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REVIEWS OF Rhode Island Eye Institute IN Rhode Island

Christopher Gabour

One star is too high of a rating for this place. Incompetence runs rampant through the their staff

Kathy Trafford

Providence location: They don't even deserve 1 star. Dr Pearlman was so rude... I can't even begin to tell you. Avoid him. When we walked into the facility we were sternly pointed at because we were heading in the wrong direction. No friendly hello's. Just nasty unhappy workers that point. Seriously, all they do is point! Like their herding animals. When we checked out, again, we were scolded by the workers at the counter and pointed at. An unbelievable rude place. They ought to be ashamed of themselves and the way they treat people. Go somewhere else. There are plenty of other places to go to that care. They don't. You can see by the other reviews there is a definite problem there. Good luck if you choose to ignore these reviews.

Linda Lombardo

I waited 2 and one half hours for a pressure check. No one bothered to tell me that the Doctor was running behind due to an emergency. Needless to say, I call before I leave and try to get early morning appointments. I still waited 35 minutes just for a pressure check. Ridiculous!!! No one ever gets back to you.

sean rielly

This place is ridiculous, no consideration for patients time. Everytime I come for an appointment I'm not seen for 3 to 4 hours. Check out staff is extremely rude. When I told the Doctor that I needed to be at work at a certain time his response was well what's your alternative? This was after I had waited 3 hours after my scheduled appointment.

A Victoria Crompton

Extraordinarily rude staff!

Ava L.

victoria baeger

I called with an eye emergency as a new patient and was seen within 2 hours; the staff were pleasant, helpful and attentive, and the doctor fantastic! The facility is large and has lots of parking, and is conveniently on the East Side.


If I could I would give less than one star. First of all, the woman that sets the appointments is very rude and just plain stupid. I have been going to this place for way too long, about 3 1/2 years. The first time was great, except I had to wait about 3-4 hours. I’m on a medication that has to be checked twice a year, so I won’t go blind. The tests are completely different than any other exam, especially a general eye exam. So, last February, the woman calls to set an appointment and I tell her ( many times), that I’m on a certain medication and I have to be checked for loss of sight. She says “ yep,yep,yep, I know that already, and so does the doctor.” I told her that they have given me a different doctor every time and I have to make sure the dr is aware of the situation. She assured me that it was fine. I go in, dr gives general eye exam. I ask why aren’t I getting the other tests. He says you aren’t scheduled for that and I don’t have time to do it now. They tell me to come back in a year! I ask why, when I have to be seen every 6 months? No response, just do you want to schedule or not. Now mind you, I have a condition and sometimes I can’t absorb all the information right away. I get home, confused, tell my husband what went on. Time passes, and I forget about it. A year passes and they call for another appointment. Same idiot. I go through the same whole spiel, same response. In the meantime, I’m having trouble focusing and am having blurry vision. I tell her. A few weeks pass, I have this overwhelming feeling to call and ask what dr and what type of appointment was set up. Well, just a general eye exam, AGAIN! I ask why? She says that is all I need. I reiterated the entire conversation. She says “ let me check your records to see if they have done this before. She comes back, says “well,you didn’t do one last time but it is in previous notes that you are on that medication,” Duh! She says this appointment coming up is for general too, that’s all you need”. It took everything in me not to scream at her. I asked why would you do that when I was so specific with the fact that I can go blind if I don’t have the proper tests? She would not answer me. I told her that I’ve been having blurry vision and don’t know if it’s my readers or the medication, and since I haven’t been getting the proper tests how are we going to know? She lets out a sigh, and says well I can get you in next month if want that checked. Are you kidding me? I was so angry, that I told her I’d have to call her back. So, bottom line, if you want terrible service, people that are rude and stupid, then this is the place for you! I sure hope I don’t have eye damage because it’s permanent, there is no way to get any lost sight back. I told her that too. Don’t risk your precious eyes at the Rhode Island Eye Institution in Providence.

Patricia Anne Squadrito

I actually got there a little early, about an hour or so and they took me right in. The doctor was very nice(young) and very knowledgeable. I was actually out of there before my original appointment. The staff at the front desk were a little rude for a customer service environment.

Amanda Goodinson

PARENTS: If you are like me and have a child with special needs who sees over 10 specialists and you NEED a provider who understands and is flexible .... THIS IS NOT THE PLACE FOR YOU. I tried to schedule an appointment with Dr. J. Donahue and his office staff has been nothing short of miserable and difficult. I asked what time they open (as I work full-time as well and need early morning appointments) the woman scheduling our appointment said, "we open at 7:45am" PERFECT, RIGHT?! - WRONG. She went on to tell me that the doctor doesn't do consults that early for his new patients.... Then why do you open at 7:45am???? Just inconsiderate to the families they are supposed to be servicing.


Just left there this afternoon.. will never ever be back. Second time there. Can’t even talk normal to anyone there, the whole staff is misery. Then this older Dr made my son sit on his knees , guess they don’t have booster seats lol, and his exam was litterly 5 mins. Think it was Dr Newman.. last time seen Dr Donahue, was much smoother going, which was two years ago. Then asked on the way out the door how to get in with the other Dr the blonde heavy set woman in glasses was so mean to us, my 11 year old daughter couldn’t believe it. I just walked out. Never seen such miserable people. I feel like my 8 year old son didn’t even have a real eye exam, was so unprofessional.. he will be going to a better place near where we live. Wasted time driving there at that, not from there. Ugh never ever again.. and the way the lady with dark hair in back asked me for his insurance card, I didn’t hear her and it was in my purse , she looked mad. So unfriendly, even the Dr . Yuck!!!!!!!!!!!!

Annette Gagne

My husband received excellent care there. The staff and doctors are wonderful. The waiting room is pleasant and quiet.

Neal Lund

? why i was greeted by a friendly woman who told me no appointment no treatment.. even though I'm a patient two times before....go to a hospital she told me.. Tues day at 930....feb21st.. thanks for the help guys... I'll let you know what was in my eye.... unhappy... and in pain....neal.. ..I'll update you on which clinic makes sure I'm ok..

Yang Wang

This place is absolutely awful. I ordered two boxes of contact lenses three months ago, but still one box hasn't arrived. When I called, the receptionist provided no information or apologies. Stay away from this place.

John Marston

Staff are exceptionally rude. One refused to use my correct first name.

Andrea Ruxton

I had an appointment for my son today. It snowed. They closed. They never bothered to call me to cancel. Un-be-lievable!

Roberto Gonzalez

Very dissappointed long waits, and they can't even respond to pharmacy request to update prescriptions.

Krystle Wheeler

The lady at the desk took someone before me that was in back of me in line. She didn't know how to find my insurance info in the system. The doctor was really late about 45minutes past my appointment time. Then he race though it and didn't see the problem that two other eye doctors so before him. Didn't tell my child or me what the symptoms are then just expected her to know if she was having them. Then basically said that he wasn't the right kind of doctor for it. And to make a new appointment with a new doctor that only deals with the mussles of the eye because he didn't see it. But was like I don't even you need to make the appointment. Wow after all that nothing I wasted 1 and 1/2 in that place with one of the dumbest doctor's. I guess the two other eye doctors must be wrong huh???

Mike Naughton

Dr Newton is a real professional. Had cataract surgery. I now have bionic eye.

Michelle Jordan

Dr Perlman is fantastic, the staff at checkout need to be more pleasant.

Jerry Harrington

Another medical facility where the staff treats everyone badly. These angry woman should just stop working and not intetact with other human beings. They obviously are unhappy in their lives and each day take it out on patients. Too bad the doctors are asleep at the wheel...

Lia Avedisian

If I could give them zero stars I would. They don’t care about their patients at all. I called ahead to make an appointment for 1:25pm due to an eye irritation that had been going on for 2 days. At 1:15pm I walked in & the front desk directed me to another desk down the hall. That desk then directed me to the first desk, which then directed me another desk. They had told me that even though I made an appointment for 1:25pm that they were busy until 3:45pm. I thought well, I will miss my first class for school but I would be able to go to my second class around 5:45pm. I then sat down waiting for 2 hours for 3:45pm to roll around. It finally came, & still no one called my name. I saw patients come in as I was sitting & get called within 10 minutes of waiting. It was 4:30pm at this point and I had been there for 3 hours, just sitting. No one assured me that I would be up soon and no one checked in on me. Worrying I would miss my 5:45pm class I walked back up to the front desk and the receptionist ignored me for about 30 seconds. She then looked up & said “yes?” I then said “my original appointment was for 1:25pm & then 3:45pm. It is around 5pm & no one has called me name..” she responded with “They know you’re here”. I sat back down & FINALLY at 6PM (missing my second college class at this point) they called my name. I had been waiting for almost 5 hours. It took the doctor 2 MINS to look at my eye & write me a prescription. The doctor apologized very sincerely for the wait, I do not fault the doctors. If it would have taken him 2 minutes to look at my eye, why did i wait for close to 5 hours?! DO NOT GO THERE AS AN “emergency visit” BECAUSE YOU WILL BE WAITING FOR FAR LONGER THAN NECESSARY. I will never return to this place. Receptionists are rude & inconsiderate, they just are there to collect a pay check.

Paul Tarullo

Dr Newman and his staff are GREAT - for contact lenses _ Angela, Jen and Vi are so helpful and considerate and they make sure you make your appointment and get there on time - have been going there for five years or so

Anne Tillinghast

Patti Faust

Other than over-scheduling which causes long waits, everyone i had contact with was fine. I really liked Jason Karo. He does a thorough explanation of your condition . A great surgery!(And he is cute!) The Seekonk Surgery Center is all nice people. Been there twice!

Julie Sabourin

I made an appointment here months ago. Today I was supposed to see the doctor, but was told I didn't have an appointment! Someone really screwed up and it wasn't me. It's possible I could have gotten the date or time wrong, but to forget that I didn't even make an appointment? Come on. They gave me the option of making another appointment with same doctor in February! I'm sure you can guess what my answer was. I guess there's a good reason why this place has such lousy reviews.

Jessica Mulveny

Rude receptionist not willing to listen or provide any sort of solution. I was told to call here by my normal eye doctor for an emergency visit. The receptionist seemed shocked that I was told to call her and that I should be seen by my normal eye doctor. I explained because of the short notice that I was recommended to call them. Oh well, seems these reviews are all very true

Austin Langton

Excellent great staff.

Cassie Pennoyer

Our first appointment with our former 25 week micro-preemie involved a 2 hour wait due to the doctor being behind because of an emergency appointment. At the time, sitting in the waiting room with our 9 month old daughter was tortuous, but we understood. Three years later we were back because our pediatrician recommended we have her vision checked after their exam showed she may need further treatment or glasses. Our first attempt at an appointment had to be rescheduled due to an insurance issue. We rescheduled and on our ensuing visit were greeted and taken to an exam room promptly. They tried every trick in the book to get our almost 4 year old to cooperate with the exam, but she wasn't having it. The MA was great and was able to quickly and gently put drops into a fidgety toddler's eyes without causing a meltdown. After waiting the required amount of time for her eyes to dilate, we were taken back into an exam room and Dr. Donahue examined her before she had a chance to start squirming. He sent us right over to the optical department to pick out and order glasses. Besides a few bumps in the road, our overall experience was a good one.

Fabio Grajales

Geneva Arnold

Extremley nice and my daughter has recieved excelent care here and contunues to recieve excellent care. Shes enjoys going there tgey are great with kids and kind and curteous to me.

bill Apici

Unorganized. Two hour wait and losing patients

Carlos Vaz

Jim henry

I have been a patient almost a year (detached retina) the quality of care can not be beat. Dr. McCoy and other ophthalmologists on staff are outstanding in their field. Zero complaints.


Appointments take FOREVER. Expect to be there for at least an hour no matter what time of day. Hate how you get your eyes checked in one room and then they move you to another room with all the same equipment to see the doctor. What a waste of time. You sit and wait more time than the actual amount of time you talk to the doctor. Check out secretaries are very rude and unprofessional.


The lady at call center is Extremely rude, unwilling to help & dosen't respond to calls professionally.

Sharon Marino

Dr Nice is excellent but administer should be replaced for extreme incompetence. Totally lacks managing ability.

Castrena Francis

Shannon Magill

I was seen on an emergency referral. I saw Dr. Newton. From the time I walked in, was seen by the doctor and then check out, I was treated with utmost care. I will be switching over here for my eye care.

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