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REVIEWS OF Alpine Vision Center in Lehi, Utah IN Utah

Jaylin Rogers

Every time we come see Dr Weever it is a great experience. We love the Alpine Vision Center!

Peter Clement

These guys are awesome! Always smiling and friendly! You can buy glasses here after your doctor's appointment! Amazing!

Sherry Guevara

Tari Huffaker

I love the new location. And the staff is first rate.

Jamie Hansen

Macie Reimschussel

Love Alpine Vision, my Mom has Alzheimer's and the staff was so kind and friendly towards her. They made her feel so comfortable and welcome. I was very impressed by Dr Reese, he was so patient and understanding. Sheree was very helpful in finding the perfect glasses. Highly recommend!!!

Mark Philipp

Ian Nate

Great experience, optometrist was great, and all the staff was super helpful and patient with a guy that's indecisive and has a big head. Their prices seem on point, and they have some great offers too. Highly recommend!

avanthi busireddy

Very friendly staff and doctors. Very happy with the service.

justin l

Wade Rasmussen

Pam Lord

Megan McEwan

Love, love love the eye doctors here! They care so much and are like friends. Everyone here is so nice! Makes going to eye appointments fun!


Fantastic experience. Welcoming and knowledge employees! Strongly recommend it!

Brenna McAllister

Ej Thornton

Fast friendly service.

Shannon Burt

We love Dr. Reese at Alpine Vission! My 4 kids and I have been seeing him for many years now and are so happy with the care he gives each one of us.

Jacob Nelson

Lisa McFadden

Very helpful and friendly staff. Doctor was very thorough. Really impressed with their up-to-date equipment. I’m going to tell all my friends and family to go here!

Lon Sorenson

Great Doctor. Great staff, very helpful and kind.

Christie Hansen

A few of my coworkers recommended Alpine Vision to me, because I needed an exam for an updated contact prescription. The doctor and staff were so friendly and I had an awesome experience. I’ll definitely be back!

Sara Gummow

Easiest first appointment ever! Everyone was so helpful and the doctor was great. I took my 1 yr old here because she failed her vision test at the doctor. The doctor talked me through why they want them to come in and what to look for myself. He was very helpful and great with kids!

Allen Kenney

Beautiful little clinic. Staff is friendly and the atmosphere is nice. The only thing I would change would be to give patients advance notice about the $30 extra cost if they choose to have their eyes scanned by a special machine instead of having their eyes dialated. That way it’s not a surprise.

Josh Higgins

Beth B

Fantastic! We were seen promptly and everyone was so knowledgeable and courteous. Best selection of glasses for kids we've seen!

Bruce Andreason

Every detail was great. From entry to pre-tests to the exam, I felt comfortable and even better informed by the time I left. Thank you.

Spencer Reese

These guys are the best!! Can't say enough good stuff about them. Super friendly, extremely helpful. Thank you so much for helping me see again :)

Daynia Lewis

Friendly, quick, thorough, beautiful office, great equipment!

Michelle Charles

In the past I have always purchased glasses from big box stores. I saw Alpine Visions new building in Lehi and decided to give them a try. They are AMAZING! I saw Dr. Reece who was so professional and knowledgeable. He was so open to share his knowledge about vision/contacts, etc. The office staff are so friendly and responsive. I was surprised how quickly my contacts and glasses orders arrived. I also like how I received a text from them as soon as they came in. The chocolate truffle in my bag when I picked up my glasses was also a fun surprise! I love Alpine Vision. My whole family will be going here.

Brittney Sedgwick

Amazing staff, very helpful and easy to work with. Clean office, I was able to get into my appointment right on time. Very satisfied with my experience.

Stephanie Reay

Convenient, friendly staff. Easy to get into without waiting weeks.

Heather Newall

We love Alpine Vision Center. The doctors are amazing, the staff is friendly and helpful, and they have a great selection.

Ren Braithwaite

Lovely staff, always prompt, great care. Definitely recommend!

Patricia Mapu

Madeilene Hoffman

Just like the other person said, the lady behind the counter selling frames doesn't seemed to care whether she make a sell or not. I shopped alone at their store for frames. I found what I want but not the color. She promised she will order the frame I want and that she will call me back when they get it. Three weeks later, no phone call from her or whatsoever. We stopped in to get my husband's frame and prescription and I asked about mine, she gave me a sob story of it's back ordered and just wait. Well, almost 2 weeks later, my husband got his and I never got a call from her. There are 3 of us that wears glasses but I will take my business somewhere else.

Cleve Little

I've been very happy with my experience with Alpine Vision. They took the time with me to explore my options for both contact lenses and glasses. I will definitely definitely recommend this office to anyone.

Sasha Grant

Sonja Condie

Udell Blackham

Derek Frasz

Kami Nelson

Very helpful; they explain what they need to explain, the cost is transparent, etc. They remember you too, and are very personable.

aimee kener

Eric Johnson

Repair Guy

Assistant and optician were great, and amazing. Very helpful and professional. Then, I was taken upfront to look at frames, the lady (I forget her name because I was upset) was pretty much unwilling to help me. She showed me where the men's glasses were. Then picked like 2 pair out. Then sat down and figured out how much I'd pay with my insurance. But the whole time she acted like I was an annoyance. Like my fat body, who had Humana Medicare insurance, I must be poor. Actually, I have 4 diseases that I suffer from, so I'm on disability. But regardless of being fat, poor, or ugly. I should be treated with respect! Not treated like a bother. She talked with another employee, and evantually I just took some pictures on my phone of lens I liked, and the upc. When I left she asked if she could write that info down, I said no I already did. Then left. Sadly this experience is not normal The Saratoga Springs location I've never had a problem in 10 years, but I'll never go here again or recommend it to anyone.

Kris Wilkinson

My husband and I highly recommend Alpine Vision! We have been going there for serval years. The doctors are always friendly and very patient and thorough in our exams. The staff is friendly and very personable! The facility is immaculate and very organized! Great display and variety of frames! I highly recommend this facility!!

Emily Merrell

Mykin Castle


Korin Hatcher

Patrice Young

The lenses were ordered April 30th and they arrived May 8th and today is June 1st! I had to be the one to call to see if they were there. They never contacted us to let us know the lenses had arrived over 3 weeks ago! The person on the phone had an attitude of "oh well". They don't care.

Bart Tapp

Great staff. Dr. Weaver was great!

Doris White

They were efficient, knowledgeable, timely, and helpful.

Savannah Fracasso

Just moved out of my house and super broke. I realized I desperately needed glasses so I went to Alpine Vision. The service was super fast, it maybe took 45 minutes. Anyways I don’t have insurance so I just went for the absolutely cheapest pair and all together with the frames and the doctor visit it was $287.16. They said it was going to take about 7-14 days to get the frames but they ended up getting there in 4 days and it was super nice. Everyone is very positive there and helped me fit them to my head so I definitely recommend Alpine Vision.

Chris Gilbert

The only reason that I am posting 1 star is because 0 stars are not allowed. Alpine Vision is the WORST vision care business that I have ever worked with. The bad part about it is, I have had a decent experience with most of the staff but there is 1 member of the staff that honestly must hate her job and I believe her name is Cheree (Sha-REE). This lady is rude, has a terrible attitude towards customers and honestly acts like she hates her job and hates her customers. I have literally spent $1,000's of at Alpine Vision and the fact that I have to deal with her and listen to her argue with me about whether or not my glasses fit, is absurd. 1 1/2 months I went into Alpine to buy some Maui Jim glasses. I literally went in on the Friday, picked up the sunglasses and over the weekend when I tried them on, they didn’t feel right on my head so I wanted to get a different pair. I went back in on the following Monday (3 days later). My glasses had been unworn, I had all of the items that come with the new glasses and I was told that she would not return them because Maui Jim has changed their policy on returns and they will not allow for returns on glasses. My question to her was… “why do these need to go back to Maui Jim? These glasses haven’t been worn and all of the packaging/accessories were with the box… so even if Maui Jim doesn’t allow for glasses to be returned, why would these glasses need to be sent to Maui Jim in the first place?” (side note, Maui Jims are a very accommodating company and they do allow for exchanges and so do their vendors). She was basically caught lying to me and after going back and forth for 10 minutes she finally realized how ridiculous her argument was and let me exchange my UNWORN GLASSES! Later that week, I went in to purchase some prescription glasses… as I was looking through the selection I noticed a pair of frames that I really liked (they were ~$350) and I showed the lady the frames and said I like these frames (or something to that extent). I then went over to their machine that is apparently used to measure the distance between your pupils, I assumed this also helped measure the what frames you should be getting. Nobody and I can say this without hesitation, NOBODY asked me if the frames that I had chosen fit my head. The frames were a different size from all of my previous glasses, including ones that I had previously purchased through Alpine, and I would’ve never said that those frames fit me. I figured they had my other frames on file and the machine which apparently measures your pupil distance would give an accurate size of my head (in addition to factoring in the size of other glasses that I had purchased from them). Well it turns out they sent me frames that were too small (mind you I paid a lot of money for these glasses), and I would like to get frames that fit me. I called Alpine Vision and sure enough, THAT SAME HAPPY LADY called me back. After telling her that the frames were too small, she argued with me for 20 minutes over he said/she said nonsense. I told her my other glasses were either a 53 or a 54, I couldn’t remember, and she then argued with me that there is no difference in size between a 52, 53 or a 54…. HAHA (I’m still scratching my head). She then admitted that there is only a difference of a couple millimeters, so why would I need a new size. I finally ended the call by saying, “I have spent thousands of dollars with you guys, I spent $350 on these frames alone…I am not going to continue to argue about how there is no difference between a 52, 53 or 54. The glasses do not fit me and I would like a pair of glasses that fit me.” This lady really must hate her job, she has no business being in a customer facing role. DO NOT GO TO ALPINE VISION. I will be plastering this review in every possible way.

Mark Mitchell

Excellent staff from beginning to end! Very thorough with follow through and execution of exam... paperwork...and picking out frames! Just moved here from Texas..... and super impressed with the office staff!!

Wendell Jung

Dr. Reese and the staff at Alpine Vision Center are very personable, professional and make to feel very comfortable in their approach to vision care. Best I’ve ever had!

Jared Wright

Dr. Reese is the best Optomotrist! His staff are very helpful and professional. This is a top notch practice with the latest in technology. I highly recommend.

Cameo Washburn

The Dr. I was with was kind hearted and intelligent to detail during my appointment. I really appreciated how friendly the atmosphere was also. The service was admirable too.

kaden risenhoover

Brooklin Chynoweth Harmon

Awesome staff! Very helpful and kind.

Jennifer Avondet

The staff are professional and so, so helpful! They helped my son out with his Eagle project (collecting prescription glasses for Eyes4Zimbabwe). We will be using this office in the future!

Zachary Russell

Pardon my Christian French but I FREAKING LOVE THESE GLASSES! Honestly the best glasses I've ever had in my whole life! Thank you so much for your help Alpine Vision

Melba J

Carly Doty

Doctors and staff were so helpful. I had my kiddos with me during the appt but it wasn't a problem because they were prepared with toys, glasses and such for them to play with.

Daniel Dean

I liked everything about my visit this morning. Easy to get to, nice building and lobby, John was fantastic, Dr. Weaver was great, Lucie and the other front office staff were awesome. Great overall experience. Glad I found them.

Frances Broussard

Kim S

They did not seem to be too enthused to have a potential new client. I found the establishment empty but both sales people did not bother to get up from their desks to show me the shop nor were they willing to tell me what EXACTLY what was offered with their eye exam as opposed to Costco. "More extensive" was the answer. They have some warranties available that seem good but overall not impressed for my single vision needs. This is a competitive business and they won't make it for long with the customer relations as they stand now if they keep to their same tactics. Snobby is a perfect sum up for my impression. I'll stick with Costco.


My experience has differed from person to person. Some are very nice and helpful but there is also a person that is not personable at all and makes sly rude comments. I was given incorrect information when buying upgrades for my glasses and when I called them out on it, the individual on the phone was in other words calling me a liar and making it sound like I was over exaggerating. I'm a very fair person but there are some people in this establishment that need some lessons on basic customer service.

Mark Dalby

I had a Nike frame that did not meet expectations and Alpine Vision went the extra mile to make sure that I was taken care of. Great support

Jamilyn Kitchen

I love Alpine Vision! Everyone is so nice and Dr. Reese does a great job and answers all my questions! Would recommend this place to anyone!

Teresa Leavitt

Everyone at Alpine Vision is friendly and helpful. I loved being able to set my appointment via text. Dr. Reese is awesome. My appointment was thorough and efficient without seeming rushed. I definitely recommend Dr. Reese.

Athena Lloyd

My experience was wonderful from start to finish! They have such kind, friendly and thorough service! I will continue going to Alpine Vision!

Donny Heidel

Pleasant employees, great customer service!

Ambar Naz

Alex Sampson

A smile from the staff when you walk in would be nice. It is customer service after all. Don’t look at me with a blank stare as if I have something wrong with me just for walking in. If you can’t smile and act happy to have people walking into your business then maybe you should be hiring other people. And if you’re working here and don’t like it, then go somewhere else. Customers aren’t pests. They are the reason you exist.

Kaylie Hinds

Rich Haddock

Great eye doctors, great staff.

Christopher Kemp

Dr. Reese is awesome. He takes great care with all his patients and does all he can to make sure they are 100% happy and to meet their needs. Chris

Kim Perkins

David Clegg

An absolute pleasure to work with. Feels like family.

Nanette Curtis

Mark Alaniz

McKenna Seay

Jan Meilsoe

Chandra Clarke

Dr was super nice and everything happened in a timely manner. Professional yet personal and it was great to be able to get trial of a new kind of contacts to see how I like them!

tj merryweather

Dr. Weaver is a great doctor!

Heather McMullin

Michael Rasmussen

Sherri Hatch

Great experience and friendly staff! Close to home is a bonus!

Kelly Hatcher

Excellent service!

Brigham Buckley

Natalie Teerlink

I would highly recommend coming here! Super friendly staff, modern/clean, and they had a huge variety of brands to try on. Not old fashioned like a lot of other vision places. The girls working there were so helpful to find the right fit for my face and were really friendly. They made the process easy with insurance and actually made it fun! I've already told my mom and sisters to come here because it was such a good experience. I'm coming here over Costco or any other vision place. Awesome

Jennifer Madsen

I have been going to Alpine Vision Center for years. The staff is kind and very helpful. The most important thing is how great the doctors are at Alpine Vision Center. I had an eye infection and they worked me into their busy schedule and Dr. Reese sent me several text during the weeks that followed to make sure I was doing okay. This is a great place to be cared for!

Katie Croxall

Kale Barney

Called to hopefully get an appointment set up for my wife the same day but they were booked for a week. They offered to book me if an appointment fell through. About 15 minutes later they called me right back and I was able to get in and get my wife's eye exam. Everybody is very friendly and helpful. Answered all of our questions and even showed me how to get a rebate on the contacts I purchased. There was also a play area for my daughter as well which was great to keep her distracted while waited for my wife's exam to finish. Great experience!!

Jess Lyons


Very friendly and helpful. The staff and Dr's answered all my questions and took the time to make me feel comfortable and well informed

Bryan Zitzman

Love this place. Personable, friendly, knowledgeable and professional. From the staff to the doctors. (My doctor is Dr. Reese.)

Jaicee Bohacek

I recently took my 3 kids and husband to Alpine Vision in Lehi for eye exams. I was very impressed by how knowledgeable the staff was and how the Doctor explained all about their eyes in a way I understood. I loved the large selection of glasses to choose from and felt very pleased with the service we received. I would highly reccomend Alpine Vision and will be returning with my own family again.

Jeff Smith

Lucie was very unhelpful and condescending. She seemed unhappy and annoyed to assist in picking out frames. I will not return or recommend this place to friends.

Jessica Crofts

Everyone was very nice and considering what I needed they were very quick.

S. Noel Kemp

Professional. Friendly. Prompt. Fun environment. Nice inventory.

Mandy Balls

Tiffany Rhoton

Jordan Hernandez

Excellent service. Doctor Reese was exceptional. He made sure I understood they health of my eyes. The facility was top notch and the staff treated me and my 2 little boys like we were family. Absolutely recommend this vision center.

Brayden Matheson

The doctors and staff here are wonderful and friendly. If you are looking for a place where you will be treated well and addressed warmly, Alpine Vision is a wonderful choice.

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