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REVIEWS OF Andover Eye Associates and Optical Center IN New Hampshire

James Reagan

First appointment for an eye infection resulted in a one hour wait, on top of my arriving early knowing that I would have to fill out several forms. Third appointment, the same thing, one hour of waiting, I do not even think the Doctor was in the building. Worse, on the 3rd / last appointment a stray eyelash was detected in my eye and the Doctor asked if I wanted it removed. I replied yes and he handed me a form stating "I can't even touch you unless you sign this", which I did and the next thing I know, my insurance carrier is billed $175 for SURGERY. Which they maintain is how "eyelash removal" is defined when I called to discuss this - surgery - 30 seconds with a pair of tweezers - surgery.


In summary, I agree with TheCharmngcharmed1's review of the receptionists. Please read on. I really appreciate Dr Chin's service, I've been seeing him for a few years and he's been helpful and thorough with responding to any concerns/questions I had raised. However, I have to leave a 1 star review as I don't appreciate the help I've received from the front desk. The conversations I've had with them, have always portrayed a sense of entitlement (quite the contrary to Dr Chin's approach or the optical store's approach). They're not entitled to my business, especially when it's difficult to work with them to schedule appointments. I'm also not a fan of being put on hold for minutes on end, nearly each time I call, just send me to voicemail or take my number down.

Beverlee Timmons

I will never step foot in this office again and I will tell my family, friends and acquaintances to do the same. The receptionist person just berated me in front of 2 other patients because she couldn't get a hold of me to verify my VSP insurance. When I first made the appointment I told whoever answered the phone TWICE that I no longer have VSP I have Humanna Vision plan. Apparently no one pays attention to what you tell them. When I went in for my appointment this receptionist stated she couldn't verify my VSP loudly, in front of the other patients waiting . I told her again, that I have Hummana and had the papers including member no and coverage with me. She loudly stated "well I don't have the number and I doubt I can verify it with them now" in a rude arrogant condescending tone. I have NEVER been spoken to like that and to be spoken to like that in front of other patients in a so called professional environment is disgusting. I've been a Registered Nurse for 42 years and if I had EVER spoken to anyone like this person spoke to be I would be terminated. If she's that miserable dealing with people then she shouldn't be there.

Jude V

I went there out of convenience and location....but After 20 years of CONSTANT issues....I'm done!!!! They wouldn't call in script for antibiotic eye drops for an autoimmune disorder thst results in corneal ulcers (VERY PAINFUL) that ive been taking for over 20 years.... because I had an unpaid balance from 2017 that I was never billed for nor told of (even tho I was there 3 months ago). And that is only scratching the surface.... they lack punctuality, professionalism, and decency.

Frank Anes

They were REALLY nice.

Ray Larney

I have had a different experience than most. I have found the office staff quiet helpful. Personally I struggle with the softer skills of Dr Chin and think he has room for improvement in this area. However he is knowledgeable and very strong at contact lense fittings. A good technician which ultimately is why i am there.

Peter Corcoran

I feel as if some of these lower reviews are a bit unfair, although everyone has different expectations. I worked down the street with an affiliate organization (ORA), though do not work there anymore, and was also a patient of Dr. Jason Chin. AEA doctors quality (ESPECIALLY Terry and Jason Chin) are second to none. They are not only interested in providing honest and thoughtful care to their patients, but are also extremely intelligent and effective communicators when it comes to conduction, design, and review of clinical trials. I cannot say better things about how much help they have provided me, both as a patient and as a study coordinator. Fantastic conversation partners, which goes a long was as a doctor. The sense of modesty and wisdom that they possess is very rare, and I was fortunate enough to work with Jason Chin several times. I agree with some reviews that the attitude of the front desk people isn't always 100%, but you dont go there to speak with a secretary, you go there to get a valuable ocular exam. If I served you a 5-Star Filet Mignon but it was delivered to the table by Nickelback, I bet you'd still enjoy the meal. Plus the ladies next door at the optical shop are great, just head over there if the front desk at AEA is too much for ya ;) Nice work guys, truly a scientific-oriented care provider. Two thumbs up!

Scott Grafton

Zero stars for the office experience...5 stars for Dr. Greiner. Dr. Greiner is the best and I will always appreciate his care but, I will never go back to Andover Eye Associates due to the crazy amount of time spent waiting to see the doctors. If you do not work and do not maintain a work schedule, you will be fine at the Andover Eye Associates. For anyone attempting to make a living, be prepared for 3 hr office visits that will completely screw up your work day. Also reception is in dire need of an attitude adjustment.

Sandra Acox

Great Experience! Erica was extremely helpful. She took the time to help me select glasses that were a good fit for me. She didn't make me feel rushed at all. She was really sweet. They called me as soon as my contacts came in and called me as soon as my glasses came in. I am definitely spreading the word about how great Andover Eye is!!! Thank you!!!! Sandra


They are not professionals, which is a shame due to their proximity.

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