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REVIEWS OF Vision4Less IN Louisiana

Bear Goodman

I have been a customer of Dr Kelly for years and now with the addition of his Son, I get twice the amount of attention! My whole family uses Vision 4 Less mainly because of Dr Kelly and his wonderful staff!

Emily Carpenter

Great service!! Both pair of Glasses were ready in exactly an hour.

james white

Thanks for your help ! The girl that waited on me was amazing! What to say her name is holy ? Not sure! But she was very professional! And had my glasses under a hour! Thanks again! Great place for glasses done in one hour ! So if you sit on yours stop in!

James Stephens

The staff was very nice and helpful and informative they helped me and my wife with everything

Tracy Miller

Johny Octane

Perfect in every way! Thanks a million.

Karla Duncan

Love V4L...personal experience, fast service.

Carolyn Price

Friendly and helpful staff.

Brenda Willis

In 2 hours I walked out with 2 new glasses that I love! I'm so pleased with the great service at VIsion4Less.


Unprofessional zero stars


Friendly staff, helpful and professional. Great value, great selection, fast service! Highly recommend!!

heather heard

Got 2 pairs of glasses for my 4 year old. Karen was so helpful and efficient and got my son excited for his new glasses by telling him Superman was going to make them for him! We’ll be back.

Andrew McCarter

Nedra Hutchings

Very professional and friendly. First time coming here and would definitely go back.

Chris Larkin

We've been in several times for glasses and I'm thoroughly satisfied with the results. The people are friendly, the glasses are quality and if there is a problem (caused by a prescription from another company), V4L will replace the lenses. AWESOME!

Rhonda Williams

Fast and friendly service!!!!!!

Donis Ruggieri

Staff was super friendly and professional. Thanks for a great experience!

Allanah Todd

Leslye Burgess

Great service and great price.

kathryn Shaw

Everyone was very nice and helpful. My glasses seem to fit perfectly and script is correct.

Jezebel 392

Very helpful and fast service..thank you

Denise Ward

Niecy Sincere

These people are a little better than Eye Care to me. Good prices.

Julie Everett

As far as the glasses and the value, that would be excellent. My daughter’s glasses were ready in less than an hour. But as far as our customer service experience, I can not give a good review. The lady who waited on us to buy glasses was cordial and helpful. And I had no problem waiting our turn to purchase glasses. The problem arose when I came back for pick up. When I arrived to pick up my daughter’s glasses, I was asked to sign in and wait. I was told when ordering that I would be able to just run in and pick up when ready. That was NOT the case. While waiting at the counter, one of the workers called me by name in a loud voice and told me it would be a while and I needed to take a seat. I told her I was just there to pick up my daughter’s glasses. She again told me it would be a while and I needed to take a seat. My daughter was waiting in the car with a migraine from having her eyes dilated at the Opthomologist. I also live 50 miles away and made a special trip into town just for dr and glasses. I told her I would just have to make another trip to get the glasses at a later time and left. We have always used the Bossier location and never experienced rude behavior and will never use this location again! By the way, I picked up my daughter’s glasses yesterday. I had to sign in and wait 15 minutes just for someone to hand me her glasses....ridiculous! The glasses and value are great....they need to work on their customer service.

JEssica Payne

They’re amazing and patient and super helpful!

Jenny Peters

Always super friendly and very fast turn-around! I've been taking my kids here for years, and they are awesome!

Supa Gee

Great place nice staff

Henry Smith

Have not heard from you four weeks. Where are my glasses

patsy Handy

love the prices, adore the glasses (all 4 pair).

ddanne williams

I recently got new glasses and I’m very pleased with them. I was assisted by a very helpful and knowledgeable young lady. She took my information and measurements, resulting in a perfect pair of glasses. I didn’t need to have any adjustments after being made. I was told that glasses would be ready in two hours, but it was only 31 minutes! I was really impressed at how quickly I was able to pick my new glasses up. I will be going back for my next pair of glasses.

Aaron Straight

Not sure where to start. Yesterday we got my daughters eyes checked and get her some glasses. I called Vision 4 less on Youreedrive in Shreveport, LA to make sure that they took her insurance for her frames and lenses. The lady I talked told me that they took her insurance. So today we went there to get the frames. My wife and daughter went in and the customer service was HORRIBLE there. She gave them our daughters information and they said they couldn't find her in the system to verify she has insurance. instead of trying to figure it out and help us, they were rude they told us they needed her social, which we did not have at the time because we don't just carry those cards around. so we drive 45 minutes home to get that information they needed and my wife and daughter drive 45 minutes back. When they get there they say, "Oh, we don't take her insurance." I was so frustrated and my wife was as well. She told them that I had called yesterday and they told me that they took her insurance. So fed up with Vision 4 less, and I can say that I will NEVER go there for glasses, and won't refer them. They are rude, and their customer service is horrible.

Lisa Gardella

Very helpful and professional. Great customer service. The customer is always first at Vision 4 Less!!

Thelma McCarthy

The people at vision 4less are very helpful! They go out of their way to help you get what you want in your eyewear! Thank you! VISION 4 LESS

leigh Jones

Great place to get glasses

Doug Buchan

What a great experience. I had a plan my plan wouldn’t work. They worked hard to make a new plan Hollie was great 2 new pairs of glasses

Mark N.

Professional and non pushy. This location is limited in their selection of higher end brands but they likely carry items specific to the region. Service was quick and friendly.

roxanne ross

Glasses were ready in 55 minutes and were reasonably priced. I had to wait in quite a long line for pickup though. My only suggestion would be to have someone at the pickup counter at all times. Overall good experience.

Ariel Stewart

1 star for the staff being friendly and they do try and help. However, the management is terrible and that's why only 1 star. Staff are overworked and manager is rude. My glasses did not fit my face and gave me an extreme headache. Sunglasses made me dizzy. It took me a long time to get waited on my initial visit, and it was very crowded and noisy. I was not interested in going back through that again. Would rather pay more somewhere else in order to receive better customer service. I called to ask about the return policy and the manager was rude and condescending to me. Had a bad experience at this same store a couple of years ago and promised I'd never go back. Hoped things had gotten better, but they don't appear to have. Will NOT be going back.

Richard & Patricia Price

Jaime did a great job. She was courteous, attentive and friendly. Mike went out of his way to help my friend from another country get new glasses that work perfectly even though her prescription information was in the form of a photo of a computer readout rather than the usual handwritten format.

Lane Adger

In and out and 2 pair of glasses within 2 hours excellent service

Amanda Wadkins

I enjoyed my time I spent there and got some new glasses for my picky ten year old daughter.

Kasey C

Great service and price.

Edith Armstrong

Great customer service. Great hours and good prices.

Wallace Evans

Very nice people & helpful

Marie Williams

Yes, I loved my experience with Vision4Less. It took me 2 hours to make up my mind. So many styles and colors. But I am happy with the end result and plan to go back for two more pair!!!!

Sasha Harris

Great customer service and many styles to choose from. I love the fact that I can drop off my prescription and run some errands meanwhile they send texts to you letting you know when your glasses are ready!

Raveunna Thompson

Cameron S

Very professional staff. They helped me immediately and gave me space to try on frames. Service was super fast. My first pair was ready after only 20 minutes! My second pair took a bit longer because they were pretty big sunglasses. Both came out perfect. They even fitted the glasses to my face, which was great! And I got both pairs of glasses (including lens upgrades) for less than 1 pair usually costs me!

Melony Gordon

The staff is wonderful and helpful. We feel very comfortable there.

Shanudra White

This is going to come off just plain rude, which I don’t mean to be, Lauren needs to be talked to about her hygiene, I walked in to get glasses and decided against buying them because of how badly this employee made the building stink.

LeAnn Thames

Great, quick, service. My son got two pair of nice glasses at a discounted price and they even asked if there were any more discounts they could give us. Like educators, military... We got an additional discount and both pair were done it about 30 min. on a Saturday. Very impressed!!!

Rickey Melvin

john beauregard

The best place to get eye glasses at a very good price

Tina Williams

This was my first time going to V4L, I Loved it. It only took them 19 minutes before my glasses were ready for pick up. Because I wear contacts also, I elected to get a Contact exam with Dr Kelly. I got prescriptions for both Glasses and Contacts, unlike my previous appointments where I had to pay for both

Snoopy Conly

Great and friendly service, as always plus great price. Really enjoyed the staff Jamie, who took care of me.

Joe Dixon

Took only an hour and they had our glasses ready.

Cathy Daniels

Love my new glasses and even though it was busy there I was waited on quickly and they were all nice. My glasses were ready for pickup in 66 minutes. I wear no line bifocals. Thank you vision 4 less.

Marianna Rader

Bridgett Jacobs

I love going here. My glasses was done less than 2 hours. Awesome!!

LaDonna Rachal

GREAT place to get glasses! Staff was very friendly and helpful, especially Jamie who helped us get the perfect pair of glasses. Two pair were ready in about 30 minutes. Will not consider going anywhere else next time!

David Saphier

The manager, Michael and one of the salesgirls, Brittany in particular deserve special credit. Both are wonderful human beings.

Ronda Huse

Christina Loggins

Great service!

Cheryl Star

Product =5, Service = 1. own personal experience.

Carmen McDonnell

Super nice employees and very fast service! Dr. Kelley and staff are also very efficient with our time very nice as well! Thank you!

Alonzo Hill

The best!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm telling everyone...

Latonya Duncan

Great friendly customer service and glasses are good quality at a great price. I reccomend Vision 4Less to anyone looking to purchase glasses.

Nicole Liotti

Got 2 pairs didn't have to use vision insurance . Received store discount. Good tint on each pair . Love my Ray Ban . Helpful staff.

Tranautica Webb

Anonymous Anonymous

RIP offs

Kyra Reed

Fast had my glasses in 10 minutes (after I picked them out and did the paper work) was only there for an hour though....mostly because I couldn't decide on frames.

Karen Bryant

Katie Is the Best!!!!!

Danielle Massey

I always take my family to this location. The doctors and staff are nice, as well as the staff in the Vision for Less connected to it. They are reasonably priced and helpful. They are almost always busy, but that's because they do such a great job. Plus they always get you in and out pretty quickly.

Amy Charon

The doctor is so awesome! He is so sweet and so are his assistants . On the other side where you pick out your glasses, those ladies are so sweet and helpful. I originally picked out a pair that didn't go well with my face shape and she helped me pick some out that are cute and look great on me !

Teresa Beaudion

Dena Moses

Amazing customer service. Very friendly and caring. Professional and they try to get you in and out.

The Klaw

They worked closely with me to help me get my new glasses while staying within my budget. Once I picked out my frames and all the measurements were taken to ensure the correct fit I was told my glasses would be ready in 2 hours. Wow! An hour later i received a text letting me know my glasses were ready! Great service, selection and pricing... what's not to love?!

Gary White

Sheila Foster

I waited two weeks for my glasses to arrive and when I tried them on everything was double. A young man tried making adjustments and needed help from the manager. The manager twisted the glasses until I was no longer seeing double. The prescription was never checked and was told that it would take a few days for things to improve. Within a few days I was waking up with a stiff neck and pain running from my shoulders to elbows. I did not connect this with the glasses. The glasses started scratching and coming apart within weeks. After waiting for more than hour for help, I was told that I was "too rough" and to be more careful. The scratching continued and so did the pain in my arms and shoulders. The glasses became so scratched that it was necessary to have them replaced. Of course, Vision 4 Less would not claim responsibility because they felt I had not taken proper care of the glasses. I have worn glasses since grade school and never have had problems with scratching or the frames. The eye pieces and screws fell off several times. And, always a long wait to have repair and a "lecture". So I went to the recently opened JC Penney Optical center where I received an excellent eye exam and friendly service. Now I have new glasses and I can see very well. Perhaps coincidence, but the pain in my arms and shoulders became much better within a couple of weeks and continues to improve to the point that normal activities are no longer painful. The doctor at Penney's did comment that my prescription had changed quite a bit in a short time. This might have been his way of telling me that my first prescription was not a good one. Vision 4 Less does not give good service, may have given me a bad prescription and caused me physical pain.

Laurel Perkins

I had a great experience at Vision 4 Less in Youree Dr. The staff is quick efficient , and the price for the eye exam and glasses(2) pair was much less than I anticipated. Thanks to all, and special thanks to Loren who explained everything thoroughly.

Casey Gates

Karan Hall

Superior service! Kristie was the person who helped me and she went above and beyond. She was helpful, yet not overbearing and pushy as you may get from other places. I would highly recommend!

42025153 PFCUSA

I've gone to this store for years now...they are absolutely the BEST!!! ALWAYS more than accommodating, and they go out of their way to help in any situation! They have even made my glasses in under 10 miutes more than once! I'll NEVER go anywhere else!

Erica Johnson

They were awesome. I received my glasses back sooner than expected. The staff was very friendly and courteous.


The staff was friendly and very patient. They have a great selection of frames.

Charles Renter

Very good

Earnestine Clinton

Adamlee Crawford

Possibly my experience was due to necessity rather than overly courteous service? I needed new contacts and I was treated like royalty. The staff was so experienced in the knowledge portion of their duties I was taken aback at such professionalism. Even though they did not accept my insurance I still took advatage of their products and would gladly recommend them to anyone that is seeking quality optical care. Thanks guys for the good job you did.

Shemika Winn

A great place for all your eye care needs.

Caramia Davis

Mona Yates

I was happy with my glasses and their work

Jonathan Gerthe

No pressure fast service.

kenneth mascagni

On March 10, 2016, i call to see if my glasses were ready. I was put on Hold by Jonathan for 5 minutes. I call back, and Jonathan puts me on hold for another 4 minutes, comes back on the line and again asks for my name. Sloppy, sloppy service.

Rodney Shawn Ogden

Vernecia W

The atmosphere was professional. It took a while, but when I was served the person was great!

Melissa Dixon

Very efficient, friendly and although they had to order one of my lenses the other pair were ready in 14 minutes! Good pricing and understanding of a persons budget. Just wow! I will definitely use them again in the future.

thanhhoan nguyen

Service here really good I love this place

Casey Kelly

I have always loved taking my kids to get their glasses for vision 4 less! The lady that helped us yesterday was wonderful with kids!

Chloe Lawrence

Everyone was very nice and genuinely interested in you finding your perfect pair of glasses

Melody Kiper

Waited 30 minutes just for the woman to tell me they "couldn't" use my existing frames because of something or another. I walked out, went to target, and had new lenses ordered in 5 minutes.

Loyd Dennington

Jayln Wooten

Bryan Preston

Awesome service people are really nice got me in and out really fast

Cassie Lytle

I got an eye exam and glasses yesterday at Vision4less. I have found my new eye care professionals. Every part of my expereance was excellent. The test they perform , they were kind and skilled. My eye exam was fast and efficient. My prescription is perfect. As far as my glasses , I was taken care of right away , I got a beautiful pair of glasses and they are better than I thought they could be. Jamie hooked these glasses up. While she was attentive to me and my needs , she also helped customers check in. My glasses with all the extras were done in 21 minutes !!! 21 minutes , my last pair of glasses took WEEKS. Vision4less took 21 minutes. I'm not going to go into the benifits I'm eligible for as far as keeping my new spectacles in tip top shape , there's a slew of them. Thanks everyone at Vision4less y'all made my day yesterday and I will brag about y'all to anyone that will listen :-)

Cassandra Blackshire

I took my grand daughter to have her eyes check somewhere else and she really needed glasses like asap, but that place couldn't get them for 14 business days. A friend suggested Vision4Less so I tried them. I got to them at 5pm and by 5:45 we were done and ready to leave with the glasses. I was so pleased with product and customer service I received. I will definitely be back and will always recommend them!

Lawrence Wynn

Stacy Dyke

They took the stress out of buying glasses!!

Kayla Riggs

I had to pay out of pocket for my glasses and lenses. And i was able to get to pairs! I was prepared to spend the same amount on one pair! I didn’t really believe it would only take an hour for them to get finished with them but within less then an hour i got a text saying both pairs where ready. I trully do appreciate all the help i got there. Even when my insurance couldn’t get their act together Vision4Less knew how to handle it! Will be going there for many years to come!

Brooke Bain

Fast friendly service

Christopher Larkin

My glasses were done in 16 minutes and the employees were super nice!

Michael G

Sales associates were very knowledgeable and thorough. Fast and friendly service. Had my glasses ready in around 2 hours. I'm very happy with the fit, function, and look of my new glasses. Worth every penny. I definitely recommend Vision4Less.

Andrea Morales

elizabeth bain

I got my glasses in less than an hour!!!!

Matthew Sims

This place says vision for less on the sign, but the receipt will read eyemart express. Got good service as usual but wasn't told of the change in ownership. Doesn't really matter in the long run but I'd like to know with whom I'm doing business.

Miky Kaushal MD

Excellent customer service!!! Glasses were ready well ahead of time!!! Very Happy with them!!!

Courtney Vinson

Francesca was such an amazing help with our experience! She was knowledgeable & very sweet. I'm not sure of the man's name behind the counter but he did a "WOW factor" before & after my niece wore glasses for the 1st time & she hasn't stopped talking about what a difference it made in how clear everything is now. I really appreciate all the help that was given & the prices are great! 10* from us!

Jennifer Griffin Minor

Efficient, friendly, professional, exceptional value!

Charlie Parker

Excellent experience overall. Family fun day at the eye doctor and getting new glasses all around. 8 pairs total. 5 pairs were ready and fitted before we finished ordering the last pair. Before we could finish lunch the other 3 pairs were ready. My first time with progressive lenses. Thoroughly explained and very comfortable with using them before walking out. Lauren was very knowledgeable in ensuring we had what we needed without any unnecessary expense. The entire family is seeing a whole new world. Thanks for your great service and products.

Beverly collins

Very friendly and courteous service


Best place to go to

Ary Lucas

Dede B

Terrible service, wasn’t able to get glasses because of unreasonable and disrespectful people. Also the insurance policies are hoaxes. I tried

fefu aaron

fast, friendly service with lots of options to choose from. i loved that they send you a text when your glasses are ready

Laura J

Excellent service. Had to take an eye exam, I was in and out of the place in less than an hour and my glasses (2pairs) were done in 16 mins. I wouldn't go anywhere else.


I have to say the staff is very nice and knowledgeable. The manager Michael went above and beyond to make sure my glasses were correct. I highly recommend this vision4less to all my friends and family members. A heartfelt thanks for taking care of me and my needs for my glasses. Tim P.

Gene Mariano

Satisfaction guaranteed here is "satisfaction guaranteed". True to their word as I've experienced it. I got my very first prescription glasses here 2 years ago. I was happy with that pair that I decided to come back for my next pair. This time, I got 2 pairs and had a bit of difficulty with the options. After having them for a week, I decided to take the tint out of one and the other was a bit ill fitted for me. They accommodated all my requests. Aside from no fuss rework/exchange, they also spent their time fitting and suggesting the right frames and lenses for me and gave me a 10 dollar discount on top of that! I've never seen this " above and beyond" service anywhere! Thanks to Sherri, Mike, and Laura. I'm very happy with my eyewear.

Kim Holley Page


Ronnie Pilgreen

Great service! Super fast! friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Angel Valdez

jim crump

Chaka Hill

Vision 4less is the best places to receive service for eye wear. the best customer service i have ever received especially the young lady Brittany she made my daughter feel so excited about her glasses. The service is really fast. Thanks vision 4less for everything.

Hannah Strickland

Most helpful and friendly staff ever!! Thanks to this eye doc my prescription is finally right and I can finally see!! Thank you vision for less!!

Lilly Dale

Tommie Clark

alisa politz

Impressive! Excellent customer service, namely Jaime. So far satisfied with product and prices. Highly recommend for everyone.

Robert Chambers

Went Vision 4 Less on Youree Blvd 28 Dec 2017 and was awesome experience. Did a walk appointment to Dr. Kelly for eye exam and then bought glases. Went in at 9am was out by 930. The staff in both sections were great highly recommend you go there.

Manuel Baeza

An hour long wait, for them to tell me my prescription is expired.

Paul Frederick

Very fast and good service .

Sadie Shine

Great service! The associate that assisted me was absolutely wonderful. She was very friendly, patient, and knowledgeable.

Glen Davis

Super nice, fast and knowledgeable. Great

Mark Sloan

It was a great experience. Both pair of glasses were done faster than expected. Will definitely go back

Phyllis Williams

I loved this location! They was very nice, friendly and I was in and out in no time! I would advise anyone to go to this store.

Linda Neagle

I got in on the 2 pairs with progressive bifocals for $69. They made them quickly and 1 pair was perfect but the other had issues. They remade them and they're right now. I would recommend them.


Love the glasses. Perfectly made.

Melani McElroy

Friendly and courteous customer service!

Glenn Schach

Staff was very knowledgeable and courteous. Was able to get my new glasses on less than 2 hours. Reasonable pricing.

Brenda Allen

I was very happy with my visit to vision 4 less the people was very nice warm welcome wonderful service I received my glasses in less than 2 hours which was very good since I live close to Mansfield thanks to all the wonderful people at vision 4 less.

Josalyn Braden

Was not spoken to, no one asked what I needed, Bossier City location is much better and employees don't mind helping anyone out.

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