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REVIEWS OF Southside Eye Care IN Virginia


trudi gresham

Great service and a kind staff!

Lisa Celestine

Jennifer Barth

Robert Frazier

The customer service experience was great. The staff and health Care providers was very friendly.

Gwen Jones

Shelby Stevens

Larry Wexler

Everyone is extremely helpful and the service very good. The staff and doctors are very professional. Gloria in particular was extremely helpful in scheduling my cataract surgery.

Will Gallop

Great experience from check in to check out.

paul york

They took me in as an emergency I had a severe eye infection . My doctor knew exactly what to do and cleared it up in less than one week. Many thanks to all the staff down at southside I care.

James Coltrain

bruce armentrout

Wes Stone

James Credle

Very personable people. Very attentive to details. They take their time with you and make sure that all questions are understood and that they understand your replies. When you leave, you know that you will be prepared for the world.

Bitsy Hallman

Southside Eye Care: Caring professional individualized service. The staff are all so nice and Dr.Chaing is just the best. Wish I had known about Southside years ago. My past ophthalmologist (retired now) was nice but the practice was so large I felt like one of the herd. Can't praise Southside Eye Care enough.

Larrt Rawls

Great place

Breonna Olenae

Front desk staff can be more welcoming. But the Technichian that I saw is a beautiful blonde lady and she really was patient and made me comfortable.

Ann Goldfarb

Had a great experience. Eye sight is better now than before.

Herbert Skinner

Mary Curro

Short wait, friendly staff, skilled and caring help - who could ask for more?


I have seen all three doctors at Southside Eye Care and I will never go anywhere else. My very first visit, Dr. Hallberg helped me with some contact lens issues I had been having. He listened to my complaints, answered all of my questions and ended up changing my lens. I could see again! After awhile, I didn’t want to bother with glasses or contacts anymore. I went to see Dr. Hallberg and he referred me to Dr. Keverline for LASIK surgery. Dr. Keverline was very professional and extremely thorough. Preparing for LASIK was simple and the procedure took no time at all. My results are flawless! Dr. Chiang saw me for an issue with dry eyes once and mentioned she did oculoplastics. So guess what... I got Botox!! I was very impressed with how experienced she was with the injections. She made me scrunch my face every way imaginable to find the problem areas and the results lasted longer than predicted. Great place no matter which doctor you see!

Glory Linston

Kind-Quick-wonderful service that I have received there for many years.


Sylvia C Bazemore

Brittanie Wood

i tried 7 other eye drs, no lie, for a next day appointment. nowhere had appointments open until late march. due to an urgency for new glasses i was referred to Southside. Debe, Jennifer & Mr. Halzberg as well as everyone else was so pleasant, helpful, informative, personable & kind! My experience here was simple and quick. I am so happy i switched to southside as my permanent optometry!

Kimberly Crain

Awesome staff!

Courtney Taylor

I have come to Southside Eye Care for several years. The staff is always friendly and the girls in the vision center were very helpful and patient while I tried on multiple pairs of glasses. A few that weren’t with other clients came over to tell me what looked nice. Great people!

m -private

Amazing team and staff. I have been seen by Dr. Keverline for almost 2 years. He is an expert in his field. He made me feel extremely comfortable during my surgery. I will recommend him absolutely !!! The office is always ready to find a spot for you no matter how busy they are.

Rick Oberle

Have been going to Southside Eye Care for several years and I am always satisfied. Skilled doctors and associates who are always friendly.

Jacob Baker

Larry White

Rachel J

I came here after my regular ophthalmologist (a specialist who doesn't prescribe glasses prescriptions) told me to get new glasses because my prescription has changed since last Fall when I got new glasses. Ann with Southside told me I was seeing 20/200 with my old glasses and would be seeing 20/60 and 20/80 with my new glasses. Dr Keverline cautioned me to wait to get new glasses but I have waited 3 months and my regular opthalmologist said my prescription has been stable for months and I could not function at 20/200 vision (that is legally blind) so I ordered new glasses knowing that I will be eligible for new glasses in January if my prescription changes again. When my new glasses came in today, I tried them on and told them that my vision is better with the right eye but not the left. Then, they told me that my new prescription was exactly the same in my left eye as my old glasses. What they told me before I ordered was that I am able to see 20/200 vision with my old glasses but 20/60 vision with the new glasses so I believed that it was obviously a different prescription plus my regular doctor told me my prescription had changed. I asked how can it be the same prescription and my vision would go from 20/200 to 20/60 and Ann told me she does not know. I told them that of course I can't see better with the new glasses if they have the same prescription as my old glasses and it would be crazy to think otherwise. I tried to schedule a vision check so that I can get the right prescription in my glasses and they can't see me for 3 weeks because the doctors are on vacation or full. It was 5pm so they couldn't see me today but I just want to be seen tomorrow to get the right prescription in my glasses so I can see. I'm awake because I'm so upset, I can't sleep. If they cared about the fact that I can't see and my prescription is wrong they would get me in tomorrow (for a quick refraction that takes less than 15 minutes) no matter how busy they are. Now, I don't have glasses and I can't see and it's not my fault and I don't even know what to do. I can't go anywhere else because they have already billed my insurance and I paid over 100 dollars out of pocket. Follow up - this happened on a Monday and they were able to get me in for an RX check on my left eye on Friday instead of having to wait 3 weeks. I still believe that this was way too long to make me wait for something that was not my fault. My new prescription was a -5.50 (subjectively and objectively) instead of -4.50 so a new lens has been ordered for the left eye. I feel that I was treated very rudely by the staff here, specifically Ann, and will be going elsewhere for glasses in the future. Update - I picked up my glasses today and I found out that they are discharging me from the practice for this review. They said it is for wanting another doctors eye glass prescription. All I did was question why my regular doctor consistently got -5.75 or -6 over several months and they got -4.50. Their optometrist objectively(by looking in my eye with the right lens) got -5.50. All I want is the right eye glass prescription so that I can see. I have the right as a patient to question anything that may not be right. I strongly suggest never coming to this place.

T.J. Crain

Leif Berner

Nice Painless Eye Exam. Everyone friendly and polite. I did have to go in on an emergency due to scratching my eye once, they took me right in and hooked me right up.

Sara Dail

Friendly and professional in every way.

Bill Bolduc

robert ausman

Dr. Keverline is a good doctor, however, time-management continues to be a problem. I arrived 10 minutes early for a routine eye exam, waited about an hour in the lobby and then another 30 minutes in the examining room before seeing the doctor for 5 minutes. And the lady next to me said she had spent three hours there. Most the staff is pleasant, but bring a book and don't expect to be on time.

Wanda Lita

Second year coming here. Last year I waited quite some time but the staff was nice so it made up for the wait. This year, I was not properly greeted although no one was hardly in the lobby. I asked the receptionist Brittany a question and she snapped at me assuming I was unable to pay the $50 contact fitting fee when I was only asking if should I complete the form. I saw Tony prior to seeing the doctor. Last year, the young lady tried to sell me on lasik. So, I was curious this year. He had no product knowledge. Dr was pleasant but I’m not sure if this place is a fit for me.


New patient this year, really like this place. The wait was a little longer than I like but now days it seems to be the norm. The doctor was really nice which I liked.

Tyler Stevens

Called to make an appointment to be seen over an eye concern. I was transfer to 3 different people and had to explain what was going on each time. The third person said they were going to talk to the doctor and she hung up on me.


Southside Eyecare has treated me exceptional for 15yrs now! I have never had a single issue or complaint! The assistants, Drs, and optical shop workers along with front desk staff have always been top notch! It's just important to be on time for your appointment, even when running late they allow a 30min grace period but expect to wait a little longer if you are late, otherwise it's always going to go smooth and convenient. Best eye care in Hampton Roads!!

Gary Smith


Wayne Statzer

Judie Applegate

Patricia Richardson

The Doctors and Staff at Southside Eye Care are excellent. A great experience from the moment you check in at the front desk. *Dr. Keverline is a bright & skilled surgeon who provides care for patients with chronic eye disease as well as surgical needs such as cataract extraction or Lasik corrective surgery. *Dr. Chiang is a skilled oculoplastic and reconstructive surgeon who cares for patients with surgical needs, eye disease and those who desire cosmetic treatment such as fillers, botox and cosmetic surgical procedures. *Dr. Hallberg specializes in family optometric needs, updating prescriptions for glasses /contact lenses and caring for patients with chronic eye disease. Southside also has a very cool Optical Shoppe just inside the building. They carry frames that are reasonably priced and hard to find anywhere else.


My family has been coming to Southside Eye Care for years. We have had appointments with all 3 doctors at this practice and each one has been professional, caring and took time to treat and answer all questions. The Optical Shoppe has the most attentive staff I've experienced at any eyewear store.


Lisa Wood

My appointment was great. Staff is wonderful and very knowledgeable.

Rick Trevisan

Great service! Friendly staff!

Tommy Shields

Upon arrival to southside eye care i was not greeted by the front desk. The receptionist asked for my name and then said i need your insurance card and your ID. I stated " Here is my ID however eye med didn't send me a card." Her reply was ' i didn't ask for your eye med because i have that, i asked for your health insurance and ID". Technically she did not ask for anything specific and i have never used a medical health insurance card for a eye exam ever. So i kindly provided it. When i was called back for the exam the technician also did not greet me or speak to me until we got into the room as she walked reviewing my chart. The only people that greeted me was Dr. Savage. Once i was able to visit the optical store i inquired about my frames and lenses, even with my discounts your optical store wanted over 500$ for a pair of glasses. I took my business elsewhere received the same frames and lenses for 300 dollars less. I will not be returning to this location for another eye exam unless their staff can learn to be more personable and acknowledging of a patient.

fatman4006 fatman4006

Aaron Thomas

Had my glasses and contacts prescription checked and renewed. My check-up took about 45 minutes after I walked in the door which is excellent time with the detailed eye care I had. Great staff who are attentive and informative. Dr. Hallberg was awesome! 2 years ago he fitted me with the most comfortable pair of contacts. For the first time in my life I’m wearing contacts more often than my glasses.

Zoe Briggs

Timothy Ferron

I have been a patient here for years, an excellent practice.

Wendell Fleming Jr.

Robert Carmichael

Stephani M

HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE ! Period. Save yourself the time and go to a eye center that is more concerned with taking care of their customers rather then sitting at the front desk doing nothing. They only have one docter available to fit people for contact lens and he is ALWAYS GONE AND ON VACATION. So they tell you they will out you on a waiting list for of a closer or cancellations appointments comes up and they never call you. The front desk staff are very impatient and rude towards answering questions. Especially the two women that sit at the front desk. More concerned with going to lunch more then anything. The office is over whelmed with customers and so the wait time for even if you have an appointment is ridiculous. The staff are stressed out and docters always on vacation. Only go here if your looking for a pair of name brand frames no one else has. Every other customer service expect is horrible.

Kim Hamilton

Katie Gough

Ann was very helpful in working with us and getting us in and seen, I was very disappointed that they did not offer me a sedative for the procedure nor inform me that it was an option and said I had to ask and I did not look nervous. What all the noise and pressure I am sure they would want a sedative and would give it to their family member without them asking. I suggest they offer it to all moving forward and I did express my concern to Ann and Dr. Keverline. Also disappointed that there was no shield or additional eye drops given on leaving the center after having the procedure done. Currently at 20/30 vision the day after the procedure and hoping for 20/20 as I progress.

Linda Whitley

Excellent quality of care, customer service, and accessibility.

Melissa Jordan

The staff was friendly! Dr. Chiang is nice, however I feel like I was scammed out of $40 for "refraction" that I was never specifically asked about! Tony asked "Do you want your prescription updated?" Never stating that was what "refraction" is! I found out at Check out!!! If I knew that was "refraction" I would have said "no thanks!" I always thought the point of going to the eye dr was to get the current prescription to get new glasses every year! I feel so ripped off!!

Barbara Crawford

Jacqueline Crawford

Clarisse Naylor

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