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REVIEWS OF Hillsboro Eye Clinic IN Oregon

Tuoc Ky

Good place to go to have your eyes exam and treatment

Rosalina Marcelo

Nice people

Jorge Ocampo

Super competent group of professionals!

Jacqueline Illanes


Terry Williams

Hillsboro eye clinic is a one stop convenience. Excellent optometrists and opticians. Dr. Defrank has been checking my eyes for 6 years, she is very knowledgeable and friendly. She did both of my cataract surgeries . I have nothing but great referrals to her.

Eileeñ Bailey

I have always loved Hillsboro Eye Clinic everyone is very friendly and welcoming. We have had eye care there for many years and hope to continue having them for our eye needs. They are five star for sure.

j gg

They need a front desk staff over haul. In the clinic and Optical Department. Rude, unprofessional, and nasty attitudes. Taking my good insurance and $$ elsewhere.

jeannie liggett

I’ve been going to Hillsboro eye clinic for over 20 yrs. I have always had superior care, and wonderfully caring attitudes from all who work in the clinic. They are very educated and helped with all my eye care needs.

Joseph Schrader

The personal attention I received from Kelly was WAY beyond my expectations. His professional demeanor and efficient service was terrific. Give him a HUGE Gold Star !

Master G

Staff was nice...but really....never go to Hillsboro Eye Clinic if you don't like throwing 2 hours of your life away. Appt at 3:30 and I didn't leave the place until 5:25. That's almost 2 hours! Never in my life have I been to an eye doctor where I've had to wait this long especially with 2 young kids. I was tempted to leave, but I waited that long I figured it would take longer to go find another place. Details: A nurse called us in and looked at my daughter at like 3:50(she was nice), then we had to wait in ANOTHER waiting room until the doc(who was extremely nice) was able to see us which wasn't until 5:13 and then we left at 5:25. We waited that long to have her look at her for 10min. Parking lot was full when I got there...and there was one car left besides mine when I left. Doctor apologized for the wait and she was extremely swamped...overbooked maybe? Thanks for being nice but the wait time makes my whole first experience pretty soure.

Brenda Way

I always receive great care here! I highly recommend them!

Nicole Dobos

Dr Mary Defrank is helpful in getting the right Rx for my eye glasses. She helped with my dry eyes and her team are nice and they don’t rush you to another client.

Make up by Macy

People there are very friendly and helpful

Brian Sarlo

Picked up glasses and case for my 3 year old and walked out of the office with my child but no case because my wife was still in the office getting frames for our middle child. Wife and other child got in the car and we went home. Once home, no case. Called the office to see of it was still there. They said that another optometrist saw my 3 year old with the case in her hand when we left. They offered a hard case replacement, but would not give us the actual case and spare strap that came with her frames. I am surprised that the supervisor would be willing to lose the revenue (4 glasses wearers in our family and we replace frames yearly) instead of opening their display case and handing me the case and spare strap that came with my 3 year olds new glasses. EDIT: Thanks for the offer to try and replace the case and strap. It is unfortunate that we had to call several times, physically return to the office twice, and leave a one star review in order to get that offer. If your staff would have said "I'm sorry you cant find your case. We will look here in the office for it. In the meantime, we will contact our vendor and see if they will send a replacement." Or they could have given me the identical case and strap you have on hand in your display case and then tried to replace that case from your vendor. Instead they told us it was out of their hands.

Connye Corey

Short wait time. Friendly, informative staff. Dr. Lumaco did a very thorough exam.

Becky Wade

I have been going to Dr. Goins for years and have been very pleased. I would recommend this Dr. and clinic to anyone who wants to feel safe with the care of their eyes.

Julie Melville

I arrived 10 minutes before my scheduled appointment, and my appointment started on-time. U was in and out quickly due to the efficiency of the friendly and competent staff. I plan on continuing my relationship with this office for the forseeable future.

Ken Barber

The most incompetent office staff I have ever seen. Or dishonest crooks, I'm not sure which. They billed my insurance company for services the doctor didn't perform, and my insurance company denied the claim because I'm not covered for those services. I have asked them several times to correct the faulty claim so that the bill can get paid. Instead, they've sent me to a collection agency. I don't know whether this is mere incompetence, or if they're running a scam by sending padded claims to the insurance companies, but either way going here could end up costing you a lot of money.

Colette Fuchs

Excellent staff, technicians, and Doctors. Grateful for their excellent service.

sarah congdon

The staff were very understanding with my 7 yr old and went out of their way to help us find the perfect frames.

xuan le

I have been here many times ans this last time wasn't so bad at the doctors section, but at the optical section, there was a very rude receptionist there. I was there today on 11/16/2018 and after my exam, I walked over to the optical to get my prescription. I asked her to check my insurance if i was qualified for frames and lens this year and she says that I need to talk to my insurance company about that with an attitude. When you are about to buy frames with insurance, dont they check for you? Well, I came back later in the afternoon with my daughter and got her done. I picked out glasses for her and went to the counter, with the same person, and asked for her prescription and to get the frames and lens qith insurance. She then did not say one word to me continued working. After she was done signing up up for a someone to help me, she said to "go have a seat and someone will get to you!" After that, I didnt say anything to her. She was wearing a dark red maroon button down shirt and her hair was in a wet messy bun. The whole time she had an attitude. Gosh, train your reps with better customer service.

Daniel Gaines

Over the years Dr. Gard and staff have actually saved my vision! From reattaching a torn retina to cataract surgery with implant. Thank you!!!

Everett Alcantara

Great customer service. It can get crowded at times.

John Coletti

Excellent:, current in latest skills in her specialty and technically very competent. Takes a serious interest in making sure the patient has a full understanding of the problem and treatment options;

Ronald Heyob

I have gotten exams and glasses before with decent service. Time came again to get glasses and this time I hadn't received them in the two week time I had been given. I called to check and was told they had to re-do them. I was told it would be one more week, and if I don't hear anything to call back in a week. I didn't hear from them and called again after a week, and was told they had more problems and check again in a week. After 5 and a half weeks they were finally done. When I came in for the fitting, I told the manager how unhappy I was and received a "we're sorry". I asked for a 10% discount ($50 - it was a $500 pair of glasses) for compensation and was told I'd receive it. I let him know, I had no incentive to return if they weren't willing to provide the discount. I never received it or heard again from them. I've since then gone to Hillsboro Vision Clinic where my wife and daughters were going with great satisfaction over the years. I should have listened to my wife to begin with (she recommended Hillsboro Vision Clinic to me in the beginning). Since I've gone to Hillsboro Vision Clinic, I received my glasses in just over a week (6 days). Much more professional. Ron. ** Update ** To Hillsboro Eye Clinics credit, today I received a check for the discount I asked for a year ago. Shannon wrote me a card apologizing and informing me they have implemented policies to help in the areas I had problems with. I'm impressed with their response and wish them well.

Carol Breidenbach Klein

The staff is very professional, but friendly. I would recommend Hillsboro Eye Clinic to everyone.

Liz Bajork

Dr. Gard is a wonderful Eye doctor, very professional and kind. He counseled me on all my options for my cataract surgery in an understandable way. I am very happy with Dr. Gard!

Korlan and Pam Tosch

I appreciate this office so much. Staff are friendly and caring, Dr. Lamaco saw me on short notice when I had a perceived serious eye concern.

Honest Reviewer

If you need cataract surgery I would not come here. Chad Goens, their cataract guy, literally said cataract surgery implies a total loss of accommodation with only one focus point. When I brought up bi-focal and multi-focal lens research, he snorted like a hog and said "not in our lifetimes". If this clown reads some more ophthalmology journals and keeps up with his own specialty then maybe he'll earn some credibility.

Sam Glover

I won't go anywhere else for my eyecare and have recommended many of my friends and coworkers go here as well. Thank you!

Robert Foster

friendly welcome and overall pleasant environment. : )

izzy sheck

They always get us in on time, pay attention to the patient...even a and out, always respectful and accurate.

Shannon Moyer

Very nice

Donn Are

Very professional and detailed. Initial eye / vision exam.

Kimberley Turner

Went in for an emergency pretty much. Had a abrasion on my cornea. I received outstanding care and service. I highly recommend Hillsboro Eye Clinic.

Sharon Allworth

The Hillsboro Eye Clinic is my family's go-to place for eye care. The doctors are top-notch, the staff is friendly and professional and I've always been given good advice and a call/text when I needed to come in for future appts. I highly recommend this clinic - especially for Hillsboro residents. It also supports many non- profits in the area. That helps make Hillsboro the great community that it is. I'm happy to support it!

Lisa Ellis

I had been getting my glasses here for years and went in to get them tightened. This was the first time I had seen this certain receptionist in the eye glasses area, who to put it simply, was condescending and not very kind or helpful. This was my first bad experience with a receptionist here. The lady who approached me took the glasses and came back just after a minute, saying there wasn’t anything she could do. As we walked to the car I realized that she had completely loosened them and they were barely wearable - much worse than before. I gave her the benefit of the doubt that it was inevitable and believed there wasn’t anything she could do. We then went to another eye clinic to get new glasses and I mentioned them being broken. They fixed them completely and they’re tighter than ever. Not very impressed with lack of knowledge or service at the Hillsboro eye clinic - not sure which.


I was seen by Dr. Gard at Hillsboro Eye Clinic. I was so impressed with the time he took to explain everything to me.

Ramsey Leal

The quality of service is impeccable. Great please to have your vision needs taken care of, for yourself and the rest of the family.

Paul Tuttle

Great place for eye care. Many of my friends also go here.

Anna Wilson

I am convinced that Dr. Goins saved my sight when I contracted the shingles virus with a lesion in my eye. Even though he is extremely busy I felt that my care was made a priority based on the severity of my condition. I won't trust my eye care to anyone else anymore.

Aaron Rutter

Doctor Finley and his assistant were amazing! He was extremely professional, polite, knowledgeable, and friendly! He took great care of me, performing an emergency eye surgery on me. Thank you for everything Doctor Finley!


I liked how they put on a little movie while the kids wanted for there eyes to be done

Steve Hedin

I like how they treat you as you walk in, welcoming you. I don’t have to wait that long to see the doctor either

Nat Chitwood

Great service! Everyone was very professional and friendly. Dr. Mary DeFrank is very thorough and explains diagnosis completely. I have also been able to get in on short notice, if I was having a special issue with my eyes. That is very important to me. I would highly recommend this clinic!

Sherry Vargas

Everyone in this clinic was wonderful. Doctor Scott and his team understands my situation and tried to help patiently.

Jerry Jefferies

All the staff I encounter are professional, skilled and most of all, friendly. They take care of you like family. They have developed the ability to blend professionalism and personal relationship. They are Good!

Bambi V

The worst experience I've ever had with an eye doctor. Waited for an hour then Doctor Finley was rude and irritated that I questioned a eye drop. Isn't he supposed to teach us if we have a question??? Also we were rushed through our apptointment because he was behind. I wouldn't ever go back and what an arrogant man. Find a different doctor!!!!

Tim O'Connor

I have long been a patient of the Hillsboro Eye Clinic and have always been very impressed by the professional yet at the same time personal service I get there. Never a complaint from me! And having two offices gives me nice options when I book an appointment.

Orenco Flags

Very impressed for my first visit. Hope it continues.. Would leave 5 stars, but hey, it was my 1st visit. I did refer a friend to the clinic.

Kit Nicholson

I have been a patient at Hillsboro Eye Clinic for many years and have always received excellent care. I would recommend them to anyone seeking expert eye care.

Michael Johnson

You probably saved my life by sending me to the ER after your thorough examination. I was having a stroke. Thank you so much!

Francine Lam

Super nice staff! Second time here and I feel very well informed and taken care of.

Craig Wood

Great Place, the doctor did eye surgery on my fatherinlaw and restored his eyes to 20-20 and no glasses, even reading glasses at 75 Y/O FANTASTIC SERVICE, OFFICE, AND DOCTORS BEST EYE CLINIC I HAVE EVER SEEN CRAIG M WOOD

Steven Huson

I like the online registration, friendly staff & great care

jolene jensen

I have been treated with such care and concern.good staff not long wait times.

John Stratford

The technician (name started with M) was a "10". She was very caring and friendly.

Joshua Smith

I am a new patient at this clinic but I've been wearing a contact lens to treat a medical condition for over 15 years. I recently needed a new contact so I made an appointment with them. My initial appointment was standard and they ordered my contact lens. I return a few weeks later to pickup the lens, and was subsequently charged a $75 "fitting" fee. I understand for people new to lens care and maintenance and the proper way to insert and remove a lens, why this fee would be applicable. But for someone that has worn a lens for 15 years and didn't even receive any assistance in putting in my lens when I picked it up, is completely absurd. I disputed with the clinic and was basically told by their extremely rude billing department that I could go pack sand, pay the fee. Needless to say, I will not be returning to this clinic and will not refer any friends or family.

B.D. Bell

My advice: Go ANYWHERE BUT HERE for Your eye care needs. Lousy work in my opinion, glasses they made for me actually worsened my vision, the doctor (Dr. Finley), was rude and compared me to a dog on my first visit, (seriously), stated that he was more worried about his reputation in dealing with my insurance, than my serious vision issues he admitted I have, and when I called to tell them my concerns, their office manager (Shannon) called me back and rudely told me they would not fix the glasses or see me there again, and that they had already informed my insurance of such, without ever talking with me to even attempt to try to remedy the situation. I was willing to see a different doctor, but they refused. Also, I had left a pair of expensive sun glasses there knowing they might dilate my eyes, and after three calls to ask them if they had found them, I never received a call back. I had left them on the counter in the exam room. They denied finding them, so I guess they sprouted legs and ran away. They showed ZERO Concern for my 149.00 loss. If you read some of their other one and two star reviews, I think you'll see a pattern at this overrated, overpriced clinic. Long story short, if this is how they treat people, would you really want to do business there, or be their next casualty?! You decide. Good Luck!

greg kolb

There doctor is above par....great guy and gets the job done.

Gabriel Lara

I had never been in a eye clinic before till I got my eye irritated from sand, so I went to Hillsboro eye clinic and they were really nice all professionals. They took care of me as soon as possible. Thank Hillsboro eye clinic.


Very professional, courteous service. I've been a client for over 30 years.

Yolanda Bentley

This office feels like you are being shuffled thru like cattle at an auction. They have to many people placed in front of you that you don't get the confidence in what you are hearing from them. Took my son in and he had to see 4 people just for a basic exam. He was not comfortable with the place and I will never bring him back to this clinic.

douglas reynolds

very good with kids :)

David Jones

Doctor and staff kind and very fast at getting me in and out and on my way

Crystal Drew

Very friendly service and caring.


From the moment I stepped in, every single person in that clinic was professional, with a smile on their face. they took their time to the tests and they were very thorough. even considering that I was 15 minutes late due to an accident on HWY 126 coming from Portland, they treated me as if I had been there 10 minutes before my appointment time. The facility is very clean and organized, the bathrooms are clean. All-in-all a great place. Thank you.

Cyndee Jordan

Helpful and caring professionals.

Lauren W

These guys have been my eye doctors for over a decade now. Always prompt, professional and very caring.

Bill Platt

We love to have continued care with Dr Mary DeFrank. She is very honest, easy to understand and just very open to questions. We will continue to drive from Seattle to maintain our close and caring attention from this very fine Opthalmologist. Dr. & Mrs William Platt

Maryann Richards

Dr.Scott is the best eye Doctor I've ever had and the clinic staff is amazing

Al Perez

I’ve been going to Hillsboro Eye Clinic the last 5 yrs. They’re great, convenient, and professional. I would highly recommend them!

Micheal A. Phillips

Very friendly and informative.

Rebecca Watters

I have gone to Hillsboro Eye Clinic for many years and have always had a good experience at both locations. The wait time has always been reasonable and the staff helpful and friendly. My experience with Dr. Goins is beyond my expectations. My cataract surgery was very successful (I only need reading glasses if the light is poor). Dr. Goins is personable, knowledgeable and informative whether I go in with a problem or just a routine exam. I highly recommend him and the clinic.

Ana Cervantes

It’s a very good place to get check but they are very bad with their appointments. They take a long time to call people in

Dennis Hurt

I've been going here for years. The staff always has been very responsive and respectful. The medical care and advice has been excellent with a "we care for you" attitude. Each time I've been there they have updated equipment to assure that advanced medical device technology is available.

Mike Irwin

Great eye clinic. Very caring and professional. Excellent selection of glasses. Staff takes their time, making sure your go glasses fit right.

Lydia Boswell

I came to the HIllsboro Clinic to determine whether I had Glaucoma or not. I was very concerned when I came in on my first day. And I do have this illness. But now I feel at ease thanks to the kind, respectful and professional care of Dr. Scott, his assistants and staff at Hiillsboro Eye Cllinic. I have always received the best of eyecare and feel that the health of my eyes is well taken care of by someone I trust. I recenlty had a concern which required me to request an emergency appointment and it was tended to immediately. I highly recommend the Hillsboro Eye Clinic.

Kristina Gantt

I have been a patient here for over 15 years and have experience the greatest level of customer service. The eye doctor (Dr. DeFrank is who I see) really takes her time ; you feel like you're the only patient.

Kerensa Schantz

This place is amazing!

Lara Lieberman

I had a wonderful experience here with my son who is 7yrs old. Dr. Gard was great. All of the staff were kind and helpful. I would recommend them to anyone.

Annette Ulibarri

My husband was seen as a new patient, never will we go there again, the 2 girls checking you in are extremely unprofessional and rude! 2 weeks after appointment we received a bill for $343...(after checking TWICE before his appointment that our insurance covered him) then called the billing department and was basically told " I don't know why you were told that but you still have to pay it sooo"....who says that??!!! Well, they'll be getting $10/month!!!

Nancy Allison

I'm happy to share my experience of the professional and very caring attention I've received on each and every visit. You feel comfortable and well cared for on each visit and, I trust the Dr and all those who have been a real part of my 'life' for the last couple months and, the 'best' is yet to come! I'll be seeing better soon! am excited and confident , and with eye ( I )!! definitely want to have that confidence in your Dr and they're worth it!

Mike Watters

Kind professional staff. Dr Defrank is the best eye doctor I have ever gone to.

Lynn Vellenga

Always friendly and helpful staff, Dr Gard is a terrific doctor, have been a patient for many years.

Robert Caffrey

The people in this company are the best. Very professional. Great employees. Tim Gard is the best eye Dr.

Valentin Sanchez

I have been seen here for the last few years for convenience only which had been fine. Somehow my annual visit was changed from a routine eye exam to an automatic medical eye exam unbeknown to me. I really couldn’t see any difference in terms of procedure and never received an explanation that it been set automatically whenever I called to make an appointment. What made my visit more unpleasant this time was the eyeglasses sales associate who seemed very unpleasant to work with. I have to give credit to the other associates who I had dealt with in 2017, 2016 and so forth. Lastly, the kiosk requesting to scan my ID raised concerns of data security breach. I would have preferred to see it as an alternative option rather then the preferred option for check-in. It would also be a good idea to mail current patients about it including how they are intending to secure our data through the kiosk. I hope these are helpful insights for the clinic to consider.

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