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REVIEWS OF J.W. Ruby Memorial Hospital IN West Virginia

Melanie Drake

I'm only 12 years old and I've been at ruby for 8 hours now waiting to get transferred to a mental hospital. I just found out that I have to spend the night here. Ugh why me? I'm only 12. And I'm mental!!!

Mary Finn

Mostly ignored all three times I was there. No one explained anything to me before, during or after procedures. Everyone was too busy talking to each other. The nicest person was an elderly gentleman who wheeled me to my room after my procedure. Was actually told by a nurse that they would never be treated in this hospital. Was dispensed incorrect medication that had to be reordered from pharmacy because they had already opened all of my meds and and placed them in a cup. We couldn't tell which was which. It was dirty. Nurses or other staff could be heard in hallway discussing the problems at this hospital. The only time I saw PA was in surgery. Very crowded and uncomfortable waiting area before procedures.

Greg iCE

Scott Savage

The best care I the world from the nurse to people who clean the room

Destini Hartman

I'm not sure why everyone talks about how great this place is . They are slow and it's extremely dirty . Walking through the ER it looks like death why all of the staff is standing around doing absolutly nothing. Been waiting for an hour and a half

Misty Sanders

It's one of the worst hospital I ever been to go to the er an sit for 5 hours an still haven't got to see a doctor an the staff r rude an can't get them to get up from there little chat group to do there jobs

Matt Murtagh

Their ER is horrible, my girlfriend went into the ER for a sharp pain on her side. Took her six hours to get looked at. Was put in a room that looked like a maintence closet to find out no one knew she was in there. Sat for another 2 hours to get a CT scan and Pelvic Exam. And no the ER was not busy or crowded. Also the nurses asked for a urine sample initally in which she did. A nurse came out after waiting for the six hours and said her sample had been LOST. They asked her for another urine sample, so she went to give it in and no one was at the desk for an hour. She had to get someone to have someone come to the desk which took another hour. She arrived at the ER at 10:10PM and left at 6:45AM. Finally when the tests were performed they only took maybe a total of ten minutes.

Amrit Singh

My mother has been very ill this year and has had numerous admissions to Ruby/WVU. I feel she's gotten excellent care from physicians, NPs, nurses, clinical assistants. The quality of nursing care on 8SE is excellent. Every single person we've seen in the hospital has been helpful and friendly. The hospital looks great, and has plenty of lounge/seating areas throughout. The patient rooms in the new cardiovascular tower are wonderful- spacious, and with convertible sofa bed so a family member can stay w/ the patient comfortably. This hospital is providing wonderful care to citizens of WV.

Roland Kee

The nursing staff have been very attentive and they listen when we have a concern. The doctors have been very good and always try to check in on you or, at least have one of their colleagues or associates to come by. Each of the doctors who come in express a lot of concern and always make sure to answer our questions. I recommend this hospital highly.

sandra garner

They saved my dads life. My dad was visiting my little sister in West Virginia when he became sick and short of breath. They preformed a CT scan that showed he had a aneurysm in his lung they did emergency surgery to remove it. They have taken amazing care of him we are hoping he will be released Wednesday so we can get him back home to Arkansas. I want to thank all the nurses and Doctors for taking great care of him.

Omar Albarghouty

Once, my knee cartlidge was dislocated. They let me wait in the waiting room AFTER I was checked in for probably 2 hours if not more. They they didn't even treat me (relocate my knee cartlidge) in a doctor's office, but in the waiting room itself where other patients were sitting and watching while I was being "treated. They didn't even believe me that my knee cartlidge was dislocated and I even gave the "doctor" the instructions how to relocate it. She finally believed me when she heard the "popping" sound and when my leg moved suddenly because the cartlidge was relocated back to its rightful place. Even the X-Ray guy didn't believe me and couldn't understand that I COULD NOT straighten my leg. What kind of people does this hospital hire!? Habitants of Morgantown, beware of this hospital.

Fatima Gindeel

The best hospital in terms of the quality of services and treatment of patient. I had my thyroidectomy in RMH in 2016, and my doctor was awesome. The nurses were all nice and kind. I would give it 5 stars, if it wasn’t for the slow responses in terms of employment application.

jasmine anderson

Had surgery for a perforated bowel and was given Tylenol,Motrin,ibuprofen for pain until I was throwing up blood and told they could give me neurontin to help. 16 hours of pain, throwing up blood and instead of trying to get me out of pain they offer another drug that is known to cause stomach problems. I would not recommend them at all. On a positive note they do have awesome nurses and clinical assistants.

Shelby Sherman

I’ve been to Ruby Memorial a few times but my mother came in today with a horrible situation. In pain on a scale of 10 it reached a 15. Dr Keifer (spell check) in the ED basically called my mother a recovering Meth head. Stating that since she has taken Methadone before that she was going through withdraws currently which is where her shaking came from. Nor did he ask any follow up questions such as “when did you stop taking the medication”. ACTUALLY, my mother has been diagnosed with Diabetic Neuropathy which stemed from a surgery gone bad and now she’s left these pain that can’t be managed but only with narcotics. I feel this guy was out of line and has horrible bedside manner. There could’ve been another way to state what he said. But I did have some great nurses in ED helping my mother. Chuck(whom I’ve had myself as a nurse!), Ms Wendy, Ms Tammy, and Mike. Thank you all for helping my mother whom isn’t from West Virginia but visiting, to keep her safe and occupied while she go through his horrible time! You guys were awesome!

Lanessa Sylva

David Oconnor

The worst most uncaring hospital that i have ever seen please do not send your loved ones nurse's they love to agrue with you. Tell you your not really hurting that bad get over it. Just after you had a major back surgery. Doctor's are just as bad.

Justin Chatman

I have a condition called Hypertropic Cardiomyopothy I am going there for second time in five months Im very pleased with everything

Susanna Brooke

I've visited this medical campus 5 times since September '17. The first few visits were to their neurosurgery department in the Eye Center, and the last few to radiology, imaging, OR 5, the cafeteria and ultimately inpatient at 10 West. I really can't say enough about how nice everyone has been throughout my treatment for degenerative (and otherwise) spinal issues. I had put off medical care for too long because I've been on methadone for 20 years and have had too many experiences where I was judged and treated less than human-all because I am "opiate dependent". I've learned to educate myself about drug interactions etc because I can't trust any new medical professionals to look past the methadone and actually treat my medical I never tell anyone I'm taking this medication until I've become a regular patient. I now regret not trusting Dr. Singh, Dr. Bhatia, Dr. Rehman & the whole staff sooner; they have all surpassed my expectations for caring, non judgmental quality care. I was terrified when I arrived for my spinal fusion surgery on December 4th. From the minute I entered the hospital, from the Registrar to the nurses and staff in the OR- I was helped & put more at ease & allowed my family to stay as long as possible. I don't remember anything between the face mask for general anesthesia & hearing a calm female voice tell me it was 11 hours later & I was in my room on the 10th floor. I don't think I truly prepared myself for the pain I'd experience while I slowly came out of anesthesia, and looking back on it, I feel for everyone in my room trying to help me. I was thrashing & flopping around trying to find a comfortable position, unaware the nurse was trying to adjust my IV etc. I feel like I don't have enough characters to really detail the rest of the story but I'll say this: I've known for years I could find myself in a position where I needed help with level 10+ pain & may not easily get it due to either being treated like an undeserving useless junkie, or because I've been on methadone for so very long that the amount of narcotics required to even slightly ease the pain would be beyond what my caregivers could lawfully dispense. Lucky for me, I found myself in the latter during my 10 day stay at Ruby. I once asked Dr. Rehman "Why am I still in so much pain?" For the first time ever, a physician told me what I've known all along but had never heard a doctor admit: "Unfortunately, people who have been on methadone for a long time will be in more pain than those who are not tolerant to painkillers." (Not verbatim but basically what he said). It felt very good to have a doctor treat me as everyone else and casually explain that I was just going to be in more pain for longer than normal but they would do all they could to make me comfortable. And in the end...They DID! I know I was a major jerk during my stay & constantly harassing them for help, meds, information, meds, refusing to complete tests, meds...And still they were calm & truly did all they could to make me feel better. The 10W nursing team (I can't even list them all: Abby, Dan, Kristine, Mendy-there are more & wish I'd written them down) & my Physical Therapists & Care Manager as well- They were just angels for putting up with me. Mostly I appreciate being listened to & treated like a human being despite being someone with a history of substance abuse. I was a person in more pain than I've ever known and needed compassion. It was compassion and humanity I received from just about every caregiver at J.W. Ruby Memorial. Thank you.

steve ross

This hospital is filthy! The ER restroom floor was soaked with urine. It's a men/woman restroom .My daughter had to stand in piss to change her babies diaper. I swear the next part is true, so help me... On the floor just outside my 10 month old grandsons door I saw dried blood. The room next to him had fresh, bright red blood drops in front of it! Two " cleaning " people walked over it. Nurses and Doctors just walking around it like it was no big deal. The shower in his room had hair on the walls and floor. One of the nurses reeked of cigarette smoke. I saved the best part for last. I hope no one is eating when they read this. Okay, my little grandson needed a suppository to help him poop. Once again, I SWEAR this is true. The nurse put on rubber gloves to insert the suppository. The glove had poop on it. Instead of removing the gloves... she picked up and opened a pack of baby wipes, a diaper and got baby poop on both. Then she got poop on the handle that lowers the bed where my grandson was laying! This nasty place feels more like a prison than a hospital. Never again will I let my family set foot in this place, and neither should you.


Kimberly Brafford

I was in the nicu with my niece for 3 months the doctors and nurses was very nice and friendly

Dorothy Flowers

Dunia Alobaidli

Worst!ive been waiting for 4hours to get in and I went back home didn’t wasted 4 hours of my life the nurse was like you could wait more 4 hours!? What my problem if every patient is either old or child I’m sick to ?

Jason McKibben

The hospital itself is nice. Labor and delivery nurses were awesome. But why oh why do the make families in labor or with kids go thru the emergency room. We walked by half a dozen rooms being guarded by officers. Not what you want to see when your wife is having a baby.

Brooke Shafer

Good for young people but they give up on old people too fast.

james king

Forced treatment when I didn't need it and charged for it to. The doctor should be happy I no longer live in the state. 899$ to waste 4 hrs of my time. Rude and unprofessional staff.

Blair Knouse

After 3 children and cancer treatment for my mother, I can't state enough how caring and compassionate the staff at Ruby has been.

Charlie Jewell

Very professional staff. I've had several procedures and every time they have been great.

Ashlyn Hormuth

Quick care getting in. After immediate care, they barely checked in, they came for a ct scan, we told them we didn't need one they called the doctors and cancelled it because they placed it by accident, the doctors would forget things and come back in, I saw gloves in the hallway when they weren't carrying anything (big no no for healthcare profs), the doctors wouldn't order a discharge even though every single HCP that came in the room said he would be discharged soon. We've been here for 12 hours since they started saying that...

emodisaster AJ

Slowest and rudest hospital I have ever been to. Only three people in the waiting room and i had to wait 3 hours just to get checked. Also couldnt have anybody come back with me to comfort me. I would never waste my time at this place again.

Michelle Evans

My Problem With This Place Is Its (unprofessional) Almost All The Staff Doctors Nurses Security I Have Seen Or Seen Me Me While I've Been Too The Hospital Is Very Immature Too Be In The Medical Field..Very Closed Minded Nurses Too Busy Worrying About There Looks The Doctors Very Cocky..Just A Very Uncomfortable Hospital For Anyone Who Is Different When It Comes To Gay's Or Transgenders Who Come Too The Hospital Very Rude..Expanding The Mind Is Out Of The Question..Your Personal Info Is Spread From Gossiping In The Hospital. I'm Not Very Pleased With This Hospital My Last Visit I Walked Out Very Upset And Also Got Really Sick From The Med's That Was Prescribed To Me Also Bad Head Aches..Very Unpleasant..

Eric Hatcher

Mary Watts

Mary Beth Schaefer

The star rating is for nurse Andy in CCU when my foster brother was in his care, Luther Compton. Andy was short and arrogant with me when I called for an update on my foster brother. I explained that although I wasn't Luther's guardian however his girlfriend Allison had a medical power of attorney on Luther however, that I was supporting her in whatever she deems necessary and he said to me that since Allison had the medical power of attorney, anything I said or wanted wouldn't matter and wouldn't make a difference anyway. Now nobody needs that kind of attitude put upon them at their time of need and that includes myself. If he cannot find some human decency and bedside manners then he shouldn't be doing this job in the first place. Luther passed away on January 5th which was expected but not at all what we wished for. Andy needs to be reprimanded for his actions and some schooling on how to treat people like me when in such dire situations. Luther aka Joey, was my brother.

Lindsey Rogers

Fiance came in on ambulance. Front desk was rude, became annoyed after I stood at her desk for 40 seconds as she ignored me, because I was inquiring about what was going on because I just arrived and I didn't know. After being taken back eventually, they took us out of the ER room and put us in Lounge with no bathroom, call Bell, not knowing what was going on with her medically. The lounge was full of uncomfortable chairs that were never cleaned after patients who were waiting on results laid in for hours at a time

Felisha Switalski

Most staff is nice.. & the care is alright. But don't go there if you don't want to wait hours & hours in the emergency department.

delta kuhn

I've tried to get my son's MY WVU chart set up. I've been given the code for him several times by the doctor's office and local urgent care. I went in again to set this up and cannot get in. Called for assistance, after being transferred 3 times, the lady tells me I need to sign a proxy for in the office or they can send me forms and I can sign them with a notary signature on it to mail back. This is ridiculous if you are giving me the access code to activate his chart I shouldn't have to clear all this red tape and jump through more hoops to get this done.

Hayden Starr

Patty Sines

My friend Steve said he had the best care ever here, super nursing staff & doctors

Jordan Rogers

This hospital killed my father. He had stage 4 throat/stomach cancer and I walk into the hospital room on his first day and the nurse + doctor are feeding him Sprite and a pudding packet with sugar as the first ingredient. WTF! Sugar feeds cancer! This is common knowledge!!! Instead of feeding him green juices, and nutritious cancer fighting food, they are feeding his cancer with garbage dead lifeless food. This was only the beginning of our nightmare at this hospital. The doctors REFUSED to try anything natural with my Dad (like high dose vitamin C) and told me that radiation was the ONLY way to get rid of his cancer. Yeah, it's the only way by the limited western medicine standards. His immune system was beaten down so much already and they wanted to zap him with more radiation. These morons don't have a clue about the body and they straight up killed my Dad. DO NOT TAKE YOUR WORST ENEMY HERE! The doctors egos are more important than lives. They told me that they would lose their medical license if they tried high dose vitamin C on my father. They should lose it for NOT trying high dose vitamin C and natural products also by NOT listening to their patients desires/needs. I am disgusted at the ego driven "know it all" doctors they have hired. RIP DAD

Ila Milam

Just a visitor.

Loretta Stanley

My friend had a stroke and they left him in the waiting room for like 45 mins we're just so lucky he was able to pull his self out of it. And his mothers step dad wants to ruby and they could only tell him what's wrong with him so he went to a vet yes a vet as in a animal doctor and the vet was able to tell hill everything even wanted he would die and yeah he did die the day the vet told him he would die on but ruby couldn't tell him so yeah a vet could do u better

Tim Dunigan

My experience is moot in this matter (i.e., my business, not yours).I was treated well by the employees from the Doctor to the maintenance man. I have no negative input, I was a patient in their hospital and consider the treatment was of good quality. My nurses and their support staff did an excellent job. I thank them, Bravo Zulu (Navy for "Well Done.") Tim Dunigan, LCDR, USN, (Ret.), Submarine Warfare Officer, MA, MBA. {\rtf1\ansi\ansicpg1252 {\fonttbl\f0\fnil\fcharset0 .SFUIText-Regular;} {\colortbl;\red255\green255\blue255;\red0\green0\blue0;} \deftab720 \pard\pardeftab720\partightenfactor0 \f0\fs38 \cf0 \expnd0\expndtw0\kerning0 \outl0\strokewidth0 \strokec2 \ }Warfare Officer, MA, MBA.

Shawn S

I sat in the emergency room waiting for over 5 hrs. And still didn't get to see the doctor receptionist told me it could possibly be another 2-3 hours before I get to see a doctor. Unexpectable. Worst ER in my experience. #Reduclius

James Murphy

The staff lies about making sure all medication you take home is authorized and paid for. They told my friend and her son that they would be taken care of and have to pay no money for his medication. They went home and tried to get it and found out that it was a lie. If you can't do what the patient/ guardian asks then just tell them. Don't bring their hopes up just to smash them. Worthless hospital.

Martha Adams

i myself has not been a patient but my husband has been a patient three times.the care was excellent. and everyone was so caring with me always want ed to know if they could get me anything. i Dr.with DR.ALCANTARA who is with Ruby and he is excellent Dr.very caring and wants the best for his patients.Every Dr.that i have met of my husband's also has been very cariing.

Ruby Welling

The ER is awful. I was bleeding internally and they let me sit in the waiting room for two hours until I got mad and went to another hospital. When I got to the other hospital I required two blood transfusions.

alvan carden

the staff presented their self in a professional manor also easy to get along with now the customer service that's a different story it isn't bad but they somewhat give off this type of attitude like they are annoyed, but then again i called early in the morning trying to figure out how i could obtain my records from past injuries so i could join the military, all and all this is great place way better then Cumberland hospital.

Lori Scott

Tad Boyle

Decent food

Denis Kharin

Worst Hospital in the world. This hospital will get sued if not already getting there. They don't heal people, they only charge. 1. Doctors are the worst doctors there 2. Stuff talking rumors about patients 3. Stuff is useless in knowledge. I hope this hospital will get sued one day.

Stephen Deci


Competent staff, honest, forthright. Cared for one of my relatives gravely injured in a crash. Very focused and directed people. If I ever get banged up in a wreck I hope I can get there.

Mike Westfall

Jason Clyburn

Stay as far from the Neurology department as possible. Worst service ever. Went with my buddy. Sent by referral from the VA. Called back quick and put in about a 6x8 room for 2.5 hours. Finally allowed him to come wait in the waiting room after asking a few times and being told by Dr. Seacrest nurse “what are you still doing here? You haven’t been seen?” He comes out to the waiting room for ten minutes. Called back by “Dr” Seacrest for 12 min to find out “some people just have tremors.” WOW. Great job Ruby. Living up to the name.

Irene Alby

The bathrooms in the ER are disgusting! I couldn't even find a clean seat for my six year old. How can a hospital have such bad hygiene. I have never seen this and I have been in hospitals all over the US, Canada and Europe

Jonathan McCulley

Poor patient care on the floor. Poor Cystic Fibrosis center. I would not recommend this facility.

Joan Luchuck

Morgan Cordle

Jerimi Shroades

Nurses are great staff is good but the doctors think they are above most & their human just like me & you

Dolores Sinclair

Theresa Newton

Dawn Walls

Michele Yeager

I wouldn’t take my pet cockroach to Ruby Memorial for medical care. Do yourself a favor - stay on I79 and go to Pittsburgh for care!

Lucy Ebony

Horrible staff. Enough said.

Erika Whyte

My son's 2nd visit to the ER this week with abdominal pain and Doctors have absolutely no idea what is causing it. He's a student at WVU from southeastern PA and his father had to drive down there yesterday to be his patient advocate because obviously the staff had NO IDEA/SIMPLY DON'T CARE/ ARE INEPT & GROSSLY INCOMPETENT!!!! This young man has been in pain all night long and while being told he would be taken for an MRI this morning -----hint hint Ruby hospital it is now THE AFTERNOON!!!!---- and has yet to be taken for it. He is also in pain and can't take pain meds without food in his system because it will upset his stomach and yet can't have food because he's been waiting to have this flash RUBY.... you all need to get your shiggity together and FAST....feel sorry for the local folks if this is the best you have to offer.... SO EFFEN DONE.....ABSOLUTELY OUTRAGEOUS!!!

Jamal Azouz


Stacy Spriggs

Best hospital i been to.have had 4 open heart surgeries here.the workers and doctors ive came across are polite,helpful and friendly. Hospital is clean and very nice also

PinkFlamingo Vapes!

My father recently had to be transported to Ruby. The MICU was great, they were very attentive but the doctors would not listen to anything we said. Everything is blamed on drugs now a days, and my father is FAR from a drug addict. When he got stable they moved him, he's blind in both eyes and has terrible tremors. The new floor nurses didn't care, they didn't even have a working phone! No one fed him his meals, no one checked on him. Then we were told to get back up there, the next day, which was a Monday, they were performing surgery, we had came home one day, a four hour trip one way. We got up there, now on our 13th day of no sleep, no money left, and worried to death. We sat there all day, then they told us they made a mistake, it would not be done until Thursday at 8 am. We got up at 4 to be sure to be there in time, they took him in at 6!! Also his room was so dirty it looked like the dirt on the ground, he's bedridden, so I know he didn't make that mess. I asked them if they owned a mop, I guess they don't. I have read others complaining how dirty this place is. If and I hope to God he doesn't, catch MRSA it will be a miracle. I'll sue the snot out of these people. Somehow I'll have their licenses. There's no way I'd let my non existent dog stay in Ruby. Beware! I'll give the two stars because MICU was great, clean and the nurses cared, however the doctors did not. There is no communication between the 300 that are there, and they do not listen to the families.

Robert Moore

Waited at Mon general 2-1/2 hours being told an ENT doctor was coming to look at my dad. After 2-1/2 hours was told doctor not coming, insisting my 83 year old father cone to them at wvu hospital. Have now been waiting over an hour at the wvu er and still waiting to see a doctor. Ordeal started at 4pm, it is now 11:30pm and still waiting.

Zachary Snider

One of the worst hospital experiences I have ever had. The surgeon that gave me stitches did an excellent job and was very nice, but it seems that the rest of the staff in that building don’t know or have never talked politely to another human being before. Nurses were hardly attentive and I was keep in the dark about almost everything happening throughout the entire stay. The icing on the cake was when I had to make a follow-up appointment to get my stitches removed. The nurse, Barb (didn’t provide last name), was quite possibly the rudest person I’ve dealt with throughout the whole grueling ordeal. Simple questions were responded with overbearing tones and laughter. I feel sorry for the person whoever gave that woman a job as there is no redeeming work ethic to be found there. A last piece of advice for anyone who may have the choice of going to this hospital, I recommend you do whatever it takes to stay as far away from there as possible. Your life is worth so much more than to be put in the hands of those who would never give you the time of day otherwise. I paid money for a service and I definitely did not get what I paid for.

Robin Schadt

I'm giving 1 stars because the bad outweighs the good. Most of the nurse's my daughter had/has were good. We did have one in which lied to me and wanted me to pull the plug on her. My daughter has been on the 7th. floor for 2 weeks now and her room has yet to be cleaned. They empty the garbage and that's it. Her floor is so dirty. They spilled something last week and it's still under her bed and on the bed as well. The sink area has never been cleaned as well. And they wonder where staff infection starts. And my daughter already has a bad infection, maybe this is where it started. I don't know for sure but, I'm sure it's not helping. I see housekeeping everyday on this floor but they only stop in for the garbage. This is so sad for a hospital.

Miranda Dabler

Amy Tice

reading these reviews I can see a bunch of liars.....talking about how dirty this hospital is? i have been here several times! and its immaculate....and the doctors are great....if these reviews are true why not sue the hospital??

Loretta Whalen

Mitch Earle

What's with all the negative reviews? I had some of the best care I've ever received during my visit to the ER for this awful flu that's going around. My nurse Emma was one of the nicest nurses I've had in any facility. Extremely attentive and so polite. I was also attended to by 2 floor doctors and a floor manager who were also very nice and caring. From my experience, best hospital around but I know I can't speak for everyone.

Lisa Colbert

Jeni Ott

Excellent hospital! It is a teaching hospital. Doctors, nurses, students, and staff are always polite, well mannered, and knowledgeable. I cannot say enough great things about this hospital.

Kennith Coleman

beckey parkins

Spent 6 hours getting pretty admission test done for my 3 year old daughter. 2 hours after we left the hospital I get a phone call saying they have to move her procedure to the following week because they do not have any beds available for her. I am sure this information was known to them beforehand. So not only was my day wasted, I missed classes and 2 days of work in addition will be missing work when the procedure is done and classes. The procedure is new to Ruby they have just started this services for pediatric patients, and obviously are not organized or ready to take on any new projects concerning patients and procedures.

Susie Paterson

Tyler Poling

Always Satisfied with the front desk "guides" that always show you the way, respectfully, and cheerfully! They make the unfortunate occasions comforting!

Vasily Kaleda

Bridgett Meadows

Always treated my family awesome in the neurologist area the pediatric dental here sucks very badly and rude staff

Jennifer Howard

Absolutely appalling. I have never in my life received more unprofessional care in all of my life. Both Ruby and Mon General are poor excuses for hospitals. Our family will be going to Pittsburgh for professional care from now on. Coming from Texas a state with exceptional health care systems, I honestly did not think hospitals like Ruby and Mon General existed, but they do. Please be aware of where you take your family. The medical staff at these facilities are untrustworthy. My father has been actually receiving his health care from John's Hopkins in Baltimore Maryland and it is so so wonderful. Night and day difference. My son received his surgery from UPMC children's hospital.. Absolutely wonderful team of doctors. Please go to Pennsylvania or Maryland for your health care. Unfortunately the state of West Virginia is far behind the rest of the nation.

Harold Kimball

Byron Jones

Randall Moore

Elizabeth Layfield

Went into the hospital because I was unable to walk and feel my legs, they did one MRI on me and the neurologists said they didn't see anything wrong with me so they weren't going to do anything for me. They also did an emg test (testing of the nerves) and said that it was fine as well even though my legs did not react at all. They kept me in their for two weeks and didn't do anything else and my mother and I had to fight to be sent to a better hospital. The only good thing about it was the CA's and Nurses were nice however, they couldn't even put in IV in right, I had to have five IV's put in me, one after the other, until I finally told them they had to keep it out.

Matt Anderson

Our daughter was born here and we received excellent care. I couldn't be happier with the care we received. They were very friendly and supportive.

Megan Barton

Kayleah Ferguson

Was at the ER and went in for an issue that needed blood work. The doctor came back with the results and told me I had hepatitis c. Which was confusing and horrifying considering I have never touched a needle or hard drug in my life. The doctor also kept accidentally calling it HIV. Which was obviously very upsetting. I went and got tested at my family doctor TWICE and it turns out my blood is completely clear and the tests are negative. I am assuming because they took blood from people right after another that my blood was contaminated with someone who did have it. I’m also guessing I wasn’t the only one that was mistakenly told I had hep c that night. It was a terrible experience and I will seek elsewhere in the future if I need immediate medical assistance.

Effy Lindeman

brandon Donavan Schwartz

stinks starve you

big man

i agree that it felt like a was a living hell on the heart floor, and probably louder than prison..woke up screaming during having stents put in, and was disgraced by the doctor and called names...he was very arrogant.

Russell Bailey-Spence

Amazing hospital, Cabell, and St. Mary's take note!

Heather Spry

Jeani Kris Boivin

I think it's really bad when someone just got released from the hospital has to walk home in the snow. But if we were drunks or crack heads we would of gotten a ride home.

Melissa Carothers

I work here

Lucas Coffey

Great experience.

Debra Wv

Seems fast services

Eric Mitchell

My overall visit at the ER lasted 14 hours, with 2 hours of that having to wait to be seen by a doctor. It was a long and exhausting stay, but greatly appreciate how the nurses and doctors handled my care and was able to diagnose and treat the severe allergic reaction I was experiencing.

Chris Gibson

I love the hospital bit were came all the way from va bc my son was rushed to the hospital bc of a atv accident he had with his dad & bc it was during. The football game we coudnt get ti him so that sucked

Glenda Barnes

Kristen Cary

The ED was so dirty! I had been there 2 nights in a row and the same urine was in the bathroom sink two days in a row with feces everywhere. They are NOT a clean hospital. They had all their reports mixed up I was there for a bad infection and c-Diff after delivering a baby yet the doctor came in telling me how my catscan showed an issue in my back I asked what it showed and how c-Diff can cause that he said that it was from my automobile accident thG brought me in todAy. Then for the same visit when they admitted me I was sent to the postpartum unit while I had C-DIFF! When I arrived on the unit they told me I was there for pre-eclampsia!

Chuck Titone

My son was taken to Ruby after hitting his head and having obvious concussion symptoms. He waited 4 hours in the waiting room with out anyone attending to him, and was even denied a glass of water by the staff. I called the hospital several times to try to get him looked at and they told me they had no idea when they would able to get to him. He finally just left and we drove to WVU from New Jersey to get him to a facility that would care for him. Think long and hard before going here.

Savanna Nesselrod

It's okay as long as your stay isn't during football season. If there is a game they close the parking lot for patients and visitors to allow for fans to party. In short WVU puts more importance on a ball game than sick patients in the hospital.

bruce storrs

i have never had to use the advocate of a hospital to get proper treatment from the nurses .i did find professional nurses on floor 8 SE.and on floor 10.however the other nurses that treated my wife did not care about there patients .

Bobby Lippencott

Can't even rate this a one star. 3 1/2 hours in the waiting room, only to be brought back to the exam room for 5 minutes, then shipped to the pending results room, where I am still waiting for results. The rooms are absolutely disgusting. Can't believe the filth that is in these rooms. It's pretty bad when you are afraid of leaving the hospital with more than you came with. I honestly can't believe the lack of patient care in this hospital.

Kristen Thompson

The Drs did a good job with my emergency surgery. Some of the nurses did a good job. But most of the staff was horrible-ignoring call bells and throwing trash everywhere. This is the dirtiest hospital I have ever seen. I am healing from an intense surgery and the trash cans in my room have bundles of feces piled up from the other patient in the room. I am on my third day and no one has set foot in here to clean this room. What a waste of potential.

Sherry Russell

Turkish Russell Hugging

the girls dads gf.

My nurses and doctors in labor and delivery done everything they could to keep me comfortable and relaxed my whole stay. They showed me and my family nothing but respect. I highly recommend them. Especially if you have a high risk pregnancy.

davy peters

Very thoughtful and caring folks here.

Olivia Bow

Every experience has been a horrific nightmare. Go to Mon General instead.

Whydidthis Saymyrealname

Only ever go here in emergencys. I broke my collar bone about 2 weeks ago and didn't have much of a choice but to come here. They'll do what they're required to do, and never anything else. Aside from waiting more than half an hour in a waiting room just to be examined, they messed up my IV twice, said I didnt need surgery, and was given the worst sling I've ever seen (literally just a piece of fabric and a strap) with no instruction on how to position my arm or anything else to help manage my condition. Went back a week later for a follow up, and they tell me that now my collar bone has drifted to the point I require surgery. In addition, I'm 90% certain that the only people that ever examined me were students learning the same procedures they were performing on me. Worst medical experience of my life.

Melody Jefferson

No one should wait 4- 5 hours in the waiting room . Ridiculous I guess walk in ER patients are not important here in West Virginia.

Jess Heavner

Gary Taylor

In 2006 I had open heart surgery I received the best of care a few years B4 that my wife Charmaine had surgery the 2 nurses that took care of her LINDA AND CARL are 1st class the best I still go back sometimes to see them THANK YOU from Gary

misty bailey

Robbin Dilger

They literally saved my life. Dr. Kahn. 9/2010 Then i need surgery on C5-C6 on my neck by Dr. Brandmeir. 9/2017 Then 6 years later my granddaughter was born with complications. They tucked her "problem" back inside, every 6-12 months she still needs check-ups. On 2/18 we will be celebrating her 2 year birthday. I have yet to find a better, more thorough, compassionate group of Dr's and nurses.

Alex Davidson

You have a higher chance of living through an emergency by driving to UPMC in Pittsburgh.

Tesa Cogar

Jeff Woods

Dirty, disorganized, and terrible triage. Waited 3.5 hours with abdominal pain. I asked how long it would be twice and I hadn't moved up in the que at all. They also expected a urine sample but the only provided drink was a water fountain with next to no pressure. People go to the ER when they are sick, why would you have a water fountain you basically have to stick your mouth directly on? Their bathrooms are so disgusting. I believe they are the best way to get MRSA. Every time I have gone there it has been terrible.

micci sampery -SLATE

Curtis Sykora

Been sitting in excruciating pain with food poisoning and have been waiting to be seen in the ER for over four hours while the people next to me have been sitting here since 10 am and it’s curently 5:30 pm. This is ridiculous.

Tom McConnell

My wife and I fought a brain tumor at Ruby for more than 30 years, so we spent, all added up, months in that facility. I found the care great and considering our grave condition the atmosphere was supportive. In our many times of need we found kindness , compassion, and genuinely concerned and engaged professionals.

WV Vintiques

I was recently rushed to Ruby after an accident at work (Pipeliner). From the time I arrived, to the time I left, (5days) I received 5 star - top notch care. While in the hospital I underwent two surgeries and a barrage of other tests and other super comfortable things. Ruby is a teaching hospital and I didn't particularly like being on display, but I understand how much it matters for the next generation of doctors and nurses to follow. Everything wasn't perfect, this is the real world, but 96% of the experience was wonderful. Communication to me wasn't always the best or quickest but it seemed that the people in charge of my care were informed about what they needed to be, even if I wasn't always. I still have my arm and I am home and healing and I will never forget the doctors, nurses, and surgeons who toiled endlessly to make that happen. I understand that things are sometimes out of our hands in this life, but I didn't find it hard to put my trust in the people at Ruby. Thank you so much for being there for a pipeliner who just really wanted to be able to hold his son with both arms. Z

Jeffery Sill

Best healthcare in all of WV and surrounding areas. Every department is great.

C Livingston

The ER staff is very rude and uncaring. Whatever happened to patient care? Sitting here in the ER waiting room for over five hours and still not seen. Transferred here from another ER that was not equipped to perform surgery for deep laceration with nerves and tendon severed. Requested ice chips from the front desk since not permitted to eat or drink due to surgery. Over two hours later and still have not received the ice chips. Also asked for a warm blanket and haven’t received anything. Asked again and still nothing. Understandable that there are more serious emergencies coming via ambulance and the back ER treatment area is busy. No excuses for the front desk. They are sitting there chit chatting and eating their take out dinner in front of patients. Yet, still no response to the simple request for ice chips and blanket. Still waiting.

Ed Rodriguez

Medical staff are very good. Unfortunately the Admin are not. My estranged sister called and spoke to Felix, lied and told him that she had power of attorney whereupon Felix changed my Post OP treatment to her specifications. When he told me that my POA had changed my physical therapy etc I was angry and told him that no such POA existed and not to speak to her. He said she means well and he would continue to talk to her. He told the RN that she had POA and transferred her to him and the RN said he answered her questions. The RN apologized later when he found out the mistake. My surgeon had a heated discussion with me when I denied having given POA to anyone after he read the erroneous information entered by Felix. Felix later deleted the info and also did not correct the Post OP treatment instead canceling my physical therapy altogether. I filled out a survey sent by Ruby and left information to call me but never heard from them. I called the patients advocate line and explained everything a few weeks ago. I received a letter acknowledging the conversation but have not since had any contact. An apology would be nice but Ruby's cavalier attitude towards hippa violations should give any patients pause to consider whether their privacy and treatment are important enough to be entrusted to Ruby Memorial Hospital.

connie vaughan

My Mother was in there for a couple of weeks before she passed i only dealt with the 10th floor nurses and two of there Drs but it was the best .if you asked for something it was right there ,never had to wait on anything .i work in the medical field in ohio so i know what goes on .keep up the good work

Louis Weiner

John Nguyen

Freedom USA

Ry Richards

Worst place for birth ever! Horrible! They hound you until they get their way and if you don't do exactly what they say they threaten you and fill your head full of stuff. This place needs an overhaul and I would never recommend birthing here!

Nicole Brown

IF YOU ARE AN EXPECTANT MOTHER, DO NOT COME HERE!!! I contracted viral meningitis right after giving birth and apparently it was because the doctor who had given me an epidural( even after he was told not to because I was already 9cm dilated ) used an unsterile needle. That’s what I was told when going to the ER because I couldn’t figure out why I was feeling so off and my neck was stiff. Anyhow, if you want a pleasant experience giving birth then I would suggest Mongeneral. I had the best experience with them with my first child. STAY AWAY FROM THIS HOSPITAL!!

Jeremy Kuhns

Richard Bulett

It is very good at this hospital

Miss Gaming Girl

This place saved baby’s life last year. He was very sick. Thank you guys. Definitely recommend this place.

Ametro Little

My mother has been in two hospital for strokes and this is the first time I have ever received this much information and support. 10 West rocks! We had a CA by the name of Morgan and a RN by the name of Brian and they never made me feel like any questions I asked was dumb. They informed me step by step on everything they were doing for my mother and why! Praise God for these staff members, may God bless them each and every day!

Tader Totz

My mommaw stayed here for a week and they done nothing for her. They kept putting off her surgeries and scans. They believe she has lung cancer and it’s spreading quick, but they never done anything for her. My mom stayed in the room with her the whole time and not once did they clean the rooms or make the beds. The staff was mainly nice, however, some staff forgot to bring in her medication. They almost starved her by not allowing her to eat, and then not doing the tests they set her up for. My mommaw left there, and not even 20 miles away, she had to have an ambulance come and get her and rush her to another (closer) hospital. And now, three days later, she has to come back for a test that was supposed to be done there in the beginning, which is a three hour drive for us.

M Kelly

Greg Hixon

Carl Cannon

Patients are being questioned as to whether they have been out of the country in the past 21 days. An infected person could be the beginning of a local epidemic.

Missy may Messy may

I waited four hours with what ever I had wrong with my yellow cornea, swollen and closing but everyone else was seen less then that I came at one o'clock haven't left since I'm going to be posting photos of my eye as well on social media and showing what Ruby does! Terrible hospital! Someone can die and they wouldn't even take them!!!!!!

Kevin Eble

Overall this is one of West Virginia's finest hospitals. Keeping in mind there are highs and lows yo everything in life and services received and given, sometimes it is important to review the basics and remember there are people with feelings that need the professional services offered... I think the personal caring touch is something that could be improved upon. Getting a patient through emergency and treated could be drastically improved. Waiting 5 hours for a room could also be addressed. However, the golden rule to treat others as you would want to be treated is something that as a society we are slowly forgetting and it is sad.

Donald Hahn

The ENT clinic is extremely slow. I sat in the waiting room for a allergy shot for about 30 minutes. Take the time to drive to the ENT clinic at Suncrest Towne Center. Much better there.

Bradley Stillwagoner

Was having gushing nose bleeds. Went in on a Tuesday, they filled my nose with some glue and the next day a was having blood ruin down my throat the entire day. Had to return that Thursday as my nose started to gush again. Then they were going to pack it and have me come back a week later. I said fix it now and my lawyer can y’all avout how I will not pay for this half way attempt to pass me to the next doctor. So the DR got mad and stomped out like a kid that was told no. Then they sent for the ENT doctor to fix it. Like they should have done to begin with. The ER doc did not numb me before he packed my nose and clamped it, not only did I have a lot of pain I was being treated like I was stupid. I had to meantion my lawyer to get the treatment I came there seeking. This hospital only like to do the minimum so they can reschedule more appointments. They see patients as a cash register and not a person. DO NOT GO TO THIS HISPITAL. I was treated the same way when I injured my back 4 years ago. PATIENTS BEWARE.

Aaron Meyer

J Saul

I had open heart surgery last week to repair my aortic valve. Dr. Badhwar and his team are definitely at the top of their field and their care is phenomenal. Excellent cardiac teams managed my post surgical care and the floor care was pretty great too. Now on the mend at home where I can get some sleep after 5 days in the hospital.

Patricia Byars-curry

The employes on the 6 the floor are wonderful but my daughter had an accident down her toilet today around 4 pm. N they have called housekeeping 3 times 6 hours later my daughters toilet still has dry poop all over it. I'm calling the hospital supervisors first thing Monday morning.

glen anderson

Nothing this place dosent knoe how to speed things up ive been here since 6 its now 11 wait on a nurse thats no were to be found its bad when a patient is waiting for a room almost all day this is ridiculous i much rather uhc or fairmont regional way better

Olivia Helmick-Johnson

LOVE this place they help lots sometimes they take a couple minutes longer for appointments but its very good here!!!!!

Nathan Burton

been great working on my daughter would recommend to anyone

hope Gilliland

We do NOT like this place for our loved ones if there is another option by all means take it my list of reasons are to long to type......been here 10 days we been moved 3 times and still don't know no more than we did the first day....

The Muzichuck Channel

Average hospital. One negative is I worked Security at this hospital for 7 years put in a two week notice but I am still unable to be hired back. Apparently this happens quite regularly. Not sure exactly why but if you get a job there and like it STAY because there is a big chance they won't hire you back.

Daniel Jones

ER is on the slow side. A lot of the nurses and doctors are excellent and are very caring.

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