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REVIEWS OF Standard Optical - Sugarhouse Eye Doctor IN Utah

Suzanne Wendelken

The optometrists are fine, but the staff, while superficially courteous and friendly, are either incompetent or overwhelmed. Glasses and contacts take forever to be delivered. Last time I ordered glasses, they were supposed to be mailed directly to my house. Instead they were delivered to the shop and sat there for three weeks until I finally called and asked for their whereabouts. Additionally, even though Standard Optical is in my insurance network, it still ends up costing me 200-400$ every time I order glasses and/or contacts despite getting cheap frames. The staff has managed to talk me into expensive coatings that don't even work, promising rebates that never come through. Their disingenuous and superficial demeanor comes across as rather slimy. The final straw was when I came 5 minutes late to an appointment that had already been rescheduled 2 times (once because they scheduled me in the wrong office) and they wouldn't see me. Standard optical... you're fired.

Sarah Payne

I came in a couple weeks ago for a standard eye exam and contact lens fitting. It had been about a year or so since my last one and I just wanted to get updated prescriptions. Scheduling was a bit frustrating, but eventually I found a time that worked nearly two weeks out. I went in and met William Catt, the optometrist and holy smokes- what a joke! After working for one of the best medical facilities in the valley for two years, I guess I had higher expectations out of a provider. He was impersonal, unconcerned with any medical history(after I filled out a 2 page form for 20 minutes), and the ending the of the appointment was the most awkward ending to any appointment I've ever had- no thank you, no "OK, let us know how these lenses work out", nothing... I literally had to ask if we were finished. After 2 weeks in the new lenses he prescribed, I HATE them. My eyes constantly feel like they have sand underneath them, and in the morning, it takes about 10-15 minutes to adjust to the toric lenses.This is not the first time that I've worn toric lenses; prior to this appointment I'd been wearing torics for 2-3 years.These new ones were supposed to breathe better and be a better lens, but I literally can't wear them for more than a few hours without them getting cloudy and dry. I called and spoke to Tara, who offered me an appointment a week out, and then after more persistence and explaining I literally cannot wear these and have no other lenses, was able to get me in at 8am on Saturday(the next day). I showed up this morning for the appointment and was taken back by William again-not even any questions about WHY the lenses didn't work(is this guy seriously a doctor?!) but just, a quick 3 minute exam and then "So you want to go back to your old lenses? What is the prescription?" Uh??? Isn't that YOUR job? Isn't that what I paid you $80 for??? To fit me for lenses that work for me??? I said, "Well, yes, if that is what is going to work. All I know is that these are not working." Again, awkward silence, and when I couldn't ramble off all 3 of the prescription pieces, I offered to go home and check. No offer for an additional pair of lenses, just, "We'll write you a script for the old lenses prescription when you call in with the information." I came to get an updated one- if the script didn't change that is one thing, but the new lenses you put me in were a different power than the previous ones. This is what I'm paying you for. I went home and called in the one side that I had, and let them know my eyes were two different powers. Tara said she'd have the script emailed to me in a few minutes. When I got the script, literally, all he did was write it for the exact same higher power in both eyes- a power that was higher than the trial lens and definitely not my same old prescription. I emailed back immediately: "Tara, When I was in there this morning, I spoke to William that my previous prescription was only -2.25 in the left eye and -2.75 in the right. I've been really unimpressed with this entire experience and I'm a little bit concerned that he simply wrote it as both those eyes are the exact same. I understand that the previous contact lens that was not working out is a different lens, but even that prescription is completely different than this one shown below. At this juncture I would like a refund of my $80 for the contact lens fitting and I will go to a reputable provider who will be able to give me an accurate prescription. If this is not possible, please give me your corporate contact information and I will go from there. Thanks, Sarah" Tara called back and literally wanted to argue, telling me that I told her I wanted my old lenses back. When I called to let her know the lenses weren't working, all I said was we needed to switch-whether that was to my old lenses, or something else, it didn't matter, I just needed something different. Ultimately she only offered me an additional trial pair after requesting corporate's information. I was already done at that point. BE WARNED- this place is a joke!

Jennifer Allred

I am always greeted when I come in, and then I get very low pressure but detailed help with selection of glasses. I love the optometrist, and feel that he is careful, detailed and respectful. I have gone to Standard Optical for more than forty years and canrecommend it highly. The only problem is that they don't answer the phone very early in the morning....

Jennifer Evans

My experience here was AMAZING!! After my eye exam I decided to get a new kind of vision procedure called the Visian ICL. BEST DECISION EVER! Never have I been able to see more than arm's length in front of me and now I'm 20/15! The people from Standard Optical even came with me to the surgery center to cheer me on and hold my hand! This whole experience was incredible and life changing and I wouldn't have trusted anyone but Dr. Williams and Standard Optical!!!

Petra O

The staff at Sugarhouse Standard Optical is amazing. They went above and beyond in providing exceptional customer service in making sure that my needs were perfectly met with both of my new eyeglasses. They patiently adjusted one of my prescriptions twice without additional cost to me even though it was my error that they needed to be re-adjusted. I was very impressed with their product and their exceptional service. Thank you, I love both my new eyeglasses and I appreciate you . . . the amazing staff at Sugarhouse Standard Optical.

C Butter

Didn't call when glasses came in They had my $600 glasses for a month Poor service

heather hansen

It amazed me how on top of the information giving they were. I got a call the day before my lasik procedure from a very friendly woman who made sure I had all the info I needed. And then during the procedure the doctor and staff explained everything before it happened and what to expect. I was extremely comfortable the entire process and really loved the extra care they took.

Adam Petersen

Boo! There are so many cheaper alternatives. How hard is it to file with insurance btw?

Deepak Vennapu

Seamless experience at this location! Their collection was very diverse.. The staff is so friendly and the doctor answered every single question! They totally value your time! Would definitely recommend

Ivanna Bianchi

Worst place this people are rude and provide horrible service they took my money in advance its been almost 2 months and now they said they are delay but didnt even bother to let me know any estimated time they were extremely rude that guy name Jordan said go ahead and let everyone know

maria moran

Charles Lukens

Just called into Sugarhouse and spoke to Jordan. He went way over and above to find a different locations that could fit me in today. This location has always been excellent when it comes to customer service.

Katie Handon

The doctor here is so efficient and thorough! I have nothing but great things to say about this location. Everyone on the staff was so helpful and nice. I’ve never had contacts before but everyone I dealt with made me feel really comfortable and well taken care of.

Zachary Skrede

Come for the LASIK, stay for the, well you don't need to stay anymore because you've got fabulous new eyes. I went to standard for glasses and contacts years ago, and yes they can be pricey but it was well worth it, the glasses I got are still in perfect shape after 4+ years and they'll fix em for life at no charge. I got lasik done through them and I honestly don't know why I didn't do it years ago. Everyone was really friendly and knowledgeable and had me in and out in less time than expected. Thier pricing was comparable with everyone else if not a little cheaper but the kicker was that the quoted price was it, no hidden this or that and my surgery is guaranteed for lifestyle. Pretty hard to beat.

Christy Segura

My initial contact was good. Eye exam was very professional, and had a good experience. When I was told I would be contacted for a follow up to fit me for the right contact lense prescription, that call was never received. After wearing my eye glasses for several months, I called to schedule an appointment to get some contacts and was greeted on the phone by a very very very rude and impolite male. His direct quote was " I don't understand why it took you several months to contact us, and you thought that now you want to change your contact prescription, we are supposed to schedule another appointment with you?" He then went on to say "I am trying to understand why you thought it was okay to walk around seeing blurry for several months, and now after all of this time, you want to change it?" I'm sorry but customer service like this is ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE!! Who cares if I want to see blurry for months or days...that is not for you to decide. It is your job as an employee of this business to help me as a customer out! You just lost my business!

Fanfare Cycling Endeavors

Jordan and the team go above and beyond in communication and customer service. Had an issue with a back ordered product. They resolved everything and provided me with options for moving forward to get it worked out and called and emailed regularly until it was resolved.

michael scholes

Admittedly, this is a very late review, as I last went in September 2012. Best eye care experience to date, and I still go to them, just a different store cuz I moved. I had an entire entourage of very helpful employees helping me to select the best frames for my face by offering opinions on several selections. Never got that kind of attention from any other eye care store and I am grateful to them for their professional commitment and service.

Amando Carrillo

Rylee Carling

Lane Larson

I ordered glasses there, they said it would take 2 weeks, 6 weeks later I'm still waiting ... NEVER again,Read the review's people. I can't believe it!!

Elena Sanchez

Jacob is the ultimate best !! I'm afraid he's gonna see alot of me Love him !! Hes amazing at adjusting glasses like the BEST !

Melanie Walker

Tyller was great. She helped me pick out glasses and answered all my questions. She was friendly and all the staff was friendly. I love my glasses, including my safety glasses. Highly recommend.

Skylar Givens

These guys are awesome I recently had Laser Corrective surgery with them. They helped me get it all set up and have been great with my aftercare. Giving me proper knowledge with my eyes, like taking care of them and great new eyewear, like the best option for sunglasses to protect my new vision. I would and will definitely recommend friends and family to them.

Scott Christensen

Young doctor (recently graduated from UNLV) who seemed to a little overzealous to prove himself in the world of optometry. He prescription was off and I had to go back and request my old prescription, which he was very resistant to give - as if he was admitting fault. Came off a little smug while he was conversing with me. Will try a new doc next eye appointment.

Hannah Lopez

Daniel Taylor

Took two calls to get through. When I asked for a price quote for a contact lens exam, I was apparently hung up on.

Jessica Cameron Williams

Gabriel was super helpful and made picking out new glasses a fun experience! The customer service was top notch! Thanks for everything!

P Mads

I have had a good experience with Lasic surgery. It happened quickly and I was well-informed and I have been treated very well post surgery. Nice and very helpful

Zach Novak

Much more expensive than america best even with insurance allowance. Pretty much designer glasses only. The appointment was fine. The selection and prices of frames not so much. UPDATE: Its been two weeks and have been informed that my glasses that I ordered have not passed their quality inspection and told me this process can take up to another two weeks. Final update: Only a few days after I posted they had a loaner pair close to my prescription.

Alexis Jasek

Fast, professional service. Thorough exam along with a good selection of frames.


A great experience. Upon arrival, I was greeted warmly and promptly ushered in for my eye exam. When the eye exam was completed, Doug had several eyeglass frames waiting for me to try on. He helped me choose a pair of frames that would compliment my appearance. He then explained the differences in progressive lenses and helped me choose lenses that would work for me. I've previously bought my glasses at a warehouse store. This time I went to a specialty store and I'm glad I did. The larger selection and the individual service I received at this store was well worth the extra $$.

Ian Hiscock

Jordan B. and Dr. Cat were awesome helpful and friendly in getting my Lasik setup and answering all of my questions before and after the procedure. Highly recommend then for general appointments and lasik consultations!

Iliana Hamby

Dr. Catt is my 2nd favorite doctor of all time. He has gotten me seeing better than I've Ever seen in my life. Tara, Jen (who used to work there), Diana and Jordan have helped make the process so easy. I highly recommend the Sugarhouse location. It is a beautiful store and I will come back every year to get an exam. Dr. Catt is even going to do my preop for ICL. I WOULD NOT go ANYWHERE else!!!!

Brittnee Hinton

I have been coming to Standard Optical for only two years, but they are the best I have ever been to. The Dr. and Opticians are wonderful. They set me up with my favorite pair of glasses I have ever owned.

Mia Garcia

Iv been Here about four times , I don't feel rushed . the optometrist takes his time to check your eyes , made mistake of going some were else because of the cheap price , my eyes are worth more then that thanks standerd optical , won't make that mistake again


I went in for a pair of prescription safety glasses and the selection was terrible. There was maybe 16 pairs. I figured while i was there i would see what they had for regular glasses. Once i mentioned this i felt like it became more about getting me to buy something then finding something I'd be happy with. Then they pushed selling me an up grade warranty which couldn't be used with my insurance. I bought two pairs of glasses for around $600. One pair was paid for by work and the other out of pocket. This felt outrageously expensive. The sales guy was pushy, it took them eight weeks to get my glasses in, they claimed they left messages for me trying to inform me of delays, apparently they had a wrong number, i had to have the lenses corrected in both set of glasses, delaying my pick up further and the only good i felt was the optometrist did a good job and answered all my question.

Brad Peck

I just called this location to see if I could get an appointment for today, the girl on the phone answered with a sales pitch... they don't even wait to to find out what you are calling was like i called a telemarketer, bad move.

Zev Kronenberg

Larissa Brown

Standard Optical has been amazing through my experience of my eye health. I have been going since I was young yearly and now just went through the whole laser\PRK Experience. After being qualified for lasik I ended up needing PRK and long story short- they have been so supportive. From my pre-ops to the phone call of being terrified the day after my appointment to my post oops- they have been all so welcoming and understanding. I really appreciate all they have done.

Rachel Parbhu

I will not be returning to Sugarhouse Optical for many reasons. The optometrist talked me into changing my contacts from acuvue to another brand, then when I didnt like the change, they would not allow me to order my old contacts without coming in for a repeat appointment despite my prescription being up to date. Very poor customer service.

Quinton Williams

I have only been coming here for less than a month since I came in to ask about Lasik. Not only have i already had the surgery, I'm week into recovery. My vision is nearly perfect and I have had nothing but good experiences with the staff here.

Andrew Stokes

This is a great place to get Lasik done. Very good pricing, and great service!

Ryanne Wiser

I have had a great experience here from glasses, contacts, lasik, and sunglasses.

Holly McAtee

EXCELLENT Customer Service - I went to the location in Sugarhouse, 2124 s. Highland Drive. First impression: The store was clean, organized, and the staff greeted me with a warm smile. They were very accommodating, polite, and professional. They even got out some toy blocks for my daughter to play with! I appreciated the help selecting the right frames for me and their honest opinions. I felt I could trust the staff, especially Tara. She spent a lot of her time with me, and was very knowledgeable about everything. Not only am I happy with her service in the store, Tara went the extra mile the next day and sent me pictures of the frames I chose so I could show my friends why I was so excited to get glasses!! Above and beyond the normal customer service level. I haven't received my glasses yet, but I'm looking forward to the same excellent customer service I experienced already from this location. Thanks, Tara, and staff!!!

Karen Tschorn

I always go to Standard Optical for my eye exams and glasses/sunglasses. They are professional ,courteous, and knowledgeable. They always go out of their way to give great customer service. I had a pair of upscale sunglasses that were damaged while in the case, in my suitcase (makes you wonder how your bags are handled on the plane, lol). They went to bat for me with the manufacturer and got a replacement pair at no cost. That was a very pleasant surprise.

Bruce W

I have had a truly great experience here every time I have visited. I have recently had LASIK through Standard Optical and the procedure went as smooth as it gets. Bit of a cliche but it has changed my life! (thank you Dr Lloyd Williams). I have had the pleasure of meeting all the staff at 2190 Highland Drive. They are very friendly, accommodating and genuinely concerned in my progress. I have visited this branch four times. An eye exam, consultation for LASIK, post op straight after my LASIK and one month afterwards. Dr William Catt is knowledgeable, professional, reassuring and everything you want in a doctor.

Mike Smith

Julie Ewing

Awful staff. Awful service. Go anywhere but here.

Kevin Morales

Leanne Pleinis

I had such a great experience at this office!! They were quick and thorough and got me through easily to the hardest part of any eye exam... picking out glasses. There was a gentleman there who helped me pick glasses based on my face shape, job, style, etc. He. Was. AMAZING! More importantly, he was unafraid to be honest. He gave me things to try that were out of my comfort zone, and they looked amazing on me. While I didn't end up buying glasses there (it was unfortunately just out of my budget), I am forever grateful for his help. It absolutely made my entire week. I highly recommend this office! The entire staff is really great!

Sue Stowe do I even begin to write this review which is not with my utmost genuineness and sincerity. I first wondered into Standard Optical Sugarhouse like 17 years ago and Ingrid was standing there behind the counter smiling and asked to help me out. That was the beginning of a long relationship with Standard Optical as my personal and only eye place. I've only seen Dr. Millet for my eye exams ever since. My friends comment on how far and precise my vision is when wearing my prescription from Dr Millet. BUT!!!!!!!.......I never thought I needed to write a review because they knew how much I raved about them and brought friends in . Michael and Alisha have been the fore runners helping me UNTIL RECENTLY and also why I'm writing this review for Standard Optical. I had one of the BEST FRAME BUYING EXPERIENCES OF A LIFETIME when...."DOUGLAS FREEMAN"....who I'd love to say is now the manager of this particular Standard Optical. I had had my exam done previously the day before at the Cottonwood Standard Optical but didn't have time to pick out frames which was actually a total GOD sent divine appointment. Doug has an out going yet personable personality. Doug is about being present in the moment with the most honest opinions and fabulous ideas concerning you as his client wanting to get the ABSOLUTE most perfect frames that compliment you as a person. He is a TREASURE!!! I brought my friend along to pick up my new glasses and she's going to do everything she can to have her & her husband go to Doug! Seriously, you will not be disappointed! The frames and prescriptions I've had over the years have really added soooooooo much to my Life and have given me superb vision to enjoy and get the most out of the gift of seeing. I highly recommend each and everyone of you to go in and meet Doug Freeman and experience the utmost fun in eyewear. Smiles... sincerely, Sue Stowe

Tori Pratt

Stand optical is amazing, amazing staff and doctor. They have a huge selection of glasses and are very patient with you while you choose your pair also very helpful with selecting. I won't go anywhere else. This place is a gem.

Mike Pessetto

I had LASIK surgery a week ago. I can't say enough for this company. From start to finish the process was easy and incredibly flexible. The results were better than expected. Dr. Catt and Dr. Williams were so great to work with. I would recommend them to anyone.

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