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REVIEWS OF Dayton Eye Associates IN Ohio

Erin Boyd

Dr. Hartel is great. His bedside manner is excellent, and he's very calm and thorough in his exams. I've been seeing him for about six months, and yes, the wait times in the office are long, but it's well worth it. He's the first doctor I've had who has actually listened to my concerns and made me feel like my case and my vision actually mattered to him. When I first came to see him, I was honestly prepared for a negative experience, because every experience with a neuro-opthamologist I had had up to that point had been less than favorable, but Dr. Hartel looked at all my previous workup, talked with me about my condition in terms I could understand, and actually listened to my concerns and took my input and experiences into account. In six months' time, he's taken my vision back to where it was four years ago, before I started having problems.

Sheela Padmaja

I went to this place for about 5 years. Each time I waited minimum 1.5 to 2 hrs and the whole thing, waiting and checking, took almost 3 hrs. They have no respect for the patients' time. I am not going there anymore.

b abba


Amy Brown

Well, had an appointment scheduled a year in advance and here it is, two weeks before my scheduled appointment and they call to tell me the doctor is leaving and they have to cancel...... and none of the other doctors will see me..... except the person that doesn't accept insurance, so I'd have to pay out of pocket. No thanks. Really disappointed me that they didn't offer any other way to help me or they could have told me sooner so I'd have time to find a new place that is accepting new patients.

Amanda Babcock

So today was my first appointment there, my appointment was at 1pm I got back right away. Had 2 kinda of testing done automatically. Then I was told to sit and wait for one test and to see Dr Hartley. I was told only one person was before Me for testing, I waited 90min to get that testing done and then another 90min to see Dr Hartel only for 15min who told me I failed perphial visan test but doesn’t know why so looking at MRI done before he comes up with eye anxiety as a result of a cuncussion. My perhphial vision in 6 months is getting worse and your saything that’s eye anxiety very concurs. Was very disappointed and highly upset. I spent from 12:45pm -5:15pm in there. That is ridiculous. I then get told to follow up in about a month or so. The staff tells me that even just to go over my results from the test I have to do outside of there that I will be there 3-4 hours. That is crazy and ridiculous. I don’t care how busy your office is 3-4hr wait for every patient I don’t know how they keep clients. Sadly mine is part of a workers comp BWC situation so I have to stay there. I gave them 3 stars because the staff that helped me was very respectful and kind. Some even apologized and told me sorry repeatedly because they admitted that I was being thrown around more then normal patients and they felt bad for me.


I originally saw Dr. Liston, but experienced extremely long waits and confusion about scheduled appointment times. His surgery scheduler is very hard to deal with and not forthcoming with information. So I tried another doctor in the practice and the same problems occurred.

Gregory Weber

Dr. Denlinger and staff provided excellent care. Sure, there was some waiting in the lobby, but in my experience, nothing like the long waits some people have described here. I spent adequate time with the doctor, asked all the questions I wanted, and got good answers. Doctor called me personally in the evening after surgery to be sure I was doing well.

Theresa Davis

If you like long waits, then this is the place for you! I have been taking my daughter to Dr. Liston for about 2 years for her amblyopia (lazy eye). He consistently runs late and never apologizes. For her last appointment, I got her out of school early for a 2:10 appointment but she wasn't seen by Dr. Liston until 3:30. On a good note, Dr. Liston relates well to my daughter and seems competent. He is close to my house and parking is free. We will not be going back.

Ailing Weng

Dan Corvin

I use and have used Sandy for my contact needs. She is excellent, skilled, easy to communicate with, and dedicated to her clients. She is always prompt and courteous. Dan

Debra Miller

No good When you call you have to wait half hour more for someone answer or someone does answer right off they always say our computers are down

Kathleen Bard

Wait to long and then when my husband needed surgery in feb he is not scheduled until nov .He complained to dr Cloud and was told that’s about right.Dr cloud very good but when your there 3 hrs on every appt it’s obvious they over schedule .Will be looking for new specialist.Very difficult when you have problem to reach someone with knowledge.Very disgusted.Sad when you like the Dr but rediculous to wait that long.

Catie Bader

The wait times for Dr. Liston are beyond ridiculous. Even if you are the first appointment of the day expect to be there over an hour. My son had to begin patching and I asked Dr. Liston a question and he actually laughed at me. Then if you don't ask a question he will pose the question for you and answer himself. I find him to be condesening and rude. We are moving on.

Scott Gaich

dawn evans

Tammy Farrrenkopf

My husband has been a patient here since 2000. He was criticality injured in an industrial accident and as a result, one of his losses was his right eye. Dr Beeson and Dr Hartel were key in his recovery. We've had the pleasure of being follow-up patients for the last 16 plus years. They are life savers. Yes, the office is sometimes busy. But you get what you pay for. If your eyes are important to you, it's well worth the wait. If you want fast food turn around times go elsewhere. Real Dr's are worth waiting for. And the staff are just as awesome. Best girls & guys out there!

Ike Fmura

I was referred to Dr. Shade for my cataracts surgery. Dr. Shade has been amazing thru the whole process, from pre-surgery to my follow ups. I have always believed the true barometer of service starts after the surgery / service is performed. From receiving a follow up call from her night of the surgery to the follow up appointments; Dr. Shade has been very involved in my care. I really appreciate her attention to detail; listening to all concerns; and then acting on them to ensure there were not any issues. I get my other eye done in a few weeks and knowing what to expect and the care I will receive makes the whole process a lot easier to handle for myself and family.

rc pratt

Mark Winkle


David Amand

12-30-17. Appointment at 7:50, arrived 15 minutes early. Signed in right away and went to the back for tecks. to do all fact finding and tests. Done with all teck test by 8:30. Waited 4 hours to see Dr. When he came in I told him of my very long wait and he told me " if I didn't like it to go to wal-mart or lens crafters. He spent ( not kidding ) less than 5 minutes with me. On checking out they wanted another $ 39.00 for a test they did that I was not told about. I refused and walked out. If you need a simple eye exam, got to Lens Crafters.

Giambattista Travaglio


They have a baby wait over 3 hrs to be seen by a doctor in a small "pod" waiting room with many people also waiting. This place is a joke! Don't bring your babies here as they don't care if the baby cries or not while waiting for the doctor ....... Then when they tell you they need to dialate baby eyes and not to feed your baby bc it takes 20 minutes....they make your baby wait over an hour to be seen so you can't feed a crying baby!!!!! Also, once in a room they rush you right out like cattle, so how are the actually using their time with patients??!?! ?! Don't bring your babies here!! Don't bring anyone here!

Chip and Lisa Dixon

Very unhappy about my visit. First they scheduled me with the specialist that was not even the specialist for my problem of course they did not tell me that until after I had waited for hrs and actually it was the Dr that told me he was not the one who could help me with the problem I was having with one of my eyes. Then they told me they could not even give me my eyeglasses Rx. Seriously?? I even asked the receptionist ti call my optician to get my previous Rx for my contacts and she said they would do that in the room. They never told me they could not give me Rx for contacts. DON'T go here! The miscommutation begins when you schedule and continues for the hrs you are there, which was way to long!! What a waste of my time, money! After speaking w Office Manager, there was still NO satisfaction. They did NOT do anything to make it right w me!


Awful wait time. Arrived at 1:50 for a 2:10 appt. was called back by assistant at 3:30. She did a quick review of the reason I was here at then told me I could leave or they would call me back when the doctor is ready to see me. Really??? So, if you have nothing better to do with your day, this place is for you. I would not recommend this practice and will not return.


Been here nearly two hours horrible service. Dr Liston is a good doctor but had no sense of time!


Poor customer service. Staff members calling patient names. Refused to answer questions without giving attitude. Unable to speak with dr

Zach Leitch

Waited in the waiting room for over an hour before we finally got to fill out forms and then we had to wait even longer to actually see the doctor. Not worth the wait. Find somewhere else

Destiny Temple

I know many of these low ratings are because of the long wait (which I agree can be quite frustrating) however, when it comes to Dr. Liston, I couldn't think of a better specialist to see. He is absolutely phenomenal with my 2.5 year old daughter. He is able to obtain and maintain her attention during each exam, he is friendly, and relates to my daughter so well. He makes the appointment pretty fun for a little girl who has to deal with the headache of bad vision, glasses, and sitting in a not-so-fun doctor's office. If your little one has eye problems, I'd recommend Dr. Liston a million times over!

Tobee Flenderson

Michele Sporre-Doss

We have been seeing Dr Mercado for quite a while. The staff is always friendly and professional. They always listen to our questions and concerns and try to answer them.


$200 for an eye exam? Ripoff. And can't even pay your bill online.

Bill Turri

The staff is friendly and professional, and the doctor has been very helpful. I've brought my son here three times in 4 years. Unfortunately the service is poor and the wait times are horrible, averaging greater than an hour each time, even early in the morning! I wish the doctor were at another practice. I cannot recommend Dayton Eye Associates because of the terrible wait times .

Stacie Orr

Marcia Furtick

Very friendly staff. Everyone seems to care about each patient.


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