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REVIEWS OF Evision Eyecare IN New Hampshire

Nicole Piascik

Bobby-Ann Dostie

Dr. Kara Feldberg is one of the most efficient, knowledgeable eye doctor I've ever had. The whole Evision team is very friendly and helpful, too! They also have some of the coolest, unique frames I've ever seen. Great place for quality eye care & cool eyewear!

gost Man

Very professional, great deals affordable cost.

Amanda Skiff

Extremely professional place, such a friendly staff, and very nice inside !

Josh Corringham

Chavez Hampton

Joan Buchanan

Stephanie Chasse


The front desk person had me wait 45 minutes to book my wife's and my daughter's appointment as I was standing right in front of them in their office They gave me appointment after 3 months. She confirmed twice switching between each person's accounts while setting up these appointments. Day before the appointment when we called them to confirme, their excuse was "COMPUTER DID NOT SAVE IT'. We were extremely frustrated to explain to her that we had been waiting for past 3 months for these appointment, she turns around and has audacity to tell me to stop yelling! Really! How about doing your job for which you are getting paid for. Computer didn't save - is it not incompetence? How about owning up to your mistake and apologizing first and then trying to fix it. May be we don't have to be so frustrated then! Don't trust what they tell you. Take it in writing next time you take appointment. God knows, they can't blame you for computer eating your appointment. Doctor at the office was very professional and cordial. But, the front desk staff treats you like second class citizens. Oh! did i tell you, they called my son's number for my wife's appointment and threaten to cancel her appointment if she didn't call back right away. Well, here is another sign of their incompetence. Cut and paste! It is called garbage in - garbage out!

Ginette Beaudet

Drake Cummings

Mary Dischino

Cheryl Shepard

Excellent and very professional

chuck hodgdon

Great place to go for eye care. Awesome staff worked with me tirelessly to get the lense and frame combination that was perfect for my needs. Highly recommend!

jeffrey martel

Great service....always polite

Rick Robbins

alan chen

Awesome service. Very friendly and professional

Danilda Perez

Tiffany Rose

Christine Bodge

Extremely pleased with Eyecare. Trying to find the right contacts to fit my needs, they were also able to help me reuse a pair of frames I love and that we’re still in great condition ❤️. Finally found a practice that knows how my vision insurance works!!! Thank the Lord!!!

Kristie Wiggin

Just called and asked a simple question and girl thought I hung up and said some rude stuff if you don't like your job or don't like dealing with people get a new job.. Thinking about switching my eye doctors now..

Rita Goulet

Halina Miller

Dawn Crim

My husband works long hours during the week and has weekends off. He had an unexpected weekday off, needed bifocals, and wanted to get in somewhere quick for an exam because it had been a while since he last had a vision exam at the VA. We thought it was fantastic that EVision could take him due to a cancellation they had. They also were also a network provider for his insurance company. Oh my gosh. Where do I begin? It was an absolute nightmare going to this place. He had his exam on Thursday, 1/10/19. When he came home, he told me that he did not pick out any glasses because he wanted me there with him to do that. So, we planned on going back the next day to select them (another extremely rare weekday off). We did just that and we were there for probably 1 hour (not by choice). He checked out, paid $20 ($10 co-pay for the glasses and $10 co-pay for the exam). He was told that the glasses would take about 2-3 weeks to come in - possibly longer, but that they would notify him when they come in. 3 1/2 weeks later my husband asked me to check on his glasses because he had not heard anything. I called only to find out they had no record of anything even ordered or even selected. We did learn that it was a manager who waited on him and unfortunately, she was on vacation out of state. I was also told that his EVision account was credited $20 for some reason that could not be explained easily. The employee who processed the credit said she did not know what to do with the money. Seriously? If she was crediting my husband back, why didn't she call him first before doing anything? Why didn't she call him after? When I explained that my husband simply could not take another day off to come in to re-select glasses due to his work schedule, nor could he wait that long again for another pair to arrive, I was told they would be able to mail his prescription to our house so that he could purchase his glasses elsewhere. I thought that was great. I also asked that they mail us our co-payment back. The employee told me that there should not be any refund because the $20 was for the exam. I had to explain that I just looked at his insurance benefits cost summary and she was incorrect. $10 of it was a co-pay for glasses that were never ordered. I was told that it would take some time, but their corporate office would mail us a check. On Saturday, 2/9/19 my husband and I visited Vision Works in Concord to select glasses (with a prescription in hand from EVision). Come to find out, EVision still had an outstanding insurance pre-authorization request for glasses that was never cancelled! Another screw up at the hands of EVision. Thankfully, Vision Works was able to get a hold of our insurance company and explain that we were no longer getting glasses through EVision, but through them now. Despite that hiccup, we were still in/out of there in about 15 min. Way smoother process compared to our experience with EVision. 10 days later, my husband's bifocal glasses are in at Vision Works - he tries them on only to find out he cannot see anything for reading or distance. I take one look at the prescription from EVision and realize it is so far off from his prescription filled through the VA just 1 1/2 yrs earlier. Eyes do not change that drastically in that short amount of time - in all categories??!! The prescription did match the doctor's report though. A friend said, "You know, E-Vision messed up so badly, whose to say they didn't enter in another patient's prescription information into his report?" We are now faced with having to pay out of pocket for another exam elsewhere...(his insurance will only pay for 1 exam per year and unfortunately, EVision already did it and collected the money). Once that is done, we will have to have his lenses changed too. Thankfully, his glasses are guaranteed for 60 days. I cannot in good conscience, recommend EVision to anybody.

Jean Labrie

Tim Mckinnon

The staff here is beyond helpful. The doctors here are better than anywhere ive been and I have diabetes I've been to alot of Drs. The couple male Drs that helped me today were so kind and helpful even though they had bad news for me. I recommended them to all my family.

Bill Morrow

chris O

Great visit. The dr is real nice great prices and helpful

Raymond Levasseur

ronald balcom

Courtney Wilcox

Irene Prive

Helene Bureau

They got me in quickly and were very pleasant. I like that they use erasable forms (grease pens on laminated paper) that they upload instead of wasting paper. Their price for glasses was $130 cheaper than LensCrafters. Dr. Grimm took time to explain exam results.

Amy Twombly

Jeffrey Martel

Really like this place. Everyone was very nice and professional. .Nice store

Michael McCarthy

Great service. Friendly , prompt, and professional. I was happily surprised at their prices and value.

Becky Pierce

They were great they made sure i was comfortable with my first time experience with them. Great place to go

Decaljunkies LLC

Deeja Presley

Very professional and caring. They were quick and gave excellent service as usual.

Amanda Parada

I love the customer service here. The selection is pretty good. I have been coming here for 2 years. When I got told I may need surgery for an issue, they were very supportive and answered all my question. Set my follow up for me and explained how they bill the insurance. I hate the knowing I need surgery but feel better knowing they will be with me all the way. And due to my work hours they were willing to stay so I could get my glasses ordered.ove this place.

kevin st john

They are the best - they offer kind and caring service and great deals. I have purchases 7 pairs of glasses from them. Over the years I have had warrentee issues or prescription changes because of health and they are always helpful and more then fair.

Bearach Barbarian

Please disregard my displayed name!

Thang Vo

Good selection, terrible service. I came here only because they carry the brands I was shopping for (D&G, Gucci). I recently purchased two pairs of glasses from this store and both times I had to call them and ask about the delays in getting my glasses. There is always an excuse on why there is a delay in getting the glasses or why they didn't call me to let me know, instead of me having to call them. This is my most recent experience. Glasses were paid for on 7/10/18 and I just called to inquire about the status of them on 7/27/18. I was told they were "specialty" glasses (They are just normal prescription sunglasses with polarization. ) and there was a problem at the lab and they will try to get it in next week. I'd expect that if there is a problem, then good business practice is to contact the customer and inform them why there will be a delay in the promised delivery time. Instead, both times, I had to chase them down for an answer. If you don't mind terrible service or waiting a few weeks for your glasses then this place is for you.

Jeanie Holt

Evision went out of their way to get me in for an urgent appointment. Then things got crazy there and still they treated me with courtesy and respect, apologizing for the delay. Every interaction I saw (even a couple that would have had me biting my tongue) was handled with kindness, patience, and respect.

Steven Giusti

Ethan McGarry

Every staff member I've come into contact with at Evision has been helpful, thorough, and patient. Everyone took the time to help explain my exam, treatment, prescription, and options. Prices were competitive and salespeople were respectful of any hesitations I had.

Carol StClair

I am within a Teamster eyecare plan and get a great exam and a pair of glasses for a $100 voucher. The service and quality of the lenses are definitely 5 star! I did not give it a 5 star only because I am limited to the Davis Vision selection of frames unless I want to pay extra.

Irene Maldonadabcyao

thomas barnes

Maguilla296 .

Alanna Lorean

David Biondi

The eye care is awesome, I am very happy with the staff.

Wesley Couturier

Although this is a small eye care and glasses shop, it is probably one of the most friendly places I've been in a long time. I was completely taken care of by Tammy and Brianna, of which case they exemplify the place. The front desk receptionist was amazing, the price was very adequate, especially if you have Well Sense. I might have gone to a competitor's to get my eyes checked, but I will forever be coming back to Evision.

Mark Sohmer

I would give higher review but they refused to give me my daughter's PD measurement unless I paid an extra $25. Classless. This was true even though I purchased glasses and paid for an eye exam.

Potatoe Peck

Brian J. Carnevale

Friendly attentive staff despite this being a busy place. A great selection of different frames for your eye glass prescription. Bring your own prescription or have your eye exam right there! Little wait time with your glasses ready in just a few days.

Jody Bell

Professional and very friendly. Top services and expertise!! Our whole family is seen here!! Love these folks!

Ashley Rainwater

leslie connor


Eve Rees

Very nice and caring people ❤️


Very good first time experience. My main problem seems to be dry eyes, so there was no pressure to buy new glasses just yet when I didn't need them. The technician and doctor were both very nice and professional, explaining things and taking additional steps when necessary to insure my prescription was accurate and I understood things.

Cindy Mezakowski

Caroline Hoggard

Very good. I have the best eye doctor. She checked everything and beyond. Im very satisified with E-Vision


Tom Piotrowski

The staff was exceptional, especially Nana who spent two hours with me and my undecidedness to make sure I was happy with my choice between the two I had a real hard time deciding between. In the end I believe we made a great choice! Thank you Nana!

Ron Jones

Albert Young

The eye exam was pretty quick but thorough. The doctor took digital images of my eyes, brought the results up on the computer and explained all the imperfections of my eyes. Pretty fascinating stuff. The staff is friendly and respectful which is paramount to me. Despite the fact that my insurance isn’t the greatest, I was treated very well. The only negative I noticed was the fact that they appear to be short staffed, which is a big problem everywhere in New Hampshire right now. I would rate them at 4 1/2 stars.

Heather Samson

The MA here was great. I told her I was nervous and had an anxiety and she showed me everything before it was the fine. The eye doctor was great too. Will go back again.

Gayle Murphy

Debra Walker

Crystal Partlow

Everyone was super kind and helpful. I went for my daughter and ended up making an appointment for myself as well! It was my daughter's first time getting contacts and the people who worked with her (Alex and then Nana) were very patient, honest, informative and caring.

Mateo Miceli

Very thorough, friendly, and professional. I felt well taken care of after my visit.

Dustin Burke

Very happy every time I come in each year. Excellent service and good quality eyewear

Kim Carney

I love evisuon eye Care they treated me with respect ,my apartment was on time they are very friendly & help u figure out what is in your best interest & fit your budget Kim Carney

Wade Koblinsky

While I'm not the perfect or most affluent customer, I have visited many eye doctors. Evision, while not the worst by a long shot was also far from good. The doctor herself seemed pleasant and competent and my wait was very short. Everybody was generally friendly, as well. The parts that put me off were a) the ticky tacky fees and b) the time it took to get my glasses. In addition to the normal cost of an eye appointment, they charge $55 (not covered by insurance) for contact prescription. They also charge $25 to disclose your PD to you. Not to measure it (it's required for glasses fitting), but just to tell you. About two weeks after my visit, I called to check on the frames I had selected, they informed me that it would take at least three weeks to get them back from my insurance. An hour or so later, they called me and said they would be in by the next day, weather permitting, and they would call to let me know. That was the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. The following Tuesday, after no call, I stopped by to check on them and lo and behold they were sitting in the back not having been processed yet. All in all, I wouldn't think much of it, except for the contrasting experience I had just witnessed. My wife went to Manchester Eye Associates a few weeks before and loved the experience. Our insurance covered the whole visit including contact fitting and giving us her PD so she could order extra frames online herself. The pair of glasses she received from them arrived within two days and they provided a thorough fitting and follow up call. All in all, it wasn't bad from an experience standpoint, but the money portion feels like dealing with an old-school car dealership.

Ekene Blythe

Amber Nicole Cannan

These are good people. Extremely kind and caring eye place. Very knowledgeable and helpful. The office maintains a "small time office" feel in convenient and busy downtown Manchester while staying on top of the latest technology. They also helped me through an idiot moment, without making me feel like an even bigger idiot. Do not mistake, I was the idiot here. I deeply appreciate their level of care and attention to my medical needs, especially after other "chain" places.

Jose Cruz

Elianna Sanchez

The place Is beautiful but the manager there is so rasist I went with my family and we are Hispanic I went to try on some sun glasses and sat down just to take a picture and the manager ran to where I took the glasses and made such a show. I was so freaking embarrassed, mind you he was with a customer and he got up yelled to the front desk lady and called her over as if I'm a thief. I am so offended. I don't think we will be coming back here. I never experience such humiliation ever. Smh

Dar L

I have enjoyed my visits to Evison. The staff is friendly, efficient and helpful. They are great at helping you pick out frames that fit you. I will continue to get my eye exams and glasses at Evision.

Laura Withers

GREAT service here! They went above and beyond helping me find a pair of glasses that worked just right for me, even special ordering something they didn't have in the store. They were also very quick with getting my prescription order in, and back, and following up with me. I would highly recommend them.

Watt Howell

Liz Woodard

Amazing experience, going to the eye doctor is terrifying for me, but the staff there were great. They helped keep me calm and explained everything they needed to do. I have and will continue to recommend Evision!

Joseph Phinney

Was very comfortable with the doctors and staff all very eye care I've been to since I started wearing glasses and bye far the cheapest..I would highly recommend

Greer Elliott

Delta Wiggins

kristy Pastrana

Went with my daughter to get our eyes checked seeing as I hadn’t been checked in 5 years and my daughter has never been. They were awesome very personable. My daughter was nervous at first but they calmed her down quite quickly. Everyone knew what they were doing and had perfect knowledge from eyes to glasses. Would definitely recommend.


I can see a little more clearly, but not nearly as Crystal clear as my last pair. I have astigmatism in my right eye, but when I close my left eye wearing my new lenses, is still blurry as hell. I also still can't read Street signs or other text from further than a few yards. The last doctor spent about ten minutes doing the 1 or 2 lens machine test whereas this one only spent about thirty seconds on it so maybe that's the problem. I'm highly disappointed. I'll give them another week to see if my eyes "adjust," though it was instant with my last pair, then I'll come back and try again, hopefully they will correct it at no charge because these were expensive even with insurance.

Amy Kennedy

I love the friendly people here.. I didn't give 5 stars only because they are also running behind at least 20 mins or more it seems.

rodolfo taveras

Aninette Cruz

Jeanette Moore

I love Evison Eyecare on Elm St , Manchester,NH , I've been going for years now at evision I wouldn't go no other place the workers scare is awesome and so is the doctors it take real good care of their patients keep in touch to and sometimes they'll give you samples until you can get to the store and get the dry eye drops, I just want to say thank you evasion for your warm and beautiful hospitality did you extend to me and my 13 year old daughter thank you sincerely yours Jeanette Moore and Jaquasha Moore

Bruno Pelletier

Was a good experience with everyone there, now just waiting on the glasses to come in

Steve O'Brien

Great service. Very profession, knowledgeable and understanding of my needs.

Marianne Lister

Most thorough examination we've ever had. Staff was friendly and helpful. Dr. Grimm's explanations were completely understandable, even to my son who has disabilities. I couldn't have had a better experience anywhere else!

Nasser Alfayez

Angelique Sibulkin

I arrived late for my appointment and they still accepted my son and I. Staff were very friendly and professional. They were patient and helpful. The physician was attentive and thorough. Over all good experience.

Michele West

Excellent experience. Very Professional and thorough. Great customer service!!!!

Darlene Desmarais

Need parking

Jamie Lavoie

This place has an awesome employee nana h She was so welcoming and warm i havr never been so comfortable at an eye doctors. thank you Evision

Ella Alston

Nael ALrubaye

Great place, great employees

Leo Taylor

Bonnie Kanin

I could not have had a better experience! I did not have an appointment (part of a contact tore off and was lodged in my eye), but the staff at 2 locations arranged to have me seen quickly while accommodating my work schedule. Both the doctor and his student intern were friendly, professional and competent,

BnsNvice .

Very disappointing. My appt was running late and nobody ever said anything or apologized. I was just left sitting. Worse of all an assistant and intern did my eye exam! The Dr. didn't come in until the prescription was in and I had contacts in my eyes. There was no additional examination done. I have also never had 3 reminder calls for an appt in my life! Thought that was crazy. Will never use or recommend, ever.

Steven Lafontaine

Very prompt ,polite, professional and pleasant Would highly recommend any of my friends to this business.

laura upton

absolutely fantastic customer service! take the time to find out the needs of the customer. I had an issue with the insurance showing up properly and the ladies went above and beyond with calling to make sure we had the coverage as expected. and the gentleman there! well educated man, great beard and mustache!

Christine Frink

I am so glad my niece Liz recommended Evision to me! I have not been to an eye doctor in years due to my fears and the care I received was just awesome! I recommend Evision for all your eye care needs....

Ann Zinis

Martha Mitchell


raquel curtis

Gail Gagnon

Very good experience they were very thorough and very professional everyone in the entire office was very pleasant I have found my new eye care professionals

Shaynabic .

Great experience all around. Thank you! Went to see if my vision was the source of my frequent migraines. Although the Dr said I could use a small persription for one eye, he was very honest and said I would be fine without glasses, rather than trying to sell me on them. Very informative and patient Dr, definitely went above and beyond.

Rick Mouleart

Great service and affordable prices, Very nice people to talk to;)

Kristina Humes

Everyone who works there extremely nice there care for the patients and there needs are met I couldn't find a sitter for my very active 3 year old daughter and they were very patient and understanding very pleased and i would recommend everyone to go here

Dana West

Gail Lynch

Evision is great. They were kind enough to let me keep my appointment when I ran late on my last appointment. I wouldn't recommend being late. That is rude. Dr. Feldberg is very informative, and helpful. The staff professional, and down to earth. They are also helpful with people who are tight on money, and the staff works with your insurance company as best they can. I have nothing but great things to say about Evision. Keep up the great work ladies.

Kelli Clements

Scott Colby

Friendly staff...good service

Mike M

Very friendly, accommodating, understanding, helpful staff.

Julia Feldhaus

Very thorough eye exam, and competent advice. Highly recommend seeing Dr. Grimm or soon-to-be Dr. Alex Hentschel. Picking eye-glass frames was also a breeze. Very good experience at Evision.

Robert Widdick

I've been coming here for several years and I haven't had any problems. The glasses I bought from here several years ago are still holding up well - high quality products are sold here at fair prices. Eye exams are quick and thorough. Everyone here is nice and personable.

Kathleen Papajohn

Michael Smyth

Christopher Conderman

Omayra Gutierrez

Edward Russell

Daniel Stone

I had a great experience at EVision.Prompt and thorough operation.I would highly recommend.

Abigail Lopez

Absolutely loved it here!!

Eddie Torres

Had an appointment today. Everyone was really nice and professional. My eye Dr. is really cool and great at his job, always thorough and always meets my needs. I have been customer for a few years now.

april webber

They told my husband his glasses would be in 1-2 weeks and it will be 4 weeks this Monday. They gave him the run around on the phone twice. First, saying the man who told him that was new and then they said the lab screwed up. We will be canceling the order Monday and going somewhere else as they are completely over priced and lack communication skills.

Linda Welch

Dr Grimm was awesome. Best eye doctor I have seen in years. He explained everything to me. Even figured out what another eye doctor didn't. I now have a clear picture where I stand. The optometrist helped me so well. I was done and out in 15 minutes. Thank you means a lot at my age.

Cathy Laplante

I have a senior dad that is hard of hearing and impulsive... the whole staff was kind and caring they spent a good amount of time with his check up and were very thorough.. deeply impressed. I want to switch over to this staff!!

Todd Forkey

Very nice personnel. They did a very thorough exam and were responsive to my issues. The optician was helpful in finding my lenses and frames. Cost was less than Lenscrafters. Recommended.

jetboat750hp .

I had an exam a month ago, and the doctor wanted to follow up in a month. Today I was to have my follow up but they wanted to charge me again! It should have been included in the first visit. They are just trying to double dip. I will never go back to them. Be Careful !!!!!

Krystal White

Lana Chychka

Kellyn Eaton

Geraldine DeVane

One of the most receptive and kindest experience I've ever had. From the receptionist, to the sweetest and most helpful female initial/pre-examiner who assisted me to great length. The doctor's assistant was thorough and efficient; the doctor was kind, very knowledgable, and extremely informative as well supportive. My contacts fit very well, are comfortable.. and I can see with both eyes...all of the time!!!!

Cassandra McCabe

Every one was very nice, efficient and timely. More importantly very kind! If you need any eye care E-Vision is the place to go!

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