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REVIEWS OF Texas Eye and Laser Center IN Texas

Hyman White

Catherine Wallace

Everyone was very nice and helpful, especialy Sandi.

Mike Seale

If you are searching for quality eye care—look no further. Texas Eye and Laser is top notch! Professional in every way. Quality and caring. Dr Ranalle is the best. I’m very glad he is my doctor. I highly recommend them.

Win Parr

I had cataract surgery yesterday by Dr. Ranelle. The entire experience was awesome ! The staff from the check in, pre-op, post-op, and of course, Dr. Ranelle with the surgery, was a great experience. My vision has dramatically improved as to clarity and colors already ! I highly recommend Dr. Ranelle and Texas Eye and Laser Center !

Rochelle Harden

The care and customer support that I've received from Dr. Ranelle, Dr. Pulliam, front desk, and surgery center has been phenomenal. it is so nice to be greeted by name from Christian at the front desk. i would highly recomend this facility.

David Seay

I had cataract surgery on both eyes (Left-2012 Right-2013) and now have 20/20 vision in both. Amazing how professional and timely the process and procedure went both times. All the Staff as well as the Nurses and Dr. Ranelle were Fantastic and the procedure was painless on the day of Surgery as well as the days following. I was back at work the following day each time. My Daughter In Law (Medical Student - specialty Optometry) did not hesitate when I asked her who I should see for my cataract -- she recommended Texas Eye & Laser and Dr. Ranelle. I can recommend Texas Eye and Laser (both locations - surgery in Hurst all other visits in Fort Worth) without reservation. If you have cataracts I cannot imagine going anywhere else.

John Sanderson

I enjoyed the entire process with the exception of all of the redundant paperwork. The surgery was not much more than a pleasant little nap. I was expecting to have to help the surgery team the way it was explained to me but I don't remember anything past being told to look at the light. I'm not sure if I should be hurt that the surgery crew complained about my snoring. They asked for it when they gave me the relaxing meds and the warmed blanket. I Thank Dr. Hu and the excellent crew for all their efforts to help me and make the process so easy.

Marilyn Geary

I've been using this Clinic for about five years. Never had an issue at anytime. Dr Ranelle did my cataracts surgery (I chose ReStor Lenses). I love them. No more glasses and 20/20 Vision. I now see Dr Webb for checkups. Always professional and pleasant, she takes great care of my eyes. A very professional, friendly and devoted staff. You can't go wrong with this choice!!

Wynne Hunkler

Having had two detached retinas resulting in two cataracts within an eighteen month period has been no day at the beach. When Dr. Ranelle diagnosed my first detachment, he would not let me leave the office until he personally spoke with a peer at Texas Retina to confirm an appointment the next morning. After developing a cataract, I was pleased to hear I was being returned to Texas Eye & Laser for surgery. My second detachment was identified (when Kelsey called me in to the office after hours about 6:00 PM) by Dr. Hu, as he told his team, “this is not an 8:00 to 5:00 job.” And he also repeated the concern for his patient by calling and confirming a next morning appointment. Well, I just received my second cataract replacement, and my experience with Texas Eye & Laser has been nothing short of outstanding--exceeding any expectations I may have had prior to visiting. Not only are the doctors incredibly caring and professional, the entire team from the office staff to the technicians who measure and check my eyes to the nurses and support team in the Surgery Center all demonstrate an extreme amount of care and attention to the patient. I would refer any of my family and/or friends to Texas Eye & Laser without hesitation or a second thought. I believe my eyes are under the finest of care for the future.

Jeannie Pipkin

My experience with the people at the desk is that they do not like older people. They cut you off when you are talking and give you "bored" and "I am just here because it is a job" looks. The staff beyond the front desk is fabulous!

Victor Beltran

Just had Lasik a few days ago, feel great and my vision is 20/20 now. People here are great, wait time was not even an issue the doctor took good care of me.


Absolutely amazing experience! I had 20/50 vision going into the LASIK surgery, had 20/20 vision the day after the surgery, and a week after the surgery I had 20/15 vision! I'm so impressed by the results! Dr. Ranelle was incredible during the procedure and kept me very calm and comfortable! He did an excellent job! I truly felt taken care of by all of the staff, techs, and doctors! I am so glad I chose Texas Eye and Laser Center to do my LASIK! Would recommend it to anyone and everyone!

Glenda Beam

I love Dr. Ranelle and his staff. Myself and my entire family have been going to him for years. Everyone is very friendly and every procedure has had a completely positive outcome. Cannot imagine trusting something as precious as my eyes to anyone else.

Susan Youngblood

Nicole Wilson

I had Dr. Hu for my SMILE lasik surgery and he was wonderful. The staff and the doctors made you feel very comfortable. Surgery worked great I haven't seen this good since I was 9 yrs old. Dr Head did my post OP and he was wonderful.

Richard Osborn

Everything went very well. It took a lot more time in diagnosis than the actual procedure. Excellent care.

Janet Brotherton


Jay Bradford

My cataract laser surgeries resulted in a detached retina and blindness in my left eye plus the lens implanted in my right eye was discovered to be off center by my retina doctor. After the surgery on my left eye I told the Dr. on the follow up visits there was a problem with my eye. I was told it would take time for my brain to adjust. My brain did not adjust to a detached retina.

James Clements

The staff was wonderful and very helpful. They all know what they are doing and all the tests they put it through. I thought it was going to take a while and it didn’t!

marshall wright

As a physician and patient I have found Dr. Ranelle to be the finest eye surgeon possible. The praise given by referring physicians is well warranted. I am now able to continue my surgical practice without glasses. Dr. Ranelle's care and attention is something the students I teach need to know. His aftercare is extremely kind and thoughtful. My life has changed for the better knowing Dr. Ranelle. Without hesitation I will recommend him to my patients, family and friends.

john fry

Sharon Buswell

My experience was very professional. The staff and area is incredible. They keep me comfortable and calm. I appreciate the service at TELC!

Larry Richards

We love these folks - from Dr.Stacey to Dr.Ranelle to Gaudy at the front desk - this place is like home for us!


Great Visit! Everyone was super friendly, I was seen on time, everything was clearly explained to me, they are the best!

jana beers

I am very pleased with Dr. Ranelle's surgery on my eyes. I had cataract removal in both eyes, replaced with monovision lenses and I can see very well again. It was a very easy surgery and Dr. Ranelle is such a nice man!

Justin Kanarick

I came to Dr.Hu with a fairly high eye correction for Lasik surgery. I have been quite impressed with the knowledge and professionalism of not just Dr.Hu, but his entire staff! Only 24 hrs Post-Op I am seeing 20/15.

Jon Dudney

Since my retirement from the military, Dr. Jerry Hu has been my Ophthalmologist! He has done a great job taking care of my eye care needs. I appreciate the fact that he supports the military service personnel...retired and active duty, as he is a preferred provider of Tricare Insurance. I recommend Texas Eye and Laser Center without hesitation to provide excellent eye care service.

jana hill

This practice is absolutely terrible. They are by far more concerned about filling their waiting room. The first time I left after waiting for more than an hour. Second time I was there for 2 1/2 hours. They told me to use Resais in one eye & go back in a month. I would NEVER recommend this practice/Drs

Mark P

Dianna Baker

The staff is very disrespectful of your time. On your initial appointment you will spend about 4 hours (and they don't disclose this to you) - most of that time is sitting waiting on various different staff members before you get to the actual scheduling of your appointment. The amount of actual needed time to complete your tests and paperwork is 45 minutes maximum. If you are coming in for cataract surgery - which is what I was there for (my mother) - they will attempt to sell very over priced Lasik surgery with the cataract surgery, but they don't call it that so I was glad I was there since, due to the way it was worded, it confused my mother - in my opinion this is a way they try to "trick" older patients into spending even more out of pocket money with them. At the end of the hours you spend, you get an "appointment" but it's really just a day for the procedure. They won't give you an actual time until the day before. Since someone has to be with you at the appointment that is very disrespectful of that person's time. While I would never risk my mother's health, Doctors need to understand that although I am not a Doctor, my time is no less valuable than theirs and it's hard to schedule my time and my responsibilities around such ridiculous scheduling methods. Especially when you consider surgery days are only on specific days of the week. Then on the day of the surgery, plan to wait again. When we arrived for our 11:45 appointment, we were not told how far behind the doctor's were, but found out by listening to the receptionist talking to others that they were already over an hour and 1/2 behind. Now I now if something comes up during a procedure they have to take care of it correctly and there is no way they can know they will get behind, but their staff can make phone calls to tell you that so you don't show up until closer to when they actually need you. They can also not schedule so many people at the same time. Our regular eye doctor recommends this establishment, but I really wished I had done more homework before coming here. I will NEVER recommend this office for anything. Regardless of the outcome and quality of the surgeons, it's not worth the many hours you waste waiting. My mother has to have another eye done and I can tell you that I will be having a conversation with this office before we keep that appointment. I am sure it will do no good whatsoever, but I'll do it. I myself am looking into Lasik and I know my eye doctor wants me to come here, but that will never happen. They charge double of most other very reputable locations. Apparently my eye doctor must be getting some major kick backs from here. This has just been one of the worst doctor experiences ever. Consider both my parents have had to have some major surgeries that's saying something. Maybe all locations are like this - it's just wrong.

Susan Butler

Great visit. All of the staff was very confident and polite. Dr. Head was very thorough and answered all my questions. I felt confident that I got excellent care.

Dennis Call

Pleasant atmosphere, efficient and friendly staff. Follow-up in both pre- and post- surgery was very caring and helpful. I had been very concerned about having my eyes the subject of surgery but my concerns were alleviated, the cataract problems taken care of and I am now a very happy camper.

Al Morin

Everything was explained, everything was on time, and everything was excellent. My vision has been returned to 20/20 and I don't have to carry eyeglasses with me anymore. It only took about a month until my eye(s) had grown accustomed to my Restor lens implant, with some blurring occurring when eye fatigue set in. But gradually throughout the month, my eyesight became more sharp and my eyes were less tired. I would recommend the Restor lens to anyone considering this surgery. Given the cost of glasses, lens cleaning materials, etc., the payback in terms of dollars is easily calculated. The payback for wonderful vision can't be calculated, but it's one of the best gifts I ever gave myself!

Margaret Sanders

All staff was very friendly and professional. But didn't call as promised to schedule a surgery date. I had to call them. Also, papers were promised to be mailed and I have not received them.

James Whitley

My wife had cataract surgery last Monday by Dr. Ranelle and the results has been great. Her vision, color clarity and brightness is as it was many years ago, it is just awesome. This firm is one of the most efficient and professional organizations I have seen in a long time. She is looking forward to having the other eye done vey soon. I highly recommend Dr. Ranelle and his group to anyone needing cataract replacement. 4.17.16

Rick Mock

Angela Mirzadeh

I could rave about Texas Eye & Laser Center all day! I have been a patient of Dr. Ranelle's for about 8 years and he is exceptional at what he does and how he cares for his patients. I recently underwent the LASIK procedure for my near-sightedness and I could not be any more satisfied with the results. Dr. Ranelle and his incredible staff offer first-class patient care and customer service and they were so attentive to my needs every step of the way. I can now see 20/20 and am loving being "glasses-free." I tell everyone about Texas Eye & Laser Center and recommend Dr. Ranelle to anyone considering LASIK surgery. One of the best decisions I've ever made...hands down!!

Gloria Walker

I received cataract surgery on April 2nd, and April 23, 2015, in Hurst, by Dr. Jerry Hu. I am happily satisfied with the surgery. I now have 20/20 vision and I see better than I have in years. I don't need glasses to drive anymore. I can read also with seldom need for reading glasses. I am please with the service I received at the facility. Thank you Dr. Hu and the Texas Eye Surgery Center Staff.

Roger Asper

My worst doctor visit EVER! Was there for over THREE HOURS! I got there at 2:00 for a 2:10 appointment today and left at 5:24. Waited in front waiting room for an hour and a half. Finally was taken back to have an assistant put drops in my eyes and then checked my eyes with a machine. Then waited in another waiting room in the back area of the office for an hour. Was finally taken to an exam room and waited for the doctor to come in. He came in, looked at the stye in my right eye, and then left. He finally came back in and shot my eye to numb it. He said that he would be back in 5 minutes. I was left there for about 25 minutes alone with the door closed with the chair leaned back in a very uncomfortable position. When Dr. Hu started working on my eye it hurt so bad that I yelled. He said that it shouldn't be hurting and asked if I wanted another shot to numb it some more. I didn't know what to say because I didn't want him to leave and be left there for a long time again. So he continued. Then he said that that I might have to come back in two weeks. I asked if I did would he do me a favor and not make me wait three hours again. My eye doesn't look any better. If I need to have it looked at again it will definitely not be at the Texas Eye and Laser Center. Two other things that I want to mention. The assistant who filled out my consent form circled left eye when it was my right eye. And when they called in my prescription, they put no substitute allowed. The name brand was $166 and the pharmacy didn't have it in stock. The generic was in stock for $3. The pharmacy called the doctor's office and the doctor said that the generic would be fine.

Roger Seelbach

I was fairly nervous about lasik. I was severely nearsighted. -9.50.. Only those who are close to that have an idea of how bad that is. The free consultation was great, they explained everything in detail to me. Next it was time for surgery. This made me both excited and nervous. It wasn't painful at all. I got beneath the laser with the doctor for what felt like a 10 minute process for both eyes. The whole time he was talking to me, telling me I was doing great and giving me directions. He kept the anxiety down for me. After standing up, I could already see great! I'm 35 and had kept putting this off for years. Don't do that. This doctor and all of his staff are amazing, and take great care in their work. Every single one of them being professional and friendly. Thanks doctor, I really appreciate you. I haven't seen this well since I was 6. You have no idea how much I thank you.

stacy ellerbee

If you want to know what the beauty of God is like, all you have to do is following surgery look in the eyes of each member of this team. They will make sure you see it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Dr. Hu and the entire surgery center team.

Hugo Gonzalez

Dr. Ranelle and the staff at Texas Eye and Laser Center were very professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. All the interactions with them were positive, I felt cared for, and I couldn't be more pleased with the results of my cataract surgery (I can see again!). Thank you Dr. Ranelle and the excellent team of professionals working at the clinic!

Daniel Pacheco

I went to Dr. Ranelle with poor vision and was not a candidate for lasik. He did a clear lens replacement and now I am 20/10 (way better then 20/20 normal). He and the office were professional and caring. I recommend him to anyone.

Cindy Worrell

I put off going for a consultation for lasik surgery for years because of fear that I wouldn't qualify or was too old (I'm 45). Dr. Ranelle and his staff put me at ease and made the whole experience very pleasant. The morning of the procedure, the office was very quiet and peaceful. Dr. Ranelle and his nurses talked me through the whole procedure with very calm voices, they have incredible 'bed side' manner. He explained everything that was going on and why. They were very gentle in their demeanor. I had monovision corrective procedure and I LOVE IT!!! I can read books, magazines and restaurant menus without any problem. I most definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to put away the reading glasses for another decade!!

Mark Cyrier

My eye sight had deteriorated since I turned 50 and I needed to use bifocal glasses at all times. I just had my 1 year review after having Symfony lenses implanted. I chose to have elective surgery to rid myself of glasses and I'm thankful to say a year later I have 20/20 vision without any glasses. Dr. Ranelle and his excellent staff made my surgery and follow ups a walk in the park. I highly recommend Texas Eye and Laser. Mark Cyrier Hurst, Texas

Kathy Martinez

Great, but not perfect.

Page Grossman

Just two weeks ago I got Lasik performed on both of my eyes by Dr. Brian Ranelle. The procedure, as would anything done to your eyes, is a little unnerving but I felt so confident the Dr. Ranelle would do a good job. He was so comforting during the procedure and his 30+ years in practice without one post-op Lasik infection speak for themselves. I now have 20/20 vision and cannot believe the improvement it has made to my life. Never again will I suffer from dry eyes or ever have to wear contacts. I'm looking forward to many years of great vision and cannot thank Dr. Ranelle enough for giving that to me.

Billie McCallon

Dr. Rannell is a very a experienced, excellent surgeon. His staff is very nice & attentive also. I would not want to go anywhere else for eye surgery. Highly recommend.

Bryan Gibson

Dr. Ranelle was simply amazing. Not only did he coach me through my pre-op and make me feel comfortable with the idea of intra-lasik, he even gave me an ipad mini after my surgery! He was extremely kind, and during the surgery even continued to talk me through everything to the point where I felt as if we were just hanging out. I wouldn't hesitate to use him again and would definitely recommend him to anybody out there who is even half interested in Lasik. You will not be disappointed!

Valerie Vera

I had my SMILE procedure done on Friday (June 7th). It goes without saying that Dr. Hu is amazing not just in craft but character. I particularly loved that he joked with me as I walked in for my SMILE procedure. I felt more at ease by his nonchalant happiness. Also, the staff was INCREDIBLE. I was very nervous (all mental) but Tareek held my hand during the entire procedure. I cannot express enough how thankful I am for the care and hospitality everyone has shown me during all of my visits to the Hurst center. HIGHLY recommend to anyone looking to do Lasik.

Cyndi Bruce

David Hampson

I had crystalens surgery with Dr. Brian Renelle and he did a great job. I have had an extremely positive experience with everyone on staff at Texas Eye and Laser Center. They have taken time to answer all my questions and work with me to come up with the best solution for my specific needs. I would definitely recommend Dr. Renelle and his staff.

Dennis Freeman

The staff and doctors have all been great. Dr. Head was short and sweet — the way I like it!

Gerry Rice

Reuben Reyna

I couldn't be more satisfied with the procedures and care I received. From consultation through final follow-up appointment, the care and response from everyone here was amazing. Highest recommendation!

Todd Blakley

Don't get me wrong they have great doctors but the waiting is terrible. Came 15 minutes early and still waiting 45 minutes after the appointment was supposed to be.

Kandy Foster

Couldn’t have had better care. Very professional and caring.

Barnet Mc Adam

Nothing (no one) can top the courtesy and the expertise of this team .Except for the nuisance of the ‘eye drops’, I would do it again .

Jessica Follis

Texas Eye and Laser Center was divine. A year ago, I went to another location that required I have a credit check prior to seeing the eye doctor. Why would I see the salesman who gave me a pitch and wanted my social security number, before I even knew if I was a candidate for surgery? I waited and this summer I was so thrilled I was referred to Texas Eye and Laser Center. Everything from the very first visit to my last follow up was handled so professionally. I'm very picky, so I can be critical of customer service...but Dr. Hu and his staff were amazing. I trusted Dr. Hu when he advised me to go with monovision - which means although I'm near sighted in both eyes, I only had surgery in my right eye. I asked myself, "How could that work?" Well, my vision works beautifully, and I saved money.

Lorraine Nickell

I have been using Texas Eye & Laser Center for years and decided to check into lasik surgery. After a thorough exam I decided to go ahead with the procedure and have been very happy with the results! Everyone was professional and answered any questions I had. The only downside was the long waits to be seen.

Adrienne Frazier

He was great. Great experience and kind staff.

Pat Bowling

I have been a patient of Dr Ranelle for almost 15 years. He diagnosed my detached retina over 10 years ago. Dr Ranelle performed cataract surgery on that eye and lasik on the other. His wait time in the office use to be over 2 hours, which is crazy. However, now the time is much less. The people in the office and the techs are very efficient and kind, and respectful. Now I am getting ready for cataract surgery on the other eye. I was told the preop exam would take approx 3-4 hours but I was done in 2 1/2. I was very impressed by that. I am very confident this procedure will go smoothly just like last time. I will post another review afterwards.

Mike Richer

Renee Owens

I had cataract surgery on both eyes over the summer. I must admit I was a bit anxious and really didn't know what to expect. The thought of eye surgery didn't bother me, I just had lots of questions in my mind about how things were going to work, i.e., how are they going to hold my eye lid open, how long would I be there, etc. I had such a wonderful experience and the surgery was over before I knew it. The staff was wonderful and so caring. They (the staff and doctor) talked with me before, during and after the procedures like I was their neighbor or a friend. They put me at ease. I walked out of the surgery center and could see clearly for the 1st time in my life. To me, having the surgery was a miracle!! I now have 20/20 vision in BOTH EYES!!! I have worn glasses/contacts since I was 12 and am now approaching 60. I would highly recommend Texas Eye & Laser to anyone!




I love the doctors at Texas Eye and Laser Center! Their staff is so friendly and the doctors take the time to answer all of your questions!

marissa dryden

I needed cataract surgery and instead of preparing me for the risks of surgery they said the surgery would improve my vision and I planned on having both eyes done. I had selected the symphony lens because they said it was the best. I had my right eye done first and my vision is blurry and dark and vertical lines are no longer straight. They said something was wrong with my retina and prescribed steroid eye drops. I went to a retina specialist and the drops they prescribed were useless thank goodness I went to a specialist. My recommendation is to get the simple lens replacement that corrects only for distance. I have been fortunate that other surgeons I have been to have been clear about the risks of different kinds of surgery. This practice just tries to upsell you.

Justin Case

The people they have Answering and Handling their phone calls could be replaced by Monkey's and do a better job.The Workers that check you in and take your Information and Insurance seem to be way untrained.They ran in to some kind of problem and called for help from their Supervisor or should I say STUPIVISOR,It was like the Blind leading the Blind.They finely got it taken care of after the Supivisor went down the hall to get help from Someone else.After that Stupid-fest.I was then handled better by the staff in the back the Doctor came in the room to see me and made me feel like he know what he was doing and took care of me,Then back to zombie land to check out.I liked the Doctor all they need is to get some trained monkey's or a Supervisor smarter then a monkey for the front and it would be a outstanding Office.I rated them Good if they fixed the front I would say Excellent

Scott Bolsins

I recommend when selecting an eye surgery center, go to any other eye center than Texas Eye and Laser.

Chris DeMaio

Horrible - I cannot speak for anyone else but this Doctors office experience was so bad... i decided not to spend my thousands of dollars with them. The short version is that I was told one thing and what actually happened was going to be totally different and cost me 'an additional $2,000. ' (I felt like the old days of buying a car) That was supposed to be doing me a favor? I cannot recommend this office or this doctor... what a disorganized mess...from the moment you walk in to the time you meet with the doctor to being told bout your 'options for payment'... its a total turn and burn factory....(they even had me sign my documents knowing my eyes had been dilated and that i couldn't read anything i was signing)... don't waste your time... in fact, before you go to any eye doctor about surgery- get it in writing what you are going to have to pay before letting anyone do any tests on your eyes. @ Jerry Hu- your team let you down ... and stop telling people that a famous sports team owner got their eyes done by you and that you cant disclose who it is... you discredit yourself as a Doctor when you become a huckster... your work should stand on its own... what a stupid experience... i wish i had my time back that i wasted on these people...

Entani Morris

My SMILE experience was amazing!! Dr. Ranelle was very patient and encouraging with me throughout the whole surgery while being very informative on what was going on. The recovery process has been very quick and easy! I would highly recommend this surgery for those who qualify!

Charity Ray

Dr Head and Dr Hu have cared for my family for years. The staff at TELC are caring and courteous. They truly love thier patients and I shows. World class service! Highly recommend!!!


Best money I’ve ever spent!! Can not express enough how awesome this experience was! I’m 39 and worn glasses/contacts since 5th grade. I was a little nervous but Dr Ranelle and staff were awesome! He talked to me throughout the entire process which I liked. I never felt worried or scared. He was so good at explaining what was about to happen. There was absolutely zero pain during or after the procedure. It was a life changing experience and couldn’t recommend the team at Texas Eye and Laser any higher!!

Pantuso Properties

Emily Le

The procedures for my grandmother went really well. However, each follow up appointment took at least 1.5-2 hours of waiting before we even see the Doctor. Very frustrating

David Wright

I am very displeased. I had a prk lasik surgery. It is a week after surgery and my vision seems to be fine. This is not where my problem lies.. I have been out of my rx eye drops, the doc said I needed to take these for one month. I have tried repeatedly to get a refill on this prescription thru the pharmacy and of course dr rannelles office. I keep being told they will send it over but to no avail. The pharmacy has also tried to get into contact with them to no avail. This is not to mention the over 2 hour wait for a 5 min appt for a one week post op check up. I would not recommend.

richard venetoff

Would have been 5 stars for professionalism,attention to detail and my comfort and excellent results so far from first eye done last Friday with a traditional lens and an adjustment incision for my astigmatism. Dr Hu and staff did a great job. But took just over 3 hours with a lot of wait time on day of procedure and on next day appointment for followup took well over one hour due a receptionist thought I had not shown up when in fact I clearly did and it was acknowledged later. They actually sent me a text saying "where are you" and I was sitting in the waiting room At any rate I would up last to be called. BUT note Dr Labbe and staff did a great job during followup appointment Waiting room is cold so dress accordingly. Warm blankets provided in preop

Ralph Siebert

Very poor office staff and practice management. They're in such a hurry to be done with you they don't take time to listen or think. Pushing way to many people through the practice. Over booking doctors time - 2.5 hrs wait past apt time? Don't return phone calls - hang ups. They show very little regard for the people just the file and billing. Not every procedure comes out as good as it should have. Many of the individuals are trying to do a good job. Should be quality not quantity. Very disappointing

Kathryn Martinez

The staff and Dr Pullman were amazingly kind and compassionate. I felt as if I were with friends rather than a doctor’s office. They were professional and most competent. I highly recordist office

Nate Gardner

The staff at Texas Eye and Laser Center are professional and accommodating. My LASIK surgery went very well and I felt like I was well prepared and informed throughout the process. I would recommend them to anyone considering corrective eye surgery.

Carol Davis

He is a wonderful and caring doctor. He takes the time to make sure you are doing good. His staff and he are very caring people.

Tom Rackley

I have been seeing Dr. Stacy Webb for a few years now. She is very nice she knows her job. I really like her. After going to Dr. Webb for so long I couldn't image seeing another doctor. She always very pleasant when she come in the room. She explains everything where I can understand.

Gerri Sutherland

Wonderful experience. Lots of information before hand. Very caring staff. Dr. RANELLE was superb. Surgery was very smooth and recovery easy. Highly recommend.

Linda Halfmann

Excellent care.

Jennifer Pitcock

Texas Eye and Laser center is amazing!! I went through lasik at their facility and I was very nervous. The staff was so welcoming and handled my nervousness perfectly! I will always be a client with them!

Steve Reaney

I was extremely pleased with the procedure I had done by Dr. Hu. He explained all my options and told me that it was up to me how to proceed. He was very professional, polite, informative, and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is considering having any ocular procedures of any kind. The staff was also extremely helpful and professional. Dr. Stacy Webb was also very informative and her post-op care was very personable and professional.

William Carnell

John Floyd Mouton

Johnna McDaniel

My SMILE surgery went very well 9 days ago. Dr. Hu and his staff were very helpful and friendly at both the evaluation and the actual surgery. I will definitely recommend Dr. Hu.

Tammie Bennett

Very professional and compassionate staff and doctors. Very pleasant experience.

River Grant

Would recommend Dr. Ranelle to anyone! I had a great experience and can finally see again! Can’t thank them enough for how they’ve helped me!

Kaydra Brannan

The entire experience was great! I was so happy that they took us step by step through the financial process and explained everything so thoroughly. I love my new vision and wouldn't of had it any other way. No more contacts or glasses for me! Thank you all so much at Texas Eye and Laser for making my life better and easier.

J D Gup

Dr. Webb is exceptional and a true professional in every way ! Her entire team excels ! Professionalism and a pleasant atmosphere from the moment you enter until you leave ! Texas Eye and Laser is the best !

Will Martin

5 stars just isnt enough, Texas Eye and Laser Center in Hurst deserves waaaaaay more stars! I had an outstanding doctor and beautiful nurse that made my experience wonderful! I would definitely recommend this place, its life changing. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Kyle Bannerman

A friend and I both got our Lasik done here and we have nothing but good to say about the place! We attended a few consultations at some other Lasik centers, but the knowledge and attention that we experienced during our consultation with Texas Eye & Laser soared over the competition. All of our questions were answered, every procedure and test was explained, and I left the consultation more knowledgeable and confident about what was to come. This same, personable treatment carried over to surgery day which provided for a great overall experience. Dr. Hu very clearly explained what was being done and was very encouraging throughout the procedure. Getting the actually surgery is a very weird and uncomfortable experience for most, but I felt confident in Dr. Hu's abilities and am glad to say that I can see better than ever! It's been close to two months since my surgery date and I am very happy with my results and especially happy that I will longer have to deal with glasses or contacts. Thank you to Dr. Hu and Texas Eye & Laser for an absolutely awesome experience!

Linda Martin

Dr. Ranelle is a long-established and highly respected eye surgeon. Cataract surgery and Tecnis multifocal implant on my second eye was yesterday. At the follow-up today my eyes measured at 20/20. Beyond my highest expectations! Every staff member was professional and friendly. The nurses are truly caring and nurturing. I wouldn't hesitate to return as well as recommend this facility. Thank you Dr. Ranelle for making this process so easy!

Pete A

The staff and very courteous and friendly. The wait time to be seen was very long. Appointment was for 935 did not get called in until 1045. I asked and they said they were very behind. I would recommend them with a caveat that plan for extra time for parking as well for the full appointment. I left the clinic at 1230. I would recommend taking the first appointment in the morning which his what I did for my next appointment.

Steve Debenport

I couldn't be happier with the service and care I received from the doctors and staff. They were extremely knowledgeable of all the current procedures and the options available to me. If you're looking to get lasik done, this is the place to do it.

Meghan Manley

I want to be sure other people are aware since this information is not posted anywhere on their website or in the LASIK questionnaire - you CANNOT have a LASIK evaluation if you are breastfeeding and you need to be 3 months completed with breastfeeding before you are a candidate. The LASIK section on the website never mentions any of this and the questionnaire only has a spot asking if you are pregnant, but nothing about if you are breastfeeding. I included that I was breastfeeding on my paperwork, but it wasn't until an hour into my evaluation visit that my paperwork was reviewed and I was told my evaluation needed to be stopped and I was not a candidate until 3 months post stopping breastfeeding due to hormonal changes that could cause changes to my vision prescription until my hormones stabilize post breastfeeding being stopped. I have a 20 month old toddler that only minimally breastfeeds and I have had stable vision prescriptions throughout my pregnancy and breastfeeding experience - so I never even considered this could be an issue. I have written in the suggestion to the company on their website and told them they really should include this question in the LASIK evaluation questionnaire on the website and their website section about LASIK in general - but I wanted to write this to hopefully help anyone else that is breastfeeding and considering LASIK. Outside of that- the facility is nice, it definitely is crowded, but they seem to get people through in a decent manner and the staff was very friendly. I will adjust my review accordingly in future once I am done breastfeeding and return for consultation and potential LASIK.

Kenneth Cooper

Everyone at Texas Eye and Laser Center was pleasant, friendly, and very helpful. The cataract surgery went so well and so smoothly I was hardly aware of it even taking place. Dr. Ranelle was superb. i would recommend him and his work to anyone needing cataract surgery.

Stephanie Munger

After a horrible devastating experience at Kleiman Evangelista I was referred to Dr. Renelle. I am a little bit of a special case becasue I have an inflammatory autoimmune disease called Ankylosing Spondylitis. It puts me at risk for inflammation of the eyes. I also have an astigmatism in both eyes one being greater than a negative 7. Dr. Renelle was very thorough before he accepted my case. My surgery went well and I'm seeing better than 20/20. His staff is also super friendly and informative. I'm recommending him to anyone and everyone who will listen.


Texas Eye and Laser Center helped make my Lasik experience the most painless and rewarding experience of all-time! They were extremely caring, passionate, professional, and treated me more like family rather than a customer. Highly recommend them!

Rebecca Gonzalez

Everyone here are so nice, the only problem is the waiting, its like waiting at the emergency or jps.o dont understand why even make an appointment when you have to wait and hr or so.

Lynne Arterbury

Thank-you doctor Ranelle for helping me with my eyes....

Kathy Bryan

Claudia Goodson

Staff Courteous. Drs Good. Wait time. IS HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!! If you are in a hurry or think you will be in and out Take a book and pack a lunch. Follow up from surgery appt 10am got there 10 mins early. Took 30 minutesto be taken back. Day of surgery. Appt 1115am. Took in at NOON. And sent home not evem coherent. So Dont plan anything when you have a appointment. It seems they thrive on the quainty of patient they can get in clinic. But Drs and staff are good for most part.

Anne Waters

I was diagnosed with Fuch's Corneal Dystrophy several years ago and referred to Dr Jerry Hu. He has painstakingly walked me though treatment and restoration of my vision. I cannot speak highly enough of Dr Hu's expertise and manner, he is simply the best!!! The staff at Texas Eye and Laser are the best as well. I highly recommend Texas Eye and Laser, having several friends and family using their services.

Arthur Condra

Although drs. office was slow at times. Dr. Ranelle is not the friendliest but his performance and follow up was outstanding. Not a single problem post op everything couldn't have run smoother during surgery. Recovery was easy and with no complications at all. Surgery center nurses, crna and surgeon were excellent and professional. Dr. Rannelle did come and talk with me after surgery. I had cataract surgery on the right eye and if my present insurance will allow--I will have surgery on the left eye with Dr. Ranelle and his excellent staff. Dr. Webb did follow up care--she was excellent as well.

Mick Harrison

I couldn't be more pleased with my results. The morning after my laser procedure I pack up all my glasses to donate to the Lions Club. The only problem is I wish I would have done it years ago. I free and I love it.

Ashley Shaw

I loved my Lasik experience! The staff was all professional and helpful, but Dr Ranelle went above and beyond. He took his time with me making me feel comfortable and heard. During the procedure he talked to me the entire time, encouraging and calming me. In a situation that I was nervous about, that made all the difference! My eyes are 20/20 now and I couldn't be happier!!

Jackie Lyon

I am extremely happy, thrilled, and excited about my new eyes! I was a bit nervous about the outcome of my Lasik surgery given my astigmatism, myopia, dry eyes, and middle age. But I couldn't be more pleased! I was able to see clearly the very next day. I suffered little or no discomfort. And I no longer have a problem with dry eyes! Aside from the physical results of the surgery, I was very pleased with the manner in which Dr.Hu and his assistants treated me before and during surgery. They provided a level of comfort that helped me make this decision, by answering my many questions professionally and satisfactorily during the initial consultation as well as later by phone. My pre-op and post-op treatments were carefully explained. And I was most impressed with their ease and gentleness in taking care of me during the surgery, including holding my hand! I highly encourage potential candidates to visit this facility before making a decision and/or choosing a doctor. I consulted with several physicians in the DFW area and could not be happier with my choice!!

Victor Hernandez

Went to an appointment a few months back in on 01/24/17, had an appointment at 335 PM. signed in and took a seat and waited for my appointment. Didn't get called to the back till around 445 PM. Went room to room and finally saw the DR around 6 pm. I left the office, the staff said have a good night. About a month later they bill me for the DR visit. I walked in and left and nobody took a PAYMENT or asked for A COPAY. Gave them my health insurance info because they say I still owe. Now I still owe Money. If you don't take a payment at time of service its not the CUSTOMERS fault that you the Business failed to take payment. You deal with these everyday where ever you go to any service office. Now I still owe money. Its sad you get a bill in the mail after your visit and nobody told you there was a payment I would understand when I checked to I have to pay, but to receive a bill later that is bad business. On top of that if they would have told me it would have been 2 plus hours I would have rescheduled. I heard 2 to other men in the same room I was waiting telling one another My APPOINTMENT WAS AT 330 AND 325. My visit with the DR lasted about 1 minute.

Barb Schultz

Just has my second cataract surgery. Except for the waiting time before surgery, the experience was great. You even get a personally signed thank you from all the surgery staff, plus my surgeon, Dr. Ranelle. The entire support staff is amazing. A special shout out to Kathy, who had to retake my measurements because I had worn RGP for 30 years many times. She is very patient. The bonus is seeing without glasses or contacts since I was 10!

Kevin Sweeney

Dr. Hu: Once again you have exceeded my expectations! I want to thank you for two very special things. #1, after my cataract surgery I have been able to see things I have not seen in 20 years. You previously did an exceptional job fixing the cataract in my right eye, but this time you outdid yourself. My left eye is my dominant eye, fixing that cataract has allowed me to vividly see things with clarity, color, and contrast that I have not seen for 20 years. The view of the world this 4th of July weekend has been absolutely stunningly beautiful!! Additionally, Dr. Head and your staff have done a superb job of post surgery care, please thank them for me. Speaking of the 4th of July that brings me to item #2, much more important than me and much more noteworthy than my sight is what you do for America. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking Tricare Insurance which you know is the insurance used by the United States retired military and also the active members of the United States Armed Forces. We all know Tricare reimbursements are not as high as the other insurances that you receive. Likewise we know that you could not run your entire practice taking only Tricare Insurance. But each time you accept Tricare you are honoring our military members and saying thank you for the sacrifices our veterans have made to keep America free. The fact that you take Tricare and continuously honor our veterans makes you a Great American. Best Regards, Kevin Sweeney

Jamie Reid

I got PRK back in July with Dr. Hu and he did an amazing job. My eyesight has been improving every day since then and I’m getting closer to seeing 20/20!


Outstanding care and RESULTS !!!

Michael D Brown

I'm very pleased with my RLR surgery. My vision is much better. Clarity of objects are wonderful. Should've done this ten years ago. The staff is great, too.

Lee Wesner

It takes longer in the waiting area than their instructions tell you, however, once you start the process for cataract surgery you discover they are fantastic and very thorough. I had very mild discomfort after returning home from surgery. One eye I did not need anything for pain relief and the other eye i only took 2 Tylenol twice after returning home on the day of my surgery. The day after surgery my eyes felt perfectly normal and my vision was clear and sharp. Do not put this surgery off if you have cataracts. The sooner you have it done, the more likely your results will be like mine. My night vision improved 1,000%, thankful and blessed. Toric lens left eye due to astigmatism, single vision IOL in right eye.

Tim Taylor

My experience was flawless. Very efficient organization. I make my appointments early in the day.

John Ruiz

Ive been a long time patient. Staff and Dr's are the very best. Thanks Dr. Stacey.

John Troublefield

I’ve worn glasses for 40 years and I don’t need them anymore. I’m loving it. I thank Dr. Ranelle and Dr. Pulliam for my new vision with PanOptix! I’ve got 20/20 vision.

Jeanne Garrett

I had a great experience having my cataracts removed and Restor Implants put in by Dr. Hu and Staff.The procedure was well planned and surgery was quick and smooth. The Staff from counseling to preop to postop was professional and caring. The vision results were amazing and I no longer have to wear glasses! Thank you

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