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REVIEWS OF Cornea Associates of Texas IN Texas

Erika Alvarado

Dr. Nettune did my PRK surgery and it was a success. Loved the staff everybody is so nice and helpful. He is one of the most caring doctors that I have met. Will definitely recommend to anybody who is ready to be glasses/contacts free


Dr. Bowman and Corrine and the entire team at Cornea Associates of Texas are amazing! I had my LASIK procedure done one year ago and my vision is perfect. This has been life changing as I had terrible vision and could not see without glasses. This procedure was worth every penny and I would do it one hundred times over. Simple easy efficient painless and life changing. Thank you Dr. Bowman and team. You are incredible!

Meredith M

It's only been a few days since Dr. Bowman performed my Lasik surgery, but I can safely say that I am very pleased with the results. I was happy with the level of care that I received from my consultation to my post-operative appointment. I was also very impressed with the bedside manner of Dr. Bowman and his assistants. This was my first surgery, and they calmly walked me through the entire procedure, completely putting me at ease. I live out of state, but chose to have my Lasik performed here because of the reputation of Cornea Associates, and I am glad that I did! I would highly recommend them.

Shirley Parrish

Dr. Beebe did my surgery, and I'm very pleased with the results and the office staff was very nice and helpful. My family also as been the Dr. Beebe and will continue to use Dr. Beebe as our Eye Doctor. Thank You, Mrs. Kathleen Cone

Chris Fleming

I had an amazing experience at Cornea Associates. I had a challenging case and the doctors understood and took the time to diagnose and correct my vision. I couldn't be more happy with my results. I am seeing 20-15 and seeing things I have never seen before thanks to these guys. You want a great experience with results done right? THESE are the doctors for you.

Steven Flores

You will love the staff and doctor Bowman. Thank you for making my surgery a huge success. Your quality training and customer service shows. I recommend them for your Lasik surgery,

Jordan Abdul

Its been 4 months since my operation and my vision has gotten better and better. I have become an advocate of Dr. McCall and his wonderful staff. Everything was great from the smiling staff (one name that pops out still is Samantha).It was a great experience and Dr. McCall made the process so much easier. He came personally and explained everything to me and asked me if i had any questions. I have heard horror stories about other places and i can't speak on those peoples believe but i can say that my experience was beyond great.

larry tam

Dr. Nettune did an amazing job with my LASIK procedure. He was attentive to my questions, and didn't rush pre- or post-op procedures. It was very clear that he puts his patient's best interests first. During the procedure, he talked me through everything I would be experiencing and turned a normally stressful situation into a pleasantly interesting 10 minutes. I would highly recommend Dr. Nettune.

Jack Vykong

they make you wait 30 minutes in early morning appointment, and they will give you attitude, not even apologize, total disrespect to patients. never going back

Paula Williams

My situation was a severe one. With the expertise of Dr. McCall and his outstanding staff I was comfortable and reassured that I was in the right hands for treatment. My infection is completely healed and I did not need surgery as of yet. I'm not completely out of the ditch yet but with prayer and the most professional team God created, I am on my way to a full recovery. I Thank the Plano staff and Dr. Tyrone McCall for their services and extensive knowledge and care with me. God bless you and I support your efforts through prayer and referral. Thank you guys so much

Paul Ortega

Madison Sharpe

I would not recommend any other team to handle your Lasik other than this team of professionals. From the (free) consultation to the follow up appointments, I was so impressed. They are so helpful and kind throughout the whole process. I felt so relieved, every question I had, they answered confidently and accurately. I am blown away with how smooth the whole process went and their professionalism. Truly the best experience I've had with medical professionals ever. They were so calm during the procedure, I never once felt unprepared for any aspect of this experience. Rest assured you are choosing the best when you choose Cornea Associates to handle your Lasik surgery.

Cody Thomas

Dr. Bowman and his team are the best! Luckily, I was a candidate for Lasik and I am one week post-op with 20/15 vision in both eyes. I am 26 and have had glasses since the fourth grade! They have changed my life. Dr. Bowman did a family member's cornea transplant as well and she also had great success. I'm so glad I spent a little bit extra to go to the best. Totally worth it.

Tobizena Williams

The staff was reassuring and I felt secure. Dr. Gelender is one a kind, and his medical manners were superb. I felt very positive about my surgery.

Clarissa Quinn

I was overall very impressed with Cornea Associates of Texas. Recently, Dr. Bebe successfully performed lasik surgery for me and it was one of the best decisions I have made. The entire staff is very personal and knowledgeable,ensuring I had all details pre/post surgery. Furthermore, the office is always very prompt and efficient with your time. Thank you Cornea Associates of Texas! Highly recommend!

Sarah Noble

Don Sloan

Back in 1998, kerataconus was slowly stealing my sight, But Dr. Gelender replaced both my corneas and because of his wonderful expertise -- and the awesome donors who made it possible -- i am now able to see my grandchildren grow up. If you have this insidious eye condition, trust your eyes to Dr. Gelender and his staff. Twenty years later my vision is still 20/20 (with glasses). .

Fehzan Ali

Cornea Associates of Texas ruined my vision on 5/10/2013 with LASIK. It's now been 6 months and I am dealing with extreme halos, starburst, glare, and a host of other side effects that are unbearable. After the surgery, Dr. Gelender (who performed the surgery and seems to serve as the face of Cornea Associates of Texas) didn't take any of my complaints seriously. He only took a look at my eyes for 30 seconds to decide they were all great. Well guess what, they still aren't. I strongly believe they determined me to be a good LASIK candidate when they should not have. According to another cornea specialist I consulted a few days ago, my pupils are pretty large at night and likely many side effects are the result of my pupils expanding beyond the treatment zone. I asked them about my pupil size PRE-surgery and they mentioned everything was fine... and then remembered, they never actually tested my pupil size in the dark. I would call that negligence. I posted a review in regards to them on their Facebook page 3 times now, however each time it has been removed. After the first removal, they mentioned if my problems persisted, I could re-post. When I re-posted... they simply removed it. Then again, removed and I was blocked from their Facebook page. That leaves me choice but to leave my review here. I would strongly suggest to stay away from Cornea Associates of Texas. If you have an issue, not only will they fail to take responsibility, but they'll attempt to censor you by deleting messages and post. Seems like if you have a successful procedure, Cornea Associates is great because you don't deal with their incompetence and lack of responsibility post surgery if it doesn't go well. Luckily for me, there are doctors out there who care and will get me where I need to be. I will never step into Cornea Associates of Texas again in my life, you can't pay me a million bucks to let one of their doctors touch me ever again.

Edward Smith

Dina Keller

I do not recommended this place my mother had an appointment took a lot to get her there they needed more information got that taken care of second appointment 2 hour drive they refused to do surgery again I will not be back .

Sarah Hardi

I had a great experience at Cornea Associates of Texas for my LASIK procedure. The staff was always friendly and the wait time was always short when I went in for my consultation and check ups. Dr. Bowman was always friendly and explained the LASIK procedure thoroughly. It's been a year since having LASIK and it's been life changing. With a toddler and now a newborn, it's been such a help not having to mess with contacts and glasses. I definitely recommend Cornea Associates of Texas!

Suzanne Johnson

My sister had corneal transplant. Gives me hope for my own eyes post RK surgery

Eva Gamez Hernandez

The attention they gave my father was excellent. The staff were wonderful as the Dr., nurses and techs. Wonderful staff. The called later on that night to check on my father. The best care ever.

Krystal Wells

I LOVE this Team and I can’t thank them enough!! I had Lasik done back in May and two months later, I still pinch myself that I get to wake up without the need for glasses or contacts. I waited for way too long to get this procedure, I let my fear hold me back. Turns out I had been fearful over NOTHING! I had zero discomfort, zero pain in fact I enjoyed the procedure! Dr Bowman and Team cheered me on throughout the entire process and for that I thank them. Highly recommend you get your Lasik done sooner than later with Cornea Associates of TX!

Laura Medina

(Translated by Google) Well (Original) Bien

Mickee C

They have taken care of our 12 yr old son with the greatest care and have treated him as person not another patient. They explain so that he understands and make sure that he is comfortable. We go in in a week to have his transplant after they have done everything to try to avoid it. So after stitching the tear if it healed like the milkyway and we ended up getting the transplant after all and with a prescription lens he has 20/25 & without he has 20/80 and that is exactly 1 year later can't wait till our August 2013 appointment his transplant was May 23, 2012

Vebi Sopi

Best Eyecare place ever! Very sweet staff and amazing doctors. Had a cataract removal in both eyes and toric implant. Everything went flawless (even tho I am probably the most difficult patient ever). Dr. Jamie Alexander is the best! Highly recommended!

Linda Barnes

I recently had cataracts removed from both eyes at Cornea Associates of Texas and the experience was very professional and the outcome was wonderful. Dr Beebe and his staff answered all my questions and explained the procedure every step of the way. An added plus was that it was painless!

melissa p

Dr McCall and his staff did an excellent job. Very understanding and professional.

David SgtE

I arrived at the office with some serious concerns about the prospects for my future vision. The staff was very friendly and professional. They were able to put me at ease and make this first visit less traumatic. Dr.Natttune was exceptional. He explained my condition, and the treatment that would correct my sight. Dr.Nattune answered all my questions to my satisfaction. I left the office relieved and confident that I had chosen the best people to see me thru to my recovery.(Pun Intended) Thanks to every one at Cornea Associates of Texas!

Enrique Carranza

Dr Gelender and staff one of the best most caring people that I've met! Thanks for everything!

Tiffany Romines

I had lasik done by Dr Gelender January 2016 and was told there was a 5% chance I wouldn’t be 20/20, but if that were the case, they’d provide a touch up free of charge within one year. Immediately following my procedure, my regular doctor was able to tell I was not 20/20 and I’d need a touch up. I contacted the Cornea Associates and scheduled the surgery again. I went in for my preop appointment and was told my eyes were just dry and I needed to use eye drops more frequently. They cancelled my touch up surgery and scheduled me for a follow up 6 weeks later. I did as they said and came back for another check up. Dr Gelender acknowledged my eyes were no longer dry, and if he had to make a decision that day, he’d only do the touch up in my right eye, but wanted me wait another 6 weeks in case my prescription changed. I scheduled yet another check up and he’s now telling me I’m magically 20/20 and he will not do the touch up. Not only did I pay $4000 out of pocket, but I’ve had to reschedule my work schedule over and over to take half days to accommodate these constant check ups. I know for a fact that I am not 20/20 because I’ve worn glasses or contacts my entire life and I could see better with glasses than I can now. I paid for 20/20 and I’m being disregarded. I was obviously disgruntled as the doctor smiled and left the room with no resolution, so the nurse asked me to wait to speak to the patient advocate. Wasting more of my time, I spoke to a condescending woman who told me that when I walked in their office for the first time, I could barely see the ‘E’ on the reading chart and I should be happy for what they’ve done for me. I’m sorry, but I didn’t pay you to improve my prescription - I paid so I wouldn’t have to have a prescription anymore. They sold me on the expense by telling me I wouldn’t have to buy frames or contact solution again for at least another 12 years, but now they’re telling me at least I can see the ‘E’ on the reading board now. She told me they’d do the surgery again, but I’d have to sign a waiver saying if they over corrected me or I wasn’t happy with the results, it was my own fault because they didn’t want to perform the surgery at all. Why would I sign that? I’ve been reading reviews here and saw someone else who reviewed Dr Gelender with similar issues of disregard for his patients. I’m beyond frustrated and seeking legal counsel.

Tina Sifers

Dr Alexander is the best. Her staff is amazing.

Drew Mize

There's no better quality medical facility for eyes than Cornea Associates, service is great and the staff is always friendly & helpful. Been a patient of Dr. Bowman for 13 years, highly recommend.

John Davis

Appointment was easy to set up and I got in very quick. On the day of my appointment, I was seen very quickly and Dr. McCall tool plenty of time to address all my needs and questions.

Paul Stubenbordt

Ilana Dubro

Had LASIK eye surgery done almost a week ago and had a great experience with dr Beebe and staff! They made the experience simple and easy. I would definitely recommend them for LASIK surgery! I am enjoying the freedom from glasses and contacts!

Kimberly Perkins

My grandma was supposed to have cataract surgery here. Twice she has been driven to Dallas for the procedure and both times they have cancelled it because we didn't have something that was required for the surgery. We are happy to do what ever it takes to make this surgery happen for my grandma, but we were never told in any of the phone calls setting up the appointment that these things were required. My grandma has dementia and cataracts. Car rides are very scary and confusing for her and Dallas is nearly a 2 hour drive from the small town she lives in. Now she is going to have to go through another long car ride and go even longer without having the surgery she needs. I don't think it is too much to ask that we be told of all surgery requirements before we get to the appointment.

Benji Rodgers

I have been going to Dr. Gelender since 2001. He performed lasik on me, and later removed cataracts from both eyes. Great man and surgeon!!! Best ever!!!

Daniel Snell

Dr. McCall and Laura the totally lovely technician are experts. Had corneal cross-linking surgery. Having surgery is never pleasant but I'm glad I got it here rather than somewhere else.

Chip Melara

Every person I met was professional and caring. No questions or concerns went unanswered, and I have no hesitations at all about returning to have my second eye done.

Beth Haddad

I had an excellent experience with my Lasik procedure. Dr. Bowman and his staff were incredibly detail oriented in their exams and procedure itself. I had the opportunity to ask tons of questions and understood what was needed and going to happen every step of the way. The entire staff was very knowledgeable and helpful.

Joann Longa

Rob Palmer

Great results and great experience with my LASIK surgery.

Kim Brownen

Cornea Associates of Texas (Dr Bowman) has been very helpful and prompt in addressing my husband's vision issues. The office staff is caring and helpful. We've been very pleased.

Andrew Clark

Fantastic practice. Had my LASIK procedure on 10/7 with Dr. Gelender and couldn't be happier. The pre-op visits were conducted on time, and by techs who couldn't have been more pleasant. Dr. Gelender was calm, professional and reassuring each time I met with him. He explained the process in detail and made sure I was comfortable with everything. The surgery team was friendly and extremely reassuring throughout the procedure. And best of all, I'm now seeing perfectly without glasses or contacts. Thanks, Dr. Gelender and all of the Cornea Associates team!

Michael Barakatt

Ridiculous wait time. We have been here since 10.30 am and it's now almost 3pm.

Bob Kaplitz

Excellent experience from the moment we walked in, greeted by a receptionist, Jeanette, who looks happy to see you. Staff has been very responsive and knowledgeable. Left message with a question, and tech Jennifer returned the call within five minutes with the answers I needed. The team members we met seemed to enjoy their work and their patients. Dr. Nettune is excellent. His answers are clear, helpful, and practical. He's careful to detail the pluses and minuses of possible procedures. He listens to be sure he's answered all my questions.

Cesar Diaz

Alicia Jackson

Great service and a very well-run office. I felt assured with Dr Beebe's expertise.

Elyce Ellington

Unlike most people, I have had PRK surgery from two different doctors. I had surgery at another clinic in Richardson several years ago, and I had PRK surgery with Dr. Nettune on May 27, 2016. There is no comparison. I won't crowd their review with complaints about the last place. I just want everyone to know that every aspect of Cornea Associates of Texas is fantastic. My consultation, pre-operative checkups, the surgery itself, and the post-operative care received was just so far beyond my previous experience. I was amazed and gratified by the expertise and courteous professionalism that I witnessed not only from Dr. Nettune, but also from every member of staff that I interacted with. Their facilities are clean, comfortable, and they boast superior equipment (look up the CustomVue technology!) I won't lie - PRK is not a comfortable surgery. Having been through it twice, I can tell you that the attentiveness and genuine care that I received from everyone at Cornea Associates of Texas makes a world of difference. Thank you so much!

Adrienne Wilson

I had LASIK surgery yesterday afternoon with Dr. Bowman and I'm already ecstatic that I made the decision to go with Cornea Associates of Texas. My vision is already better than it ever was with glasses. Dr. Bowman and the entire staff were attentive, courteous, and made every effort to make me comfortable with the procedure and answer any questions I had. I'll be recommending Cornea Associates to everyone I know!

Marsha Minton

Without eyeglasses, my daughter was legally blind. She had problems wearing contacts because of seasonal allergies and was constantly misplacing her glasses. We were referred to the Cornea Associates of Texas by our hometown physician because she also had very thin corneas. Dr. Nettune performed the surgery, and we couldn’t be more happy with her results. She has amazing vision now and cannot believe she had to go so long without seeing detail. No glasses - No contacts! We had a great experience at our office visits and the professional staff was gracious and caring. I highly recommend the Cornea Associates of Texas.

Erin Clements

I called for an appointment to have a specific procedure. I was given an appointment for the same day. I was told I would need to pay 20% of the cost of the procedure up front. So we pay, and we are taken back to a room. Almost 2 hours later, the doctor finally arrives. He looks at my eye, and tells us that he wants to start a medical treatment plan (that is pretty much everything I have been doing for the last 6 months to try to heal this eye). I tell him no, I need this procedure done, and done today. He refused - I can do it, but I don't want to do it unless I have to. I told him I needed this done, and we've been dealing with this for 6 months. He still refused. This is something that causes intense agony, even with all his suggested treatment options. It has been recurring for 6 months. Then they had the gall to still try to schedule a return visit in 2 weeks. I want a refund. Almost $400 to wait for two hours and have the procedure that will heal my eye denied.

Nonny Boy

They all after the money, not to help

Sydney Osborne

I had lasik surgery earlier this afternoon actually but I couldn’t wait to write a review. I am already so impressed with how today went and with my vision so far. Dr.McCall is fantastic and so are all of the girls that work in the Dallas Laser Center and at Cornea Eye Associates. Everyone I came into contact with from pre-op to surgery was happy, patient and very thorough. I felt so well taken care of and could not have had a better experience. Dr. McCall even called me a couple hours after my appt to check on me and see how I was doing. Excellent work. Keep doing what you’re doing!

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