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REVIEWS OF Cohen's Fashion Optical IN New Jersey

Frank Suarez

I was referred by a friend who said they were good people. My contacts were bothering me and I didn't have back up glasses. I went in without an appointment and they took me as my eye didn't look to great. I was examined and prescribed drops for my right eye and also examined for glasses. I got a great cheap pair since I don't wear them much. They made them while I waited. Overall very good service, polite no pressure staff. My eye feels better and I actually got a lot of compliments about the glasses. I'll go back their again. Glasses only cost me $69 and look like a much more expensive pair. It was busy but everyone seemed like they knew everyone. Good feeling..

scott scott

People, please save yourself the trouble of coming here. They are very unprofessional and rude! The customer service here is awful. I arrived at 10:00AM the “time the office is suppose to open” only to be told they will open and 11:30AM by one of the representatives. I ended up call out of work due to the later time I was told they would open. When I arrived I was told the doctor would not be in. The two representatives in the office had nasty attitudes as if I’m suppose to know they would open late, and the eye doctor would only be in the office 3 days out of the week. They both offered very little assistance. This is not the first time I’ve dealt with unprofessionalism here. I will be following up with corporate.


The 5 stars is for the eye doctor there that does the eye exams. He was wonderful. His name was Dr. Kasich (can't fully remember how it is spelled) I haven't gotten that kind of service from a doctor in along time. He was thorough and took time out talk about different issues and also gave me feedback on laser which ideas considering. Thank you for restoring my faith that there are caring doctors out there!!

Jessica Santos

They are polite and have good customer service to sell you overprised frames you can buy some where else for less not satisfied at all. Felt i was taken for a fool. If it wasnt because i already left a deposit to get my glasses made would of definately gone elsewhere will never step foot in this place again. Apart from that they did not want to give me my perscription for my glasses until i went to pick them up, seriousely dissapointed.

Anbukkannan P

Forced to buy glasses. Never informed about that while booking appointment. Very rude.

Oj Shrivastava

Worst service - they're the biggest thugs in the town. Groupon coupons are well translated into a source of making easy money. Don't go at all.

Tom Thomas

These guys absolutely have no sense of timeliness, very poor customer service, Ordered glasses and expected date for glasses was a week and then they casually said it will take another week as if it is none of their business, Yea Half of month to get your glasses. People order power glasses because they can't see without it. It is not like some other stuff you ordered online. Their sales folk attitude is like "you paid, loser now wait we will take our own time, what's the big deal". Word of Mouth is very strong, these are kind of businesses which go down!! They should put a sign outside saying "..But we cannot deliver in time & so what!!" PS: The Doctor is good though but entire sales team should be fired, I would have done if I was the CEO. At least that's what we do in our companies.

Nitara Amira

Really bad service I use same brand contact lens for years but pursued them for Cohen's poor quality ripped within few hours called to let them know what's going on they said we can't help because we just sell them don't make them more won't go back again

Pengchang Lu

very expensive! I only did an eye exam and a new pair of eye glasses, they charged me 300$. they only recommend me very expensive ones. The price also not fixed, the discount changes arbitrarily. At first, they charged me more than 450$, but after argue, the price became 300$. So I believe that it can be further down. Also the service is really not very good!

Pratyush Priyadarshan

Worst service I have received anywhere at any business. I went in on Saturday with an appointment but service was not rendered to me saying that they do not accept insurance on weekends owing to too much footfall on weekends. I booked an appointment for Monday. On Monday I was kept waiting for 30 minutes and told that they have no eyeglasses available below $250! Are you kidding me? I have visited that place before with my friend and I know that they have eyeglasses below that. $250 was thrown at me because that was double the amount my insurance covered me for and they knew that it won't be acceptable to me. I was refused service after making me come there twice. Don't even get me started about the cold and rude behavior from the woman at the counter. Why would you open a store if you don't want to sell?

Albert Aydin

Bait and switch. If you have insurance you're obligated to buy their glasses. Rep on phone and website do not disclose this even after I asked about insurance

Amanda Neil

The staff are extremely helpful and friendly. Even going as far as to change the arms of a frame for me. I've been wearing glasses for over ten years and this place definitely was a top visit. Very highly recommend!!!

Naveen Purbia

I feel like i am not given correct prescription as after using glasses with new numbers i am having headache.

Priyansh Patel

Some on the glasses are bad quality. My glasses which cost me $100 for frames and another $100 or polycarbonate lens, broke off from the arm. I went back, and they said that my high prescription lens caused the frames arm to be very tight and weak from the hinges. They aren't able to fix frames broken from the hinges and this happened twice on the same pair which I bought twice.


Went here thinking I would have a good experience because someone told me about it. I walked out feeling very upset for a few reasons. They did a reading on my old glasses which of course is not the right perscription because it is old. He "tried my current perscription" for me to see and it was far from good. Ok I know that, that's why I'm here for a new one. Then goes on to say that he did everything and tried every lens but I was not "confident" (the lens felt more blurry as he went and I mentioned that) and he said he couldn't do anything else. So he tried several lens on the right, 2 on my left...done. Told me to go out more wear glasses and train my eyes (I work). Did not open both lens for me to see the end result or see if it was ok at least just wrote the perscription, sighed and walked me out. Wish he spoke with more sensitivity and realistically speaking nobody wants bad vision it happens and that's why you're there to help. It's not like I have an incurable disease but he gave up so easily. First bad experience at the doctor, so speechless I did not even bother talking back or explain just left in disappointment.

Taniaaa v

Aissatou D.

Noel Castellanos

I had a positive review before but it seems that they have either changed doctors, management or something. I always had a problem with the perscription given, but I was able to look past it bc of the staff and deals. This time, I not only got a bad prescription, but when I returned to explain something was wrong with my glasses (severe strain and pain) they said power through it. I tried and returned again and finally they confirmed my lenses were defective. Not only that, but my prescription still felt wrong. I got another exam done, this time with a doctor who listened to my issue, and she gave me the right perception. I ordered my reading glasses, but when I got them got distance glasses instead. It's been 2 months dealing with a simple renewal, and I'm done with this place.

Justice Monroe

Maybe I left an impression on them the first time I went into the shop.. But every time I walk in now, they know who I am. They know my name.. That's the kind of service you want from any establishment. Every customer wants to feel important. This Cohens "gets it!" Others aren't this good! The customer service, the friendly environment, the fact that they can take a joke. I love this place!!!

Terresa Dukhi

The 5 star is for the eye specialist.. very nice and polite eyes specialist.. nothing else is good. They need more experience and well trained people there. That can handle customers with respect and have plenty of patience!! Very poor experience.. went in to get my eye tested which I usually do there once every year; however I haven't test my eyes in three years thought I go in and check how much it cost. I was told $75 without insurance. I decided to get it tested which takes about 15-20 minutes after I finished I said let me see if there is anything good before i have to go elsewhere and get my glasses why not give them a chance to sell me one.... worst decision I ever made. The girl keep bringing me glasses and going away to attend other customers after a good 15 minutes she came back and i was every patient waiting on her checking all the glasses which give me time to think that none of the glasses have priced on them; so i decided to ask her the prices on the glasses to have an idea what she is trying to sell me. From $100 I started hearing $200 -$300 mind you she told me the glasses she showing me is above $100, $200 and so on but when I ask her the prices she just started giving prices in $300 -$400 or even more range saying oh I will give you a $100 off I say ok.. decided to choose one to see the price on it.. I ask her how much she say after the discount it will be $200 plus $80 anti glare and $120 for something else. I ask does it come with transition? She say no if you adds transition it will cost another $120 plus my $75 which will turn $30 after I spend $500 on one glass. I think to myself after this that my mom got her glasses at bjs for only $150 for everything. Why would I go spend nearly $600 for a pair of guess glass then I ask her if I get a free pair or half price cause I see other place doing it she say yes the $100 glasses on the wall. So mind you I have to spend $600 in order to get 2 pair of glasses. What a ripped off??? Easy money and commissions.. I was in the retail and sale business I know the tricks. But I still get con at the end. I didn't buy anything I told her let me paid for my eye exam and I will bring my husband with me tomorrow to see if we like any glasses. Just to get my eye exam and get out of there. She made me paid for my eye exam and I saw her doing something and I pay close attention guess she was thinking. She bring me the receipt and forget my card and then remember and give it too me with the receipt but not the eye exam paper. So I asked her for it she tell me no it stay here. I tell her no I want it; she say I will give you tomorrow. I tell her I thought I paid for it so I get to keep it she say tomorrow. I walked away puzzled out of the store thinking what the hell just happened??? It was already 5:30 and they closed 6:00pm so I stood at the stop light thinking to go back but I had to be in the city by 6:00pm so I just left. But I felt con!!! And ripped off... tomorrow I am going back to collect my paper and I won't be getting any glasses there either. I don't like people pressuring me into buying something I don't want. And at bjs right now everything can be done for $79.95 transition glass and anti glared and much more. Plus 2 glasses are for $99.99 brand name too. So disappointed and discouraged at the branch. The other people that used to work here never try to pressurize me. And for that reason I don't think I will ever go back there. If I don't get my paper that i paid for $75 I have my receipt. I will take the cops or report to better business borough! My advised don't get fooled like I did!!!

nj info

Today morning (11/09/2017) I took my 7years old son for his eye exam to Cohen’s optical located at 2877 John F. Kennedy Blvd, Jersey City, NJ 07306. I entered the shop around 11am and waited for 30mins. Around 11.30 the lady working in the shop came to me and asked insurance details. After taking all details she went back to the office to check the insurance. She came back after 10mins and told that insurance company systems are down and she can’t do anything now and asked us to come later by taking an appointment. At 11.50am we booked an appointment online for 2pm on same day and came back from the shop. We have a good insurance (Eyemed) and we thought how could the insurance company systems be down for so long and called the insurance company to inquire about it. The insurance company told us that there is no issue with their systems. I came back to Cohen’s optical around 2pm and I saw the same lady in reception and without asking she told me that the insurance systems are still down. She was doing business with other customers but she doesn’t want to attend us even though we have appointment and insurance. I again called the insurance company from the reception and one of the customer service executive from Eyemed talked to the Cohen’s lady and the executive asked why are you keeping us waiting for the eye exam when we gave all details required. The Cohen’s lady immediately took my phone inside the office and not sure what told to Eyemed people. She didn’t come back from the office but sent my phone with some other person and he told us to wait for the exam. Finally they agreed to do the eye exam for my son around 3.30pm. The lady in the reception was very rude, she is a liar and was discriminating us based on race. I and my 7 years old son gone through with this process for more than 5hours and we felt very painful and humiliating with her behavior. We have not done anything wrong but we suffered with racial discrimination and humiliation. Is this how Cohen’s optical treat kids and women?

Priyam Mukhopadhyay

I went in here to get an eye exam and prescription sunglasses. I did all my research, and knew my insurance would cover the exam and sunglasses, including calling my insurance company and confirming. When I entered the store, I was not greeted, not even acknowledged, and even though there were representatives available I was not helped. I quietly sat down, and after about 20 minutes someone bothered to come ask. Not that they were crowded. Once I was helped they took my insurance details down, and told me the sunglasses would not be covered. I told them I had checked, but they said then you should get it reimbursed even though they were part of my plan. I called the insurance company back in front of them, reconfirmed that it was covered, but by this time I had already lost my want to do business with these guys. Horrible, rude and inconvenient. Don't go here, save yourself a trip.

Lola Styles

kalluri davis

The doc is professional and friendly but look for some other place folks!

Lauren A.

Scheduled an appointment, even got a confirmation email AND phone call the night before. Showed up at 10:55, the place was completely closed - lights off, gated, and locked completely. Waited around for 10 minutes, nobody showed up. Waste of gas, time, and I paid for parking. What a joke.

Marsha Nivins

Great place! Kid friendly. Efficient and effective service.


David Townsend

The Place is full of Crap. Called them numerous times, says call after 10 & when called after 10, noone picked up, says leave a message. When I tried to leave a msg, it says mailbox is full ( Same thing for months obvioulsy they want to give impression its a busy store ) so can't leave a msg. Then says it will transfer to Operator. No Operator obviously its a Shop so goes back to the same talk again so nonsense... ANYONE WHOS GIVEN 5 STARS R PHONY, SET UP BY THEMSELVES

Gia L

Great customer service, great frames. We got 4 pairs of glasses for an incredible price and a great service, all included.

shua k

Andy Klugerman

This shop understands the concept of customer service. Friendly and professional. They were thorough and patient in helping me find the right look and the right fit. Bravo for your attention to detail.

Om patel

Anthony Olszewski

I'm very happy that I found this place. My new glasses are great! The customer service and value both were the best that anyone could hope for.

camial jones


Omar Kreidieh

I have been getting my contacts from them for a year. My perscription ran out but was busy at work for the week so asked to schedule an apointment for the week after and get one trial pair to last me that week until i can see the doctor. They refused! I'm a physician myself and have always given short refills for patients if they run out until they can make it back to my clinic for labs/ exams. My glasses were broken so this was an emergency for me and there is no logical reason they cant be lenient and accomodate me until i am able to come in for the test in a short period.

Daudi Roc

Decent customer service but I found out that the glasses they gave me didn't properly match the prescription. Disappointed. They made/ measured the prescription.

Yvette Pena

Anthony Brown

Hafeda Benounane

love them

Bob Miller

I received quality service and good eyeglasses but they are very expensive. Not the same as it was before Thomas the owner and manager died.

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