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REVIEWS OF Waring Vision Institute IN South Carolina

Tom DeMille

Dr. Waring is really great, smart, really into his craft, a nice guy.. really dedicated to eye care, can't recommend a Dr. more than I can Dr. Waring

Brenda Thorn


Preet Chana

Best decision i have ever made. I've gone from not beong able to see my hands clearly without my glasses to having research vision (better than 20 20). The staff is friendly and informative. Very truthful in what you will experience and how the healing process will go so you know what are expecting. Would recommend.

Marla Linnemann

I had a great experience and outcome with Waring Vision. Dr. Waring and his staff are the best. I highly recommend Waring Vision.

Plantation gal

Eser Okay

Melissa McCorkle

Becca Hodges

This was my first visit, so it was a VERY impressive start with Dr. Waring and his team: ... personable, streamlined service from the second that I walked in...super efficient and professional team effort that was seamless with ZERO waiting...HIGH TECH from start to finish. I knew that I was in the right place...

Ine McKenzie

My experience with Dr Waring and his team has been excellent. I can not recommend him highly enough.

Ellen Lumpkin

Dr. George Waring and his staff are wonderful! He did my cataract surgery and the experience was top-rate from start to finish. The Waring Vision Institute staff members treated me with professional respect and courtesy, and Dr. Waring was kind, caring and thorough each step of the way. The surgery was done flawlessly and I now have better than 20/20 vision! I definitely recommend Dr. Waring!!!

Janet Harritt

I am about a week post PRK and I couldn’t be more pleased with how it went. From the first consultation to my follow ups, Dr. Waring and his team have been so helpful and accommodating. He explained why the procedure I had was the the right one for me, led me through all the details, answered questions, and my vision is now so clear and he said it would only get better from here on out. I would highly recommend anyone who is thinking about getting their vision corrected to go see him!

Robert Michel

I recently had cataract surgery. Dr. Waring and his team of professionals made me feel relaxed and confident while they walked me through the process explaining what I should expect at every stage. My eyesight is back to normal and for the first time in twenty years, I don’t need glasses.

Eric Bash

Y’all rock

dale kieber

Well, you know, you grow up and you learn to keep a piece of healthy skepticism in mind on anything you hear but with Dr. Waring you can leave the skepticism at the front door , everything came to pass as he explained and it was all good, great staff , nice office, I'll go back for my other eye ! GOOD STUFF !

Michele Duffy

As a cataract patient on the younger end of the scale, I was quite nervous about having the procedure done. Coming from a medical background, I did my research and Dr. Waring came up again and again as THE Dr. to use for my procedure. I was not disappointed. From the first phone call to Waring Vision Institute, I was put at ease. Dr. Waring's staff was professional, kind and put up with my very lame jokes throughout the process to make it almost fun. Dr. Waring himself is very competent and kind – a rare combination in a surgeon at the top of his game! Five stars are hardly enough…I would give them hundreds if possible!

Richard Weathers

Elaine Teague

Olivia Dewitt

I’ve had some bad experience with eye doctors over the years but not at this office. Dr. Waring has changed my life in so ways. Thanks to him I’m able to drive again. I’m so glad I found him and his staff. I would recommend this office to anyone!

Carolina Climate Control Office Manager

This was the most fantastic experience in my life! From the minute of walking in and being greeted by the most fabulous receptionists to all the staff and of course, Dr. Waring himself. It’s been a little over a month post my PRK surgery & I am seeing better than I did with glasses (currently at 20/15)! Dr. Waring and his staff took such great care of me and made this an effortless experience. They worked around my schedule & traveling during Christmas and even set my post up in Atlanta for convenience. I would do this a million times over again and recommend this to anyone who wants to change their life! No more glasses!!! Thank you to the wonderful people who made this possible!

Jule Smith


Rhonda N

Jeff Erickson

Could not be happier with my first cataract surgery experience. Dr. Waring and the staff at Charleston Surgery Center were efficient, welcoming, and professional. The folks at Waring Vision Institute have been equally reassuring and supportive. I owe them all a debt of gratitude for a job well done.

Shannon Thompson

My name is Tom I am 70 years old and live in Columbia South Carolina. I went for a routine eye examine at my Optometrist, it was then that I found out I had been developing cataracts but did not know how severe they were. I found out besides cataracts I had an eye condition known as pseudoexfloation. In very simple terms it makes it very difficult to place the new lens into position safely. The new lens could drop to the back of the eye and require a second operation, I was scared. So I did some research and found Dr. Waring of Waring Vision Institute. I met with Dr. Waring and immediately felt his confidence and respect. When Dr. Waring talks to you he looks you in the eye and stays focused on you. He explained the procedure of cataract surgery with pseudoexfloation. He also told me how his team would be ready with backup plans in case there were any changes during surgery. As he walked me through these procedures my anxiety began to go away, I totally trusted Dr. Waring. To sum it up I had both cataracts removed from my eyes successfully. His post-op care was fully explained and easy to follow. I can now see things that we all take for granted, however colors, clarity and a whole new depth of vision I can only say amazing. If anyone is reading this please have your cataracts fixed at Waring Vision Institute, it will be one of the best decisions you ever made.

Amy Hiltzik

On time, quick appointments. Friendly staff and excellent care

Susan Whelan

Dr. Waring is simply the best - from initial consultation through post-op. I was extremely nearsighted with astigmatism and very undecided regarding cataract surgery using the multi focal lens when I consulted with Dr. Waring. He explained options and recommended a very specific lens for me. The day after surgery my eye feels completely normal - no pain, no itching, no scratchy feelings - and I am seeing at all distances better than ever. This is awesome for someone who has been wearing glasses for the past 61 years. Dr. Waring is personable, friendly, and patient in addition to professional, and these characteristics are echoed by his staff. Dr. Waring also took the time to personally call to check on me that evening of the surgery. He really cares that you get the best result possible. The entire practice is top notch and I am looking forward to having him perform cataract surgery on my other eye. I give Dr. Waring and his staff 10 stars

Mike Hughes

Kirby Gavin

First visit. Friendly and Professional Staff. Dr Waring explained all aspects of the eye surgery. Would definitely recommend him and his staff.


Very professional.


Dr Waring has taken care of some very serious problems and brought my vision back to 20/20, 20/40

Jennifer Wallace

No more glasses! I had LASIK one morning, took a nap, and when I woke up, BOOM, I could see! What a life-changing experience. Dr. Waring is a perfectionist, and I wouldn’t trust my eyes to anyone else.

Sharon Carney

Georgia Murphy

My laser cataract surgery yesterday was a great experience. Thank you, Dr. Waring, your Surgery Center Team and your office team. I’m actually looking forward to having the other eye done next week. My vision since cataract surgery on both eyes in June is just amazing! I am still so pleased with Dr. Waring and all his staff and highly recommend Waring Vision Institute.

Janiece Judkins

Dr. Waring and his team were simply AMAZING! I love how easy everything was from start to finish! I could not have imagined a better experience for getting Lasik done. From the moment I walked in for my consultation to leaving my next day post opp appointment a few weeks later, I felt nothing but care and compassion. I would 100% recommend Dr. Waring and the Waring Vision institute for any of your eye needs. I love my new vision!

Gail MacDonald

Ellen Frisch

Kayleen Martin

Dr.Waring has been my eye doctor since moving to the Low Country. He has done an amazing job with my eyes. Visiting his clinic is always a pleasure. Everyone is so professional,friendly. The facilities are inviting and comfortable. I cannot say enough good things to describe The entire Waring Vision Institute.

Ben Le Clercq

Dr. George Waring is the best Ophthalmologist around. He gave me a "tour" of my eyes with more detail than I've ever gotten from a physician. He showed me photos and diagrams of the lens, cornea, and eyelid for each eye. His office is great, very comfortable and spacious and his staff is extremely personable, professional and helpful. Two thumbs up for the Waring Vision Institute!

Laura Hogan

Great staff who made me feel very comfortable. Everything was explained in great detail.

simmons david

jeanne davinroy

After wearing glasses or contacts since I was ten years old I finally had the opportunity to have perfect vision!! What a gift! Dr Waring and his entire staff were amazing to work with. Not only were they personable and resourceful throughout the entire process but they made me feel completely sure about my decision to do LASIK. Dr. Waring and his team were able to confidently answer every question I had about the procedure, making sure I was knowledgeable about my decision. The day of surgery was quick, easy and comfortable. The best part about it was waking up the next morning and being able to clearly SEE the alarm clock! I would highly recommend Dr. Waring and his team if you’re looking for perfection!

Chuck Epps

Paul Gormisky

A world renowned physician. The highest quality of care. Excellent staff. Leading edge techniques and facilities. If you want the best, this is where you go.

Allen W. Hale

Dr. Waring is outstanding; excellent with patients and an outstanding eye surgeon; extremely professional staff

Katherine Lundy

File under 'Bionic Eyes' -- Being older and having sustained many years of intense sun exposure, I was diagnosed two-three years ago as having bilateral cataracts (cloudy lens in the eye). I have just completed cataract extractions and lens replacements (one for distant vision, one for near vision). Happy to report that procedure is exceedingly simple (on receiving end) and the outcome extraordinary! I hadn't realized how impaired my vision was, but the distance lens right eye overrides the near vision input of left eye now enabling me to see things I hadn't been able to see for years without corrective lenses -- I can read the signs at the far end of grocery aisle, all kinds of traffic signs, see details in the landscape, and so much more it's almost sensory overload. With the near lens left eye overriding the right, i can focus on and perceive closer objects (computer screens, cell phone, book) clearly. This phenomenon is called monocular (one eyed) vision as opposed to the usual 'binocular' (two eyed) vision, and is facilitated by the brain's 'neuroplasticity', or ability to adapt/compensate. Changing things up!!! Absolutely amazing, almost painless, and with the laser in operation, one could even say psychedelic. A huge shout out to George Waring, IV, refractive eye surgeon and ophthalmologist extraordinaire at MUSC Storm Eye Center. Cheers!!!

Cathy Z

When I moved to Charleston last year, I barely passed my eye test for my driver’s license...with my distance glasses on. I felt like I spent more time looking for my readers (cheaters) than actually reading. And, most of the time, they were on my head! Even with them, I was using a magnifying glass to read some things. I did some research and chose Waring Vision as my new eye doctor. From the moment I walked in the office, the staff was welcoming and smiling. After my eyes were tested on numerous machines and the standard eye charts were was clear to me that glasses would not give me what I wanted. I wanted to be able to see distance to drive and be able to read WITHOUT glasses. Dr. Waring came up with a plan that gave me just that! I had Refractive Lens Exchange surgery. My left eye was done one week, and the right, the following week. After the first surgery, I could read with no glasses! The second surgery, on my right eye, which had a severe astigmatism, was also super successful! I am seeing 20/20 in both eyes! As a side note, my husband is very happy too. I think he doesn’t even mind shopping with me now. I’m not saying, “what’s that say?” on everything we see, lol! Thank you Dr. Waring and your wonderful staff!

Tom Burke

T. Strobel

Angela Davis

Excellent care & everyone there is so professional and nice. I would recommend to anyone needing vision care!

Cheryl Williams

Thuy Mai

Best decision I made ever! I’m a contact wearer for 13 years. I wanted LASIK done so I called for a consultation and Dr. Waring and his staff is awesome. They are very knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. I trust these people because to help me with having this procedure done because coming into this place on the first consultation Dr. Waring was able to see I have thin corneas and recommended that I do prk, the price was the same so I did not feel like it was an upsale at all but more like it’s in the most benefit of me. I’m so glad I chose here of the 3 places I’ve consulted.

Karen Bunch

Many, many thanks to Dr. Waring, his staff, and the surgical center for a 'gold standard' experience. As a registered nurse I am very fussy about choosing medical providers, and in the Charleston area there are several extremely qualified opthalmic surgeons. After my initial consultation with Dr. Waring I walked out feeling terrific about my decision to have him perform my cataract surgeries. Dr. Waring was very clear with his explanations regarding types of lenses but also was very clear about their limitations. Based on my daily activities and hobbies I was able to decide which lenses were right for me. In addition, I also value the ancillary personnel in the office because they are just one of many 'spokes in the wheel.' All treated me in a positive professional manner, were knowledgeable, and helpful answering questions. I am now two weeks post-op. My vision is beyond my expectation. I am so grateful and blessed. Thank you.

Daniel Lyons

I couldn’t expect a more professional organization. From reception to staff to Dr. Waring...they are all Top Shelf. It’s obvious Dr. Waring has put together a very capable and patient focused team.


Dr. Waring and the staff at Waring Vision are incredible. While there, they conducted tests, made a plan to fix my eye issues (and there’s a lot), and did it in a way that made sense to me and I feel completely comfortable with. Excited to move forward with my procedure.

Stacey McLoughlin

Don Neuroth

Excellent visit staff is outstanding very professional make you feel good you know you are in very good hands when you go to the Waring Vision Center.

Lori Pitner

Melanie Mauldin

Paul Thebo

Jessica Chandler

Having Lasik from Waring Vision Institute was the BEST decision I have ever made! Dr Waring and his staff explained every single step of the process and I always knew what was going on! I know i was in the best hands possible! I highly recommend Dr Waring!!

Julie Ulrich

Jonny H

Excellent care!

David Poole

First, Dr. Waring is a fabulous physician. He has built a great staff around him. Highly recommended!

Jenna Tenaglia

I just had LASIK last week at the Waring Vision Institute and I’m delighted with the results! After almost 30 years of complete dependence on contacts & glasses, I’m seeing the world clearly with my own two eyes. It’s nothing short of a miracle. I had an extremely high prescription, and I wasn’t sure I would even be a candidate for LASIK. What put my mind at ease and convinced me that the Waring Institute was the right place for me, was simply Dr Waring’s enthusiasm for his field and desire for the best outcomes for his patients. It was evident to me that he loves his work, and he will work with you to find the right treatment to give you the best possible results. I can’t thank Dr Waring and all of his wonderful staff enough for working with me and giving me this life changing opportunity.

Gail Mellen

I drive 2 hours one way from my home to the Waring Vision Institute. I would not consider seeing anyone but Dr. George Waring for my complicated eye problems which include cornea transplant, cataract surgery, and dry eye treatment. He is a knowledgeable and caring physician. The staff are also wonderful. They are so pleasant and professional. I have never had to wait more than 10 minutes.

Pat Baker

Dr. Waring has cared for my eyes since 2015. My husband and I are very pleased with the personal and technically excellent aspects of his practice.

Cathy Fischer

Staff was friendly, thorough, professional and attentive. I was very pleased with the staff and Dr Waring!

Kristina Istre

Excellent surgeon for crosslinking and intacs!

Roberta Whiteside

Betty McIntosh

Positive experience. Dr. Waring and his assistants are very nice, helpful, and knowledgeable. Dr. Waring is very attentive to your vision concerns and offers a variety of options available to address your specific vision concerns. Dr. Waring and his staff are there with the service and information you need to make informed decisions. Dr. Waring's office also has state of the art equipment. In my case, I needed surgery, and it went very well with no pain or problems during or afterward. I highly recommend Waring Vision Institute.

isabel driggers

Efficient, informative and thorough!

Paul Dinda

As I told Dr. Waring and his staff this morning during my post-surgery appointment: You are miracle-workers. I also told them: Were it not for not only the vast improvement in my vision after my cataract surgery, but also the speed now in my cognitive processing, I'd have really been challenged to avoid a vehicle accident en route to my appointment. I could see the situation instantly and formulate and execute avoiding t-boning someone on Highway 17. Many, many, many thanks to Dr. Warring and all involved in my cataract treatment.

Susie Armstrong

Although Dr. Waring is very nice, the staff at both the downtown and Mt Pleasant offices are totally incompetent. Every time I have visited the offices, no one has a clue what's going on! The wait is always absurd and the employees are more concerned about their personal lives than checking people in! I went ahead and had the surgery here but in hindsight, wish I had gone to a different specialist that had an aftercare staff. It's unbelievable that there is such a lack of customer service here-I would not recommend it! To give you an example I have now called twice, emailed through the MUSC system and visited the office twice JUST to get an eyeglass prescription

steve stanec

Pug Muffin

Sarah Kemp

Alan Obstler

Professionalism at all levels!

Kathie Massalon

Frederick Linett

Excellent serrvice. Very professional

Samantha Dalton

William Trattler

George Waring IV is a highly respected refractive and cataract surgeon. Dr. Waring lectures at many conferences both in the US and Internationally, and he provides advice on both current and future technologies for improving surgical outcomes. I highly recommend Dr. Waring for patients with cataracts, Refractive Surgery (such as LASIK), as well as new surgeries for presbyopia such as Kamra.

LeeAnn Jones

Sue Dostal

The diagnostic work-up was very thorough before I even saw Dr. Waring. Since I am facing cateract surgery, an exhaustive evaluation was an important threshold criteria for me. And Dr. Waring was equally thorough & detailed in outlining the conditions contributing to my reduced vision, and the treatments available for improvement. He took time to allow me to ask questions, and gave very detailed yet understandable, answers.

Nathan Yokobosky

Dr. Waring and his team are superb. To the high-tech imaging devices available; friendly, knowledgeable staff, state of the art laser equipment; to the beautiful office; everything about the experience is top notch. My astigmatism was diagnosed many years ago as being caused my degenerative keratoconus; however, the specialists I visited said that there were no treatments for the disease. I had done enough research to know about a revolutionary corneal cross-linking and Intacs treatment that I knew helped similar cases to myself. After choosing to make an appointment at Dr. Waring, I found that treatment. His staff knew exactly what trouble I was facing and how important it was to reverse the degeneration. Dr. Waring’s process not only saved my eye from needing an eventual transplant, but also improved my vision. Thanks to all the staff at the office for making this possible.

Jack Pitzer

Dr. Waring is a fantastic ophthalmologist. I went to him for cataract surgery, but he is the total package of vision care. You can't go wrong with Dr. Waring

Jeff Couick

I recently completed cataract/lens replacement surgery on my right and left eye. Dr Waring fully explained why the surgery was needed and what to expect. The surgeries went exactly as planned and the results have been outstanding. My vision has been restored to better than 20/20, I had no idea my vision had gotten as bad as it was. I was motivated to have the surgery because I could no longer see the golf ball off the tee box, since I rarely hit the fairway this was a big problem. I am happy to say I still can't hit the fairway with any consistency, but now I know where my ball went! Dr Waring and his staff are outstanding, the best medical experience I have ever had.

tim smith

Fantastic physician eye surgeon. Support personnel are excellent. Dr. Waring is great. The people at the front desk are caring, friendly and accurate.

Elizabeth Vardell

As an active woman who never wore glasses, I was increasingly frustrated by having to wear "readers" to read anything with fine print. Eventually, I was putting my glasses on and off all day...from the computer to cooking dinner! I had glasses in every room and still never managed to find the right ones when I needed them! Reluctantly, I went to Dr. Waring to see if he could take the frustration out of my life. I was hesitant to have lens replacement surgery because I have always had excellent distance vision. Wow, what a difference! My only regret is that I didn't do this years ago! Less than 24 hours after surgery, I was reading without glasses. And my distance vision has actually improved! There was no pain associated with the surgery and his office staff went out of their way to make the surgery as seamless as possible. Dr. Waring is a gifted, talented, caring surgeon. I cannot thank him and his staff enough for this life changing surgery!

Lisa Pass

Great staff and facility. I was comfortable and relaxed for my surgery, I felt like Dr. Waring always had time for me

Deborah Coakley

Alan Nathanson

First-rate experience.

George Pearce

I had been told previously by 2 doctors that there was nothing that could be done for my eyesight. After the procedure I am seeing things I did not know existed. Its amazing what I can see!!! I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Waring. I have been referring others to him.

Renzi Norris

Friendly office staff. Great service. Very thorough with explanations. Would highly suggest. Dr Waring was able to diagnose the problem that no one else was able to and was able to correct it. Can't thank him enough.

Leah Niblett

All of the staff has been very kind and professional. Dr. Waring is thoughtful and cares about each patient and their experience and outcomes. Highly recommend Waring Vision for any of your needs. Really glad I made this choice and I’d make the same choice again.

Randi Gross

Matt C

I just had LASIK one week ago with Dr. Waring and I couldn’t be happier with my experience. From my initial consultation, to my procedure, to the post op visits, Dr. Waring and his staff have been incredible. As a longtime contact lens user, I never really seriously considered correcting my vision through surgery. However, after several friends highly recommended the surgery and Dr. Waring’s practice (to quote them all, “the best thing I have ever done”), I decided to visit Dr. Waring for a consultation. During the consultation Dr. Waring and his staff were very professional as they conducted a thorough analysis of my eyes. At the conclusion of the consultation Dr. Waring reviewed my test results and presented me with several options. Dr. Waring walked me through the pros and cons to each procedure, answering all my questions thoroughly, and helped guide me to the right decision for me based on the end goals I hoped to achieve. I had the procedure a few weeks later and couldn’t be happier. As I mentioned above when I first met with Dr. Waring I was on the fence on whether or not to move forward with the procedure. In fact, I can honestly say I probably would not have had this elective procedure with any other doctor. However, from the beginning I felt comfortable with Dr. Waring and his staff. This has been a great experience thus far and I cannot thank Dr. Waring and his staff enough. They are the best and I highly recommend them.

Brittany Shealy

I had ICL surgery by Dr. Waring a few years ago, and I couldn't be happier! Such a wonderful doctor and wonderful staff!

christine vanscoy

Dr. Waring did my Lasik surgery and I now have 20/15 vision. Dr Waring and his staff are amazing and took great care of me! I can’t thank you enough. I wish I did it sooner.

paula smith

This was my first visit. i will have follow ups as I am having cataract surgery. I had been to another opthalmologist, and it had felt like an "assembly line", Dr Waring office takes their time and gave me individualized attention . Update, my cataracts have now been removed, and I can’t say enough about Dr Waring and his awesome staff. They take their time and I couldn’t be happier with my results.

Brynn F. Borgerding

Dr. Waring changed my whole life. There aren’t words. Previously I had a -11.00 script & was suffering from GPC that never seemed to heal. My eyes were beginning to see damage due to heavy contact lens wear. I had seen a few other providers about the possibility of LASIK for myself. I was a candidate. Nothing more was ever said to me about the consequences that LASIK could have for me with a high script. Dr. Waring was the only one who gave me the honest truth on everything. I went with Visian ICL's. Best money I ever spent!

Joanne Walsh

I thought the visits to the office were well organized, experienced and professional. I think Dr. Waring is a caring, professional physician and very adept with his knowledge & expertise. i would recommend his practice.

Joseph Harkins

I was very happy with the reception, timely attention to my eye care, and the business/friendly attitude displayed by Dr. Waring and his staff.

Judy Pleunik

I found Dr. Waring on google! I was on vacation for a month and decided this would be a great time to have my eyes checked! When I did I found out several things wrong with them including cataracts! I was so blessed to be able to have Dr. Waring work me in for the surgery! I am sure it took hm away from hs private time. His entire staff treats you like your the only one that matters ! I am from Ohio and more than happy I made the amazing choice to be Dr. Warings patient ! He also took the time to address a couple issues my husband had! Blessings Judy and Bernie

E Baker

I have entrusted Dr. Waring with my eye care since 2015 starting with cataract surgery followed by glaucoma detection and care. I am comfortable with the results. He has provided clear information and guidance on the issues at hand and on any needed follow up. Also, his support staff is excellent.

Nancy D.

My story has a happy ending, and it’s thanks to Dr. George Waring. For many years I managed with extreme nearsightedness and astigmatism that was corrected with contact lenses - until I developed contact lens intolerance from prolonged use. Glasses were too thick to wear safely for any length of time. I was running out of options, and my quality of life was looking to take a serious downturn. It was my very good fortune to be referred to Dr. Waring. From the very first contact, Dr. Waring and his staff were highly professional and caring, and consistently so. This is a first class, high quality team. I felt I was in good hands and in the right place. Dr. Waring performed Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) surgery on both eyes, and it has truly been a miracle for me. I can see better now than I could with contact lenses. Thanks to Dr. Waring’s exceptional skill and thoughtful care, I can continue working and enjoying life. I am grateful beyond words for this amazing outcome.

Jules McMillan

The entire experience was excellent. Professional and personable staff.

Julie Lesch

Dr. Waring literally saved my loved ones sight. He had been to Storm eye center, with poor results. He had a detached retina, with previous surgeries and when he got to Dr. Waring his eyes had gotten worse. He had a cataract and glaucoma. Dr Waring did the surgery and his vision is starting to return. We can’t say enough or express the level of gratitude to find a doctor who is so competent, caring and capable. How does one truly thank someone for the gift of sight??

Trotte Stone

Eva Czock

Every time I have an appointment at Dr. Waring’s office, I am surprised how professional the staff is - and Dr. Waring is excellent. He is the best!!

Nancy Wilson

Great doctor who does incredible work. Staff is absolutely wonderful - great expertise and professionalism. I am so glad I found Dr. Waring - I recommend the Waring Vision Institute to anyone who is looking for an excellent doctor to care for their eyes. I give this practice my highest endorsement!

Susan Beattie

Dr Waring presents both exceptional professional expertise AND outstanding relationship building skills. I felt like he cared @ me and wanted me to have a good experience under his care! And I did!!!! He gave a clear explanations, .always asked if I had questions or if there was anything else he could do. Similarly his office staff and technicians were personable and efficient. Personally I wanted to be cared for by a practice who believed that exhibiting a caring attitude toward the patient is a VALUED ADDED to great surgical prowess !!!!! I would recommend Dr Waring without hesitation!

Pete Gaynor

Priscilla Williams

Always friendly, professionally informed, caring, and helpful. The office is extremely relaxing.

Warren Schuchardt

This is the most amazing practice I have ever experienced. The staff is all smiles and explains each procedure from your initial consultation through your last follow up. Dr Waring is an amazing physician. He answers all of your questions before your procedure and tells you what he is doing during the procedure. I found this to be very comforting. The results of my surgery are amazing. Cataracts removed and my vision is 20/20 without glasses for the first time in 60 years!

Ken Baroody

Dr Waring is so knowledgeable. I know that I will always receive the best eye care as his patient. He is very thorough when discussing my eye exam, and he very patiently answers all my questions. And I always have lots of questions! His staff members are also very kind and helpful. His office has the latest state-of-the-art equipment. I think Dr Waring is absolutely the best!

Robert Lanier

I am very pleased with the courtesy and professionalism of Dr Waring’s staff As for Dr Waring he is in my opinion an excellent doctor. He takes time to explain what he has found with your eyes and the procedure if needed. I would recommend Dr Waring and his practice to anyone.

Lanita Gray

First visit was impressive. Nice office with nice staff. State of the art equipment with no wait appointments. Doctor was very informative and gave me several options regarding treatment.

Mikell Murray

The results from my lens replacement surgery have been remarkable! Dr Waring and his staff did an outstanding job of evaluating my condition, explaining the options and establishing realistic expectations for the surgery. I’m looking forward to getting the second eye fixed. I highly recommend Dr Waring and the Waring Vision Institute.

Donna Anderson

John Ward

20/20 Vision again! After 30 years of wearing contact lens or glasses, I am now reading the morning newspaper without glasses. I highly recommend Dr. Waring for cataract surgery and other eye care. Both before and during my cataract surgery, Dr. Waring explained very clearly what would and was happening. The results are more than I anticipated. I would do it again in a minute. 20/20 Vision without glasses.

Chris Ambrose

Dr. Smith recommended Dr. Waring who also is an expert in his field. My experience was delightful! Brandon, Dr. Waring, and a beautiful councilor made it so. Pictures, marble, windows...also helped me feel among friends. Thank you.

Jonathan Cain

Ernest Gillard

Excellent experience. Very precise on every detail from start to finish. It became pretty obvious early on that they have high standards and Dr. Waring leads the way. Highly recommended.

David Bardi

Dr. Waring is a brilliant surgeon, and I would highly recommend him. After being referred to Dr. Waring, due to the onset of cataracts, I was immediately impressed by the professionalism of his staff. I walked in the door and I was greeted by name, and then I was taken through a series of tests before meeting with Dr. Waring. I found him to be funny, kind, and extremely knowledgeable; I was immediately put at ease. He explained my options, answer all of my questions, and then worked with me to guide me in the decision making process. Dr Waring visited me in pre-op, post-op, and he even called me at home a couple of times during recovery just to check on me! My implants were installed perfectly, according to my ophthalmologist, Dr Click. After three months of healing, my reading vision was not as good as the doctors expected, so Dr. Waring immediately took me back under his care to determine a solution. We have met several times and we are working towards the best possible solution, as opposed to jumping in with a quick fix. Thank you to Dr. Waring, his team of doctors, and his administrative staff. They are the best team in South Carolina!

Emilia Latorre

My mother's cataract surgery was an incredibly positive experience, without stress, such a blessing.

Sandra DeLaMaza Cagle

My experience with Dr. Waring for PRK surgery was excellent! I had been in contacts for 15+ years and finally decided to look into vision correcting surgery this year. From the initial consult Dr. Waring was very thorough and explained all the surgery options available to me in great detail and in terms I could understand. His bed side manner is impeccable! I felt super comfortable with him and had no hesitation about moving forward to have him do PRK surgery. I am now 30 days post op, and I couldn’t be happier with the results! Dr. Waring is amazing and I have been recommending him to anyone who asks about my vision correcting surgery! Thank you Dr. Waring, you ROCK!


Always a great experience. Dr. Waring and his staff are professional and personable. Dr. Waring is always explains everything himself and never makes you feel rushed. Thank you for such great care!

Tommy Cox

The best that I have been too. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Waring and his team.

page chestnut

Dr Waring and his staff were wonderful!! He talked me through my LASIK procedure and the results are phenomenal. I’m so glad I had this done but especially happy it was done at Waring Vision Institute. .

King Saber

The staff at Waring Vision Institute were excellent and punctual. It had a pleasant atmosphere. Dr. Waring was one of the best ophthalmologists I have ever seen, and I would recommend anybody getting Lasik to come here for it.

Jere Young

Jim hodges

William Walsh

I want to take a few minutes to thank Dr. Waring and his staff for making my Lasik procedure and experience has been well worth the money and definately every minute between the consultation and follow-up. I would highly recommend a consultation with Dr. Waring to see if you are a candidate for Lasik. Again, a huge thanks to Dr. Waring for his expertise, training and care. Sincerely, W. Walsh

Lee Strickland

Dr. Waring is absolutely the best I've ever seen, hands down. 5 stars are not enough. I give him 10. Dr. Waring, I want to thank you and your staff for being so kind and caring and for demonstrating a unique sense of urgency, patience, and concern, along with a willingness to thoughtfully listen and answer questions. A rare find indeed.

landon graham

Gary Scott

Thanks to Dr Waring my vision in both eyes is 20/20! Dr Waring and his staff are accommodating, kind, knowlegable and efficient. I am 100 percent happy that I chose them to handle my vision challenges.

Bonnie Bella

Very professional practice; knowledgeable and engaging staff. Dr. Waring is great on every level.

Nancy Vickowanich

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