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REVIEWS OF Spindel Eye Associates IN New Hampshire

J McGrail

Can't say enough good things about this place! After being a patient for several years, I had no problem placing my trust in Dr. Vazan to do my cataract surgery. He was very patient and took the time to explain everything. He put my mind at ease and I walked into the operating room totally confident in his ability, and felt safe in his care. His staff is very professional and really do care about their patients. Shout out to Nancy, Krysta, Ashley, Lori G, Sarah, Dr. Wood, and Shanna for taking such good care of me. I really do appreciate your hard work. It's great to work at the computer without glasses!!!

Stephen Tatasciore

Ben Farmer

Best experience I have ever had. I have gone three years with out seeing a doctor and when I finally decided to go see one I asked around and heard only good things about them. I'm pleased to say that every one was telling the truth. I was seen the same day and they made sure that everything I needed was taken care of right away. They treat you like family and are extremely friendly, everyone from the medical assistants up to the doctors them selves. I'll be going here for a very long time.

Alexandra Shilo

They are great here. Excellent with annual eye exams, contacts, and glasses. I have already been 2 times since I moved to New Hampshire less than a year ago. Every staff in there that has worked with me has been knowledgeable, courteous, and nice! They even gave my boyfriend and I a water bottle each! I have 2 different eye plans and they have been on top of that too in regards to making sure I get the most out of my coverage and providing the right receipts for my FSA. I plan to go back shortly for transition lenses and/or prescription glasses. I am hoping for a great selection!

Mike B.

Nearly blinded me due to their arrogance and incompetence. Run,run away

Jim Solloway

I'm 51 years old and young for cataract surgery, but have been bothered by always needing my eye glasses to see close. I decided to contact Dr. Spindel’s office to set up time to meet and discuss all options. We meet twice before I made my decision to have him insert the Multi-Focal IOL implants to help me see closer. These implants also work with my intermediate and distance vision. On March 25th Dr. Spindel performed surgery on my right eye and April 8th on my left eye. The results where instant. I walked out of the surgical center being able to see closer immediately and was resuming my everyday activity the following day. To date all is going well for me and I would like to thank Dr. Spindel and his wonderful staff in Derry and Londonderry. I rate Spindel Eye Associates ***** 5 stars and highly recommend them to others seeking relief from wearing eye glasses. Jim S

Kris VN

Went for first time to get eyes checked , and they wanted a lot of $ up front! No Dr has ever done that, in my experience. How do you know what the cost will be until you code it and send it to Medicare? You don't know what final bill will be yet! Very dismayed....

Aida Koocher

I am so very pleased with Dr. Spindel and his staff. I have been going to Dr. Spindel for the management of my eye health for many years and I am always so very impressed with the high quality of care that I have always received. He has helped to give me the best vision possible, and for that I am so greatly appreciative. I highly recommend Dr. Spindel. -Aida Koocher

Lori Norton

Barry Doucette

I just had cataract surgery and I am seeing better than I have in years. Dr. Spindle and his wonderful team were excellent and attentive as we went through the 2 procedures. The first procedure went well but I had a few concerns and they were quick to address them in the second procedure. 20/15 in the first eye and 20/20 in the second. I would recommend Dr. Spindle and his gang for any optical need and you won't be disappointed. They are definitely the "A" team in this area of medicine.

balloon star

Showed up to my appointment and they had rescheduled it with no notification. Supposedly they left me a VM but I had received email and text confirmation that the appointment was still scheduled. Then they couldn't fit me in for at least another week and acted as if I was inconveniencing them when I asked for a sooner appointment. Also when I was able to make another appointment, same day elsewhere, I discovered Spindel had already charged my Eye Med insurance as if I was seen. I had to call Spindel back to get them to undo this so I could go to other provider. They have poor customer service and I was told initially, in a condescending tone, that if I came to my appointment without insurance cards I would not be seen. I am very happy to be done with them, I have not been pleased with them for a few years. This motivated me to switch to a much better place that is way more accommodating and respectful. Spindel used to be a great place but clearly they have gone downhill and are lacking in customer service, communication and ethical behavior.

Dick'n Round At All Dick'd Up


Tim Wege

Spindle Eye has been my eye doctor for years as I had my typical exams out of the Londonderry Office. Despite a nondescript exam in September of 2014, I started having vision problems about March of 2015. Meeting with Dr. Doug Blair, he discovered that I suddenly started generating a cataract problem in my tender young age (mid-50's). The solution would be cataract surgery. While not excited about the prospect of cataract surgery, I was assured this surgery is quite routine. Dr. Spindel would do the repair work. In the cataract lens replacement business, I had two choices. The standard lens would give me great vision, but require glasses for reading. Alternately, I was offered the opportunity to use what was referred to as the "Restore Multifocal Lens". With this advanced lens, there was a good chance I could avoid any further need for glasses. My right lens was replaced in September with my left lens replaced in October. The next day after each surgery, my vision was excellent. Today, I had a final, 3 month follow up exam and I'm running 20/20 at reading, intermediate and long distance. While I can't say I get excited about any surgery, the work was an absolute success. For the first time since 4th grade, I no longer need glasses. Before I close, I must add that during the course of the pre-operative evaluations and post operative follow ups, the Spindel team was extremely thorough. I ended visiting all three Spindel locations (Derry, Londonderry and Wyndham) and probably met most everybody. Remarkably, the entire team is top flight. While they know their stuff, they also have a genuine interest in their patients. Everyone should have regular, hopefully non-eventful, visits to an eye doctor. For those that find out they need cataract surgery, I can strongly recommend the Spindel team. Although Dr. Spindel is clearly an artist in his field of work; his team is top notch.

Wayne Pronzati

Finding out I had cataracts a few years back was not the greatest news in the world. But fortunately, I was with the right doctors at the right time. This past year there was no more putting off surgery. My eyes were no longer able to be corrected via corrective wear and I effectively could no longer drive at night. And I'm pretty young to have cataracts as well, but it happens. Did I mention I had really bad astigmatism as well? I went over all the options with Dr. Spindel, gave it a whole lot of serious thought and opted to have the Toric lens for astigmatism. My left eye was treated first (in early October 2015) and 2 weeks later my right eye. The procedure, as scary and weird as it sounded, was surprisingly easy. The surgery itself was performed at the Nashua Eye Surgery Center and the staff there were excellent. Everyone explained everything every step of the way and I was relaxed enough that I actually started to doze off during the surgery. The procedures were quick and painless. Recovery was easy as well. It felt like I had a bit of sand in my eye for about a day. The rest really was a breeze. But the most amazing thing of all: My right eye was corrected to 20-15 for mid and far vision and my left was corrected to 20-20 (with the slightest bit of astigmatism remaining). You have to understand, I went from wearing coke bottles and being blind without glasses to not wearing glasses at all. Though I do have a pair of readers that I need for my cell phone. Pretty amazing! Dr. Spindel and Associates were very good about follow-ups, what to expect, etc. Realistically, I am still healing and have a four month post-op follow-up due in February. These folks have done right by me every step of the way. From checkup, diagnosis, options, surgery, everything has been absolutely excellent. I have absolutely no issue recommending Dr. Spindel and the team at Spindel Eye for anyone in need of checkups or more. I'd rate them all as outstanding.

Nelson Morgan

JCarl Bellinger

Spindel Eye Associates made some errors when they put together my current pair of glasses; if they replace these without asking for more money I will change this review into a positive one.

Alyson Fitzpatrick

Paul Gangi

All of The people at Spindle Eye Derry are the friendly and so helpful. I had a panic attack over if my insurance was going to cover my Macular degeneration problem. One of the receptionist,sorry I didn't reamber her name, understood and made the effort to console me,thus calming me down. No other Dr's office has ever understood my anxiety, and has labled me a bully. Thank you .

Josh Roberts

Mike Trusty

I have been seeing Dr Spindel for over 10 years he has referred me for detachment surgery Pefect results. His office has treated my glaucoma with long term stability. I could not speak more highly of Spindel Eye Associates


I had Lasik done, it is so great to see clearly, staff and doctors are personable, and helpful. Thanks so much!

K Campbell

JeFF Chapin

Michael Theriault

Rich Christman

There are so many wonderful things I want to mention about my recent Lasik Surgery in regards to Spindel Eye Care. I want to start by thanking Dr Spindel for his dedication and commitment to his work that made my Lasik Surgery very successful. There are many reasons to be concerned about Lasik eye care surgery, but because of the incredible team of Kayla, Shirley, Lori, and other associates during the surgery (both Pre and Post Surgery), it has proven to be one of the most comfortable and satisfying experiences I have ever had. My wife and I were thoroughly impressed with the overall knowledge and care your team has given me. The entire team was comforting, knowledgeable, and truly caring and they understand what it takes to ease the anxieties that come with this surgery. I felt like I made a nice group of friends. Lastly, I cannot say enough about Dr Spindel. He truly is an expert in the field and am so excited and grateful that I got to be his patient. He has built an incredible amount of trust with me right from the beginning. He is straightforward, honest, realistic and extremely caring. Thank you very much Dr Spindel. Thank you all so much for the highest level of care you have given me and my eyes. It’s like having a whole new life again. Sincerely,

Sarah Heffron

A great job. The whole staff was incredible, especially dr. Vason. Great experience.

Paul Schunk

lisa rothenberg

I love Doctor Sarah Wood!! She has been our Doc for the past 10 years. Dr. Wood is professional and knows the best ways to help with eye care. I have followed her advice with my son and now he no longer needs glasses. I wear contacts and have allergies and she has found a low cost, effective way to deal with this.

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