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REVIEWS OF High Country Macula, Retina, and Vitreous, PC IN New Mexico

Shelly Maguire Tedesco

My husband was seen at this practice on an emergency basis. We had heard great things about Dr S but we were thrilled beyond our expectations. They took their time to explain the treatment and my follow up care making us both feel so comfortable. Highly recommend!

Larry Pond

All is good!

Laticia Sarosy

Seriously disgusted by this facility. Had major surgery in both eyes a few months ago, now they have rescheduled my appointment for the 3rd time (by the way, I had to call to verify my appointment for tomorrow, and that's when I was told they were going to have to reschedule for a 3rd time), but after I told the receptionist I was having extreme pain in my left eye she told me that she could fit me in but it would be a very long wait time because they over-scheduled again. Unfortunately for me I don't have the time to sit in a doctor's office for a questionable amount of time. And that's when I was told that because my surgery was a few months ago, that the new patients they scheduled in were basically more important than I was.

Buff Brewster

I have had EXCELLENT experience at the Santa Fe High Country Macula Clinic. I moved to NM from Denver, have a serious eye problem that was being treated by the U of C/Lions Regional Eye Center. I require regular eye exams & visit High Country at least every other month. They offer thorough diagnostic and care services -- All the technicians and Dr. Golubev are very skilled and caring. I highly recommend them.

Mariann Wheeler

Wait time is ridiculous due to inefficient scheduling of appointments. Compounded by extremely rude staff makes this place a nightmare! Avoid if possible!

Dechen Lhamo

Deanna Montoya

I feel the Doctor and staff are not friendly they make you feel like you are bugging if you ask any questions, it is upright and not welcoming...

Jessica Clapp

The quality of care is excellent--no complaints on the friendliness of the staff, the professionalism, the explanation of symptoms, the billing process, the exam itself--the only reason I'm knocking off two stars is because the office needs to do a much better job sticking to appointment times. My husband had a 3pm appointment that he scheduled two weeks in advance, specifically asking for a non-busy time. As we knew he'd be having his eyes dilated, I drove him to his appointment and let our young toddlers nap in the back seat for what we anticipated would be a 30 minute eye exam. It took TWO hours. At 4pm he texted me and said he was still sitting in the waiting room and that it was extremely crowded. By 5 pm we had hungry, cranky kids and rush hour traffic to contend with. There is no excuse for a scheduled, very routine appointment to be delayed this long. I understand emergencies happen, but patients need to be offered the option to reschedule if that is the case.

Olofio c de Baca

My father has been a patient here for a couple of years. He really enjoyed Dr. Macmillan, and today we learned that he is no longer with this group. We had an appointment this morning, and upon arrival, we were told that our appointment had been moved to December 24. When I asked why I hadn't been informed, the receptionist told me that I had been, the records show that I was called. I would have remembered this and I certainly would not have scheduled an appointment for Christmas eve. I have also had issues with the billing department. Last year we were told that we were past due. When I spoke with the billing person via telephone, she told me that several notices had been mailed. This is untrue, as we received nothing. She also mentioned that she had called and spoken to me, again untrue. In closing, I will say that we are finished with High Country. With Dr. Macmillan gone, we have no reason to continue here.

Kelsey Slingerland

Chris Hensley

Incompetent staff, waited 1:45 minutes past my appt time then I left. No manager available to talk to, they already left because it's Friday. Dr. Golubev is a great doctor but the management of the practice is some of the worst I've seen in NM. The excuses I've seen in response to other patients are just that, excuses. If you've had an emergency, COMMUNICATE with the patients sitting in your office, don't leave them sitting in the uncomfortable chairs. I should have been told about the EXTREMELY long wait when I arrived before they dilated my eyes. UPDATE: More excuses. I particularly enjoyed the veiled threat about me or my family needing your services. I'll offer a suggestion since you seem to be unable to understand. DON'T LET THE MANAGER'S LEAVE UNTIL EVERY PATIENT IS GONE FOR THE DAY and KEEP YOUR PATIENTS ADVISED ABOUT YOUR EMERGENCIES INSTEAD OF LEAVING THEM SITTING IN THE WAITING ROOM. Maybe you could hire a patient advocate who can keep track of how many hours you are behind and inform your patients who do not have emergencies yet have taken time out of their day to come and have their eyes checked. Based on your Google Review average, you need to do something to satisfy your patients and giving the same excuses over and over isn't helping.

Isabella Pacheco

Terrible service, terrible billing. Watch out and be aware

Incredible Shrinking Woman

Appointment was ar 3. I was told to be there at 2:45. Didn't get to see the doctor until 4:30. Also they only have shades for you, after dilation if you have glasses. So if you don't you're SOL.

Fibergal Gal

My eyes were completely fixed. Other reviews here say bad things but I don’t think they understood the process or timing. It takes time to dialate. How much time would you give to get working eyes? It shows that he was top of his class. Dr Golubev walks on water for me and gives very gentle shots. I’d go back in a heartbeat if I needed it but my eyes are fixed. After years of blindness I can see again. Could you ever give a better review for amazing service?

Reaper Rae

Doctors here are attentive and spend time with you. They listen to what you have to say and answer any questions you may have. They recommended surgery for me and from the moment the word came down the process was streamlined and extremely efficient, but still comfortable for me (the patient,) and the bedside manner of the doctor couldn't have been better. They handled everything involving my insurance claim and did so with unprecedented skill. I cannot say enough good things about this office or the doctors who serve it. I was referred to Doctor Iuri Golubev and unlike many places, have not been handed off to any other available doctor. He has remained in charge of my case and continues to work with me, keep me involved in my healing process and quell my fears and questions. If you need an excellent Ophthalmologist this is definitely the place to come.

Shirley Ann Patterson

Becky King


Very professional!


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