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REVIEWS OF Eye Care Clinic & Optical LLC IN Wyoming

ian jolovich

Great bedside manner, knowledgeable, and reassuring. Very good with our child, made us feel like Dr. Silver knew what she was doing and was very skilled.

william brackett

My wife and I were able to get same day appointments which we were very pleased with. In retrospect I now know why they had openings. This is not a good choice for either getting your eyes examined or for ordering glasses. The doctor said both my wife and I had improved vision. We are in our 60's so this seemed a bit odd but we took him at his word. I ordered a new pair of glasses and some prescription safety goggles for work. My wife ordered one set of glasses. The glasses came in earlier than they anticipated and they called and said we could pick them up later that afternoon. Great! They called back about an hour later, both of our lenses were incorrect and they would have to send them back to the lab. It would be another two week wait. That would not work for us because we were due to leave for a 6 month work assignment back east. When I told them that was unacceptable they started arguing and blaming everyone under the sun and not taking responsibility for any of it. At that point I told them I wanted a refund. They said it was against their management policy to give refunds but all of a sudden the attitude changed and they said they would see what they could do. They called me back and said they would put a rush on the order and we should be able to get them in another week. They were good to their word and the glasses came in a week later. The safety goggles were another story they were not ready and we asked to have them mailed to us. My glasses are fine but my wife has complained about her glasses from the beginning. She can't see distances clearly. So much for "improved" vision. We just got the safety goggles delivered today after a further two week wait. I tried them on and you guessed it! I can't see out of them. After calling them again I got the same run around as before. It's everyone else's fault including my own since I haven't given myself a chance to get used to them! Save yourself time, money and aggravation and go anywhere else!

Jeremy Johnston

Very great place to go

Michael Adams


Front desk is extremely rude and stated that they tried calling me "all day" to tell me they didnt accept a certain insurance when I reveived one call while at work. Smart remarks and rude attitude. Very unprofessional.

Michael Hadley

Treated my wife and I great. Fast, friendly, knowledgeable and thorough.

Anya Mechels

Amazing!!! I haven't been to an eye clinic for an exam in a few years and I was having issues reading. They checked me in, got me examined, had a solution for my problem, and sent me on my way with a smile on my face. Everyone here is so kind and attentive, and I will absolutely be coming back. I 10000% recommend this clinic.

Bonnie Wingate Harper

David Dietz

jeanette brummer

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff that made for a nice and comfortable exam and selection of eye ware. Look foreword to having them as my eye care specialists.

edward baker

The front-end staff is extremely unprofessional and rude. I've given them my business over the past couple years however due to the last conversation I had with the lady at the front desk, I will no longer be a client/customer with them. The lady was condescending and rude.

Jill Roberts

I made an appt here because my regular place would not work me in anytime this week and I needed to be seen before the end of the month. I was so pleased with my visit today! The front end staff was courteous and professional, the "nurse" (that's probably not right, but I don't know what she is called) was super! Explained everything that she was doing and why in a way I was able to understand. My Dr. was AWESOME! She was funny and engaging... again, explained things to me so I could understand them. We will def. be back and I will be switching my entire family over to this clinic.

Tammy Drost


Great for only an exam. Not a very big selection on glasses. Then they say it'll take 7-10 business days to get your glasses which it actually takes 10 business days period. Front desk staff said I would have them by Monday. Then I call to see. No they will put you through a whole process just to lie. Recommend anywhere besides here.

Brian Hartwig

I've seen Dr. Holly for my eye care for 25 years, and now I will absolutely not recommend this office for anything. Aside from being overpriced on everything, both mine and my wife's account were sent to collections over small amounts right at the 30 day mark. Through mistakes they made with Win health, a month before they closed, my bill didn't get covered and the only notice i got was collections. My wife's paid in full check for $30 was returned starting she needs to pay collections. The staff have become rude and do not try, while Dr. Holly it's focused more on retiring and letting his daughter take over. I hope this Colorado owned business realizes Wyoming folks don't work this way, and everyone refuses to do any business with these careless unprofessionals.

Shawn Stensaas

Carol Bennett

Dr Holly is an amazing Eye Dr! I always know I will get the best care for my vision! I have been going to Dr Holly for over 20 years. He is a very caring Dr. I highly recommend him. The staff is also wonderful!

Walters Bruce

Gr8fulmom Ofmany

Steve Spier

Staff and doctors very friendly and helpful. Had trouble with my prescription and they reexamined and made it right at no additional cost.

Kimberly Scheetz

Margaret Creech

Dr.Silver was fantastic. But the "used car dealers" in the optical department with the hard sell tactics turned me off quickly. I will return for eye tests but buy elsewhere.

Glo Laff

Chris Pivik

My wife and I have been going to Dr. Holly for several years. Having had an extremely thorough eye doctor before moving to Cheyenne, I can definitely say I feel that Dr. Holly is just as thorough. I haven't had a bad/incorrect set of lenses yet. The optical department is top-notch. Recently there had been a misunderstanding with my sunglasses (probably most of which was my fault) and they went out of their way to fix the problem for me. There were no questions asked and they were extremely friendly throughout the process.

Johnnie Fletcher

The exam was great everyone was nice and professional except the doctor made fun of my name because I am a female with a male name. I had to wait three weeks to get my glasses that would’ve been $1000 had I not had insurance. When I went to pick my glasses up finally, I was seeing double out of them. I tried multiple times to get someone to listen to me that they weren’t right but I was told well the fraction that she used was perfect when she did your exam so this has to be right. When is it right to see double out of your glasses? Their policy is you have to try your glasses for 7 days before they will fix them. So I have been forced to except classes that aren’t right and I paid a lot for. So I have to keep these classes for seven days go back have them sent back because it’s not right, and wait another three weeks for glasses! I’m really not happy and I will not be returning to this place ever again!!!

Stephanie Freeman

Shawna Hibbler

Very friendly staff, great care and professional service from Dr., optical department to receptionists.

Lewis Simpson

All the staff are very friendly and extremely professional making sure your questions are answered and you are fully aware of your eye and vision results and conditions.

Lauren Finnicum

The Eye Care Clinic and Optical is a very warm and welcoming environment and the staff members are friendly and professional.

Jude Alden

Becky Humphries

Rebeca Hinz

I've already told friends what a wonderful eye clinic this is...friendly and professional - an overall fantastic experience. Thank you

Charleen Nicholson

Sara C

I find this healthcare provider to make ignorant, racist comments and therefore will not return. He also tried to "sell" me a referral to his wife's business. Just indicative of this backwards town of Cheyenne.

Evan B

Jeffery Boyce

Lauren Crips

Absolutely great experience! They got me in that day and the staff was wonderful. Dr. Tiffany Silver was delightful. I would recommend this office to everyone.

Alyssa Miller

Eye care clinic and optical is an enjoyable workplace with top notch professionalism and doctors who provide excellent eye care to patients. They take same day appointments and also have an excellent selection of current and stylish frames in their optical! Their office carries a variety of contact lens manufacturers in stock, so the doctors are able to fit you with the most comfortable contacts and give you the clearest vision possible. Your vision is truly their mission!

Janice Kerpan

I really like this office, and very friendly staff. Hope to get there this week.

Taylor Stevens

Kayla K. Krier

Eye care clinic and optical is a very organized and spacious place. The doctors are very thorough and nice and you are welcomed by very inviting and educated staff members.

Kim Hinker

I initially began with this clinic by seeing Dr. Holly and thought he was wonderful. He is always pleasant to work with and never seems to rush through and exam. Then I got to meet Dr. Silver. She is amazing! She always remembers me and spends a little time getting to know me and my family on a personal level. They are both kind and personable and always take care of my family's needs. They will be my eye doctors as long as they are in business and I would follow them anywhere!!

Arelia Serrano

They were able to fit me in for an urgent matter (my son broke his glasses) when my other optician could not. The exam itself was very thorough and I was satisfied. Lack of communication with me and lack of understanding on back office operations (on actually getting my son his glasses) is why I rated low. We had to wait for 2-3 weeks, during which he started school and wasn't able to see properly. There was constant "I have to talk to so-and-so". I thought I would be taken care of from start to finish and I was not. Not to mention we referred to a specialist in Colorado because i was told there was not any of these specialists in Cheyenne. Doing my own research, I found there is in fact a retina specialist in Cheyenne which is saving me $1,200+ out of pocket. I would have liked to have seen better commitment to us as patients, more problem solving on the staffs end and more concern for our situation. I felt undervalued as a patient and a mom because of this.

Jesse Weber

Dr. Holly and Dr. Silver are amazing, unfortunately the customer service of the front desk is lacking severely. I've gone here for close to 15 years, and seriously considering changing eye doctors.

Lacy B

My daughter has been seeing Dr. Silver for a few years now and she is great! Unfortunately, the new front end staff is rude and unprofessional. They rushed us through choosing her glasses and the fitting process. I also called about my son who has been complaining about his eyes, he is 2, so good communication isnt there. Regardless the lady who answered the phone didnt want to take the time to speak with a technician for me and wouldn't let me speak with a technician or doctor about whether or not an appointment was needed.

Gaylan Wright

Good people giving good service.

Jesson Vasey

Great place, Doctor was extremely helpful and quick!

Karen Crayk

Linda Myers

kayla martin

Eye Care Clinic & Optical was wonderful. Went in for a vision check up, very nervous cause I haven’t had my eyes checked in forever. Immediately felt comfortable from the moment I walked in and was greeted. Front desk staff was just delightful, had a toddler with me and they all helped me out while I was filling out paperwork. Dr. Tiffany Silver was amazing, she was very caring and compassionate. I knew she was busy and not once did I feel rushed on time. Very professional and knowledgeable. Great selection on frames, so many to choose from. Will recommend everyone I know to go there. Best in the community. Will most definitely be going back!

Melissa Burell

Kylee Johnston

Christal Vaughn

The doctor was really informative. He explained everything to me.

Melissa Lovett

Dr. Silver is absolutely AMAZING!!! Very friendly staff and clean establishment.

Bri-Anna Sutton

Doctor Silver is great. She was very thorough. However, the front-desk staff is extremely rude and unpleasant. They are the face of this clinic and do a terrible job at representing them well. Good customer service is important to me, and the ladies at the front do not know how to do this.

Rachel Pruitt

I went in to get contacts for the first time, and the entire staff was so great!!! They were patient with me while teaching me how to put in and take out my new contacts. The day after I got them I was having some problems and they let me come in right away and helped me out again!!! The office and staff were all absolutely amazing. I will definitely recommend them to my friends and family!!! Truly amazing experience!

Ben Finch

The first time I went there I had great service. The doctor, assistants, and front desk staff were kind, professional, and attentive to my needs. I went there to get a quote on glasses for my wife and they proceeded to tell me that my insurance covers glasses or contacts, but not both. I was fine with this but I told them that's not what I saw on my employers benefits page. We were going to get glasses regardless. The lady told me I was wrong and that my employers had to be specific on coverage. So I showed her my webpage where I got my information, she continued to say that I was wrong, refused to look at me and said I need to talk to my insurance provider and not her because she had no control over it, which I earlier acknowledged. I will probably never go here again and I regret ever doing business with them. Regardless of insurance coverage I was going to purchase glasses through them, but they lost a sale through their unprofessional employee.

Audra Hartwig

My experience with this office started good then went down hill. I was making payments to this office and was still sent to collections. I have never seen and agency take someone to collections when they are paying!!!!

Steve Kalicki


These guys (and gals) are awesome, from the minute you open the door, to the time you leave .excellent service, up to date equipment and the latest styles of glasses. A+ top to bottom, I would definitely go here again.

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