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REVIEWS OF Dr. Ahmed A. Nasrullah, MD IN West Virginia

Nancy Sears

Yesterday, I called to make an apointment as a new patient. I let the receptionist know that I was uninsured and would be paying out of pocket. I was told the rate was sixty something dollars for the appointment (I do not remember the exact amount. I just remember it was over $60 and under $70). When I arrived I was told the cost would be $150. Not happy to come out on a snowy day in the 25 degree weather for nothing. They should have honored the price I was quoted.

Meriem Karrakchou

Best experience! Dr. Nasrullah skills and competence saved my little boy’s eye! A very tricky and special case and Dr. Nasrullah was amazing. My son was diagnosed with a cogenital cataract at the age of 7 and we didn’t know if he would be able to see! 1 day post op- he could see!! We are forever grateful to him!!! His staff are incredibly professional as well. Don’t think twice- you will not be in better hands!

T. Chaudhry

Rajib Amin

Excellent surgeon, very knowledgable and skilled. After my eye surgery, I have better than 20/20 and no more astigmatism!

sheila asbury

I have nothing but wonderful words to say about Dr. Nasrullah and his staff at Lansdowne, Leesburg, VA. What an amazing team. I had successful cataract surgery in 2012 with Dr. Nasrullah in my left eye. This past Thursday, I had cataract surgery in my right eye using the lasar technique. Knowing how nervous and apprehensive I am, Dr. Nasrullah and his entire staff went out of their way to make sure I understood the procedure for before, during and after care. All of my questions were answered without being rushed. Upon arrival at the Reston Surgery Center, Dr. exspend some extra time with me to make sure I was calm and as comfortable as could be expected. He explained each step and what I would hear, see, and feel. However, II only remember him telling me to move from one bed to another. The next memory I have was eating crackers and having apple juice, getting ready to head home. For me, this was great! I was told the expectation for improved vision within a week after surgery was close to 20/35 or 40. However, after 4 days my vision is 20/20! Amazing!!! I have worn glasses for almost 50 years. Now, I only have to have reading glasses for close reading and computer work. The lasar surgery is fast, painless, and effective. If you need cataract surgery, I highly recommend Dr. Nasrullah at Dulles Eye Associates at Lansdowne, Leesburg, VA. I have been his patient since 2012 and always will be. Thank you, Dr. Nasrullah, for my new eyes and care you continually give me.

Chris N.

Had LASIK done recently, and Dr. Nasrullah was fantastic! Knows what he's doing and cares about his patients. He has provided fantastic care to other members of my family and they have all been well pleased. Would recommend above any other eye care provider in the area!

Susan Matthews

Dr. Nasrullah performed my lasik surgery. He explained the procedure and was professional and caring. I had great results from the procedure!

Mubeen Saqib

I Had done my lasik surgery a couple of weeks ago...The experience was amazing and satisfactory .Optician Sadia recommended dr Nasrullah....Dr Nasrullah is a caring doctor....At first visit dr Nasrullah explained the whole procedure really well..Excellent surgeon, very knowledgeable and do care for his patients.i highly recommend Dr Nasrullah


I chose Dr. Nasrullah to do my LASIK surgery based on a referral from my doctor and I was extremely pleased with everything about my experience. He and his staff are professional and conscientious. Dr. Nasrullah showed me the procedure room himself and explained everything that would happen. I was so terrified thinking about a laser in my eye (oh my!), but Dr. Nasrullah has a way of setting fears to rest. What I liked best about my visit is that he talked to me during the procedure and he was encouraging saying things like "you're doing good", "it's almost over" and "everything looks really good". His assistant even did a countdown when the flaps were made, so I'm laying there thinking "six seconds, I can make it." There was just something so settling about hearing the countdown....I guess it made it seem less fearful knowing that it would be over soon. Although very quick, there is some healing time involved and the surgery has made a huge difference for me. I'm in my mid 40's and I've worn glasses since 6th grade. I have enjoyed waking up and seeing immediately without searching for my glasses! I had the mono-vision LASIK which means I have one eye that is under-corrected to allow me to see close up as well. My new eyes have been a blessing! I recommend Dr. Nasrullah for the LASIK procedure. You definitely want someone with his experience and personality when it comes to caring and correcting a body part as precious as the eyes!

Nadder Hassan

Great experience! The Nasrullah is very thorough and caring. The staff are also very friendly and professional. I had lasik surgery and I am very happy with the results. Highly recommend this office

Mahmood Bakkash

Gregarious and professional. I went to Dr. Nasrullah for LASIK and was very satisfied with my experience with him and his colleagues.

Alana Rae

Called twice 15mins before they were about to close.. was on hold for about 5mins the they picked up and hung the phone up. Called right back someone answered, I explained I was hung up on.. they asked if they could help and stated I wanted to make an appointment.. then I was put on hold again. No thanks - this wasn’t a good FIRST IMPRESSION!

Suzan Winters

Dr Nasrullah is an excellent and caring surgeon, and his staff is professional yet personable. I highly recommend Dr Nasrullah, his staff and Dulles Eye Associates.

kush batra

Dr. Nasrullah is a skilled professional with a human touch. Prior, during and after the procedure, he answered all my questions and provided great care. I was nervous since this was my first surgery and I am very happy I choose Dr. Nasrullah. His staff are also very polite and courteous. Overall A++

Tareq Abedin

I found him after visiting several other doctors 10 years ago. He was able to diagnose my problem right away. I have been so happy I sent my wife and parents there. Everyone loves his approach and bedside manner. He has also performed Lasik on many of my friends with fabulous results. Highly recommended.

Kyle Chadwick

Dr. Nasrullah and his staff are of the highest character and quality. From day one, Dr. Nasrullah made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. His free Lasik consultations are great, as he outlines precisely how the surgery would take place. The staff is very accommodating to scheduling and ensuring that they will fit you in. On surgery day, Dr. Nasrullah was calm, cool, and collected, and made me feel relaxed during my surgery. The whole process took around 30 minutes, and that included prep time as well as the actual surgery. The actual surgery was painless, efficient, and beyond what I had expected. After surgery, Dr. Nasrullah gave me a thorough breakdown of everything that I needed to do in order to ensure successful recovery. In my post op visit a day after having Lasik, I was able to see better than I ever had before, and even had 20/15 vision. I would highly recommend Dr. Nasrullah to anybody out there who is considering Lasik or needs an eye doctor. He is a top notch doctor, and there is a reason he was named one of the top doctors in Washington D.C. by his peers. Every aspect of my experience with Dr. Nasrullah reflected exemplary professionalism and medical expertise.

Jenny Gates

We went in for LASIK consultations about 2 weeks ago. I was not a good candidate (which I greatly appreciate Dr. Nasrullah being so honest about and not needlessly signing me up for the procedure), but my husband was an "ideal" candidate. Four days after the consult, he had both eyes done and is absolutely thrilled with the results. Dr. Nasrullah, and his entire office at Dulles Eye Associates, have been fantastic. Highly recommend for all your eye care needs.

Christine Roth

I have been a patient of Dr. Nasrullah for several years and could not imagine trusting my eyesight to anyone else. He is phenomenal. I would give him 10 stars if I could. Highly recommend. PS: We also love Dr. Najafi.

aslan saeidi

I was happy with the services of this doctor in the past. However, I would never recommend going to this office because of the other employees -- in particular the people in the front desk. A few weeks ago, I had an emergency with my eye. I was in great pain. I could not see. I went to the office in person and they could not make time for me. The woman at the front desk, named Fahima, was not friendly or personable. However, she said I could return the next day at 1PM. When I went back the following day, they said there was no record of my appointment. I had suffered for hours. Again, I was in so much pain. But they had me just sit in the office. I was there more than two hours. This is despite the fact that I had made sure to show up with plenty of time before my 1PM appointment. Eventually, I had to get up and go to the emergency room. A doctor cannot be successful at serving his patients with a staff like this. Do yourself a favor -- and go elsewhere. Great doctor. Awful front desk.

Ahmad Waziri

He is a good doctor but no much if personality often he come across a rude person may be he had a bad day

rodrigo gamarra

Dr. Nasrullah is an excellent surgeon who made sure I had all the information I needed. The surgery only took about 3-5 minutes and he was totally easy going and professional about it. Make sure you go through him if you want to get LASIK surgery!!

John Marchessault

Dr. Nasrullah was fantastic. He guided me through the Lasik surgery from my initial consultation to my follow up visits. He gave me realistic expectations for my surgery and recovery. He answered all my questions and didn't rush me through any decisions. My surgery was on a Friday and he was there on Saturday for my follow up, which I felt was extremely convenient. I found Dr. Nasrullah on Google reviews and I'm glad I did. He was close to home and I now have 20/20 vision. Thank you!

Wolfman Pack

Dr. Nasrullah is obviously a very gifted, caring and knowledgeable physician. My elderly mother and I happened to have cataracts at the same time and elected to seek the help of Dr. Nasruallah after quite a bit of research. Our experience was excellent as we found he and his entire team to be thorough and efficient. Nobody wants to have to deal with eye problems but if you find yourself in need of a great ophthalmologist you'd do well to go see Dr. Nasrullah. Cannot recommend him highly enough...thank you sir!

Mel Pine

I had been seeing Dr. Nasrullah for more than a decade and had complete trust in him when he told me it was time for cataract surgery. Trust is important when you're going to let someone do surgery on your eyes. And I still have complete trust in him afterwards. What I didn't know until he told me was that laser surgery and the implantation of new multi-focal lenses would probably eliminate my need to wear glasses. Yippee! It worked, and it worked better than I had dreamed. I had been wearing glasses for 63 years, since I was 8, and I believe I'm now seeing better than I ever did, better than 20/20 with great acuity and depth of field. And colors are more vibrant. I'm thrilled with the result.

Vicki Leuck

For two years I struggled with my changing vision. I went to 4 different optometrists, and to another opthamologist, none of which were able to help me and correct my vision. After doing some research I found Dr. Nasrullah. I was quickly diagnosed with cataracts and just as quickly the troubling eye is now 20/20. Dr. Nasrullah did the surgery in less than 45 minutes, was professional, and had a good calming bedside manner, which helped me to relax in a situation that generally would give one high anxiety. I would recommend Dr. Nasrullah to for all your eye care needs.

Donna Caulfield

I have been seeing Dr. Nasrullah for over 10 years. He is the best. He did my cataract surgery years ago and I highly recommend him.

Nasrulah Alam

Md nasrullah alam aurai

Sally Ann Tennyson

Dr. Nasrullah performed cataract surgery on my right eye. My results were even better than I had hoped! Vision is fantastic. Very grateful. Everyone at Dulles Eye and the surgical center was kind and helpful. Everyone knows and executes their job very well. I can not thank Dr. Nasrullah and his staff enough!

Leo Plaza-Ponte

I feel very fortunate to have had Dr. Nasrullah for my procedure and found his staff to be kind and responsive. I would definitely recommend him to a potential patient.

Peg Wilson

I am very pleased by the professional, courteous, and excellent work that Dr. Nasrullah did on removing the cataract from my right eye. Prior to the surgery I was very nervous because of the thought of me watching as the lens was removed from my eye. The situation was calmly and kindly explained to me so that my fear subsided. No fear at all now. During the surgery what I saw through my right eye were bright circular rings. No pain, no fear, and very accurate! The vision in my right eye is now perfect and without the need of a contact. Dr. Nasrullah and his staff kept everything running smoothly and accurately. They are kind and very knowledgeable. Their interaction with patients is good and they made time for questions to be answered. I totally recommend Dr. Nasrullah for, as in my case, cataract removal. Thank you so much Dr. Nasrullah and staff!

Syed Wajid

I had transplant . excellent doctors. Dr Ahmed nasrullah is one of the very best and excellent doctor in The US. I know him for a long long time.I am visiting him every couple of months for follow up . I had a very good experience with his staff . I am going. For follow up next month.

Lynnsey Audette

I highly recommend Dr. Nasrullah. He performed my Lasik Surgery. He provided a high standard of care & answered every question. He is extremely kind and caring. Dr. Nasrullah provided the best experience I have ever had at any doctors office!

Alex Trieu

My vision is much improved and see a lot better without glasses for distance after cataract surgery on both eyes performed by Dr. Nasrullah. After 38 years since 16, I’m no longer need glasses to drive, LOVE IT! Kudos to Dr. Nasrullah and his entire staff at Annandale office, they were kind explained all procedures, care and very knowledgeable. I am very pleased with the results, better vision in both eyes, and especially brilliance of colors. Will recommend to friends and family’s members!

John Russell

If you Need Cataract surgery, you need to go see Dr. Ahmed Nasrullah at Dulles Eye Assoc. I put it off as long as I could… then I put if off some more. I have never had contacts; because I can’t touch my own eyes. The thought of sharp objects near them was abominable. I told Dr. Nasrullah, that I needed the surgery, but I didn’t want to be there when it happened; I wanted General anesthetic. He told me that is almost never necessary. He was right. I remember all of it, except for the disturbing part. I asked about pain medication for afterwards. He told me I wouldn’t need it. I’ve scratched my cornea before; so I was skeptical. He was right again. There was some irritation, but the antibiotic drops took care of that. Most of all, it was Dr. Nasrullah’s personality that made the process possible. He was supremely confident (almost as if he’d been doing this for years… which he has) without being condescending. He took his time and explained the procedure as well as the options available to me. He listened and addressed all my concerns, before every stage of the process. I am very satified with the results. I even drove the next day with no glasses for the first time in 30 years. I am very grateful to Dr. Nasrullah, his staff, and the staff of the Reston Hospital Center, who treated me with great kindness.

Pascal Hairabedian

Just had Lasik surgery done with Dr. Nasrullah and he did a phenomenal job! Him and his staff are excellent. I knew i was in good hands after he saved my brother from getting an unnecessary tear duct surgery that was recommended by another dr. My brother went to Dr. Nasrullah for a 2nd opinion and he recommended allergy eye drops to fix his issue, and guess worked...go figure! Anyway, this guy is top notch and his equipment is state of the art! If i had 3 thumbs I’d stick them all up but since i dont, this will have to do...

Judi Rissler

So blessed to have such a skilled surgeon take care of my eyes. He is so kind and caring. Top-notch in my opinion. I recommend him to everyone I can.

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