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REVIEWS OF Vance Thompson Vision IN South Dakota

Barbara Howard

I was impressed by the efficiency of the entire staff and the fact there was always some one there who could direct you and answer your questions. Love the fact that I can see much better now.

Sarah Ludens

I had my LASIK done here almost two years ago, it was a breeze and my vision is wonderful. I would recommend these Doctors over any I have ever met. I felt I could trust that they were doing the right thing for me, and have sent many family member there for their procedures. Wonderful establishment, I was very impressed as was my family.

Sarah Larson

I visited Vance Thompson Vision for same-day LASIK surgery. I kept saying to myself, "I don't understand how the people who work here can give you so much one-on-one care and attention in a place this big!" The surgery went flawlessly and 3 years later, I still have 20/15 vision. My retinas were borderline too thin for LASIK, but they ran a significant number of extra tests and continue to give me great follow-up reports. I feel very lucky to be able to see as soon as I wake up for the first time in 25 years. Great place, great people.

Tiffany K

I cannot recommend Vance Thompson Vision enough! Both my parents, and now I have had Lasik eye surgery here. Dr. Thompson is fantastic! And the staff is super friendly, and makes you feel comfortable throughout the whole process. Seriously, I've never been anywhere that has had a staff this friendly! They answer all your questions, and explain the process the entire way through. It also helps that most of them have had lasik before, so they can give you a first hand experience. I was very comfortable in the operating room, and knew exactly what to expect. The surgery is very short. My mom also got to watch the whole thing, and a nurse even sat with her to explain everything to her. If you are thinking of lasik- go for it! And get it done at Vance Thompson, of course :)

Jackie Johnson

I'm a 34-year old mom of 3 who finally decided it was time to get LASIK! I had both eyes done a month ago, and my experience at Vance Thompson Vision was AMAZING! During my initial consultation, the nurse who I worked with was extremely knowledgeable and friendly - she answered all of my questions and helped me to understand if I was a good candidate (I was!). Dr. Thompson and Dr. Rasmussen were so nice and actually took time with me to answer questions and explain things to me. Dr. Thompson and his nurse were both amazing during the procedure, helping me feel calm and at ease the entire time. It didn't hurt at all, took less than 20 minutes or so, and by that evening I could see really well! It's been a month now of no glasses, no worrying about forgetting my contact case and glasses when we travel, no trying to find my glasses at night when one of the kids wakes up...I'm free! I would highly recommend Vance Thompson Vision for LASIK - you'll never regret it!

Hailey Harms

I can not say any more positive things about my experience! I received top notch care, with amazing staff and doctors each step of the way! I had PRK eye surgery done, and I can say it was one of the best decisions I've ever made!! I would recommend Dr. Vance Thompson & the other staff to anyone!

Patricia Mast

Amazing, Wonderful, a Miracle!! I have gone from super near sighted to 20/15 vision and all because of the surgery at the clinic!!! I cannot express how much my life has changed other than - I CAN SEE!!! My sincere thanks to Vance and all his staff! You create miracles!!

Jennifer Holsen

Everything about the experience was great. The staff is so pleasant and welcoming, from the checkin to the checkout. The surgery staff is exceptional in their ability to put you at ease, be informative as to the process and what to expect. Dr. Berdahl was down to earth and not aloof. He made me feel comfortable knowing I was in good hands. It was an overall excellent experience. The result is that I can see the world clearer, brighter and no longer in a sepia fog. I would not hestitate to recommend Vance Thompson Vision to my friends and family.

clay espy

I have been to doctor after doctor, including the Mayo Clinic. Nowhere have I received the quality of medical care, or patient care, as my family and I have been given at Vance Thompson Vision. The doctors and staff have given me honest, caring, first-rate care from surgery to taking our baby girl for walks in the hallway during my tests. Whether it's six miles or six hundred miles, make the trip to Vance Thompson Vision. I am so grateful that we did!!!


Thank you!!! My life is now changed for the better! Dr. Thompson and Dr. Wallin were wonderful to work with. So nice and personable. It was all around a wonderful experience!

Dave Eng

Staff was great CEO made sure to go out of his way to answer questions and help us. My wife and I were very appreciative and thankful

Kyle Schmidt

This is the 1 year anniversary of my custom lasik done by Vance Thompson. It truly is a life-changing experience that I am grateful for every day. No more fumbling around with glasses or contacts, just the best vision! There is no better place to get your lasik or other procedures done than at Vance Thompson. They have a very welcoming environment with the best staff and the latest and greatest equipment!

Kayla Haagenson

I am absolutely amazed with my vision after LASIK surgery at Vance Thompson Vision. Until I no longer had to wear them, I didn't realize how much contact lenses were irritating my eyes and making them feel dry. I had surgery in the late afternoon on a Thursday and was at work at 7am Friday morning with 20/15 vision. I cannot say enough about how wonderful my experience has been. I would recommend Dr. Berdahl and Vance Thompson Vision over and over again, it truly is a world class establishment!

Serge Skubenich

My SMILE procedure went well, I got 20/20 vision the next day. Still a little blurry but it’s clearing up. So far so good :)

Anna Bruns

I could not have had a better experience with Lasik than here with Dr. Thompson at Vance Thompson Vision! The staff was so positive and informational, they also made sure I had no questions prior to surgery. I had thorough examinations and tremendous patient care. As a nurse I know how important to make sure our patients are comfortable and informed. I’m overwhelmed with joy and comfort knowing I was in the best hands with Vance Thompson Vision!

Liz Dahler

Nurse was inattentive and not interested in my mother's needs.

Michelle Howard

The best. Professional, friendly, informative. I couldn't have asked for a better experience.

Jo Jo

I give Vance Thompson Vision a 5-star rating because they are very professional, but extremely accommodating to their patients! Patient comfort is a very high priority. They treat each person like royalty as well as family. The wait time is always very short, and service is top of the line! I highly recommend Vance Thompson Vision for any procedure you want to have done!!

Deborah Christensenv

All of the staff are very caring, friendly, & helpful!! Definitely recommend Vance Thompson Vision!!

BarB Krumm

Accommodating, personal, attentive care. Thank you all so much.

Faye Jelken

Vance Thompson Vision is top rate from the time you enter until you leave. I would rate them a 10 on all areas. I actually looked forward to going because of their friendly personnel. The cutting edge technology and Vance's expertise took away any anxiety I would have had.during my cataract surgery. I had the enhanced lens and for the first time in years I can type this without glasses. I no longer panic if I don't have multiple pairs of glasses within reach. I would HIGHLY recommend Vance and his team. Faye J


The team at Vance Thompson is excellent. I had Lasik performed and the pre-op, day of surgery, and post-op follow-up visits have been performed in their state-of-the-art facility in an efficient, educational, and timely manner. My recovery was excellent and fast and I can hear an eagle scream every time I look into the distance now, there is such clarity. My surgical team was there to answer any questions, and I even received a call the day of surgery, after hours, to check on my status.

Jessi Foss

Above and beyond with respect to customer service and patient care. These guys have it figured it out when it comes to providing excellent service. Everyone I dealt with was extremely pleasant. I think people who go elsewhere are doing themselves a disservice.

Amy Clay

Fantastic! I had a wonderful experience at Vance Thompson Vision with my LASIK eye surgery. All of my appointments were with knowledgeable, clear-communicators who explained the process of LASIK eye surgery very well. I was most impressed with how personable each staff member was, including Dr. Thompson. On surgery day, I was not anxious at all because of how calm and caring the staff was. In the surgery room before the surgery started, a tech walked me through each part of the procedure so they I knew exactly what to expect, which I really appreciated. My family was able to watch the surgery on a TV in a nearby room while a tech sat with them and explained the procedure. This was helpful to calm their anxieties as well! Overall, I had an amazing experience at Vance Thompson Vision! I am amazed each day when I wake up with perfect sight! If you are thinking at all having your vision corrected with surgery, I recommend trusting the doctors and staff at Vance Thompson Vision.

Robyn Green

Dr. Thompson did my PRK surgery in 2013 and I couldn't be happier with my experience there and my vision since. I would trust any of the doctors there with my eyes. When it comes to something as important as your vision, I wouldn't go anywhere else!

Dixie Westerbur

This facility meets every requirement for great care and stellar customer service.

Shawn Dose

Scheduling appointments was outstanding, they had openings that worked with my schedule. Procedures that were performed were explained by the doctors very well, and all my questions were answered. VT made me comfortable before, during, and after my eye surgery.

Jennifer June

Awesome experience. Great staff! Four of my friends and I had eye surgeries here and no issues! All of our surgeries lasted a few minutes and the care and follow up afterwards is top notch!!! I'd recommend this place to my family.

Bonnie Kipp

The staff and Doctors were very friendly and willing to explain what was happening. I have worn glasses for over 50 years, and after having 2 cataracts removed I have 20/15 and 20/20 vision. I just need reading glasses. What an amazing discovery. They were very professional and caring.

DeAnn Ryan

Easiest procedure I’ve done! Staff is awesome!

Del Johnke

Vance Thompson Vision: COMFORTIBLE and PROFESSIONAL. I had eye surgery done at Vance Thompson Vision. It did exactly what they said it would and it eliminated my need for glasses. It was very comfortable and professional from the waiting areas to the finished product. I would definitely recommend them. Feel free to contact me. DEL JOHNKE

Andrew Boyd

I had LASIK surgery with Dr Tendler over a month ago. The procedure was easy, and Dr Tendler was very caring. I was extremely please with the level of professionalism and courtesy of all of the staff. You feel welcome from the phone call, through the post-operative care. I have been recommending family and friends to consider VTV for their own needs.

Kelly Tepe

I had Lasik done 6 weeks ago. I'm so glad I did. I was extremely nervous, but the staff was so helpful, friendly, and calming. They answered all my questions, got me a drink and offered snacks. I've been back a couple times for check-ups and they have always been super kind and helpful. And I've never had to wait long to get in! I wish I would have had this done years ago! Edit: 4 months post surgery and I'm still impressed with VT Vision. Every check up has been great with helpful, friendly staff. The night driving halos have greatly diminished, as have the rainbows that I occasionally saw closer to surgery (I had a strong correction).

David Moss

Lasic procedure went perfectly thanks to dr Vance and the team! Painless and not scary, I am so happy with the outcome! Dr even texted later same day to make sure I was okay. Thank you DR Vance Thompson!!!

Charles Kramer

I was treated very well at Vance Thompson. The whole procedure for cataract removal did not take very long. At the end there are cookies and a cup of coffee.

Randy Fenton

What a great group of Doctors, nurses and support staff. From the first visit they know who you are, know what they are doing. Highly recommend to all looking for eye cars. HIGH FIVES.

Lucas Shama

One year after my procedure with Vance Thompson I still thank them in my head at least weekly. Could not be happier. Rarely have issues with lights at night, only when my eyes are falling asleep anyway. Corrected to 20/15 and this was the first year I could goose/duck hunt without the worry of contacts freezing in cold weather or glasses fogging or reflecting light to approaching birds like the world's most unwanted S.O.S. I recommend them to everyone I know.

Zach Merrill

From the moment I walked into the doors of Vance Thompson Vision to the minute I walked out, the experience was top-notch! Every staff from the secretaries, nurses, eye doctor, and Vance Thompson himself was very friendly, knowledgeable, and made sure my experience was phenomenal. Both doctors I met with, Dr. Wallin and Dr. Thompson were very personable, honest, and guaranteed me they were going to give me the best possible outcome. My procedure went perfect and a day after the surgery I came out of it with 20/15 vision. I couldn't be happier and am so grateful for the opportunity to have put my trust in Vance Thompson Vision!

Dean Albrecht

excellent service, very caring, explained all procedures and answered any questions I had. Wonderful care before and after surgery. Would recommend to anyone.

Casey Perman

The staff and Dr. Tendler made this one of THE MOST positive experiences in a life changing surgery. A wonderful atmosphere with a most professional staff. You guys are the greatest. Thank you for everyrhing!

Andrew McNamara

Had PRK done at Vance Thompson Vision in January. Love the results! No more contacts or glasses. I’m a firefighter and not having to wear contacts or glasses is a huge benefit for me in my career. Staff is very helpful and knowledgeable and the equipment is state of the art. Would recommend VTV to anyone who is looking to get eye surgery.

Deb Jans

Such an easy and painless experience.

Dave DeJabet

I had nothing but a great experience. The whole staff was friendly, explained what they were doing and answered any questions. The other day I was having a minor medical procedure done and I was asked if I wear glasses or contacts? I had to grin and answered no, I don’t. I would highly recommend Vance Thompson’s to anyone, in fact, I have.

Connie Arp

Very efficient and kind staff. Good follow up.

Donna Abrams

The professionalism and sincere concern for all their patients is most outstanding. From the check in ladies, to the nursing staff, to Dr Thompson they showed compassion to all. Thank you for all you do for your patients.

Ed Leners

I couldn't be more pleased with my whole experience. All the staff and Doctors really want you to understand what is going to happen and make sure you're comfortable with each procedure. I would recommend Vance Thompson Vision to everyone!

Vince Lubben

A Truly Amazing Guest Experience!!!

Maryann Copley

Every time I have been to the office in Sioux Falls, everyone from the lab techs to the receptionists, doctors and interns have been exceptionally friendly, helpful, and understanding. I have had the same stellar service when calling, whether about appointments or billing. Overall, this is probably the best customer service care I have ever received, and that is especially nice to find in the medical field where it is necessity rather than pleasure that causes people to come in. Besides fantastic customer service, everyone I spoke to was very knowledgeable and happy to explain anything I asked about. If they didn't know the answer themselves, they would find out, or get someone who did know. This is especially reassuring when dealing with confusing and occasionally frightening medical issues, and I appreciated the clear competence of everyone I dealt with. I would recommend Vance Thompson Vision Center to anyone needing eye care in a heartbeat! Even when the outcome wasn't what was desired, it is clear they care a great deal about their patients and put their heart into their work.

SE7EN Adventures

Went for a consultation. Pros: lots of available parking. Beautiful waiting area. Friendly staff and doctors. Latest technology. Cons: Priciest place I’ve had a consult.

Molly O'Connor

We are lucky to have Vance Thompson Vision in our community. The care is impeccable, the staff is friendly and helpful, the doctors are excellent and to top it off, they host fun family-friendly events for the community!

Dan Carson

Dr. Schmit and his staff were very knowledgeable and professional and made me feel very comfortable. As importantly they "listened" to me about my eye problems and prescribed specially prepared eye drops which solved my problem due to dry eyes. This was especially heartening to me as three other eye doctors from different institutions did not begin to solve my problem and basically "shined" me off. Dr. Schmit is an exemplary dry eye doctor.

Paige Stavely

Absolutely amazing experience! From my first consult to last follow up appointment, Vance ensured that my patient experience and care quality were the best. I was so nervous from the beginning, but the expertise of this company eased my concerns and made my doubts fade away. They made this process so easy, comfortable, and even fun. Everyone I interacted with was professional and friendly. I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking for eye correction surgery!

Michael Adams

Had a good experience as well as having a well educated group of nurses and a good doctor who helped me understand the procedure and what to expect. Overall so far so good. Definitely know what they are doing.

Sarah Tuntland

Had LASIK done and it was a fantastic experience from beginning to end. Whole staff was excellent and I knew exactly what to expect during every part of the procedure.

Tayler Coombs

I highly recommend going here for your eye care! I had lasik done here and it went flawless!

Kaden Frick

One of the best decisions I have ever made was to have Lasik eye surgery at Vance Thompson Vision. I have zero regrets. The staff was exceptional, they answered all my questions and went out of their way to make sure my experience was a good one. The Surgeon explained to me the process, and talked to me during the entire procedure, which was very comforting. Top notch facility, top notch staff, and exceptional Doctors. Highly recommend

P Majeres

I would go no other place with eye issues!!! Never have I seen such a staff that is so personable and friendly. Not to mention professional!! They diagnosed my dry eye problem immediately. Two weeks after their recommended surgery, I am free from all the eye drops and pain. Thank you Dr Tendler and your staff!!!

Emma Nicole

Friendly staff, pretty fast, great doctors and I feel like my decision to get Lasik was a good one.

Jeff Reinking

Great results and Great Team

Lewis Grant

My fiance had cataracts surgery and could see well for a month after at best. Now she can't see anything again. Now we need to go somewhere else and pay more money to correct what these guys did. Joke

Jim Deis

dealing with VTV was a great experience. i had both eye's done over a 3 year time frame. with each surgery they answered all my questions and helped me to understand what to expect. i will recommend VTV to any one who need's their service. jim deis

Aaron Robertson

Exceptionally professional, warm, and engaging staff housed in beautiful facilities. My wife (my ride) and I were both impressed and grateful for the service we received during my lasik surgery. We would recommend them to anyone.

Christine Dierks

Very positive experience from beginning to end. Thank you to everyone involved.

Damian Willis

Dr. Berdahl and his team at Vance Thompson Vision are amazing! They have a very welcoming, knowledgeable, and friendly staff who make you feel at home and cared for. I have always wanted to be free from glasses and contacts. I now see 20/15 after my LASIK surgery. Being able to see right away when I wake up is amazing! If you want your vision corrected by world renowned surgeons with the best possible laser technology, trust Vance Thompson Vision. I am very pleased with the whole experience with Vance Thompson Vision, and today I am glasses and contacts free! I tell everyone how great that place is!

Alison Raaen

Dr. Thompson and his team performed my LASIK several months ago and I am still blown away by the experience and my current vision. I am so impressed by their attention; during my consultation, Dr. Rasmussen recognized that I probably didn't need to have surgery in both eyes, and recommended LASIK on only my right eye. It worked, and I see better than I could have imagined. Vance Thompson Vision offers truly patient-centric care and I always looked forward to visiting! Their staff is incredibly welcoming.

Ashley Hall

Very caring staff. Shared with me what they were doing during each phase and made sure I felt comfortable. Checked on me post surgery.

Benjamin Edelman

I felt supported, informed and valued throughout my entire experience. I never imagined all the positive ways having lasik at Vance Thompson would improve and enrich my life.

Larry Kallhoff

As stated previously, I have never had the experience of being so warmly welcomed and taken care of as I did with the Vance Thompson "team". Everyone greeted you with a smile, provided detailed information about what was being done, and never left you without asking if there was anything you needed. It was a fantastic experience from the receptionist all the way through the recovery. I'm kind of sorry that I only have two eyes so I won't be able to experience this kind of attention again!

Todd Larson

I had a very pleasant experience with Vance Thompson Vision. I wouldn’t trust my eyes with anyone else.

Barbara Brewer

I see a photo of a patient of Vance Thompson right after cataract surgery. She is wearing a clear eye shield with holes all over it. There are two long pieces of opaque tape over the shield, both extending from forehead to cheek. Those two pieces of tape across her field of vision would interfere with her vision a lot the day of surgery. My ophthamologist put two short pieces of comfortable soft foam tape on my eye shield. One little piece was placed at the top edge of the shield against the nose. The other little piece of foam tape was placed on the lower edge of the tape, at the top of my cheekbone. None of the tape was in my field of vision, and I saw so well thru the shield the day of surgery, I quickly became non-aware of it most of the day. The foam tape stuck so well, it didn't come loose at all for the 24 hours that my doctor wanted the shield to remain on. I could carefull raise the lower edge of the shield from the side of my nose to allow me to put the antibiotic and steroid drops in the eye 3 times the day of surgery. The doctor removed the shield early the next morning. I am very grateful that he didn't put two long pieces of ordinary opaque bandage tape all the way across my eye shield. I feel that my doctor was especially considerate to use the soft foam tape, which was probably a little more costly than the ordinary semi opaque plastic bandage tape. As expensive as the premium symfony lens and cataract surgery were, the cost of tape to hold the eye shield on securely one day and night should not be skimped on.

Janet Cox

Amazing doctors and team! Wouldn't trust anyone else with eyes.

Heath Weber

Professional, thorough, courteous, caring. The Vance Thompson staff, especially Dr. Tendler, are top notch. From the moment I walked in for my consultation, to my follow up, this was a first-rate, world class experience.


Dr. Swan and staff were and are wonderful to work with. They put your needs as well as your comfort first. I have the greatest confidence in the this team of people. I am very grateful for the care I have received and are still receiving.

Judy Beyers

My husband Rick had cataract surgery and lens implants done at VTV with Dr. Alison Tendler just 2 wks. ago. He is so pleased with the results. The staff went up and above expectations to make it a great experience .Thank you!

Chris Haugan

From beginning to end, the process was outstanding. From kindness of the staff, to the welcoming atmosphere of the building, to the professionalism of the team, I couldn't say more about my experience. I'm so thankful to have this class of business in my hometown of Sioux Falls!

Scott Goecke

The cataracts surgery was a breeze highly advised to have done

Judy Schmitz

Was meant to feel very comfortable asking any questions about my cataract surgeries . Each questions were answered in a way a lay person could understand. Doctor and all staff were very professional ,knowledgeable and pleasant. Overall a great experience and have already recommended others to go to Dr Thompson..

Jeanette Moore

Very high quality service, Everyone works for you to make you comfortable.

Joe Swenson

It is easy to see why Vance Thompson Vision gets such accolades. Parking access=A+, Reception staff= A+, Nurse Cassie=A+, Intern Spencer =A+, Dr. Doug Wallin =A++ and Dr. Vance Thompson =A++. Thanks for all of your help everyone!

Lori Stoll

I recommend Vance Thompson Vision for your eye care needs. They really care about their patients. I had cataract surgery and am one of those people who needs to undergo another procedure for further correction. Not only do they explain everything, they also follow up with phone calls to see how you are doing.

Jill Reinesch

Vance Thompson Vision is an excellent place. I had LASIK eye surgery done about a year ago. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. After years of wearing glasses and contacts, it is so great being able to wake up and be able to see. The doctors, nurses, and staff make you feel so comfortable and were so helpful. They made you feel like family. They did a great job at explaining the procedures and timelines for healing. I would highly recommend Vance Thompson Vision. They are the best!

Les Hagen

This is a very top notch operation. The staff and all involved are very professional and truly care about their patients. I'm very well pleased. Les Hagen

Zach Gorres

I had Lasik Surgery done for near-sidedness in May 2005 after wearing glasses and contacts for 14 years. It was the best money I've ever spent! It's 11 years later and I can still see perfectly and I have had zero side-effects! Thank you, Vance!

Jan & Dave Grage

Surgery was so quick and painless. I only remember my name being called to awaken me afterwards. Recovery was just as good. My eye site is as I had hoped. I enjoy not having to use reading glasses so often. Vance Thompson Vision is the epitome of eye care with their friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Andrew Scherr

I had a fantastic experience getting PRK at Vance Thompson Vision. Dr. Ibach did a great job of explaining how everything was going to go and Dr. Berdahl was awesome when it came to the actual procedure. Everyone I came across at the office was pleasant and professional. All things considered it was the best medical experience I've ever had.

Sandra Labat

I have always said I would never go anywhere else for my eyes. Vance has worked on my daughter, daughter-in-law and son-in law and they had great success. So did I. They all make you feel very comfortable and it is very reassuring. Very happy with outcome.

Jeanne Kinley Deller

Without doubt, my complete experience at Vance Thompson Vision has been above and beyond compare. Every single person with whom I had contact was totally awesome - from the moment I called requesting an appointment through my departure from day-after-surgery check up. Sarah, Steph, Stephanie, Aimee, Dr. Ibach, Dr. Berdahl, Gideon, Chris, Becky, Jeremy . . . and just everyone! What an amazingly gracious team you have on board. Thank you for all the smiles, delightful communications, for uplifting my spirits, and giving me hope. I loved the surgery serenade, Dr. Berdahl and Surgical Team. Jeremy, I'm excited about staying in touch and learning everything possible about the Equinox study. Couldn't be more exciting news for the glaucoma crowd Go Team! Warmly, Jeanne Deller

Renee Holzer

Staff is very professional and friendly. I have confidence in the doctor’s treatment plan and knowledge. He took the time to answer my questions. Thank you for helping me.

jaime hopp

I had Lasik in October and am 20/15 in both eyes. Everyone was so nice and the experience was amazing!!

Paula Fried

From the beginning to the end the entire process was one of the easiest and best things I’ve ever had to do. The whole staff was exceptional in every way possible. Friendly, helpful and knowledgeable!!! Highly recommend!!!

Amy Buechler

Very professional staff. Nice facility

Rob Czech

I was very nervous about cataract surgery. I know people say it's an easy surgery but when people are doing things to your eyes I get nervous. Dr Greenwood and staff made the experience very easy and did a great job. Before, during and after. Dr Greenwood even called me personally the night after each of my surgeries to make sure everything was good. I highly recommend them and put your mind at ease, they are very professional.

Rhonda Erickson

From the first time entering Vance Thompson, you feel like you are important and that you are their guest.

Gary Poppens

Friendly, courteous, on time and check on you after the procedure

Kylie Schmitz

Dr. Thompson recently performed my PRK and it went so smoothly. I was a little nervous about the procedure since the recovery period is longer (and I was told more painful) than LASIK, but it was a breeze! The staff members were great, and from the very beginning I felt that each test was done with care do ensure that I would receive the best possible outcome. The technicians in the room during the procedure were very informative, and they made me feel very calm during the surgery. My husband was able to watch me through a window, as well as see what was happening on a TV screen while a technician sat with him and explained what was happening. Not having to wear glasses has been a life-changing event, not only was everyone great in the beginning, but since my surgery any questions I have had have been answered and I feel that I was treated with the utmost respect. I even received a personal call from Dr. Thompson the evening after my surgery to see how I was doing, and offer support should I have any questions.

Jessica Lamb

Took time to answer my questions and were so nice!!

Marc Kurtz

Amazing, professional team at Vance Thompson Vision!! Dr. Schmit and Dr. Tendler were fantastic and I would highly recommend Vance Thompson Vision to all my friends and family. Thank You!!

Mark Veldhuizen

Outstanding treatment. The absolute best in vision correction and eye care.

Alan Balasundaram

I had LASIK at Vance Thompson Vision. My local eye doctor knew of Vance Thompson's reputation and I knew that I would be in good hands. I was treated like a VIP from the moment I arrived, until the moment I left to catch my flight back home. I am so grateful to Dr. Berdahl and his team at VTV for my new vision, and giving me more of my life back.

Loretta Waltner

Great experience and I can see!!

Naomi Stauffer

I love it here. They don't treat u like a number. Your thoughts and opinions matter. Went here to get my introvacular implants done and I would recommend it to anyone who needs eye surgery.

Connie Struwe

I was referred to Vance Thompson in July of 2017. I was having many issues with my eyes and it was affecting my sight. I was very concerned and scared. Those fears were quickly put to rest when I saw Dr. Schmit. I continued seeing him and in October things had settled down. Finally I could get glasses I could see with. I asked Dr. Schmit about the possibility of Lasik surgery. The tests began. We soon found out that because I had cataracts I was not a candidate for Lasik. However, I was for lens replacement. The surgery was scheduled. Dr. Tendler performed my surgery. The time she and the staff took with me before the procedure was a continuation from the time and care that I received from Dr. Schmit and his staff. The moment I walked thru the doors in July ~ to my surgery in December right thru my aftercare ~ I have never felt like just another patient. The time taken for me and the genuine care I received has been as much of a gift as my sight. I truly feel like part of their family. Connie Struwe

michael hall

I had the most incredible experience at Vance Thompson Vision. Everything I had heard about the outstanding patient service played out for me during my consultation. Im looking forward to my upcoming anxiety level is zero. Dr. Rasmussen and Dr. Thompson put any concerns I had to rest. Thank you all at VTV!

Betty Davidson

My experience at VTV was very good. I would recommend the doctors there to anyone. The entire staff was excellent.

Kylee Shotkoski

Not only can I see 20/20 now (I was a -7 in contacts), everyone in the clinic was fantastic. I talked to others who went to other clinics, and I'm glad I chose Vance Thompson Vision for LASIK. I was anxious, but never nervous. I appreciate how the staff kept me calm and the great job Dr. Thompson did on my eyes. I can't say thank you enough! It was a very positive LASIK experience


The team at Vance Thompson Vision was awesome! I was concerned that I wouldn't be a candidate for LASIK with a lower prescription but they were great through the entire process. It turned out I was a candidate! I could not have asked for a better experience - Everything from the tests at my first appointment to laying under the laser was thoroughly explained. I'm thankful for the great care from my first appointment through my surgery and after care. The entire team there is world class!

Nate Mittendorf

In 2011 I had a PRK surgery, and I am still doing great, can still see, and the after care that I received was top notch. I always tell people that if they have the around 4k to pay for any sort of vision correction surgery, to DO IT! Because it has been worth every single penny. Vance was also awesome, inviting me out to his vinyard during the surgery.

Phillip Hoopes

As an eye surgeon I didn't consider any other place to have my eye surgery than at Vance Thompson Vision. I have known Dr. Thompson and his fellow surgeons and employees for nearly 30 years. They epitomize the concept of team approach to service and perform it better than any other place. It was a pleasure to experience their service first hand. Friendliness and caring from the moment you walk in. Expedited service where your personal team technician takes you from the waiting room (after a very short wait) and performs all the testing required for the surgeon and optometrist to analyze the problems and present the solutions. Dr. Berdahl is internationally famous and for good reason. He is knowledgeable and skillful. I did not feel a thing and my results so far are better than expected. They treat their employees and patients exceptionally well and it shows. It was well worth the trip from Utah.

Jim Hughes

They took such great care of my during my LASIK procedure, truly world class staff.

Little Doe

Everything about my experience at Vance Thompson Vision was beyond exceptional and I could not be happier with the results of my lasik. My vision was very poor and the older I got the more contact induced dry eye I experienced. So I had started wearing glasses everyday which was miserable. Now after lasik I can just throw on any pair of sunglasses and not worry about needing presciption ones or waking up in the middle of the night and being able to see.... its just amazing to me. I could not be happier with my vision today and the care that I received.

Alice Koupal

I was kind of a chicken when it comes to my eyes, but the people and doctors at Vance Thompson Vision were amazing and made me feel at ease. I would highly recommend going there for any eye issue. they are the best.

Trina Hamilton

Two weeks ago I had Lasik surgery at Vance Thompson Vision. I was overwhelmingly impressed with the whole experience. Scheduling was a breeze with their friendly staff. I even had to reschedule an appointment and they graciously found me another appointment within the same week. And I have never been to any medical appointment with such a personal touch and friendliness in their service, right down to my favorite radio station playing in each exam room I was in. I was a little nervous for the surgery itself. But the staff answered my questions and concerns and even Dr. Thompson himself talked with me more than one time to reassure me. The surgery took around 15 minutes for both eyes. There was no pain. Dr. Thompson and staff were verbally reassuring me and giving clear instructions throughout. As soon as i walked out of the office i could see. For the first few hours it was a bit blurry, like looking through a dirty window, but i could tell i could see. When i woke up the next morning i could read the plaque on the wall across my bedroom. And every once in a while the amazement still runs through my mind, "I can see! I can really see!" I would recommend Vance Thompson Vision to everyone!

Barb Schock

Couldn’t ask for a better experience with my PRK.

Diana Knop

Didn't realize how much I've been missing. Shouldn't have waited so long to have this procedure done. All nurses and doctor were very kind and kept me informed about what to expect at all times. Great experience.

Kevin Willson

My advice is to steer clear. Business designed around making money over helping patients.

Rosie Steffen

This is a very caring and gentle place to have any kind of eye surgery done. The staff is very professional and treat you like you are the only person they are seeing when you are there. They answered all of my questions and explained everything so I could understand with ease what they were talking about.

Brandon Riss

Great service and friendly staff. Would recommend them for eye care.

Larrene Kaderabek

Everyone here is not only professional but they are very upbeat and positive. I am also very pleased with the work that was done!

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