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REVIEWS OF Moran Eye Center IN Texas

tommy taylor

Sam Lawes

Poor service, a few unfriendly receptionists, no one in the waiting room yet I still had to wait over 40 minutes. Not a good atmosphere...only reason I'm giving it a 1 is the nice views

Tommy Ashton

Just not worth it AT ALL!

Shannon Johnson

The first time we ordered glasses for my little one it took 3+ weeks to get them. When the dr checked them the prescription was perfect, but the bifocal line was much too high. Now a new lens has been ordered with a new prescription and it has been 2 weeks and we still haven't gotten the new lens. They take a really long time to make lenses!

dottie dott

The Pharmacist is a cutie!

Susan Mattinson

Beautiful facility, nice people everywhere we went! Definitely the place to go for any kind of eye issue. Very clean, easy to find and better yet, the parking was convenient, easy in and out of the underground parking and it’s free. We were too late to enjoy lunch, but the restaurant looks great with views that are breathtaking! The only downside: be sure to take a coat in the summer, it’s bitter cold from the air conditioning.

Carlotta Fleming

Great job..for surgery

Amanda Stuart

My experience here was a nightmare! I live in Idaho and have kerataconus, so I wanted to get an expert opinion on my eyes. I made the drive down and talked with Dr. Mifflin who looked at my eyes and updated my glasses and contacts prescription. Since I recently moved from Colorado, the assistant got my CO optometrists info and said they would request my records to see if my condition had worsened. I left and ordered new contacts and glasses based on the RX provided. I could not use the glasses or the contacts - they were WAY off. So I went to my local small town optometrist in Idaho who reviewed the RX and explained that the eyeglass rx was way off, and they had not adjusted for my contact rotation on my eye. He wrote me new RX's which were a huge improvement. THEN - I had paid a copay but did not receive an invoice from Moran. I assumed it was settled. Until I got a letter from the UT Attorney General's office that $100+ was outstanding. I paid it immediately. But when I applied for a car loan, the credit agencies dropped my credit score over 150 points due to that "bad debt" on my record. Bottom line: After driving 2 hours each way, I paid $150+ for shoddy service that had to be redone, and had my credit score wrecked in the process. I WOULD GO ANYWHERE BUT HERE!

foster zen

This is the first time my nephew feel happy to see a DR . She is the best Thanks

Jeanne Stott

Wonderful and caring facility! Dr. Katz and Technicians were very professional and awesome! Thank you Taylor for your excellent care too!

Patrice Klinefelter

I had 2 cataract operations there, and I would recommend to anyone who would need eye care there. The entire staff was professional and caring from the moment I walked in the door, during pre-op, during the operation and after. I have never seen such a well run set up. You know what is happening and . The nurses were so caring and kind. Having surgery on your eye can be a scary thought and it's comforting to know you are in the best hands possible. Thanks to all there. Especially Dr. Katz.

Kevin P

We've worked with the Moran Eye Center for my Son's glasses. The first time we went, it felt like they didn't want to help us. We had gotten different information every time we spoke to someone, so that was confusing as well. They have told us they don't accept any insurance whatsoever, and when we asked them for new lenses for son's glasses, they said we'd need to drive down to make sure the lenses fit the frames. However, he wears a standard size of toddler frames that they should easily be able to pull up on their system and know what size lenses go in those frames. I'm sure they're great for a lot of things, but we just haven't been impressed. They don't make anything easy and in today's age it seems like things should be a bit more streamlined.

Eric Allen

Excellent service!

Yuliya Lakey

Customer service is horrible. The nurse did everything she could to show me how little she cared and how badly she didn't want me to come to their office to see their doctor. She went out of her way to make sure I understand that nobody gives a crap and that the wait will be 6 (!!!) hours if I dare to come.

A N Miller

Dr. Mckay and his intern were were great! The two stars are for them. Contact lens center on the other hand, is horrible. Getting trail lenses took way longer than expected. Two ladies running it rarely answer the phone and don’t return calls. Finally got ahold of them and received a quote significantly higher compared to what I have been paying. When I asked questions about billing insurance she made absolutely no sense. Said it would take 3-4 weeks to get my contacts. Ended up calling my old eye doctor, $120 cheaper and they will be here in 2-3 business days. My advice go here for the doctors and to get a prescription but go somewhere else to order contacts.

Doesnt Matter

Elaine Swanson

Tim Nelson

BEWARE I was told by Dr. Moshifar’s office that my insurance would completely cover eye surgery by 100%. One year later I received 2 bills for a lot of money. I caution anybody who can’t afford to pay for the procedure not to go here.

Trish Layton

Staff at the optical shop were not friendly and make you feel stupid for asking questions. If you are ok with no one smiling ever and feeling like you're not worth someone's time then I'd recommend shopping for your glasses here.

Joyce Merrill

Dr.Digre and Irena are Amazing and treat you like one of her own. We live in Idaho and drive for hours just for their expert opinion. Totally worth it! We Love Them!!!

Anne Bingham

My mother came down from Idaho with a torn retina. We didn't have a referral and didn't make it in time for triage. Diana was an angel and made sure we were seen right away by the best retinal specialist possible. He found a second tear and treated it right then and there. Everyone we dealt with was professional and warm and personable and my mother received fantastic care. I would trust my eyesight to them first.

Jill Baeder

The Moran Eye Center at the University of Utah is a complete eye hospital and cares for any injuries or disease of the eye. The doctors at Moran have dozens of specialties and serve thousands of patients per year. Exams, surgical procedures, testing and research happen in this building which is beautifully appointed and state of the art. They also have an optical center which features hundreds of eyewear frames, lenses and contacts that serve many people in the valley including the large community of University of Utah faculty, staff and students.

Kyle Krawczak

The Moran eye center sent me a voicemail telling me that my eye appointment was at 1:40, and didn't receive a conformational email. When I arrived they said that it was at 1:15. They said they would get me in as soon as possible. I waited an hour, they never tried to get me in so I left. I wasted my time for their mistake.

Sedrak Hovhannisyan

Debbie Manning

Dr. Vitale and staff have taken excellent care of my eyes when they reacted negatively to a drug I was on. I have received the most professional and warm care. The lab assistants that have run tests were great also. I highly recommend them.

Carolin M

What i dont understand is why doctor Amy Lin at the eye Moran Center diagnosed me with dry eye and prescribed Omegas oil in addition to eye dry drop, recomended to see me in 6 months when the reality was I had a retina disease, why she didn't refer me to a different specialist. I was examined by 5 different tecnicians, going from one toom to another, at the end she spend 5 mins with me and gave me her final diagnosed. I had this problem for 5 years, took a ride for one hour to see her, coming back hopeless. Believing that everything was in my head. Sad, but i dont want to go back to the Eye Moran Center, i change insurance an i was seen gor a Retina doctor who diagnosed me with Retinal disease.

Victoria Sethunya

My eyes hurt. A scheduler supposedly accidentally scheduled me for March 23 rd. I called in February to set up this appointment they misplaced. Horrible journey to get to Dr. Mifflin.

Dezi's Channel

Dr locharelle was very kind and patient. Give them a A+

Aaron Hancock

Jaideep Koppikar

This doctor is not accepting new patients. Could the clinic please update her website to say so? Took us a week and several phone calls to find out.

Victoria Lopez

My mother lost her vision so sudden. I made her an appointment here at The Moran Eye Center. She came and got her laser surgery for her eye pressure right away.

That One Guy

I bought my first pair of glasses here. I paid $300 for frames and lens that I could have gotten online for less than $100. DO NOT BUY YOUR GLASSES HERE.

Gordon Day

I cannot say enough good things about Moran Eye Center. Their caring and compassionate service has been so comforting in a difficult situation. I had a serious and rare eye infection and their responsiveness was amazing. I saw Dr Patel and then Dr. Zaugg. All of the staff from the reception to clinic staff to technicians to the pharmacy. The care was amazing from top to bottom So thankful for Moran Eye Center!

Bandit 82

Expert, right to the point, and quick service. Great diagnostician, and tests you cant get done within thousands of miles. They are direct and honest in their conversations, and explain everything well.

Bradly Winter

Beautiful facility and great, quick service

Grace Chu

Jerrad Jacobsen

Tina Hess


Bin Yu

Raul Martinez

The receptionists aren't the friendliest, prices aren't the cheapest, and it took over a week before I got my glasses but they have a nice variety with good quality. Eyeglasses only. They do sell contact lenses upstairs but only the Acuvue brand for this specific Moran Center. Website is a bit misleading.

Nikki Nelson

I was referred to Dr. Shakoor or Dr. Vitali for my 8 yr old daughters eye problem. Her eye was angry red a couple days before we were to come to Utah. We saw an Optometrist there, who put my daughter on a steroid eye drop and said it was vital to have her seen by an Ophthalmologist the following week. I've been trying my hardest to get some movement in getting her into either doctor. Between my hubs and I, we've called over 10 times, have never gotten the same story and we have yet to speak to the same person twice. No matter how urgent I try to convey the situation is, I don't feel they're understanding of it nor are they trying to work with us. It's now Tuesday of the week she needs to be seen. We have yet to get my daughter a schedule. I have cried many tears trying to get her into the best of the best. At least that's what I've been told. But I'm now left with nothing, but to try and find another Ophthalmologist somewhere here in Utah. I get that this is a unique situation. But the fact that no traction has been made as of yet, and nobody can help is frustrating and depressing. It's an 8 yr olds vision I'm dealing with here, and if she cannot be seen in the timeframe she needs to be seen, just say so and quit wasting my time and energy. Then refer me somewhere else that can help me, since you obviously don't care to have my business.

Meg Averett

Long waits. No call backs. Wrong information.


Sindy C

rosa lara


Been going to this office for 5 years and was referred to Dr. Geloneck for my son's eye surgery. Not impressed with Dr or her surgical staff. There is no follow through or after surgery concern.

Mark Lentz

The two stars are for the eye doctor, Mark McKay, who does a solid job. Taking off three stars is due to the extreme difficulty I've had getting trial lenses. After waiting a week and a half to hear back, I've called twice, left messages with my phone number, and have not had my calls returned. It should not be this hard to get trial lenses. A place operating on this scale should have them in stock and if not, should not need to take two full weeks to get them.

Joshua Johnson

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