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REVIEWS OF Eye Care Group of Southern Oregon, PC IN Oregon

Robyn Elam

Courtney (optometry intern) was so professional. She explained everything and made me feel very comfortable. Dr Vidlak was also warm and welcoming. Kelly understood exactly what I wanted for my frame and gave me my quote with all the options. Shannon at the front desk was friendly and professional....actually, she rocked it!! I’m so glad we made the change for our eye care to The Eye Care Group!

Kimberly B

If I could give No star I would! We have been going here for many years and have always been happy with them until the last 2 years! The Cave Junction and Grants Pass offices are horrible! I would NOT recommend either one! If you have to go there, Dr. Walters is the only one I would see.

Steve Brien

Best customer care with very professional service and reasonable prices. I've gone here for several years and always received very good care. All modern equipment and practices are used in eye exams. Very good selection in frames. Qualified opticians to ensure your lenses are ordered with bifocal lines or progressive focal points exactly where they need to be for proper vision. When glasses are complete they will be adjusted so the fit is exactly right. If you have an issue (broken frame, scratched lens etc.) they will work with you to ensure it is corrected under warranty. I'm a very satisfied customer.

Amber Cripps

I came in this morning for an eye exam, my first exam in quite some time. I am completely blown away at how kind, considerate and helpful the staff here was! I visited the Grants Pass location and I wanted to give a special thank you to Courtney and Dr.Paulson. Best eye exam experience I’ve ever had!

Robin Olugbemiga

Maryann McClard

Very nice, thorough and informative

Laura Wallace

I have been to the eye care group for my check ups and glasses, wonderful service. But they have surpassed my expectation for customer service. My husband recently had done some welding and found himself with "flash burn" (a sunburn to the eye) which is terribly painful as well as dangerous. We did not have vision insurance for him but I called to get a cost estimate for a visit. Come to find, an "injury" case such as this is able to be billed to your medical insurance (great!) but not only that, the staff said "bring him in right away and we will work him into the schedule". Thank you eye care group!

ashley tietjen

Steven Ackerman

Super friendly, super fast and super accurate diagnosis!

westley wolfe

Wouldn’t recommend to parents of young children. My son’s pediatrician referred us here for his first eye exam, and it was obvious they had very minimum experience on how to talk to or handle children.

JP Carr

Part 1 of 2 headache with the eye care group started about 4-5 years ago with a contact exam. I’ve been wearing contacts for 16 years. I ordered 6 month supply through the eye care group office. All of them were damaged or ripped in my eye (very painful) within 4 weeks. (Never had that problem before) I did not voice a complaint about it which i should’ve, I just simply went back and paid out of pocket at with dr. Fickes in wal-mart. I returned to the eye care group in May of this year realising I gave them an unfair chance to fix the problem I had years prior. I voiced the concerns I had with my last supply of contacts I received through their practice. I also requested that they get my previous perscription and brand of contacts I received through Dr Fickes in 2017. The Dr. entered the room (Maisha B. Langella) I also informed her of my previous visit years ago and my experience. And that I just went somewhere else. She replied “you can’t just go somewhere else” I didn’t exactly like the tone she used. And if I had my contacts in I would’ve probably left right there. Instead I continued with the eye exam and ordered a pair of trials. I picked up the trial lenses and the packaging didn’t look familiar. They instantly didn’t not feel right in my eyes and were very uncomfortable. One week later the left lenses ripped in half in my eye. I called and asked what lenses these were? They were pro clear lenses, they had another set so I went down and picked them up, 2 weeks later the right one ripped in half while I was wearing it. Now I called very upset and they ordered me another set of trials. I got my 3rd set of trials and I could barely see out of the left eye. I called again and scheduled basically a start from scratch appointment.(we are in November now) we have been at this for 6 months. I called dr. Fickes office and got my prescription from 2017 and the brand of contact lenses that I wear. (Took me 5 minutes) turns out not only did they not order me the correct lenses that I requested, they never gave me an explanation on why they didn’t(until my last appointment) the size of the contacts they were ordering were very far off of my previous prescription the year before. (That explains the discomfort)


My family has been going to Dr. Vidlak for many years and this year the staff has gone above and beyond with kindness. Vickie gave us a call to remind me of my appointment and Lori, along with the other office staff, helped with scheduling and coordinated our complicated insurance benefits. They were always patient with the million questions I asked them! Jeff and James went out of their way to fit my new glasses, calling the manufacturer to 'get it right' and make sure I got the lenses best for my eyes. I've been to other eye doctors in Southern Oregon and the care, dedication, and genuine kindness our family receives at Eye Care Group is unmatched.

David Igl

Thought it was a ripoff at first, this is not the case, actually pretty decent prices and good customer service. Couldn't find better prices anywhere else.

Emily Vigil

Colby Gandy

jeff gandy is the best one there and lori gandy is good to i recommend having dr adamic as your doctor these guys are the best


Amber n kyle king

Took my grandma in, to get an eye exam and new bifocals. They helped tremendously. Dr Vidlak, was very polite and helpful and understanding her needs. Then Cyndi helped find the frames that would be best for her and her condition. That also looked great on her! Thank you eye care group!!

Keith Dean

Very poor customer service and could not get the prescription correct after several tries.

Mykayla Pagels

The overall experience with Eye Care Group was fine. I had gone in due to ongoing headaches and vision changes and learned I have a pretty bad astigmatism in my right eye. When Dr. Pelson asked me if I wanted to take a look at glasses at the end of the visit, I said no thank you, I just wanted the prescription so I could go elsewhere for that portion, knowing where I could get just as good of glasses for a better cost. The response I got was "good luck". I think the medical assistant that roomed me for my exam was amazing, but I felt like Dr. Pelson just wanted to be in and out and not even explain to me when I should wear my glasses, if I needed corrective lenses or if I would benefit from contacts, etc. and almost acted as if it was a business transaction rather than seeing someone who was genuinely concerned about their vision. I was pretty disappointed from hearing such great things prior to scheduling. ** After I had left this review on 4/19, Dr. Pelson reached out to me and we had a conversation about the appointment I had with them and the review I had left and there were apologies on both ends. I completely understand that providers can get in a hurry at times and, being in healthcare myself, I completely understand that sometimes you're just in and out; especially since I had called one day prior and asked how early I should be and was considering myself late even having been 5 minutes early due to paperwork being involved. That is a mistake on my end. Dr. Pelson really listened and understood my concerns and went over the instructions of what the best result for wearing my glasses was and made sure I was comfortable enough to want to continue to come back. He really listened to my concern for how little my vision insurance covers per year and my reasoning for wanting to order online and respected that decision. I received my glasses in the mail just the other day and have since stopped having headaches, and without Dr. Pelson and his team that wouldn't be possible. Everyone has rough days and to receive a call apologizing and addressing his concerns to me from the provider's perspective as well was very professional. I would 100% recommend Dr. Pelson and his team to anyone in need of eye care in the Rogue Valley and will 100% be returning to Eye Care Group for my eye care needs in the future. Thank you for making it right and taking time out of your clinic day to address my concerns. **

Christal McNair

The staff are wonderful. We have never had an issue in the 8 years of being customers. I would have given five stars but the prices are a little high.

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Sean Stephens

I originally went in to Eye Care Group for a case of Conjunctivitis. During my visit, I made some passing comment that my vision was blurry in one of my eyes. During the same visit, they did a basic eye exam. What impressed me was how friendly the entire staff was, willing to laugh at my miserably awful jokes, and in general make me feel like I wasn't at all in a Doctor's Office. I will most definitely be using these folks for a long time to come!

patricia peters


Jessica Chapman

The businesses voicemail states they close at 5pm, as does Google. I tried to reach out with a quick question but ten minutes before close they dont seem to take calls. Huge bummer wasting my break, it was the only time I had to call and because their hours state, I assumed they would be open. If you close before 5pm please change your hours on Google or add phone hours since they are different. For me at work, if I'm still in the building I will answer and try to help you, even if I can't and the answer ends up being, call back tomorrow, I've at least made an effort to connect with my customer base. This is likely only so frustrating because this occurs with many businesses in Grants Pass.

stephanie monroe

It was ok nothing special was a lot of money.

Teddy Shepard

I have been a patient for decades. The staff have consistently been courteous and helpful. The optometrists are excellent in their skills and have the latest diagnostic tools. Recently I had an urgent need to be seen and got an appointment for early Saturday morning. They were caring and concerned. Just had my regular vision examination. They are all wonderful. Thank you.

Linda Kallai

I’m warning you, never buy glasses from them. They will sell you a cheap, over priced pair of glasses that continually fall apart and do not fit you., I’ll never buy glasses from them again. Rip off! Dr Vidlak is a decent doctor, too bad the rest of the place lacks integrity.

David Sifton

Customer service was ok but these guys are a rip off! "Eye exam" $210 but the problem was they didn't do anything except flash a light in my eye and say I'm fine. Then the refraction cost another $60. And now they're saying they want $110 for my contacts prescription. Almost $400 for everything is ridiculous. Walmarts vision center does it for $110 for everything.

Susan Allen

I've been going here many years. They are terrific. They care and are thorough.

Kimberly Angella

First time going to the Eye Care Group after the old eye Doctor I had retired and I wasn't too fond of the new guy taking over. I loved meeting with Dan Vidlak, hes so nice and personable and really took time with me. Everyone else in the office was super sweet and helped me pick a great pair of glasses in a huge selection, and when I went to pick them up the guy helped fit them very well, I had never had anyone from my previous place actually fit my glasses before. Highly recommend!

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