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REVIEWS OF Carolina Cornea & Laser Center IN South Carolina

Tom Sinclair

Great doctor and staff. always friendly, courteous and concerned. Dr. Parker made recommendation for my cataract lens implants and did surgery. seeing better than in 40 years.

Matthew Parrish

Kay Waterman

Dr Parker did my LASIK surgery in 1999. It was one of the best decisions I've every made. Everyone over the last 17 years have been wonderful at her office. I am so glad I allowed her to do my surgery and will continue to be a patient there.

John Harmon

Very unhelpful staff. Doctor is ALWAYS running late. Usually end up waiting up to 2 hours just to see the doctor. They don't get their patients in for routine check-ups in a timely manner. Stay away if possible!!

unknown unknown

Google Anne parker Greenville sc to see additional accurate reviews. I'm writing this review anonymously as I still have family members who (unfortunately ) are still a patient at Carolina cornea. Dr. Parker is a good doctor but is not a decently behaving human being. You will spend hours waiting only to finally get to the room and see the doctor for a few minutes as she is always in a huge rush but somehow still finds the time to be arrogant, flippant ,belittling and critical of her patients. Anyone that has worked with her or is currently employed with her only will confirm what everyone else is stating about her lack of professional conduct. She belittles customers on the basis of their weight. Quote "you are bnot a candidate for lasik because you are fat". She told a family member of mine that they could not be a candidate for lasik surgery because she wears cosmetics (which is NOT TRUE). The list could go on and on but I do not recommend this doctor unless you want to be verbally abused and belittled. If you are reading this dr. parker you must learn to be kinder, every person on this planet has their own struggle and the words you say can have a real impact on their life.

MaryAnn Myers

Dr. Parker did both cataract and lasik surgery on me and lasik on my wife. We found her knowledge and skill excellent and her entire staff highly efficient, very professional, and well trained. We recommend her office to everyone. W. P. Myers Spartanburg, S.C.

jr lollis

Very disrespectful for no reason. Should have walked out. First and last visit. Don't do it. Lots of other doctors who appreciate your business.

Lucy Walcher

I have been a patient of Dr. Parker's for many years. Because of complications from another eye surgery by a plastic surgeon in Greenville, I have been to many specialists in the Greenville and Spartanburg area for a second opinion and Dr. Parker wasn't pleased with any of the local recommendations and referred me to the Eye Center at Emory for corrective surgery. I couldn't be more pleased with this amazing physician and her entire staff at Carolina Cornea. Dr. Parker most recently performed cataract surgery in both my eyes. I have been so happy with the results. I can't say enough about the quality of care that I've received from Dr. Parker and her staff.

Michael Rhodes

I’ve been going to Dr Parker for several years due to a recurring autoimmune issue (iritis) in one of my eyes. She is very knowledgeable and has a great support staff. I would also recommend the onsite eyeglass center. Great with prescription/ reader sunglasses too!

Burnett Kelly

Dr Parker and the entire staff are excellent. Their professionalism is exemplary. The difference between 4 and 5 stars is the amount of time from your scheduled appointment time and the time you actually see Dr Parker.

Justin Shutt

I was told 95% of Dr. Parkers patients get to 20/20 or better, but 14 months after surgery it's clear that I guess I'm in the 5%. She basically told me there is not shot of me getting to perfect vision now because my cornea is too thin for a second corrective surgery. I wish I just stayed wearing my contacts. 2 tear duct plugs and daily eye soaks for a year+ now and no, I still have not "gotten used to it"... I just don't see as well as I as I did with corrective lenses. Waiting alone in the exam room for 30 mins every appointment before seeing Dr. P also got old. I also never received the $500 off surgery for doing my "prework" as I was told. The extra star was because it is a clean, professional facility with friendly staff. It's too bad the results don't match and I have to live with subpar eye sight for the rest of my life.

Benjamin Sanders

I had LASIK surgery done by Dr. Parker in January of 2018. I've waited to provide feedback because I wanted to be able to give the most accurate review possible. I was given Dr. Parker's contact information by someone I work with who had a very good experience. During my initial (free) consultation there was a concern I might not be a candidate do to some scaring Dr. Parker could see in my eye. She stated it could be from many things but wanted to eliminate the possibility we could be seeing an early sign of diabetes. In my case, I was shot in the eye with a pellet rifle around age 12 which I assumed caused the spot. Dr. Parker did not want to do the surgery only to have me pay more to do the surgery again later should there be a problem with my eye. I respected that feedback. Dr. Parker is blunt and strait forward. I prefer this from a person in her position. I want to know the facts. Period. In reference to some of these reviews where some people got their feelings hurt because of feedback they thought was negative, people need to grow thicker skins and take information for what it is actually worth. I found the actual surgery to be painless and fast. When I got off the table my vision was 20/20. There was some discomfort in the months after but I expected as much. I followed Dr. Parker's instructions to the best of my ability during my recovery and have made a few life choice changes which have been a benefit in other ways. I give that credit to Dr. Parker. At the six month follow-up, my vision was 20/15. It has been more than a year since my surgery and I have no discomfort and, as far as I can tell, perfect vision. My job is demanding and requires good eye site. I've had bad experiences with contacts and glasses are unforgiving in the rain and in cases where they may fog. Other people's lives and my own may depend on my eye site. LASIK has been the best investment I've made and I would recommend Dr. Parker to anyone who wants an honest, talented eye doctor.

Judson Hines

I see Dr. Parker on average of 6-15 times per year. This is my 28th year with Dr. Parker as my cornea specialist so I do consider myself a credible source. My visits are from 1 hour to 1 hour 25 minutes, a little more or a little less depending on the time and day. Dr. Parker spends on average 6-15 minutes with me on each visit. She provides care, concern, and resolution on each visit. She is to the point and efficient every time. I can't think of ANY reason I would see any other doctor about my eyes.

Robert Fowler

I am self employed and do not have insurance, and i had a major cornea ulcer, and no other doctor would see me! She opened up her office after hours just to treat my eye. Very professional, passionate, and knowledgeable.

Billy Kirby

Dr. Anne Parker, is certainly a specialist in her field. I have been going to Dr. Parker for about 9 years or so. I was going to an eye doctor at Lenscrafters in Spartanburg for eye exam/glasses and mentioned that I would like to see about getting Lasik surgery to clear up my vision. The eye doctor told me I would want to visit with Dr. Parker in Greenville. After my initial check and exam, I was told I was a candidate for Lasik. After having it done years ago, I am convinced that I made the right action for my vision. I always enjoy my visits to her office, whereas her staff has always been polite, courteous and professional. I just had my every 2 year eye check with her last week and am pleased with another pleasant visit. Thanks Dr. Parker, and staff, for your professionalism towards me each time. Many regards, Billy Kirby


Wonderful staff and practice. The optical shop has plenty to choose from for all walks of life.

Ralph Perkins

We have been patients of Doctor Parker for about 10 years. The early visits were just routine check-ups. But in the last few years I have had one cataract operation and my wife has had cataract operations on both eyes all with excellent results. Doctor Parker also referred me to a cornea surgeon to correct a potentially serious problem with excellent results. I have several friends that also use Doctor Parker and they are also very pleased with their eye care.

Amelie Nolen

When I called in to make my appointment I specified that I was looking for implantable contact lenses. My vision is bad enough that I will need ICL and LASIK to have normal vision. I waited in the lobby for 40 min after my appointment time. After a short exam I was told that they do not do ICL surgery in patients younger than 60 because natural lenses are healthier. Maybe for a person with relatively good vision that is the case, but this is my only option to get away from the painfully heavy glasses I have been wearing since I was 3. If you don't offer the service I need don't make the appointment in the first place.


Every visit over the last 3-4 years, she has consistently come off as arrogant/condescending in her interaction and comments. The wait time is a bit ridiculous and then she rushed through the appointment, not listening and interrupting or talking over me. She seems competent but would benefit from some intense coaching on her social skills.

Justin Pavatte

Billing department is very understanding! Highly recommended!

Crystal Smith

Staff is highly trained! Excellent customer service. Dr..arker is brilliant and keeps herself abreast of the newest technology.

gyg Rosales

I want to do lasik surgery....

Lee McAbee

I have been a patient of Dr. Parker for over 20 years. I first began going to her when I was having problems with my contact lenses. Whereas my previous doctor had misdiagnosed my problem as "dry eyes" and told me to use rewetting drops, Dr. Parker diagnosed my problem within a minute of looking at my eyes and came up with a plan to treat the issue. Later, when laser surgery became available, I was one of her first patients to undergo the laser treatment and I am still enjoying great vision today. I have sent friends and family members to Dr. Parker for laser surgery and, in the case of my mom, a cornea transplant. All have had good results. Simply put, there is just no one that I would trust more with my vision than Dr. Anne Parker! Lee McAbee Greenville, South Carolina

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