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REVIEWS OF Premier Bone and Joint Centers IN Wyoming

Andrea Wilkison

The staff is wonderful and caring. They did an extremely thorough job and helped to clear up my issues. Jess is a kind and experienced Physical Therapist!

John T Hankes

Shane Fredrickson

Michael S.

Staff is Friendly clean and efficient I'm going in for a second surgery there and would absolutely recommend it 100%

Charlie Simineo

Lynn Hiatt

Friendly staff and was taken back to Dr. on time. procedure was explained in detail Good experience

Marcos Johnson Noya

Peggy Joyce

Björn Kreye

Martha is the best!

oscar herrera

The doctors and nurses treated me with care and were very patient with me. Excellent experience overall very satisfied.

Karen Casson

Lynn Frank

Jack D Phillips

Steven Nunez

Susan Richey

Everyone is wonderful!

Debbie Morrison

Excellent,wonderful care

Linda Baures

Joy Johnson-Kennah

Celeste Hefti

Great experience with Premier Bone and Joint. They treated me with dignity and respect. The doctors and nurses were prompt to the appointments, clear in explanations, and treated my injury with compassion and care. The front desk staff were warm and welcoming, the PT staff were an absolute joy to be around.

Dana Fankhauser

Jenny G

Bonnie Perry

Everyone was polite. I had an appointment for 9:30. Showed up at 9 to do papers. Got taken back for an x-ray at about 10. Still waiting to see the doctor at 10:40. I had another pressing meeting to be at. Tried to reschedule. All the times they offered conflicted with my work hours. I would have done it during my lunch hour, but I couldn't have driven from 3rd Street to their office and backbin any less than 20 minutes combined. Guess I will take the pictures elsewhere to another office to see what they showed. Has problems with their office in Rock Springs also.

Emily Schimelpfenig

Dee Romero

Caitlyn Jackson

The doctors at Premier Bone and Joint have provided excellent care each time I have been there. Not only have the doctors been wonderful, but the entire staff have been wonderful to work with. I have also visited the physical therapy located in Laramie. I recently burned my arm, and decided to have one of their wound care specialists look at it. Amanda helped me with this, and I am very happy with the results. Less that two weeks later, and my arm is almost completely healed.

Rob Blair Young

I worked with Dr. Levene for an extended period of time and had an appointment with Dr. Carson due to Dr. Levene being unavailable. I'm going to try to explain why I would strongly recommend looking elsewhere. First, to be clear: The PT I've had there was adequate (though I have had better care elsewhere) and the front desk staff have always been courteous. So this isn't about them. But I've had many negative experiences with the doctors I worked with. I've had appointments cancelled that I wasn't informed about until I showed up; I've had appointments where I had to rearrange my schedule to make it, only to have the doctor show up thirty minutes late because they felt like taking a long lunch, and approach that fact without apology or consideration; and I've consistently had appointments where I felt treated as a problem rather than a person. Both Dr. Levene and Dr. Carson had a condescending attitude, and Dr. Carson was especially dismissive when he didn't immediately find a problem. I also consistently feel pressured into taking X-Rays, even when no recent injuries or similar experiences indicate this is a useful additional expense. And it took months of my insisting that there was something really wrong with my shoulder before they went deep enough to discover that, yes, my labrum was fully detached and my pain was not imaginary. My appointment this morning was especially frustrating. I've been dealing with cervicogenic headaches that emerged after my SLAP repair last year (with Dr. Levene), and felt my left shoulder may be overcompensating. I spoke to the doctor, who asked only about what other specialists I'd seen, then game a quick exam and said there was nothing wrong with my shoulder. No other insights, no other suggestions as to where to focus next, no ideas on how the increased muscle tension on my left could be handled effectively. He outright refused to write a refill on a prescription for a non-controlled substance (a low-grade muscle relaxant) that's helped me keep my headaches at a manageable level. The entire time, he was terse, condescending, and—frankly—useless. The very idea that I'm paying to be told, "Nope, your shoulder is fine"—no other insights at all—is baffling. And when it's paired with the terse, disrespectful, and condescending attitude I've found with both Dr. Carson and Dr. Levene, it's really upsetting. This is doubly true since I spent twice as much time filling out paperwork as I did actually speaking with a doctor. If I were to have any continued issues, I would rather drive an hour off for an appointment than come here again. If anyone asked me how to treat related issues, I'd recommend the same.

Kris Marriott

I went here once. I won't go back until there are some changes. For one they were over a half hour late getting me into see the doctor. The doctor also seemed to be talking down to me. I was a medic for 10 years and know a little bit about the human body. I'm no specialist, but talking to me like I'm stupid is unacceptable. Having problems with my hands, they simply told me to take ibuprofen. They did some x-ray's, but I had reported tendon pain. I do know x-rays aren't very good at showing soft tissues. Overall I was unsatisfied with the care and the service.

Patrick Owen

Tonya Garcia

It should be a no star rating. The service we received was despicable. We were shuffled around from doctor to doctor and wasn't seen by anyone. The day before the appointment they called and cancelled saying they couldn't help. Insurance should not decide who will be treated and who doesn't.

Linn Carlile

Everyone here was very helpful, courteous and explain everything to me so that I understood it.

boni horner

Jake Greenup

I trust them. They treated me great. Changed my life for the better

Tina Phillips

Great facility. All of the staff is friendly and professional.

Paul Piaia

great experience

Tanya Carter

Everyone is friendly and great to work with. The three doctors I have seen have been really great.

kathy osterhout

I was treated very well. All of the staff was helpful and kind. I am new to medicare andchow that workscwas explained to me. Dr. Levene was very hood at his job. Im healing well and grateful for all the help i received.

Wayne Robinson

Dr. Gueramy did a great job in diagnosing and recommending care for my longstanding plantar fasciitis pain. After just a few weeks, my pain went away and now six months later, I have resumed running and can can hike without any fear of having the pain return.

Kim Faircloth

Federal employees with Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) need to be very careful with this establishment. Premier is a preferred provider but many of the doctors who advertise under the Premier Bone & Joint name are not preferred. I learned this the hard way. My daughter injured her arm and we took her to the emergency room where they did x-rays and put a splint on it. They advised seeing an orthopedic doctor. I made an appointment with Dr. McKenna. I gave them my BCBS card which they gladly took. I would have appreciated a 'by the way we do not take your insurance'. The first appointment lasted maybe 10 minutes. Dr. McKenna used the x-ray from the emergency room and put her in a simple brace. The follow-up appointment was the same. It lasted 10 minutes tops. I received an Explanation of Benefits from BCBS denying the claim because Dr. McKenna is a participating provider, not a preferred provider. Dr. McKenna charged us $941.00 and it was coded as surgery. I talked to a very nice lady in billing who immediately told me that they do not take BCBS because Dr. McKenna is not preferred. She could not come up with a good explanation as to why I was not told this at the first appointment. She also told me that they had to code it as surgery even though no surgery took place. Let remind you the x-ray used came from the emergency room. I am in no way upset with the care my daughter received. We took her there because we knew the doctors were good. I am just tired of the game. I work hard and I am tired of being deceived. I learned a very good lesson. Just because an establishment advertises and claims to be preferred, never assume! Never assume when a receptionist takes your insurance information that it means they are actually going to accept it.

Joyce Rudroff

Bunny Mason

Mitchell Stephenson

My experience with Premier has been exceptional. The secretaries, assistants, specialists, doctors, and physical therapists were professional, helpful, and friendly. As a biomechanics researcher partially specialized in spinal loading, I was concerned about finding a care facility that could demonstrate not only a high level of expertise, but also heed my own analysis when I herniated a disk at L5S1. The folks at Premier exceeded my expectations, listened to my perspective, and provided prompt and effective care. Furthermore, when problems with my insurance cropped up, they went above and beyond on their end to help me solve the issues. While I certainly hope that I won't need their services again, I won't hesitate to return if necessary.

Monika Leininger

I would not recommend this machine of an office to anyone. Dr. Gueramy purposely deceived me in telling me that no Physical Therapy could help my chronic foot pain. I spent thousands of dollars here with no relief and was lined up for surgery. I finally decided to go see a physical therapist outside of Premier and he fixed my pain and has given me amazing care and pain management strategies. If you have foot and ankle issues, go see Tony Bare at Bare Necessities physical therapy.

Jade Kauffman

Wonderfully warm and helpful staff and doctor. They can't do my surgery but they educated me intensely about my condition and made an excellent referral.

Madisyn Kirby

I am very disappointed in my care here. I was unable to show up for my physical therapy appointments twice, due to an ongoing illness that they knew about and then I got a call telling me I was dropped from physical therapy and no longer aloud to been seen for physical therapy at Premier because I missed those appointments. Not to mention the fact that the care I was receiving was very sub par and I wasn't getting better. I decided to go to the Spine and Injury Clinic and have had amazing results. I had forgotten about Premier for physical therapy and moved on. Today, however was the last straw for me with Premier. I have been experiencing pain in my feet and went to an Urgent Care center over the weekend because I was finding it difficult to walk. The Urgent Care took x-rays and told me I needed to follow up with a specialized doctor as soon as possible. I had planned to follow up with Premier Bone and Joint at this time. After a weekend in pain I called Premier this morning and was very unhappy. After talking with a woman that didn't seem very nice in the first place I made an appointment. After updating information with her she then put me on hold only to tell me she actually couldn't make the appointment for me. When I asked her why she said that I had too many no shows and so I was no longer aloud to be seen at Premier Bone and Joint (not only for physical therapy, but also for a doctors appt.). She said she was transferring me over to a manager, but the call dropped. I am very disappointed in how they treat their patients and would not recommend to anyone. I made an appointment with Advanced Foot Care this afternoon, and they seem happy to see me.

Gerri Elise McCulloh

I had a terrible experience with Dr. Levene. He literally jammed the needle into my hip in a hostile manner when I was explaining my history. He interrogated me like I was a criminal and would not let me finish a sentence. The nurse saw how upset I was, and took me to the CEO to complain. The CEO smirked at me and asked me what I wanted him to do. I left humiliated. My general practitioner recommended I go back and make an appointment with Dr. Kaplan. Dr. Kaplan was nice the first time I saw him, even talking to me about the benefits of a vegan diet (I am vegetarian). When I scheduled an appointment 3 months later, as he requested, I was actually 3 days early. I was treated horribly. He even sneered, "How do you know the word neuropathy?" I was shocked. As an older woman I have had my share of male doctors sneering at me and being rude, but as a computational linguist, I have never been berated for my excellent use of language. I decided to placate him. Its what women in hostile situations often do. He told me that the next MRI could be done in three or six months. I explained he had told me three months. He said I was early. I explained i was early by three days, because of scheduling conflicts. I asked him when I should get back to him since June was just three days away (it was May 29). He said June 14. I told him if it was such a problem to come in early, why not wait until September to schedule the MRIs -upper and lower spine. He wrote the orders. I have tried for months to schedule the MRIs, with no success. Today, OCTOBER 9, 2018, I called one more time to get the MRI appointments. Melanie at Dr. Kaplan's office said she would personally walk the orders to the scheduling person (Kayla?). I have been told this exact same thing several times. I have no doubt this will be another instance of being ignored. What a humiliating experience, so typical of medical care for older women, who are treated without any respect or dignity..

chastity sanford

J.P. Lysne

Would not recommend this place or Dr.Mark McKenna to anyone.They perform knee surgery's that leave you worse than before it was done.Tell you there is damage afterwords but do not do anything about it. Be smart and go somewhere else people.They will not help you !!!!

Eve Mikkelsen

Always great care!!!

Sherrill Maddox

I have had the best experience with Premier Bone and Joint. Not only are they caring, they know what they are doing. They went above and beyond to help my insurance company to understand.

Greg Lopez

LJ Reiher

Michele Moritz

Pat Bacon

Cody Porter

Jeffrey Olson

Over the last two years I've had knee arthoscopic surgery, foot pain evaluation and treatment, back pain evaluation and treatment, and shoulder eval/treatment. My back pain was treated by the gentle suggestion by Dr. Kaplan I lose weight and go on a vegan diet. Jumpin Jehosaphat - the back pain is almost nonexistent if I hydrate and continue to strenthen my core. The vegan diet worked for me. Mark McKenna did the surgery on my knee and I hiked 200 miles last summer on the colorado trail and in the Wind River Range. He was right on in his diagnosis and the surgery went without a hitch. He also diagnosed bone spurs and deep arthritis in my shoulder. We tried steroid injections, which miraculously, seem to be working. The pain that kept me awake at night is no low enough it's background. At some point I'll need a shoulder replacement and trust him to do the outpatient shoulder replacement surgery. Dr. Bienze looked at my foot, and he's old school - he made the same joke twice. I know I'm the typical 66 year old with an arthritic body, but his diagnosis was mediocre. Based on his recommendation I got orthotics, but I think that hiking 200 miles did more for my foot pain than the orthotics. He never noticed my littler toes were curling a bit, the consequence of knee pain and not walking much. The clinic is great overall. Their patient treatment model is very 20th century - you have a specific problem, we can treat it. Dr. Kaplan's approach needs to be adopted by the whole clinic and a "person" (not patient) needs to be treated. They'll get there...

Nicholas Owen

Excellent and helpful physician. The physical therapy over the following months helped a lot. If I break another bone, I would definitely return.

Mardell Aragon

Cheryl Jasso

I have had the necessity to see three or four of your physicians over the past few years. All were above and beyond my expectations and I have always come away better. I would (and I do) recommend your facility whole-heartedly.

Billy D West

Rachel Jones

I did not have a good experience here (dr. related) The place looks super fancy from the outside and the waiting room but once you get into the exam areas it looks like all the equipment is recycled from Chernoybl. They have the longest hallways for people with crutches/mobility issues. The dr I saw was not pleasant. He didn't explain my injury, what to watch out for, or the next steps to take. He talked only to my husband and as soon as he cut my cast off, without warning, shoved my foot into all kinds of positions. He was too busy to be bothered. The staff in the physical therapy area were nice as well as the receptionists. I wouldn't be going back if it wasn't winter in Laramie.

Cheryl Sucharski

Drew Segal

I cannot say enough about this facility. I was very nervous about my procedure that involved my spinal column. The folks at Premier made me feel so relaxed and comfortable. They genuinely cared for me and my fiancé. They worked very hard to reassure me everything would be fine. Those nurses are angels! The care and compassion they showed was above and beyond! I recommend this facility to anyone!

Barbie Vining

Nikki Sisco-Jodzio

The docs are great when they take care of the patients, I called to have a released signed it took them 4 days to return my call causing me to loose my job cause they wouldn't fax the release back, I got told stories that the doc was in a meeting then they said that he was on the phone 2 mins later, took them 4 days to return my phone call. When I showed up for my appointment they were 1:30 mins behind and would reschedule any appointment unless you wanted to wait 3 months for another one, this place will make you late for work that's for sure, also when it came down to payment they wouldn't take my insurance which was also bcbs. They never have an explanation as to why Their employees don't properly do their job.

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