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Elaine Slay

Dr Foster is skilled at eye repair she is a 5 star from the Cleveland Clinic. She operated on my 90 year old mother and it was easy no pain & healed beautifully. I only wish they had a MOHS specialist in house. I know Dr. Chorin & Pappa they are also 5 star skilled. Its sad but for staff I give a 0 because they are rude and no one cares to look you in the eye. They seemed bothered your at the desk to check in. They woke an elderly sleeping woman because they didn't want her lying down, ( looked bad) she had been waiting over 2 hours. The MD's are some of the best in our area 5 star and the surgical area once your in is wonderful with caring staff. Maybe eye emergencies make the time off because they are the only place in town with the consolidation. But our son who was just out of a coma & had a big bed sore sat in a chair while the neuro specialist talked to her girlfrind on the phone we waited over 2 hours in a room he went ballistic. So 0 for her but she is gone, cowboy boots & Madonna lace top, dark long hair. If you see her run. Also parking is bad its dangerious the way they have it set up to valet.

Joel Walter

Great facility, well run with a lot of thought put into the process for the patient and what works well. I used Dr. Kelley and had a great experience. He explains the process with the positives and negatives with no sugar coating ( which is important in health care). I had a solid experience with the procedure and trusted this companies experience level and Dr. Kelley. Great experience A+

Patsy Whitmoyer

It is amazing,Dr.Curtin G. Kelly restored my sight in my left eye He reposition the lens from a bad cataract surgery by someone else I'm so grateful and the luckiest person because of Dr.Kelly I praise him every day for my sight God bless you Dr.Kelly Your fantastic

Anne Cooper


Since the reveal of a supposedly better clearer vision after cataract surgery and lens implant in April this year, my eyesight is markedly worse. Now I’m told I need a Vitrectomy to correct a macular pucker with a 50% vision correction rate. Prescription lenses will not correct. I don’t understand how this pucker showed up right after cataract surgery, I was seeing fine with my contacts prior to surgery?

Maranda Wood

Great office! Love my doctor! All the staff has been helpful and very informative, I would recommend this office to all my friends and family.

Theodore P Graham

As far as I can tell, the lights are on, but no body is home. I filled out the 'schedule a free lasik consultation' multiple times, got no response. Tried calling the office, only to listen to "thank you for calling Arena Eye Surgeons your call is very important to us. Our communications coordinator will be with you shortly" 10 times before hanging up. It's amazing that this business is even listed as open if they can't even answer their phone. Edit based on response: I've already had my procedure performed several months ago. Based on the reviews I've seen here, I doubt I would even be willing to use this doctor's office services if they did the operation for free. Where I had my procedure performed had a EXTREMELY friendly staff and made me feel very comfortable with my LASIK.

Irv Sal

Setup to be as easy for the patient as possible. Very relaxed atmosphere. Dr. Carrie Lembach was my surgeon and was great. The staff, all of the staff has been wonderful also. I would refer anyone here! Their procedures and skills are very impressive.

Sean Schreiner

Friendly and inviting staff. Always a pleasure. Thank you doctors and staff for making me feel welcome and truly being concerned for my needs.

Marios Fitros

Dylan Kemna

The facility of this practice is really impressive. Mary Delong has been really friendly and a great resource. She helped me understand the difference between a discount provider that uses a low price to get you in the door and then gives you different price one you come in. Dr. Kelley actually meets with you during the consultation and is with you through your entire LASIK experience. I definitely recommend this practice!

Jeremiah Ayres

Hope Zacek

Gina Francis

I am not a patient of this practice..and I wouldn't become one. I was accompanying my sister for an appointment and witnessed the rudeness, uncaring and unprofessional receptionists here. There were elderly folks who were treated this way and disrespected to the point I almost said something..and frankly was embarrassed. The women working at this front desk need fired. I would not recommend this practice to anyone..I don't care how good the doctors are.

Emanuel Ridhibhinyo

Former customer. Lasik warranty is only 2 years. I would suggest going somewhere else with a better warranty.

Peggy Jones

Waited 1 hour and 40 minutes and there were still 3 patients in front of me at that point. I had to leave as I had other appointments. No apologies from anyone at the desk on my way out. I was asked if I wanted to reschedule. I’m going to find a new doctor.

Anna Young

Took my daughter here today and had to listen to one employee going off on another employee who was checking someone in. Saying you always take an hour lunch as long as you've been here and I accommodate that but you are the reason I'm leaving with your crazy self. Maybe I shouldn't be having this conversation in front of patients but I don't care. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL. There was at least 4 other people in the waiting room when this happened. The lady with her back towards the picture is the one that said all of this. Also she got an attitude with my daughter when she asked for a parking pass discount as she was giving them to everyone leaving. Also my daughter's eyes were dilated and she was not given the special glasses and ended up with a migraine as soon as she walked outside.

Brehan C

Waited 3 hours to see doctor on first appointment. Thought perhaps it was a fluke until two appointments later ended up waiting again just because one doctor called off and my doctor had to take their patients. I left before my appointment because I do have other commitments. I know doctors believe we can just drop everything but I already have travel several milles to get there through heavy traffic is no way to treat patients.

David Evans

I have worked with the Arena Eye Surgeons Administrator, Mary DeLong and I am very impressed. She is so customer and patient focused to ensure that all are satisfied and their medical needs met. I highly recommend this practice as their doctors and staff are top notch!

Pam Saunders

Dr. Pappa did a great job with mom's surgery; however, the follow up visits have not been so great. It seems that office staff double books patients and it takes hours to see him. We arrived a half an hour early and it's now an hour after appointment time, and we still haven't seen the doctor.

Mallory Courter

2 stars for having a great Dr., and friendly staff. Zero stars for making a 30 minute appointment turn into 2 hours+ with all the waiting.... seriously need more staff, OR another doctor. Something. This is ridiculous. You get 1 star. ARENA EYE SURGEONS.

Manson Collins

Always professional and helpful. Couldn’t be more pleased.


Dr. Pappa has no respect for his patients time. Arrived for an appointment 10 minutes ahead of time. Wasn't seen by one of his assistant until 45 minutes after the schedule appointment time. There were others patients sitting in the waiting room who had been waiting for over an hour to see Dr. Pappa. Spent approximately 10 to 15 minutes with Dr. Pappa assistant for a field test, then was taken to another examination room where I sat for about another 40 to 45 minutes before Dr. Pappa came into the room. When Dr. Pappa finally did come into the examination room, I did express to him my dissatisfaction and disappointed with the lack of respect and concern of my time. For I acknowledge that things happen however, not once did Dr. Pappa or his staff bother to inform if they were running behind or not with appointments. Dr. Pappa himself informed me that waiting for a least 30 minutes past your appointment time was normal in his office. Everyone's time is important and should be respected, doctor's and patient's alike. This in not the first time this has happened in this office. Have had both morning and afternoon appointments, results for waiting past appointment time was the same. A GOOD Doctor is not only good at their craft, but also respectful and considerate of their patients time. Very little if any respect is given for patients time in this office There are other doctors whom are Good in their craft and respectful and considerate of their patients time.

John Raidl

D Hutch

Warning!! Avoid - this practice doesn’t care about your issue. Please have low expectations. The office staff are rude and incompetent. Failed twice in scheduling me correctly. Verbally communicated 10:10... said it was 8:10 and since they did not provide any type of appointment confirmation it was a matter of my word vs the person that booked me. In one way I’m glad it happened as I don’t really want treatment from an office that can’t manage the basics. Scrambling to find an alternative provider.

Nancie Robinson

Dr. Wendy Kirkland gave a thorough exam and explained everything very well in terms I can understand. She is very intelligent, professional, and you can tell she really cares about the patient. And I didn't have to wait very long! Definitely recommend.

David Alkire

Excellent, caring staff. Dr. Kirkland saved my mother's eyesight after being treated by inept "doctor" in another city.

Brandy P

Needs online bill payment! My doctor is great, but I can only mail a payment. Please update your website to accept secure online payments.

Barbara Taynor

Jennifer Banks

Love the doctors and staff. Very welcoming. Dr. Kelley was so helpful to my husband when he got a bump on his eyelid. Within minutes the bump was gone and his vision was restored. God bless you Dr. Kelley!

Chris Kuk

This is for Dr Denaeyer. I was really apprehensive about going through another scleral fit process. But he assured me this would be different with new technology. His calming manor made each appointment process great and easy. Appointments were much shorter with the new tech. The new latitude scleral contacts are amazingly comfortable and would recommend them to anyone who has highly irregular corneas and other issues that would require a Scleral contact. He will take the time to answer all your questions in the office and does not make you feel rushed. Thanks so much for the game changing contacts

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