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REVIEWS OF Koch Eye Associates Warwick - Greenwich Ave IN Rhode Island

Sally Arsenault

I found the staff and physicians very courteous, but the centers are woefully understaffed. Long waits for check-in, for lenses, for doctor appointment. Ordered contact lenses more than a month ago and never received. Staff can’t even track them. This is no reflection of the overworked staff, who have been very nice; very apologetic. You need to get the staffing isdues addressed, or will lose customers. Koch needs adequate contact lens staff.

Ken Benson

Dr. Ireland stands head and shoulders above most of the doctors I've met in my experiences. Cataract surgery for both eyes and at 62 I now have 20 20 vision in both . Ten stars for Koch eye associates.

Rick T

The worst ever. For the third time in a row they have my blue cross numbers wrong. I drone to my appointment to be told i had no coverage after they said they called blue cross. I made a quick call and Blue cross said they have no record of a call from Koch and that my coverage was fine. Looking for a new Eye Doctor I ca't even get a supervisor at Kotch tp pick up a phone horrible service

Clara Borges

I rarely post on Facebook. And this is as short a post as I can muster for this event. Especially when I have something negative to say. However, this experience made me angry, annoyed, disappointed and, feeling the need to state that I cannot believe how far the lack of efficiency, professionalism and commonsense have gotten and, somehow, I feel that we all need to stop it, Not Accept it, and speak loudly against it! We have become complacent and it is our fault that customer service is almost nonexistent because we don’t speak up! I shall name no individuals names but will name the place. They answer the phone as Koch Optical Even though the staff at Koch eye Associates have said that they are not affiliated. They’re all Fishel name is Partners in Vision. The office I had a problem with is located on Greenwich Avenue in Warwick. I went for my annual exam on October 4 I really like my ophthalmologist and the staff. Upon leaving, the Partners in Vision are located no more than 5 feet away from the front desk of Koch Eye Associates. I went to see them, and gave them my prescription. I was told about a special promotion for two pairs of glasses. Pretty much you pay for one complete repair and only the frames of the second pair. So I deposited half of my total( over 300.00), And they kept my prescription and my telephone number and my email. From my prescription they certainly could tell who my Ophthalmologist was. Not having heard from them, I called in mid November, looking for my glasses and after a while of being on hold, I was told that they could not find the glasses so they employee, said that they probably were not ready. So much time passed with no one calling or emailing I thought my prescription and glasses order had been lost or never completed. This past Monday, my husband who also sees his ophthalmologist at the same location. Went there looking for my glasses or a refund. Do you employee there took over half hour to find the glasses. And said that they had called me several times. Of course, Wildemann looked at the information they had written down and found that my email was correct but my phone number was off by one digit. My husband then proceeded to call me and tell me that they would not refund me my money, the employee stated he had no authority to do that, and the manager of that location was on vacation until the following Wednesday, and that he would try if you had the time, to call the regional manager about it. This is where I became angry, annoyed and on excepting of poor service! Couldn’t they have emailed me? Couldn’t they have thought, considered, that perhaps they might have the wrong phone number? Couldn’t they have walked 5 feet to the Koch Eye Associates front desk, and asked if my phone number was correct or not? Where is the common sense? Where is the customer service? Wednesday morning I got a phone call from the manager of that location proceeded to tell me that prior to making the call to my number, have consulted with the regional manager, and was told that no refund was possible. We have a brief discussion about the lack of common sense and customer service and we hung up. No refund and no glasses. Fifteen minutes later, the manager calls again and offers $100 off the rest of the bill. That’s when I got really upset!!! She had just called me to tell me that there would be no offer and 15 minutes later she calls me with I know offer???!!! Was then the manager lying during the first phone call? I responded by saying when I really thought of the whole situation, how unprofessional and how much lack of common sense had been or not been used in handling this matter! Wow! Wow! Wow! I was pretty much summarily dismissed! I know folks long post! Sorry! Hopefully, I may have helped to make you aware of being cautious in doing business with this place. Godspeed, God bless!

Kerri Lynch

This place is terrible! I waited an hour and 15 minutes for my appointment (not at all unusual at this setting) and was examined by the rudest doctor I have ever met. She started the appointment by questioning rather arrogantly why I would have even been prescribed glasses, that the reasons my regular doctor (her COLLEAGUE) had with all of his years of experience and my years of wearing them did not matter and then dismissed it with "ok whatever". I was there for injury/illness, not a routine exam. The attitude was quite dismissive the whole appointment. The changes in this practice are discouraging, it has become a factory of overbooked appointments and cranky overworked doctors. I will be changing my eye care practice

Mahely Kings

Kris K

Long Time Patient But Not Going Back. I have been going to this place for years, nearly 20 years. Have...things...changed! So I arrived for my appointment right on time because, you know, I respect their time??? I had to wait for a few minutes while the receptionist finished her conversation with a coworker. So there I was standing there right in front of both of them. Maybe it was an important discussion that they felt ignoring a paying customer was necessary? Or maybe paying customers should be rudely ignored? This started things out on absolutely the wrong foot. After sitting down in the waiting room for 30 minutes I asked them exactly when I will be seen by the doctor and that I will have to leave very soon since they were 1/2 an hour late. That same receptionist started with the delaying tactic and I cut in and said I would leave. Then she asks my name AGAIN. She comes back to tell me I would get the next available room and I told her it better be within 5 minutes. 2 minutes I'm shown in and got the initial tests by a technician. I told her my entire family stopped coming here and I would make this my last time as well. So far zero apologies from anyone. Finally doc comes in and does his visual inspections everything ok so I get up and leave. On the way out the employees were hanging around to give me a good looking or leering at to be more precise. I would have stopped and said a few words about being customer focused and more polite vs rude from the start. But then I don't waste time with ignorant idiots that serve no one else but themselves. BTW,if you guys keep it up the waiting room will continue to look as empty as it was this morning.

R Wheeler

On my yearly visit to the new location. I learned they No longer take VSP & will be billed out of the blue. This not the patient's fault. Speaking to my healthcare provider I have to pay the bill to get half of it back, outrageous! I have to do all this because of their licensing problem. The doctors are excellent but their business office definitely needs work.

Kristen Dexter


Everyone was extremely nice and very professional...

Zachary Lafleur

Awful receptionist doesn't know what she's doing. The Woonsocket office is much better. Would never recommend this office to anyone.

Steve Johnson

James Geary

exilent the best .I another app. on 6 15 2015.

Peter Richard

Ive been here before. Its a franchise eye care clinic. The doctors are okay. I'm only here once a year. Its pretty clean. The climate control is well placed. Huge display of product. Well lit. Lots of parking Plenty of chairs to sit and wait while you watch tv. As for my visit today with the front staff office lady (the fat one with the flower tat on her hand) Its Friday, pay day. Cheer up. Dont be grumpy and give me an additute. You should be so lucky to have an indoor job. Don't be snippy with me. I don't care about anything else. The person you meet when you first walk in will make or break.

maureen apperson

I waited for over an hour to see the doctor. They stuck me in an unairconditioned office on a 90 degree day. Here's how I see it as a health care provider...your time is as important as mine. That's how I like to treat my patients. I got the feeling the person at the front desk tried to pacify me by telling me the doctor had an emergency. Really?? Or is it poor scheduling/over booking to make up for no shows? I don't like to be at the loosing end of our already ailing health care system. Especially when I've worked all day and I'm hungry and tired.


I am giving a 2 star because the doctor I saw at the Greenwich Ave. is very nice. Other than that I'd give a 1. I went to see her after I had problems from cataract surgery about a month ago. I went last week for the first time. I didn't not have a copay because it was a follow up for the surgery. I went back today to see how I was doing. When I checked in I didn't have a copay again. When I was getting ready to go the doctor asked me if I was on Medicare I said I was she told me I could get a pair of reading glasses paid for from Medicare and she asked me what strength I was using ( I had bought the over the counter kind) I told her and she sent a prescription to the desk and told me to go over to,where they have the glasses and see what I could get from Medicare. When I went to check out they wanted a copay. I asked for what and they said for the eye exam for the glasses. I explained I was there for the surgery problem and was told I had to pay the copay for the exam for the prescription for the glasses.. one of the ladies was ok while the other was very rude and wouldn't even let me talk and try to explain about my visit. I had to ask her to let me talk. I told her that nothing different was done to me that had been done the week before or before the paper was written I was not given an exam for glasses. She was very loud which I was in return I I told her that I didn't understand why I had to pay my 45$ copay for a piece of paper. If I walk out with out the paper it cost me nothing so nothing different was done all she kept saying is I just explained it to you. I still don't understand as to why I had to pay a copay for an eye exam I did get and didn't even need anyway. It was very embarrassing the way I was treated. I did get contacted this morning from the office. I am going to get the prescription at no charge. I also got a second phone call apologizing for the problem and the way I was treated yesterday. The lady that called was very nice.

Michael Normandin

Susan Abramson

Lori McKinsey

I came in for a check regarding a new type of contacts I was prescribed and waited 35 to be placed in a room for less than 5 minutes then returned to the waiting room where I am still sitting 80 minutes after my appointment was scheduled. I checked in with a receptionist and was told they were waiting for aro for a room for me but that was 20 minutes ago

Gale OKeefe

I have had Koch eye for a number of years and always had a great to ok experience depending on the doctor. I have used Koch Eye other locations as well as the Tollgate Road facility. The reason I have given this review a low rating has to do with the new facility on Greenwich Avenue. Long wait to see doctor and her manner was efficient. I made an appointment for my husband and since he was in stuck in traffic I called to let them know. I was informed that someone cancelled his appointment (tried to tell me it was him) and they did not have an opening for him until Nov.

Aleta norton

teresa alexander

Started having trouble with my eyes. Kaleidoscope vision .I was able to get an appointment for for the next day. However I have a vsp for vision insurance . They did not let me know till I got there. They said I could reschedule or pay cash. My husband took a day out of work already. Why would I pay cash when I have insurance. Huge waiting room no one waiting .



Very rude doctors, yelled at me when i didn't want to get the eye drops. They also charged my insurance for glasses i didn't get so i had to wait longer to actually buy glasses someplace else because my insurance covers one pair a year. The people there are mean and unprofessional, go anywhere else.

Kathy Keough

Very helpful staff at the front desk. Everyone else was very friendly and courteous as well. They were very thorough with my eye care and made a great first impression.

Alfred deCiutiis

Everyone at the office was courteous and friendly! The wait time was short. The technician along with Doctor Ireland answered all my questions regarding my Keratoconus. I was worried my condition may have become worse. However, they eased any worries I had. They were very thorough and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend!

Khanh Dinh

Good hours and awesome customer service

Mike A

Kim R

I've never been to Koch eye associates before, everyone here is efficient and friendly and Dr Rosenthal was very nice, an answered any questions I had. I was very happy with my overall experience, from my eye exam to receiving my glasses. I would recommend this location of Koch eye associates to anybody.

Charles Marold

Christine Bouressa

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