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REVIEWS OF The LASIK Vision Institute IN Rhode Island

Jacob Broadbent

John Smithe

This was the best decision I ever made! The doctors and staff are knowledgeable and courteous. Everything is explained to you step by step before, during, and after the procedure, there are no surprises and the procedure itself was fast and painless. I recommend LASIK Vision Institute to anyone that wants to get rid of the hassle of glasses and contacts for good.

Juan Delgado

It was the experience that I have had going to eye doctor appointment in my life

Denisses Cortorreal


brian velasquez

Let me start by saying i never write reviews. These people are a Godsend. Genie was amazing. seeing 20/15 already and its only been a day. Cant believe i waited so long, would do the procedure every year if i had to. Was well worth it.

Danielle Curtin

I wish I would have done this years ago! The folks at the Providence location are amazing, every single person I interacted with was friendly and helpful, answering every question I could come up with. I felt totally at ease from my first appointment, through the procedure, and all of my follow-ups. I recommend lasik at The Lasik Vision Institute to anyone considering the procedure.

Bryan Levesque

Had my lasik procedure done here 1 week ago today! The staff was wonderful and made the process really easy and the price was very reasonable. As far as the procedure was a piece of cake! Went in last Thursday at 2:15pm and I was in my tree stand Friday morning at 5:30am with perfect 20/20 vision. I couldn't be happier with the whole process.

Sang Viens

Super friendly staff and very informative. Would recommend to anyone looking to do this procedure!


Amazing doctors and staff. Procedure was quick and painless with little recovery. Best decision ever!!

Allie Ruel

I went for a consultation at the Burlington, MA office on a Saturday. They tell you to be prepared to wait a while as they are processing a lot of people for consultations and there will be a bit of waiting the day of. Consult was great there, all the staff was helpful and polite. They discussed plans and got me scheduled for the upcoming Thursday. I chose to go to the Providence office, since I live just south of Boston its easier to travel to on a weekday than Burlington. Day of my surgery I arrived at two and wrapped up around 430. The procedure was quick and painless. You need someone to drive you home as you need to close your eyes after to let them heal. I had been wearing glasses since I was 8 years old and had 20/800 vision and now I have 20/20 vision! A few takeaways from my experience: - Not everyone is a candidate for Lasik. It depends on how much tissue there is i your eye to work with. Its not their fault if you get to the end of your consult and come up empty, reviewing if you're a candidate is what the consult is for. - You have to wear your glasses for the days leading up to your surgery. - The procedure itself is like 10 minutes. It's not the most pleasant thing (it is eye surgery afterall) but it doesn't hurt. - Your eyes sting/burn for like an hour after. They say to keep your eyes closed for 4 hours after and with the sting/burn sensation its hard to not open them and blink but just keep them shut. - Make sure you have all the drops you need before the appt. so you can start using them that night. The last thing you want to do if be at the pharmacy trying to get a prescription filled after surgery. You need a steroid and antibiotic. - Follow the eye drop regimen they give you, its important to keep your eyes from being dry!!


I should have done this sooner. I’m the type of person to go could not function without my glasses. Now, I can’t DRIVE!! I wake up in the morning and I can SEE everything!!

Vanessa Ciancio

I had Lasik in July, I'm so happy I went through with it!! I was terrified of the procedure and almost panicked and backed out at the very last second but the two technicians and doctor were amazing!!!! The doctor had a wonderful bedside manner, he very calmly walked me through the entire procedure. The experience was pleasant thanks to their ability to work seamless together. The communication between them was smooth, everyone knew their job, exactly when to do every step and smoothly worked through the process. I couldn't have asked for a better team!! Although the after care is some work and the directions must be very strictly followed, having lasik was one of the best decisions I've ever made!! Every recheck visit has been a pleasure! The women who run the office always greet you with a smile!! I would highly recommend Lasik Vision Institute to anyone looking to improve their vision.

Engy Mekhaeil

I now have 20/20 vision! It was such an easy procedure and the staff is so great! Dr Henen was great and answered all my questions/concerns. Highly recommend.

Andrew Whitman

All of the employees at the institute were super kind and knowledgable. The surgery itself takes maybe 10 minutes total and I was seeing 20/20 in less than 24 hours. If you're on the fence about getting LASIK, give the free consultation a shot and ask them any questions you may have.

Rachel Mariee

Amazing Experience!!! Thank You for making this process easy and anxious free Highly Recommend (:

Liane Verville

Great service friendly staff

joe raposo

Great service, friendly staff made me feel comfortable throughout the entire procedure.

Ryan Prentiss

Very friendly staff that explain things and out with very little wait time.


George Al-Amir

I’ll be honest, the post surgery recovery was smooth but the doctor didnt make me comfortable at all. I told her i couldnt afford it about 20 different times in the span of 10 minutes when she kept trying to sell me on getting it. It turned from being a consultation at a doctors office to feeling like I was buying a car at a shady dealership, I was a college student at the time with no job and knew my finances and didnt want to get into a financial situation i couldnt pull myself out of. Also, I was going back to school soon and she didnt have any immediate surgery dates, and i couldnt afford to take time off classes to recover. So, i told her i would be back after the semester when I have time and the money to do it, she didnt listen to me. I kept telling her I needed to consult with my dad and she kept telling me that “this deal only lasts for so and so”, just sales tricks. The reason i needed to consult with my dad was because online it was advertised for a lot less so i didnt wanna go ahead and throw thousands more out the window without some advice from family first. im beginning to think they get paid bonuses on commission, because she was acting like her paycheck depending on my sale lol. She persuaded me to put down a $100 deposit to “hold” my surgery appointment date before it gets booked by someone else and i lose it. The only reason i gave her the 100 bux was to get her off my back and then got a refund late when i called to cancel. Such an annoying process. Anyways, i came back about 6 months later (as promised) and the surgery went smooth. been about a year and a half now and my vision is fine, even though the price was $3000 more than advertised it was the most affordable in the area. I didnt need a shady saleswoman to tell me when i needed the surgery, i got it when i was comfortable and it was a good decision because i got it at a good time. I would suggest coming here only if you’re prepared to pay around $3500 for your surgery, which isnt too bad, just falsely advertised on the radio and online, and you dont need time to think about it , and i only got that price after looking online for discount codes. (or else you’re gonna be in the office after your evaulation for a long time if you had the same doctor i had) Besides that, the staff for the most part is really friendly and the office inside looks nice, clean, and modern.

Chris Qubeck

Michelle Butler

Loved everything about my experience here! From the free consultation, to surgery and the follow up appointments! I had the PRK surgery and it has changed my life! The staff was incredible to work with, especially Jeanne! They make you feel right at home and make the process as simple as possible. I have recommended and will continue to recommend the lasik vision institute to anyone considering surgery!

Jenifer Bolton

This was the best decision ever. I have been wearing glasses/ contacts since I was 13. It has been part of my routine forever. Iv heard great things from others on their lasik experiences and figured I was due for a new pair of glasses and contacts, so made an appointment with lasik vision instead. I ended up leaving that day with a booked appointment in 2 weeks. 4 stars only because the actual procedure day I was there forever. My appointment time passed and i watched about 4 others go before me. Wish I would of been more informed on the long waiting time due to needing someone to drive me after the procedure. Other then that I was in and out with the doctor who did an amazing job keeping me calm and even talking to me while doing the procedure. Quick recovery. Amazing staff. Highly recommend!

Ryanne Flannery

The experience was great from start to finish. Affordable, friendly, caring, straight forward. I am so pleased with the outcome. I’m six months post op and have 20/16 vision!

David Deighan

Wholeheartedly recommend this office for your Lasix surgery. Professional people and top notch care!

a ik

I had a consultation on Tuesday and on Thursday I had my surgery! It went very well! I had 20/20 vision the next day and my eye sight is just getting better each day! I was not even sure I would be a candidate due to an autoimmune disease I have that causes dry eyes but the doctor knew exactly what would work for me and I have not had any problems recovering from the surgery. I had lasik and contoura done in both eyes, so far everything is great! I was very nervous before getting this surgery and the staff was very comforting during the whole process, the doctor explained the whole surgery before it was done and then walked me through each step as it was going on. I highly recommend the Lasik vision institute in Providence. They are really great!

Ralph Tremblay

Amy Bratter

Jazmin Callejas

(Translated by Google) One of the best services the people is very friendly and professionals. One of the best places the service is complete very friendly and professional I recommend them. (Original) One of the best services the people is very friendly and professionals. Uno de los mejores lugares el servicio es completo muy amigables y profesionales sé los recomiendo.

Mark Marchioli

I had my LASIK procedure a week ago and wish I would have done it sooner, but one thing I know I wouldn’t change is I wouldn’t do it anywhere else! The thing that sets the Providence location apart from everyone else is the welcoming atmosphere of the team there. Everyone is so nice and accommodating and makes you feel better about the procedure. Dr. Varr was great during the procedure, explaining everything and talking me through it. I was nervous going in but I appreciated everyone in the room being so great. Although it probably takes 5-10 minutes for both eyes, it felt much quicker than that (like 1-2 minutes total) and there was no pain or discomfort during the procedure. After the first eye was done and I knew what was coming, the second eye was a breeze and I was much more relaxed. A friend and I did it together which helped, and they were very accommodating with us! The next day we both went from -3 or worse vision in both eyes to 20/15 vision. We could see clearly right after the surgery was done, which is a great feeling. I don’t usually write reviews, but these people deserve it! They are so good with their patients and make you feel like family. I had read a similar review from someone about that part before I chose here, and it really made it a much more enjoyable experience for me! One suggestion, use the moisturizing drops every fifteen minutes after the surgery to keep your eyes wet. It helps keep your eyes feeling better.

Wendy Delarosa

Excellent, excellent, excellent. Very Happy with the results. I wish I would have done this sooner. Now I can SEE :-) Highly Recommended don't hesitate, this is life changing!!!

Kristin Barry

Best decision I have ever made was to get Lasik and I wouldn't trust any one else more then the Providence team! They are all so professional and kind. Thank you all.

Neha Patel

I had my surgery done in November and the staff is nothing but accommodating to you! They made me feel calm and ease even though I was super anxious for the procedure! I had PRK which does take a few extra days for recovery but it’s amazing how well I can see! No more glasses after 15 years of wearing them! Thank you Lasik Institute to changing my life!

Juli Masi

Like many others, the first thing I asked was "why didn't I do this sooner?".I had a great experience and couldn't be happier with the results. The staff at Lasik PVD are so nice; they greeted me by name, addressed all my questions and concerns and really seemed to care. This is a popular service, so like any medical appointment, plan extra time to be there - you want them to take their time with you too. Highly recommended.

Megan Doherty

The whole team at the lasik vision Institute is wonderful! They answered all of my question before I had to ask them! Would definitely recommend.

Radhames Rodriguez

Every time I visit this place, the staff is phenomenal. Jeannie (consultant) was able to answer every question I had and I felt she was giving me unbiased advice. It was a pleasure speaking with her and everyone at the office including Sharon and Sara (secretaries) who was always readily available at the desk and greeted me with a warm smile . It's been over a year since my successful Lasik procedure and it was one of the best decisions I've made. I would 100% recommended this location and procedure to anyone thinking about it.

sarah stelluto

I went the LVI to get evaluated for lasik and the staff was very helpful and informative. They make the process easy and ensure you that you will be taken care of. Can’t thank LVI enough especially Jeannie for helping me find a solution to my horrible eyesight. Thank you everyone :)

Dinah Billings

Edyna Rodriguez

Wonderful experience from day one. They explain the procedure and answer all your questions at the evaluation and again right before the surgery so you know exactly what to expect. The staff is very friendly, courteous and knowledgeable.

Matthew Cote

Brought my stepdaughter here to get the Lasik procedure done. The folks working here are very pleasant and helpful. Presently waiting in waiting area while awaiting her procedure, i will update when she is done. While waiting here there are quite a few folks walking out smiling and very thankful. Edited update: After a 5 minute painless procedure, my stepdaughter is like those who came out before her. She had to leave with eyes protected but after a lil nap awoke to a 20/20 vision, and very happy.

Lizmarie Morales

John Guerin

Just had my procedure done last Thursday, had a follow up this morning and everything is progressing fine. From initial contact to the follow up process, very friendly as well as professional. From start to this point every question answered, procedure went well but one of the most important aspects was during the initial visits how they represented how your sight will be restored through special glasses and contacts. That sealed the deal for me.

Heidy blue

This place is awesome I have no regrets going here very friendly and professional and the surgeon wow super good made me feel very comfortable and the result

Corinne Staub

Everybody here was fantastic! All of the staff and doctors were informative and helpful. I had a consultation and surgery within a span of 4 days, and I had 20/20 vision 24 hours after the surgery. I highly recommend the Providence LASIK Vision Institute.

Rhiannon S

I had my LASIK surgery yesterday. From consultation to post op, everyone at Lasik Vision Institute was simply amazing. They were incredibly thorough with the consultation, to make sure I was a candidate. I really appreciated that. The surgery itself was so fast and painless I couldn't believe it! Post op was a breeze for me as well. Just some minor discomfort. Today I am officially at 20/20 vision from 20/70 and they suspect I will be 20/15. I am floored with how amazing this has been for me and it has only been just over 24 hours, worth every single penny spent. Thank you, Dr. Varr and everyone at LASIK Vision Institute.

gc here

I just had my surgery yesterday and had some anxiety. They are an awesome group of people who are always smiling and laughing. There is no pressure whatsoever, they dont make you feel like you have to do anything. I had to get the monovision so they gave me contacts to wear for a few days to see if I liked it. The facility is very clean. I will recommend my friends and family to them. Thanks for the great service. Greg C Just had my 1 week checkup today and yes 20/20. I was so excited I went out and bought a new pair of sunglasses.

Paul Macdonald

liz ruggieri

Beyond thrilled with the outcome and it's only been a week!! The staff and doctors are amazing. Could not have asked for a better experience!!

Nicole Mailloux

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!! Absolutely the best thing I ever did for myself! The LASIK Vision Institute doctors and staff were so amazing. Everyone in that office is so kind and informative and helpful. The procedure was less than 15 minutes and painless. By the next morning I already had 20/20 vision in one eye and 20/15 in the other (better than perfect vision). I wish I had done it ten years ago. And Dr. Varr is one of the best in the country! Couldn't have been in better hands. I highly highly recommend it and them!!

Juan S

Al Lombardi

I had a great experience at Lasik Vision Institute. Everyone was super nice, and super knowledgeable of everything they were talking about. Surgery was approximately 10mins and the doctor spoke me through the whole thing. Everything was flawless and I would 100% recommend it to anyone else who is interested in Lasik

Jim Aubin

Had prk surgery on may 30 2019 and had my 1 month exam last week. Each eye is 20/25 individually and 20/20 together, and still healing. Great place, very professional. I highly recommend!

curtis perry

Very professional. Great service

heronn freitas

Cynthia H

From beginning to end,,,, my experience was so easy and so positive! The entire staff makes you feel so comfortable and at ease. My eyes will take a little longer to perfect vision since I had to do PRK , but my only regret is that I didn’t do this sooner! I even had a concern on a Sunday night and Dr Varr had called me to reassure me everything was ok and gave me his office number to call for the next day in case I developed some issues. Great bedside manner and explained every step of the way before and during the procedure , which was helpful since you haven’t a clue what they will be doing . I highly recommend the team at Lasik Vision Institute in Providence!! Thank you!!!

Theresa Carvalho

I had my procedure done yesterday and I am completely satisfied with the results the staff its amazing friendly they go true everything with u Sara the manager she is excellent the Doutor was Dr varr he was great god bless his hands from doing a beautiful job I had done a modern vision one eye for far and one for close u recommend this place to everyone,

Gina Francese

I had a lasik procedure on Thursday and on Friday I wasn’t wearing glasses. Should have done this so much sooner. Dr Varr and the office staff were wonderful and explained everything. Very knowledgeable about the whole procedure. Jeannie could see that I was nervous and after speaking with her I was much more calmer. Kudos to Jeannie! Would def recommend this establishment. Thank you so much for making me see again!! Procedure was a cinch.

J _

Natasha Vazquez

This place is amazing! My experience is a 10 out of 10. I went in for a consultation without really knowing what was best for me. They did the eye check up and the decision was prk! The surgery was painless and faster than what I thought. Recovery was as told. And overall the staff is amazing. They responded to my concerns in a timely manner. Thank you so much and now I can say I don't need glasses! I would recommend them in a heart beat!

Paula Gallant

John Murphy

Maizie Humphrey

James Gaudreau

100% satisfied! The team at the Providence location was excellent. I would highly recommend to anyone considering laser corrective eye surgery.

Jae y

LVI Providence,RI has shown great service and care for me throughout the whole process. Definitely recommend them to anybody who is interested in getting lasik done. Life changing experience. Thank you! #Yay

Haydee Ortiz

Brienna Quinn

Mike D

A very adept staff with great customer service if you’ve ever met one.

Sonia Stevens

I just had my LASIK procedure yesterday, and it's amazing. Everything is so much clearer. The staff is absolutely wonderful and the surgeon explained the whole process before the surgery. During the surgery he repeated again what was going on and what to expect. I should have done this years ago. Recovery is not a big deal. Just keep using your drops and do what they said. Wonderful experience!!!

Paul Bovenzi

After 40 years of wearing glasses all the time, I finally got LASIK. I just had my 1 year checkup, and I now have 20/20 vision and I am thrilled with how I see. The whole process was great. Everyone in the office is friendly and knowledgeable and helpful. I would recommend this office to anyone. I actually enjoy going to get a check up, because everyone there treats me so well. It was a 100% positive experience.

Carla White

I could not be more happier with my Lasik surgery results from this place! Dr. William Varr did the procedure and he was extremely professional and caring. He talks to you during the procedure about what is going to happen next and that was comforting. The entire staff was amazing. I wish i could remember everyone's name because every single one of them went above and beyond. And a plus was I got the special deal for $220.00 an eye

Lauren Swanson

Excellent service and procedure was seamless!

Samantha Keenan

The experience from beginning to end was wonderful. The staff was very helpful, professional and guided me through all of the post operative procedures. I was nervous for the procedure, Dr. Varr talked me through everything step by step as well as the two assistants that were in the OR. The procedure itself lasted about 15 minutes (for both eyes) and was painless. Sara helped me get all of the paper work, prescriptions lined up and was very helpful in getting the procedure done in a timely manner for me. I had an astigmatism in both eyes, along with severe nearsightedness (Left eye -1.75, Right eye -2.25) I woke up the following morning seeing 20/20. Thank you Lasik Vision Institute for helping me achieve a better quality of life!

Kayla Jones

I used the groupon. Everyone is really friendly.

Dbjunior 123

Super friendly. Better price than other places. 20/15 vision overnight.

Jessica Figueroa

Emily Santos

jesse true

My experience here was amazing. The staff is so helpful and can answer any question you have. The procedure was quick and now I have amazing vision and can’t be happier!

Farouk El Khatib

Great place and great people! You need somebody to drive you after the surgery. I had somebody to pick me up but nobody to drop me off, so I looked up what uber would cost from my house and they took that off the price of the surgery. Procedure is 10 minutes and I got 20/20 vision the day after.

Alexandra Medbury

I’d been considering Lasik for a few years, and finally decided to take the leap. The procedure itself wasn’t nearly as traumatic as expected, and every staff member I spoke with was friendly and knowledgeable. A great experience! Worth it!

david fernandez

Best decision ever

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