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sarah Self

Glen Ahlborn

35 rings during business hours, and no answer on the phone. I think I will try elsewhere.

Jill Sheffler

Jill Jacobson

Susie Holman

I had PRK corrective surgery here and would highly recommend them! They are very personable and take great care of you! You are not just a number here. My results are great, 20/20 at week post-op appointment!

Veronica Gayton

Mike Bjordahl

Eye muscle surgery enabled me to mountain bike again, love it!

dany hoogheem

Dr. Brandt and Theresa were amazing, put me at ease and my eyes are more than perfect now! I couldn’t be more happy with my experience.

Cayla Simpson

David Freyer

Dr Kamae and his friendly, proficient staff (Darcy, Adon, Dominic) was Professional Personable, Informative, Respectful, and Patience. The best bedside manner I have ever encountered in my 76 years. Dr Kamae’s expertise saved my eyesight from glaucoma and I will be forever grateful. Thank you all !!


Was a patient for a scratched cornea. They did some creative code billing that my insurance wouldn't cover. They coded placing a contract lens for me to put in my eye as an operation which the insurance won't cover during a regular office visit. After discussing issue with premera my insurance and several failed attempts by the nice receptionist to have the doctor call me back regarding fixing the issues I have up and paid the bill. I have since then taken my business elsewhere along with my girlfriends, my parents, my grandparents, and one of my friends. Next time instead of being so thoughtless and greedy you might want to think about the people and the customers you are serving. Your short sided greed and unwillingness to even call me back has cost you thousands of dollars in the long run in business from the loss of now 8 customers...and counting. I highly recommend not using these folks. While the receptionist was trying to help which was appreciated the customer service and ethical treatment of patients due to billing needs alot of attention. What happened to doctors that actually care for their clients and realize that w are the ones that keep them in business? I guess the Dr. Dorsey's and Dr. Staleys just don't exist in this town anymore.

Keia Lee

Tonya Reynolds

I had an upper blepharoplasty done by Dr. Ranson and I've given it WAY more than enough time to heal/smooth out but I still have extremely deep scars, my upper eyelids are "puckered" making it look like I have horrible wrinkles AND my lids still droop. I'm so disappointed and horrified. I don't even want to be seen in public. I was told he was a great plastic surgeon so I'm not sure how this went so wrong? I literally want to cry every time I look in the mirror. Worst mistake of my life! Also, was charged a ridiculous amount of money but my insurance covered it! Just why? I'm finding a different surgeon to see if this mess can be repaired and HOPING my insurance will understand this wasn't my fault! So I received a call from Jan and heard a whole bunch of excuses about miscommunication and then I was told to take my business elsewhere... DONE!! Way to treat 30 year US Air Force Veterans!

Becki Newton

We took our 18 month old son here( on a referral from the ped) and waited almost an hour in the waiting room. Then they took him back to dialate his eyes so we had to wait another 30 minutes, then we find out that it didn't work and we would have to do it again and wait another 30 minutes. Finally we get back to see the doctor, he was with us for LESS than 5 minutes, called my son the complete wrong name and said he didn't need to be seen until kindergarten. That was a $300 visit. Not impressed at all!

Steven Bates

I had cataract surgery three days ago, by Dr. Nicole Brandt. The whole experience was beyond any of my expectations. Being a retired dentist, I am very aware of patient management and attention to detail. I had to ask one of the nurses at the surgery center, if they sent all of the staff to "Nice School". I have never been treated better in any medical facility. Dr Brandt's attention to detail and surgical skills were very evident. I had zero post op discomfort or pain. Within 12 hours my vision in my right eye was dramatically improved and again I was opened to the world of clarity and colors. Can't wait to get my other eye done.

Erynn Reichenberg

I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Riley and staff. As an out-of-town patient they were helpful, knowledgeable, and I knew I was in good hands.

Kady Moore

Saw Dr. Moffatt for my appointment and she was so nice and kind. She answered all my questions about contacts since I had never had them before and made sure I was comfortable. Then I worked with Dennison from the contact lens department who was super nice getting me fitted and making sure before I left I knew how to put them in and get them out confidently. As a first time contact wearer in my late twenties I appreciate all the time and effort they put in to my appointment.

Joy Kuykendall

I've been a patient of Spokane Eye Clinic for over a decade and have always received exceptional care but my most recent experience was the absolute highlight. After contemplating corrective eye surgery for years, I finally decided to do it and couldn't be happier with the results! I had PRK Laser Eye Surgery (a variation of Lasik) done a week ago by Dr. Nicole Brandt. Dr. Brandt and her team (special shout out to Theresa!) did a phenomenal job of educating me about the surgery, post-op care, cost, etc. and helping me prepare during the pre-op appointments. The actual procedure was surprisingly easy and painless - the team performing the surgery made me feel so comfortable and at ease. The recovery has been easier and faster than I expected as well. Elective eye surgery can be a big decision, so even if you're considering it, this is THE place to start your journey. Thank you all so much for giving me my new eyes - life changing!

Christine Cote

My husband swears by this place

Michael Stone

Cataract surgery with Dr. Kamae resulted in 20/20 and 20/15 uncorrected. . Eyeglasses in trash. Very satisfying and unexpected results.

Roy Davis


Just had PRK performed last month and everything was incredible. I'm a pilot so not only does my vision pay my bills but I can't risk my eyes someplace that I don't think is the best and Spokane Eye Clinic is easily the best. The surgery coordinator, Theresa, takes care of everything and moves you through that place like you're a VIP. Dr. Brandt is very thorough and listens to and addresses any concerns. I can't say enough good things about the whole experience. I already have a couple of my pilot friends who are planning to come in and get PRK here.

Kaylee Oberbarnscheidt

Awful felt rushed and nurse was unprepared there. Diagnostic technition Matt was rude.

Tim Savatieff

Dr. Cheek is wonderful. Friendly, smiles, clear explanations, couldn’t be happier with him. As for nearly everyone else... The management must have a rule about not smiling, not the most friendly atmosphere.

John Davenport

Dr. Johnson did a remarkable job healing my eye. Words cannot convey the gratitude I have for this man as well as Eileen for healing my injured eye. I feel like they genuinely cared for my wellbeing. I highly recommend spokane eye clinic

John Passinetti

Ron Reeve

Two years ago I was referred to Dr Wirthlin for eye surgery. The local North Idaho doctors were not able to correct my eye issues cause by Marfan's Syndrome. Dr Wirthlin was able to correct "floater's" and other left over issues in my left eye from a previous surgery with much less pain and discomfort. In early 2018, Dr Wirthlin operated on my right eye and in one, two hour surgery, was able to correct the failing "zonules" , remove all the floaters and secure the new lens with 16 stitches. (including two permanent kevlar stitches) Today, in 2019, I am able to read without "cheaters" and see distance very clearly. I was going blind, but now I can see clearly. It is a miracle! Ron Reeve Coeur d'Alene ID

Patricia Kobylensky

My husband and I have both seen Dr Brandt for several years for our vision care. She’s been personable and professional. We have, however had consistent problems with support staff and one time had to return to start the exam process over after receiving an incorrect diagnosis, having incorrect lenses made, and discovering that the problem was that the assistant prescribed incorrect Lenses. I had been suspicious at the original exam about her contempency and my suspicions were valid. This caused me a great deal of wasted time Today., 4/18/18, my husband arrived at SEC at 7:50 am for a 7:45 appointment. He then stood in line for five minutes. When his turn, the rep told him he was too late and would have to wait 2-1/2 hours! It seems that SEC’s time is much more valuable than the patient’s. This disregard for patients is inexcusable. My husband had just driven 65 min. To get to the appointment! I think SEC needs an administrative overhaul. By way of the of the CEO’s responses to reviews, it’s pretty clear that their issues are being treated with bandaids. We are two patients of Dr Brandt who will now be seen at North Idaho Eye Clinic.

Tabetha Buch

I have my first appointment here tomorrow , but the two people I spoke with on the phone to schedule my appointment were phenomenal!! Very pleased already !!

Colleen Miller

Mr Baker

Wasnt much of a wait at all. Staff was friendly, got my problem identified and wrote me a new script for bifocals, first time needing them. Pleasant experience.

Shannon Little

The most amazing experience with Dr. Weed and his staff! Honestly, my experience from beginning to almost end (one follow up remaining) has been remarkable. Dr. Weed is dare I say genius and I am so grateful. I had been having double vision and it could only be corrected with surgery. He was honest, kind and caring and funny-:) I am happy to say his surgical skills have corrected my vision. I would highly recommend him and his very capable and superior staff who work closely with him. I live 2 1/2 hours from Spokane and would drive 2 days if I needed to!

Jessica Melvin

I am new to the area and just got done with Dr. Kerns. Oh my goodness she is my new favorite!! I've been wearing glasses for 8 years now, and she's hands down the best eye doctor I've seen. She's so sweet and personable, and she explained everything she was doing. She explained my benefits and the costs to me, as well as when to get Lasix. This place is wonderful, and everyone who works there is amazing as well.

Melvin Lovell

Review by Lisa James: In 2012, my 1947 left eye strabismus surgery stopped holding the eye in place. This caused severe double vision and out-of-control vertigo, leaving me to walk as if drunk, staggering and falling---terribly embarrassing as well as disabling. On 5/11/18, Dr. Weed repaired the left eye muscle. After five years of misery, my vision is perfect again, and I now have my life back. Yes, even 73 years old is "never too old" for an eye miracle. THANK YOU, DR. WEED! -- Lisa James

Crystal Bolster

Phone help is lacking! When calling there is a phone tree that doesn't really do anything to get you to the right department. (Physician, Refills, Appointments, Surgery, etc, nothing for optical or contacts.) So when asking for other options, they quickly transfer you to another number that just doesn't answer. There is an option to leave a message. That may not even be addressed until the next day, or week if you are calling on a Friday. When asking for the number when calling back, again, they simply say "I can transfer you." When asked if they will please make sure they pick up, "I"m not standing next to them, so all I can do is transfer you." This is not how customer service works.

Angie Tonasket

Hi, I have been overwhelmed with thankfulness and complete satisfaction. This gratitude envelopes all medical staff that were there from the beginning of this aggravating journey. I had what the experts call Inferior Oblique Myectomy. Stubbornness and reality set in following an excruciating year - and then some. Step by step through the the entire process each and every person that came in contact with me went over and beyond the normal 'drawn out schedule' call of duty, including politeness, personable, professionalism, comfort, promptness, and straight forward answers to questions before they're even asked. The several eye exams and followup appointments were executed with the assertiveness beyond my expectations, to say the least, coupled with the most polite and direct doctor I've ever had the pleasure of coming in contact with in my entire medical history. Following the surgery, several days later, I knew my eye would be back to its norm, and again several additional days later, I was pleased beyond belief. I have no more worries or concerns for the future. Thank You Dr. Weed and the entire staff! Sincerely, Angie

Floyd Walker

Extra care

C. T.

Dr. Jones is the best.

Shannon Kapek

I had cataract surgeries on both eyes at Spokane Eye Clinic last year and was pleased with the care I received. So when I suddenly developed a large and disorienting floater in the middle of my vision while driving today, I called them right away to get checked in case it was caused by a retinal tear. I called at 4:00 and spoke with a gal in triage who asked me a few questions and told me they were no longer seeing patients today (website says they close at 5 PM). She told me I needed to go to the emergency room to get it checked. My husband suggested I try another eye doctor. By the time I found Rockwood Eye Clinic and waited to speak to them, it was 4:30. I told them of my problem and they agreed to see me though I had never been their patient. I got there at 4:45 and they took care of me, just as I would have expected Spokane Eye Clinic to do. I'm so disappointed in the Eye Clinic! My husband spoke with them after I did and got the same gal; she told him the "emergency" line only deals with patients they can see by 3:00 or 3:30. This just doesn't seem reasonable when eye problems can be suddenly serious and they are open until 5:00. Followup: I received a phone call from the CEO who was sympathetic to my concern that the Eye Clinic let me down. I appreciated hearing from her, especially when she said that she is reviewing Eye Clinic emergency treatment procedures. I would expect this facility to be able to triage in a manner similar to other clinics. As a long time patient who had previously been satisfied with my care, I'll need to consider whether or not I return.

Mary Brown

Had cataract surgery with Dr. Brandt. She was so professional and caring. I Would highly recommend her. Plus the surgery center was great. Thanks! Mary Brown

Rebecca Peterson

Chris Chaffin

Dr. Alan Johnson has GREAT bedside manner, was very knowledgeable, thorough and systematic in completing my eye exam. He was recommended by a friend of ours who works in the profession and I was not disappointed! I am a dentist and we are very conscious of giving our very best in patient service and from my experience today, being on the patient side of the chair during my eye appointment, I can assure you that he was doing the same. Very well done and highly recommended!

Joel Krause

Been looking online for reviews and ratings to get a basic single-vision eye exam in Spokane. Looks like standard exam fees at chain-places runs $80-$120. I call SEC to see what the cost of exam runs. They cannot tell me! I was told depending on diagnosis it could be up to $400! I laugh and try again. "So you can't tell me how much a basic single-vision eye exam costs?" Reply: "I just schedule for them and they say it could cost up to $400." I laugh and say thanks and hang up. What this says is that we are much to elite to busy ourselves with something as trivial as a basic eye exam for a person who knows their own eye health and needs. WE will dictate what you need, and we will NOT be pinned down on an affordable price for a cash payer. Shady shady... Lucky for them they are ensconced in the health insurance mire as cause and beneficiaries of that mess.

Jason Pasicznyk

Don't expect professionalism or any after care from their contact lens department. Unacceptable attitude from their receptionist, unwilling to help patients with extenuating circumstances, person who answers the phone at first has no willingness to help you figure out who you need to speak to.

Janet B

This is my husband's 3rd surgery here, and we are very pleased and comfortable with the care we've received. Drs. Cheek, Wirthlin and Brandt performed expert and successful surgeries on his eyes. Their staffs were also caring, professional and helpful. Kudos, too, to the ladies who took the time to preapproved our insurance, making everything flow so smoothly. God bless you all!

Jeana Cervantes

The staff here deserve more then 5 stars! They ALL have treated my entire family with so much empathy, respect & kindness & just common courtesy! The staff here made us feel like we mattered from having a simple eye exam, to my eye, plaquenel check, to my moms cataract surgery! They have wheelchair accessible entrance, parking, & bathrooms. They also have wheelchairs you can use while you're here. Fast, friendly & always clean establishment!

Kathi Snyder

I'm amazed at how kind, caring, and friendly ALL of the staff is especially considering the large number of people that they perform surgery on on a daily basis. Dr. Bodhireddy and his COA, Grant, provide excellent, unhurried care.

Roger Aldrich

My experience at Spokane Eye Clinic, undergoing two cataract surgeries, was outstanding and beyond my expectations. The surgery staff, and Dr. Nicole Brandt in particular, put me at ease, talked me through each step of the process and made the entire event a professional experience. Recovery was quick and painless. I highly recommend Dr. Brandt and her staff to anyone needing eye surgery.

Tom Mosher

Routine change of appts (for 2 persons) in person rather than over phone. Register person went to extraordinary lengths to offer a variety of dates/times and personally consulted with Dr to see if level of appt care/detail could be altered. Also, suggested a way to eliminate a copay. Very helpful.

cbutterflies 88011

Trying to reschedule my appointment, I was yelled at by the receptionist Tara. She actually screamed at me and treated me very rudely just because I couldn't made it to my upcoming appointment. This is not how customer service is supposed to be. I don't care what kind of inconvenience it might be, the customer is always right and you have to treat everyone with respect. I'm looking into finding somewhere else to go for my appointment.

Vicki Nolting

I couldn't be more pleased with the care and treatment I have received at the Spokane Eye Clinic and specifically with Dr. Nicole Brandt and her team. Three weeks ago I had my first cataract surgery and yesterday my second one. Both times the procedures went perfectly and on schedule from start to finish. Everyone I came in contact with was professional and concerned with my care. Every aspect of my procedure was explained so I knew what to expect. I am amazed at how bright, clear and colorful my world is now! I highly recommend Dr. Nicole Brandt and the Spokane Eye Clinic.

Joyce hutchisson

I had Cataract surgery by DR Ranson. I was treated with care and respect. The results were awesome. He has a well trained team working with him. Thank you all for the professional care I received.....

Jason Rusakowicz

“This is what I love to do!” Dr. Weed exclaims shortly before performing eye muscle surgery on myself at the Spokane Eye Clinic. For nine years I suffered from double vision but no longer. Dr. Weed has made me whole again. For the first time in almost a decade I get to see my world clearly, and my 2 year son. Everyone needs to remember, the gift of sight should never be taken for granted. I thank Dr. Weed and the entire staff at the Spokane Eye Clinic and highly recommend their services to anyone seeking exceptional eye care. Sincerely, Jason

Helen Pavlischak

Took my 91 year old father for an appointment. Waited 60 minutes before name was called. After being ushered to a room and preliminary information taken by assistant we waited another 1/2 hour. Decided to leave after waiting 1 hour and 40 minutes. Ridiculous to have to wait ike this. Previous appointment was 2 hours. Will not return.

Ashley W

The doctors here are wonderful, while the front desk staff are the worst I've experienced. I was told "well we like to get paid so we don't schedule appointments when your insurance doesn't cover it"

Gail Robasciotti

The Spokane Eye Clinic, specifically doctors Brandt, Guglielmo and Riley and their teams, have given me excellent care over the last 10 years. I trusted the diagnosis and the treatment plan pf each, and have been given the gift of continued sight. The best part is that each doctor is in a specific field of vision, but they explain everything in terms I could understand, and they actually read the notes of each other to better address the issues that I am having with my eyes. It was frightening to to deal with losing sight so quickly in one eye. But, I quickly trusted each of their decisions, with good results. I couldn't ask for better care. Thanks for your gift that each of you have been given, and how you are such good care givers in your field!

Elizabeth Lien

I had my eye removed here in may of 2015 by Dr Ranson. He was honest and thorough went amazing and it healed very well. Unfortunately the implant was rejected and I have to go back to have surgery again. If Dr Ranson and his staff weren't so great the first time I would be very scared. Take all my kids here too!

Cindy M

Dr. Riley was informative and I felt like he knew what to tell me about my eye infection. He took extra time to chat with me and my husband. I plan to try to see Dr. Riley from now on, as does my husband,

Rand Vanklav

This clinic, specifically Dr. Whitted and his team, gave me a life changing year. I trusted the diagnosis and the treatment plan, followed instructions and was given the gift of 25/20 again. The best part was having everything explained in terms I could understand. It was frightening to me to deal with losing sight so quickly in one eye. But, I quickly trusted this team. I couldn't ask for better care. Thanks for my great new year!

Matthew Berry

Our experience with Spokane Eye Clinic was excellent! In each visit we met with multiple staff who were friendly and professional. Dr. Brandt was especially informative and performed my procedure flawlessly as well as my wife's. Her explanation of options and attention to detail throughout each visit was comforting. We really felt like she cared about us. Her follow up care was consistent and genuine. The two of us are now forever clients of this clinic as a result of our experience following a lifetime of eye care that began when we were children. We highly recommend Spokane Eye Clinic for all care ranging from annual checkups to invasive procedures. They appear to employ the very best people from the reception desk to their surgeons. We highly recommend this team and especially Dr. Brandt.

Bruce Benzel

After my first eye cataract surgery, I saw a new world of color and brightness with everything clear and distinct. It was absolutely amazing. I tell my friends I got a Christmas miracle!! Thank you Dr. Brandt!

Linda Ritts

I have been seeing Dr. Wirthlin for 3 years now and I trust him 100%. He answers all my questions and explains everything he is going to do and makes sure I understand everything. His bedside manner makes me feel very comfortable during my visit. His staff is awesome and always makes me feel comfortable and always has a smile. When any of my family or friends need eye care I tell them they should see Dr Wirthlin. I get eye injections every 12 to 14 weeks and since the first one 3 years ago I am very at ease and ready for my procedure. I also see Dr. Bodhireddy who does my pressure checks after the injections and my yearly eye exams. I trust him 100%. His staff is awesome and always has a smile and makes me feel comfortable and welcome. I won't see any other eye drs these two are the best and if I could give them a million stars I would.

Sharon Klempen

I went to Dr.Ranson for an eye lid lift. I appreciated that he took the time necessary to explain all my options and made feel at ease with the upcoming surgery. On the day of my surgery he came in to put me at ease and followed up after I woke up. He also called the day after to check in on me and my follow up appointment really helped to make me feel confident in the results. And the best part was my eyes looked amazing, everyone of my friends would go to Dr.Ranson for the same surgery, I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone! if the scale were 10 he would be a 10+,

Buryl Christopher

My name is K. Brandkamp and I recently experienced a detached retina. I was fortunate to have Dr. Eric Guglielmo, MD as my surgeon. He is an expert in reattachment surgery and I feel blessed to have had him by my side through the procedure. All of the attending nurses and physicians were incredible and made the process easy and, most of all, painless. Thank you Dr. G!! Spokane is grateful for your skills of saving people's eyesight.

Randy Spencer

They have been great for my grandfather and grandmother, they both have been taken very well care of. I have great respect for them.

Tanner Hiebert

I have been coming to this location for years now and have always had a wonderful experience. Today I met with Theresa Anthony- Surgery Coordinator- and Nichole Brandt, MD for a surgical consult. Both were very personable and extremely informative. Highly recommend this location.

Larry F Rice

Best eye docs in region!!

Jackie Andersen

Dr Colburn and Dr Weed have both been FABULOUS with our son! They are professional, thorough, and so kind! Their technicians are patient and great with kids! The tall, friendly tech with glasses actually made last week’s appointment fun! In the car ride home my 13-year old said, “I like eye appointments!” Who says that after getting their eyes dilated?! This Mom appreciates how positive our experience always is at Spokane Eye Clinic!

Mike Neumiller

Just want to say thank you.

Kari Bruley

Great staff interaction and customer service when working with our office for referring a patient. Process was very smooth and Emily was very helpful and professional- wouldn't hesitate to refer more to SEC!

Joy Chastek

I had the most wonderful experience with Dr. Brandt! The whole team was very personal and personalized my medication as I get so nervous about reactions to various meds. The staff was congenial & very attentive in terms of listening to me as a patient with wonderful follow up viaa phone and written communication. Dr. Brandt goes beyond expectations in terms expertise as a surgeon and caring doctor/ a great listener. Thank you! thank you!,

JD Burdicks

The glasses are a bit overpriced but the service is good


I grew up going to Spokane Eye Clinic and have always thought the doctors were excellent. I always have prompt service when calling, it’s easy to make appointments and I appreciate their appointment reminders. Recently I took a friend in because he needs assistance with transportation etc. Sometimes when I take him to different appointments he is not treated very well at all but I was so impressed with the Spokane Eye Clinic. The nurses and doctors were so awesome with him and very patient. Thank you for making it a good experience for him!

Lindsey Reeves

I would give less stars if possible. Horrible service. I called to make sure they took my son's insurance and was assured after 6 follow up questions that they could assist us. Compleate waste of time. The lady at the reception desk was extreemly judgmental over "our insurance" and condacending. They didnt help us at all and made my son feel bad for even coming in. Very unprofessional and rude. Dont waste your time or money here!

Jeff Howell

Dr. Cheek came in on a Sunday to check on my wife's eye(torn retina) and said that she should have a procedure done to stabilize it...he called in his crew and they didn't even seem upset that they had to come in and help. We were very grateful for all that they did!!! Highly Recommend!!!!!

Callie Thompson

Jessica Dickerson

My mom has an abrasion on her eye and we werr reccomended to come here and I have had to cancel my appointment twice now and yolanda who runs the triage desk has been so patient and flexible with me my mom hasn't slept and is sick and yolanda never seems frustrated that I cancel and she reschedules me without a problem thank you spokane eye clinic

Jake Haase

Art MacElwee

I had surgery for cataracts and astigmatisms in 2018. Dr. Skoog and the entire staff at the Spokane Eye Clinic were professional and personable. Thanks to every member of staff for their knowledge, attention to detail and commitment to providing quality care for each patient in a professional and personable manner. If ever your eyes need treatment, I highly recommend the Spokane Eye Clinic.

Ashley Hollingsworth

I have worn glasses/ contacts since middle school and have been wanting PRK or LASIK for a long time. I was nervous about getting it done but Dr. Brandt made me feel very comfortable in making the decision. I had a fairly easy recovery overall and would recommend it to anyone! I absolutely love being independent from glasses or contacts. Worth every penny!


Mark E.

I recently had my periodic retinal check-up with Jason Jones MD. I have diabetic retinopathy and have been trusting him and his assistant Billie with my condition for a number of years. They are both personable, efficient and professional. I consider them top-tier ophthalmology specialists and I feel privilaged to have them as my sole eye health care team.

Cody Gyllenberg

Excellent technicians. Busy place and hard to schedule in however. Contact lenses are extremely competitively priced.

Greg Kamer

Dr. Moffatt is my provider and she has always provided me with excellent care. I have zero complaints about the staff or service.

Joy Luck-Cain

So disappointed to have had to pay $3100.00 up front for my medically indicated blepherplasty for loss of peripheral vision I was told it would be covered at Spokane Eye Clinic in April. I am 72, covered with Medicare and ussa. I am on a fixed income and I knew I needed this surgery to be a safe driver. I had to take out a loan to do this.... I plead for someone to look into this. Sincerely, Joy Luck-Cain, Rn

Sam Anderson

Just had PRK Lasik performed by Dr. Skoog. He did a phenomenal job and was extremely courteous and professional. The procedure was super quick and the healing went by just as he said They are totally fair in their procedure costs and upfront about everything. Theresa Anthony is a wonderful asset to the company as well as she went through from start to finish with scheduling and readying myself for the procedure. She would do all the initial consultation and helped with organizing and explaining anything I could possibly want to know. I highly recommend Spokane Eye Clinic!

Consuelo Castro

It has been a great experience having my eye sight again. I am grateful for doctor Skoog who treated me. The procedure esa painless and the recuperation was fast. I am very pleased and happy.

Ken Smoll

I see some folks that reported having a poor experience, especially with administration. I just completed a month-long treatment for a detached retina and have only good to say. Wait times were shorter than any other doctor's office I've been to. Care was exceptional and the attentiveness of the two doctors I saw was exemplary. I was highly impressed; which is good for my normal process critical, analytical self. Also, my insurance switched one day before my first visit but they all handled that quite well. I highly recommend these folks. Oh, and my vision is back to 100%.

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