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REVIEWS OF Hampton Roads Eye Associates IN Virginia

Wade O'Neill

2 hour wait for scheduled appointment. Changed another appointment date without notice. Arrived to discover appointment is next month. Worst customer service from a health care professional I have experienced.

event central

Receptionist wasn't very polite... and oh.... they don't help with referrals.

jamey bacon


Margaret Hines

Polite staff, no long wait time.

Elaine Pridgen

Called for an appointment, can not be seen until Jan 2020 for my child. It is great when you are on top however, those are often the ones that fall/fail the hardest.

Belle Sweet

Front desk people are nice. But, you will wait forever to see the Doctor!!

Valerie Lee

We went here for our 3YO daughter's lazy eye. I was terrified since I've never dealt with it and Dr. Chamblis had us feeling comfortable and reassured in no time. It was a VERY lengthy appt and we also had to wait a long time to be seen initially, but the amount of time the doctor spent with our daughter and the amount of information she gave us regarding our daughter's condition made all the negative aspects of this office worth it. I will continue to utilize this office for our daughter as this is one of the VERY few pediatric optometrists offices in the area. After watching the way the doctor treats all the kids and how comfortable my daughter was, we will recommend to others with kids that need help!! Thank you HREA!!!

Diane Williams

The Staff is amazing. Dr. Kitay needs to take a lesson in patient care. While he may be technically good, his demeanor is condescending and hurried.

Liz a

Danielle Bo

Karen Golden Young

I called the office in advance to confirm that Dr. Chamblee was a pediatric opthamologist, was accepting new patients (for a problem, not routine exam) and asked how far out her appointments were being booked. I got my child's referral switched to Dr. Chamblee, only to be refused an appointment with Dr. Chamblee. Apparently she only treats children up to age 4 (or so) and children who need surgery. So their patients around age 5 and up( my child's age is 7)are scheduled with a Dr.Lewis. Why was I not told this the MULTIPLE times I spoke with the scheduling staff????When asking multiple staff members about Dr.Lewis' credentials in pediatrics NO ONE could give me a definite answer...not the appointment scheduler, office manager or his assistant. No one could tell me if he went to school for pediatric opthamology or even completed a pediatric fellowship. Thankfully a CHKD recognized opthamologist was able see my child.

Michael McVey

I just called to get a simple eye exam due to a lost pair of glasses and the best time they could get me in was over 1 month. I explained that I needed a prescription to get glasses and the lady on the did not offer any other option such as standby or another hrea office. I had been using hrea for about 8 years and will no longer because of such poor quality service and lack of caring attitude. In addition, I will not recommend hrea to anyone.

Mary Boyd

I got PRK eye surgery in 2014 and I have never regretted it. They worked with my budget and got my surgery in within a week and a half or so. The staff was friendly and polite.

hrea optical

Evelyn Millington-Wilkerson

tammy moneymaker

Never been so mad after getting off the phone called at 4:14pm to get a appointment do not know who took the call she was very condescending rude and could not wait for me to call her back with more information asked if I could email her information no can I call u back no our phones are shutting down in a few minutes you'll have to call back in the morning I have been a patient here for several years do I need to find another eye doctor I will be calling office manager in the morning.

Tiffany perry

Everybody forget once in a blue moon I know the appointment date and sometimes I forget to schedule medical transportation to come to the doctor I don't have my own transportation I depends on the medical transportation half of the time they don't show up at all

Charles V Patterson

Very polite staff! Great Dr's. Wait time is minimal.

Nataya Kemmer

This office is ridiculous...if I could rate 0 stars I would... they called me 2 business days before my daughters appointment to tell me that they can’t see her until 4 months later because the doctors schedule changed!!! Now I tried to be nice and respectful but this is insane and I told the receptionist that. Now keep in mind that i have waited 4 months for this appointment! That just shows your lack of concern to loyal customers. We have been going there for 8 years. They do not open new customers with open arms as I tried to get my son an appointment and they told me the earliest would be 8 months from today ! They are supposed to specialize in premature eye development but they should probably work on specializing in good customer service! I would not send me dog to this place let alone another human. Look elsewhere .

Maggie Burnett

Been here for years Best eye care on the peninsula & the doctors & workers are great!!!

Christina Waters

Brought our son here for his crossed eyes and saw Dr Chamblee for about 2 years. She prescribed him glasses at 18 months old and we had problems keeping them on. When I told her that he was complaining of headaches, she yelled at us in the office and told us we needed to do a better job of parenting him. We went through 6 pairs of glasses per year because he kept breaking them and his eyes were not getting better. When I made an appointment to see a different doctor and get a second opinion with a different specialist, Dr. Chamblee sent us a letter in the mail accusing us of being neglectful and threatening to file a report against us. We have been with our new ophthalmologist for a little over a year now and discovered on our first appointment that Dr. Chamblee never had the prescription correct to begin with and she kept reducing it when she should have been increasing it because reducing it only caused more problems. Our son used to be terrified of going to Dr Chamblee because she yelled at us so much in the office, I'm glad we were able to help him by finding a new doctor that actually cares. Dr Chamblee is the fakest woman I have ever dealt with and extremely two faced in the office.

Timothy Pressley

2 hour wait to see doctor

Dan Flynn

The staff were exceptionally pleasant and empathetic, also greeting us both with a smile upon arrival. Dr. Nguyen was pleasant as well and very eager to serve, offering answers to any of our questions and thoroughly discussed the different kinds of treatment. Our wait time was short, which came as a surprise due to making a same-day appointment. Would highly recommend this place, specifically Dr Nguyen, to anyone.

Danielle Elaine

Very very slow . I had an appointment at 9 and I ended up leaving at 1130. This is every time I come .

Cheryl Nicholas

Kayla Gatling

They were very rude and did not listen to what I wanted concerning my eyes and contact needs. When you call up there it was very hard to get in contact with an actual person. They will constantly give you the run around when seeking information. Customer service is horrible.

Theresa Rivers

Lies about when glasses are due in. Have nastybrude attitudes when question about anything. Will never go here again, shouldn't have gone here in the first place!

Adam Campbell

DO NOT GO HERE if you are trying to get care for a young child and you have Tricare. Only Dr. Chamblee can see small children - and she has to have a Tricare referral even for a routine exam. This office is completely unprofessional - it takes months to get an appointment and then they wait until the last minute (5 days out) to inform you that you need a referral. Here's the problem with that: 1) Tricare doesn't issue referrals for routine exams and 2) once you finally do convince them, it takes 5-7 business days to process a more than likely you will have to cancel and reschedule your appointment another 2 months out. I accepted this the first time they did it to me, but when they did this for a simple FOLLOW-UP appointment that THEY SCHEDULED - I was furious. They never informed me I would need another referral. Their response to me was "well, actually we gave you MORE time. We usually call 2-3 days out" -- Are you kidding me??? Unacceptable. Unprofessional.

Anony Mous

Staff in optometry shop was great. Dr. Nguyen was rude and dismissive. The "nurse" argued with me about how many times I had needed to come to the office to get my Rx correct! The Rx is STILL not right! I am surprised the rating at this office is as high as 2.9. WARNING: If you want to be treated with respect and have a quality eye examine - Go somewhere else!!!

Tina Kelley

Otis Jones

Good frends good people

Mallory I


Although some patients have had a bad experience (front desk) Amy in particular was very professional

Ryan Robinson

Front office staff is slow and lazy. More concerned with their personal conversations than dealing with patients. Perhaps illiterate as well considering they can’t seem to read the prescription numbers on a contact box and have given me wrong fitting contacts twice. This will be my last year going here despite excellent doctors.

Ronald Babski

Dr. Kearney is one of the finest physicians that has provided medical care to our family in 30 years. She is obviously and expert, takes the time to answer questions fully, conducts a THOROUGH eye examination, and provides a very clear way ahead. Thank you Riverside for associating your name with such EXCELLENT physicians and medical care. Ronald Babski

Gina OH

My entire family has gone here for several years but it has turned into a unprofessional, overbooked zoo. I made it very clear last visit that we would not be returning but even after we left and pursued services elsewhere, their unprofessionalism followed. I tried to purchase glasses elsewhere and was told that my insurance had already been used. Luckily, the tech at the new place had worked at Hampton Roads Eye Associates before and knew their tactics...they had a "hold' on the glasses that I had considered purchasing before leaving, thus not allowing the insurance to kick in elsewhere. Hampton Roads Eye Associates has turned into an unprofessional. overbooked, money making zoo! Go to Target! The service is much better...more of a selection of frames, and 1/2 the price!!

Allison Johnston

This place is the worst. You can never get a quick appointment. They require you to make several appointments for tests that should be able to be done in one day. No one ever answers the phones or returns voicemails. It's been over a month since my doctor there called a prescription in, and I still haven't been able to get it filled because they never return the pharmacy's calls. Finally got it sorted out for the original prescription, and apparently they called another one in that overrides the original. Now I have to start all over...Ready for a new doctor.

Amanda Pocrnich

Dr chamblee was rude and disrespectful and her dress was to short 5/10/2017 and she don't have patience with kids that have special needs I will not be back there and done made a report on her

Melissa .Melissa

Doctors are nice but takes 6 mnths for an apt. God forbid life happens in that 6 mnths and you have to reschedule. They will be very rude about it and make you wait another half a yr. Never out of there in less than 2.5 hrs. Decided to try my husband's Dr cause I was out of contacts. Took us both for a next day apt and we were both out in maybe an hour tops! Don't waste your time at HREA.

Kim Gonzalez

I’ve been coming here every 2 years to get my eyes checked. Staff is mostly ok, but Dr. Sappenfield is great. She’s very patient with you and explains all your options and answers all your questions. Highly recommend her.

Branden Scott

Awesome work!!!!

Tershawn Ricks

Went there to look at glasses, decided not to purchase because they were too expensive , then found out two days later they placed an order under my insurance for some glasses. My insurance had to reverse it and I had to wait 24 hours to put in an order for glasses elsewhere. They are frauds! Do not waste your time here!

Charles Briggs

The best place I have ever been for vision. Great people and fixed my total blindness i love them!!!!

Scott Hetman

Very friendly office. The doctor and staff took the needed time to explain the procedures and made sure all of my questions were answered. The front desk staff were great. Very welcoming office.

Dana Parker

Worst eye appointment I have ever been to. First, waited an hour past my appointment time to even see anyone, the girl that did my initial exam was great, Dr. Jaffe however is an absolute joke. He yelled my name down the hall from the waiting room, didn’t even bother coming to the door way so I could see where to go, he was rude and pushy through the entire exam and seemed to not care about any of my questions or concerns. I went in for a diabetic eye exam and contact exam and he only performed an exam for glasses and refused to explain why they couldn’t do both, everywhere I’ve ever been to has sent me home with contacts. He sent me home with nothing, acknowledging that my vision is unsafe for driving and I needed contacts temporarily. What an absolute joke of an office. Never coming back.

MiKayla Penn

I highly do NOT recommend Hampton Roads Eye Associates!!! My son had his appointment on September 20th they said his estimated time would be the 5th of October and told us to call the following Monday after the 5th. We called and left multiple messages and never got a call back. Finally we called the 8th of this month and stated we were trying to get ahold of the optic shop and have left multiple messages. The receptionist took our message and we finally got a call back. The women said the color he wanted was on a back order and “was so glad we called or they wouldn’t have thought to look” her exact words. She stated she would be ordering a different color for us until the color he wanted came in and that they should receive the temporary ones Friday the 12th and would take up to a week to have the linses put in. I called them this morning and she stated they were not ordered until the 19th and that they wouldn’t be in their shop until Thursday which will be the 25th then would take ANOTHER week for the linses to be put in. THEN once the color we paid for and he wants comes in we have to bring the temporary ones in for them to take the linses out and put them in the new frame which could take up to a week!!!

Maria Lopez

Front desk associate very unhelpful today, 3/15/19. I called to schedule my daughter an appointment and she told me she was unable to without insurance information. I told her I’d call back once I had it. When i called back with the insurance info she said oh we have a new policy starting today we have to have ssn also. When I asked why she didn’t tell me that the first time so I could call with all required info she hung up on me. Very unprofessional.

Lisa Grasser

Two hour wait to see the doctor. Not including the half hour that you're supposed to be there before. Wound up being a two hour and 45 minute visit, with not a SINGLE APOLOGY for running late. My time is just as valuable as yours. VERY disappointed!!!!

Jessica Capps

SLOW. i feel like i'm here all day

Dawn Powers

Cataract surgery on both eyes. Dr. Kitty and staff were awesome. Would recommend to anyone.

Kenneth Frantz

Droctir saw me on time, was able to order new glasses immediately. Glasses can in on time and they promptly saw me to adjust them. All in All a good experience.

Akbar Hashimi

Cindy Fulgham

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