, and did they reflect my personality? Thanks to Martha O'Niel and her expertize, I now have a pair of those round, black frames and a pair of round, thin black frames and another pair of the original round, heavy frames in crystal clear, all with my bi-focal prescription. Three totally cool pairs of glasses (and two have clip-on sunglasses) that I am absolutely thrilled with. I rate E&O five stars, because I found them, and especially Martha, helpful and professional and knowledgeable. Plus they have a beautiful selection of eyeglass frames! My experience was excellent. I would definitely recommend them to my friends.

vivostudios .

Excellent! Beautiful office, smiling staff, easy appointment. I also love the fun styles of glasses they have here. Sara in the glasses department is fabulous! Dr. Johnathan Botwin is great. He provided an excellent exam that was through and accurate. They take my insurance plan which is a plus too! Thank you for the wonderful experience getting my new prescription for glasses and contacts.

angel G

Im surprised an employee left a review posing as a patient. Seems a little misleading.

Isaac Griego

The dr was very knowledgeable great up-to-date technology front desk was a great help and caring Charisse very knowledgeable. Best place to get glasses in town

Jenny Cope

Scott Hussion

Wonderful, and professional staff. The Botwins always take time to make sure all my needs are met. They consistently provide excellent care. Plus, their selection of frames is far above anywhere else in town.

Frank Valdez

I had a medical issue with my eye, so I called the office and the staff was so helpful to assist me for a walk in visit. When I arrived at the office I was greeted with a smile and kindness. I met with Dr. Jonathan Botwin and he was very professional and his attention to detail was amazing. He was able to help me immediately and took time to explain every step of the procedure. Thank you so much to Dr. Jonathan Botwin and the entire staff for a wonderful experience!

Carlos Valdez

Shannon Sandoval

The doctors were awesome, but the lady who helped me at the front desk was very rude and expected me to know what to do and where to go, being a new patient I was very taken back. Everyone else was very friendly and helped where the front desk could not.

Jennifer Salimbene

A terrific experience! I highly recommend Dr. Botwin and his team. Ashley at Oculus was incredibly patient and knowledgeable in helping me choose the right frames. With both style and function, she was able to find the perfect pair of glasses for me. My family and I will be back in the future.

David Carr

Friendly and professional staff, wonderful facility. My family has only had great experiences with the Botwin's.

Dolores Ortega

One day, while teaching in my university classroom, I lost my sight. I immediately contacted Dr. Jonathan's office. Within mere minutes, I was headed to his office from Northern New Mexico. After the evaluation, I was headed toward surgery to repair a Macular hole. Dr. Jonathan's knowledge, ethics, honesty, and medical training is superb! His practice is not only "fitting" his consumers for eye wear; he is also a gifted physician who knows the medical field and knew which surgeon to refer me to without jeopardizing my sight. I credit Dr. Jonathan with "rescuing" my sight, while in my 40's. A big Thank You to his staff who are not only professional, but who also reflect a deep compassion to those who are losing their sight, and who walk out of the office with big, thick glasses--and with dignity. Thank you, Holly! At every instance, I highly recommend Dr. Jonathan to the people of Northern New Mexico and beyond, who are in need of an experienced ophthalmologist physician. Mil Gracias! Doctorcito Jonathan

Arik Sandoval

Glasses are great but the services to get them was not professional service. I had to take my glasses that I bought from Botwin Eye Group to another local company downtown Santa Fe to get them fitted correctly. The downtown location was not satisfying as the one on Saint Michael's Dr. Where I usually get my glasses and contacts. After the service from downtown store, I don't recommend that location.

Stephen Acker

I am a physician myself thus I can tell good physicians from "less then optimal" ones! I practiced in Oklahoma - retired to Texas Austin area. I have a summer home in Santa Fe, NM. I could have my eyes examined, cataract surgery and optic's made in Austin by large and prestigious groups. I chose to see the Botwin Eye Group for these medical needs. They set me up with the #1 Eye Surgeon in the USA for my cataract surgery - it went smooth as silk. I had a motto in my office - "SEEK" = Service Excellence with Exceptional Kindness - well beyond your expectations! From first telephone interaction with their receptionist - to checking in - the nursing Staff - The Drs. Botwin (Mark, Johathan, or Jeremy) to the Optic's Dept. (Ray, Martha, Sarah) each EXCELL with expertise and kindness! Accolades to ALL!

Sadonna Tapia

I love this place! Dr. J. Botwin is simply amazing. I had a big prescription and was told I could not have Lasik. Thanks to Dr. Botwin, he took me out of the hard contact lenses I had been in since I was 16 and put me in soft lenses (I was told I could not use soft) , this allowed my eyes time to heal. Its been a month since my Lasik surgery!.Thank you!!

Erin Bingaman

Went in one morning with a very bent pair of Ray Bans, and Marinda fixed them perfectly for no charge! She was so sweet and it’s a very cool space, it was fun to try on the different sunglasses!

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