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REVIEWS OF Capital Vision Center IN New Hampshire

Tara Lee Davenport

I desperately needed to find a new eye doctor, I'd been going to the same, terrible, overpriced one for far too long. My first visit to Capital Vision Center was like an entirely different world. Within the most timely wait-time moments, I could suddenly see, AND I learned what I SHOULD have been doing to help my eyes. Fantastic. Everything was friendly and prompt and I can't say enough about how happy I am with my new eye doctor's office! On top of that, it's AFFORDABLE, even without insurance. Highly recommended.

Kim Rooney

I have been going here over 18 years. Have always had excellent service from the receptionists and the doctors. They are very honest, caring and thorough in exams. I would highly recommend this practice.

Kat Abdelwahid

Thank you so much for constant friendly service and keeping contacts in stock!! Can't wait to transfer my records and become a patient here!

Kevin Boulard, DMD

I have seen both Drs over the past year, and they both took the time to make sure that I was happy with my contacts. Recently, my allergies really kicked in, and I had issues with my left eye. I thought my contact had dislodged, and my eye was very irritated. I really appreciate the fact that Dr. Webber took time out of his personal life on a Saturday evening when his office was closed to check my eye out for me. It was very reassuring to find out that my eye was just really irritated, and that my contact was not stuck! I found both Dr Webber and Dr. Baylus to be caring, helpful and effective. I have been very happy at this office for the past year, the staff has been very helpful, and you can't go wrong being a patient here.

Leonidas Taylor

I'm always treated with respect there. The doctor and staff are very knowledgeable and make the appointment as stress-free as possible. They always explain things to my satisfaction.,

Rebecca Compton

Moved here from Virginia. Transition to Dr. Weber was seamless. Have recommended him to others many times. Anxiously awaiting my new snazzy glasses to come in :-)

Samantha Maheux

I have always dreaded going to to the eye doctor but Capital Vision Center makes everything so easy. They also preformed tests that I have never had done in my entire life! I've been wearing contacts since I was 12 years old so going to the eye doctor to always see my prescription getting worse was frustrating and with no explanation of what everything meant. Capital Vision Center does not accept my insurance but I would rather spend the money than go anywhere else!

diane baxter

Excellent welcome and treatment from the moment I walked through the door. Doctor was thorough and explained everything. Staff was very warm and exceptionally accomodating. They were very patient whle I selected frames and extremely helpful in offering opinions and recommendations. Very glad I chose this office for my eye care and will recommend to others.

Tony Capraro

Just a great experience-from scheduling our appointment-to the actual appointment. The staff was friendly and greeted us when we got there. Diana was wonderful! Brian was great to talk to and the "eye exam" was easy and quick. Great job!

Dennis Wade

My eye appointment was a very pleasant experience. I did not have to wait at all and everything was explained to me. I had to have a couple extra tests due to having diabetes and I was totally amazed at how well my inner eye pictures were explained to me. I also had a very good experience with the lady that helped me pick out my frames, as she went back and got a couple batches of frames for me to try on and explained what my insurance covered and did not cover. I very good experience and I left there happy and still amazed at how the inner eye works.

The Tilla

Just left, great in-depth glasses and contacts exam. Doctor Weber was very informative. Great selection of glasses and frames with the latest materials.

Richard G. Boucher

I find Dr. Weber to be a down to earth and a pretty cool guy.I enjoy his easy manner and wit. More importantly he is an excellent doctor. Prior to going to him (I'm 68) there were many occasions when the script was not right.This has not been the case with Dr. Weber. Every visit resulted in the perfect script. I highly recommend the Capital Vision Center.

Rishab Khanna

I recently saw Dr. Weber and it was a great experience. He was very thorough and answered all my questions. They have all the modern tools that help provide a great service. The entire staff was very nice and helpful. I’d strongly recommend capital vision center

Tanya Davis

I have been a customer of Drs. Weber and Baylus for more than 25 years. My mother was a patient and now my children are patients. The staff are amazing, especially Sherry and Diana, the doctors care and remember each patient and the office is clean, state of the art and run efficiently. My daughter is 9 and she always looks forward to her appointments (she wears glasses AND contacts alternately). The prices are fair and they do their best to get you what you need and utilize your benefits to your advantage never trying to sell you something you dont need. Love them and cant say enough good things.

richard johnsonon

Rec'd my glasses early Sept. I was told they could loosen up and may need to be adjusted. Went in the following week as they were loose. 2 days later same thing and another trio to Concord. 4 trips and adjustments later still not correct. These were not cheap glasses cost over 800.00. Called and asked to speak to mgr told she would call me the next day. 2 weeks later no call yet. Horrible customer service. Would never purchase glasses there again.

Deni P.

Had a great experience! Best vision I've had in contacts in years.

Dave W

The staff is very accommodating and friendly, both on the phone and in person. They are always professional and helpful. Dr. Baylus is very informative and helpful in understanding the condition of my eyes. The remodel and update to the building is a nice change and it looks great!!!!! I would definitely recommend them to friends and family.

Shaun Carr

Best eye exam I ever have. Dr Weber and Amanda are amazing!

Daniel Sutcliffe

Friendly and thorough

Sarah Miner

Very informative, kind, and compassionate. Clean office and approachable staff and doctor!

Laura Paquin

First time customer picking out glasses - lenses and frames. Great experience working with Erica. Highly recommend.

Rachel Coakley

I have been going here for two years now, and I love it! Each time, the reception staff has been very friendly and personable. They are willing to chat you up, give tips on eyeglass fashion, and are helpful at explaining insurance costs and ordering contacts. I have also had exams with both Dr. Weber and Dr. Baylus. Both men are quite capable, skilled, and knowledgeable. They both will make you feel at ease. Dr. Baylus is a bit of a jokester, and he also is extremely detailed with explanations of every single step of the eye exam and results. He will tell you what he is doing and why if you want to know, in layman’s terms. Would definitely recommend this office to anyone, young or old! :)

deri3que .

My visit with Capital Vision, was amazing. The staff was very friendly, helpful and informative. Doctor Weber, was amazing. I never had my eyes exams so throughly. It is also very affordable, got lots of options, to choose from. I really recommend this place, if you are looking for a vision center, that really cares about what is best for your eyes, and your overall wellbeing.

Nancy Nault

This is the best and most thorough exams I have ever experienced. I have some medical issues that require a visit every six months. The Doctor's and staff are always on time. Very professional Doctor's. Explains every exam. Enjoy going to this eye doctor center. Have referred others here including my children.

Stephen Reeve

Awesome experience. Great, friendly, helpful staff, Dr. Baylus was very thorough in explaining everything, and I was able to get in, get evaluated, order glasses, and leave the office in a very short time. Highly recommended. These guys should have a solid 5.0 rating; that 1 star reviewer ought to consider if he would rate his boss a 1 star if he showed up 10 minutes late to a meeting, made up an excuse about being late without contacting his boss proactively, then was asked to reschedule because the boss had other meetings to get to. :)

Anne Rogers

I was having trouble with my vision--and was chatting with my co workers. I had not been happy with my last few visits to my eye doctor..found them high priced and felt like the doc didnt listen to what I was seeing or saying during I got an amazing review from a co worker and I made an appointment. The staff is very friendly-the wait was quite short- and the exam got me the right prescription..and I am very happy with my new glasses..and YES--I was correct...the old glasses were not made correctly! So glad I found Dr. Webber...someone I can relax with and trust...

Colleen Gordon

I have been a patient at Capital Vision Center for a very long time - an issue with contacts and recommendation from a friend led me there. From the staff who greet you, to the staff who handle new glasses, to the doctors (Dr Weber, Dr Baylus) themselves (and everyone in between), you won't be disappointed! Caring, compassionate, friendly and knowledgeable! I would never go anywhere else!!!

Mindy Young

Best experience I've had at an eye doctor so far!

Mike Edmunds

Clean office, friendly staff, quick and efficient service.

Joe Palmisano

Great service, state of the art equipment, competent staff. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Traci Sullivan

I have been a customer for five years. I just had a very poor experience. If zero stars was an option I would chose it. Just over a year ago I purchased a very expensive pair of Gucci frames from here. I went for an annual exam and my prescription changed. I purchased new frames and lenses and asked if my old frames could be converted into prescription sun glasses. Wendy stated they could, but she recommends I wait to get my new lenses for my eyes to adjust. I asked her to adjust my frame while I was there. She snapped the frame. She never even apologized and basically stated since the lenses are outside of the one year warranty I would need to pay for new frames if I wanted to walk out of there with working glasses. I refused since I have another pair of glasses at home and I didn't feel I should have to do that. I said I wanted my same frame and she said oh they probably don't even make this anymore. She then called and ordered a new arm for my frame and wanted to charge me for it. Really!!?? You broke my frame. I left and called to express my dissatisfaction. I was told that Donna would talk with Dr. Webber the next day and call me back. No call. At 6 pm when I realize the office is closing soon I call and Wendy answers. She states she talked to Dr Webber and he agrees it should be my cost to fix my broken lenses since they are outside the one year warranty. I can't imagine this. So I asked for clarification, because they include a slip in your envelope offering free adjustments for the life of your glasses, so if they break them after a year while adjusting them that is your problem. She stated yes that is correct. They do the best they can to follow protocol for adjustments, but if they break then they are not responsible and that the frames from my less than two year old frames was week. I keep all my old glasses as spares and have frames that are just fine that are six years old. I felt this was completely unreasonable. I asked quite a few people, to make sure I wasn't the one being unreasonable. All agreed they felt they should fix my frame at no cost to me and they said they would expect that as a customer. I am the manager of two cell phone stores. If myself or one of my associates was handling your phone, still in warranty or not, and we broke it we would absolutely be responsible for the repair or replacement. I asked Wendy to speak with Dr Webber but he was on his way out the door and didn't have time for a customer. That was after she told me the doctors won't usually speak with customers on the phone. What??!! So you can decide for yourself are you ok with spending good money on glasses that can't be expected to last longer than a year? Are you ok with asking for an adjustment knowing if your glasses are over a year old and they break them in the process they refuse responsibility? Are you ok with giving a business your business for over 5 years and they aren't willing to take a $47 loss to prove they value you? Are you ok with doctors that won't usually talk with customers on the phone? I am not. My family of four, my sister-in law and her family of five aren't ok with that and will be taking our optical needs elsewhere. I also will no longer recommend to my associates as a practice in the area that takes our insurance. $47 to a business that has at least a 50% mark up on the frames they sell you. They have made well over that and then some over the years from my families optical needs. This is just bad businesses.

Tresea Young

Always a great experience. Very competent and caring office. Very informative with insurance information, and what is covered.

Patricia Stewart

I really won't be there until the 23rd, but I already know what my experience will be like, as I have been a patient for a while, so here it is. The entire staff is very friendly, and, very accommodating. I have always been greeted with smiles.They know what they are talking about and are very willing to explain things to you until you understand it. My doctor is Dr. Baylus. I know by the time I leave his exam room that all my questions are addressed and that he has explained everything to me. I will continue to visit this office because, quite frankly, I feel very welcome here.

Varel Freeman

A thorough eye exam, professional attitude, great explanations of the individual tests and findings. Reasonable prices, decent selection of frames. Forget the big box chains, these guys excel. Absolutely the best experience I have ever had in eye care.

Margot Lucas

I have been a patient at Capital Vision Center for over 10 years and I am always delighted with the service I receive over and over again. My whole family has received the best service available. Highly recommended.

Jay Rae

My family has always gone to Capital Vision Center and when my husband recently needed an emergency eye exam, we choose Capital. He made the appointment and drove the thirty minutes in a snow storm (seriously) only to be turned away because HIS PARENTS bounced a check there when he was a sophomore in high school! Almost twenty years ago!! They didn't even have the courtesy to call him to cancel over the phone. We were both appalled and needless to say, they've just lost the business of my entire family.

K Rob

Have bought several pairs of eyeglasses at their optical shop for both my daughter and my husband. We only buy them here because they accept our vision insurance plan. On our last visit we found out that my daughter's lenses had a defective coating causing them to be blurry. And literally seconds after the tech adjusted her frames, the arm snapped off! No attempt was made to remedy the situation or rush her new glasses. In fact, I found out after the order was placed that they were sent to a special lab (due to our insurance) that is slower than the normal one. She's now been wearing old, ill-fitting glasses with an old Rx for over a week! Will find a new optical shop for the next pair.

Tom Brady 5

Amazing service. Amazing doctors. Most comprehensive eye exam I have ever had. You can tell they truly care about the patients. All the fees are clearly described (unlike the hidden fees of many other offices) and it only cost me $10 for everything after my insurance

Doug Dragon

This place is great. Everyone is friendly and they remember who you are when you walk in the door. They answer any question you throw at them. I haven't had any issues and I've been with them for a few years (4 or 5).

Mason Mara-Randazzo

As a customer, I felt scammed that I was not advised of the real costs that came along with my exam. At no time was I ever told that giving my insurance information could result in a higher fee than had I paid out of pocket. It really did just feel extremely unprofessional that they would bill me without letting me know the true costs of the tests.

Kelly Murphy

Excellent staff and doctors. Timely from setting an appointment to checking in to seeing the doc then ordering glasses.

Denise Bailey

Very impressed with my exam as well as with all the the staff. They have up to date technology and were more than thorough. I highly recommend Capital Vision Center.

David McSweeney

Absolutely love this place. The staff is awesome (especially the ladies up front) and my eye Dr is hilarious. Been wearing glasses and contacts for maybe two decades. Not once out of any facility I've ever been to did I ever look forward to having my eyeballs checked. This place is where I'll always send my friends and family to. Thank you for providing top notch customer service!

Michelle Kelly

It was my first time getting my eyes checked, ever (and im 30). Dr. Webber was really nice, and all the staff was friendly and helpful. I will surely be going back there for all my future eye exams. Thank you for great service!

Andrea Pavkov

So glad I found Capital Vision Center. It was an amazing experience for our whole family of four with friendly, fun staff who were very professional. I appreciated Dr. Baylus' knowledge and explanation of each family member's exam results. I recommended them to someone else the very same day of our first visit.

Jason Fitzpatrick

I, as a new patient with all my paper work prefilled out, was turned away from this office for being 9 minutes late for my appointment. The women with short hair was overly rude to me the moment I walked in for being 9 minutes late, which tends to happen when you have a 3 month old baby who, due to teething, was crying most of the morning. I will be finding another doctor and warning people to STAY CLEAR of this office because they do not seem to care for your patients.

Dave Port

I purchased 2 expensive pairs of glasses in December. They only ordered one pair forgetting I had ordered and paid in full for two. They ordered the 2nd pair and they eventually came, all well enough until the arm of one of the glasses broke this week. I went in to have them repaired and Wendy said the break was obviously from abuse and neglect eve though nothing out of the ordinary had happened , well nothing like blaming your customer right? I called up match eyewear who holds the warranty and they said they are covered for a year simply order the part and no problem. Wendy apparently still had a problem telling me I would have to sign a paper promising to cover the cost if for some reason the part wouldn't be covered by the warranty. I questioned why they would treat a good customer like this and lose my future business over a $30 part covered by a warranty. Wendy called today and said the part was in but because I was a unsatisfied customer who said I wouldn't be returning this year for my exam and new glasses that everything she had told me was not going happen now. The owner Dr Weber insist I pay the $29.40 up front or they wouldn't fix the glasses that were covered under warranty because the owner Dr Weber says they are a business and need to make sure they don't lose money. Obviously his priorities are not his customers but he did promise to refund me in 6 weeks if the warranty does indeed cover the part. I guess I need to trust him more than he did me. I thought anybody considering using this business should think twice as obviously there is no amount too small for him to try and nickel and dime you out of. I work in a large building with over 300 people and sure word of mouth of my experience will cost him business, can only hope far more than $29.40

Elise Smith

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