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REVIEWS OF Mayo Clinic Health System IN Wisconsin

mark rosenmeier

They wont do what they have to to process your insurance claim. They say the $10000 bill is your responsibility even when insurance just wants an itemized invoice of services. Then they turn over to collections. When you then again call saying they will p as y with proper invoice of services they tell you again its not our probleem go away and deal with collections. Collections wont toych insurance.

Curtiss Powell

I have had an excellent family care doctor for years here who has helped me successfully stay healthy.

Kate Reed

Robert Bob

Great place for a doctor

Bree P

This is the second time in here in two weeks for same thing. I have pneumonia. I've been treated horribly since getting here. I was last one to a room even people here after me had gotten a room before me. I was led by a extremely rude lady she didn't bother on making me comfortable at all. The doctor asked why I needed the bed not completely flat. If I could rate 0 stars and if I had my own medical license I wouldn't be here. And if I got mocked by your nurses to get my own medical license. Trust me if I could I would this is coming from me a human being with a disability. I do not like your clinic. Saint Jo's is way better.

Maria brannon

Erik Lindblad

As good as it gets going to the dr

cortney vetterkind

Candace Levee

Nani GZ

Shawn Evans

Frank Heflen

raed al jas

The Worst billing department. They keep sending me bills that we already done with it.

Liz Wheeler

Very friendly staff, but Ive been trying to get ahold of a nurse for 2 days now so I can get my prescription and still have yet to succeed in getting ahold of one. My doctor even left me a voicemail telling me to get ahold of the nurses but it seems quite impossible. Ive been in excruciating pain for a week.

victor bellomy

Ashley Lynn

Josh Beekman

Eugene Nelson

Not a good exsperince at all would love to know how to leave my own voice recording of the phone call i received. That no provider can give subutex except to a pregnant woman. No if you are allergic to the naloxone in suboxone.

Danielle Balow

Boss Lady

So thrilled with Dr. Laura Bentley and staff. Today was a first visit to a doctor for my Mummy in MANY years! We were scheduled with a different doctor but that doctor was out sick. Turned out to be a small miracle. Dr. Bentley was amazing. She listened to our needs and got us the referral we needed asap. I appreciate her caring attitude. Lori in the scheduling department was equally amazing. Patient and on top of everything for us!!

Kelly Herness

noah wleczyk

Audrey Hollingsworth

I recently switched from Marshfield clinic and I'm absolutely impressed with Mayo I will definitely stay with them

Tiffany Edington

I fully understand that they went to a new system but this is ridiculous, we waited in line to check in for a walk in urgent care visit for 25 minutes only to finally get to the check in for the girl to tell me to walk across the hall and check in at a different desk, the girl at that desk didn't even look up and just said "last name" she said we needed to be triaged and to go it down, a nurse came out 3 different times asking for a patient that wasnt my husband because the super friendly lady who said "last name" gave the nurse in the back his middle name. Once we finally got triaged they said we needed an appointment (so much for walk ins!) And sent us back out to the super friendly (not!) Lady. She spent 10 minutes slapping her computer cursing the new system to say ok now go stand in that line (the original line we stood in for 25 minutes, this time it only took us 20!!). All in all for a "walk in" appointment it took us an hour to be even get the option for an appointment that we now get to wait 45 minutes to see the dr!!!! I can't wait for the new Marshfield clinic hospital to open across the road!!!!

Brooke Bever

Dirty facility. The nurses talk on their phones and don't pay attention to patients and leave dirty blood pressure cuffs in patient rooms.

Art Berry

Friendly staff, with people who saved me from being a paraplegic. I have had many visits with this location and I have to say the staff and doctors at the Claremont location are polite, professional, proficient and pay attention to what you have to say.

Mary Babcock

Sue Lindberg

N Marie H

Go Getta

STAY AWAY. Absolute con artists. The healthcare system is a complete joke. Do not go to the hospital unless you're literally dying because they will take all your money and then some for routine care that probably costs a couple hundred dollars in other countries.

Bill Cunningham

Don Forrest

Outstanding care!

Molly Moore

I was suicidal back in 2014 and was rushed to the ER. I was stupid and promised to get myself help. Right as I was discharged and walking out of the ER, the lady at the window stopped me and said, "Are you going to pay your bill?" I looked at her with confusion and asked, "What bill?" "You have a $200 bill for coming into the Emergency Room today.." Mind you, I was in for suicidal attempt due to money issues, identity crisis, anxiety and stress. My reply, "N.. no, I'm sorry. I don't have a job, I came in for attempted suicide and was just discharged. I'm sorry." I was young then and didn't know any better but after thinking about it 4 years later, the women at the window was unprofessional!! I remember her telling me, "Well, you shouldn't have come into the hospital then if you can't pay your bill. You're just stacking more financial strain on yourself. Well you have a good night now." She was so condescending. Lady, I hope someone you love, is in the same shoes as I was. I hope you witness and feel the pain as I did. You have no empathy and should NOT be working in a hospital!

Patricia Poudrier

Uncaring staff and doctor. They have no idea how to treat chronic illnesses including chronic pain. There's a huge miscommunication between staff, doctors and patients. It's ongoing miscommunication, not just once. Worst medical treatment I've had in my life, no exaggeration!

Brooklyn Berg

Waiting time wasn’t bad at all. The urgent care receptionist staff aren’t the most welcoming people though. The doctor didn’t give me a prescription even though I have every symptom of influenza. Didn’t even test me for influenza or anything else. I was in and out of the room in 15 minutes, but only 5 of those minutes was spent with the doctor. Also basically told me that I’m making up the fact that I have a fever although I am WELL AWARE that I have a fever as fevers are the spawn of satan. That being said, the doctor was very professional and explained things very well to me. I just despise being told I have a virus and to just go back to the hospital (and waste more time and money) in two days if symptoms haven’t gotten better. Its not like everyone has the time or the money to go back for a second appointment so just solving the issue the first time would likely be a better approach. It’s like pulling teeth to get a prescription if your symptoms are relating to a cold or flu - has been that way for years here.

jamal Coleman

Went to see what their weight management seminar was about and all it was is a bunch of high cost processed food for sale. How is this going to help me lose weight? Insurance won't pay for this anyways. It's all out of pocket.

Xi Zhang

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