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Shirley Heitzler


Casey Pregent

Dr. Collinge is absolutely amazing. Pack a snack because it often takes a bit. Free coffee till 3 pm in the lobby area. Definitely the best! I trust her with my son's eyes.

Jeremiah Stanson

One of my appointments was cancelled due to a bed bug infestation. But that's not even my primary concern. When my daughter and I were waiting in one of their exam rooms, we saw a guy in an orange jumpsuit and chains escorted by a cop walk past our room into the one next to ours. I didn't think anything of it. I didn't like it, but I dismissed it. But then the doctor's assistant had to take us to another room on the second floor, and the elevator went down to the basement before it was going up to the second floor. (I guess someone had pushed the button down there.) The elevator opens, and there is almost a dozen more guys in orange jumpsuits with four cops sitting with them. I wasn't bothered by it until some of those guys looked at my kid. I didn't like that. At all. We left almost immediately. My wife and daughter will not be going back there any time soon.

Ladonna Taylor

I made an appt last week for an on going issue, my eye flared up again 4 months ago, my clinic was able to get a referral and was able to make the appt, the first person I talked to said the earliest is Dec 18, I tried to explain the pain I'm in an it started 1 year ago and het response was "if you waited this long then one more month won't hurt you". I finally did get an appt with a neurologist but it is 3 weeks out and the person was no better at people skills.

Kyndrece Willis

Dana G

Bailey S

I just had strabismus eye surgery last week by Dr. Michael Siatkowski. He and every single staff member I came into contact with were SUPER friendly and went out of their way to make me more comfortable. Dr. Siatkowski even prayed with me right before the surgery and I really appreciated it. I live over 2 hours away from Dean Mcgee but choose to go there b/c they are the best!!

Janice Giordano

I was referred to Dr. David Jackson by another opthamologist for cataract surgery. Parking good. Office staff amazing. Dr. Jackson, LOVE! Smart, nice, cute, thorough, caring, doesnt have one foot out the door...I will let ya know if this rating holds after surgery! Lol!

Joe Starwalt

I must admit I do think Dean McGee clinic does excellent work for surgery in elderly patients but their post operative care has something to be desired. Most of the patients are older and probably don’t know how or are scared to write a review. Excessive wait times over 3hrs are not uncommon. My mother is at the age driving long distances scares her and probably not a good idea with eye’s dilated. I’ve heard her complain for about 4 years and I wrote this off to generational differences so I have started taking her to appointments. Bye golly she is right. Over booking and dependence on surgeon practicing at multiple locations and scheduling timelines being revolved around surgeon’s morning schedule is causing excessive wait times. She complains the doctor doesn’t listen to her but I do not actually go with her into the examination rooms so this issue I cannot verify. What I can verify is the assistant said she came into the waiting area and called her name and my mother did not respond so she was put at the bottom of the waiting list; this is incorrect because I was waiting with her and no one came out and called her name. I complained and she was seen immediately. My best suggestion is if your elderly parents just need an examination for a new eyeglass prescription go to the mall. I don’t understand why visual spatial field test, eye pressure test, and glasses prescription verifications can’t be done in one visit. Dean McGee did correct my mother’s eye pressure and is successfully treating her glaucoma. I just wish she didn’t have all the issues with routine eye exams.

Clintina Glass

I love it. The doctors are nice busy but nice. I don't want to go Beck to regular doctor now. Dr. Sarkisian has spooled me. He is so kind and has such a laid back attitude.

Rick Phillips

The Dean McGee Eye Institute has been well known for over half-a-century as being one of the finest facilities of its kind in the world. If you have low vision, glaucoma, recognized matosa, macular degeneration, Rod cone disease, diabetic retinopathy, or any other eye disease, this is a great place for you to come and be treated. You can also get a simple eye exam and glasses. And you can know that the prescription is going to be right.

rusty nail

Was not happy right from the start. Dr. talked over me and wouldn't let me give medical history. The Dr. tech was the same way, she just would not listen when I tried to tell her about the glasses I was wearing. We planned for cataract removal and did all the pre surg. planning. I thought we were good to go. Well the day before someone from OU surg. dept. said I need to bring $2000. with me the day of surg. and if I didn't the surg. would be canceled. End result they could have told me 30days prior during pre cert. I did not have the surg. because I didn't have the money on such short notice. I could have paid after and had good insurance but they said policy.

Lana Pruitt

Tom Roberts

I was referred to the Dean McGee in 1989 or90 Dr Kingsley was doing research on two lasers. There were other Drs doing the research but he was my Dr. Testing the argon and krypton on diabetic retinopathy this about a 4 month program . I am still able to see because of his work . Thank you Dr. Kingsley. Tom Roberts

Quimby and Sneet Books

I took my daughter to Dr. Kamran Riaz and he diagnosed her with Keratoconus. He told us to come back in two months and he would proceed with scheduling her eye procedure. When we went back for our two month appointment he acted like he didn’t want my daughter, to be his patient, because she has special needs. He gave us different options, including bladeless Epi-On surgery or going to a specialist in Kansas City. The specialist in Kansas City does not see anyone over age 18, even if they have special needs. He insisted that my daughter needs this surgery to keep her vision, but he will not schedule the bladeless Epi-on surgery for her! We have called his office numerous times for several days and we can not get anything accomplished. We have the $2850 to pay for this eye procedure with no luck. Do not go to Dr. Riaz if you have a child with special needs! While he was talking he compared my daughter to his “normal” patients and said this in front of her! He is very apprehensive and uncaring and his staff is very unfriendly and act like we are bothering them. I haven’t begun to bother them if they delay this and let my daughter go blind!!!! Horrible patient care and horrible customer service!!!!

Chris Ramirez

I am a Ophthalmic Medical Technician, live out side of OK. I've never been to Dean McGee Eye Institute. But two people very dear to me are frequent flyers there. It's very hard for me to have my family members go thru serious ocular issues, then know that strangers are in charge, and I'm not there to help with their care and understanding of diagnosis and treatments. To help calm their fears. To drive doctors and staff batty ;). Through the years with one family member I have learned to trust this institutes staff, so that when another member of my family called describing signs of a serious nature and another clinic told her it's not worth running more diagnostics tests( NOT EVEN AN OCT...come on?!) I urged them to call Dean Mcgee. As soon as I knew they were on their way. I felt at peace. I know my kin are in good hands. From a thousand miles away, I thank you.

carlos manzano

The wait time is terrible, I had to wait in the waiting area for an hour from my appointment to be called and then they throw you back out to the waiting area Multiple times

Levi Jobe

This place is top notch, yes wait times can be long but your eye sight is well worth it. I had a procedure done at Njoy eye and got diagnosed with Acantamoeba Kerititis during the healing process, Dean McGee couldn't schedule me until March of this year (diagnosed in September) however they got word of the seriousness and would work me in at the end of their days. I had Dr. Davis, Dr. Eck and Dr. Vinnie V, all are top notch and truly wanted to see me healed. I still go for check ups but I am getting over my infection. I could not recommend these people enough, be patient with them and they will be patient and go above for you. Thank you Dean McGee Eye Institute.

Linda Beeler

My husband has had excellent care.

Dale Smith

Kristen Knight

I would give Dr. Farris and his team more stars if possible. I’ve had nothing but the best experiences before, during, and after my eye surgery. He’s extremely thorough and explains in detail the goals, all possible outcomes, and sets realistic expectations. He’s punctual with appointment times and makes you feel like a priority with every interaction. I’ve had nothing but the best patient care experience every time I’ve stepped into his office.


Me and my Family had a very bad experience At Dean McGee this Monday, we are very patient and calm people but what they did to us was unacceptable we arrived at 1p.m. had our appointment at 1:40p.m. and left at almost 7p.m. we were there for 6 hours without eating, and 2 little ones very hungry, tired and impatient we came all the way from Tulsa,Ok because our doctor from Tulsa recommended this place but after this I don't think we want to come back, I think they need a better system to keep track of patients to know who's first and don't forget they have them inside a room waiting and skip them and help other patients first.

Aaliyah Taylor

I loved the technician Emily here very personable, caring. She was accommodating during my mother’s exam. We both are pleased with the services that were provided. Thanks Once Again

Dean Latreille

parking adequate, staff very helpful & efficient

Robert Seaborn

Might be intelligent but horrible business practice average wait on an appointment is 2.5 hrs. Cant stand this place. Horrible management Thanks for the reply but we have returned for a follow up we are as of now an hr and 10 min waiting past appointment time and counting

E. Tuck

Dr. Patel is awesome!

Kortnee Noe

Cameron Steele

Be prepared to sit in the waiting room for at least 30 minutes after arriving on time for your scheduled appointment.

Felicia Brawdy

3 hour wait and counting. Pediatric opthalmology office. And from the other reviews that I've read wait time seems to be a reoccuring issue throughout the whole facility. If patient care and time is something they've strive for don't make your patients have such long waiting periods. Schedule the times better, not trying to cram in a many as you can just to have the business.


I highly recommend Dr. O'Brien. He is an excellent, knowledgeable, caring doctor! Dr. O'Brien takes time to explain thoroughly and gives time for questions. He is empathetic, shows genuine concern, and puts you at ease. 5 stars all the way!

Alice Shepard

The Doctor wouldn't allow me to finish a sentence and corrected everything I said then reminded me he has 20 years experience. He told me my neurologist with 40 years experience is wrong and my recently deceased eye Doctor with over 40 years was also wrong and all MRI'S were wrong. I've slowly lost sight over the past 3 years after never needing to wear glasses. I witnessed a rude female staff member degrade another very lovely, caring staff member in front of me . I drove 6 hours searching for answers but instead I was treated like a waste of time and a liar. I left frustrated with no more answers than when I got there but more bills and another horrible Doctor to add to the list. I wish he could have left his ego at home. Save yourself the gas and time by not visiting this office. Out of the many staff members I met 2 were friendly. I met at least 10. If you are disabled be prepared for dirty looks by the staff.


We started visiting Dean McGee in March of 2016 after discovering that our son who was 3 at the time had a detached retina. Dr. Brian Firestone was the doctor we were immediately sent to see (finding all of this out on the same day that started with a normal pediatrician exam) and we were worked into their schedule. His staff was great and he is absolutely awesome. Probably some of the best patient care I have ever received and tries to be honest while comforting everyone on what is going on. He was able to diagnosis our sons retinal issue and after multiple surgeries to help save his eye we were successful. We still have other issues that have come up and he is helping to monitor those issues and address what we can while still be comforting and trying to encourage us during a difficult time for any parent. I honestly cant thank him enough for what he has done for us and what he still continues to do. Thank you Dr. Firestone. #TeamTrick

kacey sellers

This place was unbelievably wonderful. I am a young woman who has struggled the past 9 years with a cornea transplant, and the result being no vision gained back. It’s been endless circles of unexplainable reasons, and being pushed off cause they just don’t know why. I was referred here, and I left so full of hope and with a diagnosis. Every person that helped me today made me feel like an actual person and like helping me was actually important to them. I will forever recommend this place and forever remember it! This is the place to go, for sure!

Amber Hicks

nathan rowland

Marilyn Robinson

Its the best health care hosp. Or institute ive ever been in The most caring and educated staff bar none

Jason Ackerman

Angela Jones

Raphael Skinner

Pediatric opthamologist???

a grider

No issues on the medical side with either the Lawton or OKC locations, but once your at either office, the waiting time is much too long.

Alicyn Newberry

Dr. Mike Siatkowski is amazing with great staff! My son was taken care of every step of the way and adequate timing and care was never a concern. Extremely pleased with the experience!

Shayna Bowen

Tianna Strange

Waited for an hour and 15 minutes past our appt time. My daughter had another appt so we had to leave n reschedule. They want you to be on time and make you reschedule if you're more than 15 minutes but can't have the same respect for you or your time in return? Looking for a new doctor.

Glenda West

Took our son Abraham at the age of one year. They ran many test. Dr. Was kind and gentle, caring some thing parents want to know. I Highly recommend.

G Ads

MY 1ST.. ...AND LAST EXPERIENCE..ABOUTA WEEK AGO saw... Dr. Reagan bradford..(retina specialist) a hurry...LOUSY communicator..poor people skills. The whole mcgee operation is in a few words.. TOO DAMN BIG!!!!! COLD.. IMPERSONAL. Too .....CORPORATE.... IMPERSONAL....HECTIC..RUSHED WHO THE HELL RUNS THIS PLACE ??? WHO HIRES and oversees THESE DOCTORS??? HELLO !!!!!!!!

Mariatodo lo que dios creo Charqueño

Ami. Me. Gusta

Soni B.

I was deeply concerned about lack of infection control. Support staff don't seem to wash their hands between patients and before they touch your face and eye area. Considering some of the nasty and smelly people who shared the waiting area with me that is quite scary. This also makes me concerned about the instruments used in the exams. Are they sanitized between patients or do I put my face and eyes on the same surface as the person before me? They are very busy and this might lead to cutting corners that should never be neglected. The spotless and dry sinks in the exam rooms further confirm my fear that hand washing falls by the wayside. I don't care how good your doctors are if this vital part of care is neglected. One lady held my eyes open during an exam, no gloves, no idea if her hands were cleaned after her last patient. I left the place scared of what I might have been exposed to.

Lorraine Berko

There has to be a better system with the wait times. If u have an appointment at 1 you probably won't be seen until about 4 or 5. I know they are busy doctors by my goodness you have to spend most of your day there just for them to see you for about 20 minutes. I would give a higher rating for service but the time wasted waiting took it all the way down. A better solution should be in place, going to the social security office is a lot faster than this.

Mitchel Pinion

Had great experience over the years with Dean McGee in Lawton over many years, but really bad experience with Dean McGee in OKC. I had cataract surgery in one eye there in August. Vision in that eye after surgery was very poor. After a couple of weeks of "waiting for it to clear up" I had a second surgery to remove tissue that should have been removed the first time. My vision in the eye now tests 20-20, but it is only clear to me in the very center of my vision, otherwise it is worse than my eye that did not have surgery. After waiting several "waiting for improvement" which did not happen, I requested an eye appointment for glasses to correct double vision (that existed before and after surgery), but the earliest appointment was Dec 22. I kept the appointment and got new glasses per the prescription. I still have double vision with the glasses. Next available appointment at Dean McGee is Jan 31, 2018. Bottom line - my vision has been screwed up since August. I am going to another eye care center this afternoon. Not Dean McGee.


I'm in between on this one. Specialty care was a great experience. However for routine eye care for retired veterans they are confused on needing referrals. Every two years retired veterans are allowed a examination without referral. I gave them the time to check it out they still wanted a referral. I called Vision Source.. they were informed and happy to get my business.

Lilliam Vazquez

carolyn jones

Dr Rhea Siatkowski is great. She has been taking care of my husband since September 2017 when he got a fungal eye infection. After taking over 4 months to get rid of it was decided that a cornea transplant was needed. Dr Rhea Siatkowski preformed that surgery the end of March 2018. Due to the. amount of steroids eye drops my husband had to use to get rid of the infection, it caused a severe cataract in the affected eye. Eventually Dr Rhea Siatkowski will do cataract surgery on that eye. We have been more than pleased with the care that my husband has received. I would recommend the Dean McGee Eye Institute to anyone.

steven Byrd

My vision in my left eye is not any better than my vision in my right eye

Kelly Peltier

Dr. Farris is by far one of the best physicians I have been to in my entire life. He always makes my concerns feel valid.. Great doctor. I know I’m in good hands in his care. I thank God for Dr. Farris all the time!

Gershelda Page

I've been going to DMEI for over 10 years. I have Diabetic Retinopathy and Dr. Kingsley has been wonderful! I went almost 8 years with no bleeding, and now am in active mode again. He is working with my Cardiologist to see what can be done to control the bleeding. Only problem(s) I have had are sometimes with afternoon appointments they are running really behind and the other is if laser needs to be done, you usually come back the following week. For me, it's a 3 hour drive, one way, so it is a bit hard to find someone who can get the time off of work to drive me there and back. Otherwise, I have nothing but wonderful things to say. If you have no insurance, it's not a problem. They have sponsors to help with the costs.

Kimberly Becerra

Isabel Alvarez-Sancho

**UPDATE** My problem is fixed now. Thank you for the quick response on facebook and yelp. I only hope that people answering the phone become more empathetic towards patients who need help and actually look at their files before they give an answer. I'm very dissatisfied with your service. I called for a refill for my debilitating eye pain and every time I call I get different answers while the refill never gets approved. When I see the doctor in person everything is ok, but otherwise I feel mistreated on the phone. I wonder if you treat all patients this way or if there is something specific about me that you don't like.

Tammy Kephart

Took a dear friend for an appointment at 1:00 Had not seen the doctor by 4:00! Really?

Jessi Greer

Worked here for a short time. Couldn't have worked with more caring doctors. They really care about the patients and there needs and like to take time with every single one. And that is why it there's wait times. It also is a specialty clinic so that is another reason the wait the wait time is not ideal. When I worked there the doctors/techs strived for as little as wait time as possible but since most patients have to have multiple test that is another reason the wait time is not ideal. I loved working here and everyone there.

Christy Lewis

Thank ya

Ryan Spears

I have never spent less than 3 hrs in here with all of the waiting. This last time my appoint ment was 215 and was still waiting on the doctor at 515 they seem to know.what they are doing but if I had another option around I'd be taking it

Frank Horton

Violeta Severs

Charity Chansombathz

Dr. Farris performed a surgery to correct my double vision and I couldn't be more pleased with the whole experience! He took the time to make sure I was completely comfortable with the first surgery I've ever had and addressed all my questions and concerns. He and his whole staff were wonderful and on top of all that, my double vision is gone! Thank you Dr. Farris!

Quanetra Wilson

I am new to the OUHSC campus and I recently had a experience to where I found out I had an Corneal ulcer in my eye. The pain from it was just unreal. I called over to Dean McGee, and they got me in the same morning right away with no problems at all. I had the pleasure of having Dr. Jamie Rodriguez as my doctor and she was just amazing. As a brand new patient and brand new employee here at OUHSC I am just thrilled to know we have such amazing doctors on our campus. Dr. Rodriguez is very professional, kind, smart, sweet and very easy to be able to trust with any eye issues you may have. I typically don't leave reviews but I am just so happy with the service I received from both her and her staff. Everyone is very friendly and nice in the entire office. I love that Dr. Rodriguez has such a caring nature about herself I don't want to ever change doctors. Thank you for a great service :)!

Liz Holmes

Markie Harper

Nancy Lambert is so amazing, so professional and I am so in love with my new eye!!!!! It looks so perfect !!!!! Thank you so much!!!! It is so perfect!!!! I can't stop looking at it !!!! And it makes my face look more proportioned. I'm just so happy .

Joseph Mclane

Fast, Friendly, Efficient, they will not turn anyone away. I would not be able to see to write this review otherwise.

Essence Lovely

Loved my experience at dean mcgee my doctor was nice ...

David Alender

I’m writing another review I went one time and wasn’t happy so the administrator contacted me me to fix what I wasn’t happy with so I went back for a Sec time on oct. 12 2018 . My Sec visit was worst the my first I have nv seen or heard of the most disrespectful inconsiderate Doctors they set me up with what I was told was the ceo doctor and then another doctor after the ceo doctor they didn’t want to hear any of my questions in fact they couldn’t answer any of my questions with a straight answer this has NOTHING to do with what they could or couldn’t do for me it was about get any questions I had answered in fact the Sec doctor I seen asked me “ so how many questions do u have planes to ask me “ I said well idk he said “well I’ll give u 5 questions” from there my visit was over I had nothing to say to him he is lucky I didn’t walk out before he checked me out ppl I would suggest recording ur visits so eventually ppl will believe us when we say things aren’t right then maybe they will change things around there or even get doctors that are respectful to you and you needs as of now we are just a paycheck or a house or car payment to them it’s about how fast can’t I get them in and out of here and spend very little time if any with the patient well hate to tell y’all we the patients do care about our health and do have questions even if u are pressed for time before the last year I waited 20 years to see a eye doctor cause they all say the same can’t do nothing for you ur good to go and since seeing these doctors just made me want to wait another 20 years again I rather walk off a cliff and go totally blind before I feel 2 inch tall again like I did on this visit no respect no concern with my eye care or my questions

Bob Maloney

Dr Firestone is an excellent and compassionate doctor. My wife Sara had a very rare eye condition due to her small cell lung cancer and Dr Firestone's treatment not only saved her eyesight but returned it to where it was prior to her cancer diagnosis. One of the finest Doctors and persons I have ever worked with.

cindylee mullinax

I am not a patient but I take my parents the wait is way too long. I am telling you each appointment has been a minimum of 4 hour. They had appointment at one fifteen pm we did not see the doctor till 4 pm. I missed word.

Celia Carrillo Mccracken

I had an apt yesterday waited a very long time to see a Dr. Khaimi....he was in and out so fast did not get all my questions finished. He did not look at my eyes just looked at his associates notes. Not too happy with his lack of bed side manner. Have to wait so long in between Dr's and wished I had other options for someone else.

Latasha Binford

I have to admit on one of our numerous visits to this facility, board I began reading through reviews. My daughter and I got a great chuckle out of all of the complaints about wait times. Because everyone of them described something we had experienced over the last 2 years we've been traveling. But recently when a routine procedure went south during recovery time for my daughter. Our eyes were opened to the reason for those wait times. And frankly so much more. The first sign of trouble was 5am on a Sunday morning. And the on call Dr immediately said come to the office. The following weeks was a crazy busy booked schedule for her Dr. But she was still squeezed into the next day's appointments to follow up with him. That was the first of many emergency trips. With each trip having a follow up squeezed into an overbooked schedule. The last emergency trip was the day our Dr. Was back from being out of the office, he had been in surgery all day so my daughter was set up to see one of the residents. Dr. Firestone came in after his surgery rotation to check on her himself. And another colleague stayed late that evening to help figure out how to help my daughter. During the two weeks we have often been the last patients to leave the building. We've been seen on both a Sunday and a Saturday. The staff has always been great to work her into the schedule, and I have no problems at all waiting because I know that my daughter will get the treatment she deserves with doctors who are more concerned about treating her, rather than counting the minutes they spend with a patient just to rush off to the next one. Moreover knowing that if there's a delay it means that someone else's son or daughter is getting the full care and attention they deserve, then I'm happy to wait. Dr. Firestone was the last doctor in a long line of doctors we went to when my daughter 1st lost sight in one of her eyes. He was the only one who saw a difficult situation and said "I can help" rather than "there's nothing I can do." He is by far one of the most compassionate providers I've ever met. He is through attentive and listens to our concerns. This facility, and the team of providers who care for my daughter are without a doubt a answer to our prayers.

Seanjohn B

asmae mustapha

Dr mahmoud khaimi is great Dr,he gave my father & me enough time ,Dr khaimi s very kind and have a great experience mashaa llah. Also i met in deen macgee nice nurses, keep doing your great job

Veronica Cole

I adore this place. Every one is so nice. Especially my Dr.

D Simmons

Excellent care!

Yeojin Choi

Dr. David Jackson performed my cataract surgery in both of my eyes this year, one on August 6th & my other eye on Sept 11. He was very professional and it was noted that he is amazing with complex cases (my eyes are unique because of so many medical problems) which is why I was relieved that he'd be able to help me. I've had surgery done here previously about 29 years ago as a 2 month old infant for ROP & that surgery has held strong all these years. After my surgery, Dr. Jackson called to check on me that evening to see how I was doing & that helped to dispel concerns I had with my eye. This hospital is wonderful & the doctors here operate with high standards. It puts my fears to rest. Overall, I really like this hospital & I'm going to keep coming back for anything major in the future.


April Mendenhall

Charlie Miller

What a nice facility, very clean! The people here are wonderful. The doctor was very thorough, and took the time to answer questions. Hardly any wait to get in.

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