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REVIEWS OF Greenwich Ophthalmology IN Connecticut

D Bruce

I will give the benefit of the doubt with two stars. Wife and child went to the office and met with Dr. Densel. Lazy eye was a diagnosis from my daughter's elementary. The Dr did tests and determined that she needed glasses. My wife was not happy and asked if alternatives existed and was told no, no other options. My wife decided to take prescription for glasses and diagnosis for school with her. She informed the doctor she would look for a second opinion . Had a second opinion by a well regarded Ophthalmologist in the Stamford area I have used and was recommended by people in the area for children also. His analysis was the eyes are close enough that he does not see further issues developing and that glasses would be like a pane of glass for her and would be tossed quickly. Reading the above, looks like just a difference of opinion. Where things become strange is the school form that needed to be filled out looks completely different from the two doctors. One filled in exactly what the school wrote for the eye issues in both the near and far areas. The other filled in the information from the diagnosis. Want to take a guess which did which? Should note her near vision is perfect and doctor just put the bad diagnosis for far in both fields. There were also additional charges for other services, but my wife was informed they wouldn't be covered by insurance. The difference between the two appointments, cost wise, was significant.

Robert Ker

Kelsey Jillette Merrow

Cristine Robinson

Dr. Joseph Conway was the rudest doctor with the worst bedside manner. I would highly discourage anyone from seeking his services.

Zainab Baker

Horrible service, waited for 1.5 hours for the doctor and the appt didn’t even take 2 minutes. Should’ve atleast informed me in advance when I booked the appointment that it would take that long and I would’ve prepared for it. Worst experience.

shruti mathur

We have had a great experience in Greenwich opthomology!! The staff is super courteous & friendly , Doc Mandava is simply fabulous!!! He is extremely patient & a great doctor!!!

Dale Johnson

Cataract surgery Dr Mondava - FANTASTIC I couldn't be more pleased. Great staff

Steven Hindman

very efficient office and excellent doctor

Gail Sassos

Joe Ryan

BEWARE. Rude doctors, rude staff, terrible service. Their business model is performing unnecessary $$$ tests which are not covered by any insurance company. They don't explain that the tests won't be covered and don't allow you to opt out of them. Total lack of communication. Appears to be intentional dishonesty. Do not trust them. The billing manager told me they have received so many complaints they have posted framed warning signs in their lobby to try and avoid liability for all the extra tests they perform without asking you or explaining the tests. Very disappointing experience. AVOID and BEWARE.

Tyler Cappello

I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Tsong at Greenwich Ophthalmology. Very clean facility and helpful staff too. Dr. Tsong saw me right away and took the time to answer all of my questions. Will be recommending to everyone I know!

Loren Morrissey

The staff and doctors are professional from the moment you walk into the door. I know that I am getting quality eye care from professionals who listen to me and want to help me. TOP NOTCH

Andy Sikou

a Professional place for Ophthalmology - they handle all your eye needs

Chris Sinclair

Excellent service and very thorough. Dr. Tsong was great, and staff is very friendly and competent.

Scott Pfister

Ashley Wilson

Dr. Conway is absolutely phenomenal he is an excellent eye doctor. "He gives you the time of day !" He is so down to earth and thorough, you will not be disappointed if you choose to join this practice.

Bryan Rosas

Achaea macaluso

1st and last visit.Bring our 3 year old daughter in for her appointment.Doctor not in.Unable to see any of the other eye doctors in the practice due to fully booked.Checked to see if they had our phone number and why they didn’t call to cancel appointment.No suitable reply given.Very disappointing 1st visit and regardless to say will not be going back to try again.With four out of 5 in the family that wear glasses we will definitely be going elsewhere.

Doug Lindland

We have always been happy with this Greenwich Ophthalmology so it was an unexpected occurrence when a couple of problems arose. After getting exams and new eyeglasses we ran into a couple of issues with our insurance and billing and then, with the manufacturer of the eyeglasses and lens. We were not too happy however, when I expressed my dissatisfaction, Christine (the owner) reached out to me directly to get everything resolved. I was pleasantly surprised when Christine and Ethan took care of the billing issues and the defective eyeglasses. It is nice that there are still businesses out there where the actual owner is available and responsive and their people stand behind their work and products. I recommend Greenwich Ophthalmology for all your eye care needs.

Douglas Cram

this is modern medicine the way it should be practiced and delivered. highest quality physicians and an office run like a high end hotel. almost no waiting. had my cataracts repaired by them and a retinal tear fixed. friends' experiences have also been excellent.

mom murphy

Greenwich Ophthalmology is a very professional, well run medical practice. My mother is a patient of Dr. Conway. He is not only knowledgeable but so kind and empathetic. He has all the qualifications of a great doctor, which he is. I would recommend him to everyone.

dean golle

Doctors and Staff are wonderful. Dr.Conway explained my dry eye to me and I left feeling confident that my eye irritation would no longer big a huge damper in my everyday life. Highly recommended

Katie Weatherseed

The entire staff is so friendly and professional. I have been seeing Dr. Tsong for several years and always appreciate the amount of care that they put into their practice and patients. Thank you Dr. Tsong!

jeff berino

Susana Poliboy

I went to Dr. Conway’s office to have my annual check-up and I had the pleasure to have Amanda as his assistant. She was so well informed, kind and willing to explain everything and every step of the process prior to the Doctor, that I decided to post a review. She made my experience in that office a comfortable and an easy one. Way to go, Amanda!

judith blumberg

I was seen immediately upon arrival. The staff was courteous and pleasant. Dr. Tsong was extremely kind, caring, and thorough. Also, Paula at the Optical Shoppe was very patient and helpful with my selection of glasses.

Carol & Don Davis

Paige Shockley

Joan Marino

I was very happy with my visit with Dr. Tsong today as well as all the staff. I only waited a few minutes and the staff was efficient and friendly. This is probably the most efficiently run doctors office I have ever been in. I love the fact that they text you twice. First as a reminder of your appointment, which is approximately a week before the appointment and then again a few days prior and you can text back whether or not you can make the appointment. Excellent idea it was.

Melinda Pecora

Ruben Valencia

brielle goldfaden

Paco Calmet

Excellent service and professionalism from Dr. Conway and all the staff. The facilities are impeccable.

Jill Ramirez

I've been seeing Dr. Conway for more than a few years now and he is by far one of the kindest, most professional and honest doctors I've been to. The new office space is excellent as well.

Basiru Danazumi

Mickey Robinson

I had scheduled an appointment with one of the other doctors but was put with Dr.Conway when I arrived for my appointment. I was very favorably impressed with his manner and his effectiveness. I recommend him to anyone seeking professional carre.

Patricia Swasey

Anton Pertsel

Joe Munoz- adspinmedia

What a great new space for doctor Potter....

Kelsey Montellese

VLR Sslice

Pam Fitzgerald

I requested an invoice for a balance they said I had, twice. They couldn’t email it but assured me it was in the mail, twice. I never received it. Today, I receive an alert that my Equifax credit score had dropped DUE TO A DEROGATORY hit. Greenwich Ophthalmology has referred a $67 charge to a collections agency and will not tell me what the charge is for. I even called last week to change an appointment and they said I had a balance. I said okay - where is my invoice or can I go over it with you when I come in for appt? They said no problem - nothing about a collections agency for $67. Update: Of the $67, I was told that $35 was a contact lens fitting for which they should have collected at the time of service (their fault). The remaining balance, a whopping $32 is what insurance did not cover. So, Greenwich Ophthalmology sent me to collections over a) their mistake b) a balance that is probably less than what they have to pay the collection agency. Next stop Better Business Bureau.

Daiane P

One of the worst experiences. Reception, doctor, and billing department - I had issued with all three. Rude people that don't know and don't try to fix/explain things.

Mr Diplomat

Margot Bush

Dr. Conway was the most professional, kind, and gentle doctor! He's a gem! He has an amazing bedside manner and was articulate and patient about answering all my questions. Margot Bush

Johanna Alvarado

Janina mswatcher

Linda L

Aneela K.

The whole office is extremely well mannered. Not to mention very clean and tidy. I had the honor of being a patient of Dr. Conway ! I rarely find doctors that portray actual sincerity; however I must admit....he made the experience more comforting, reassuring and confident that my eyes will be okay very soon! I almost felt bad that I did not need another follow-up! We need more Dr.'s like Dr. Conway. His assistant Amanda also carried such an amicable personality. 100% satisfaction guaranteed!!

Pedro D

Rich Hughes

joyce giannini

I started using Greenwich Opthalmology Associates in 2014. Dr. Tsong is my doctor in the group. He's very nice, professional and has a very caring persona about him. Extremely knowledgeable in his field and I feel confident knowing that I'm seeing an expert in the field of Opthalmology. I would highly recommend Dr. Tsong, if you're looking for an eye doctor. The reception staff is wonderful, very friendly and professional. The office is beautiful, too. Also, the department where you select your eye glass frames (optional, but so convenient to order right there) has a wonderful selection of eye glass frames and the staff are extremely helpful.

Haruko Ogasawara

Mitch Roberts

Excellent doctors, friendly efficient staff. And they appear to have the very latest in technology.

Sidney Hart

Comfortable, professional, efficient.

Ashley Teixeira

Dr. Tsong is SO nice! Makes the visit quick and easy! Nicest doctor I have been to!

Tom Kuehnel

This ophthalmology firm has all the best testing equipment and the staff is very nice and professional. I have been to several other ophthalmologists over the years and feel this ophthalmology firm is the best in Fairfield County. Dr. Gina Gladstein is very attentive, knowledgeable, has a wonderful warm manner and is a genuinely wonderful person as well.

Elaine Chien

I had an eye emergency on a Sunday morning at 8AM and Dr. Tsong was kind enough to open his office to examine me. He was thorough, articulate and clearly, dedicated. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a great ophthalmologist.

Bill Smith

I have been a patient of Dr. Conway at Greenwich Ophthalmology for several years and have always been happy with his care. He listens to questions and concerns, and carefully explains his treatment. I have also found his "team" to be highly competent and considerate. His assistant, Amanda, is especially efficient and conscientious. She is detail oriented and develops great patient relationships; I can't recommend her more highly.

Pattie Cast

Monica Malzyner

Alex Troy

Dr. Jerry Tsong is an excellent physician, skilled in his craft with a warm, caring manner. He had been treating me until I moved away, and when I happened to back in town he agreed to see me without much notice. His examinations are always highly professional, thorough and sensitively done. When he explains things he is clear and compassionate. The GOA office is similarly professional, polite and caring. I have complete confidence in GOA and recommend them enthusiastically.

Lori Jackson

Nancy Walsh

Sheldon Jackson

Stephen Rozmus

Dr. Conway is very kind, calm and thorough. He never rushes through an appointment and makes sure that all of your questions have been answered. My family has always had great experiences with him. He was particularly amazing when my 11 year old son had a piece of metal in his cornea. I highly recommend Dr. Conway!

Helene Parker

I highly recommend Dr. Conway as my ophthalmologist and eye surgeon. Not only is Dr. Conway highly skilled, knowledgeable and professional - he is honest and very caring in his demeanor. Cutting edge technology is used. Appointments run on time. The facilities are clean. His team is friendly and attentive. A special nod goes to Patty, who books Dr. Conway's surgeries. She is very compassionate to your needs and on top of her game! Overall, you are in excellent hands with Doctor Conway and his team of experts.

Scott Handelman

Saw Dr. Conway. He was very professional and did a great job with my eye. I would highly recommend him.

Alessandra Bianco

I have been going to Greenwich Ophthalmology since I was a small child and I absolutely love the group. Dr. Densel has been my primary eye doctor for years and she is kind and gentle, always putting me at ease while sitting in her chair. Last week I had LASIK eye surgery with Dr. Mandava- phenomenal!!! The next day I was seeing better than 20/20. Not only was the procedure quick (less than 15 minutes in the procedure room) but almost completely pain free! And Dr. Mandava was one of the best doctors I have ever encountered. He was unbelievably calming and answered every question I had as a nervous patient. I have always had a pleasant experience with the staff and I would highly recommend the group as a whole. Thank you so much!

Susan A

A well oiled machine of an office. A bit costly with my insurance and the fact that they promote optimap as opposed to dilating drops (optimap not covered). But they tell you up front, so can’t complain. They know their business.

Ani Khachian

Overall nice experience with Dr. Tsong and Joe Forte

Julia Chiappetta

Dr. Conway and his team are wonderful. He is a very caring doctor, who takes the time to get to know you personally and truly cares. He is brilliant, kind and compassionate. Amanda, his PA is amazing, she is efficient, welcoming and nice....truly a gem in his office.

William Mallozzi

Great eyecare......Knowledgeable Doctors. Appointments are at least an hour 1 to 1.5 hrs wait. Why do we have appointments?? Its ridiculous and this needs to be addressed,especially for people that work!! Been comming for the last 8 months. Everytime the same thing. May have to look elsewhere.

Michele Martin

Well organized office. Staff is courteous and professional. State of the art technology and top rated medical services. Candy, too.

david walsh

Always kind,friendly and helpful. Been with them for 30 yrs.

Theresa Carroll

I have been a patient of Dr. Conway for a number of years and believe I'm in the very best hands possible. I always receive an in depth explanation of tests and procedures. I highly recommend Greenwich Optholmology.

George & Noel Wang

Megan Young

Paul Sirbono

Great doctors, great staff and great office/environment. Just a great overall practice.

Sumit Kumar

Maureen Darash

This office is wonderful. It works hard for its patients. They are on time, polite and informative. Everyone does a good job in making it easy. I've been a patient for over 20 years and would recommend this practice highly.

Tim Steere

Horribly non-transparent billing process. After being told my insurance wasn't accepted and I'd be paying out of pocket, I was then billed again because my insurance WAS in fact accepted and didn't meet the deductible. Less than ideal patient experience. Will not be going back.

MH Hur

Catherine Staffieri

Terese Garsson

An outstanding experience in every way. I receive a comprehensive exam with clear feedback and education about my diagnosis and prescription. Plus medical insurance covers most of the fees, given they are surgeons.

pushpa pitchai

Excellent service and great staffs.

Aisha Rabiu

Carla Innerfield

Dr Conway is a professional and compassionate physician. He took the time with me today to carefully go over my concerns and was extremely informative. His relaxed, easy-going attitude made it easy for me to ask a lot of questions and he made me feel like he had all the time in the world to answer them all! Thank you, Dr. Conway!

Fred Moran


From my first visit to after my surgery, Dr. Conway, his staff, and the reception group were great. Very helpful, knowledgeable and just an all around great group of people. I would and have recommended this office and Dr. Conway.

Louise Sullivan

My husband, children and I have been going to Dr. Conway for years. He is an amazing doctor and could not have a better bedside manner. I have recommended Dr. Conway to several of my friends and they all love him too. His nurse Amanda is also fantastic. She is very sweet and informative. We couldn't be happier with Greenwich Ophthalmology.

Nik M

Love the office and the staff. Dr. Mandava is amazing at what he does. I refuse to go anywhere else for eye care!

Meri Cutler

Dr Densal keeps my eyes sparkling and Dr Conway did a wonderful , stress free job removing cyst on my eye , calmed my nerves & .. no bruise ! The office staff is also caring and efficient. The optical shop has all beautiful frames and knowledgeable and friendly salespersons ! Everyone treats you special, I recommend this Ophthalmology practice to everyone!

Terry Conrad

One of the kindest, most competent and caring doctors I have come across in a long time. I have been a patient of Dr Conway for years. He always goes out of his way to accommodate my schedule, is up on all the latest solutions, has a very competent and friendly staff and has never been anything but terrific in all the years Ive been seeing him. As a fellow health care provider you wont find better!!

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