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REVIEWS OF Scheie Eye Institute IN Pennsylvania

Mary Karin Salvatera Vaessen

I waited for an appointment for 3 months and When it finally came, I waited over an hour to be seen. I would recommend for using the eye urgent care but I am going to find another Dr to see for my ophthalmology needs. They have no concept of of keeping a schedule. Truly frustrating and disappointing.

Tekalegn Gemeda

Waiting time is too long. Waited more than 2 and half hours for check up.

Scott Reynolds

I don't give 5-star ratings... ever, but Scheie is the place for the best eye care in the region. And who cares if there's a wait. Be patient, relax knowing you will be taken care of by a team of world-class professionals.

Joann Hopkins

Wow! The reviews make me very uncomfortable to make an appointment here.

Scott Johnson

My wife went in with an eye problem and the doctors were very rude and condescending to her when it turned out to be only minor. I'm very surprised by how she was treated.

Robert White


nick clarke

Evocative Lingerie

America's Best is better for routine eye exams/wait times/flexibility (hours). The staff at AB is more pleasant as well!

adnih manshoe

I think the doctors are decent. I have a tricky eye problem not solved yet. I think they over schedule then cancel the extra appointments. Then reschedule and overbook and re cancel. It's fine if you don't care if you see a doctor or not. However the scheduling is borderline incompetent. Going to try Wills.

Ms. S. Alise

I don't know what type of business they run but there is absolutely no reason I shouldn't be seen at my appointment time. If my provider called out then give me the option to reschedule. I walked out and cancelled the appointment no one has time to be waiting around all day. You guys have to do better with communication

josh Copeland

Slowest hospital ive ever been too

Chengguang Zhao

Kevin Tritz

Highly recommend. Had bi-lateral eye muscle surgery here. Dr.Binebaum is a magician. Wait time can be long but that should be expected at an institution who handles a large amount of patients. UPenn does not accept all insurance plans so check ahead.

Amir Pouya Aghasadeghi

Grover Chen

horrible followup experience, never return my voicemail

Benjamin Coppola

Understaffed eye shop. I shouldn't have to wait half an hour just to pick up a pair of glasses.

JOHN D Warwick

Sandy Smith

I walked out after waited 15 min past my appointment time for the OD who was too busy talking to notice the time, then proceeded to blame me for being late when I told her I'd been waiting. She took NO responsibility for being late, and did not offer an apology. She kept saying the system said that I was late!! I was sitting directly in front of her office for the full 15 mins while she talked to coworkers. I went back to the check-in desk to verify my arrival time. They said I was all checked in and seated before 3:00.

Ken Laskey

Maria Kallfelz

My Insurance covered this facility. I took public transportation from NJ. It is the easiest way to the facility. They revamped the way you reported in for your appointment. I had no problems. When called you take the elevator to the floor and normally I waited up to almost an hour to be seen sometimes. I had surgery and now have no problems with left eye strabimus. Dr Tamhanker was very knowledgeable and kind. I didn't give a 5 because of wait and difficulties finding the facility. It's tucked in with other buildings around a circular drive.

Suzette Adams

My grandmother had a 2:00 appt. we arrived around 1:45. it's now 3:35 and she still has not been seen. When I check in with the staff their only response is the doctor has 7 other patients ahead of her. This is unacceptable and shame on Scheie eye institute. I will never come back.

Melina Schweizer

2-3 hour waiting time,go elsewhere

Curtis Holmes

It's okay

Gabrielle Gillespie

Bowen Liu

Very long waiting time. Incompetent and rude front desk staff. It doesn't matter when you scheduled your appointment. You ALWAYS have to wait

Stephanie Pollard

Now granted the wait times are extremely long even if you have an appointment because they also see walk-in Patient's. I came because I'm having optic nerve swelling and my eye doctor didnt know why. I originally called Wills Eye but the staff was very rude and unprofessional and did not inform that they even had an emergency dept when i told them i needed to be seen right away instead they told me the next appointment they had was a month away. So i called the Scheie eye institute and i was told i could come in as a walk in patient if i needed to be seen right away. Anyway i had a lot problems with my eyes including an infection and the doctor asked if i mind ER dept and they ordered me a bunch of test including an MRI, chest x-ray and blood work so they could pinpoint and rule out what was wrong with my eyes. I rather spend my time waiting to make sure i get a proper diagnosis then lose my sight. So yes i had to wait hours to see the eye doctor and hours in the ER to get various tests done but appreciate them doing all of that so that i can get a proper diagnosis.

Robin White

Great services and care did a walk in and didn't wait long. everyone was nice.thank you for your help

Anthony Marianni

Absolutely horrible receptionists and billing clerks. They are rude and not helpful at all. Fortunately the doctors are helpful. Go to Will's Eye if you want both good doctors and support staff.

Raphael Iskra

Got turned away twice with a dire eye infection, and the one day I was admitted I waited 3 hours after a preliminary check to see a doctor. The appointment system js broken and the service is subpar

Darnell Gray-Taylor

Been going for years, had surgery and never had a complaint, the doctors are extremely amazing and awesome,

Lily Tung

Worse experience ever. Go somewhere else. Waited 2 months to get an appointment then they cancelled my appointment <24hours before my scheduled time and rescheduled me for 2 months later only after i called them multiple times. They don't respond to any voicemails you may leave them and their "scheduling specialists" while nice on the phone, are not helpful at all. They can't do anything without their optometrist's approval and forget to call you back. And all this is to see an optometrist, not even an opthalmologist! Completely unacceptable.

P. Matthew Stinson II

Have an appointment? Expect a wait of at least an hour. According the person I spoke to at the check in desk your appointment only reserves your spot in line. Urgent care gets the same doctors; if there is someone with a worse issue than you you will be seen after (repeat ad nauseam).

tanya Jefferson


Leyda Rodriguez


Great service, doctors are caring.

Emily Johnson

Can y’all get a damn vending machine in here? W the hours long wait times I get hungry.

Christine Preblick

Bruce Jay Gould


Ali Sundermier


Daniel Elliott

We found it. Google nav was wrong

Sarah Mitchell

good except that I just tried to get an appointment and they said even for return patients, it's a 5 month waiting period. Obviously even though it's a teaching hospital and many residents, they don't have enough doctors to meet the needs of their patients in the area.

Donna Montgomery

Mary Jane Moffei

Barbi Labb

Cindy in the contact lens helped my daughter Noel when she was so young, like 4 years old and had to wear contact.

Andrew Long

I had a cornea transplant performed by Dr. Mike Sulewski in 1992. I needed the transplant in my left eye because I contracted a rare infection that was incorrectly diagnosed as conjunctivitis by a GP. Seemingly overnight, I went from 20/20 vision, which I had enjoyed my entire life to that point, to 20/400 and I could not drive a car at night. Dr. Sulewski performed the surgery and treated me during the many follow up visits removing the 20 tiny sutures from my eye over a ~1 year period. I found him to be extremely articulate, professional, and effective throughout the entire course of treatment and follow ups. Through his expertise, he restored my vision to 20/30. In fact, I still see 20/40 uncorrected in my left eye over 23 years later. I would say without reservation that Dr. Michael Sulewski is the best physician who has ever treated me for any reason to this point in my life. To anyone reading this review, my case is real and verifiable and I stand by every word. Dr. Sulewski: You have my most sincere thanks and respect!

Nick S

Dr. Maguire is excellent The entire staff is friendly and I'm always treated with respect and concern for my issues.


Never had a problem. I have Type1 diabetes and have been a patient since 1979 (age 17). I go every 6 months. Dr. McGuire performed the laser surgery on both eyes. I never has a problem booking an app't. I was even part of a 4 year eye study.

L Byron

Be prepared for a VERY long wait if you go here. You are much better off getting an appointment with one of their doctors in a suburban location (i.e. Radnor). So, this is the process. When you first arrive, you check in at the desk at the door. They take your name, and then you wait for 15-30 minutes for another person to call your name to get your insurance information and check you in again. Then after about 1-2 hours, you get called to see the technician who checks your vision. You get sent back to the waiting from where you will sit for another 1-2 hours to see the doctor. After you are done with the doctor, you have to wait another 15-30 minutes to get checked out. I do not necessarily think that this is the fault of the doctors. However, I think the people behind the desks in the waiting area can do a better job of making the wait more pleasant. They can start by setting appropriate expectations and not telling the waiting patients that they will be seen "soon" when "soon" really means hours. Also, when I asked if I could run out to get lunch after it became obvious that my wait was going to be another hour, I was told that I would be placed at the end of the queue if I left the waiting area. I was starving, so I ended up having to sneak out to grab a bite from a food cart outside. It would have been a lot nicer to be permitted to leave the premises. Overall, I felt that the way the whole visit was handled made this experience very negative. The doctor that I saw was pleasant. However when I was told that I needed to return for a follow-up visit, the thought of taking another 4+ hours out of my day did not sit well with me at all. I ended up calling the Radnor office and begged them to allow me to do my follow-up visit there with a different doctor. I did have to passionately plead my case, but I did prevail. It was worth it. The whole process at Radnor took about 45 minutes.


They took me as a walk in for an emergency. The wait was long but to be expected without a scheduled appointment. The staff and doctor were very polite, professional and explained everything well.

Guillermo Barila

I would give negative stars if I could. I tried to set up an appointment on the phone but there were none, so they told me to walk-in since I had some symptoms that required to be treated rather sooner than later. I arrived at 10:30 am and left at 2:30 pm without being seen. Everybody is very nice, but excessively slow!!! First and last time I visit this place.

Tamar Lunsford

Orlando Cirilo

Lauren Summerton

Below average customer service


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