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REVIEWS OF Standard Optical - Lehi Eye Doctor IN Utah

Tiffany Walgamott

I had a very high prescription and in order correct my high rx I had lasik as well as icl and now I see 20/15! Im an employee here and have seen many people benefit from these types of procedures, if anyone has questions about corrective eye surgery feel free to stop by and ask! I just wanted to share my wonderful experience!

Angie H

Warning do not go to this place they do not know what they are doing. I went to a doctor across the street but my insurance would not pay for glasses, so I came here. They did not know what the doctors prescription said so they had to call to see. Then they got my glasses wrong so I had to go to there doctor. Then they got it wrong again but I can't get a refund so I guess I'm out of luck. So please don't go there. I wish I didn't.


I read the bad reviews, but decided to give them a chance anyway. I called to make an appointment because one eye was having blurry vision. The girl on the phone kept asking for my insurance info even though my eye appointment could have been covered under one of my free check-up appointments from getting LASIK done. After going in circles with her 3 times about how she doesn't need my insurance info, I decided to go elsewhere. My husband works for a company that I could get free eye exams through, and she preceded to tell me that they will still charge me a copay. She wasn't even taking the time to LISTEN. If this is how it is just to make an appointment, I can't imagine what it's like to actually be in the office!

Joshua O'Hare

I went in to get my eyes checked and got sunglasses. They got me checked in really quick and I barely had any wait time. The office is also really clean and nice. Tiffany, the girl that helped me check in and out helped me pick out sunglasses, was really helpful and gave me her honest opinion on sunglasses and which ones looked good. It was great!

Javier Aguirre

This is my second year using the service and everyone is very professional and the doctor is an amazing guy. I'm very happy with the service. if you are cheap don't go here!

Ashton Fairchild

Lynda Labrum

02/02/18For Alyssa My husband took my mangled glasses in today to see if they could get fixed. I had fallen and they took the brunt of it!They looked Pretty bad I wasn’t sure if there’s anything that they could do for them but when he brought them back they look better than new even had the nose pieces changed ...I found out that Alyssa did the work on them and I was very pleased thank you Alyssa for going the extra mile I couldn’t of been more happy I needed those glasses for Sunday and was afraid I was going to have to wear a pair of bifocals that we had laying around the house you really did a good job thanks again

Tracie Petersen

The staff here has been nothing but friendly and helpful in my experience. They have always gotten me in quickly and my exams have all been satisfactory. Yes, they suggested lasik, and yes I ended up getting it done through standard optical, but i have nothing but good things to say. All of their lasik goes through the surgeon at the standard optical surgery center in Holladay I am one week out from lasik with 20/15 vision and no complications!

Erika Barrett

The eye doctor was great. He was honest, and his primary concern was to make sure I was comfortable and seeing well. I have no complaints against him. The rest of the staff was incredibly unprofessional. They complained about their jobs and their clients in front of me. The optometrist told me they did price matching on their contacts. So I went online and found some of the contacts the doctor recommended for a decent price, called SO and they told me they didn't price match with companies like the ones I was looking at, but only with COSTCO. The receptionist then told me she would call me back to let me know. It has been 4 days and I have heard nothing. They also charged me an additional $40 for trying on a pair for contacts. They did not tell me this was the case until after I tried them on. Overall, I am less than impressed.

Ana Leyva

was helped quickly and had appointment done proffessionally and smoothly. Love coming to the lehi office !

Emily Harker

I have LOVED my experience with Standard Optical. My husband used them almost 4 years ago for Lasik and had an amazing experience, so as soon as it was my turn, there was no where else I thought of going. The staff at the Lehi location is so amazing. And the Lasik center was wonderful to work with!! I can’t belive I can see so well! I had a small complication and the dr stopped what he was doing and saw me right away! Luckily nothing was wrong, but he was able to ease my concern and help me to know how to help feel more comfort. We are a standard optical family for life!

Gil Torres

They are so nice and know what they are doing

Kobe Bryant

Josiah Teschner

My Wife has used this Standard Optical for two years and they still haven't gotten their act together. The management of this place is terrible on two separate occasions they have mixed up her orders, at one point taking over two months and three different orders to get the correct contacts. This wasn't because she had the wrong contacts, its because they kept ordering the wrong contacts. Today she went in to get the trial pair that they had confirmed on several different calls that they received. She gets there, just to find out that they had made a mistake. Nice enough people, but not administratively sound at all

Halceyn Fobert

If I could give them a zero star I would this is the third time I have had to deal with them and to no avail they are not doing things on time my son's glasses we're supposed to be done on a Saturday they got the frame and one of the assistants could not put the lenses in so now we have to wait until Wednesday telltillsomeone who can put them in works. I went in for an appointment and was told I'd be in and out pretty fast when I got there I had an hour wait I couldn't wait that long so I left if I were you I would never use the Lehi office

Laura Kennedy

I have been here twice. The first time was for an eye exam for my 10 year old. We had an appointment on a Saturday and waited in the lobby for an hour and never got called back for an exam! When I inquired with the receptionist how much longer we would have to wait, she said she didn't know and that they were running way behind. Ya think?? We ended up walking out! The second visit was also on a Saturday for my son's contact lens exam. Again, we waited for at least 30 minutes before being called back. That was just for an "pre-exam" then we waited again for the actual exam. In all, we were there for over 2 and a half hours for an appointment that should have taken 20-30 minutes. I suggest that you avoid this place at all costs! The Sandy location has been much better in my experience.

Kyle Smith

AVOID AT ALL COSTS. This place is a racket. At my eye appointment I had 4 different people try to sell me lasik. Apparently they get kickbacks for referring patients to a certain doctor. Against my better judgment, I then let my wife go in for an eye exam. She sat waiting for 15 minutes before she was told that, "due to the doctor's lunch schedule", he was unable to see her. They asked my wife if she could return after the doctor took his lunch. Are you kidding me? Don't schedule appointments if you need to turn away patients so that the doctor can enjoy his lunch! Never going back to this place.

Kevin Gonzalez

My wife waited 20 minutes for the doctor to show up for work. Very unprofessional.

Becky Ruth Stott

I enjoyed the experience I received. They go above and beyond to make sure you feel comfortable and know what you will be paying for. I didn’t need to even ask any questions because all bases were covered by Tiffany and Shelly.

Liz Day


Adriana Acevedo

My family and I are so lucky that we walked it into standard optical my 6 year old daughter has loved the way her new glasses look and I am so happy that I choose them for my lasik it has been an amazing expierce

Kathrine Mitchell

Sabrina was extremely helpful and the dr was very nice, answered all of my questions. The exam was fast with no wait. My family and I will definitely be back!

Heidi Scoville

I was very happy with my experience at Standard Optical in Lehi. I was able to get in quickly and the doctor addressed all my concerns. The staff was very friendly and helpful. I'm very happy with the glasses I ordered. I wouldn't hesitate to go back for future optical needs.

Jennifer Atwood

We love Lehi Standard Optical.! Shelly is great to work with and has gift for fashion, ,style and customer service.

Adam Heiner

I had a great experience. The staff in Lehi were very helpful. My PRK procedure went very good. The procedure was quick and the Dr. was great.

Sean Young

ryan comte

Fantastic place that I would recommend to anyone that needs eye care. The staff is respectful and responsive. I've never had to wait for my appointment. I recently had Lasik done at their Holladay location and I couldn't be happier with the care and precision they performed the surgery. Super convenient location. Great doctors that are knowledgeable and helpful. We won't be going anywhere else for our eye care!

Bryan Willis

I went into the standard optical in legit (the meadows) to pick up some glasses. There was only one agent at the desk who was talking to another store/employee on the phone about schedualing. I understand if you are on the phone with a customer, but it is frustrating that I had to wait 15 minutes and still had to walk out because I didn't have time to wait. Long story short, if you are on the phone with an employee, put them on hold if it will take more than 5 minutes. I paid $400 just for my out of pocket portion for my glasses and just a little customer priority would be nice Kind regards

Amy Kennedy

Had a terrible experience with them. I setup an appointment for a lasik exam. I waited for an hour and a half after my appointment time in the waiting room because they were running behind. I finally got to see the doctor who then didn't even look at my eyes to determine if I could do lasik. He just tried to sell me on the different options of surgery. They then proceeded to tell me I have to setup a different appointment in another location to determine if I am even eligible for lasik. What a complete waste of my time. I learned absolutely nothing new from the doctor because the receptionist had already explained the surgery options before.

Drew Payne

They were supportive and reassuring on the surgery. They let me put the money towards my surgery from the contacts and glasses I had to buy. It was awesome that I wasn’t wasting money on contacts for 2 months. I could meet with the doctor sooner whenever I was early.

Colleen Bunn

hillary hansen

The staff at the Lehi location were exclent and nice. They helped me find the right pair of glasses and fited them for me.

Adam Taylor

Ordered glasses 4 weeks ago, still have not arrived. Asked Shelly why it was taking so long. She told me they were ready and would be there in 3 days . Stopped by the store 3 days later and other employee called lab. Lab stated glasses were never ready lense had broke and would be another week. EDIT: FINALLY RECEIVED MY GLASSES AND PRESCRIPTION WAS WRONG IN ONE LENSE.

Jennine Jensen

I just had lasik a week ago through standard optical and I couldn’t be happier!!! The entire process was very painless. I knew exactly what I was supposed to do and when I was supposed to do it. I felt very confident and at ease about my choice. I was able to be seen at the Lehi and Orem stores for my pre and post op appointments. The ladies at each store were not only very helpful, , but very friendly. I enjoyed chatting with them. My actual procedure day was easy as well. I had my procedure at the standard optical in Holladay and everyone there was amazing as well. If you have ever considered doing lasik GO FOR IT!! You will not regret it. Everyone that says it’s the best money they ever spent is entirely right.


Sara Heitz

I found them to be incredibly professional During my visit, I experienced a nasty panic attack and they were wonderful and patient with me, it took oh so much longer because of me, bur I was made to feel like I was their only customer. I would recommend them anytime.

Zach Adams

I remember I made an appointment here and arrived when my appointment was... I had to take part of work off to do so. They then told me that my appointment wasn't found, but we can schedule a new one. ...really? Already, things were looking very bad for this place. But I gave them another chance. I scheduled a new appointment. I then came back and a new person at the counter said the appointment was in the PROVO location, not Lehi. Really?? I had some sort of discount I recall, so I came back and got my contacts, but this was such a terribly managed business.

Renee Whitehead

Great customer service by entire staff. The doctor was great...and answered our questions. Sabrina, who took care of my two kids and I just like family, was outstanding...knows her job well, and is very competent. Thanks Sabrina!

Jeff Anderson

So friendly, quick and helpful. Price matched my contacts without a problem. I was very happy with their service.

Taylor Smart

Andrea Higginson

My husband had lasik done and it has made such a difference in his life. It was worth it and recovery time was minimal. Thank you!

Heather Peper

We were able to find a really awesome deal on glasses for both myself and my daughter. The frames are so cute!! Glasses arrived sooner than expected. Everyone working there was super helpful and knowledgeable.

N. Lowe

If you don't mind strong-arm sales practices, this place won't bother you. Otherwise, avoid them. I went in for the usual annual checkup but found myself trapped into two separate lasik pitches--no biggie. What bothered me was the fact that they wouldn't let me cancel an order for glasses even though that order was only 30 minutes old. when I said I would just cancel the transaction with my CC company and after being on hold for a half an hour, they agreed to change my order from glasses to contacts. I would have been happy to change my order, if they hadn't tried to trap me in the first place.

Mamma Ferret

These guys are awesome, supper polite, really friendly.

Brittany Haglund

After calling them to send my prescription to Costco I had to hound them. They never did and then they suggested they prove match anyway. Well, they don't! They charge $30 more a box than Costco for contacts and they price match ONE box and not every box which most places will. I go in and their trying to charge me $128.00 out of pocket when my insurance covers $150. Then I asked them several times when I was on a different insurance if they cover my lens fitting and lenses. They claimed to call the insurance and say it was covered full. Then at the appointment after it is done they try to charge me a co pay and claim mu insurance doesn't cover it. Total scam artists and Shelly the manager is awful. Not helpful at all. Stick to Costco!!

Harley Andersen

I had a great experience. They got me in quickly, and the appointment was efficient. Doctor is kind and answered any questions I had. He could tell I wasn't super interested in Lasik so he didn't give me the full pitch, simply mentioned I would be a good candidate if I'm ever interested. The front end staff were great to work with - they got me the best deal on contacts after running it a few different ways to maximize my savings. One of my best Standard Optical experiences!

Dustin Knight

Dr Kinney was very informative and fun to talk to. Standard optical pricing may be a little higher than other places online but they are willing to price match. They were also willing to work with me on money and was willing to wait for me to acquire more money to get a one year prescription for glasses and contacts. Overall I’m very satisfied by the sales performance of the team upfront and the overall customer service experience. I will be back.

Lindsay Graff

The 2 girls that assisted me were phenomenal. They made me feel comfortable and assisted me in picking out the perfect pairs of glasses. I didn't feel rushed and they really took their time with me. I so appreciate them and I will absolutely be returning for years to come. Thank you!!

Jessica Broadhead

I needed glasses really fast and they found frames and got them back really quick. Thanks!!

Trevor Smith

Getting PRK was one of the best decisions of my life. Thank you Cyrena Handley for referring me. I really appreciate it.

Janessa Bates

I've loved my experience, I got lasik and they were so amazing! I would recommend to anyone!

Evan McCauley

There was one day I went in to try contacts for the first time. They were packed and only one person was working. I was left to fend for myself and, well, putting in contacts for the first time can be daunting. I threw my hands up and said "F it." Other than that one experience, however, my visits here have been wonderful. Shelly and the team go above and beyond to take care of you and make sure you're happy with your eyes and your lenses... when they're not short staffed.

allie brantley

Very friendly and helpful. Got in and out quick.

Calvin Tohsonii

Very great experience, the staff is very kind and helpful. The amount of frames to choose from is really great. I really enjoy my eye appointments here.

Hailey James

I have had consistently poor experiences here. Unprofessional staff (both medical and office). I scheduled an appointment, and they didn’t bother to tell me when the usual doctor wasn’t going to be there. Instead they found some kind of “substitute” physician who clearly had no idea how to use the equipment and struggled to give me a routine eye exam and discuss contact options. The billing department is similarly a mess.

Devyn Smith

Horrible. They will try to cheat you on their prices. I had glasses picked out and they told me it would be $1,100+ before and $500+ after my insurance. I left without buying any glasses. I called back a week later and told them I did not think they had the prices right because I had reviewed my insurance plan. Without making ANY changes to the glasses or coatings/add-on’s or providing them with additional insurance information, she gave me a new price of roughly $42. When I asked how the price difference was so large she shrugged off the question without directly answering, but suggested I surely must have heard her wrong when I was in the store.

Todd Sheridan

Been here several times, have bought several pairs of glasses and contacts. My first set of glasses came back with a wrong prescription. I had to take them in and have them reorder the glasses. They got it right the second time, but have never in 40 years had to send a pair of glasses back. I usually had to wait 5-10 minutes to be helped, but this is a walk-in store-front, not the typical by-appointment eye doctor I've used in the past. Sometimes being able to walk in and get helped is useful, but you'll wait longer if there are calls or other people in the store. Others have given it 1 star rating, and even with my wrong prescription order, it's not that bad. The four people I have met and been served by were all nice and professional, so it deserves better than 1 star in my opinion, and they were very considerate when fixing my order.

Molly Holden

This was the second time I use them and the first time was less than mediocre, but I thought I give them a second chance. That was a mistake. I went in on a Saturday this time and had an appointment for my 12 yr old daughter.. seeing how I have to smaller children I waited in the waiting room with them while the pre exam took place after that we waited another hour just to be seen by the Dr. the front desk lady was so extremely rude and would not answer my questions and seemed bothered that I even asked them. I was not given any explanation of care. Not to mention they felt it necessary to dilate my daughters eyes with out my concent, she had an extremely bad reaction to this lasting for hours after our appointment. Needless to say I was not very please with the outcome of this visit.

Kari Duvall

I waited for an hour and a half to be seen for a 5 minute check up. I’ve been having very slight vision problems and wanted to know if I needed some driving glasses. The doctor literally said nothing to me, other than asking “Which slide is better?”. I have had perfect vision my whole life until it got slightly blurry. The doctor seemed uninterested in answering my questions. I finally got my prescription, and turns out I have perfect vision and they still wanted to take my money and get my to buy glasses! Unreal. After wasting my time and money, I decided to go to another doctor who found out my eyes are dry, and that’s why I’ve been having a hard time suddenly. Some eye drops and all is well. Don’t waste your time or money here. Go elsewhere for a professional staff and experience.

Austin Caldwell

Got Lasik through standard optical and the surgery itself was quick and I was feeling great the next day got my old eyes back!

Mallory Redmon

This location is thorough, friendly and helpful! So pleased with my glasses!

Nate Korous

The team has always been great whenever I have been in. Super helpful and always willing to go above and beyond to make sure I’m taken care of!!

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