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REVIEWS OF The Eye Institute of Utah IN Utah

Catherine Sanderson

Part 1 of 3 of a verbose review (necessary because of arbitrary google review character limitations and posted by my minion to circumvent said restrictions) My experience with the Eye Institute of Utah involves my electing to have a “refractive lens exchange” procedure with the ReSTOR multi-focal lens(es) at age 51, nine years ago. While such a procedure is probably almost exclusively chosen concurrent with the onset of cataracts, I did it simply for vision improvement. Both presbyopia and distance vision had become moving targets for a succession of trifocal prescriptions, and since I’m blue-eyed and spent ample time in the desert sun growing up playing tennis, I figured cataracts were likely more of a “when” than “if” likelihood, so I’d beat the rush and enjoy some improved vision earlier rather than later. To be clear, this is entirely different than any sort of LASIK procedure (which does nothing for middle-age presbyopia anyway). Dr. Cionni performed the procedure and has been part of the follow-up process ever since. There are upsides and downsides to any artificial lens, and the ReSTOR lens is no different. Promotional material asserts that these lenses have perhaps a higher than 90% favorable outcome as reported by patients receiving them, but that implies that some non-negligible group of people are unhappy with the outcome. Since I am in the 90%, I will elaborate somewhat at length on the necessary compromises of these artificial lenses as an “informed speculation” about what bothers the unhappy minority of patients who ended up dissatisfied. There are only a handful of regional eye centers in the U.S. that do as many procedures as the Eye Institute of Utah. Practice make perfect, and doing a lot of anything is bound to improve outcomes. Second, it seems to me that EIoU spares no expense in equipping itself with the cutting edge best of everything necessary to fulfill their commitment to their patients for optimizing chances of favorable outcomes. Everything from the vast range of pre-surgical diagnostic tests/equipment to the surgery itself was pretty impressive; exhaustively thorough and smooth as silk on the (two successive) surgery days. The procedure itself is done fully conscious and could be considered a bit psychologically brutal. Painless yes, but bring a healthy dose of “zen” with you for the Clockwork Orange re-enactment. A speculum holds the eye open and a light seemingly as bright as the sun is shined in with no chance to blink or avert one’s gaze. You must stare directly into it for quite some time. The evening after my first eye was done, my night vision was so compromised I seriously wondered if it would ever recover. (It did) Dr. Cionni was clearly especially conscientious to ensure that the choice of lens for my eye was the right one, asking his assistant to double check that “19” was the same answer twice to a final measurement informing the lens selection prior to implanting it. Judging by the reaction of the assistant, such possible ambiguity between two separate measurements is not common, but I appreciated the conscientiousness nonetheless. This was the stage of the procedure, I think, where the distance vision was being prioritized to be as close to perfect as possible, with any (possible) compromise (if any) going to the near vision result. (As it turns out, there was seemingly zero compromise there either, as I will brag about shortly) Day two, the other eye was done. Same smooth procedure.

Debbie Ellis

Dr Z at the Eye Institute is wonderful! I am so ecstatic about the results of my cataract surgery! All of the staff should be commended for their kindness and professionalism!

Jo Chadwick

Just had cataracts removed and a stigmatism repaired. Two days out and am doing well. Great experience, very friendly people and awesome doctor. I would rather have that surgery than go to the dentist even for a cleaning...although I like my dentist too.

Robert Hagerty

Best, friendliest, efficient, professional medical facility and staff I have ever beeb to. I wish all my medical experiences were this excellent!

Sean Thomas Sweeney

ICL Patient here. I LOVE my new eyes. This place was great to me. No screw ups. I needed the discount card for the drops and the timing was really bad so Sara went out of her way to mail the card to me AND hid it in a good place for me to grab in case it didn't come soon enough. Dr Cionni was super fast. I just can't be happier with how everything went so perfectly.

Steve Crapo

Dr Wolsey and her staff are always very professional and go the extra mile to ensure I feel they have addressed all my concerns and eye needs

Barbara Jensen

I got treated so good everyone was so nice my eye’s are so good I don’t need my glass’s any more. I would give them a 10 out of 10.

Lilian McFall

the most important fact about my experience is that i can see well now. they are nice, professional and do not keep you waiting.

Alayna Leaming

I participated in a PRK study with three eye institute of Utah and couldn’t be happier with my results. Dr Woolsey is awesome and the staff are all very professional. Highly recommend the eye institute!

Jhonny Pez

Refused to give me records of what they had already given me previously without charging me a $40 fee. Will be going to another eye doctor.

LuAnn Woodall

I had the best experience at the Eye Institute with my Cataract Surgery. The staff explained everything as I went through the process. Dr. Cionni is a very skillful surgeon. Thank you to everyone who took good care of me.

Shannon Garland

10 days post-op and I feel like singing. I am seeing so well and I’m still in disbelief that I can do it without the aid of contacts or glasses. Dr Wolsey and her team have been amazing, reassuring, and comforting. I’m so glad I chose to make such a huge change in my life with the Eye Institute. Couldn’t be happier!

Patti Ross

I cannot say enough of the wonderful experience I had with the Eye Institute. Being someone who would never wear contacts due to anxiety over things being placed in my eyes, including drops, I just had RLE surgery done. The first day I was very anxious and opted to have valium, the procedure was done and over with no anxiety at all. I actually did the second eye without even needing to take valium. :) Dr. Cionni and the entire staff was so good and everyone was very understanding of my fears, I cannot thank them enough! Not only will I continue to have my eye care done at the Eye Institute, I will be referring people on a regular basis. Thanks again everyone!

R. jackson

I was really nervous about getting prk, and they made me feel a lot better. They didn't mind that I canceled a few times until I was totally ready to do it. The recovery process was really straight forward and it wasn't a bad experience for me. Would definitely choose this procedure again if I had to and would recommend this place. To follow up 5 years later —- 20/15 vision perfect!! I couldn’t be happier with the decision to get it. I love the eye institute !

David Marx

Dr. Cionni was great. Explained everything and answered all of my questions. Highly recommend him.

janine Bate

I've NEVER had such great doctor experiences as I have at The Eye Clinic. Not only is Dr Carter consistently sensitive to my needs and my concerns, and he is a good listener, and does not discount anything I ask about (and I ask A LOT of questions), but the entire staff and their processes are exceptionally well organized. They usually are so fast at taking me back to a room for my appointment, that I sit in the waiting room and start watching FixerUpper and they call me back to the doctor's office so quickly that I don't get to watch much! The facility is immaculate, state of the art, spacious, well designed and comfortable. I actually enjoy going there because of how well the facility is run and how much confidence I feel in the doctor's care. The support staff are very well trained, and very professional, as well.

Naomi Williams

I love them. They were very informative, and knowledgable.

J Blaser

I am so glad I finally got LASIK and everyone at The Eye Institute of Utah made the whole process so comfortable. My husband got PRK here too and we both had GREAT experiences and would absolutely recommend all of our family going here.

M McKay

Dr Zavodni is the best eye doctor! I am an RN and very picky about my doctors. I’ve been to a few different eye doctors in my life and Dr Z in leaps and bounds above anyone else I’ve ever seen. Dr. Z had many effective treatment ideas for my dry eyes and was willing to exhaust every good idea to help me. Where other doctors often seemed rushed and treat you like a number, Dr. Z is an incredible listener. He cares about people and honestly loves his job and you can feel it. A+.

Maria Northrup

I was very impressed with the Eye Institute of Utah. I went to them for my LASIK surgery, and I'm so happy that I did. 1) The staff is friendly, professional, and helpful. Laura Ellison in particular was great at answering all my questions and helping me feel comfortable with the process that was ahead of me. 2) Dr. Wolsey is great. She's a busy woman with lot of other patients, yet she had a way of making me feel special even in our short meetings. I can only imagine that she gives this same individual attention to all her patients. 3) The atmosphere at their facility is clean, quiet, and comfortable. They surpassed my expectations. I came out with 20/15 vision with only a hint of my former astigmatism. (For reference, I couldn't even really see the big "E" without glasses before my surgery.) Great post-op care. After a week or two, I didn't even feel the need for artificial tears to keep my eyes moisturized. I can see!

Paul Haywood

Dr's Wolsey and Zavodni were/are Superb!

Cindy Rothfeder

The doctors and staff are all friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. A very positive experience.

Carrie Young

Friendly and helpful staff, personable doctors, and my lasik was quick and easy. I've had it for two years now and have had no issues. It's life changing!


When I was diagnosed with cataracts in my eyes I was very worried I was very happy to have chosen The Eye Institute because from the first moment they made me feel welcome. I was very nervous and the staff who helped me was very friendly and explained all the tests they were doing to me. When the day of the surgery came everything was very simple, the doctor Wolsey was really kind with me. This surgery was the best thing happened to me.

Claudia Wight

Great service!!!

Val Van Komen

On my final after surgery exam, Dr. Chapman was yet again so happy to see my improvement she was seriously so excited and professional. Her and her staff are so helpful and nice. I would highly recommend the Eye Institute and Dr. Chapman to anyone who is considering this facility.

Korrie Katz

I can't believe I waited so long to get my cataracts out! The care I received at The Eye Institute of Utah was outstanding! From the minute I walked in and was greeted at the front desk. The staff is caring and explained everything that was going to happen through the procedure. Dr. Cionni is a world renowned surgeon. My vision after removal of my cataracts is better than it has every been. I feel very blessed to have the best! Thank you to everyone who took such great care to make sure I had the best experience. Thank you EIU Korrie Katz 6/8/2018

Scott Swain

Very fair and knowledgeable. Been doing it a long time. Dr. Z is great.

Starhelm Silvercrest

First, my medical condition: I have malformed lenses, not cataracts, but the cataract lens replacement coupled with Dr Cionni's o-ring device was a way for me to counter my degenerating vision. Due to my specific circumstances I was unable to use the multi-focal lenses and am finding the blurry near-vision a bother to deal with. Get the multi-focal lenses if you can!!! As far as the staff, quality of surgery, and overall experience, I have to rate it a 3. Even with the loss of near-distance vision the primary reasons for me getting the operations are completely resolved. I can now drive safely at night, can see the stars again, and am enjoying seeing the wider world like I never really did before.

James Snow

I elected to have cataract surgery for both eyes, one day apart. I spent the last four days at the Eye Institute. The staff members were extremely professional, and caring, which resulted in a pleasant experience. One day after the second surgery, my vision is better than twenty twenty, thanks to Dr. Robert Cionni, a very skillful surgeon, who had to deal with a patient that would blink his lids far too often. Dr. Cionni has examined me twice a day for the last three days to make sure things were perfect. They are! I’m extremely thankful and relieved. There are few things more important than your eyes.

Jennie Lage

I have been to The Eye Institute four times now. First for Lasix; then for a clear lens replacement; then to have a membrane removed from my macula; and this time for cataract surgery. The Doctors and staff at The Eye Institute have always been professional and caring. They always take the time to explain every procedure. They make sure that you are comfortable with what they are doing. I also appreciate that they do not make you wait in the waiting room for your appointment. They see you in a timely manner.

John Flynn

Dr. Cionni and his staff are the very best. Always a great experience.

Jodi Talbot

Such friendly, professional staff!

Nick Smith

So I went in and had my eyes done here, despite some of the reviews, my exp was the best, I was treated well, they made sure everything looked right, and now am enjoying my new vision! I can see how some people will complain about some of the staff, but honestly there are those there that make up for it, that try and help you out the best that they can! I was referred by 2 people, and have referred some of my friends already here, top of the line and love the fact I am covered for life by them!

Chris Hoy

I had my Lasik done 1 year ago and it has been absolutely amazing. After having spent my entire life wearing glasses and contacts I decided to finally bight the bullet and get the surgery. I am so glad I did. I can see clearer than I have ever been able to. It is great to be able to get up in the morning or the middle of the night and be able to see my clock or where I am going. Dr. Wolsey is very friendly and put me at ease. She answered all of my questions and the staff and facility are top notch. If you are considering it just do it. I have no regrets.

Chuck Barnes

Excellent care. Very professional staff. Informative

Lorie Bauer

Dr. Campbell is both talented & empathetic. When Dr. Webber moved I was very concerned about starting over with a new doctor. Since then Dr. Campbell has earned my respect & loyalty. I’m looking forward to continuing my glaucoma care with her. The Eye Institue is so clean & organized. The staff is very professional keeping the appointments & scheduling on time. The staff is friendly & competent. The billing department helped me when I needed surgery by contacting my insurance & making sure everything was preauthorized.

John Tomcat Sanderson

(Part 2 of 3 of Don Sanderson review to circumvent Google review character limitations) After the visual purple eventually returned and my night vision forgave me for staring at “the sun” so long days prior, a months-long “neural adaption” ensued to mitigate the first salient downside to these multi-focal lenses; Initially, every single point source of light at night has a significant clutter of concentric halos around it. To say this is distracting would be an understatement. In fact, in the fine print associated with the ReSTOR lens you will find this statement: “Not recommended for commercial drivers or pilots.” My assumption, reading this prior to the procedure, is that this caveat is a defensive insertion made to protect the maker from liability should the patient perceive an enduring adverse outcome. (It is a position I still hold) This process of neural adaptation I would describe as the brain deciding that some new sensory irritation is simply ‘noise’ and can be filtered from the conscious forefront. Perhaps it’s similar to people living adjacent to noisy subway tracks hardly being bothered by continually passing trains. How long did it take for all of these concentric halos to disappear? Did they ever? Well . . . “about three months” for about 80% of my awareness of them to fade, and “no.” They are a physical artifact of the lens design itself (kind of a fresnel lens, sorta) and if you actively try to see the halos (nine years hence), you can still see them. But they are almost always below the level of conscious awareness or consequence. That said, consciously obtrusive or not, such a diffusive effect results in a slightly less than pristinely “crisp” resolution at a distance or mid-range. How much less than crisp? To put it in perspective, it’s still better than my pre-surgery corrective lenses yielded, I still test at 20/15 on a good day, but there is a bit of a fringe (furry glow?) around the edges of things. Tolerable and worth it, yes. Absolutely crystal clear in the mid and distant ranges? Not so much. Life imposes compromises one way or the other. Was my vision improved? If so, how much? “Yes” and “a lot”, (especially in the near range) But . . . there is an asterisk that must be affixed to those two seemingly unequivocal endorsements of the final result. You will not have “17-year-old” eyes again, These lenses split the available light to make it available to the two separate focal ranges; near and far. So, in low-light, both are not as crisp as young eyes would see. This is especially the case for me for near vision. My “brag” to friends: In full daylight (direct sun, for example) “I can read the copyright date on a proton.” Indeed, if that were the whole story, you might truly get better near vision than a ‘whippersnapper.” However (comma) in a dimly-lit restaurant, trying to read a menu is futile without supplemental light. For me, that’s a small compromise in exchange for having been able to discard reading glasses forever.*


We drove 600 miles not knowing what to expect. I would highly suggest Dr. Zavodni and staff to anyone. Everyone was wonderful and made a scary experience actually enjoyable. THANK You so much.

Kathy Shoulders

The staff and Dr Cionni were fantastic! I would highly recommend the Eye Institute of Utah.

Collin Jones

I had lasik done here by Dr. Wolsey. I felt like they really cared Dr. Wolsey even came in late Friday after I poked my eye with an eyedropper (oops) to make sure the flap was okay, she put a protective contact lens on that eye and came in Sunday to take it off! Who does that?!?! My vision went from near sighted -8.0 to 20/15 better than 20/20. They exceeded my wildest expectations. DO IT YOU WON'T REGRET IT!

Clinton Findlay

I got PRK done here. It was the best thing I ever choice to spend my money on. I went from having to use contacts or glasses to 20/20. The staff is very friendly and helpful. They answered all questions that I had about the procedure. I would recommend this place to everyone.

Tiffanie Feher

I had an ICL implanted into my eyes 2 years ago and now my vision is changing to the point where I have blinding headaches and can barely see. I called to schedule a new appointment and the earliest they can get me in is in 1 and 1/2 months! What am I supposed to do in the mean time? I can barely see. I feel like the Eye Institute will say and do anything to get your money and then once the procedure is over they want you out of there. And don't want to see you again. Find a better Doctor that actually cares about his patients!

Daniel Doria

I had a great experience with Dr. Zavodni and I appreciate all the work that he did with my Corneal Cross-linking procedure on both of my eyes--He was great! Unfortunately, I have to give a more negative review, in regards to the office, with 2 stars because I wasn't told about the post-op appointment charges. If the office was more transparent with these charges it would have been just fine. BUT I kept coming in for scheduled appointments under the assumption and knowledge that they were part of the already paid procedure costs (since after all that's the only reason I was coming in for--to follow up on the procedure). They took a topography and did the additional eye exams that I assumed were under the routine costs of the pricey surgery but then I got a bill and they never called me to explain. I won't be coming back to The Eye institute for my exams:(

The Magician Eclipse

After wearing glasses for 30 years and was unable to get Lasik, ICL was my next best chance. I will have the surgery done a week ago now and it is been a life-changer! Best money I ever spent!!!!!

Charles Walter

Been to several, this is the best!


Dr. Wolsey and staff are fantastic! Dr. Wolsey clearly articulated the pros and cons of my options based on my eyes. On the day of LASIK, the staff put me at ease, and throughout the procedure Dr. Wolsey walked through each step. It was quick, easy, and painless. Highly, highly recommend Dr. Wolsey and Eye Institute of Utah.

Brad Gibb

Fantastic experience. They explained the procedure well, made me feel comfortable and confident that I would be well taken care of and that I was getting the right procedure for me.

John Beverleigh

Their the best

Joshua Rodgers

The staff was very friendly and professional at my visit but that didn’t make up for how rude the doctor was. I had to make my appointment a month and a half in advance. Dr Zavodni spent less than five minutes with me. He recited the google definition of the operation I came to talk about the said I could ask questions. He didn’t answer my questions, he just got annoyed and walked out of the room like a child because I was asking the wrong questions I guess. Then nobody even called me to schedule the surgery. I see better customer service from fast food employees making minimum wage than from this doctor making a six figure salary. I ended up going to Hoopes vision and had a great experience!

Whitney Snoy

I had PRK done and I would recommend them to everyone!

Robert Sylvester

Best decision I've ever made! Wish I would have done it sooner.

GM Hicks

Over several years I have had eye exams, blepharoplasty, and cataract surgery. I have never had a negative experience with The Eye Institute of Utah they have been professional.

Rachelle McDonell

Dr. Cionni is amazing as well as his staff. I now have 20/20 vision again! The only word I can think of to describe their care is AMAZING! Make the drive to the Eye Institute in Salt Lake, it's worth it. Thank you so much!

Greg Camp

I was so nervous heading into my Lasik procedure I was wondering if I was making the right decision. Then when they started prepping me for surgery everything was so calm and professional. They gave me several different drops in the prepping process and sat me down for surgery. I was nervous to watch and be aware of each little thing being done, but I couldn't see exactly what was happening either so I didn't have to panic, it was 100% painless and the procedure took a max of 3 minutes (maybe less). Dr Wolsey was incredible and very courteous about my concerns. Recovery was fast and easy and now I can see 20/15. Just make sure to get the proper artificial tears afterward (the kind in the tiny daily use vials).

Gail Uzelac

Most profession from the office clerks to the doctor. The professionalism was beyond expectations as well as was he outcome. I am overly pleased that I selected this office for my procedure. I wold recommend them to anybody.

Scott Beams

I highly recommend Dr. Darcy Wolsey! I was very apprehensive having been referred to another doctor at the same clinic. Dr Wolsey done an excellent job! Thank you!

Luke Johnson

My experience with The Eye Institute of Utah was EYE OPENING! All the employees were extremely friendly and thoughtful. I especially appreciated how great Staci Waters was in helping me set up my Lasik Surgery. Dr. Zavodni was fantastic during the entire procedure and I was literally seeing 20/20 the next day! Highly recommend to anyone.

Jeana Leavell-Kottraba

Dr Cionni and his staff were simply amazing! We feel he performed a miracle on our 85 year old Father. We were on pins and needles as we awaited the surgery and were elated at the results. Our father had limited vision and was legally blind for 10 years. The staff was very professional and kind. We hold them all in highest regard and recommend their services to anyone. We all feel our father was always in great care and skilled hands!

Becky Stauffer

A huge thank you to Dr. Cionni and all the staff at Eye Institute of Utah for my recent cataract surgery. I am 100% pleased with my new, excellent vision. I was somewhat anxious about going through the procedure, but as I went through the preliminary exam, the preparation for surgery, the surgery itself, and post-op care, I found everyone involved to be expert and thorough as well as kind and helpful. I felt very well prepared and all my questions were answered. The procedure itself was so remarkably easy, I found there was no reason for me to worry. I felt no pain and found the experience to be actually quite interesting. My regular eye doctor had recommended Dr. Cionni, a leading expert known world-wide for his work in cataract surgery. I took the time to read up on several doctors before making my choice. I am now very pleased I had Dr. Cionni do my surgery. He explained my options carefully and listened to my wishes and concerns. In the end, I received the best care possible resulting in a pleasant experience and the excellent vision I now enjoy. To anyone needing cataract surgery, I recommend you consider Dr. Cionne and Eye Institute of Utah.

Landan Holladay

It was such a good experience! Everyone there was amazing and took such good care of me. I just got ICL yesterday and already I can see better than ever. Dr. Zavodni is such a great surgeon and all the nurses really made sure that I was doing okay. Everyone there made sure all my questions were answered, and I was constantly emailing and calling with questions. I had a bad headache after the surgery and my husband called the Eye Institute to check if it was normal, Dr. Zavodni called him back within 30 minutes to talk to him. I would 100% recommend the Eye Institute to anyone.

Staci Waters

Dr. Wolsey removed my pterygium on my right In November 2017. I was super nervous, but her bedside manner and the surgical staff put me at ease. The procedure was painless and the healing process was a breeze. I now have a “white” healthy eye.

Barbara Badger

My experience has been wonderful with the doctor and staff. I am without glasses or contacts for the first time in 60 years and I couldn't be more thrilled. My cataracts were removed and replaced with trifocal lenses and I can see at all distances. I am so impressed with the skill and caring of the staff. Thank you Eye Institute for my new eyes!

Lucas Ballard

Got Lasik. The world is so much clearer now!!! Should have done it sooner in my life

Stephen Loos

Super impressed with the Eye Institute. Got my Lasik done with Dr. Wolsey and I highly recommend her. I researched Lasik a bunch and was between Hoopes and Eye Institute. I chose Eye Institute because I felt like they were a bit more customized/individualized. Also, they were a bit cheaper. I'm definitely satisfied with the service and surgery. I wanted 20/15 and that's what I got--20/15 in both eyes. Highly recommended.

Ethan Zoller

Trusting your eye sight to anyone is beyond a huge deal and to say that I trust this company with my sight would be an understatement. From begging to end The Eye Institute of Utah is a top tier professional company that gives you the comfort of family. There isn’t a better doc out there than Dr Wolsey!

Alyssa Simmons

My mom had both catact surgeries here with Dr. Cionni and is very pleased with her vision and recovery. Great scheduling and staff. Very attentive physician!

Ellen Young

I was in two weeks ago. The staff was great and the doctors were wonderful. I was totally at ease during the procedure and could not be more pleased with the results. I recommend them to everyone.

Monique VandenBroeke

I had 20/20 vision with glasses when I went to the eye institute but my left eye was much worse after I left.

Sharon Crook

I was very impressed with the receptionist because she was friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. I was also impressed with Dr. Chapman. She was nice, knowledgeable, and conservative, (which I appreciate because I have been rushed into having procedures done in the past that either didn't need to be done or could have been done at a later time.) I trust her judgement.

Benni Warren

BEWARE: The Eye institute process all eye exam's under medical instead of vision insurance. This could be extremely more in cost for the basic services so unless you have a specific issue I would go somewhere else.

Chad Blevins

I had a great experience with the entire staff. I did not have to wait at all for my appointment and all of my questions were answered regarding my eye condition.

Brandon Johnstun

I have Keratoconus and have been seeing the Study team for about a year. Two weeks ago Dr. Darcy Wolsey performed CXL on my left eye and the experience was FANTASTIC. the procedure itself was done with care and expertise, my comfort was a primary focus and the follow up has been 1st class. This is by far my best experience with any medical office and staff. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Wolsey and her team of professionals for any Eye related issues and especially for CXL!

Andy Michie

Dr. Cionni and staff were amazing. I had ICLs and couldn’t be happier.

Jess Hurtado

I don’t have the ability, in words, to express how pleased I am with my eye surgery. I have been nearsighted all of my life and have always been told that my eyes had so many different issues that technology would not move fast enough to ever be able to help me. I am so happy to report that it is no longer the case. My left eye is perfect, my right eye, with all it’s issues, is so much better than expected. Dr. Darcy Wolsey is amazing and so talented; I am so grateful she is my doctor and surgeon. She cares, she listened to all my questions, taking time to answer each one, and making sure I understood and was comfortable with her responses. Everyone at The Eye Institute of Utah is wonderful, caring, professional and Dr. Wolsey is absolutely the very best. Thank you Dr. Wolsey for giving me something I never thought I would experience in my life, excellent vision. There simply are no words in my vocabulary the would adequately express my gratitude.

Will Dunlavy

The Eye Institute of Utah is a great clinic and their personnel and doctors do a great job explaining the issues and caring for you. I have had two surgeries and now am contact free with my vision. They also make availability when any issue comes up with my vision quickly. Best eye clinic ever

Daniel Lindberg

I was just in for an annual eye exam after having cataract surgery about a year and a half ago. Friendly, efficient and professional.

Megan Brandon

The doctors and the team at The Eye Institute of Utah are TOP NOTCH! I had my PRK Surgery there with Dr. Zavodni a couple years ago and I am still amazed every day at how well I can see! Before surgery, I had the worst vision, and hated wearing contact lenses since they irritated my eyes. Instead, I walked around squinting all the time and my vision got so bad I had no business driving! I was finally convinced by my coworkers to take the plunge and get my eyes fixed. I only wish I had the surgery performed sooner! I highly recommend the team at The Eye Institute and Dr. Z - the staff is extremely friendly and knowledgeable, and I didn't feel pressured into having surgery. I had the best experience and am forever grateful to Dr. Z. THANK YOU! :)

Ryan stouffer

Great work!!!

Christopher Terry

I had my PRK surgery last Friday May 10th 2019 the first couple of days were rough especially Sunday everything was blurry. But starting Monday about 4 days after the surgery my vision began to really clear up. I feel like it’s improving daily as Doctor Z said it would. I’m excited to get the contact bandages out those are probably the most uncomfortable thing about the surgery healing process. Over all I’m super glad I did the surgery. I’m excited to continue to get better and better vision each day. 10 star review from me from the costumer service of the employees down to the Doctors and Nurses. I would do it over again in a heart beat!

Heidi Hyatt

I loved the Eye Institute of Utah! Dr. Wolsey helped me feel very comfortable as well as confident in my choice to have LASIK. They were knowledgeable as well as enthusiastic about the science of the eye and helping people see. Since we live far away from the Eye Institute of Utah, it is nice they offer co-management with doctors closer to home for post surgery follow ups. We are pleased to have been so well taken care of at the Eye Institute of Utah!

Gary Jensen

The results were beyond my expectations and removed any astigmatism problems. My vision is now 20/25. Both far vision and near vision are clear. The operation took only 15 to 20 minutes and there was zero pain or discomfort! This is being written the day after and they say my vision will even be clearer in several weeks.

Vicki Lusar

The Eye Institute of Utah has an amazing staff with amazing doctors. This is the fourth time someone in my family has been a patient there. I would recommend them to everyone I know!

Emily McRae

I felt comfortable the whole time. The exam was quick and the staff was personable. I was able to discuss concerns and ask questions with the actual doctor and the sales were pushy at all.

Frank Black

Tried to make appt but got put on hold twice and then told I needed a referral to see doctor even though I'm a cash patient. Could not give me explanation why they needed teferral??

Martha Ham

My vision is clinically complicated. I had an unsatisfying experience in St. George with my first cataract surgery and learned the hard way that not all clinics are prepared technically and skill wise to handle the atypical case. I came to the Eye Institute of Utah for the cataract surgery on my second eye and had a radically different experience from my first surgery. Dr. Cionni delivered miraculous results and my vision was restored! I could not believe the excellent outcome! The Eye Institute of Utah is a terrific clinic, with state of the art equipment and renowned professionals. I wouldn't go anywhere else. . . unless they told me to!

jophus Xakc

I'm sure there are cheaper places, but I've also heard that you end up spending more than originally quoted at those cheaper places. I'm okay not going to the discount location to have a giant laser burn off part of my eye. I had Lasik 4 days ago, and the day after I could see essentially as well as with my contacts. There are halo effects around bright lights so I have some night blindness, but I experienced some of that with my astigmatism. The doctor and nurses were professional. Wait times for the consultation were reasonable (but not short) but the actual Lasik procedure was remarkably quick. I think I was on the surgery bed for less than 5 minutes. It was nerve wracking and there was some discomfort when they did the initial lens flap (strong pressure on eye), but I didn't feel anything from the lasers. The correction laser does create an unpleasant smell, especially when you realize what you're smelling, but that lasted less than 25 seconds. So far I'm satisfied and hopeful that the night halos and moderate dryness will just improve in the next few months. -1 month update, eyes still have frequent dryness. My night vision is worse than before the procedure. Driving at night actually isn't that bad, even though I get the halo and prism effects from bright lights, but once the overall light levels drop (waking up early and walking around when it's dark) I can't see well at all or it seems it takes longer for my eyes to adjust to low light. I still would have had the procedure, but I wish I'd known about this beforehand. My left eye during daylight has better than normal vision and my right is at 20/20. I might have a harder time focusing on things extremely close to my face, but I'm not sure. Update - 6 months after surgery. My eyes have recovered well, vision is perfect, and the issues with halos and night vision have improved to the point where it's about as good as when I had glasses or contacts in. Overall, it's a wonderful success.

Marti Grace Ashby

I wouldn't go anywhere else for my eye care. Dr. Carter was prompt, friendly, and informative. And he spent plenty of time with me. His assistant, Jennifer, was equally friendly as well as professional. I was treated very well from the moment I walked in the door.

Don Sanderson

(Part 3 of 3 due to character limitations of Google reviews. Other family member "shills" posted parts 1 & 2 for me to circumvent the word limit) * (Well . . . . not quite totally forever, as I will elaborate soon) Distant vision? It’s very good. Each eye turned out a bit different, but I routinely whizz down below the 20/20 line on subsequent follow-up checks. However, in the year or so after the surgery I vaguely became aware that while I was still “acing” the acuity tests, things seemed nonetheless a bit . . . foggier. This sounds anomalous, I know. I was still testing very well, but not exactly killing it on the ‘clarity.’ As it turns out, it is a common complication of cataract surgery for there to form a clouding of the part of the lens covering (capsule) that remains after surgery, called posterior capsule opacification. This more common in “younger” patients. Age 51 is not exactly a spring chicken, but by cataract-surgery standards it may indeed be, and as advertised I needed the quick and painless YAG laser follow-up eventually in both eyes to break up the cloudy growth. It’s a once-ever procedure and need never be done again, I’m told. *About those reading glasses: It’s true they’re not needed whatsoever anymore for reading, but . . . don’t throw them away just yet. The ReSTOR lens optimizes for far and near, but not “mid.” You have to just accept what it gives you in that range. Computer screen viewing, dashboards, any low-light arm’s-reach distance likely will not be exactly perfect. So I do still use the lowest power “cheaters” (1.25) for mid-range work at night. That clarifies things nicely in that range, and has become reminiscent of the old trifocal days when I needed to sometimes “look over” the lenses to, say, descend stairs. Now, it’s to be able to see in the distance uncorrected while . . . um . . . let’s say driving certain large vehicles My final verdict: I’d do it again and am happy with the result. The vision improvement has been nicely stable; seemingly little change in most of a decade. Downsides include the initial expense and the above-mentioned seemingly inevitable compromises. But the choice available to me was not to be a teenager again; it was to always be reaching for reading glasses and enduring the bane of trifocals, or to take a chance on the surgical option. I speculate that the minority of people unhappy with their results may have had a bad surgical outcome (infection?) or they may be more intolerant or impatient with the adaptation phase or the clarity of their vision long term. I know that besides the fine print recommending against use in people who drive or fly for a living, also included in the list of non-candidates are people with significant astigmatism. The latter was not the case with me whatsoever, so perhaps my outcome was commensurately better than some. (Maybe.)

David Johnson

I had a professional and informative visit. The staff was friendly and caring during my exam and visit. All of my questions were answered clearly and completely. I would have no problem recommending The Eye Institute of Utah.

Nick Green

Can't say enough good things about the Eye Institute of Utah and Dr. Zavodni. Top notch.

Chelsea Lantz

I had a great experience with my Visian ICL procedure. I initially came to the Eye Institute of Utah for a second opinion, after having a bad consultation experience at another provider. The other provider rushed me through the consultation, didn’t give me time to ask questions and made me feel like I was just a number. My experience at the Eye Institute was totally different. Dr. Zavodni was very friendly, helpful and took the time to answer all of my questions. The operation itself was quick, relatively painless and successful almost immediately. I was a -10.00 before surgery and now I see 20/20 in both eyes. I totally trust Dr. Zavodni and am very glad I chose the Eye Institute of Utah.

Karen Handler

The Eye Institute of Utah was a wonderful experience for me. They have great Doctors, Dr. Cionni was mine, and a great staff. The benefit of all this is that my eyesight is like it was many years ago. I can even read a menu without my glasses. I highly reccomend this them to anyone considering cataract surgery. It was easy, painless, and so rewarding.

Janey Maughan

Dr Cionni was absolutely wonderful as my cataract doctor. He has an excellent bedside manner, & is a very caring physician. I felt he was very interested in addressing my situation, and was very responsive to all questions and concerns. I have total confidence in him, and would absolutely have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone.

Thom Rich

For the past 8 years or more, my eyesight was deteriorating and driving at night became a high risk adventure. My prescription glasses weren't working very well and during a visit to my optometrist I was informed that it would be difficult to do anything to improve my eyesight without having cataract surgery. He suggested Dr. Cionni at the Eye Institute of Utah. I waited 6 months to set up an appointment and wasted all that time with poor eyesight. When I finally made the appointment and went the the institute, I was immediately impressed by the staff and the number of devices they use to evaluate your eye health. Everyone was fantastic and well humored. First one eye with immediate results of clarity, beautiful colors I hadn't missed but now appreciated more and crisp text everywhere I looked. The second eye one week later and the correction of an astigmatism and a more pronounced cataract. At first the sight was very blurry but after two days it was clearer and continues to improve daily. I can't say enough about Dr. Cionni and his team. And the cost was very reasonable with Medicare. Now I'm kicking myself for waiting even one month. If you want to improve your eyesight and are wondering who to see, I can recommend Dr. Cionni and the Eye Institute with my highest recommendation.


I had Lasik done a week ago by Dr Wolsey and I am loving the results! I was literally blind without glasses/contacts before the surgery and within 48 hours my eyes were 100% perfect! Faster results and recovery time than what I expected as well. Staci was also very friendly and helpful when it came to scheduling the appointment and getting me all the info I needed prior to the surgery. Dr Wolsey is amazing! She has a great bed side manner and helped me feel comfortable and reassured as to which procedure to do as well as during the surgery. Have already recommended them to family and friends!

Julie Dole

They were very timely in adhering to the scheduled appointment time. The staff were professional, friendly, efficient, and accommodating. They did a nice job explaining to my teenager what they were doing and in providing the results. We are going to make The Eye Institute of Utah our "go to" place for eye exams in the future.

Eljay Gibson

I love the eye institute I wish they could come up with a way to check your eyes without dialateing them

Stacey Petric

I went first to another place that is well known. I wanted a second opinion and came to the Eye Institue of Utah. The Eye Institue and Dr. Cionni did much more thorough testing. I have scheduled the surgery and I am so excited. Dr Cionni …

Richard Webb

Exactly what I expected. I researched LASIK for about 2 years. Finally got a good recommendation from an ER Doc friend of mine. Both he and his girlfriend had eye procedures with Dr. Wolsey, and both of them loved her work and results. So, I walked in expecting high standards, and I'm happy to say I got them. Both consultations were very professional and personal. On Dr. Wolsey's recommendation, I only got LASIK on one eye, the other eye required such a small correction, we both decided it may not be worth the $$ or risk at this time. The actual procedure was amazingly calm, personal and professional. Very procedural, I heard multiple double and triple check calls by the team while I was laying on the table... you could tell the 4-5 person team was operating on very tight protocol. In and out of the laser room in about 10 minutes. Followed the eyedrops protocol religiously. That night was already seeing clearer. 4 days later, I was no kidding wingsuit basejumping without glasses, something I hadn't done in 10 years. I know, I've got issues. Anyway, things just got better from there. The 1 wk follow-up by a 3rd party eye doc (I live 4 hrs away from SLC) got rave reviews on the precision and accuracy of the laser correction, I was seeing 20/15, and got a thumbs up for eye healing well and looking healthy. He also seemed envious about the new laser used by The Eye Institute. His verbology was a little technical for me, but he said it's probably the best laser table in the state. Strongly recommend Dr Wolsey and her team. Thanks for the great vision!

Dominique ___

The eye exam was the best I've had. The people were really nice. It was honestly a really good experience. Until I got a bill that I was PROMISED ... THREE TIMES.. that I would NOT receive. I was told that they would bill my insurance company, because it was considered a MEDICAL procedure.. and that my charge for the day would be ZERO, ZIP, NADA, NOTHING!!! So I called the billing number on my bill. I spoke with a woman who sounded like she had an IQ of about 23. After asking me for my name about 6 times, and not finding anything, she said she finally found me. She then went on a rant that HAD to be memorized from regurgitating it so many times. "Your eye exam is free, but the prescription for your eyeglasses isn't free. It says that on a sign right where you check in." I asked her why, then, had THREE people told me that there would be NO charge for ANY services for the day? It's a bait and switch. That "free eye exam" isn't free. And they won't tell you anything about it until you call to question bill. And the billing department doesn't care one iota. They just want your money. I wouldn't have cared at all if they had just told me what to expect. Don't tell me "FREE" and then send me a bill. That is at the very least unprofessional. And more closely, insurance fraud.

Ken Jensen

dr chapman is great. great experience!

Kelly.Clary Reynolds

I had my LASIK done a couple of months ago and have had EXCELLENT results! I went to a vacation a month later to the United States Virgin Islands and was able to enjoy the paradise island's view in 20/15 vision! Dr Darcy Wolsey made me feel like my own family was going to take care of my eyes. Not only is she experienced but has a super warm and friendly personality. The staff was also very friendly specially Jami who walked me through the process on the free consultation. The procedure was "nothing" don't work a sweat on getting LASIK-with Dr Wolsey & her staff you have nothing to worry about!!!!!

Allen Manning

Smooth, awesome experience with my Lasik surgery. They even let me squeeze Abe the Teddy Bear during it. Wish I could have taken that lovable cutie home... Just had my 3-month post-surgery checkup, and my eyes are still better than ever :)

Trenton Romph

I wasn't a candidate for Lasik, but for PRK. I had tons of questions before I was willing to commit to the surgery. Dr. Zavodni was extremely patient and thorough while I went through my list of questions and never gave me the feeling I was asking dumb questions the way some doctors do. The surgery was smooth and easy. I felt extremely comfortable the entire time. The recovery wasn't bad and I went from 20/400 to 20/20 within a couple of weeks. Wish I had done this sooner, best thing I have ever spent money on!

Gene White

Cataract surgery with great results thanks to Dr. Wolsey and staff.

Blake Wright

I'm already frustrated that I have to take a day off work to get re-diagnosed with a lifelong illness just to refill my prescriptions. That's not their fault. But they scheduled me at 3:30 and acted like they were squeezing me in and made sure I would be on time. Here I am over an hour later and still waiting... for a refill.

candy cash

Great experience

Andrew Thomas

The Eye Institute of Utah is the gold standard in eye healthcare. Dr. Darcy Wolsey and her staff are always professional, patient, and caring in the work they perform. I often refer people, because I know they will have a great experience.

Jamie Slade

I had ICL surgery done here and it was an excellent experience! The doctors were friendly, knowledgeable, and informative about my options for vision correction. I felt confident in my decision to move forward with ICL surgery. I was very happy with the whole experience leading up to and including the surgery. The results have been amazing!

Dianah Rogers

My mom had cataracts surgery and also inserted contacts during the surgery. Her site is worse than before the surgery and the staff hasn't been very helpful and seem a bit annoyed with her questions and concerns. We have not been impressed after spending almost 6,000!

Pam Scott

This has been the most amazing experience. Of course Anxious and scary at first, but the staff at the eye Institute are friendly and compassionate and professional. Made me feel very comfortable. The best part is I can see!!! Very little discomfort. Thank you Dr Cionni and all the.staff!

Lisa Schick

I would give 6 stars if it were an option. the entire staff was absolutely wonderful and accommodating, all showing genuine concern for your comfort, Dr.Robert J.Cionni is professional in all that he does. And l admire the way he interacts …


The Eye Institute is a great facility with an awesome staff.

Colleen Hatfield


Rachel Lee Hufstetler

This has to be the fastest surgery/recovery out there. Love the results and it's only been a few days. Everything ran very smoothly and quickly. Staff was great and instilled confidence at every step. Affordable payment plans too. So glad I did it.

Marjorie Leavitt

First time visiting the Eye Institute and was really pleased with the way I was treated they really do take good care of you. Everyone is so nice and professional. Going back for my surgery.

Brett Bailey

Everyone at The Eye Institute of Utah is kind, professional, and capable. They are very busy and you may end up waiting a short while, but they never rush your appointment.

JERRiCA Vaughn

I had suffered from poor vision near my entire life. I was constantly getting eye infections and my eyes seemed to always be irritated. I hated going to bed and watching a movie and then having to get back up to take out my contacts. i lived hours away from the eye institute and they were so great to work with me and a local eye dr for pre and post surgery care. The day of surgery I was met by the nicest team & was informed of everything that would be happening! They were so friendly & calmed all my nerves!! The surgery took about 45 seconds per eye (if even that! It was so fast) and it was 100% painless! I'm now about 18 months post surgery & im still seeing better than 20/20!! I havent had a single eye infection or irritation since, which is a miracle!! I am so glad I made the decision to get lasik! I would (and have) recommended anyone and everyone to use the eye institute of utah if looking into it!!!!

kirk applegate

Staff is professional, cheerful and helpful. Dr. Cionni explained everything step by step during my cataract surgery. Everyone is very good at putting you at ease. I am very happy and satisfied with the results.

Sam Hoskin

Great experience. Both the medical (Dr. Zavodni) and office staff were knowledgeable and helpful.

Logan Leaming

Very helpful staff at the Eye Institute. I have had problems with dry, itchy, irritated eyes my entire life. They were able to help me understand why the problem was happening, which was something that had never been explained to me before. Most eye doctors have just given me a few things to try and sent me on my way. Dr Carter was patient enough to explain what the actual problem was and then offer possible solutions.

Sami Blackham

The staff is pleasant and welcoming. I expected the facility to be a huge corporate facility but it’s not. The facility is clean and up to date with its technology! I’ll definitely recommend this place to my friends and family. Dr. Wosley and her staff were outstanding! They were professional and welcoming from the very first step. Dr. Wosley, Tanner, and Lexi were amazing during the procedure and explained every step during the process. I’m so happy I chose the Eye Institute for my Lasix procedure!

John White

It is nothing short of miraculous to have this kind of visual improvement so quickly. I’m so full of gratitude I can hardly stand it!

Brian McCauley

After a lifetime of wearing glasses I see perfectly after my cataract surgery. Dr. Cionni is amazing and did an outstanding job. I am delighted I chose The Eye Institute of Utah. Everyone has been excellent.

Jayne Smith

Dr Cionni was excellent. His entire staff was very professional and kind. I have been very impressed and highly recommend the Eye Institute of Utah.

Anja P

I absolutely, unequivocally recommend The Eye Institute of Utah and Dr. Darcey Wolsey! One of my eyes had been extremely irritated for several years due to a pterygium on the cornea. I tried many alternative therapies to resolve the issue to no avail. I was extremely reluctant and concerned about having surgery on my eye and spent one full year waffling on the issue. I did a great deal of research on the pros and cons of surgery as well as on the top surgeons in Utah. After much review, I found Dr. Wolsey to be one of the best (if not the best) in eye surgery. My husband had gone to The Eye Institute 20 years ago to get Lasik and had an incredible experience so it seemed wise for me to do the same since my research pointed to Dr. Wolsey at the same facility. The facility itself is beautiful and state of the art. However, my insurance provider did not cover the Eye Institute facility even though it covered Dr. Wolsey, so I had to have my surgery at the Eccles Outpatient Surgical Center. My whole surgical experience was better than I could have imagined! I had a wonderful team of nurses, an excellent anesthesiologist and the incredible Dr. Wolsey! My research which pointed to Dr. Wolsey as one of the best in her field has proven true and it was worth driving over 300 miles from my home to have her as my surgeon. She is confident and meticulous in her methods and has beautiful surgical outcomes. I'm still in the healing process, but so far everything has been just as she promised and I believe the final outcome will be wonderful as well. In addition, her bedside manner is top notch! She respectfully answered a full-size page of questions I had for her with pleasure. I am recommending Dr. Wolsey to everyone I know who needs any eye surgical procedures--she is the best!

Nick Hansen

I had Lasik 2 years ago. It was the best choice I ever made. The doctors are amazing. (Dr. Wolsey was my Doctor. She is amazing!) The staff is great, the facilities are good, and the experience is always professional.

Erica Oliver

I got PRK done at the Eye Institute about a month ago, and everything is going so well!! From the first visit I get taken care of and important to the doctors and staff here. The surgery was so quick and painless and I got a forced 3-4 day restful vacation filled with naps!! I’d do it again in a heartbeat, best money I have ever spent! Thanks Dr. Wolsey!!

Laurie Adams

5 stars isn't enough for my experience at the eye institute of utah! From start to finish, I felt like a VIP. From the time I checked in, to getting all the state of the art scans and test prior to seeing the doctor, to having refractive lens exchange in the surgical suite on the 2nd floor, it was seamless. So amazing to wake up and not need glasses to see the alarm clock! Dr. Robert Cionni and the entire staff are incredible!!!

Sean Morrison

Fast and friendly service and qualified medical professionals.

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