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REVIEWS OF Walmart Vision & Glasses IN Connecticut

Sevda Rahymov

Angela Cox

I've went here and seen the same eye Dr for the last 4 years. My kids have been going to her as well and she is fabulous. All the staff is fabulous actually and I love being able to have the same eye Dr every year that knows me and my health conditions as well as my children.

John Lin

I have been the happy customer of the Vision Center of this Walmart in Plymouth, NH for the past few years, and many times I needed the assistance of an optician without making a purchase. Whether to tighten and adjust a pair of glasses or to take some measurements of my eyes to help me purchase eyewear that they did not carry, I was always treated like a valued, paying, customer. Especially noteworthy is the professional and friendly manner of the center's manager, Elena Corum. There are many places that say the customer comes first, but this is a rare place where they put you and and your needs ahead of any gain for them. I can't say enough about the vision center! They are the best!

E Fowler

I was hung up on by a very rude employee. I will NEVER use this vision center again.

Haydee Richards

Customer service is not their first priority, you can wait a good long while till they take care of you. When my glasses came in, they were the wrong kind and I had to wait a good while untill I got the right ones, no apology whatsoever. Felt very much taken advantage of by the attendant.

Erin Allen

Katrina Cooper

I had a appointment on Thursday and I have to yell you the doctor was very professional and hilarious , this was the best eye exam experience I've ever had would definitely recommend them to others and I will continue to keep giving them my business

Annette Marie

Horrible customer service. The lady at the counter was very inattentive and appeared to have no idea what she was doing. Asked for my daughters name three times and claimed she could not look up the benefit info because it was Sunday (she could have looked it up online). She was very lazy when it came to helping us out. Very disappointed and will no longer be getting eye glasses here

Ladonna Barnard

Came in to the store to pick up hubby's contacts! Told BETSY about my prior experience with other worker who was not compassionate about my emergency situation for hubby, and then she argued and told me incorrectly and not doing what I ask I will contact supervisor soon once things come down BETSY was amazing , sympathetic, apologetic for the goober and was amazing with My son!!!!!!! While we fixed things!!!! ADORE HER I AM KEEPING husbands account here only BECAUSE OF THIS ANGEL! Ladonna Barnard

Tara Smith

The eye doctor was great, however the rest of the staff need to be trained in customer service. They are argumentative, give conflicting information ( such as when to expect glasses to be ready for pick-up) and they act like THEY are doing YOU a favor by doing their jobs. I am glad that I finally got my glasses, but I will never, ever go there again and I will tell all family, friends, acquaintances and strangers to stay away from this place.

Queeny Jeanie

My eye doctor was the BEST ever & the girls out front are always nice & helpful!! Im going today for more contacts!!

Isabella Maldonado

It took them 2 months to give me my contact lenses prescription all because the free one month trial was taking to long get here. I asked for a refund since I had nothing for what I played for. The receptionist was rude like if I was asking her for her money. Dr. Is great but that lady needs to go. And by the other review people seem to dislike her as well.

Chris Bible

Charlie Lovejoy

Sally Gearhart

I got my contacts and glasses at the Walmart Vision Center and i had a great experience! It didn't cost me a small fortune either. The optometrist was really nice and very thorough, i was super happy! Then i went to order my contacts and pick out my glasses. The lady that helped me was awesome! She helped me pick out exactly what i wanted and they had my contacts in stock which was nice! I will definitely be going back there.

Stephen Jones

Dr. Mayfield and staff have always been great! I have seen her since I moved to Omaha 4 years ago and will continue. She is very knowledgeable and always a pleasure to speak with.

Jack Laurie

Lorrie Budden

Very helpful and polite customer service reps.

Ali Raza


Took them my prescription for my glasses because my son lost them on Friday. I was called around noon today which is Monday that they were ready. Fastest service offered. The place I got my first pair from they told me 3-4 weeks. I am so pleased and I thank you for understanding I needed my glasses as soon as possible.

Claudiu Ristea

Pair this place with the Doctor next door and you have a great combo of service and courtesy. More than what you can ever get on High End Optical stores. It's all about perception, but my experience here was one of the best ever.

Kris Hadyn

Exceedingly helpful on the phone, even though they were at lunch. Spoke to me immediately upon arrival. Took care of my repair promptly and without charge, despite my buying the glasses elsewhere originally, fitting me in with the other customers. The selection seemed decent, no noticeable difference between my rimless and the ones they had. Nice accessories, wished I could've shopped more, but I was running late and I had to be quick. They absolutely got my glasses fixed in time to be on my way.

Miss L2

Called to make an appointment, was told to hold (NOT asked, TOLD). After a 2 minute hold, I was informed that I would need to call another number to schedule an appt for an eye exam. This is not good customer service.


i am reviewing for my parents beware.. they will rip you off, take advantage of the fact that you don't know much about ordering glasses. i do because i used to be an optician.. did it for a few years. i just got off the phone with my mom who told me my dad needed glasses... single vision, distance only.. they paid $119 + taxes... for one pair! when she told me the price, i *knew* something was up (btw, he's only ever worn otc readers, so he definitely doesn't have the knowledge i do) his prescription isn't even that strong. they sold him polycarbonate lenses $55/lens. keep in mind that for his Rx, he could've just gotten regular plastic lenses.. total for the glasses *would've* been around $40-50. i called to get a quote.. the associate didn't even give me options for lenses. went straight for the poly option, even when i told him my (fake but similar to my dad's) prescription... gave me just one *starting* price of $119, not a range. any honest optician would quote you for plastic lens after hearing that the prescription isn't that strong and maybe..*maybe* quote you for poly. i have a feeling (esp from talking to the guy on the phone) that the plastic was not even mentioned to my parents (because i HAD TO ASK about it, he didn't offer that info on the phone. very telling that he went straight to the poly lens price even after i mentioned a "weak" prescription.) crooks... on top of that it would take 1-2 weeks. single vision only, no add-ons like transitions... nothing. my parents are the type to not rock the boat, so unfortunately, they're just gonna keep the pair they ordered. they're retirees.. how are you gonna take advantage of people like that? please, shop around people.. for better and more honest service!


I had originally purchased 3 set of glasses and exams in 2016 for myself and 2 of the 3 kids, everything went great then, then in October of year 2017 the warranty was up - no problem, I purchased another set of frames for one of the kids who had broken their frame- no big deal. well, yesterday I go there to get the frame looked at again for falling apart, guess what, They have no history of my last purchase in October, in fact according to them we haven't been in since 2016 - NO RECORDS - of any of the warranty exchanges, no records of purchasing anything. How can a legit business not keep any records of that - when I asked the worker (who was very apologetic) he told me they probably just ran it through as a "in and out" an didn't tie it to the customer, We are all due for exams again in April, and we don't have eye insurance - - guess who wont be getting my money this 2018 year?

Gerald Montoya

I can see again!

Kristen Rogers

Dr. Goerl is awesome!

Ryan Winters

Amazing customer service and managed very well. A fun and easy experience!

Ellen Price

Camille Jacobs

Saree Abdo

Vision Customer services inn phone and personally are awful, they can't even bother them self to direct you to the right department.instead they will put you on hold till you hang up.

Patrick john Dolan

Very cool and I'm impressed with the customer service

Ed Kalbrunner

Nawaf Al-ofi

They delayed my glasses for one week.

anisa strong

MrKudo611 .

Thanks for calling me to say you were open till 9, only to show up at 8 to pick up my glasses and for you to be closed.

Prince Leo

Slow 2 open receiving door. Workers mill around aimlessly. More talking than working. Basically it's walmart. Ssdd

Steve Lim

Terribly run office with incompetent staff. Got an eye exam and ordered contacts in March. Tried to return today to order more contacts and they said they had no record of my exam or prescription and that I would have to pay for another exam. It’s as poorly run as the Walmart it’s part of, find a real optometrist.

Annemarie Sanks

Have been going to FL store for glasses for over 8 years. No complaints.

Heidi Scheffer

Didn't even deserve a star but had to give them something to write a review. Very dissatisfied with the whole experience. Going back to shopko or walmart in Cambridge since they were willing to help resolve the issue but couldn't since we unfortunately went to forest lake walmart vision center. Please rethink your choice if you are looking at going here!!

Joseph Williams

Because they all ways have moldy bread and they all ways have stuff opened

Julian brousseau

Ana Valdez

Went to ask if they would do an exam for my 5 year old and the lady seemed bothered. It's no wonder you hardly see anyone there. Very rude staff. Will take my business where it is appreciated.

Asiah Rogers


Winchester Bostick

Staff was not walk in friendly. Staff was not proactive. After lunch first patient was not seen until 2:25pm, which was 25 minutes after lunch was over. Staff is not maximizing their resources and only seeing one patient at a time. In turn tgis makes the wait even longer. As a walk In we had to request for forms, which should have been giving to us initially.

Josh Haley

William Cash Cash


Tony V

This is the third vision center / Optometrist in three years and by far the best fit, prescription, and best staff. Tried Better Vision (not bad) and Lens Crafters at the mall (not good). I would suggest to give them a try, they were prompt, helpful, and so far I am enjoying my new optics.

Traci Marin

Have been going here for years. Dr Goerl is great with kids and adults. This is low cost, quality care.

Monica Castro

Rude customer service. Asked for them to tighten my frames while I waited for an eye exam,When I got my glasses back the frame that I payed $160 for had been melted, and my left lens had been completely messed up,I can't even see through the lens anymore. When I confronted them about it they said " It was my problem and we cant do anything about it" DO NOT RECOMMEND AT ALL!

Jonathan Tesfaaye

Optometrist office was slow,inefficient, and understaffed on a very slow day. I was stuck here for 2 hrs(with an appointment) because of this. There was only 1 optometrist here and even when I left for a quick test the optometrist went to see another patients(which was no problem) but took another 25 minute wait time. On the positive side though the glass shop prior to entering the office had great customer service(Sheri) and she was very helpful, welcoming, and insightful on potential glass options and financing.

Andre Smith

Really bad customer service. When I called and asked about coming to change my contact lens brand the lady was rude and had no patience and very rude. Then they were going to charge me just to switch the brand of my contact lens NOT PRESCRIPTION the brand!!! Guess you get what you pay for!!!

MNMs World

Beech Harbin

Assisting us with our new glasses: Aurora. I believe her last name is Holt. What an absolute delight she was. Couldn't have been more helpful, or cheerful, or willing to go out of her way to give us what we needed and wanted.

stacey oliver

If I could give zero stars for this business I would. The optical assistant Laura was extremely dismissive, rolling her eyes. I came in at 10:49am it was just her and one other customer no “good morning will be with you in a minute” absolutely ignored. Then at 11:04 I finally asked her if there was anyone else here because I have been here all this time and wasn’t ever acknowledged. So she extremely sarcastically said “be with you in a minute “ with the nastiest body language, I have ever encountered. This woman is rude and dismissive and should not be working with the public if she has an issue with diversity or a flex in workflow she needs to address that personally and not with customers.

Troy Peterson


Noelle Rollins

We have had great experiences with the vision center doctors. Occasionally through the years someone working up front is clueless or lacking customer service skills but the prices are great and we've really enjoyed the doctors.

Sofie Sago

monica solis

Jessica Munkholm

Rude lady's in front

RhondaKellye Richardson

nico 07

Daniel Vandersall

Franky G Projects

Exellent service and prise... A++ to all employees atbthis vision center, they were all very helpfull

Kel C

Unfriendly? Really? I never had a bad experience here, only good. Everyone here was friendly and helpful. I have a hard prescription and recently tried another place to see if they could do better, they couldn't. I'll be coming back as this location is convenient.

Matiullah Joyia

Mean people work there

philip harvey

Liked the doctor here. He did a great job. I have only seen him once and can't review to highly yet, but will edit accordingly. So far so good .

sarah matthews

This place is horrible dont waste your money. My fiance went in on July 2018, they changed his contacts to something new. So we go they dont have his contacts in stock instead of change the prescription the old unhappy assistant with white hair says we have never given you this prescription before and your have to see the doctor again like really you just changed his prescription

Amy Van Paepeghem

After three years of a very EXPENSIVE pair of glasses- and one horrible break down the center of them, I was in NEED of a replacement. Even with insurance, it was not covering much and I didn't feel right spending $600 + again on glasses. Short story: I went into the Scarborough, Maine Eye Center to look for a replacement pair. Eric was our associate and he could not have been more wonderful. Although I was not initially sold on a forever pair, he did help me replace my current lenses with a more inexpensive frame to get me through in the meantime. For under $50 I have a great pair of glasses again. Thank you Eric for being so accommodating, and helpful!!

Shaun Christensen

Dr. Smith and the staff have been so good to me for the last few years!! I won’t go anywhere else!! Dr. Smith is one of the nicest Dr’s there are! He always makes me feel like he appreciates me coming in and is so friendly!! They get me in so fast and take care of all my need and questions!!I highly recommend this Eye Doctor

Debi Abrahamson

Dr. Smith is such an amazing and kind Dr. I generally go to Ammon Walmart for vision due to convenience but whenever I have an emergency I end up here because Dr. Smith seems to always be available at times I can get in and he is so nice and doesn't make you feel stupid or scold you up and down for accidentally falling asleep in your contacts. I think I'm going to change to him permanently. The ladies there were super friendly also

Jon Shely

There is no help been waiting for hour to order contacts.


Billy ODay

W. Paul Borkowski

I got my classes here. The eye exam and prescription were affordable. The frames are metal, spring temples and stylish. It is convenient to get glasses here.


Went in to ask about having glasses prescription transferred from another location so we could get glasses. Svetlana was extremely unprofessional, gruff and just plain nasty to us. She refused to help us and said why would I get your prescription transferred, “you are the patient not me.” And then laughed at us. This woman knows nothing about customer service and is just plain awful. Edit: Went somewhere else and they were very professional. Gave us their fax number and kindly asked that we call and request the prescription be sent. Now that wouldn’t have been too difficult would it Svetlana? Instead of being rude and ugly to us?


My family and I, even my in-laws have been coming to this location for a few years now. The staff are so friendly and have even taken the time to get to know us and our preferences. Ms. Tony is always so helpful. If we ever have a problem, she or any of the other staff always try to find a way to help us. We enjoy the fact that they know us so well. Very friendly and very courteous.

Richard Poirier

Fast service.

Delleesa Harris

World Business News & Entertainments By Bhim Gurun

Aarion Fisher

Customer service is the WORST here. I literally waited ten minutes at the front counter without being acknowledged. Also the staff is very rude, overall a poor representation of a vision center.

Samantha P

Margo Petersen

Always there to help take care of you to find The right frames!!!!

Keesha Boldt

Miranda was extremely rude and disrespectful. Had a small mistake with some insurance issues, that was really no big deal, got rude looks and rude comments. Had to reschedule an appointment with someone else because she was so rude I couldn't bare to talk with her anymore .after this apt. And I get my new glasses and contacts I will be going else where.

Erlis Velasquez

Great service.

Reg W

As of today, May 5, 2018, I still have not received contact lenses that I was examined for on April 11. Each time I have called (April 18, 25, 27). I was told I would receive a call back to let me know when they were coming in. I am very sad the customer service was so bad. I won't be using them again.

Gman Coydog

No help at all.

Rachel Mcree

The staff is always helpful.

Ruth Cossel

I've been there twice now and found the staff very helpful for answering my questions and very polite during the examination. I didn't have to wait very long either. I'll go back there when I need another prescription for my glasses.

Philip Hill

Dr Mayfield is the best! Very knowledgeable, informative and nice all at the same time. She is very professional and will answer all your questions. And they have a good selection of frames there as well.

Poovannan Prakash

Charlette/Mack McCoy

I had a Great experience at Walmart Vision Center but it's the kindness and how it's so important for them to educate people on how and why we need to understand the process behind putting your eye glasses together until we met Crystal. She educated us, measured too see to it that it matches my View though the glasses she cared about my vision. She covered ALL the understanding of their guarantee and right after I took all that in I cried. Stop by and talk with them , it doesn't cost a thing to do so but one thing Don't second guess yourself- stay! As for Crystal- " Go Governors "!!!

Liliana Villamil

Doctor is very profesional. Otherwise, the glasses are the worst , don’t full your self here. Prescription is not full lenses, just right in the middle of the glass. So you don’t have a 180 vision is just right in the middle so you have to look very straight to see. I don’t know if you understand. We pay $500, with my boyfriends which have exactly the same problem. I remember a lady, the same day we were ordering ours. She explane to the lady, why when she looked down was blurred, so she had to bend her whole head down to se clear. Well I understand now......totally rip off! DONT GO TO THIS PLACE.

M. Morris

Very affordable frames and lenses, large variety, knowledgeable and patient staff who do not try to push unnecessary upgrades like national competitors. Very satisfied with my experience.

tamara slutz

Susan Deters

Great doctor, sweet staff, very slow

Kathy Smith

Be very careful when getting glasses at Walmart If you are planning on returning the glasses as I was because they kept giving me headaches even after being adjusted more than once.The date you ORDERED them is the date they go by not the date u pick them up. I'm trying to find out who the regional manager is and I'm going to dispute the charge with Walmart. Just be careful they will not work with you, except to offer to adjust them,and I told them I am not cpming out every week to have them adjusted.

Gabby Belche

Harry Persaud

PJ Delanoza

I have been going there for a few years. The staff and doctor have always been helpful with all my questions and just great overall in customer service. Brought my mom last year for her first ever eye check up, the staff took such awesome care of her.

John Abbott

Outstanding and pleasant Doctor. Will never go anywhere else.

Younggun Kim

(Translated by Google) Similar to Korea. I'm not sure if the price is significantly cheaper. Shrimp crackers and Nongshim cup noodles are impressive. BBQ restaurant is cheap and delicious at the entrance. Good to have a meal. There's a lot of sheep. (Original) 한국이랑 비슷. 가격도 크게 싼지는 몰겠음. 새우깡과 농심 컵라면 인상적ㅋ 입구쪽에 BBQ식당이 싸고 맛있음. 한끼 때우기좋음. 양이 꽤많아 왠만한 대식가아니라면 남길듯.

Alexandra Ciammaichella

Went in today for an exam and to pick out frames. It was quick and painless! Everyone was helpful and in such good spirits it was infectious. Originally went in for both contacts and glasses but was told contacts wernt a good idea due to my perscription. The honesty was greatly appreciated and saved us $40. Will recommend friends and family to this location in the future and plan to come back next year for my checkup!

K.C. Le

lorraine gaither

When you call they state they are with other customers so you need to call another number so inefficient my daughter had an eye exam and they wanted to dialate her eyes I said no and was informed that the prescription may not be right ...,really ......I am a nurse there is not a reason to do this unless a bad visual field exam is found or a high. Glacoma reading ....stop doing unneeded test

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