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REVIEWS OF Black Hills Regional Eye Institute IN South Dakota

Seth Smith

Great staff, very organized and timely. I felt very well taken care of.


As always, my scheduled visit to the eye institute was an excellent experience. From the ladies at the check in desk to Dr. Schirber I was treated quickly, but throughly, and efficiently. Dr. Schirber responded to the few questions I had and assured me that my test results were good and there is no need for concern. While visiting any doctor can be stressful, I can say that the kindness of the staff today afforded me another "stress free" visit.

Judith Tyson

I have been going the eye institute for about 17 years now! They absolutely saved one of my eyes! They are on top of all of newest technology and equipment!! I would never go any where else! Wonderful doctors and staff!!!!!!

Ted Lapis

Prema Abrams not only survived medical school with her humanity intact, but she is a wonderful physician! The Black Hills Regional Eye Institute (BHREI) has rescued many botched jobs done elsewhere. When my wife SallyG went blind in one eye from diabetic retinopathy, Dr. Abrams gave her sight back, very soon after the technique was developed. Many people from Sheridan, WY see better thanks to BHREI. Thank you!

Whitney Wordeman

Great expierence for lasik surgery! All staff was very helpful and informative. They care greatly about you and your expierence and make you feel like a person instead of a number. I would highly recommend.

Tyrel Minor

Pre Operation, Surgery, and Post Operation were extremely well coordinated. There was never a time I was unsure of what was about to happen. This made it very easy to follow through with the procedure.

Colin Fulton

I was really pleased with my PRK surgery. Dr. K explained exactly what the surgery would entail before we even entered the surgical room, and once we started the surgery, he walked me through each step as he completed them.

Jean Lockhart

Rubur Bande

I had PRK and have been extremely pleased with the level of care and service I received. Everything from start to finish was wonderful. But the most important part, the results, have been fantastic. 3 months after my operation, I have 20/15 vision and no dry eye. Dr. Schirber says that I'm proof that PRK is just as successful as Lasik. Thanks everyone!

kathleen criss

Chelsie Brown

Dr.Dirks is one of a kind! He is amazing and I can not thank him enough! I had a water tumor on my brain that left me blind in one eye, very scary! Dr.Dirks makes you feel like more than a patient and he really does care! Lets just say I now have my eye site back and can see my kids! Thank you Dr.Dirks and his wonderful team! <3

Jacob Duncan

Great people with great knowledge great attitudes care about you they called an hour after my appointment to see how he was doing they make you feel welcome I would recommend them to anybody looking to have LASIK

Bria D

Krystal Pickering

Black Hills Regional Eye Institute is very friendly and willing to answer your questions the best they can. They made my LASIK process easy and helped me feel comfortable knowing that if I have any questions I can ask.

Abraham Crick

I went to the Black Hills Eye place, the one where the eye people work, thinking I was going to get Lasik. Not only did I get Lasik, these people gave me a perm so badass I won a disco competition later that week, and I hadn't even entered into it!! Thanks for the sweet hair!!

Lynnae Merten

I highly recommend the BHREI! They did an excellent job and my eyes are doing great! Wish I would have done it sooner!

Scott Wauer

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff

Steve Talley

Kristine SD

I am thrilled with the results of my cataract surgery. Dr Hafner was my surgeon and provided me with excellent care. I had surgery on both eyes with relaxing incisions on the left one to correct my astigmatism. My eyesight is the best it has ever been (I am 70). I was very nervous about the surgery, but Dr. Hafner and his technician, Red, answered all of my questions with patience and kindness. Everyone at the BHEI was professional and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Dr. Hafner and the BHEI for cataract surgery and eye care. Dr. Hafner has been my opthalmologist for about 10 years.


I just had PRK surgery 3 weeks ago, I have been very happy with the results of my surgery. I love not having to wear contacts or glasses and being able to see 20/20 already has been amazing. I would highly recommend Dr. Schirber, he did all my consultation work, getting my eyes healed from irritation, tear duct plugs being put in and the day of surgery getting a final work-up for making sure PRK was the best option for me and for all my post-op appointments thus far. Dr. Khachikian for the actual surgery, it was very quick, he talked me through the procedure and made it comfortable. Many thanks to the ilasik ladies that get you in, tests done, anxieties calmed and knowledge passed on. Also, my daughter was a patient of Dr. Nixon and had pediatric surgery with him over a year ago and the results have been amazing and she's doing SO well, we can't believe the growth we have seen in her since her surgery (jumping over objects now, cosmetically straight eyes, better depth perception, etc). She now sees Dr. Scarborough and he's been great to work with too! Thank you BHREI for you expertise and knowledge to benefit our family and many others too!

David Thrash

The service and explination of every step was great. Everyone was receptive and willing to help in any way.

Lori Johnson

A waste of time and money! I drove almost 3 hours and waited 1 1/2 hours at the clinic to see Dr. Khachikian.

Dianne Labor

Maggie Brockman

Check in was fairly easy and my appointment was kept right on time.

shirley clarkson

Professional, very skilled, kind, helpful..all my needs were met and I am so greatful we have the Black Hills Regional Eye Institute. The Eye Institute has been my first choice for eye care for the past 23 years. I just underwent cataract two weeks ago, the results are unbelievably good. My thanks to the doctors and all the nurses, technicians and other staff for helping me retain the gift of sight.

Daniel Sedlacek

Licia Bleidner

I went to pay my bill in full (very large amount) over the phone. My insurance didn't pay anything. When I called to pay the bill in full I asked if a discount was offered. They said no. I was told that if you pay your bill in full the same day of service you would receive a 15% discount. As I was leaving my appointment I asked for a bill and she said that I would receive one by the mail. The manager of the accounts payable department who is extremely condescending told me that their financial policy was included in that huge book of paperwork that I was sent in the mail. Having to go to a specialist concerned about losing your eyesight and having difficulty reading I did not go through every sentence in the large packet that I received. I feel it appalling that I was not offered anything since they told me it was my responsibility to read all of the information in their packet. I guess I should have but again difficulty with reading and the stress about losing my site was top priority. I understand that the black hills I institute is a large operation and the fact that they wouldn't even give me 15% off I feel is very very unfair. So do yourself a favor read every line, if you're not able to have somebody read it to you. You cannot count on the common courtesy of the employees of this I institute to look out for you whatsoever. I was pleased with the doctor however the accounts payable staff is very very inconsiderate and has no sympathy whatsoever for someone who had to pay the entire bill out of their own pocket.


I now wish I never heard of the black hills eye institute or met dr Khachikian. My nightmare started the morning of my cataract surgery. It took five attempts to get my iv started I was ready to quit after the second attempt and I should have walked out. At some point during the surgery I woke up and was in terrible pain it felt like they were going to pull my eye out of the socket there was someone telling me it was almost over so they knew I was awake. I have had nothing but problems with the implant. I told dr khachikian I could see the edges of the lens and have reflection off the edge plus’s halos around lights and all he tells me is that I will get use to it it’s been a year and I still have problems. If I had a choice I would take back my cataract because I had less problems with it. If I could give negative stars I would. Be leary of this place.

JR King

What a great facility and staff! I, like others in my family who've been patients here befor, were shown the utmost professionalism and kindness. And emphasis was really placed on comfort and knowledge during my iLasik consult. I would recommend them to anyone!

Carly Holden

Dr. Nickson was great with my 7month old son my son does not like dr. But he really liked Dr. Nickson

Mary Gomez

I've been wanting to do this procedure for years now and was finally able to go in and get it done. The team was amazing everyone was so helpful and walked you through everything step by step made me feel so comfortable . The doctor Khachikian was amazing along with doctor Schirber. So grateful to have such a fantastic eye institute close by.

Madeline Neal

The staff at Black Hills Eye Institute are amazing and take great care of their patients! Definitely recommend!

Michelle Killham

I had such a great experience from my first consult appointment all the way to my surgery. During surgery the doctor talked to me throughout and they provide a support teddy bear. Everyone was very nice and professional. They answered any question I had. I wish I would have gotten Lasik done sooner. I highly recommend Black hills regional eye institute.

Alyssa Smith

From my initial exam to the end of my surgery, everyone I worked with was incredibly nice. Everything was explained to me very clearly, even throughout the surgery I was told what was happening and what to expect. Would highly recommend!

Linda Mohr

Had lasix years ago best choice I ever made

Jean Stan

Love the Doctors but the wait time is ridiculous we waited 4 hrs in this facility the other day. Maybe don’t schedule so tight. There we actually no chairs to even sit on so we had to stand. Not a fun experience

Arielle Self

Amazing experience getting LASIK done at this clinic. The staff was incredibly kind and knowledgeable. 10/10 would recommend.

Amanda Hadden

Absolutely loved my experience with the Eye Institute! Highly Recommended!

Alfred S

Pandy Hemsher

Everyone is friendly and professional. They make sure you understand every procedure and are happy with the answer to any question you ask.

Megan Mitzel

I recently had PRK surgery at the Black Hills Regional Eye Institute. The entire process was so smooth from start to finish. All of my questions were answered and explained thoroughly. The entire Lasik team goes the extra mile to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Dr. Khachikian and Dr. Schirber walked me through everything from start to finish. When it comes to your eyes and vision, surgery can be a little nerve-wracking but I always had total confidence in their ability to treat me. It was such a wonderful experience and I am now seeing 20/15. The only regret I have is not doing it sooner!

Heather C


My entire experience was excellent! The staff was very knowledgeable and professional. I felt comfortable through the entire procedure and they explained everything as we went through the entire process.

Rhyann Gaddis

Can't say enough how happy I am with the outcome of ilasik. I had an extremely tough prescription level and anticipated not being able to get correction surgery done at all. I now have 20/20 which is better than anything I ever had with glasses or contacts. The entire team from beginning to end were fantastic and my results are far better than any of us thought! Thank you!!

Tami James

Very friendly, accommodating, and attentive. I was made to feel comfortable and every effort was made to keep me informed during the procedure. The staff and doctors are experienced and professional. I had one eye adjusted two years ago and only considered BH Regional Eye Institute when I decided to have the other one done as well.

Jill Wright

I've been told for years that I was not a candidate for lasik surgery due to my need for a very powerful Rx, as well as an astigmatism. But when I met with Dr. Scott Schirber I was so pleased to learn that with the advances make in iLasik surgery I was now a candidate! I had my eye surgery almost two weeks ago and could not be more pleased! Bring able to see without searching for glasses or putting my contacts in has made a huge positive impact of my life. I encourage anyone that has been considering Lasik surgery to visit the Black Hills Reginal Eye Institure.

Marilyn Maurer

Always have a great helpful time. Thank you

Jo Greynolds

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