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REVIEWS OF Southwestern Eye Center - Las Cruces IN New Mexico

Pankaj Malhotra

Juan Ramirez


They were very professional fast and helpful found my issue and thanks for helping me with my eye care

Moriah Brady

Great service ,friendly, and answered all my questions. Wait time was longer then i would have expected.

John S

Best in town ......

Dolores Garcia

Checked my eyes... I have no problems.... Courteous, prompt... Good...

Betty Rumley

Very friendly and efficant. Made me very comfortable.

Doug Beckman

Fast, efficient , knowledgeable, and through.


Wouldn't accept me simply because I didn't have a primary care physician. That's stupid.



Aracely Torres

Dr. Villalobos goes above and beyond for his patients.

Edward Lerma

Very well organized and the staff is remarkably friendly. I’ve been a patient of Dr Villalobos go over thirty (30) years and would not/will not change.

Michelle Salas

The staff was friendly and I felt very comfortable it being my first visit. I would recommend your service to others.

Jim Salvador

Timely, professional, very kind, Dr Murry couldn’t have been any smarter, aware of all details, professional, empathetic, provided a safe and encouraging environment, shared all details for patient learning, proactive, really caring, smiles and sense of humor was the bonus.

Renee Frank

Sonia Saldana

For the past two years that Ive seen Dr. Petraca my experience has been outstanding.

Debra Ponds

I’m from Seattle and have wonderful eye doctor there, however, I had to see someone in Las Cruses because of emergencies condition. I was able to get appointment right away and be seen by a trained optometrist, Brian Petracca. He was able to reassure me everything was going to be find. He took the time to explain what the problem was. Now, I have a wonderful eye doctor in Las Cruces. Southern Eye Center understood my problem and got me in to see a train professionally right away, no hassles.

Eric Roberts

Great eye doc!!

Nathan Hitz

I hate going to doctors offices I hate people poking and prodding me but to be honest this eye clinic was very very professional and they got me in and out with what I needed the doctor was very smart I knew exactly what I needed to get rid of the problem. I personally wouldn't go anywhere else

Pepper Gallegos

The most caring team of Doctors I have ever been associated with. Dr Petracca saved my life. He was a god send in diagnosing my illness.

Alma Rubio

As always great service!! It may look a little intimidating when you walk in, mostly because it might appear like the wait is long, but it's not!! I spend on average about an hour from the time I walk in until I leave and that's mostly due to waiting for my eyes to dialate. Dr always explains everything thoroughly and answers all of my questions. I have been a patient for about 6 years.

Lourdes Bonet

Wonderful Drs and Staff, Im very happy with all of them!!!

Oscar Ferralez

Found the southwestern Eye Center to be very courteous..professional... knowledgeable and genuine in what they do i would rrcommend them..

Al Hensley

Sue Cooper

I was expecting a long wait. It really was not that bad at all. They were efficient and did not try to hurry me along.

francisco gonzalez

(Translated by Google) Very good customer service and Cortez. (Original) Servicio al cliente muy bueno y Cortez .

Manuel Arreola

Gracias por su excelente trato. No me cabe duda que es un buen doctor..

charles mcnamara

Very nice location and friendly staff.

Sophie Lei

Dr Villalobos is very professional and courteous. I would highly recommend him

Andrea Sparkevicius

Dr. Murray and her technicians, Ashley & Susie, were very thorough with my background and why I made my appointment. She explained to me what was currently going on with my eyes and suggested a treatment regimen. She inquired if I would be willing to follow the regimen. She also suggested that after following my treatment for two months to have a follow up appointment. Thank you for a great appointment.

Martha Gilmore

Dr. Villalobos is wonderful. Been going to him for 20+ years.

Juan Trivizo

Dr. Villalobos and his entire staff are very kind and professional. By far the best eye care provider that I have been to in my 13 years in Las Cruces. If you are looking for the best eye care and attention to detail, then this is the place to go to. Will definitely be back.

Ron Whiteley

Professional and in and out in reasonable amount of time.

Ginger James


Friendly,knowledgeable, and efficient!

Leonora Martinez

I was very impressed with the professionalism and courtesy the doctor and staff presented. Dr. P was very thorough and explained everything I needed to know regarding my diagnosis. Very pleased

David McCravey

I arrived early for my 2:50 pm appointment and was treated very courteously by the receptionist staff. I them waited 30 minutes to see the technician that performed the usual cursory assessments on my eyes. This lady was also courteous and dilated my eyes and had me wait back on the lobby. I then waited nearly an hour before I was taken to an examination room. This lady informed me it would be at least another hour if not more before the doctor sees me due to him having a late lunch. It was 4:15 pm and I explained I could not wait that long. She basically told me the doctor won’t come talk with me as he does not engage patients and I had to wait until he was ready to see me then walked out. It then took me 15 more minutes of having to go around the office to find her again to demand my co pay back and get an assurance no charges would be made against my insurance. They did finally agree to this and I am checking my insurance to ensure they do not bill for ant services for the visit. Southwest Eye center is the one of the worst run medical facilities I ever seen. If I could give them minus stars Inwould. Note you are warned they expect patients to shut up and sit down to wait until they decide to meander around to see you. I feel sorry for the support staff as the were great, it is the medical team led by an obnoxious doctor that is the problem.

Leo Hernandez

Valentin Salazar

I would like to thank you for seeing me and helping me with my issue.

Rebecca Phillips

Professional, courteous, thorough.

Cynthia Hernandez

James Pugh

Very professional and welcoming. They keep your visit close to the appointment time. My problem was somewhat complicated but resolved quickly. Glad I found them

Margaret Locatelli

I have receive services at Southwestern eye clinic for many years. The last time I was there, the wait time was much shorter, my technician was excellent, and my visit with Dr. the tracker was, as it always has been, very useful and professional. Thank you!

Josephina Estrada

I had eye emergency--I thought I had pink eye from my contact lens. It turned out that my contact lenses had tore in half and was stuck inside my eye in two different places. I stopped by at 8 a.m. to make an appointment and they were able to see me then. Dr. Villalobos is awesome!!! He found d my co tact lens (two halves) and took them out right away. I highly recommend Southwestern Eye Center of Las Cruces.

Christine Benson

Terrible Office Management. Even with an Appointment you will sit there for hours! I suggest some training on sufficient and efficient Scheduling. Some People have to take time off of work, and most Employers don't appreciate it when there Employees are hours late, because the appointment took 3 times as long as originally anticipated! Maybe a complaint at an higher Institution would help solve this Problem??? I will have to find a more reliable Eye Doctor.

Deborah Molina

Very happy with Doctor Villalobos, the staff and quality of care. Wait time was excessive. Hopefully due only to first visit. Expecting better time duration at second appointment.

Martha Lozano-Cuaron

Connie Smith

The Eye Center was very busy, but I was promptly showed to my appointment with Dr. V. He was friendly and explained upcoming procedures very well. The entire staff is wonderful.


Highly recommended, very professional stuff and the physician is so nice and professional, thank u so much .

Jeanne Dunham

I was very happy with my first appointment at Southwestern Eye Center. The staff members were all caring and considerate as well as hospitable. Dr Villalobos was very knowledgeable about my eye problem, and I felt confident that he would be able to take care of it. Surgery has been scheduled....... so we shall see.

Christine Lessau

Great staff, assistants and Doctors I highly recommend this office.

Edna Marquez

En referencia a los Doctores excelentes! Estabes no dure casi 3 horas solo 1hora con 10 minutos mucho mejor. Sin embargo la recepción No sabe hablar con el público y personalmente y prudentes ... Cuando yo hablaba con ellas en voz baja prudentemente ellas respondían en voz alta No gritando pero en voz alta para todos la escuchará!!! Entiendo que Aceves hay personas que no escuchan muy bien pero siembre es así.. he estado llendo por 7 años allí esto cansa que no lo traten con educación y cortesía si yo lo hago porqué no lo hace la recepción??? Su. Fiel cliente In reference to the excellent doctors! This time i did not last almost 3 hours only 1 hour with 10 minutes much better. However the reception does not know how to speak to the public and personally and prudent ...(not people persons) When I spoke to them in a low voice prudently they answered loudly. Not shouting but loudly for all will hear !!! I understand that sometimes there are people who do not listen very well but it's always like this it's very tired for one.. I've been going for 7 years there! they just do not treat it with education and courtesy if I do it, why don't the reception do it ??? Your faiful client

Catherine Medina

Dr. Petracca is a wonderful opthamologist. He is kind, compassionate and honest. He has a wonderful disposition. I leave chuckling at every appointment. I have never had a doctor that is so accessible. I highly recommend him.

Maria Villa

Dr. Villalobos is very thorough in his examinations. He is highly ethical, professional and very caring. He takes his time with his patients

Mo Golshan

Dennis Ciscel

I have a complicated medical history with my eyes, and recently moved to Las Cruces. It was wonderful to find a Dr who seemed completely comfortable with my history and reassuring to know I have a resource here that can help if anything else happens. Good to meet you all. Thanks.

Sarah Valerio

The wait to see doc was 2 hours. Two hours. Initial exam fast, but then 2 HOURS' waiting for a 5 minute visit with doc. A little frustrating.

Misty Pugmire

First and foremost doctor Villalobos is and was very knowledgeable and he was very personable while performing the procedure he was doing on my eyes. He explained what he was doing and why at all times during the procedure. I am very pleased with the way I was treated by doctor Villalobos and his support staff they were all great.

Johnny Garcia

Pleased with the care. The only thing I didn't like is when I asked dr. Villalobos if I had diabetes in my eyes he didn't answer me he just walked off and because of that I might be looking for somebody else who will be honest and tell me right out. I had to call back and speak to the technologist and she explained it that those dots in my eyes were in fact mild diabetes. When I ask the doctor he just walked off he didn't tell me yes no like other times so that kind of was disappointed to me. But as far as a text you guys are awesome. 6/29/17 Dr. Pretracca examined me yesterday. He is an awesome doctor. He explained everything going on with me. The only thing he wasn't clear on was the lab work he ordered. He told he needed to rule out something, but he just mentioned my platlettes. He didn't tell me anything else, so that is if concern to me.

Rachael Fordham Leaton

My husband waited for 3 hours, and to add insult to injury, was not handed the dark glasses for going outside after his pupils were dilated 3 times!!. I have been seen here twice, never had a problem, so this doesn't make any sense.

Ali Nasirian

I visit them twice to check my eyes, the staff is very nice and friendly. Dr.Petracca is a great doctor, he spends his time with you listening very carefully to your problems and questions and then he answers all of them with patience and look into them precisely to solve them. I really like them and recommend them.

Coni Chaires

very friendly service, and very professional staff.

Sarai Sandoval


Robert Davis

It was like dealing with childern. I told them what insurance I had and that I would need a cataract removed. I was told that they had surgeons onsite that could do this. After spending 3hrs there, doing the eye examine and waiting to get my next appointment, I was then told that the surgeons could not accept my insurance. So now I have to start all over again with another eye clinic.

Karl and Melanie Schluter

Anita Hernandez

Southwestern Eye Center was thorough in checking my eye and eye sight. Highly recommend them.

Fernando F. Bojorquez

Very poor customer service.

Kathleen Deasy

A very excellent experience Dr Murray was very patient, professional and informative as was assistant Ashley.

Jolene Barbee

Clark Madrosen

Very poor. Only one person to check you in. Very disorganized. They finally call you and do eye tests etc. Then you wait and wait and wait. Very tiring. Dr Villalobos, finally tended to me, after, i had to remind a couple of nurses, that i was waiting and waiting. When Dr Villalobos finally waited on me, no hi etc and very cold did not address me by name etc. His eye exam was fast and eye drops he ordered for me have been out of stock for months and when i left, he never gave me any general review of conditions of my eyes. Not impressed. I guess i was just a spoke in his wheel. If i go again, the squeaky wheel gets the oil. He needs to be more professional towards his patients. Do let them sit forever. His medical knowledge good. So if you go to this clinic, be prepared to wait for a loooooooooooooong time. Very frustrating.Good Luck. ♻️

Ruben Galindo

Frank McClure

Jesse Padilla

I've been with Dr.Villalobo since since 1997 he always been outstanding, and professional when he sees me. We are very very happy with him. His office staff are very helpful and provide us outstanding service to me and my wife . Jesse and Doris Padilla.

Brandy Hite

4 visits with my mother and always hours of wait time. Waiting for hours is the norm

Juan Saiz

I like to say thank you to the staff they we're all courtesy and helpful and very professional keep up the good work

Drina Brooks

Everybody is pretty nice the girls at the front talk a lot between each other when they have time, rather than speaking to the customers and making sure they know that it should be just a little while. Also they turned off the cable, as long as they make us wait my last appointment almost three hours, we should at least be able to watch some kind a cable we pay enough I’m sorry if they have more bills but cable about $35 is not going to break them. The doctor is wonderful I love him, he really knows his stuff, The ladies in the back for the most part are great, they’re all very nice and polite. They also make sure the equipment is clean and wiped off. So all in all great place. Just too long of a wait time, and cable should be there to help pass time.

danny diaz

I bring my elderly mother here. We are on our 6th visit due to 2 surgeries. Staff is nice but we always wait at least an hour. Maybe work on your scheduling.

Cruzita Rivera

JL Fitz

My husband and I made out first appointment only to receive a call much later to find out we would need a referral from our primary care Physfor an eye exam when contacted by the receptionist. We have since tried calling for an appointment with our Dr.'s referral information on several occasions only to hear a guitar playing (for at least 15 minutes) ; no instructions on waiting; an option for a call back. Nothing! Apparently there time is more important than ours; Very unprofessional!

Mary lou Carbajal

It was a very pleasant visit the whole staff was so friendly to me.the waiting period wasn't long and Dr.Villalobos explained my exam in words I can understand thank you so much and Happy Holidays.

Lajaun Willis

The clerk was polite but very unhelpful

Lupe Blanco

Elderly 92 yr old mom had a 10:30 appointment these people made her wait 3 hours before attending to her. My brother took her and he said the girl in the front was the worst person ever. All of these people including Dr. Petracca are all horrible persons. Shouldn't be in this business. They don't deserve any stars. Dont go to this business look elsewhere

Pamela Pastrana

My brother had an appointment at 3:00. We finally left at 6. Had the dilation of the eyes and just sat for hours. Hours! I feel sorry for anyone who has health problems, because these extended wait times are hard on the patients. I commented that after 2 hours they should pay you. I would have left after half the wait. My brother is more patient.

Mendoza Alma

Good and complete eye exam, Dr. And Nurse very kind, they gave all information about the case

Dawn Larkin

Highly recomend Dr. Petraca because he actually cares about your needs or concerns. Very friendly and helpful staff (and patient with patience , there was a rude person and it was handled very nicely) Wish my regular doctor was that awesome.

Merle Goffigan

Everyone was very nice and professional.


The office accommodated me even after arriving late. All of my questions were answered and the service was great.

Erika Miranda

I would recommend this place. Nice friendly people! Exceptional Dr. Wonderful experience! Thank you!

Jerald Reece

Dr. Villalobos is always professional, gives good advice, and took me in promptly in an emergency. Staff was competent and helpful

Rosa Herrera

Excelente atención en general!!!

Rebecca Montaño

Gary Manley

Good people professional service and Dr. Vialobos takes time to know his patients

frances holguin

I had a good experience

Gilbert Samaniego

I appreciate the friendly service and professionalism at southwestern eye center. I am a regular patient with them and I recommend everyone to try them out. you won't be disappointed.

Samantha Graham

I've been going here ever since I moved to LC and for some reason this year it's really hard to get through just to setup an appt! I've never had this problem before with Southwestern Eye Center but I've been trying to get through for about 2 weeks now and I'm always placed on hold or asked to call back. I even made a request online! I can only call on my breaks during work, and I cannot place any call backs since I am unable to answer my phone. By the time I get off of work they're already closed. The sad thing is when I do call, I've gotten a hold of someone at the front desk twice (and this is after multiple attempts). They put me on hold for my entire break time which is only 15 mins! No consideration to even check up on you to let you know what is even going on either! I really like Dr. Petracca and Dr. Villalobos but I'm not going to keep on calling just to be denied a setup for an appt that will take the front desk about 5-10 mins to setup. Bums me out.

Estela Frausto

Dr Villalobos is a very knowledgeable and experienced eye doctor. He takes his time and answers any questions i have. He has been my doctor for years, and I think very highly of him.

victor valencia

The doctor was very professional and could remove the rock I had stuck in my eye not painful and affordable highly recommended place and doctor

Donald Wenzel


Love the Dr. ,hate the wait. Staff was friendly and efficient during my visit,

Tamara Mattson

Dr Pettraca is very thorough. All if the nurses and team and staf were wonderful!

Frances Lanning

It did take quite awhile but the staff was very cordial, they can answer questions pretty well, the staff needs a little more office and medical lingo, so to speak. There is a lot of old and handicapped ♿, people there. Many people in the US can't afford a portable oxygen unit. It takes a lot of strength to carry the bottles, and if a person can't carry them it's bad. One woman was turned away because of how long the wait was. She thought she had enough bottles, but she was rescheduled, because it took too long for how many bottles she had with her. I felt sorry, maybe they could have gotten her a volunteer from the Lion's Club or whoever. I prayed for her because she could loose her sight. They don't announce loudly enough when they call your name, there are lots of hearing impaired people out there. They did not call in the antibiotics correctly either. But Dr. Coleman was an exceptional Eye Doctor and I would recommend him hole heartedly. * A note: My husband's Dr. that Dr. Coleman referred us to a plastic surgeon was the Dr. in the wrong field. He requires an ENT now that my husband's has seen Coleman and there was no damage to his eyeballs. The surgery is for checking for clear passages & to remove the growth that is next to his nose. Thanks we give you 3 1/2 Stars out of five.

Kris Havstad

Very profesional, modern equipment, detailed exam, analyses explained well, any questions answered immediately and understandably, courteous staff, highly efficient. Quality medical evaluation.

Karon Morgan

Vanessa Fernando

Got through the first stages of the exam fast but it did take a little long to see the eye doctor though they do have a sign saying it may take long so you expect it. Other than that it was great, there were friendly staff, nice and courteous. Great first time experience.

Paul Weinbaum

Patient for 16 years. Cataract surgery in both eyes. Dr. Villalobos assured me my insurance would cover the surgery by Dr. Diaz and stents. Not true. First stent was denied twice by insurance. Rabid collection agency took over. Waiting on billing results on second surgery and stent. BILLING: I paid balance on the first stent because insurance company said that was my responsibility. Then I got another bill showing Dr. had ignored my payment, divided the amount in half, and said I paid that, but I stilled owed the second half. Not true. More lies. Eye equipment filthy and out of calibration. Never saw ophthalmologist Dr. Villalobos again for checkups, just OD doctors. I changed doctor. Be careful.

Edward Snow

todd kelley

Very friendly and kept me informed during the exam. Thank you for your service.

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