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REVIEWS OF Excel Eye Center: Lehi IN Utah

Jon Pea

Lynn Ruff

Charlotte Ottosen

Great doctor, nice staff

Jennifer F

I am a new patient and went to my first appointment yesterday. It was a very pleasant experience. The staff are all very friendly and efficient. I was seen in a timely manner and the doctor was very nice and thorough. He made it easy. I am definitely going to continue using Excel Eye Center for my eye related needs.

Tiana Nichols

My mother received wonderful care from Excel Eye Center. Dr Smalley diagnosed her problem and was warm and caring.

Rob Jones

Dr. Smalley is so patient and answers all of your questions! I didn't have any problems when I was seen there. I also got a pair of sunglasses in the optical portion which have been great. I have full confidence in this place as they took wonderful care of me.

Ben White

Very professional and thorough in there examination. They were very people oriented and made recommendations to help with minor eye problems. Thank u

Weiyi Kong

They told me that I can use my insurace when I did the test. Then they told that I cannot use my insurace,I have to pay everythihg.

Michael Hinckley

Cassandra Blake

Great experience. I was seen quickly, and I was able to opt out of a portion of the appointment to make it to work on time and also able to work all day on a computer. Doctor Smalley was kind and informative. William the tech was also extremely kind and helpful. I'll definitely return here in the future!

Carol Agbeko

It is nice to be able to have full confidence in your Doctor. Dr. Smalley is very knowledgeable, nice and explains everything.

Madeline Haws

I had such a positive experience! Definitely recommend!

Andrea Thomas

Every worker I came into contact with was friendly and I found my visit to be very efficient! I didn't have to wait around forever like I usually do in doctors offices. I would for sure recommend Excel Eye Center in Lehi.

Carrie Harris

Our family have been patients of Dr. Smalley's for 3 years now. We are very impressed with his knowledge and bedside manner and would highly recommend him!

Norma Farris

Dr. Smalley was super nice, informative, patient and soooooo kind! I would refer everyone to him. I am so happy I found him!!

Alan Christensen

They are on time, courteous, and informative.

Coreen Garner

I had a great experience there. Dr. Smalley is an excellent eye doctor along with his staff. Thank you for your good work.

Phil Allison

Great experience.

Tasha Anderson

We have been going here for a few years now and they never cease to amaze me with how accommodating they are. Dr.Smalley is wonderful and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a new eye doctor.

Landon Kingston

I have been going to Excel Eye Center for many years. I started going to the American Fork location, then went to the Provo one to see Dr Parsons. I then started going to the Lehi location where I have follow up visits with Dr Wilkinson. I have been impressed with the service and knowledge of the staff. I recommend them to anyone that is needing to see an eye doctor.

Rosalie Peterson

Friendly helpful service from the staff and doctor.

Hailie Plant

I LOVE EXCEL EYE CENTER! The staff is always so friendly and willing to help and answer questions. I always feel taken care of and not just like "another patient". Highly recommend the Lehi office!

Carson Vance

I actually saw Dr. Simmons in the AF office. I was really pleased the service. I have had a lazy eye since I was young and Dr. Simmons really took the time to make sure my glasses prescription was the best it could be. The wait time was short as well, which was nice. Definitely recommend.

Scott Tucker

Shaunalee Grace

Sierra Sorensen

These guys are great. The front desk staff were so nice and answered all the questions I had. Dr. Hatch was great telling me everything he was doing as he was doing it, which I really liked. Dr. Hatch’s tech Landon was very helpful, especially when I needed to change a couple of things. I had a really great experience. Thanks.

Carline Risser

Excellent Service

Kelly Jones

Nothing no but incompetence at this place. I did my homework and asked if they took my insurance when I made the appointment. I asked again when I checked in for the appointment. After the eye exam we went to be fitted for glasses, picked them out and when the lady put the order into the computer she told me they don’t take our insurance. I went back to the front desk and they checked and said oops, it looks like we take your insurance for exams but not glasses. Fine, I took our prescription and went to Alpine Vision where they processed our order flawlessly through our insurance. Months later I get a bill for $350 for a simple eye exam. I call them, not friendly or helpful. I told them they needed to get it figured out because i wasn’t paying that amount. I would have gone to Costco where I normally go and pay $50 if I had known they don’t take my insurance. No more bills came in the mail. I had a couple of phone calls from billing and I tried to explain the situation but the lovely lady hung up on me. Then a year and a half later, I receive a bill in the mail from a collection agency. I had only ever received one bill in the mail. No follow up bills, no final notice. Nothing. After too much time on the phone, I figure out that they were sending everything (except for the initial bill that went to the right address) to an address I hadn’t had for 18 years. Not the address I had given them when I filled out the paperwork at the time of my appointment. The incompetence just keeps on going. Now a year and a half later they want me to fight with my insurance company to pay it. They want to do the bare minimum st this place. Customer service sucks except for a few nice ladies if your lucky enough to talk to one of them.

Dave Halterman

I’ve usually gone to opometrists to have my eye exams. I decided to start coming to see Dr. Smalley. It has been a much better experience. I love coming here. The facility is nice and the staff is excellent. Since Dr. Smalley is an ophthalmologist(MD), I was able to go through my health insurance as I don’t have coverage for regular optometrists and end up paying out of pocket for those.

Cecilia Enomoto

It was great!

Ben Schmuhl

Couldn't be more impressed with the quality of service from Excel and Dr. Smalley! I had what started as an irritation become a really painful emergency and I was impressed with how quickly they responded and addressed my needs, both immediate and over the next few days. Dr. Smalley was friendly and took time to explain what he was seeing and the options that were available. The follow-up visit was quick and easy and I really felt like they know how to take care of people. I'm a fan!

Steve r

Clean environment, excellent physicians and wonderful ancillary support staff. Dr Wilkinson is prompt, empathetic, knowledgeable and skilled.

Sheryl Crow


Suzanne Smith

Very friendly staff. Through exam and addressed my concerns.

Haley Kalt

I’ve been coming to Excel for 3 years now and have had a great experience every time. It’s always super easy to make an appointment. Not to mention the incredibly nice staff!

Billy Light

Had a small wood chip in my eye and was really eager to get it out. The only place that could get me in right away. I just wanted somebody to flip my eyelid up and take the wood chip out. When I walked in I could tell the place was going to be overly expensive. 10 minutes later and $105 the woodchip was out. I asked if there was a cash discount and I guess that was with the cash discount. Not my kind of Dr. Update: two weeks after my visit and poor Google review I received a check in the mail for over payment of $30ish dollars. Weird I know. Got to take back some of what I said bad about these guys. Still hoity toity place that I won't be going back unless it's an emergency but they are honest. Changed 2 stars to 3 now

Dana Powell

Very professional and informative. Made me very comfortable!

Ruth Kelly

I have been a patient of Dr. Smalley's for the last 7 years and he has given me excellent eye care. He extracted my cataracts and gave new new lenses which have worked perfectly. I see him twice a year for my glaucoma.

Lisa Perez

This place was great when I had an eye emergency (scratched cornea). They were able to see me that same day. They were able to examine the eye without causing me pain, and were really knowledgeable. They made me feel better and helped me know what to exept during the recovery process. I'd definitely go back to them.

Karen Dewey

Darin Brooks

Michelle Farnsworth

Waste of time and money. Went in for a stye after asking before hand if there’s anything they can do for styes and paid $40 for dr smalley to tell me to put a warm wash cloth on it... I had of course already googled that and had to him I had tried that. I Didn’t need a doctor to tell me what google can... thanks anyways.

Rob Craig

Dr. Smalley is always very patient, caring and thorough. Everyone is professional and pleasant to work with. My family has gone there for years and we highly recommend Excel Eye Center.

Kahea Baker

Einsoy Zehcnas

Jessica Eddington

My eyes are adjusting right now, but they are doing a great job! Excel Eye Center (both Lehi and Provo) are doing their best to improve my vision. They are getting me in within ten minutes! Thank you!

ryan shumway

Really quick, really friendly, not REALLY fun, but sort of fun. Now I feel depressed because they showed me how blind I am.

Greg Edwards

I've been to many eye doctors in the past and Excel is the best. Dr. Smalley took the time to make sure my eyes are as good as possible. Everyone there seems to care about the patient and all are very knowledgeable.

Charlotte Van Valkenburgh

Paul Mayne

Great doctors and service.

Jeff Bates

Very professional, efficient and friendly.

Aubrey Porter

I had a great experience at excel. I got my first pair of glasses and the staff was very friendly and informative.

Jody Meacham

Everyone was excellent and courteous!!

K. Spence Bingham

Easy to get appointments, very customer friendly, great explanations and overall very professional.

Matt Graham

Excel Eye Center is a full service eye center. They offer exams for contacts and glasses as well as laser vision correction. After a few experiences with Excel, here is my take on some aspects of their business. While I did have an overall negative experience with Excel, I'll try to review things as I saw them, and not through a bitter eye. Summary: This is a professional, but out of touch operation. Their doctors seem competent, their staff seems bothered by clients, and their business practices seem disconnected. My advise is to avoid these guys, until they make some customer-friendly corrections. Office: You'll find just what you'd expect from any-old-doctors office. Clean, quiet, well lit. Professional atmosphere. Magazines, "child play" area, etc. The Lehi office also has a separate, but connected eye-glasses seller so you can try on frames while you wait. The exam room is also what you'd expect. Low light, fancy machinery, differently oriented E's on the wall. Staff (at Lehi office): Everyone I met seemed nice enough. No one was _dying_ to greet me each time I went in. Instead, I'd stand in front of the desk and wait until they were done looking at whatever paper or computer screen was holding their interest, and then answer the obligatory "how can I help you?" I felt like I was not intruding, but they didn't particularly want me there either. Service: This is where things weren't as great for me. Both times I've used Excel were met with a disconnected experience. Coming back to contacts after 20 years, they offered to give me an "orientation" lesson on wearing, cleaning etc, at no charge. A brief version of the full beginners course. When I asked about this upon picking up my trial lenses, I was met with confusion. Instead, they begrudgingly gave me a sample cleaning/storage kit, and said I could find many videos on the internet about use and care of contacts. Since these were trial lenses, I asked if they wanted to make another appointment to follow up. The response was a confused "Why would you want to do that?" look and something like "Well... just call if you need to see the doctor." Do not expect any pro-active followup by this office. They're an out-of-site/out-of-mind, squeeky-wheel-gets-the-grease kinda place. Dispute Resolution: This is whee things were terrible. I went in and asked about a price quote for a specific exam. I was told the price, wrote it on their business card, and made an appointment. When the bill came, it was more than 200% of the quote. When I asked at the Lehi office, they essentially threw up their hands and told me to take it up with billing, in Provo. Long story short, the "Corporate" office would not budge, and threatened to send my bill to collections if I didn't want to pay. They were stuck on the idea that "we don't even offer any services at the price you were there is no way we can charge you that amount." So, even though their employee gave me the quote, this fact made the problem somehow my fault. They even apologized for the communication problems, but said they expected me to pay for "services rendered." They told me my bill was higher partly because they first sent my bill through my insurance to see if any of it was covered. This was their idea, even with me encouraging them to let me pay without going through insurance they wanted to try anyway. As a "service to me" they offered to reduce the bill to only 150% of the quote, which still didn't feel right. It took my lawyer sending a letter stating that intended to pay only the quoted amount to get them to send me the correct invoice. Even then, it came with a strong written warning from their staff, informing me how quotes worked, and that I should be more careful in the future. In the end, I gave back the trial lenses they gave me, and cancelled further appointment.

Danielle Taylor

They were friendly, efficient, and knowledgeable. I randomly selected them because I suspected my son had a scratched cornea so I looked up an ophthalmologist and they got us in right away and my sons eye has healed perfectly from what turned out to be a cornea abrasion.

Susie Wegener

They were friendly and professional. Kept me informed of the progress and what needs to happen next.

Jonathan Summers

Very patient with me and took the time to explain all of my options. Very good doctors.


The doctor is nice but the waiting time is horrible. Every time I go there (I've been 3 times) I've had to wait an hour to be seen. It's really frustrating!

John Jett

they have a nice little office. good location, and quick, nice folks

C Sorensen

I visited this location when I had pink eye. I was seen very quickly and taken care of very professionally.


I love this practice. It has been our chosen eye Care for years. Dr. Smalley is professional , careful and answers all our concerns. He has done cateract surgery for my husband and it was successful and nearly painfree. The office staff makes us feel like family. If you are looking for a great solution to your eye Care. Excel Eye Center: Lehi is a perfect place.

Debi Scelso

Carol Charlesworth

Very pleased.

Dona Shadowen

They are always so nice and they do a great job. I love that I show up a few minutes before my appointment and they get me in and out quickly. Dr Smalley did eye surgery on me and did a fabulous job. I had no issues not even pain, I only used Advil and I was fine. Totally recommend this office.

Amy Nicole Glenn

The office is newer and orderly. The staff was helpful. The doctor was awesome! He could answer all my questions and took time to make sure I understood everything.

Michael Criner

Teri and Tanya helped me pick out eye glasses. She was very helpful with finding ones to fit my face shape and the color I wanted. Very clean office and the entire staff was friendly and helpful. Don't order glasses through the mail, go to Excel.

kara hogan

They were so quick, friendly, and helpful! I just switched over from another office I wasn’t loving and I am super glad that I did. I was super happy with the service I received!

Steven Idle

Dr. Hatch and staff do an excellent job! Kind courteous and quick, what more can you ask for. And Teri even found me a rebate for my contact lenses I ordered from her.

Karlee Bursach

Love the staff and doctors here! Highly recommended to all with eye care needs! :)

Cami Cotter

Dr Smalley and staff are great. He has treated my daughter with a somewhat rare condition, and has carefully explained everything about it. My kids love coming here over the other doctors we have seen. We frequent the office regularly with her condition. And each week the staff is friendly and kind. Usually we don’t wait long, and are seen at our appointment time.

Michael Anderson

Dr. Smalley himself was great, but everyone else in their office stuns me with their incompetence. I purchased frames through the lehi office and was tild the frames would be ready in 5 days and I would receive a call. 8 days later, I had to reach out to them to find that my frames had come in, and I said I would come over to get them. The employee confirmed he would be there and that was fine. When I arrived, he had left for lunch and apparently handing me a pair of glasses that have already been paid for was far above the pay grade of any of the other office staff. Then, after being told once that my claim would be submitted to a secondary insurance, I followed up several weeks later to find it had not been done. They said it would be handled. Now, several weeks have again passed woth no apparent progress so I am forced to file the claim myself. Worst experience I have ever had with any medical office. I will not be using their services and will recommend to anyone I know to steer clear unless they desire months of follow up for a simple glasses prescription.

Luis Acosta

Very professional staff and the Dr explains everything very well and very professional.

Dennis Eyre

My experiences at Excel Eye Center of Lehi have been nothing but positive! From the office staff, techs and Dr. Smalley, everyone has treated me with respect at all times. I am a diabetic and have regular check ups to make sure my eyes aren't getting worse as time goes on. They keep me well-informed and make recommendations to me as is necessary.

Michael Davis

Dr. Parsons was very thorough asking all questions about my eye health that I never thought of

Dale Stoddard

Linda Cordner

I am not only impressed with, but very grateful for Dr. Smalley and his staff at Excel Eye Center in Lehi Utah. They have met my hopes and expectations completely. I look forward to many years of receiving their care.

Anthony Perkins

I've been seen a few times at this office and I have always been very impressed. Dr. Smalley spent a great deal of time personally explaining my eye condition and answering my questions. He explained how the condition had been misdiagnosed in the past by another doctor and explained the additional tests he performed. My new glasses were perfect. I found the staff very professional and accommodating despite my schedule. I like that no one tried to sell me anything or push any products on me. I had the opposite experience of another reviewer with the staff...but then again maybe I don't need anyone "_dying_ to greet me" at the Dr.'s office. Not a lot of frills or gimmicks, just high quality, professional health care.

TM Feil

Jared Pemberton

They were quick but thorough, patient and thoughtful. A very positive experience.

Dane Murdock

pretty okay!

Linda Morgan

Julie Smalley

Dr Smalley is wonderful. He is patient, kind and helpful. His staff is great.

Amanda Flake

I had a great experience with Excel Eye Center in Lehi and with Dr. Smalley in particular. The facility is very new, clean, and well kept. I felt very comfortable there, and there was even a play area for my small children. The staff was all very friendly and professional. Dr. Smalley was extremely nice and did a great job with my eye exam. He helped me know the exact contacts that I needed and also discovered an abnormality on my retina. He said that it was probably nothing that would affect me, but I was impressed because no other eye doctor had noticed it or mentioned it before, so I knew that he was an exceptional and thorough doctor. Overall I would definitely recommend Excel Eye Center in Lehi and Dr. Smalley. They are all very friendly, thorough, and professional.

Linda Ostler

Laura Morris

Bruce Bywaters

Every member of the staff was very friendly. I will be making this the new place for my family to visit for our annual eye exams.

Brittney W

I was seen by Dr. Smalley at Excel Eye Center Lehi location. I was extremely impressed with the staff and the way I was treated at the office. Dr. Smalley took the time to not only exam my eyes but answer the questions I had about my contacts. I also stopped by the Optical shop that was located inside the clinic and purchased some sunglasses. I would highly recommend Dr. Smalley's office to anyone seeking eye care.

Sheila Lasson

Emily Eyre

I had a great experience at Excel Eye Center in Lehi. The staff is very friendly and helpful and the atmosphere is relaxing. I appreciated Dr. Smalley's knowledge and patience in answering my questions and figuring out my eye problem for me. I would definitely visit here again!

Brian Perrin

Love Dr. Smalley, hate the staff I was going to write a longer review until I discovered that Matt Graham did it for me. He is spot on. The staff are "disconnected" indeed. They did a bait-and-switch on me years ago with "Oh, we take your insurance," but they're not in network, and not in the least interested in your having to pay $160 rather than the $40 they had you expect. Now, I decided to give them another chance. I asked them ahead of time if they were in network. Yes. I went in today, and asked if they were in-network. "We don't check that, but we take your insurance." I told them about my last experience. "We take your insurance." I walked out. Too bad, I really, really like Smalley. But man, get your house in order and fix your staff problem.

Karen Watts

Enjoy coming here. The STAFF is very helpful and nice. The doctors know there stuff. I am very glad I came here. Thank you!!!

Henry Idle

This is my second annual visit with Dr.Smalley and he was great. The whole staff was friendly and professional. I'm looking forward to many years here with Dr. Smalley as my eye care professional.

Savannah Wootton

Very friendly staff, great doctor! I would recommend Excel eye center to everyone!


Sorry, I posted a negative review here that was regarding the Excel Eye Center in American Fork. Please disregard my rating.

Dani Kurtz

I would recommend this clinic to everyone! The lady that fits the glasses went above and beyond for us-my daughter got frames and a month later they broke. When we called she said they had problems with those frames in the past and we could bring them in and pick new ones at no charge. They were great!!

Ryan Arnold

Awesome staff and doctor. I got something in my eye and was in extreme pain. They got me in within 30 minutes of my call. Great service and out of immediate pain. Go here if you need eye care!

Matt Sandgren

Had a great experience at the Lehi office. I didn’t wait more than 5 minutes for my appointment, which is so huge. The office is modern and looks great. I was very impressed with Dr. Smalley. I’ve seen eye doctors my whole life, and he’s right up there with the best. Very professional and kind, and walks you through everything. Recommend whole heartedly. Will be coming back.

Erin Sanderson

I enjoyed my visit to this clinic. The staff is professional and friendly and Dr. Smalley is the best!

Penny Beasley

McKayla Washburn

The technician that helped me and the doctor were both super nice guys! Made sure that I was comfortable and took the time to measure my eyes accurately. Very happy.

Terri Russon

Cindy Delano

Dr. Smalley was fantastic. He listened to my complicated case and came up with a plan. He is kind, patient and very good at explaining what he will be doing. I would highly recommend him to all of my friends and family. Even though the receptionists were not very friendly and didn’t always give the doctor my messages I would still recommend him.

Madeline Scott

Once we got in, things were fine but we waited about 45 minutes. This has happened at this location before.

Sensible Solutions

Kathy Kingham

Yeicott Mahonri Sanchez Cespedes

Sharron Woolstenhulme

Was great. Everyone was friendly. I felt that Dr Smalley gave me a thorough exam. I would recommend my friends to this office.

Carol Ferrier

Dr Smalley does such a great job of answering concerns, questions and making his clients comfortable.

Marilyn Farr

Wonderful staff! Dr. Smalley is very experienced, professional and extremely meticulous in his work. Would highly recommend!!

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