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Mary Tlucak

My doctor was great, but the main campus Cole facility was abysmal. Absolutely DO NOT have your cataracts done there unless you 1)bring a blanket or winter coat for the practically subzero lobby (I understand keeping operating rooms cold to prevent bacteria growth, but the lobby where you and family wait before procedure is another thing) 2) be prepared to be there at least 4 - 5 hours for your 15 minute procedure. Yes, I got there exactly when they told me to yet I waited 3 hours (for the first eye) before they even took me back to prep me. For the second eye, I only waited about 2 hours in the lobby, but then waited another 2 hours in the prep area before they finally did my surgery. Each surgery itself only took 15 minutes. Other people in the lobby with me both times said they had exactly the same experience. If you're able to have your procedure at ANY OTHER facility, I strongly advise you to skip Cole main campus.

Jen Nguyen

Doctor Kampani was absolutely wonderful. As for the overall service given other than my exam itself, i am very disappointed. I was given contacts for my eyes that were not the correct lense due to the ones i needed not being in stock. I was told by both the doctor and the front desk that they would order my actual prescription contact lenses for me to trial the day of my exam. It has now been almost 3 weeks without having the correct lenses in my eyes. After two calls to find out an update on my lenses, one being two weeks after my exam and one just now being the third week, i have yet to receive my contact lenses. They did not offer to give me another trial pair (even after asking) and also informed me on the second call that they never ordered the contacts until the first time i had called (that being the end of the second week of wearing the same pair of trial lenses). They showed no concern with the health of my eyes wearing the same contacts for almost three weeks. The contacts won't come in for another four days supposedly and my eyes are irritated from wearing the current wrong trial for too long. They knew since the first appointment that due to how long it took to get an eye exam appointment that i did not have any more back up lenses and have not gotten updated glasses in four years due to my insurance only covering one or the other (contacts vs glasses) . Just very disappointed in them not owning up to their mistakes of not ordering my lenses when they should have and expecting me to risk my eye health because of it. I would have just ordered the contacts without actually having a trial with the actual pair if i knew it would take this long. I would've been better off.

Sondra Speed

Abdulaziz Alghamdi

Evan Minior

Trinity Motley

Veronica Reeves

The staff was great. Doctors extremely helpful. Discovered something that needed immediate attention.

T Chik

Jolly Rancher

Have been waiting an hour and a half for a roughly 15 min check up. Proper punctuality is not something practiced here nor is it a priority. Beware. Staff is well manered and polite.

D Carrino


I went here once, the guy who did my exam was great ! He even told me I was putting to too much strain on one eye because I was trying to ficus too much , but the doctor was HORRIBLE!!!! He was in and out the room in three minutes and told me I didn't need classes, after the guy who did my exam said I really needed them. Now I can not read without them AT ALL! I reported it to caresourse and about a year later recieved a letter stating that the doctor was leaving Cleveland Clinic. I would give the African American gentleman 6 starts☆☆☆☆☆☆

Kathy Taylor

Craig Brookhart

One cataract and 3 retina surgeries. 1st class! No better place.

Jerry Hurt

Julianne Griswold

Waited over an hour to be seen by the physician to just have my eyes checked for a routine eye exam.

Mariella Aroni

Kimber-Leigh Domiano

Minus having to pay for parking downtown I really appreciate the Doctors & staff at the Cole Eye Institute. Waiting area is spacious w/complementary coffee & hot chocolate. Very well organized & friendly. Staff is specialized is rare diseases (a plus for me). Accommodating for same day appointments when needed. There is also a great place to get wonderful food just a 2 min walk thru the bridge way in the Crile bldg.


Bert Geng

Arrived for my appointment only to be told my doctor is not in office and out on vacation. No prior notice about rescheduling . Seems very disorganized for the system to allow scheduling for a doctor that won't even be there.

Edward Rhee

Eddie Jackson

Real Reviews

I was just in today to see Dr. Dupps. He came recommended by Dr. Rocha out of Storm Eye institute in Charleston, SC. I’ve had a few surgeries on my left eye to correct vision issues from a trauma I suffered. Dr. Dupps is a super nice guy who went out of his way to help me today and helped correct some issues I was having with my new lens that was implanted. He diagnosed what I was experiencing and provided a simple solution without the need for more surgery/lasik. Dr. Dupps you are the man thank you! The rest of the staff was extremely pleasant and friendly. I would recommend Dr. Dupps to friends and family for sure!


Recently I had cataract surgery on my left eye. To be honest I was a little anxioust about the procedure. Everything I have heard about it has been positive and that I shouldn't be worried. The nurse took me back and got me ready for my surgery. They made me comfortable and I spoke with the anesthesiologist. She made sure to answer any questions I may have had and when the doctor was almost ready she started the sedative. My concern was that I would see what was going on. Well that wasn't the case at all. They numb your eye so well and your other eye is covered. Tell you the truth it wasn't an issue during the surgery at all. The procedure took only a few minutes and before you know it your done and on your way to better eye sight! My doctor is great and I would recommend him but I have heard the other doctors are great also. I am lucky to be treated here at the Cole Eye Center. 6/29 update: had my other eye done and doing great. Am able to see much better when driving and colors are even more vibrant. Thanks Dr. Eisengart for the excellent surgery and also your medical team's care for me.

Space Alien

Had two surgerys their by dr Eli traboulsi worst Doctor ever he said he could only do one eye at a time and he promised all these wonderful things for me and my mom and never did them never even said once to me or my mom you also have nystagmus with strabiusm I went all my life not being able to see very well or walk down steps normal or being afraid I would fall I was never good at sports couldn't catch ball nothing I had no depth perception I did everything eye patching like I said two surgerys nothing he ever did helped me all he wanted was more money just give me ur money but me and my mom thought we were going to the best doctors in Ohio until in 2013 I met an amazing doctor by the name of Doctor Richard hertle at Akron children's hospital he did my fourth surgery and was the one that actually said I had infintile nystagmus and he fixed my strabiusm and when he was doing my right eye he came out and said that eye was never worked on so it makes me wounder what did dr Eli traboulsi did when he did my surgerys play on his phone dr Richard fixed my eyes so they are stright then he slowed down my nystagmus giving me 70 to 75 depth perception I can now walk down steps normal and now will be able to drive and guess what they made me do vision thepery after to strengthen my eyes muscles too and after my 4th surgery I was in a dark room with a cold wash cloth on my eyes and the last time I had surgery with dr Eli traboulsi he came in turned on the brightes light and said u need to open ur eyes look I was a young kid and my eyes were sensitive to the light and u want me to open my eyes after u worked on them hell no he has no care for his patients he only wants money so DO NOT GO To DR ELI TRABOULSI I WARNED YOU

David Mills

Most excellent

larry nottke

Horrible parking, always packed, use patients as guinea pigs..if you're not approved by medicare for treatment, you're screwed..gotta love paying for thier vacation trips,condos, yachts, etc.


I have been going to Cole eye Center for a few years now and dr. Sharma has taken wonderful care of me highly recommend this facility for any eye issues from minor to Major. If you need a specialist I cannot recommend dr. Sharma enough he is definitely the one to see. When all other facilities gave up he would not until he found out what was wrong and he has worked diligently on trying to fix my eye problem

jamie smith

If you want ignorantly organized staff and have a day to waste away this is the doctor for you . I wouldn't recommend this practice to my enemy. Defiantly just a practice that wants to make money not truly care for it's patient.

Joyce Koehler-Maier

When I lived in California two years ago I saw a doctor about a bump in my eye. I was told for two years, by 2 different doctors, that I had a pterygium in my eye. Both doctors suggested not to have surgery because it’ll grow right back. I finally couldn’t handle the feeling of a splinter in my eye so I scheduled a surgery to have it removed. After patiently waiting for my insurance to approve the surgery, I had it removed. The very next day 8-2-16 I was told it was cancer but not to worry....he got clear margins. He did suggest seeing a specialist as soon as possible. I told him I was moving in 2 weeks to Ohio and I’ll go to the Cleveland Clinic. Best move of my life!!! Turns out the doctor didn’t have clear margins because I still had cancer in my eye. It was aggressive melanoma eye cancer. Dr. Singh spotted the cancer in my eye right away and immediately scheduled for surgery. I’ve been cancer free for 1 1/2 years now and I’m very thankful for Cleveland Clinic. I highly recommend Cleveland Clinic!! They may have saved my life and my eye. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

A.M. T

I had Lasik done at the Cole Eye Institute 7 years ago, and after only 2 years my vision started declining. When I called to ask about a touch-up procedure, I learned that there's no lifetime guarantee, and that while there's a discount up to 5 years after a procedure, you still have to pay thousands of dollars to have corrective Lasik done. Ridiculous. Other Lasik centers offer a lifetime guarantee if you meet certain conditions, why not Cole Eye Institute? Fast forward several years, and I just had a consultation with a different Lasik doctor and learned that I'm not a good candidate for additional Lasik or PRK procedures. Since my prescription was so strong to begin with, they had to remove a thicker layer of my lens, which means my cornea is now too thin for Lasik. I have no memory of anyone at Cole Eye Institute telling me that this was a possibility: that I wouldn't be able to have additional corrective Lasik done due to overly thin corneas post-op. If I had known, I probably would have waited a few years to have the original Lasik done to give myself the best chance that it would stick. As it is now, I wasted roughly 5 grand to have 2 years of good vision that quickly went south and I'm likely doomed to wear contacts or glasses the rest of my life. I strongly recommend against going to Cole Eye Institute for Lasik surgery---no guarantee of results and what I consider poor communication.

Gary Young

Great place. Fast check in with friendly staff. Free coffee and hot chocolate in waiting area. Always get called back promptly. Super nice staff and doctors.

allie Mendoza

I have my vision because of this wonderful eye institute! Thank you for my site ♡♡♡

Jessica K

Love this office!

Deen Haniff

The building and the people are great parking is a nightmare, can't find a spot that's remotely close to the building and not vallet only.

keith benford

epicless !

Angelique Pillar

Velma Jordan

Awfoo Zulu

Dr perry and his staff are great i ve had 2 light surgeries and he is very skillful dr and 1 of the best to do lid surgery he does what is best for the patient not what is best for him like some doctors and he also accepts Caresource like some doctors wont accepf because of the payment

Dennis R. Kreiger

Best eye doctors in the US .

Ken Davis

Francesco Elia Marino

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