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Here you have all the reviews of real people who are buying the products of 10/10 Optics (Optics Shop) in the area close to New Jersey.

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REVIEWS OF 10/10 Optics IN New Jersey

Ani Lipitz

You cannot ask for a better optical experience than 10/10 Optics! To start, the store is gorgeous - super modern, fun, and funky atmosphere. Their selection of frames is out of this world. And their customer service is even better. No matter how busy they are, the optical staff treats you like you're the only client in the store. Their entire raison d'etre is to match you with the perfect frames for your face and personality. They make sure that you don't just leave happy, but leave excited and reinvigorated by your new look! I can't say enough good things about 10/10 Optics.

Alesa Grant

HUGE KUDOS to Iris, the doctor she was working with tonight, and 10/10 as a whole. We had an executive arrive in NYC from the UK without her glasses or contacts. She needed replacement contacts and wasn't going to be able to get a pair until tomorrow night, at best, leaving her sightless for a day throughout important meetings. Long story short, with little more than an hour before 10/10 was to close, Iris worked so patiently with me and got my boss fixed up. This may not have been an extraordinary act to Iris, but to at least three of us, she's a hero. THANK YOU SO MUCH, Iris and 10/10. I'm in Tennessee, but if I can ever send anyone your way, you'd better believe I will.

Summer S. Sun

They saved my trip to New York! Very helpful!

Ariel Hauter

I stumbled upon this incredible gem of a store two years ago on Madison Square Park. They have the most eclectic and stylish eyewear I've seen in NYC. Their staff/opticians are also the best I've ever encountered at curating a selection of frames for you that actually complement your face and enhance your style. They're in a landmark building on the northeast corner of the park and everyone who's anyone shops there. One of the owners is a top optometrist, Dr. Rozenberg and he co-owns it with a top optician, Ruth Domber. I literally can't believe their inventory, they've stocked hundreds of stylish frames from all over the world (high quality stuff, not the bs brand label fluff), and some are exclusive to them like Ronit Furst from Israel (multi-colored) and Adam Mugavero's custom sculpted wood collection (like works of art). Can't recommend them enough. It's taken me 2 years to find the time to write a review, but stop by and check them out, you won't be disappointed. My mom bought 8 frames on her first visit and my best friend got custom nose pads made on the spot in a matter of minutes, he was ecstatic.

Sue Greenfield

I have been a very happy customer of 10/10 Optics since they opened. They carry an eye-catching selection of frames and a staff that is exceptionally knowledgeable and personable. I always find exactly the right eye-wear!

Russell Amigo

Charles Leone

There is no better experience than coming to 10/10 Optics and getting expert advice and service within the NYC metropolitan area. You'll be greeted with warmth, humanity, technical "know-how", and the best follow-up in the entire optic business. Truly. See you there, Charles Leone, Ed D. (Manhasset, LI; Bayside, NY).

Ian Matthews

Great experience. Fast and friendly.

Sam Abrams

I could write a many pages review long singing the praises for 10/10 optics but to save time, I want to write that they have an amazing selection of frames and incredible service in terms of helping you find the frame that is perfect for you!! Its worth a visit and my family and I have all been lucky enough to have found great frames at 10/10! I first stumbled onto 10/10 shortly after moving to the neighborhood as I had an eye issue and Dr. Rozenburg graciously took the time without any warning or notice from me to give me a thorough exam. With my eyes feeling better, I returned a few weeks later after I realized that I could use a new pair of glasses. I was incredibly apprehensive to change my the pair glasses which I had for years and the wonderful staff showed me dozens of pairs that really changed my look. While I did not love the glasses at first, they graciously said that I should try the pair that I selected for a few weeks. If I did not like it, they'd happily take the frames back and we could pick something else. In a few weeks, I realized that the pair they helped me select was WONDERFUL! I received numerous compliments and the quality of the frames was far better than my earlier pair. A few years later, I have picked up 5 pairs from 10/10. Each time, the glasses are wonderful and visiting the staff (Liz, Barry, Jesus, and Steve) is always a lot of fun! 10/10 is worth a visit - I am a picky academic and they have exceeded every expectation and helped me love my glasses!!

Mike Allen

I normally have a hard time finding glasses for my face shape. I came here on the referral of a friend and literally within 2 minutes the owner has me try on two pairs with colors and shapes that immediately made my face so much better than it is without glasses. It's like a Vuitton handbag for my face only more unique and not mass produced. You can go from a mid ranged product to a hand made one of a kind piece that no one will else have. Highly recommend.

Lacey Ryan

The staff here were extremely friendly and professional!! Highly recommend!

Angelo Santisi

Samin Choudhury

This is a wonderfully run business. The best selections of frames that I have ever seen. Extremely friendly staff. Very helpful. Will do their best to provide you with what you need and will not stop until they are satisfied. Will go back to them every time.

Isabella Song

Matt D

The staff at 10/10 optics went above and beyond to provide top-notch service. Dr. Rozenberg was first class and provided a variety of options across the price spectrum for contact lenses. Additionally, the staff provided several fantastic options for eye wear that are at the height of fashion. Ruth (owner) was hands on in providing advice and eye wear options. Best place to get your eye exam and find the best glasses in the best city.

Theresa Rolon Simon

The highest of quality and outstanding service! Elizabeth has an eye for what type of glasses looks great on your face. My hubby was fitted with the most chic, modern glasses, taking his professional look to another level. Would not go anywhere else. Would give this place a 10 STAR RATING if I could.


Guillermo Goldwyn

This was one of the most astonishing- bad experience customer services experience I have ever had anywhere. I got a pair of reading glasses over $250 at 10/10 Optics at 26th St, Madison Ave, NYC 10010. The frames left temple come off a part the butt strap had a defect from the manufacture - I took the eyewear back to the store and one of me Optician Steve stated that I got a cheap glasses " in a very demeanor " and that I should get more expense glasses. I could not believe after spending $250.00 for a reading glasses with manufacture issues the Optician have the nerve to tell me that. I came back few days later to talk with the store manager- she was able to take the glasses and I wait over 6 weeks, when I pick up the glasses were totally unbalanced unable to wear, I left the glasses and I told them that they must be done correctly. After 2 more weeks I came back to pick up the glasses because they did not contact me. The put crazy glue by the butt-strap and I was told that they will be fine. Few weeks later the right temple come off as the left side. same issues in both side. I spoke with the manager store and I was told that by her " they can not help me". Finally, I spoke with the owner Ruth Domber and I got the same treatment. She stated that all her glasses in the store have manufacture defect and I need to buy a new pair..I was in shocked to hear that, I did not want to get eyeglasses that comes with manufactures defects. Overall this eye shop should be closed and to tell every customer that they are selling cheap frames- disposable for a lot of $$. ripped off!! I have not other choice to contact the Better Business Bureau and they took an official complaint. Shame on 10/10!!


Arč Horitani

Erik Gullberg

Went in for a quick replacement for brow support on my sunglasses and was met by a lovely fellow who did the service fast and free.Such a kindness, will recommend heartily in the future.

Tina Marron-Partridge

Fantastic store, most helpful and friendly. They helped me with an emergency contact lens prescription when I was truly desperate. Did not even charge me. I would strongly recommend this store for great customer service and I'll be back when I need new glasses.

Da Arč

Perfectly done..great experience and definitely my place of choice for eye wear .. <3 it Only got great compliments on my new frame :)

Harriet Davidson

Just got back from another fun day at 10/10. Each time I see Ruth Domber, and her professional team, I am amazed at how they can find not only one, but a whole wardrobe of glasses to choose from. They consistently have a perfect eye for the best color, style and shape to fit me and my life style. Today I chose not only one but 3 pairs!!! I have been going there for more than twenty years and they were even able to make me feel beautiful during treatment and recovery from cancer. Thank you 10/10 Optics!

Marah Rosenberg

I have been a customer of 1010 optics for almost 20 years. I've tried to find people in Boston who get me and my style, but the staff at 1010 know me so well, that I travel back to NYC just to see them (and maybe for a decent bagel)... Their customer service and attention to detail is top notch.

Elizabeth Armstrong

Happy customer for over 10 years!

Barry Rubin

Best service best glasses best prices best people. Enough said!!!!

scott weiner

The attention to detail and the personal service I received was like no other experience I have ever had getting an eye exam and then purchasing a new pair of frames. The selection was amazing. I highly recommend 10/10 Optics to anyone looking for that WOW factor in a pair of glasses.

Wayne Margulies

Professional, fun and so much more of a personal experience that not only makes you look the best, but makes you feel great as well. Ruth, Steve and their team of professionals are second to none.

Staci Woods

The staff here are amazing. Ruth was the wonderful person who assisted me in finding my new glasses. And by glasses I mean two new pairs plus sunglasses. I have had glasses since I was about 9 (so almost 20 years at this point) and I have had the same basic style every time - aka thick black frames. Ruth, my glasses fairy godmother was having none of that. Ruth picked out a bunch of different styles for me to try and was the nicest person, taking pictures to help show how they looked. No wonder I left with 3 pairs! I could go on and on, but I think this review is already on its way to becoming an essay so I will leave off here. Come, be amazed and leave knowing they were named appropriately, 10/10.

Julia Marques Moda fitness - São Paulo/SP

Adoro! Vcs vendem pela internet?.

Eric Chan

Found this place online when looking for places that do custom nose pad installations on plastic frames. I've been very frustrated with a pair of plastic frames I had (lens touches eyelashes, frame rests on cheek, etc.) so I was desperate to try to save them. I'll admit that $70 was pricier than I would've liked but after seeing the quality of the craftsmanship, I would say it's worth it. They did a fantastic job filing down the existing plastic extrusions on the nose bridge and even used copper-colored metal to match the overall color of the frame. They single handedly saved my pair of glasses and I would come back again if I ever needed nose pad installations in the future.

David Weinstock

What a great experience! This store has it all, great frames, great personal service and great opticians!!!

Fran Kelly

My husband and I have been eyewear customers of 10/10 Optics for the past 25 years. It's the most amazing optical store in the NY metro area - well worth what is now a 2 hour trip from the NJ burbs for us. Ruth and her staff are simply magical in selecting the perfect frames to update our look, match our mood, or explore completely new territories. I wouldn't trust my face to anyone else! Located in a great part of town, the boutique is comfortable and cozy - and the positive energy within those walls is contagious.

Samantha Pierre

My friend Becca found this place from Citysearch 2 years ago and I just went there with her for my eye exam (oh yeah, I just moved to Chelsea.... love it) and new glasses. I had some Flex money left and I needed to use it immediately, It turns out after two years of headaches with my glasses from Texas I was wearing a bad prescription. Dr. Rozenberg gave me a new Rx and Jesus (ironic) helped me choose funky new frames and now I see great. I had to tell everyone... great job!! 10/10, I'll be back 2011 with some more Flex $.

Robert Schwartz

Amazing! I am totally amazed! Why? Because Ruth, one of the sales people, helped me find a pair of sun glasses that both my wife and I love! And she did it in less than 1 hour! The last time I looked for sun glasses it literally took me over a year (because I am so picky) to find a great pair and I found them in Venice, Italy. That is why I am amazed how Ruth found such a great pair which fit my face so fast. Amazing! :)

carlos acta

10/10 Optics is that rare place where style, choice, fun and excellent service come together. The staff is very friendly, thoroughly professional. As far as I´m concerned, these guys set a new standard for customer service and CARE!

lucille cordovano

I Love my new glasses!! I get compliments all the time. You will get great service and the knowledgeable staff will make your experience rewarding, and fun too! Thank you all!!

C. Alexander Smith

1010 Optics is the most effective and eclectic Optical Store I have ever shopped. I have been a customer with these team through all go their locations from Queens, NY to 5th Ave and now their plush bi-level Madison Ave location. I have gotten countless compliments on the frames I purchased from 1010 and will continue to do any of my shopping with this genuinely unique Optical Store.

Angelika P

This place is simply outstanding. I've been coming here for years to get my contacts. The staff is beyond kind, and extremely knowledgeable. They do all they can to help you. they also have a system where you can take photos of 4 different styles and compare how each one looks on you! Highly Recommend!

Robert Walber

I love 10/10 optics! I've worn glasses for over 20 years and never had properly fitting frames or frames that made me look good until Ruth from 10/10 gave me the magic touch.

Jack Halpern

I have bought 4 pairs of glasses at 1010. They have the best selection and service, in the city. Jack Halpern

Dana Christina Uher

yehuda shur

This is the store to shop in with the best service in NYC!!! #Optical #Cooolshades #lovemesome1010optics

Karen Copeland

Had not been in for more than a few years. Started with an eye exam--surprise surprise! A whole new prescription. Sat down with Ruth and she picked some beautiful frames. A glamorous make over--for sun, for computer, for going out and for every day! Even tho i see my wrinkles more clearly i couldn't be happier!


I went here in a rush after needed emergency spare contacts after having lasik on one eye. They were the only company willing to see me same day and offered to give me a prescription close to mine while I waited a few days for the correct prescription contacts to be sent to me. Truly helped me immensely.

Katie Klein

I have been getting glasses at 1010 since I was 12 years old. Twenty -two years later Ruth and her team have helped me build the most incredible collection. I enjoy having eyewear that causes people to stop me on the street and Ruth’s choices never fail in that respect. What makes the experience at 1010 most unique for me is that the customer service is top notch. I go in, sit down, and Ruth puts on and takes off frames until she has found the perfect one. I never go in with an idea of what I’m looking for and leave with the perfect pair (or two) every single time. Shopping at 1010 is a special experience, and one that guarantees fun, comfort, and expertise at every level.

Benett Gigl

MLG Lavender

Only place I will get glasses. They were recommended by a friend when we were all in Queens, years ago. They have the best selection of gorgeous glasses. I constantly get compliments about mine. Ruth loves helping you pick out the ones just right for you. And it is fun trying them on. I would not even consider contact lenses.


Left there today with another fantastic pair of glasses, thanks to the five-star service and expertise in exam, selection, and fit. The doctor made excellent recommendations, and I am always grateful that the staff really knows how to accommodate difficult me! It was a fun and upbeat experience with Ruth who made it positively easy. She chose two frames that were perfect for me, and in less than twenty minutes! She's amazing. I had to buy both. Highly recommended.

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