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REVIEWS OF Cabell Huntington Hospital: Emergency Room IN West Virginia

Sarah Wickline

I think they are a poor hospital because they release patients before they are ready to be released! I don't think that they put the patients needs first like they should!

Linda Fliehman

Crystal Bennett

Awful hospital. My mother was admitted to the hospital with a pancreatic cyst that was against her gi tract. She went in to have surgery to clean out cyst and infection If any and they couldnt do surgery due to fluid on lung. The fluid was removed and then the dr went on a three week vacation with no one to cover for him. Nor did they try sending her to another hospital. Needless to say my mother never received her surgery and after almost two months in hospital with them doing nothing she passed away. I will never send anyone or go myself to this hospital. They are the worst..

Mike Yuhas

Chandra Young

Candy May

I love cable they saved my life when I was a baby and at the age 5 and I was told I'd never see the age of 18 but I'm 24 soon to be 25 and I'm still going to cable this day all my cancer doctor are then and bloBL sepclist are amazing


I haven't been a patient in the ER here, but my child was transferred to their children's unit from another hospital. The staff were exceptional and the children's wing was amazing.

Amanda Smith

Bunch of idiots...Gave me a wrong diagnosis. Save ur live and ur baby's life and go somewhere else...forget to mention how excellent they are with billing

Ashley Cooper

Love this hospital everyone was so nice and was great with my son. It was very clean and the rooms are comfortable which makes it easier being in a hospital.

Eddie Richards

My mother suffers from dementia and was recently admitted to Cabell Huntington hospital for over a week for some other medical issues. I work in the public sercice sector and I have absolutely nothing bad to say about the staff here! The men and women in this hospital are some of the most professional, hard working people I've ever met. Some people complain about wait time or not getting a "ya'll" or timely greeting but they obviously have never done the job these men and women do and dont understand that when they are busy its not always possible to drop what they're doing and come over and greet you like you just entered a restaurant, especially after working a long shift. Thank you for your hard work and dedication! You have my gratitude!

David Bills

Ryan Tomblin

One of the doctors told my grandparents that I was in there because of a "drug overdose." This was before doing any test. It was purely off of my appearance. I was in because of a seizure by the way.

Kayla Harris

First time I went in, I was pregnant and I went in due to severe mid back pain. After waiting in pain for 7 hours and having the nurse tell me I was over reacting, they finally decided to run my urine. I had pyelonephritis, a uti, a yeast infection, and I was severely dehydrated. I was there for days, miserable. I ended up crashing and they had to deliver at only 36 weeks....and I was told I was overreacting. Then, just last night, I took my son who has Cystic Fibrosis to the ER for a fever of 104.7. They told me it would be an 8 hour, or more, wait. So we just left and went to Lexington to see his specialist. After several terrible experiences here, I will never go back or recommend it to anyone.

Al Ward

Very good facility

Said Bitar

l ambiance et qualité des soins

Doraetta Hesse

Christopher Adkins

Ronna Hensley

Took me right in with no waiting.

Curt Taylor

Debbie Person

My dad was in a car accident and was Lifeflighted to Cabell. The staff was rude and uncaring. Nobody answered the call lights or the IV when it went off. Had to go to nurses station when you needed help and that was still iffy on whether you would get help or not. The communication between the different departments sucked big time. I would never refer anyone to Cabell.

Amber Parks

Let me preface by saying I’ve been a nurse for 15 years, so I’m always sensitive to the nurse’s side of the situation. I’m more likely to make an excuse for a mistake (minor) or a bad attitude than to be upset about it because I GET IT. However, the pediatric unit at this hospital has the worst nursing staff I have ever encountered. Except Jackie. Jackie was wonderful. The other 4-5 nurses that I encountered while my nephew was there were rude, uncaring, not knowledgeable, and not compassionate. One nurse only entered his room 3 times during her 12 hour shift, and one of them was to unplug his IV so he could go to MRI. She then reported to the next nurse that she had to help him to the bathroom “a lot”. She did not help him to the bathroom a single time. That was a blatant lie, and it makes me question how much misinformation gets passed along at shift change. They did not address his parents or tell them what they were doing when they entered the room. They gave meds without any explanation. And when questions were asked, like, “what medication are you giving him?”, they were met with attitude. Not to mention, the nurses couldn’t answer most of the questions that were being asked. The neurosurgery PA came into the room and asked us who ordered a test. Seriously?? First off, no one is communicating anything to us, and second.... shouldn’t you know that?? You have access to his chart. There seemed to be a lack of communication in every situation, but the nursing staff was, by far, the worst part of the experience. I will say that the anesthesiologist was phenomenal and even gave him a piggy back ride because he was scared, and the resident seeing him was great too. The radiology staff was also really good. He spent a decent amount of time in radiology, and they were great at easing his anxiety. Those are the only good things I can say, and those encounters are the only reason I gave 2 stars instead of one. Oh, and they were able to get him transferred to a hospital that can provide the services he needs. I am thankful for that.

Mandy Gosnay

worst worst worst when it comes to finances, i had my son in this hospital, when i received the bills after insurance i began instantly making monthly payments, after being told my account was paid off, they then sent me another letter saying i still owed $731 dollars on my sons account???? when i called to ask questions they couldn't give me answers of why my sons account didn't stay tied to mine? THEY ARE HORRIBLE WITH THEIR PATIENTS AND FINANCING!!!! ALL ABOUT ONE THING AND ONE THING ONLY MONEY!


There number is always busy. That is an inconvenience because there could be a life death situation.

Sara Starkey

The nurses never call back. I wait on the phone for about15 minutes just to be put back on hold. I'm thankful to have a great doctor but her team brings her down. Switching ob/gyn worst place I have been yet.

Melanie Stila

I had to spend a week at Cabell Huntington and it was quite nice, even for a hospital. The staff was superb!

Francis Cline

I like the location because it's close to my home some so grateful that I got GPS to help me choose where I need to go

Judi Smith

Xiang Li

Hunter Hc Inthehouse

Eric Mason

Joel Conner

Gregory Manley

Melissa Plumley

Hananh Donahue

Paul Shaver

Kaycee Payne

Great staff Kathy in mother baby unit remarkable , food good but costly, and service fast & good . Parking could be better but it's not

Sharis H


Took my 6 yo son in late at night. Triage staff was so kind and struck up conversation with my son. Got a room in a decent amount of time, no complaints there. First person to come in our room was a student who was also nice and knowledgeable. She didn't ask me why were there, she asked my boy. Of course she looked to me for some more explanation. Our doctor came in soon after we got our room and looked at my son. He was very nice and talked to us both. we were there kind of a long time but my sons condition was a tricky one and required a few tests which were time consuming. They let me know what was going on the whole time. Once we got an idea of what was going on with my son we promptly got discharge papers and headed out. Everyone told us to have a good night. The triage man spoke to my son on the way out and gave him stickers too! Kindness was such a great thing to experience and the fact that my son wasn't ignored just because he's a kid. Thank you all SO MUCH!!!!

Margaret Bowling

I probably should have gave them a one, but, the staff seemed friendly..I just hope I don't have to go back there again..I went in with severe pain and pressure in my head and eyes. I had broken blood vessels in my eye..The nurse came in the room and stuck the thing in my arm for a iv, so, I think they are going to give me something to relieve my pain..Oh, but they didn't..Nothing went in it..They did give me a cat scan..Well, the nurse comes back in has my discharge papers with two prescriptions and tells me my cat scan was fine. I never see the doctor again.No explanation of what might be going on with me. I get home still hurting so bad and notice they give me prescriptions with someone else's name and address on them..I call the hospital speak to someone back in the er and tell me to throw them away and will call mine in to my pharmacy..Did that happen..NO!!! Most of our healthcare in this area is scary..Go to Cleveland Clinc if you want good care..

gina lyn frazer

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this hospital, all of its nurses and doctors. The mother baby unit is AMAZING, they took such great care of my daughter and grand daughter.

D. King

April Burrows

My partner and I have always received exceptional care at this hospital. I'm mad I ever went to St. Mary's for anything (I guess they're technically one and the same now, but--they're not). I had the most tender, caring physician once when I came in with a flu. He diagnosed me with fibromyalgia. Do you know how hard it is for a millennial woman to convince a male doctor she has fibro?? I received awesome prenatal care there (ultrasounds, blood tests, etc). Everything just seems to run more efficiently and the staff seem better at prioritizing walk-ins and appointments in order of importance. I wish I'd had my baby there. The best aspect of CHH is their counseling center. Best counseling I've ever received in my life. I was going through a terrible divorce, custody battle and post partum, and I feel like my counselor (afraid to put her name) saved my life. I've had such horrific counselors since then that really put her into perspective--I would not ever pursue help again if it weren't for her. I miss her so much. I wish I knew how to contact her to express appreciation. I also always had an easy time with the pharmacy. They are in a really convenient location right off the highway, pretty much the closest point of civilization where I lived. When my partner's arm was fractured they got him right back and they set up his insurance right there.

Midnight Choas

Why isn't medical insurance not being billed? Who is in charge of not billing them. This is the second time in my life that Cabell has not billed my insurance or contacted me about it . Until now. Now I owe over 12,000 in bills that I knew nothing off . Apparently the bill collectors say there not required by law to bill your insurance at all that it is a courtesy to them to bill the medical card company They did this to me before back in 2007 billing me after I graduated high school for 13,000 saying they tried to contact me to bill me ....I was like " I was a minor back in 2001.2004" . So I think Cabell is on this money making scam to not bill medical card companies and to not bill the person and let it build up for so many years so they can send it to collections for a significant amount. Like what's the point of having all my info. Asking for my medical card information every time I'm seen or even having a medical card if it's not being used.

Smooth Daddy

The worse hospital ive ever been to a two hour wait in the ER to be seen thats bullshit not to mention their lobby is practically empty.

Emily Rucker

Penny Irwin

J. Vulincio

I guess it’s OK with adults go and get fixed up in the hospital but they suck with kids

Lydia Rename

THey are the best I have seen

Sirena Withrow

Highly recommend. I had to be transferred here from Thomas Memorial Hospital. I was very nervous because I didn't know anything about this hospital. I was pregnant with my daughter and had preeclampsia and was later diagnosed with HELLP syndrome. Every nurse and doctor I had was so quick to want to help me and was very understanding and did everything they could to make sure I was comfortable and taken care of. My daughter is getting the best care she needs in the NICU and the nurses she has had have been wonderful with her. I couldn't ask for better. Thank you Cabell Huntington Hospital for exceeding my expectations.

Brittany Williams

jill bevins

This hospital is so very efficient. And sterility is of utmost importance! I would not trust any other hospital when going into surgery!

Darrin Chinn

They are very slow and I believe that they don't care how sick you are .

Allison Rodriguez

I wasn't a patient here. But a visitor driving through the town on my way to my vacation destination. There was no where open in town to use the restroom in the middle of the night. So, we thought surely the hospital would have restrooms. But when we went in to use one, the officer said sorry, all restrooms are closed. What??? I'm thinking he just didn't want us to use it which is kinda rude considering there was no other bathroom at all open in this town. You can't tell me the restrooms are closed? Lol

Gulshan Kumar

Fire Tech

Beth Crozier

Jess Mcpeake

Shane Mac

The WORST overnight stay in my life! The nurses joked and laughed all hours of the night waking patients from much needed sleep. By morning my wife and I almost did an AMA just to get out of there. It took more then 40 minutes to come and change a beeping (empty)IV bags numerous times. One time the nurse spent 20 minutes trying to find air bubbles in an "empty" bag. Found the nurses to be rude and aggressive. Turning all the lights on when they come in every hour. My wife had spine surgery and left 24 hours later. THAT'S how bad. We both slept for 15 hours when we got home. She is still in a lot of pain. Thank God for meds!

Jennifer Adkins

From time I came to emergency room.. We're they were so kind offering coffee and a blanket..... To my stay everyone from doctors to nurses to housekeeping have been wonderful.. So kind and Caring.. So appreciated . God bless

Patrick Mikeal

Zach Boling

All I can say is wow I had to bring in my gf who is 38 weeks pregnant Dr says we need to go up to 3rd and security was totally tude not to mention the other girl here who was clearly having a miscarriage got yell at and told to wait . Good job security how about learning to treat ur soon to be mother's who are about to pop with some respect. Can't believe how rude and violent acting they was.

Jamie Watson



Mary Ann Stephenson

kim barkley

The wait is ridiculous, hours waiting with a child that is having chest pains and has passed out once hitting her head. Obviously this is not serious enough for her to be seen. Won't come here again

Erik Bean

Update: We found out from a Dr. that the hospital only discharged my family member because they needed the room. He was very unstable and not ready to be discharged at all. Further more, the hospital did not tell us he had multiple heart attacks while in their care, nor was this in his paperwork that was sent home. I still stand by my original statement that the hospital was clean, friendly, and they were friendly and well mannered to everyone, including my family member in the hospital. Original: Clean, friendly, and took good care of our family. Although this doesn't cover all the hospital, it does cover the ICU!

Christy romans

After being held for over 8 hours the doctor could not even find the time to y’all to me to discharge. While I was left for over 2 hours with no communication and watching the entire staff take their lunch breaks I was finally told there was nothing wrong with me. That I should follow up with a primary care. Peeking out at the nurses station they were all held content by their personal cell phones. In short unless you are unconscious and have no other choice, go elsewhere!


You don't see a hospital with 3 helicopters every day.

Melissa Bowman

Curtis Adkins

Dat Guy


Jacob Loftis

Very good

Tonya Williamson

Lynne H.

Spent over 5hrs in ER waiting room to get antibiotics for my child who was diagnosed with flu and pneumonia. Waited Another 3hrs before anyone provide medication, and then Another 5hrs after being told we were being admitted and would transfer to the pediatric floor - which never happened. 6 failed attempts at putting an IV for antibiotics in my child, while the nurse on duty insisted on telling me that she believes they are "the best" at such procedures. They blew my child's veins repeatedly, and failed to successfully insert an IV. Yes, the people are nice, but this is absolutely ludicrous care. No one seems interested in getting the antibiotics that my child needs or in getting us discharged in a timely manner.

Christina Riley

Terrible ER triage experience.

Robert Craig Ashby

Great visit with great doctor. Doctor was great, laboratory staff and admin staff was great. Great professionals really looking out for people.

Jason Bennett

Been here in the ER for over 6 hours with my mom for a either a dislocated hip or fractured hip. As I sit here waiting at almost 1 am on a Wednesday in a nearly empty waiting room for anything close to a diagnosis, I wonder if we are disturbing their poker game or something. I have seen guadamalan free clinics that give more a damn about people than this place. So after asking triage guy behind bulletproof glass how much longer, he raises his voice and tells me to be patient and have a seat. I strongly feel this place would make great Stephen King material. I may update this if me and my mom don’t die of dehydration or starvation.

Kimmy Boo Johnson

The nursing staff is the most Unethical in the State of WV!!! Law's need to be changed!

Vanessa Mcdaniel

They were very concerned & very friendly and on top of my pain & recovery. Most of staff was very friendly and nice everytime I asked for something!

Ed Sparks

Love it

Brittany Adkins

Very poor, yes there was some nice nurses but it doesn't outweigh the fact that every time we are sent there our children are treated horribly. Numerous times we have been sent to Cabell as direct admit and told we had a room ready on the pediatric floor and every time we are sent through the E.R. This last time was the worst and I refuse to ever take any of my children back. We were once again sent through the E.R. While our son was under respiratory distress had us sitting on a bed in the hallway for hours before ever putting us in an actual E.R room. Then once they finally moved us up to the pediatric floor the respiratory male nurse had 3 other female nurses to come in the room and hold my 16 month old son down just to put an oxygen lead in his nose. Then several nurses came in continuing to try and place an IV after I brought to their attention that my sons arm was swollen to the size of a golf ball because the original iv blew and none of the nurses bothered to Check it. They blew 5 of his veins and dug the needle around under his skin trying to find the vein, even popped his leg while "holding" him down. They had my baby so scared that he would go into fits anytime someone with gloves would walk into the room...horrible place. Period.

B Dub

Cindy Remy

great trauma hospital for our area..southeastern Ohio..Thanks for all you done for my son...its a miracle hes still with us

Kelly Gelbman

I recently had a scheduled procedure and a separate scheduled surgery. I had an on-call doctor for the procedure, so had a six-hour wait until the doc arrived. The surgery wait wasn't unusual. From check-in until discharge, the treatment I received was exceptional.

mark legg

Slow, thinks everyone is there for pain killers

Donnie Cochran

Great staff & doctors in the labor & delivery thanks dr Brumfield & staff for delivering & of us

Nancy Prino

Holly Mount

Quality healthcare and friendly people who care!

Christine Combs


They kept doing the same treatment even after my dr wrote orders to do another procedure. Then they call me for an appointment and I was told it was for Botox injections and when I get there, a different doctor whom I'd never seen before accused me of being a dope head. Needless to say, I won't go back here. I'm now at a different pain management clinic and I'm getting the help I need. And Botox! These people don't care about your suffering.

Bee A Gee

What to say. The doctors and polices are bad Nurses and staff good people over all

Sonja Lamb

Wonder, professional good service

Curtisda Mafi

CHH, MARSHALL HEALTH, EEEC all rock! With probably 200 + encounters in past 1 1/2 years, cancer, cataracts, etc.. we have nothing but the greatest respect for the doctors and staff. Were all encounters pleasant? No, could have given a 2 star rating for those, perhaps those folks had some bad things going on in their lives at that time. In the majority of our encounters, the employees demonstrated compassion, helpfulness, concern and talent. We are blessed to have such values and talent in our small city hospitals.

Peter Smith

Marjorie Bratton

I wld lay in the road out front and die before I ever set foot in this hospital again! I wouldn't give them any stars butI have to at least give one star to leave a comment so that is the only reason they even got one star

Gaby Lett

Good luck trying to set up an appointment , no one ever answers the phone at Marshall Orthopeadics , OBGYN, or Marshall Family Health. If you're able to create an appointment it'll be a month later and then your doctor may cancel or reschedule on you and set you another appointment for ANOTHER month later and that appointment may randomly get cancelled and the people that make/delete appointments are just overall trash at their job. My OBGYN (R.Edwards) was not the greatest I've literally been having my period nonstop and she has been guinea pigging me with lots of blood work and cycling through all of the birth control pills. I tried going to Marshall Family Health and their solution for everything seems to be blood work , everything at the hospital in general no matter what division your at seems to require bloodwork it's as if the place is run by damn vampires. If you want the results for your blood work or any tests it's a pain in the a**. You have to call them and have them send you a link to your email and create an account through that link etc and everytime you want to see your results you have to click on the link in the email and whoever designed that was rubbish at their job as well. Also my blood work said I'm blood type A when all my life I've been AB positive , I'm from Houston TX so I've really been questioning the quality of the doctors here... hmm.. The hospital wait time takes forever if you're trying to go there for an Emergency . Expect to sit in the waiting room for at least 3 hours. I went because I was sick and throwing up because I had had bunion surgery and my OOrthopeadic Surgeon had failed to notify me that since I was taking pain killers that they cause constipation and that I'd need a laxative so that's why I ended up getting sick. Overall annoying. Found pee in the container under the bed too, they apologized and changed it out but still.. everything there took FOREVER. My Orthopeadic Surgeon , Dr Thomas is kind and did a nice job on the surgery though and the people that removed my stitches were kind and careful. (some guy and I don't know the ladies name but they're both friendly ) This is my full on honest review , thanks. PS. It's nice that they have a pokestop and a gym . The pharmacy needs improvement. The consignment shop has cute things and the kitchen is great I also love the little breakfast shop.

Ashleigh McGee

Mariyah Reed

This is one of the worst hospitals I’ve ever been to. Being from out of state I expected a fresh professional facility, but instead I’ve been giving the worst service. There are no showers, no food for family or guest that are staying with the patient, and no straight up answers. All the nurses do not reassure you of anything and will give you the run around until finally they tell you the right answer t your question that they knew all along. What type of hospital has no water fountains or take 30 mins to come to assist a patient after they’ve pressed the call button for help? This is blasphemy and I do not recommend. Go to #ClevelandClinic for the best possible treatment.

jessica ball

Samantha Wolfe

This place has not changed in 10yrs since my husband was in here. The service is so awful. U cant go home or sleep because they dont take care of ur family. U can complain but dont do much good. The nurses lie on ur family members just because they dont want to eat a piece of chicken and because she wanted to take a horse pill in pudding they changed her food diet to her meet being all cut up and smells awfull.

Green Bones

I was born here!

chris kern

Jen Maynard

Brought spouse for pre-scheduled brain surgery. The procedure was to be billed through emergency department. Poor communication led to a delay that cost us tens of thousands of dollars. The treatment and bedside manner of the triage department was abysmal. The waiting area is run down and dirty. The room we were assigned for pre-op was filthy, so much so, fresh blood was visible on the wall. I wouldn't return here for any reason.

Mary Yang

Typical night is ~4-5 hours wait. Every time someone OD walks in the wait time increase by 2-3 hours. The 2 waiting room were packed with patients. Patient would get x-ray, CT, labs, and etc done then wait out in the waiting room again for hours before they get a bed or be seen by the Doctor. I won't ever go back to the ER.

Mr. Anderson

Very clean facility, although it's small and the rooms are cramped. Inadequate staff. Unprofessional staff.

Judith Riffe

The nursing staff is excellent! Pre-registration, registration an lab technicians are as well. ! wish I could say the same for the ER where unnecessary tests are performed for any complaint.

Matthew Mcdaniel

Nurses and doctors of the PICU are amazing. I will never take my kids anywhere else but here!!

the beaver god

Matt Castle

Loved it every time I've been

kelly borchert

Tammy Pack

Deron Mcmullen

This is the worse ER around. I am a post liver transplant patient and having a high fever. Double liver numbers. They will let u sit in waiting room 8 hours and die. At st Mary’s today

John DeBoard

Donna Morgan

Theresa Adkins

Butchered during C-Section for twins. Nurses sat me in rocking chair with twins alone, for hours, without call button. Door closed, private room. Left me in a bed full of vomit because it was during a shift change. Had a total hysterectomy three years later. Hospitalized within a week for the C-SECTION and was never examined. Simply given IV antibiotics. 6 weeks later, visited ER bleeding badly. Took placenta out if me. Was going to give me meds to stop bleeding, but changed their mind after talking to a head OB doctor. I avoid this hospital at all costs.

Zhang Zhenwei

This hospital is very suck, the worst service I have ever met. Horrible medicine level. Shame on this place.

Jamie Lynn

Do yourself a favor and go to a different hospital ! This is absolutely a horrible hospital and outdated !

Scotty Sales

Very great experience had surgery went to 2 south awesome people 100% from the doctors to nurses to aides all the staff was great

Kimberly Ogier

I have been here since the 3rd with my father having back surgery. He has to have another back surgery tomorrow morning. This 1 nurse here has told my father that after midnight he won't b getting his pain pill. The doctor even said earlier that he is allowed to have it until he goes into surgery in the morning. She rushed my father out of the shower just so she can hook him up to the antibiotic bag. He didnt even get to wash off with the wipes. Now she is saying that after 11 he cant eat or drink which is another lie. Its midnight he has to stop eatung or drinking. He has had the same IV in for 3 days. I am a CNA I know that it has to b changed every 3 days n she refuses to Change it.

Tammy Atchley


Barbara Hunter

Jessica Ball

Boyd Horn

I don’t want to give this hospital one star. This hospital is absolutely terrible. My wife was sent from Louisa hospital for stroke symptoms and they treated her like trash. The nurses were evil and the dr was heartless. We are from Ky and we thought this was a good hospital like they say on tv but this place absolutely sucks. I advise no one to go to this hospital bc they could in my opinion let you die. Please go to another hospital.

katie matthews

This place is a joke. My mother went in knowing she had a broken rib they said no it's just bruised a week later she went to kings daughters sure enough 2 broken ribs! They dont do required test they just move you along ! They need to be held accountable getting paid for NOT doing their jobs smh.

Jimmy Moats

Very nice and polite staff and a nice layout of the building itself

Ashley Whitmore

When I arrived to the hospital Friday night just before midnight, I was in the most pain I had ever been in in my life, & began bleeding all over the place (I was wearing shorts) as soon as I walked in to the ER, due to a miscarriage. After the staff stood there for a few minutes watching & being completely numb to the situation while the whole emergency room stared at me, they brought me a new pair of pants & some pads to change into, & the snappy blonde women at the triage 1 desk basically told me to suck it up until my name was called to go back for a room. I fully understand that it's all about who's emergency is the worst will come first in the ER, & I don't know what brought the few other patients there to the ER, but not a single one of them appeared to be in the pain I was in, much less bleeding & unable to walk. I waited over 4 hours before finally getting to go back into a room, only to deal with a rude young male doctor. The nurses I dealt with were very pleasant & compassionate, but the rest of the staff had absolutely zero bedside manners. The amount of despair I felt from not being a priority & spoken to rudely from the time I walked in made an allready extremely difficult situation just indescribably upsetting. They ended up doing some bloodwork & an ultrasound, & were unable to identify whether or not I was having a normal miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy, so Finally, at 6:30am, they sent me home without any answers, with a prescription of Tylenol 3. When I read my discharge papers, it stated that I was not even suppose to be taking Tylenol! They wanted me to come back for a follow-up on Monday, which I do not intend on doing with them. This hospital is like the 3rd world hospital of the 1st world & I will never send any of my loved ones there ever. I could go on & on about how awful my experience was. I should have went to women & children's hospital where they actually know how to handle these things properly & professionally. Luckily for me, a family friend is on the hospital board, & I will be making a complaint with him to relay to the president of the hospital.


These people almost killed me! I needed my gallbladder removed they said they could remove it after it got gangrene. Thankfully I was able to have my surgery in Florida! And they don't run you Medicare. Problary to get more money. After the surgery thing I never went to that hospital again. I went to Ashlyn Ky. Worst hospital in the world!!!

Samantha Rodriguez

Steven Sneed

I was in the ER last week due to pain in my groin and stomach. It took 3 hours to be initially seen by a doctor (Garmastani) who seem like he could care less. The nurses were very rude. The tv in the room didn’t work. It took hours to get results back. Refused to send me home with any meds even though I was still vomiting and in severe pain upon discharge. This used to be a great hospital but it has seriously gone down hill fast!!!!!

Ross Frazier

you must be in the hospital the same time I am. I have been waiting 6 hours for someone to see me about the chest pain I am having. the night staff are beyond terrible 2.27.19 I think there were at least 20 people who left probably trying to get pain pills they are turning the emergency room into a pain clinic and there is no sense of urgency

Tess Moore

Great staff! From Administrative to the very caring nurses and doctors. Highly recommended.


We came to the ER on a Friday evening (7 year old & adult), and it was very busy. It was my first time here and I was surprised at the bullet proof looking blockade glass around the medical personnel, also a first for me. It would be nice if they had something for children to do for the hours you are waiting, especially when you are not a priority (car accident, we fared the best from the collision and only had pain & scuffs in non life-threatening areas). Then again, from some of the people and cleanliness of the ER area, I can see why they wouldn't. Still, even a book would have been nice. The snack vendor guy was sweet, gave my kiddo a bag of cheetos while refilling. Finally were called in, had courteous service, they were very kind to my daughter. Took us back to a surprisingly nice room while we waited on x-rays. Very kind the entire time to my child, even sent her home with a stuffed owl that a group makes for children home with her. Listened to me, and gave us our diagnosis soon after results. Turned an experience I was dreading into a "not so bad for an ER" ordeal. Hopefully I don't have to visit again, because who wants that, but it wasn't anything awful besides the long waiting and a few people that were being ridiculous.

William Moses

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