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REVIEWS OF Sam's Club IN Minnesota

Lucy Abel

A lot more food for less coffee not a good price

Dave Keklah

Your gas station sucks

Terri Leckas

Another horrible experience at this store. The cashier next to mine needs to borrow a walkie, it doesn't work properly for her so she slams down on the metal countertop within inches of me. Then shrieks for assistance from a manager. Most of the female employees here are always deep in conversation with each other, can't greet you or help you. I'm pretty sure they think it's called SAMS SOCIAL CLUB. I always dread this weekly trip, but it's the closest big box store to my house.

Nancy Azzam

Tried to buy Figi water today and all of the boxes were damaged. Some of the contents fell on the floor and narrowly missed my foot. These products should have never been shelved in this condition for customers to struggle with.

Tammy Fraenkel

Such a great variety of things and good quality

Murad Ilyasov

Pales in comparison to Costco in every metric starting(selection, quality, price, employees friendliness/customer service etc) I would recommend Costco over Sams club.

Don Larson

Good prices, especially on gas. Not nearly enough healthy items however, very few organic items, and lots of junk food offered compared to Costco. If there was a Costco convenient to me I would cancel Sam's.

Larry Allen

Always a good experience

Darc K

I love the scan & go


Someone stole my membership card or use my cash-reward and took all my cash-reward of the hundred dollars. But assistant manager promised me that he’ll call me after investigating is been over a month and I haven’t been receiving any calls from them or never go back and shop and that store anymore I rather go to Cosco...

Hamza Mahamad

I love to shops in Sam's club :-)

Costas Stavrou

I love the prices!

Steven Rusk

Great prices!

Patrick Riley

At this Sam's Club, customer service is an oxymoron. The two words simply don't go together. A visit to the customer service desk warrants some reading material. You're going to be there awhile

Ronald Waldron

Tire shop service varies, high staff turn over & poor training. You have to know what you need and advocate for yourself, otherwise a very bad outcome. Liquor store staff nice, many times understaffed, so nothing employees can do but go as fast as they can. Long lines in there too. Talked to a store manager twice, about the consistent understaffing, and I could read he was "Handling me" telling me what I wanted to hear. Chronic understaffing at check out at this location for years!!!!!! There are lines pretty much anytime of day, and I do not recall a time when all of the check out lanes were ever all open at the same time. People keep coming back for the price and the location on the 494 &35W area. If this were a real free Market situation and there was a competitor down the street with same products, prices, but staffed adequately where you could get in and out, This location would shut itself down within months. Gas station layout on site is horrible for traffic flow, and creates a lot of gridlock in the parking lot. I am one of those idiots that keep going back to this location. But it’s either Costco in Burnsville or Eden Prairie, both a fair drive in heavy traffic for me. Sam Walton would have fired all the management and fixed this, but like every business, the lifecycle has peaked and in my opinion is poise to start its downward spiral. People like me will eventually get fed up and go elsewhere.

Miriam Ramirez

The best super store...I love it

Phong Le

I bought pizza and four berry sundae, the lady was working by herself. She did a great job Thanks. I wonder where is the managers or supervisors??? This is bad leadership.

Gary Reynolds

Things need to be grouped together like all the chips in one area as well as the sodas

Bob Carter

The prices are great, but they should have more cashiers open and a special line for 10 items or less!

Lisa Knapp

Would not let me use my card I'm going to Costco

mary bk

Best place to get Fresh food >>>Organic! I love their DEALS. ..especially Tire and Battery! Great Customer service there.

ron martelle

They keep moving things I went in for 2 things and they moved them it took ten minutes to find them

Our Rentals

Cheap dinner date. 3 hot dogs and 3 large pops for under $5.00 !!!!

Shelbie Simmons

Great service & easy to find what your looking for.

Robi Nash

They make me SPEND MONEY THERE haha

Daniel Picard

Good experience at this location. Very clean store, well staffed, good selection. This location has a liquor store attached (and you don't need to be a member to buy liquor!) and there's also a hot food counter you can go to for a quick bite to eat (also, you don't need to be a member to get their hot food!). If you're not a member, look at Groupon for occasional deals on memberships...

Spencer G

Was going to get my tires changed at a used tire place just to save money but they were asking for $300 for the tires and installation fee. I thought that was a little expensive for used tires so I asked around. Was told to get them changed at sams club, so I gave them a shot. I don’t regret it at all! I needed four new tires and they have a deal where you get $80 off a set of four so after that and a $20 gift card it only cost $315, not much more than it would have cost for used tires. The staff was super friendly, especially the man that helped us (wish I remembered his name). He was very educated and helped us find the right tires for us in no time at all. It only took about 35 minutes for them to install the tires so overall it was inexpensive, quick and painless, and we were able to get a quality set of tires. Highly recommended!

Roberta Haight

Love this store

Seeta Singh

Not the best service. They took forever to find a price for an item

Gamelz Z

Terrible service, I was treated like garbage here... Even if it’s cheap I would much rather go somewhere else because of this....

Jimika Houston

Good selection of food and snacks!

vincent Trifilio

I don’t know if I should be writing this but I almost feel like I have to. I some how managed to get in! I cant believe the security, I got in and my name isn’t even Sam! The people at the front didn’t even ask for my name I just walked in. I’m extremely disappointed in the staff, my name doesn’t even sound remotely similar to Sam it doesn’t even have the same Silables as Sam. How could they not catch that?? I almost feel bad for all the snobby sams in the club but when ever I call them by they’re real name Sam they act like its not even their name.

Miguel Pimentel

If you use the Scan & Go app it's an excellent experience.

Paul Jasper

Quick and easy with the scan and go app

Marco Cruz

Came to the Bloomington store at 8:40pm.. I checked on line the closing time and it said 9pm I walked to the door and got told that they closed at 8:30. So my question is why do they have a signed that says closes at 9pm and on line says closes at 9pm but they closed at 8:30

Tony Sparrow

Had to wait for 5 minutes today to get a hotdog because the counter person was busy texting. She kept telling the 5 people in line to wait till she was done. Pretty awesome guts to keep telling the people to wait

Gary T. Reynolds

Long lines .. only a few cashiers at the check out .. several green vests & other Sams employees standing around talking to each other. Poorly run store.

Henry Poland

I love being a member, you can easily pay for the membership on Gas alone, as it is typically .10 to .15 cents per gallon.

Peggy Tustin

Frank Boost

Samantha Tracey

Very clean and very nice staff.

Gary Swisher

Don Cutler

I got everything that I wanted.

Regina Paugh

Great place!!

Ed Henline


Anthony Danes

They gave me a great deal on glasses.

Tristan Warden

Virginia Davison

Love the snack bar... Quarter pound Nathan's all-beef hotdogs & 32 oz soda for 1.50.

Caden DeNike

sheri mcdaniel

Love it

Barbara Gregory

Love it!

Cynthia Rolik

Great savings...

Brent Hargreaves

Great place.

Deanna Robey


Kristina Robinson

Great job

Georgia Simmons

Gina Hawkins

Advertised pizza shells online. Said nothing about calling in advance. Went to get them only to be told they don’t have them unless special ordered. Why would you advertise something that you don’t have and why wouldn’t you express a need to call in advance. Poor customer service. Now we have a pizza party tomorrow and no shells. Thanks Sams. Our membership is done.

Tim Poling

Always a find for all your wants and needs.

John Karlen

Bill Jurick

Sam's is doing away with many brand name products that I would not substitute a Members Mark product with. This is making my Sam's Club membership less valuable.

Easton Cahill

Large selection but the service did provide help.

Gary Bland

Katrina Ratliff

Ash Staknaker

Very nice service, family friendly place

Ruth Baker

People are nice and helpful.


Quality and quantity.

Linda colliere

Where the Niceest, most helpful people work.

Estie Andrews

Great service cleanstore friendaly people

Lillian Rodriguez

Tire department sales person did not have a good attitude

John Satterfield

X Amanda Retana X


Daniel Lucas

Anthony Manganello

Steve Aversa

Only have 1 thing When walking out of Store I had 2 people in front of me the lady checking out receipts let 1st one go by, marked the 2nd one by just a quick look and then when I came up with the least amount in cart Stopped me and carefully looked at my items. Other than that great Store

Diana Smith

F. Jane Bott

Love Sams Club

Bryan Stout

Edward Weaver

Got out pretty easy

Iris Heater

I love Sam's club. It's like Christmas to me.

Kathy Price

Kevin Lewis

Cheapest gas and friendliest staff!

dave davisson

Slow getting tires only 2 guys working

G Hadd

Clean and friendly place to shop!

John Triplett

Its Sams. What else can you say? You buy in bulk and look for seasonal items. They have a good selection of meats.

Ron Hagen

Very nice coustermer service. Very happy with the store.

trevor wozniak

I love shopping now with scan and go.

Toni Robinson

Great place

Msjj820 Johnson

I love this $100 club!

Mark Elrod

Don't believe the hours. The online hours said they close at 7. Once I arrived I was immediately shuffled out of the store with an employee agressivly saying "it's 6!" "It's 6" "It's 6" over and over again.

James Sneen

Good deals....value for for Buck.....But It's A Zoo..... can't stand it.... where's my Beer.

Nancy L

Renewed my membership; listened to a sales pitch on knives and got a free paring knife; bought ten things I needed at bargain prices; bought gas at 20 centsbbelow local market prices. Love my Sams Club!!

Tim Bury

I have had terrible service with their photo department four separate times. On top of that they rarely answer the phone and took my passport photo wrong (my application was rejected by the government for improper photo). When I came back to get it retaken I had to wait because the only associate was gone on lunch. At 4:00, a peak time in my opinion.

George Miller

The place and employees are great, customers aren't the best.

William Grewe

Gas lines are chaotic with folks backing into pumps delaying everyone by blocking traffic. Signs are clearly posted but not enforced.

Toni Jones

They didn't have some of the items I wanted or needed at this Sam's Club. Not a Satisfied customer.

Keira Stevens

Bought flowers online for wedding. Only 1/2 order showed up and they couldn't figure out where other 1/2 went. On hold for ever, reference #s for order they gave were incorrect and they told me they would give me refund for flowers that never came... 2 weeks later and still no refund. Real fun day before wedding looking for flowers.

costica padure

The manager it's very right thanks for everything.

William Quiggin

Auto checkout makes it worthwhile

Jennifer Overby

Perfect customer service

olezhon1 .

The gas station never works when it's cold, you have to wait in the line for 1-2hrs just to fill up! Also there is never a manager to help when you ask for one, you have to wait for 30mins for someone to show up and try to resolve something. MULTIPLE ISSUES!

Juan Morales

Great prices!!

Humberto G gavilan

Great place for food gas station big parking nice price in gas right now $2:09

Natalie Miller

This place has been great to us since we got a membership here! It has almost everything we need (and so much cool stuff we totally DON'T need but have to have of course, lol). I've found a few now-favorite outfits I wasn't expecting while grocery shopping which is always a pleasant surprise. I haven't had a ton of interaction with their sales employees on the floor because we have been able to find everything ourselves so far, but they always smile and say hi was we pass each other. The cashiers have always been friendly and the food service employees have as well. My only wish is that their pet section had a little more variety of things.

Kamren Wong

This places blows, I've been to many Sam's clubs and this is the only one that is truly auful, the staff seed generally upset i was talking to them, and failed to do their trivial jobs overcharging me, then being wholly useless when I went to member services to get the charge removed. Terrible.

William Curry

Could not find all of the things that I was looking for.

Randy Keranen

Several workers helped me. One recommended the new app to scan as you go. A printer broke up front and they came over with a scanner gun and scanned all my groceries so I didn't have to load them back in the cart! Thank you

John Symons

Good choices for cheap food. Also has is very cheap.

Jean Kenney

Sam"s club is not a place to go to for service. Employees are typicslly marginal at best and most the time very slow. I too don't understand why one works while others stand and talk. You have to pay attention to prices as they are not always less than other regular stores. One of the things i hate most is finding a product i like and then they discontinue it. But it is near by. Does have some good deals. They tend to have lower quality sams brand items than competitor. So it is ok but plenty of room for improvement. I would give competitor 4 stars. Since it is owned by walmart i doubt they treat the emploees very well.

daisy henry

Always get the best service from optical dept.Staff loves what they do and very knowledgeable on products and services.

maryalice cruz

Always a good visit...

Dee Noree

THEY REALLY SUCK! They are mainly doing business with small business owners. They do accept personal debit cards but business debit cards. They do accept Master credit cards but Visa credit cards. Very poor customer service counter service. They always upset me every other time I went there. I would recommend Costco.

Nancy Stinson

Would love to see Smith field smoked pork chops back!!!

Pete Malin

Pleasant cashier and greeter.

Roger Tita

It is a very nice place to shop everything I wanted I could find it in the shop, it is also well organized

David Mattson

Nice location. Quality merchandise!

Queen of sheba

Glad to be a Sam's club ( Mastercard) holder. I can start my day early and shop at 7:00 a.m.

Kyle Suek

Bit busy on a Saturday but otherwise good

Dana Hall

It's a store, what's special is it? LOL

P Collins

Wow, this place is like night and day now. I used to f***ing hate this place. Everyone knew and knows that there are great deals to be had here, but the checkout process was beyond ridiculous. It was like Chinese water torture. It was so bad that I stopped coming here for about two years. Well, what a difference two years can make. As it turned out, I was going to Europe for a month this summer, and I desperately needed to get some precooked bacon to take along. All of my local stores only had tiny packages of precooked bacon at astronomical prices. So, I check online, and, low and behold, I find that Sam's has packages of 100-slice precooked bacon, which actually is over four pounds of uncooked bacon. Knowing how annoyed I used to be with this place, I decide to, begrudgingly, go in. Even with the 10% markup for nonmembers, the price of the bacon was too good to pass. up. As it turned out, I was completely shocked by the changes. For one, the employees seem a hell of a lot more interested in customer service, which was shocking. In the past, it seemed like I could get better service on an iceberg or in a raft out to sea. So, after getting back from my trip, I decided to take the plunge and get a membership. Since then, I've been here at least four times, and, each time, I had to wait exactly zero seconds to check out. Their self-checkout lanes are always open, and, if that doesn't work, you can opt to use their app to check out that way. As a result, the laborious checkout process has, now, been reduced to nothing. Like I said, everyone knows Sam's has good prices, but the checkout hell I used to endure was a major strike against this place. That problem is nonexistent now. With that said, there is a wait to get petrol, but it's not too bad. It moves quickly, and there's always someone directing traffic and preventing line cutters. Highly recommend now!

Ann Faith

Aggressive, rude employee demanded me to get out of his way

Freddy Alonso

I had went a the cashier was charging extra stuff I didn't even have, and the customer service was horrible too they weren't even trying to understand the problem.

Warren Nilsson

Check out too long. Too long wait at the cafe too (For pizza that was out of the oven too long)!

Kathy Kelzer

Too long of a wait to check out.

Mike Corlett

This place is crazy on the weekend. The parking lot is small and overcrowded. I do like the self checkout or scan as you go option but I much prefer the shakopee location to this one. I only visit this one because they carry a specific item that other locations don't.

Jeanie Workman

Good Sam's club.

Susie Hinerman

Sam's Club

Ace Sligar

Great, as always.

Michael Crowe

Easy in and out didn't have the things that were advertised I wanted

Tina Claypool

Always love shopping here.. especially being able to use the scanner app on my phone so I don't have to deal with the lines!

Daisy Lanham

Greg Conaway

Joyce Harris

They always have what I'm looking for.

Mike Flanigan

G Kemp III

Sam's gets a lot of really nice food in that the won't carry after a few months. Mostly organic or non-gmo products that probably don't sell well because they're pricier.

Jeff Titus

My #1 grocery shopping spot! Bulk food and unbeatable prices.

Bobby Smith

Good service

Tim Miller

It a wholesale club

Gustavo Keener

Korey Spagnuolo

Employees should b more willing to help the handicapped shoppers

Paul Wilson

Denise Kelly

Very nice cashier.

Megan Carpenter

Curtis McIntire

Nichole Rector

Tina Downward

Craig Coonley

Great selections. Seafood and cheeses included. Pharmacy added. Bakery needed. Great location . Friendly staff. Appliances good but need a larger area for televisions due to the lack of places that sell them in our area

Esther Myers

Friendly with lots of selections

Laurie A Hiles

Margy Nelson

I love this store you can save money with membership

Sandy Linsenmann

People are always friendly


Cheryl Hartman

Love to shop there

Shwanna Keiffer

Love the store and alot of people who work here are very nice and helpful.... BUT..... I call and call and CALL the one EVER picks up!!!!!!!!!! I always have to go into the store to see if they have what i need and it is a hour drive :( ..... Really wish they would answer there phone

Rachel Skinner

Chad Davis

Liked it.

Bill Herrald

Always have great deals and great service!

Darrell Boyles

Christina Webb

Friendly Employees!

Robert Townsend

Dave Shearer

I hate this place because they invade your cell phone the minute you walk in the store and then they start hitting you up with ads and questionnaires you never asked. This is an invasion of privacy as far as I'm concerned

sharon sinay

good sotre

Carol Childers

Very nice place to shop.

vaishali kumar


Song Hang

I can always count on it for great deals.

Bonnie Moisan

Love it got everything we needed. Great shopping experience. Store should be bigger tho. Very limited on merchandise!

Alycia Renee

Tw thumbs up for Sam's Club PHOTO CENTER!! Layouts, square photos, posters, brilliant colors, affordable.

Abraheem Minnesota

Worst customer service, Costco is better

Joe H

Staff is ok, could be a little friendlier and more accommodating.

Jennifer Madrid

I went this store last weeks, was terrible, never enough staff, n you have to be in line at least 15 minutes to pay your stuff. No good customer service...

David Balbuena

3 registers open but fast check out. Busy

Jacob Hark

Great prices but man oh man lines all the time. Slow service on front lanes even when busy while 2 to 4 people stand around and talk. Merchandising could be better. Past 2 times I have been there skim milk was empty and they had to pull up cart or I did it. Also run out of particular products I buy once a month. This place is always busy. Only time I didn't wait in line was cause of a snow storm! The guy in the tire area though is great. Helps out everywhere and is friendly. If not for great scan and go app to skip the lines I try to avoid here and used to go to Eagan location which is 3 times as far away from me. Scan and go is why I still go here.

Meetup Mania

Love it

Joseph Glynn

Tried to renew my membership. Wanted to add my wife, got tons of grief from the "customer service" person. Just ridiculous rules that they have. I finally walked out without renewing. Sam's Club will never get another dime from me.

Judi :)

Luv the shop & go...wish all stores had!

ibrahim ali

Really idont like this store better then aldis

Curt Larson

It was a very pleasant experience. I found what I was looking for right away, and it was on "SALE" besides (yippee). I then did a little bumming around. I went to the self checkout and that went really sweet. Everyone I talked to or, like one young lady approached me and asked if she could help me find anything, was very upbeat and very kind and thoughtful. I also got gas, and that line just zipped along with a very nice price for gas. That was my trip to Sam:s Club. THE END

Mark W

ok prices but really bad customer service. i would never buy a sams tire again.

Joseph Shagalow

Excellent prices but not enough service

Benjamin Heidgerken

Always a good time. Friendly workers, some transferred from the closed SLP location, make for a good experience.

Jesse Seterstrom

Good meat department.

Daniel Warn

Very good service and prices are right.

Mike Mike

Great store stocked very very very well.

Shannon Schmidt

I have never had an issue going into the Sam's Club liquor store with kids, I don't make a habit of it but if we pop into the liquor store after getting groceries they have never even so much as looked at me funny. I wonder what location denied someone service for that??

Justin Aldorfer

Would not sell liquor to me because my under age son was with me. DO NOT GO to their liquor store with your kids, you will be denied service

MadeByTerry Terry J

The only days that the photo place is active is Mondays and Tuesdays. The lady at the cafe is sooo rude

Preferred Limousine MN

Easy in and out!


Nice place and affordable shopping mall

Kevin Roellinger

Check out their deals on DirecTV!

Cathy Munoz

I was at the gas station a couple minutes ago and cars from the right line kept passing and my line was getting behind there needs to be someone there directing cars to which pump to go, it wasn't fair the guy that was there was sitting down looking at the sams club magazine.

david ackman


Jesus Loves'

Great lots of good deals.

Kelvin robinson

I can always find what I need there

David Huanca

Good place to go shopping

Kenneth Harden

Nothing wrong with the store, but the customers are AWFUL - the worst mankind has to showcase. I steer clear unless I really need to go in.

Mark Lais

The self check out lanes should have an extra cart to help scan items by moving them into the extra cart, the Eagan store does it that way and it's helpful. Also, there was three or four gas pumps out of service with a huge line to get gas, fix those pumps please!

kristin holmes

Excellent customer service. Friendly employees. Better than the competitor

Matthew Grates

I love this store, but there is never enough cashier's, you need more help!

Patricia Fatchett

It was horrible. You advertise pull up to kiosk and your stuff will be brought to you. NOT the way it was be at all. Kiosk was inside store and I, who is on a cane, had to take stuff to my car and load it myself. God help me if it had been winter instead of a nice Fall day. I am extremely dissatisfied and disappointed.

Phuong Le

I don't like this store , when I renew member , Viet nam girl she same year old with my kid . But she talk with me no good .when done I see behind me all people looking me , this time I feel very bad .

Elsa Mendez

I ask to get the membership card and give to. The costumer service a printable coupon that help me to get 20 dls give card that I use the same day was great service

Torrey Vegter

Awful experience. I went there to buy one item and it took me an hour to get out. Cafe service is pathetic, the cashier decided to take a 10 minute break to prepare pizzas while 10 people were in line. Now I remember why I became a Costco member.

Sheila R

They have been very helpful to me by carrying my large water

Maycee Vee

Ordered an item online, drove 1 hour and 1/2 to go pick it up. The lady at the service desk had no clue what I was talking about when I told her I was picking up an online item. She sounded so confused, which made me more confused, because I didn't know where else to go to pick up the item; besides the service desk. She even questioned me if I needed her to go grab the item for me. Well no duh, the whole reason why I ordered it online was just so I can pick it up and not waste my time at the store. She directed me to the jewelry station, where I was then directed to a small sign in screen where I could scan my card to confirm my pick up. There after, was directed back to the service desk. After waiting for 5 minutes, someone finally came up to me with my items. Would of been a better experience if the people there actually knew what they were doing. -.-

Nathaniel Arbogast

Bulk items for a good price.

Lena g

Barbara Pillo

Nice pleasant trip found everything I needed

Catina Jarvis

I love SAM'S

April Hurst

Carole Toothman

Kencil Watson

Edith Bennett

Charles Green

Variety good

Tim Haddix

Nice place to shop.

Mary Beth Sterling

Love the meats! Quality and quantity!

Flora Tharp

Can buy in bulk and quality is good

Ernie Meadows

It's nicely laid out, and all the workers tend to be helpful and friendly. It's a good Sams Club.

Tracy Wolfe

Juan Torres

Britt Ellis

Very nice, love the prices

Joseph Davis

Jerry Smales

This the best Sam's Club in WV. They have plenty to choose from and always have the best prices.

Roger Summerfield

Connor Cain

Darlene Stead

The friendlyness of people & variety of items.

Billy Minks

Malissa Fitzwater

William Bokey Sr

A lot of good deals, but not enough money !

Edmond Mayle

J. B. Caputo

Darrell Lake


debbie martin

Daniel Higham

Amanda Goodwin

Good prices, decent service

Brian Myers

Dave ODell


Thomas David Franklin

They have electric scooter carts.

Joey Riddle

James Hardy

Pay with your phone and just walk out. No checkout line

Todd Minkos

Michael Brown

The new Scan and Go APP is AWESOME!!

Steve Konya II

Everything here is giant size! I have to buy peanut butter in a huge container. It is like I am a tiny man in a world of giants!


C. L. Rautio

Good gas prices

Charles Hall

Always have great experience when I visit

Connor M

Call me picky, but among many other things... this place always has the nastiest parking lot. Tumble weeds of garbage every time I visit!

Helen B

Outstanding staff at the door when you leave that check your receipt as well as the pharmacy staff. All employees can take lessons from those 2 areas. Outstanding employees. I also use the self check-out as much as possible due to the long lines that another reviewer mentioned. I find that depending on the time of day I go, it's typically pretty fast. No problems with having what I want in stock. Will continue to shop here often!

Sasina Samreth

The store was well stocked, clean, and my shopping experience went off without a hitch! I did self checkout, so did not interact much with the employees.

Ahmed Jamal

Yes it is very will

kevin tiaden

Very good. What you expect at a Sam's club is this. Tires, food, other various things. Pharmacy that keeps up. Sometimes it is a little slow due to a lot of people using the pharmacy. Very short lines for the normal check out. Clean the in store and the restrooms. Plenty of parking and gas. Line for gas can be long as price for gas is normally 8 to 9 cents less per gallon than most other local gas stations.

Joel Malone

Some fat dude in a Vikings hat can’t communicate with people he stands there and points his extremely large sausage link fingers with authority rather than ever speaking a word. Good job Sams Club these are the details that will never allow you to catch up with Costco.

Stephen Kwong

Usually headed to Fridley Sam's club came here for some meats. The parking look is very small and just an overall uncomfortable feeling being there. This Sams location is also smaller than others. I did enjoy the self check out it is much quicker first time i've seen it at a Sams. Very unwelcoming kind of feeling at this location. Will be back if necessary.

Jesse Fuls

Varying degree of customer levels. It's what I expect from a warehouse shop.

Danny Woods

The store was clean well organized and Items easy to find. Less traffic than most of the Sam's Club that I have been to.

Marco Gomez

After shopping went to eat ,I have to wait 25min for a four berry sundae. They should hire more people .

Maria Gonzalez

Great prices

Kathy Small

Purchased a Matress and paid $99 for delivery service. The service was so horrible they should be ashamed to be outsourcing with installs Inc LLC. It is a poorly operated business and had I know that the service was as if I paid nothing I would have not given them a dime of my money! The delivery was suppose to be 830-12n. At 930am I received a call that they could not make it. And didn't know when they could get it to me. I have received better delivery service from places that were Free!! Then trying to get someone from customer service to return my call never happened. So I called them. The woman was not Compassionate to my needs but defensive and offered a $25 gift card which I declined and asked for her supervisor. Well, he Has to call me back. Let's just see how long that takes. There is much more to this story but my bottom line is IF YOU BUY ANYTHING FROM SAMS CLUB DO NOT USE INSTALLS INC, LLC THEIR SERVICE IS TERRIBLE AND SAMS CLUB SHOULD NOT BE ASSOCIATED WITH THEM. And if I could give them -0 stars I would!

John Mission

Mission tortillas always soft and fresh.

J L Wright

Using the scan and go app makes the shop easier.

LaWanda Keyes

Horrible! I ordered online yesterday morning and there was no pick-up available until today at 10am. I was under the assumption of someone coming to load my car once I arrived & checked in via my Sam's Club App. However, after waiting 30 minutes outside by the exit (where an Sam's Club cart employee informed me to wait) I had to go into Sam's Club, wait 10 minutes in the Membership line, then only to be told by a Manager named Sam my order is ready but there particular Location (Sam's Club Bloomington, MN-American Blvd) does not have a option for automatic associate to come outside with my order and load my items into my car. But, I only can go into this Sam's and have my items ready at the kiosk in the store and then request for someone to load them in my car. This was a very confusing a Poor Experience!!!


always under staffed. 15 people in the member services line and they never opened a second register.

Bl R

This is poorly run store with very pathetic and inefficient Manager Chris Yamaguchi. Despite bringing up the issues this 4 foot midget can't do his job at all. Tires service is joke, run by 2-3 guys hired off the street. Please do yourself a favor and do not buy tires here. You will loose lots of time and surely will be back very soon with unbalanced, poorly installed tires.

Judy Brown

They are also known for closing 5-10 minutes then they are supposed to

Jeovanni Lopez

Was in there last week and this guy that like Mr Roger's creeped made me uncomfortable

Terry Jutila

Love the deals love the variety

Joyce Mileski

We were able to get help loading our heavy cases of water...

calho001 University of Minnesota

Many choices, good prices.

Sara McAtee

Oh how I hate thee Let me count the ways I hate your lines The impassive stares Of your underpaid And burned out employees I detest the unending "I don't know" "We're out of that" and "let me call my manager" (The ones that never come) And leave you standing, wishing you hadn't bothered The kind of soul sucking Frown line leaving Utter frustration that leaves you thinking "Should have just gone to Costco"


Do not go here. Ever. Overall selection is mediocre. Produce is almost always moldy. I would recommend their competitor over them any day. Always waiting in painfully long lines because they only have 2-3 cashiers working at a time. Credit card information was stolen and used to rack up over $1000 worth of TV's 10 minutes after I left the store, therefore it was either an employee or their credit card machines have skimmers. Called the store multiple times to have them look at the camera footage. Manager was always too busy to talk and I never received a return phone call after numerous attempts to get in touch with ANY manager. Really poorly run store.

Shad Owen

This is tgoid store, it's usually fully stocked with the typical Sam's stuff. Lots of gas pumps so the line goes fast. Lots of self checkout kiosks too.

Leya Kritz

Recently signed up for the membership & headed to this location. The attitude of the checkout staff was subpar as if we were annoying her to be there. There was also a lot of issues with the sign-up process & with the "special offers" that are available for being a new member. Definitely will go to a different location again, but expected a better first experience when it came to customer service.

Ken Are

2 hours to get my tires balance. Not rotated and balanced, just balanced. Discount? Yes. Firestone would've been done in 20 minutes. Too bad, the store is good.

Rhona Beswick

Really good cornbread.

Musa Qandeel

Great value and good customer service. The gas price is a lot cheaper than outside.

Greg Andrushko

Sam's is great.

Wanita Madison

Black Friday I'm waiting for this to happen.


It was a quick trip and they had exactly what I came in there for! And the staff showed great customer service!

Talia Smith

No One knew how to renew our business-membership. I don't drive so it's quit a hike for me to make it there. Kind of frustrated No One in the building could get it done for us!

Daniel Gordon

I'm currently on my third hour of waiting for them to put on the $800 tires I ordered online and am picking up. If you buy tires here, plan to wait several hours for them to put them on.

Elsa E Mendez

Great service.always

William Reynolds

Took 20 minutes to checkout and leave the store the last 3 times I've been here. Also, I have made the mistake of purchasing steaks here on 3 occasions over the last 2 years (I keep forgetting), and each time the steaks are VERY unevenly cut, thick on one side, thin on the other, and they hide ugly scraps of fat and gristle in the package pretending to be the steak on the bottom. When the pack is 3-4 steaks, and they are all wedge shaped so that you cannot cook them evenly, and the bottom one shouldn't even count as a steak it's so ugly, it's not exactly a good deal.

Menachem Rabenstein

Very good, good service


Overall,I like Sam's. They have a great selection of produce. Sometimes they lack in the meat department. If I buy a whole beef tenderloin, I have to do quite a bit of trimming before packaging it for freezing.

Quann Dupree

Gary Taylor

Great place to shop no matter what you're looking for plenty of free parking lots of room to walk around the islands in the store assorted food and various items quite a variety

Ken Beverly

Ok after I did their job they couldn't get cap bolt lose so refused to mount my tires,I bought a $6 wrench loosened it then had to go back to get them mounted, my parents took it the first because I was busy,

Paul Correro

matt cahill

Dee Collins

Darlene Sellers

Donna Phillips

Quick and efficient

Tim McDonald

Great store

Katie Queen

Great place to shop in bulk.

Richard Bartrug

Unlike some other locations, their staff is always friendly and helpful.

Kimberly Lightfoot

Great for bulk shopping.

JD Sexton

Joseph DeMeester

A lot of good things here long lines and only 3 lines open but they did open some more

Mary Barker

Angie Simmons

Got some great deals today!

William Kuykendall

John Madam

Penny Jeffries

Thomas Greco

Got a good deal on a TV Friday an LG

Brian Daugherty

Friendly Staff!

Tom Smith

Sam's is where I stock up for me and my church. I only go about once/twice a month and I always fill up my gas tank because Sam's drives prices down for the whole area. The fruit and vegetables are very close to perfect eating stage. Don't plan on waiting more than a couple of days for ripeness. The sausages in four packs are great to have around for a quick meal. Wish it was a bit closer.

Freddie Jones

Nancy Watts

Anna Durham

Has everything we need in paper goods andgrocery and a whole lot more. Everyone is very friendly.

Tracey (Johnson) Brotosky

Michael Fox

John Kabulski

Nice clean club. No Bakery

Lou Peora

Starting to get too many self checkouts.. I wonder if they're going to give membership discounts every time you checkout yourself...

Bruce Green

Little hard to notice with traffic


curtis hildebrandt

Little crowded but found most of what I wasl looking for!

Geoff Kidder

Great place to shop. Membership required but worth it. And their app is the best ever. No more waiting in line to check out. Awesome!

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