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REVIEWS OF Key-Whitman Eye Center IN Texas

Alton Hill

Key-Whitman is the best eye center that anyone could want. Very Professional from start to finish. Great Experience, makes you want to have your eye procedures done.

Gussie Lewis

I have to Say KEY WHITMAN is The very best in Eye Care. The Staff is Awesome.! The Doctor JEFFERY WHITMAN IS SUPERB.! Service for my Cataracts was painless, Quickly taken care Of, and My Eye Sight is 20/ 25 !! I will Always Choose KEY WHITMAN.

Donna Crenshaw

This place is awesome! I was greeted at the door and offered coffee! The atmosphere was more like a social professional event rather than a doctor's office! Dr. Fish was very thorough and kind and so was his entire staff!

Debbie Whitwell

Very quick, professional, and caring. Wonderful facility, friendly staff, comfortable waiting rooms, coffee, tv and reading material. They are very l about eye diseases that frequently affect seniors and diabetics and educate patients. Thanks to the warnings of my doctor a few yrs ago about calling immediately ifbI saw sudden flashes of light, they were able to catch a tear in my retina, get me to a specialist and prevent further damage. Highest revommendations.

Julio Fulano

Appointment scheduled for 7am. They have patients outside waiting in the cold, at 7:20am. If you have another option, choose it.

Jessi Fazio

Wow what a great experience! Dr. Whitman actually performed my LASIK surgery and he and his team were absolutely wonderful! I was incredibly nervous and Dr. Whitman kept me informed every step of the way with what was happening in my procedure. His bedside manner was incredible, and I felt very thankful to have him there performing the surgery. The staff was friendly and helpful, the team of doctors at this location were all friendly and informative and seemed like they actually genuinely cared about me as a patient. I got THE BEST service and am seeing better than I have in 14 years. Thank you to everybody that helped me at Key Whitman!!!

Joel Alaniz

Wonderful place to have my Cataract Surgery. Paying out of pocket was extremely reasonable compared to any ___________ __________ Institute or Cataract Eye Center.

audra lee

I recently had lasik eye surgery done by Dr. Whitman at Key Whitman Eye Center. Overall, I'm extremely pleased with the care and procedure. All of the doctors and nurses seemed very well informed and were able to answer all of my questions, putting me very much at ease. I was also able to take advantage of a sale they were having, which made the price of the lasik very competitive. I'd definitely recommend Key Whitman to others who are considering lasik eye surgery!

Kevin Cleveland

Convenient appointment time, I was seen quickly and was finished quickly. While the exam was quick, Dr Agnew and the staff explained every step and their findings very well. Thank you!

Christopher M. McCoy

Every person who works here is thorough in every aspect of the eye from beginning to end

Douglas Lopez

Had a great experience! Everyone was amazing! Dr. Whitman is a wizard when it comes to lasik. I'm so happy I have my vision back! I don't know why I waited so long to have lasik done but rather better law than never! The staff is wonderful and friendly. I would really recommend Key-Whitman!!

Deborah and Harve Coco

Great office very professional. I am dentist and I HATE the eye Dr like people hate coming to see me. I had a wonderful experience. Even have a follow up appointment. First for me. I would highly recommended Dr Fish and his staff

Paul Mahboubian

Had cataract surgery at this state of the art facility ,could not ask for better results.very friendly and knowledgeable employees. I am forever grateful.

cynthia williams

The key Whitman Eye care Center is one of the top notch best eye facility in the world key Whitman and his staff or so professional good Hospitality considerate with love and compassion it's very rare you find a staff like this sometime we have to pinch myself to see if this is really happening. my husband and I, he's 7/6 390 lb they had the proper equipment to accommodate him and I was pleased with that they had the perfect bed

Mary Russell

Awesome was treated extremely well!!

Dorinda Duncan

I called to make a last minute appointment and they booked me right away. I had eye surgery at Key Whitman after my mother's surgery had gone so well. Everything about the procedure went smoothly. The nurses were calm and friendly, and the doctors were smiling and answered all of my questions and completely reassured me. My two followup visits were the same way. I recommend the attention and professionalism at Key Whitman highly.

Norm Draper

Very professional! These are people I trust. They did cataract surgery for my wife and I. My eyesight is better than all my adult life.

Sherri Gardner

The staff, from the first person who greeted me to the doctor who performed my cataract surgery, were professional at the highest level. I almost felt like Norm going into Cheers and being "where everybody knows my name." I have utmost appreciation for how my time is respected. Key- Whitman is the only place I will consider for the health of my eyes. Sometimes I see the Opthalmoligists at Key-Whitman in Arlington near my home, but the new Dallas location is also wonderful.

Barbie Basile

I had the best experience with this facility and my surgeon. They didn't miss a thing. I highly recomment them.

Burt Ernie

Nothing but the best of care, they were so friendly.. I am almost at a loss for words..The care that Key Whitman gives the patients is the most expedious and after surgery on my right eye I see so clearly I do not need glasses Like I said Nothing but the very best experience I absolutely will let my fellow Veterans know this is it. The best Kindest efficient service I have ever had anywhere....

Alexandra Tracz

I used Key-Whitman for LASIK. Overall a very positive experience. Everyone I have interacted with was very professional, kind and accommodating. I used Dr. Hong for my LASIK procedure. She was very thorough in evaluating the health of my eye as well as professional and courteous with the LASIK procedure itself. You always hear about the nightmare-ish experiences with LASIK and hardly ever about the successes. I’m writing this the day after my LASIK procedure, post op appointment, and I can say that I’m happy with my results (so far) and the care given at Key-Whitman.

johnny cromer

Check in was lengthy only that was my fault due to not filling out some forms they had sent me in advance that had gotten out of sight and out of mind...that said I strongly recommend this facility for your eye new patients if you fill out new patient forms check-in will be breeze

Brenda Strickler

Met with Dr. FISH . Personable and professional .. all staff members friendly.

Billy Morris

Great friendly staff. Wonderful doctors. Quick wait times. Fast and informative visits. Amazing place!

paulette perez-leal

Dr Hoelscher was fantastic! She was great with my son and I was very pleased. Thank you!

Alan Clark

I could not be more pleased with my experience at Key Whitman! Everyone I met was VERY professional, friendly and efficient! You guys are awesome!

Ophelia Braams

This is my first experience with Key-Whitman Eye Center and so far I have not experience any negative experience.I was very happy that they are very knowledgeable about the eyes and its function and they were able to tell me exactly what was my eye problems and the doctor explained in detail my problem and my options as far as procedures.He and his staff has very good bed side manners, they are very nice.I am looking forward for my next visit and I have recommended Dr.Key- Whitman to my friends and family.

Peggy Millheiser

From scheduling the appointment to saying goodbye, I encountered the nicest and friendliest people. The facility is amazing and I felt confident with the doctor and the assistant who tested my vision. The waiting area is clean and comfortable.

Arlinda Wolverton

Everything is going great. The exam was very thorough and I felt very at ease. The staff is courteous, very knowledgeable and caring. I couldn't ask for better care. I am very confident that I have made the right decision to have Key Whitman take care of my eyes!

Leah Mazdra

TLDR; Dr. Whitman was doing a lens replacement for my mother, and caused her right pupil to become very deformed and completely unable to respond to light, which also cost her her career in photography. Almost sued for medical malpractice. So, a few years ago, probably in 2014, my mother went to go see Dr. Whitman, because she was looking to have lens replacement for her eyes, because she had very bad eyesight. For this surgery, lens replacement is done one eye at a time, meaning two surgeries. She chose to have her right eye operated on first. I'm not exactly sure what happened, but I know that they had to remove her biological and original lens of her eye so that they could replace it with something better. So they removed her lens, but something happened, again I'm not sure what, but I think when they were putting in the new lens, it got botched some how. The thing is, that once the original lens of the eye is removed it CANNOT be put back on the eye again. So either when they took the lens out or put the new lens in, something happened, and she woke up with a VERY deformed pupil, as it was not circular, and not even oval, and it wasn't uniform in shape. Additionally, something happened to the muscles that control the dilation and narrowing of the pupil (I think the iris, but I dont know much about eyes), and her right eye lost the ability to respond to light completely. The worst thing about this, though, is that my mom is a professional photographer, and she uses her right eye to look through the viewfinder of her camera, and to be able to adjust the camera and such while looking through the viewfinder, her pupil must dilate and narrow so that she can control the aperture and lighting of the photo. But now her eye is completely unable to respond to light, so she is barely able to do what she needs to do to take pictures. Obviously, she didn't get her left eye done, because of how botched the first surgery was. My family even met with a medical malpractice attorney to try and sue Dr. Whitman because of how much damage was done to her eye, but in the end, my family couldn't afford to hire an attorney and go through medical malpractice. I know that many people on here think very highly of him, but every time my family passes by a Key-Whitman Eye Center, we can't help but just talk about how badly he ruined my mother's eye. An update for her is that she went to see another eye surgeon, I dont remember his name, but somehow he was able to do cosmetic surgery on her right eye so that her pupil could look semi normal. She now still has to wear cosmetic contact lenses that match the exact color of her eye to make sure that her eye looks as normal as possible, but even then, you can still see that it is slightly deformed. She also had some procedure done to either both of her eyes or just her left one recently, which left her with very good vision, almost 20/20, when before, her vision was 20/2400, meaning that she couldn't make out the big E on the chart. Overall Whitman may actually be a good doctor, but because of our experience, we will never recommend him to somebody.

Jeanine Thames

I went to Key-Whitman out of desperation when I saw online that they specialized in dry eye treatment. Very suddenly my eyes had started burning and watering constantly and I thought I had an infection. Dr. Todd Agnew was my Dr. and between him and his assistants and staff, I realized my situation was common for my age. Over a years time we explored different medicines and treatment, and through very specific measurements of my tear production, we realized my meibomian glands were clogged. (Very common for females over 50) Finally we decided on Lipoflow. A 15 minute treatment. Costly and not covered by insurance - although it SHOULD BE. Within 4 weeks my eyes were back to normal - with the treatment having unblocked these glands and allowing the proper amount of oil into my tears again. Key-Whitman and Dr. Agnew took a very scientific approach to my condition and through the process of elimination directed me toward the solution to my problem. If you are suffering from dry eyes in any form, I highly recommend Key-Whitman and Dr. Agnew, as they are equipped to analyze and treat all conditions of the eyes. Honestly - I knew there had to be a solution to my discomfort, but part of me felt that life was not worth living with this condition. I may have to repeat the Lipoflow every 2 years or so, but it is completely worth it to be able to drive, read, wear make-up, and live everyday life normally. I am so grateful to Dr. Agnew and the Key-Whitman Center.

Linda I.

I hot my lasik done here. The Drs. & staff have been great. Best part- I have 20/20 vision.

Thomas Emerich

Other than getting lost on my way there, I'm quite satisfied w/ my experience. The staff is extremely friendly and as professional as I feel the need to be for my upcoming cataract surgeries. Confidence in their ability to correct what has plagued my sight for over ten years has replaced anxiety.

Gayle Wright

Brandon was the best customer service rep I have ever worked with. He scheduled my appointment and took all my info while being very kind, upbeat, polite, and knowledgeable. Everyone at the office were also great from the front desk to the technicians. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Jan on the scheduling and she made it fun. Overall, a great experience.

Diane Salyards

Key-Whitman is a great place to go to ensure the health of your eyes. Parking is easy, they even have a valet service. I was greeted at the door by the woman who has been there as long as I've been a patient. You will find long term happy staff there. Sign in was easy. Everyone was friendly. All of my questions were answered during the exam. I was out before the end of the hour on time. I trust the doctors and medical staff at Key-Whitman.

Alexis To

Wow! Karen is the nicest person ever!!! I am new to the process and was setting up an appointment for my husband. She was so nice, friendly, and thorough. It is hard to find someone that is upbeat and genuinely sweet. Thank you for having such a wonderful attitude! Cant wait to meet the rest of the staff!

Yolanda Graciano

Very organized facility and they will work with you to help meet your needs.

Lucy Rozell

Love the place was my first time there and everyone was helpful and friendly. I even got my contacts in for the first time wearing them and didn’t feel rushed.

Bet Lara

My visit was pretty expensive and they charged me for things I didn't even ask for. You may be able to find a more affordable place in your area. Customer service was what is expected. I discovered that there store has complete price discrimination on the contacts they sell, as do most eye doctor office's; though I know that department is sum what separate from the doctors´offices. I recommend you get you contacts online as you can literally find them for half what they charge; make sure the reviews are legit though. Take your prescriptions and find a cheaper source.

Abdullah Nauman

If you're a multi millionaire, this is the place for you, because they will charge you a fortune for a regular eye exam. Shame on you!


just awful. simply money making business, rather than advising on what is best for the patient. i wrote a detailed survey, not sure if they get it. i will be switching my doctor anyways.

Robert Hutchison

These people are thieves, plain and simple. They care only about what brings them revenue and are not concerned with your needs as a patient. They will over charge you for things you didn't consent to and are unwilling or unable to answer simple questions.

Rita Merino

From Steven at Valet, to the lovely greeter inside& through every step of check-in to checkout, the professionalism, sincerity and thoroughness is impeccable!

Stephanie Johnson

Great clinic. Dr Whitman did my LASIK several years ago, and I see Dr Agnew for my annual check-ups. The clinic staff is amazing, and they always seem so efficient. My appointments are always quick but thorough.

Bonnie Bromfield

I had not had surgery, but I was interested in getting new glasses.

Paul Cho

Friendly staffs. Nice and clean environmental. Quick process. I was very satisfied.

Karen Bunch

Wow! Not many doctor offices that are nasty to you before your first appointment but this one sure is. I need my vision I'm an artist so I'll go to someone who is nicer and "appears" to care

Curt Sanders

I was very pleased with my exam and how fast it all happened. I have not had an exam in years and was expecting to spend a couple hours at appointment. I was in and out in about an hour. When I checked out, I wasn’t even asked for copay, very easy to deal with. Thanks Amanda

Mark Orozco

I went to the Key-Whitman Center yesterday for my annual exam. The receptionist was able to answer some questions I had prior to the exam. Soon afterwards, I was seen by the intake technician, Bobby. He was friendly and performed his part of the exam in a very professional manner. Dr. Colerick performed my eye examination. He was very knowledgeable and personable. He was able to address concerns regarding my vision in a very thorough manner. Key-Whitman has consistently provided exceptional service to both my family and to me. I would highly recommend their services.

Laurie Boze

The staff at Key-Whitman is amazing! Everyone is kind and friendly, and they make you feel very comfortable. I will recommend Key-Whitman to everyone I know! I am amazed at my vision after only one day of surgery.

Halie King

Everyone is so sweet and even more accommodating!

J. L. Bibb

This is my second time I have gone here and it is always a fast and easy sign in and short wait. All my questions are answered and the staff is wonderful.

Jean Ivey

I also want to say that the experience was new for me. Have one more surgery to go and I can't wait to be able to see better. Thanks again Ms Ivey

Brandon Boyles

Excellent customer service!!! Everything from the consult to the surgery was seamless. Altogether great experience, all ready life changing. Thanks everyone at Key-Whitman...... Brandon

Small's Outdoors

That's my optometrist right there and for Ms Sara that one starred Mr Whitman... Shut up... These folks are complete professionals I'm going from a contact power of -13 to no contacts at all... They saved my life and despair of never seeing 20/20. Thank yall

Melinda Marcus, CSP

Great service from Key-Whitman Optical! My designer glasses, which were purchased from them 4 years ago, had the earpiece break right before I was going to leave town. I get so many compliments on these frames that I did not want to change. Even though the frame has been discontinued, they found a "twin" in their inventory and got it all fixed in less than an hour :) They were resourceful and very responsive... highly recommend!

Paul Smith

Dr. Whitman performed cataract surgery on both eyes. He is fantastic. The results have been very good. Dr. Agnew has done the follow-up work. He too is great. The entire staff at Key-Whitman is professional, pleasant, and thorough. I would not think of going anywhere else for serious eye treatments. Oh, did I mention it. I live in central Texas and travel nearly 400 miles to get to and from Key-Whitman. I would travel 2,000 miles if necessary.

Scherre P

Gabriel was very nice and thorough. I got there at 7.15a for a 7.30a appointment. News is on in the lobby so you can hear all of the horrible things going on in the world. Tried to move to a more quiet place. Someone else was playing other news on a laptop. Finally got in at 7.45a. I still don't know the doctor's name because he was in such a hurry to get in and out. He couldn't help me. They refused to use my eye insurance and used my medical insurance. Today cost me $200.00. Checking out the girl said, "We'll see you in a year. We'll send you a card." I asked her not too. It was a mostly unpleasant experience.

Lindsay Jackson

Today I had an eye emergency, and when I called, they got me in within 30 minutes and took such great care of me. Truly the best!

Stevo J

Awesome staff with newest technology including eye mapping which means less dilation!!! awesome stuff. Very great and knowledgeable doctors. Take time to hone in on the right glasses script

Sally McEwin

Wonderful people, caring staff, excellent physicians. Surgery and recovery unexpectedly easy.

Sandra Blank

Re: My Cataract Surgery: I want to add to the many that have already conveyed sincere compliments about Key Whitman, that they are truly not only a great crew, but the operation itself is truly outstanding. Their Operating Room, and Apparatus used is absolutely State of the Art. Staff is not only Efficient, Professional and Knowledgeable, but nice as well. Last but not least, Dr. J. Whitman's a great doctor!

Holly Malloy

Dr Amanda Hoelscher is one of the best Doctors I have ever encountered. She is very thorough and most of all friendly. You feel she is talking to her own family when talking about your care.

Austin Friedrichs

Scheduling appointments is very easy with quick turnarounds. Large nice building with a lot of people on staff so wait times are short. They accept appointments before 8am if you need to get to work on time. My issue was with the doctor. He seemed annoyed with me and my wife. Any questions we asked were answered with one word or statement so we left with more questions than answers.

Paul Wattson

Worst experience I have ever had with any doctor ever. The staff and Dr. were extremely rude and did not listen to a word I said. If you need any kind of through eye exam, I suggest you seek help elsewhere.

Susan McCormack

Every time I come here. The people is friendly an helpful. The lady that greets you downstairs is always smiling an helpful. Everyone is amazing so far. They understand that I want my right eye completely healed up before I have the left eye done. So thankful for their patience an understanding on that part.

Don & Janet Swanson

All they care about is the money. Will do anything to avoid your insurance and bill you for the whole thing, from $111 from what insurance would have paid to $550 we will have to pay. Will change doctors because of his association with Key-Whitman.

Mary Maloney

I've been a patient of Dr. Hoelscher for a couple of years and she and her staff are so friendly and knowledgeable. The technology is top notch and they always have the latest styles of frames, plus she really worked with me to get me into contacts, even though I have dry eye syndrome and a wacky prescription. I highly recommend Key-Whitman!

Sheeva Shahinfar

I’ve had a great experience here. I see Dr. Hoelscher and she’s a very kind and caring doctor. Very clean office and nice staff as well.

Danielle Marvin

The staff is amazing. I felt like they truly cared about my experience. Monica walked with me through each step of the process making sure I knew what to expect and that I was comfortable. Dr. Haq did an amazing job and reviewed my case several times in order to make the best decision about which type of procedure would work best for my eyes. Everyone one I encountered throughout the process was so helpful. I’m really glad I chose Key-Whitman!

Sheryl Radman

Went for “simple” lasik surgery. They OVERCORRECTED my eyes and Dr Whitman knew right away when I got off the table and could not see anything. 3 surgeries later, 3 months of lost work time and lots of “explanations “ it did not get much better. Went to another doctor for a second opinion and his first comment was “don’t ever walk back in that office again!” I didn’t and let the new doctor work with the mess Dr Whitman created & he hardly charged me. His goal was to get me seeing again, not to just make money. After reviewing my records, he told me I really wasn’t a candidate in the first place and Whitman should never have done surgery. Wish I had believed in malpractice law suits but I was too focused on getting my vision back. JUST WALK AWAY BEFORE YOU OPEN THE DOOR!

Terry Killingsworth

More than pleased with my lens replacement - 15 month checkup with 20/20 vision!

Donna M

Just visited Key-Whitman's newest location. I have been a patient here for many years, and have found exceptional service. They are top of their class in eye care, and I would give them an extra star if I could.

M Rubio

Today was my first time at Key-Whitman and I was very pleased with the staff and doctor. The office is very nice and clean, wait time was minimal and service was quick. I was in and out in about an hour for a comprehensive eye exam. I also got my eyes dilated and the only downside was that I didn't get any sunglasses whenever I left lol. I left squinting, but other than that, I will return and recommend to others!

Monica Densmore

First of all, the facilities are sooooo nice!! The staff was terrific, and they are VERY kind. I can truly say they have their patients interests at heart ❤️

Sam Ihsan

Very impressed by the service, doctor and the staff were super friendly and very knowledgable.

Teirney Johnson

This was first visit and it was good experience. The customer service was excellent. Even though I was late due to weather and traffic, the wait time upon arrival was quick. Everyone was informative and made me feel comfortable. Dr. Hoelscher was very good.

Howard Mudrick

Professional and efficient as always. On time!! Could not ask for a better experience. Dr. Agnew and his team know how to do things well.


Thank you to everyone at Key-Whitman for my eye exam and new prescription yesterday. Your whole team needs to know how well they explained everything to me, the exam was thorough, and Dr. Hoelscher took the time to understand my situation and did not make me feel rushed. I was impressed by how high tech the testing was; many devices were used to test my eyes. The tech who performed the tests thoroughly cleaned each device before asking me to put my face near it. I don’t think she could have done a better for her own mom. I asked many questions and she explained things in detail and acted like she didn’t mind any of my questions. After my exam, I was fitted for new glasses. Again, I was happily surprised how friendly and patient the gentleman was helping me. He wanted to be sure that I love my new frames and seemed genuinely pleased when I found the perfect pair. I don’t understand how everyone, from the moment I arrived to the last person I worked with, was knowledgeable and caring. Thank you!

Amber Villa

The level of service was beyond my expectations. I commend and appreciate everyone at Key-Whitman Eye Center for a pleasant experience!!

April Kelly

Had a great result for LASIK and all follow up appointments have been quick and thorough.

JaVonne Eatmon

Dr. Whitman is the best. He performed my surgery & I am forever grateful for him & his whole team. The consultation was about 2 1/2 to 3 hrs but is worth the time for the end results & is very detailed. The consult is $150 but is deducted if you plan your surgery within 90 days after the consult. Also, the staff & doctors are all nice, polite, & courteous. The day of the procedure was super fast. It was about 5 minutes. I out of the office in 35 min. I followed the doctors instructions to the 'T'. The next day at the follow up I could read the 20/20 eye chart line. I can't stress enough follow the doctor's orders & you will be fine. Choose Key-Whitman & you won't regret it!

Horacio Medel

Great service, great timely fashion, will return next year for sure

Sherry Zeman

I had rk surgery about 30 years ago by Dr. Key. Later i needed cataract surgery, so i came back to Key Whitman. I had the surgery including paying extra for the crystal lense. I had some doubt about the way I was seeing, so i made a walk in visit with my concern. They worked me in quickly due to my concern. Today my visit was best of all. Every little question I had was answered completely and thoroughly. My trust is back to 100%. If you need the time to understand, they will spend the time. Great staff, very knowledgeable and friendly. .

Lawrence Schwartz

Best experience at any physician's office - EVER! The staff was super friendly, I was checked in quickly, and Dr. Fish was awesome. A great experience.

Peter Curley

Great staff, very helpful, patient,friendly, and efficient.

Larry Bailey

Dr fish exam was quick & easy. He has throughout the process of having both eyes done, stayed on top of any issues. I have a great deal of respect for dr fish & his staff. I would recommend key whitman to anyone considering cataract surgery.

Clay Chancey

I have been having problems with my eyes itching, and I had not had a thorough eye exam in several years. My appointment was set for 12:40 I arrived early to a very clean and inviting office. At 12;40 Robert escorted me to a examination room. Again very clean and inviting. Robert performed my initial examination taking less than an hour. I then met with the doctor who answered all my questions and went through my results. I was very impressed with my experience and consider Key-Whitman my go to eye center. I will recommend them to my friends.

Kimberly Ott

Dr. Kalyam and her staff are amazing! Super nice people and a wonderful surgery center/office area. Dr. Kalyam reconstructed my lower eyelid in doing so preformed a miracle! She has truly amazing skills! I'm very thankful for Dr. Kalyam and her staff for taking such great care of me!

Kevin Lewis

Great eye care center

Susan King

I had Co2 laser resurfacing last Thursday and I'm back to work today (Tuesday). My procedure was almost painless and my post op pain was mild the same day, and non-existent from then on. I'm on the older side, so the procedure couldn't remove all of my deep wrinkles (smokers lines around the lips). But it greatly reduced and softened them. I still have some redness, and I can't wait to see the final results. The staff was amazing and Dr. Kalyam thoroughly and patiently explained what my expectations should be. So far, the results have been way beyond my expectations. She's a very caring, attentive surgeon.

Mary Layne

Great experience - did not get the young man's name that did the eye exam, but I told the doctor and he looked to see who it was. Keep him - he was a plus.

Sherry Stevener

Just got an A+ report after having both lenses replaced in cataract surgery 8 months ago. Loving my new Symphony lenses.... no more contacts, I threw away my readers!!!! Thank you Dr. Whitman

Sara Ataya

This place is a total rip off. BEWARE!!! I saw Dr. Larry Fish for glaucoma workup. I already did my eye exam couple of months ago and needed to do a glaucoma workup ONLY per my optometrist recommendation. When I called to make the appointment, I explained to them that I’m only interested in the focused exam and not a comprehensive one. The booking guy confirmed that is not an issue. I also explained to the technician that I was there for only the glaucoma workup. However, they did all the tests that could ever been done on me without asking me if I wanted them (I did not neee those tests either). The worse part that the doctor did not even spend 1 min to look over any of the test results. He even re did my eye pressure exam because he did not look at my file to see that the technician has done that exam already. I ended up paying $412 for something I did not need or ask for. I could not see the bill until few hours of when I paid as they had my eyes diluted. When I called back to explain to them that I was mischarged, the billing lady said she was sorry that I was given the wrong information when I made my booking but they do comprehensive test for anyone gets checked in the practice and she will not refund me for the part that I did not ask for. Total rip off!!! I’ll definitely file a complaint with my insurance too. Never back there and I would give them zero stars if I could.

Elizabeth Dixon

I had an appointment with Key-Whitman Eye Center at 12:15 today for cataract surgery on my left eye. I was taken to the surgery area promptly at 12:15 and prep for the surgery. Every procedure was thoroughly explained and I was on my way home within the two hour window. For me, there was absolutely no pain associated with the procedure. I now look forward to having the same procedure for my right eye in a few weeks. I highly recommend Dr. Kimberly Warren and Key-Whitman Eye Center.

Yasser Hadder

Key-Whitman Eye Center is The Best of the Bests Yesterday I had my first Cataract Surgery and it was a memorable event and can not wait to do the second eye Cataract Surgery The physicians are very brilliant and dedicated to their profession,super friendly,they do honest and suburb service and they do exactly the treatment your eyes situation needs The offices staff are very cooperative and everyone I dealt with was very friendly. Their customer service is outstanding I highly recommend Key-Whitman Eye Center to any one who seeks eyes care

Sueanne Cantamessa

Always on time very efficient ! Staff are great ND does not communicate at all!


Very Professional. I was very comfortable during the entire visit.

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